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No. 1241: Norway 2's web roll, Ansgar Braut with his "fake" names. Torodd Fuglesteg writes against me because they really hate themselves!

No. 1241:
Norway 2's web roll, Ansgar Braut with his "fake" names. Torodd Fuglesteg writes against me because they really hate themselves!

Picture of the largest distribution network roll Torodd Fuglesteg which ia have written endlessly with hate speech on the nefarious website Searchlight welcomed me and my family along with Norway's other major networks roll, Ansgar Braut.

After what I experience so drives the two false Smyrna blog in together, which is a continuous uthengning place of me and my family!

We read about these types of in Scripture as these. Before they were out on the streets and created problems, today they sit behind your computer and store the same:

Acts 17 5 But the Jews discouraged, and they were joined by some of the mob in the square and made a riot that set the city in. They attacked the house of Jason and searched for them to pull them out in the crowd.

Before these were out to make trouble, today they sit behind a keyboard. They were before called hooligans, they are the same today, only behind a computer screen.

These two rioters I'm talking about, it's Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg. But basically, that they attack me. As I really do not realize that they do. They have absolutely not one intends to achieve with this. There are aimlessly, but fundamentally. What they write about me, it's really the vision they have of themselves. Read this, what they write about me, really is that they hate everything and everyone, including himself hate the most!

Look here:

 You are grate rakende brittle and has a mental age of 8 years, Sofus alias Jan Kåre Christensen. Mental retardation, in other words.
And if you were in the Vigeland Sculpture Park so you mostly just bare skin, see today's online newspapers and what I have heard from friends today who was also there. And yes, there are some watchers and other perverted middle-aged old pigs there too.
But why evangelize on the two places where it is most topless women when, everywhere else than the two parks, are more susceptible souls? You are an old pig, Jan Kåre.

 Female cloakroom, Jan Kare? Women wear their chest all the time. Female Breast is not a garment that one hanging down in a wardrobe.
Did you really not this or have you forgotten that due to problems with his wife? This explains your need to walk only where there are topless women. Gris !!

1. One must say that it's more than strange that the two locations Sofus alias Jan Kåre Christensen has evangelized in the past, are the two places in Oslo that is most famous for its topless young girls.
And Jan Kåre has chosen evangelism on the days where the incidence of topless girls and women are at their most frequent. Random? I do not think it takes you this 53 year old fat lonely man's history and preferences into account.
But he could always have chosen evangelization his Jehovah's Witness tracts to other places where young women are more clothed and receptive to God's word. In other words; all locations other than the two places. But of all the places in Oslo and Akershus, chose words Jan Kåre the two locations with the highest rate of young woman's breasts ...... .. Evangelization, yes ... .. No.
Well knowing for those of us who are wondering where his priorities lie.

 I wonder also on the usefulness and purpose of evangelism when a fat, old man comes waddling with treaties and put them in topless young women men's eyes are about to leave the eye sockets while the female molds are nedstirret.
Perversely, is a better term than evangelization. And infinitely sad. Not to mention; Pity. Have you sinned in mind have also sinned in the flesh. Evangelism?

 You're still a criminal foreigner, Jan Kåre. And you have even written that people like you should be sent back home. So why are you in Oslo, Norway?
You are dishonest about everything. Everything !

1. Sitting one for a Saturday night and writes supportive head of themselves under false names such Christensen makes under the name Sofus, yes it is lacking ....
1. Friends
2. Added support from his family
3. A life
4. Moral and ethical values
5. A normal mental health
6. Any notion of reality
Christensen is a tragic lonely man totally without support from anyone. Ergo, he has fallen saa pitiful low that he supports himself with a false name. Which is his habit.

- Ansgar Braut
Agree with Jan Kåre: I find that there is a marginal sect, consisting of his cowed wife, the founder of extremist party The Christian and a person who supports Jan Kåre Christensen!
 It would almost be strange if there were to be found three people in this country who share JKCs phoney-Christian considerations and is as confused and disturbed like him!

With regards
Ansgar Braut Norge network roll no. 1.

Ansgar Braut Wed, 29/01/2016 at 1:22 p.m. said:

This will be the very last post I have about the Jan Kåre Christensen. I'm not going to comment on anything that relates to this more, and certainly not on his own blog.
 This circus to JKC I can not bear to spend more time. No matter what happens to appeal his, this will not be over. If it is rejected (which I believe it is), he will appeal to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Where it will quickly go five years before treatment, and then he will surely post hundreds of posts about Torp and he kalller "Torp's lackeys and poodles"!

During the last eighteen months, I've probably been accused of at least 500 things that do not reflect reality of JKC! I've said it before and say it again; if I wrote the full name, I would long ago poliltianmeldt him for fake review and forgery! However, I have no interest in revealing my identity. It's not that I do not hold what I've written, but I do not want it to be hundreds of cases that are searchable on Google, where I appear together with the crazy man JKC. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be for my children and grandchildren to read all the horror JKC writes about me!
JKC has put forward a wide range of lies about me, yeah I see that it is actually talking about several times a day! If he does this consciously or whether he did not understand what he is doing, I can only speculate.

What characterizes almost all JKCs allegations about me is that they have no basis in reality. Most recently, he wrote that he had received mail from both me and Torodd where we admit that we stand behind Smyrna blog. Obviously, this is just a lie. There are also several clips from the spotlight that he claims was written by me, scroll Gunhild Olga for a couple of days ago. This is also a lie. He makes some assumptions, and presents them as truth. However, a lie is not the truth even if you repeat it often enough!

JKC has no any opportunity to document their claims, for the simple reason that they are not true. Thus, we can conclude that they are a LIE!

I am shocked that a man may be allowed to hold on, this way. To spread so much hatred and lies, should have been punished considerably harder than with a fine of 12,000 kr.

What is striking is that the JKC is a malicious man, a manipulator and a liar, and he accuses the rest of us to be precisely this! This means that the man is dangerous and should be protected from themselves and the outside world should be protected from him!

Thus my very last word said about JKC and everything that relates to him!

Torodd Fuglesteg
Wed 01/29/2016 at 1:39 p.m. said:

I agree with Ansgar Braut over.

JKC has written a whole series liar of me, google only. And especially; criminal and that will give JKC a punishment. And he will continue to lie, libel and fantasize about me for a long, long time when he is not quite at.

But everyone will see that JKC is totally out of mental balance and his nonsense about me coming from a mind that is not of this world. Ergo laughing only people of what he writes about me and people will continue to laugh about it. Everyone understands that he is lying about me.

I do not know if there is anything intentionally aa travel a lawsuit against JKC when everyone understands that he is a liar and not entirely by. I believe that the sentence he has received against them as web roll becomes enforceable already paa Court stage.

It can be fully worth getting Blogspot and their owners to shut down his blog / remove his blog through a petition through the court when such a matter is cheap and quick. Something I would consider beyond.

But I can not say that JKC and his lyving hurts me when everyone understands that he is not of this world and that he is not whole wood. Conversely, I have received many congratulations and pats on the back of colleagues and others in Norway who think I'm doing a good job. I've gotten a lot of praise even for a blog that I am not involved in.

JKC faar only trouble. He has no friends and no trailers. Everyone just laughs heartily he and his nonsense. Nobody believes a word of what he writes. No.

Torodd Fuglesteg
Wed, 30.01.2016 at 24:21 said:

JKC wrote:

"Both Braut and Fuglesteg are both guilty of harassment against Christensen and his family and they received their comments and emails to Jan Kåre assessed whether they are criminal."

That is exactly what they have become. Rated by the police if they are criminal or not. Police after his assessment concluded that our + Torp and Kjell Andersen their comments are not punishable. Police have considered whether your JKC, their comments are punishable. And they have concluded that they are. And such is the case.

Ansgar Braut Wed 29/01/2016 at 11:40 said:

Torodd; it is not to satisfy the cow's taste buds, they will add the oregano in coarse feed. It is for the cows should not have fewer and less powerful "winds". And that's important in these "climate crisis" - times. The bishops've stood on the barricades and preached to the east and west of this alleged "climate crisis", and then we all expect that they have God in your back? As they have in all the other strange things they think and do these dropout times.

Anyway this is well good for cows, spicy forage has to be a blessing, and less flatulence may well only make life better for them? :-)

Torodd Fuglesteg Wed 01/28/2016 at 10:55 p.m. said:

Can not we drop more updates from this madhouse, Kjell? Write rather more about why Norwegian cows faar better hotel standard in use buildings than most faar in hotels here in Ireland. Anything other than this madness.

Kjell, he FAA scream in peace and without going to the "news" about this.

Ansgar Braut
Wed, 01/28/2016 at 11:06 p.m. said:

And once you have started with cows; I read in Nationen today that researchers at the University of Aarhus had found that by adding oregano in the feed of cows, it would reduce methane emissions by 25%!

Torodd Fuglesteg
Wed, 01/28/2016 at 11:15 p.m. said:

I think it's a very good idea. Oregano in kyrforingen. Most cows already have a massage stick to massage his back with great mats of the finest quality, a good social life when they can walk around freely in the cattle shed, free access to clean water and regulate meal. This in the well-tempered barn.
Saa oregano liner fits well into this luxury.

But what does the Bible say that cows are better than most of us humans?

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