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No. 1723: Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp believes that only those who have experienced adultery in marriage like PinsePastor T. B. Barratt scholars could marry again, but he himself is over Barratt when he himself has not experienced adultery but has been reissued!

No. 1723: 
Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp believes that only those who have experienced adultery in marriage like PinsePastor T. B. Barratt scholars could marry again, but he himself is over Barratt when he himself has not experienced adultery but has been reissued!

 Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp claims that he has received light on what God's word says about divorce and marriage. It is that the so-called innocent party - who is not unfaithful, is allowed to marry again. This means that Torp at Barratt learned, as the other Pentecosts did not allow him to learn if he tried.But what about narrator Jan Aage Torp himself? He is now also reprinted, even though he or Ann Christin was unfaithful of what Torp himself claimed

Well, Torp is exempted from the demands, and he corrects wife Ann Christin. In other words, here it is so buzzing around this false apostle that even in his perplexity, he is capable of doing, and does not want to fill the demands he imposes on others.He himself is exempt from everything.Torp claims that I attack his new wife, something I never do. Not his old either for that matter, without letting them guilty of Torp's madness, ignorance, adultery, sin and immorality. They help to set things up for his hypocrisy and hardships to stand up for him.

This is the responsibility of all three of them. But I have only pointed out only how foolish apostle Jan Aage Torp has lived and lives.Here's an article I wrote about this a few years ago, which is just as current and no more today as they all three still go out for their sin!

No. 1244:
Njål Kristiansen argues the same as I have argued for a long time that the police should go in Jan Aage Torp closer at the seams!

I argue here in this article and other that Jan Aage Torp is obviously criminal!


Photo of the former couple in Jan Aage and Ann-Christin Torp, now Ann-Christin Düring Woll. It is obvious by the coarse care failure unearthed around this former couple's child welfare in an incomprehensible way not taken the kids here who have obviously suffer somewhat violently. That this should be an aftermath if there is to be any justice over these abandoned children.

I already wrote yesterday concretely that these children and others should and must be rehabilitated by Jan Aage Torp, see here:


See here for what this wise Njål Kristiansen writes on Debate:

"The pastor mentioned in this thread has picked up round collar. I think it's appropriate if he voluntarily laid aside his "robe and collar." Pastor is no protected title, but it gives some associations for the match a pastor in that you think you meet a sane person it is possible to talk with on the basis of an extensive knowledge of human subjects.

I think the time has to be come to realize that in this context it is not so. The pastor is so charged that he can not have confidence in others than just formed. A logical consequence must be to lay off the outer signs and pick up suitable work elsewhere than in public.

A completely different matter is whether this should go unnoticed for law enforcement. Now there are two sources of the same coin which tells of a cruel childhood. It's too late with CPS, but these conditions are criminal? I think the police should look at these cases to assess whether the abuse of children is of such a nature that he should be prosecuted. Of particular significance is whether instruments of upbringing can be called harmful or destructive, and if it is taken too hard. The candidate himself would probably revel in getting the spotlight on himself in court. For Christian congregations and those that engage in parish work it may make sense to get a judicial review on what to do in an assembly and not, but especially to their own children in the home. There are enough case law on this already as may be applicable as a precedent for the reviews. For my own part, everything indicates that I have read that there are far in excess of what is appropriate to designate as parenting. Psychological violence appears to be a more natural name. "

Final Comment:

In my eyes, Jan Aage Torp been a criminal long when he lied to Polti and was "believed" when he reviewed me for what's false accusations.
It was Jan Aage Torp's hatred for me and the Heavenly blog we wrote and spoke against that he was re-married that underlies it all!
But Torp managed to perform tricks and manipulate it all. And now it's not what I wrote, but the amount. That now is at least 99% of what is written by Jan Aage Torp written by his fictional review, it fails both he and the criminal Polti at Manglerud mentioning. Here we are obviously facing erkekjeltringer!

Now comes also child abuse as Njål Kristiansen so aptly call: "For my own part, everything indicates that I have read that there are far in excess of what is appropriate to designate as parenting. Psychological violence seems to be a more natural name! "

In other words, what I have argued all the time now come forward. When will Polti react? Or protect the Torp as they do with Norway's 2 biggest and worst net roll? Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg? Here there is a law that makes such a poor job that it is inconceivable that it is possible in Norway in 2016?

That said, Jan Aage Torp is criminal, now it's more than me who begin to assert the same!

Boka to Edin Løvås of power people and psychopaths among Christians is more relevant than ever. Read it for free here:


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No. 1722: There are at least four areas in which my service has had enormous influence!

No. 1722: 
There are at least four areas in which my service has had enormous influence!Fax Smile from Smyrna Oslo's website.

I believe that my service and the preaching we have conveyed through Smyrna Oslo, the Heavenly Blog, etc. have had and have enormous ripple effects.There in the spiritual world, the word of God is fixed forever, which is more important than what is happening in the natural world.Psalm 119. 89 Forever, Lord, your word is stuck in heaven.1.) A line in the spiritual world has been drawn through the celestial blog that it is unacceptable to proclaim and have a supervisory role and be reprinted.2.) Through our work both on the blog and website are Bible teaching and an opportunity to study God's Word from Genesis to Revelation and go into each book. Enter in every chapter and verse completely unique. One can through our work get to know all the word of God, which is unique and free.Also own teaching blog: http://undervisning.janchristensen.net/3.) By our preaching and teaching, new truths are also illuminated in the word of God. I think of several pages. Blue. Divinity, eternal destruction, divorce and remarriage. The word of all God is revealed and none of the word of God is held back.4.) As a sublime and overtone, our support for Israel and the preaching of Israel is immensely important and correct. We clearly announce that Israel is not rejected by God. But the church has come in as an parenthesis as soon as we return to the gospel to Israel and the Jews!Also own Israel blog: http://israel-blogg.janchristensen.net/Final Comment:Just want to say the following. The most important thing is that you pray, secondly, that you encounter ecosomically!Have many projects on time and even more in heart.Therefore, I will say that when you engage you, you put God in motion, Hallelujah!Need prayer and support for further work and service, do you want to join?Thanks!Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05845Be blessed in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!The possibilities are many, but then we must stand together and help each other in service!

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No. 1721: When the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp attacks me, lies and drives his hatred campaign against me, he only puts sin on sin in his life and meets the safe ones!

No. 1721: 
When the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp attacks me, lies and drives his hatred campaign against me, he only puts sin on sin in his life and meets the safe ones!

 Psalm 69. 5 More than the hairs on my head are those who hate me without cause; numerous are those who will despise me, my enemies without reason; What I have not robbed, I'll give back. 20 You know my shame and my shame and my disgrace; all my adversaries are before you. 28 Let them be guilty for their sake, and let them not come to your righteousness! 29 Let them be cut off from the book of the living, and let them not be written with the righteous.Jan Aage Torp in his rage, hatred and hardened heart writes and talks to me in a horrible and hateful way.In his latest Facebook post about me, he writes This shows that his heart is filled with rage, hatred and evil.

"The downright and thoughtful contempt that is gulped by the convicted extreme warlord teacher Jan Kåre Christensen."He writes out his wickedness, hatred and contempt for Jesus, God and the Bible.Only thing I've done is to point out his horror.That's what he brings.When I have just pointed out what Jesus taught, what God and his words say.We see this hate and fury of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp. It's scary!The wizard Jan Aage Torp constantly promises that I am writing against his new mistress as she is after God's word since they are not legally married after the word of God when Torp has no opportunity to marry again as long as his first wife lives.Torp was not divorced due to infidelity either, but only because he obviously would not want more like his first wife Ann Christin had the same attitude.That there is no infidelity, tells us that the narrator Jan Aage Torp has directly opposed even the liberals who believe infidelity gives rise to reprisals. There is nothing like this, but Torp appears to be "God" himself, and preferably something harsher than God.I have not mentioned his new flame ever almost, and at least not the last few years when Torp uses this to me only I have written her name. I do not do that anymore, never. But Torp pulls her in again and again, even if I never do. This is also applied by Torp, just because putting me in the worst possible light because it is my preaching against reprisals like Torp hates and is furious!I am pleased that Torp Løy in Oslo district court as judge MALIN STRØMBERG AMBLE found out that she could make me feel sick of using these figures that were never discussed or documented in court.The actual trial against me is the justice of the times when I am convicted of relationships that the court never discussed or who was in the trial. This is fine for me, I accept that in this world there is darkness, and many times, as Jesus-believers, we must leave the judgment to God who will decide everything at last!It is strange that narrator Jan Aage Torp enters me with God-denied Levi Fragell. We are like night and day in faith and teaching questions, as Levi Fragell defends Torp's heroism. Here again we see Torp's many liars and fabricated "truths" which are not worth the paper it is written on.Luke 8 27 When he went to land, he met him a man from the city who was possessed by evil spirits; He had not been wearing clothes for a long time, and he did not stay in the house, but in the tombs. 28 When he saw Jesus, he cried and fell down to him, saying in a loud voice, What am I doing with you, Jesus, thou son of the highest God? I beg you do not pin me! 29 For he offered the unclean spirit out of the man; for a long time it had torn him with him, and he was bound with chains and footstools and kept under guard; and he tore the bonds and was driven by the evil spirit into the deserts. 30 But Jesus asked him, What is your name? He replied: Legion! Too many evil spirits were in him. 33 Then the wicked spirits went out of the man into the swine; and the flock crashed over the dungeon into the sea and drowned.

Picture of the man and Jesus who drives the evil spirits out of him and into the flock of sheep.

Notice he was demonized as obviously Torp probably must be with the hatred and rage he has to me and the heavenly blog. Notice that the Spirit of Power said, "Jesus, thou Son of the Most High God?"What does Torp do? He calls Jesus for so much and much is right. But then he hates me because I find out what God's word says about marriage. Yes, the powers of power can do both things.I see that more on Verdi's debate in the newspaper Our Country writes against Torp, strange that he does not go these in? That said, many people have a lot of counterpart Jan Aage Torp for a lot of reasons. To me there are really only three things that I have against Torp for.1.) He stands for the charismatic scam of many things, if Torp is something more moderate than many others have been with the years after countless false prophecies and much more. And he has thrown his family away and lives with his mistress. It may have softened him something in his theology then

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No. 1720: Clown Apostle Jan Aage Torp writes that he is standing up, grabbing the data, and entering the Heavenly Blog to see if he is on the "right" path!

No. 1720:Clown Apostle Jan Aage Torp writes that he is standing up, grabbing the data, and entering the Heavenly Blog to see if he is on the "right" path!
Picture of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp where he takes "kvelertak" on his son whom he has harshed and driven out numerous evil spirits after Anders Torp's own testimony that Jan Aage Torp has never contested.

When the narrator Jan Aage Torp goes straight to Levi Fragell's Facebook page and the Heavenly Blog to find out if he is in faith. Then one knows the man is in the dark when Levi Fragell is a lost pennant who today does not believe in the Bible, Jesus, God or the experiences he had before with, among other things, to speak in tongues and healing.
Jan Aage Torp just writes that he does not have the Bible-God's word as a barometer of whether he is in faith. But can not spare the wicked and awful Facebook page to Levi Fragell, a pagan God standing and all he stands for!
Comparing the Heavenly Blog with the ramp to Levi Fragell shows just how hardened he is in his heart to the living and almighty God.
It's a barometer I check daily (when he gets up, the first thing he does everyday) in social media to confirm that I'm on track. The downright and thoughtful contempt that is gulped by the convicted extreme warden Jan Kåre Christensen. Tomorrow we got to see it again!
This only proves that Jan Aage Torp has a miserable and bad conscience, knowing basically that he has failed God, his calling and son's family to re-marry after breach of the congregation as God's word says is angry and such shall not inherit God's rich. And a teacher will be, the more strictly judged, here is what the scripture says. Your sin will find you!
Faksmile from Narreapostel Jan Aage Torps Facebook page where he puts out shit, hatred and lies about me and the heavenly blog again for sure forever!

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No. 1719: Now, Narrator Apostle Jan Aage Torp will obviously unite the Catholic Church with us protestants to a super-church where he is the apostle and the new "reformer"!

No. 1719:Now, Narrator Apostle Jan Aage Torp will obviously unite the Catholic Church with us protestants to a super-church where he is the apostle and the new "reformer"!
Faksmile from Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp's blog where he surrounds with his own testimony Pope's most trusted men. Anyway, say that these are taken by Christ and Torp goes well for those who also worship the Virgin Mary, the Pope, pray to the dead, and most of the occultism and paganism in the name of God. It does not tell the narrator why? He is and will be a seduction and false apostle as the scriptures call him.Joh. Obvious. 2 2 I know of your deeds and your work and your patience, and you can not tolerate the evil; You have tried those who say they are apostles, and are not, and you have found that they are liars;Notice what Jesus says "you can not stand the evil ones; You have tried those who say they are apostles, and are not, and you have found that they are liars! "Better than this does not fit Jan Aage Torp, he is a liar, evil and says he is an apostle. Yes, he's a fake way and when he speaks lies he speaks out of himself. When he gets the police and the courts involved in punishing people who are good, it shows that he is evil.

Having followed Jan Aage Torp's spiritual development for the last 4 to 5 years after he lied to the police and able to make me and the heavenly blog judged to have written against Torp because of His reverberation as a believer. So it is astonishing and disgusting a sheep with his many latest new leaps to run a kind of false propaganda for the Catholic Church.
The latest new was when he was a guest of Studio Vision Norway on Sunday, October 21, 2018.https://www.facebook.com/janaagetorp1/posts/271626153371754
There, fools apostle Jan Aage Torp made something he has done over a long time, praised the Catholics and the Catholic Church.
Narreapostel Torp says he has been in the pavement's inner circle, now he was in with them for 24 hours.Then they had been occupied by Christ alone.
We believe that the Catholics believe in Jesus, but they believe in so much else as well. That disqualifies them to be evangelical believers. They believe as much to worship and pray to "virgin" Mary as they pray to Jesus. They go to the Pope, than to Jesus. They do not really need Jesus because they have saints who do the same "benefit!
Torp writes about himself that he is an apostle and a chosen tool.
I do not doubt that, but he is obviously a chosen tool from Satan. He is able to fool most people, first the police, then the courts, then it's their own family and finally the church that Catholics are after all fine Christ believers as the great "apostle" Jan Aage Torp now benefits!For a deception this man stands for, he is truly a messenger of Satan who is now trying to deceive the believers congregation, not just the police and the courts he has succeeded in before!
Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) or Smith's Friends are now entering the Christian Council of Christ, where completely incomprehensible Catholics are involved.
We are now looking at developments only here in Norway recently, where the Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) is currently seeking a visit to the Norwegian Christian Council and the Catholic Church.
And that the narrator Jan Aage Torp has been with Pope's inner councils throughout Europe, now most recently in Poland. After all, the Catholics are no true Christian movement and are more sectarian than anyone else. They regard themselves as the very mother church and the only true church and the only true believers, not salvation beyond the Catholic Church, are in all ancient creeds and doctrines.They have taken this out today, but that's what the occult crush really stands for. As a narrator, Torp tries to "steer" with his foolishness!
Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp is a hypocrite and dangerous!
The word Hykler comes from how they played before acting. There they wore a mask and the same person could play several roles. With the mask he had in front of him, he could enter all the roles, nothing was an impossibility.That's how it's with torpes too. He is the "born" hypocrite. One day, he speaks for Christian morality, not least in terms of marriage.The next day, he will divorce and marry again, as the world's greatest self-esteem.Then he speaks warmly for the teatology, the next day he is in the Pope's inner circle and promotes the Catholic Church.Then he goes to the police because he hates being revealed as the narcissist he is, and they bite when they can finally have a Jesus believer.The next day he cries over how bad he has been treated in the media, but if others are treated badly, they deserve it.
The truth is that such people are dangerous, and it is important to be warned against!

 When I grew up in the Pentecost, just a Catholic priest preached controversially and considered to be unbiblical.Torp goes infinitely much longer, he "approves" those who Christ believers etc.And obviously wish them into the "heat" where he gets the credit of bringing them there. Here we see just how badly all that Torp is and stands for, it is true as it is written about the false apostles.Joh. Obvious. 2 2 I know of your deeds and your work and your patience, and you can not tolerate the evil; You have tried those who say they are apostles, and are not, and you have found that they are liars;Notice what Jesus says "you can not stand the evil ones; You have tried those who say they are apostles, and are not, and you have found that they are liars! "Better than this does not fit Jan Aage Torp, he is a liar, evil and says he is an apostle. Yes, he's a fake way and when he speaks lies he speaks out of himself. When he gets the police and the courts involved in punishing people who are good, it shows that he is angry, seductive and directly a dangerous foolishist!

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No. 1718: Giving Jan Hanvold credit and "forgiveness" for his whoredom is blasphemous and far from Biblical, healthy and right!

No. 1718: 
Giving Jan Hanvold credit and "forgiveness" for his whoredom is blasphemous and far from Biblical, healthy and right! 

Since I've got and get so much "pepper" and scolded me because I warn against repatriated publishers, I'm going to try Jan Hanvold in this article to get the most out of silk gloves. Although he is so vulgar and simply ugly in the language use it is sometimes possible to be. That I then hear that I am both the one and the other is nothing else a diverting man for not listening to those arguments and what I preach and teach in the word of God about divorce and remarriage. It is untrue of my opponents, but I will try to turn the other cheek on and just be objective, sober and concise in what I speak and teach about Jan Hanvold and divorce and revert to what the Bible teaches and talks about these things , not what I or others mean and think. But what the word of God says, and above all, the New Testament.I have received a lot of feedback about my print series about Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway. Most are unfinished, but some like this one are directly fraudulent when he "donates" the forgiveness of sin to Hanvold just because he has requested forgiveness. It helps zero to ask God forgiveness if one does not repent. Read yourself from what he wrote to me:Tor Bruheim commented on your videoAsbjørn Kvalbein is involved in Jan Hanvold's pity and deceptionTor BruheimThe problem with Hanvold is not the marriage.He has admitted his mistakes here and condemned himself: "1 Cor. 11: 31-32 For if we had condemned ourselves, we would not have been judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord, lest we should be condemned with the world "No problem to Hanvold is much worse than this.Large purchases of properties, massive loans, where television testers are charged with this through daily collective actions, where so-called prophets are used to manipulate people to give. This is far worse than his mistake in marriage that he has admitted to both God and people.The Lord has forgiven Him for marriage.(quote ending).Has God forgiven Jan Hanvold? When he has not repented?Here, this brother believes that it is Jan Hanvold's deal with money that is the problem. It is rather a fruit of an unconverted life, but it is Hanvold's rebirth which is his cardinal sin. Everything else is of secondary importance.If one does not repent, then it will help zero come to confess its sin. Then one is still stuck in his sin and will be lost!Repentance belongs to salvation, and confession belongs, this can not be separated!Just as you have a wheel, where both the wheel and the hub run around at the same time, it's like repentance and confession, it's a part of the same thing,When this Tor Bruheim, who is certainly well-meaning, believes that Hanvold has been forgiven to break the marriage but not repented, this is directly contrary to the teachings of the Bible.If Hanvold earns 1, 2 or more millions, I think God cares a little bit about really. It's his moral, or lack of morality that takes Hanvold into ruin, not what's on his bank account,When Zacchaeus was saved, he also worked well with his finances.Here Tor Bruheim tries to think the opposite. But the scripture is ready, first, Hanvold must make it clear that he does not live in horror beyond God's word, so he can take this afterwards with economics.Do not mix this together, first repentance, then the fruits of a reverse life come.I wrote an article about this a few years ago, which I would like to leave again as it is just as relevant about no more than what it was when I wrote it.
Nr. 518:
The cardinal sin of Pastor Jan Hanvold that he is himself guilty of adultery and two are "married" for the third time!


You write a lot about Vision Norway and Pastor Jan Hanvold. But you write sometimes so much that it is the cardinal sin of Pastor Jan Hanvold that he is even guilty of adultery and two are "married" for the third time, it will be gone. Then everything else he does, preaches and what it had to be also be wrong. Otherwise, stand in brotherhood and God's blessing upon you and yours. If you do not agree with what I write?

Agnar P

What Hanvold have said on Radio 107.7 in Oslo several times is that you write that he himself is to blame for his two adultery and he could not and would not live solitary word of God says. Is totally agree with you. He will be supported out of the church scripture says and left to Satan so that he shall if possible could go itself! Picture that Satan is behind Hanvold and to which he belongs and serve by virtue of their sinful life and hideous theology. And those who in some way are with him to share in his sin and come in ledertog with demons to a greater or lesser extent. So serious is this, Hanvold and Vision Norway is like a malignant tumor that makes greater and greater damage for which it is spreading, and continue living without being removed

Jan and Inger Hanvold do not live as married by the word of God, but living together. It is living in adultery, it does nothing to "confess" their sins no one repents 180 degrees. It is to repent giving and grants us forgiveness of sins!

I remember that there were those who said that Hanvold was "innocent" and therefore he can remarry. But here is one that also says that even something we all know he's guilty of two adultery. What? Since liver both he and his "new" wife of adultery when she - tournaments - is married to a divorced. They both sin to death and puts itself without passing the grace of God. And they will drag others along in their wild helpful way to do the same and that is good for them and their work!

The eyes of Inger looks demonic and unhappy, as if she is on something. What she "goes" is Satan intoxication scripture says why do they also His will.

2 Timothy 2:26 and wake up from his wine in the devil's snare, having been captured by him to do his will. 1 Timothy 5:15 For some have already alienated by Satan.

It's true what you write Agnar that here it is a cardinal sin that makes everything else is also wrong. Whether it is "right" preaching assistance or television broadcasts. Scripture teaches the same:

1 Cor. 13th 1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 And if I give to feed the poor all that I possess, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.

Dear Agnar and the rest of you who are reading this.

It is quite right that you write Agnar, Hanvold main sin is that he is living in adultery. Is re-married for the third time as a Christian and have guilt even in its two adultery after what he said in public!

It does nothing to engage in relief work, TV work, preaching, Bible and what it had to be if you live in blatant adultery and sin by script - the New Testament.

Sorry that is not my focus has always been there. At Hanvold can never do anything right with God and man. It's so clear in God's word in 1 Cor. 13th (Freely translated) 1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have re-married as a believer, I am become sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have re-married as a Christian, I am nothing. 3 And if I give to feed the poor all that I possess, and though I give my body to be burned, but do not live with first and rightly wife, it profits me nothing. (Freely translated is in line with scripture).

I think of my own life Agnar, I have lived opposite one Hanvold. But there are quite many who write to me that I should go in myself etc. I really think it is to miss. It is Hanvold and the living in sin who must themselves first and foremost, not us.

What does God's word on divorce and remarriage of believers? Want to bring a Chronicle of the day 06/06/01 by Dag Rune Lid

Cohabitation, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible light

Divorce statistics show that there are a total of 10,000 couples who are divorced in the past year in Norway. There is an unimaginable number and it is painful to think of all the trouble this causes for many of those involved - especially the children. It appears that one of the devil's cunning attacks this past time is to destroy the homes, thereby destroying the cells due to the structure of society. The result is that society disintegrates.

The devil knows how dangerous a Christian home is. They can be as small beacon in a dark world, so these now attacked from all sides and it feels too much trouble in this area within the Christian people. Now we read in the media that "It's like the plug has come loose in Christian contexts, it's been okay for Christians stand." And in speaking of cohabitation so it becomes easy featured in round formulations as not to offend anyone. But that does not speak the Bible, and we need as a Christian people to stop up.

The older ministers talked about the people who are preaching is. When the shepherds can no longer say what the Bible speaks manifested, then we also experience the Bible like a sore that one should also reap. When the Bible speaks of the reason that we are now experiencing in our people as God speaks to his people and said: "You are the salt of the earth! But if the salt lose its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. "(Matthew 5:13)

A true Christian can not compromise on the Bible, then it will also be on a collision course with who one day will judge the living and the dead. The Lord Jesus is one with His Word and He is yesterday and today the same. The question then becomes important for those who intend to heaven becomes: What word of God says about these topics?

Cohabitation - marriage

Today, cohabitation is widely accepted in the people - from the top of the social ladder and placed in the "Christian" series, but the Bible cohabitation as adultery and says that those who live like shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9, 7:2 and 1 Thessalonians 4:2-5.)

God wanted man well and instituted the lifelong marriage frame about the love between man and woman. (Mark 10:7 and Ephesians 5:31) The importance of this is reflected by the fact that the Lord did this in the 6th commandment that says "Thou shalt not commit adultery," or it can also be translated: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

There are some basic principles that runs through everything that the Bible speaks of marriage. There are things that are immutable, they belong to the order of creation. God emphasizes this when he says in 1 M 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

Jesus also refers to this when he speaks of marriage in Food. 19:3 ff. The spouses shall be one flesh and jointly share the joys and sorrows that this entails.

The Bible puts marriage into a social and legal context. In the word of 1M 2:24 says that "man shall leave his father and mother." This means that he is from a legal and social context and into another, where it is clear to everyone that these two by marriage has formed a new unit that will last a lifetime.

Based on the word of God will not help out a legally binding confirmation that marriage is entered into. The Bible has no formula for how a marriage shall be entered into. Society's plans for marriage is valid, if they do not violate God's word. It is important to emphasize is that marriage is a legal change of life-long relationship status made in full transparency and confirmed by the couple, their parents and the authorities. For a Christian, it is natural that marriage also entered into the word of God and prayer. A cohabitation lacks any biblical grounds. It is based on subjective feelings and private decisions. Cohabitation is a lack of willingness to make a decision of lifelong character and a desire to live together sexually without taking on the obligation of the Bible relates to such unions.


The Bible says that divorce is against God's will. Jesus says in Matthew 19:4-6, "Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. "See also Mark 10:6-9, Luke 4:18 p.m., 1 Corinthians 7:10-11.

The New Testament has two specific exceptions where divorce is not a sin. The one exception is found in Matthew 5:32 "But I say to you, whoever divorces his wife for any reason other than adultery is causing her to commit adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. »The second exception mentioned in 1 Corinthians 7:12-16. You have got an unbelieving spouse who demand a divorce if the other does not want to enter the Christian faith. Other exceptions are not mentioned in the NT.


The Bible also speaks clearly in this case. In Luke 4:18 p.m. says, "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery. And whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery. "Jesus' words in Mark 10:11-12 is not to be misunderstood:" Whoever divorces his wife and marries another, guilty of adultery against her. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery. "

Paul writes as clearly in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11: "And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord: A wife must not separate from her husband. But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife. "

We note that Paul refers to a commandment from the Lord. It is given only two options for the divorced wife: To remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. The theory that the innocent party may remarry after a divorce based on Matthew 19:9 where Jesus says, "But I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another , committeth adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. "

From this it is believed to have coverage for a man who is separated from his wife because she has committed adultery can remarry. But such an interpretation violates the parallel Bible verses cited above. True biblical interpretation has always been the guiding star that the clear words must illuminate the less clear, and in this case it is more clear verses that go against remarriage.

Train up a child

The Bible says in Words 22:6: "Train up a child in the way he should go: So he does not shy from it when he is old. "Scripture emphasizes that it is important to teach the young. We believe that our time is particularly important in this context, when the concrete situations arise with their own children, the family and between friends, it becomes far more difficult to take this up if not before been described.

How society has become de-Christianized during the last 20-30 years, many have run up in very difficult situations humanly and requires the love, care and confidence in the counselor who will try to guide you the word of God. One will certainly experience the need for the help that the Bible assigns in James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God - for God giveth to all men liberally and without reproach - and he will get it."

Also in these areas of life is the reparation and forgiveness to get to the turn and recognize sin as sin. God says so nice in Isaiah 1:18-19: "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

But forgiveness and grace can never be used as a patch on syndesår without settlement and repentance from sin. Today we experience the grace used to, but it is not biblical tale. That is what the ancients called to "sin of grace". No, let us listen to the Bible speak and live the way God intended for His people. There is a difference between falling into sin and for life contrary to God's word. When we live in sin!

And do not forget that God wants you only the best, "I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord. Thoughts of peace and not of evil. I'll give you a future and a hope. "(Jer. 29:11) The best thing for any human being to organize their lives according to God's will and commandments, and let the Word judge sin as sin. Whoever does the will experience the same as David - "And you took away my sins." (Psalm 32:5)

Final comment:

Agnar and the rest of you who have read this article, I hope there have been with you what I would have said. At Hanvold is by writing a person to be supported out of the church and the Christian community. The scripture speaks of. Why? Because he has not repented of his sin. It helps little to confess his sin, as long as one does not repent from it.

1 Corinthians 5 1 On the whole, it sounds about fornication among you, and such fornication as is not even mentioned among the Gentiles: that is joined to his father's wife. 2 And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from you. 3 For I, for my part, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, field the judgment of those who have done this, 4 that he shall our Lord Jesus, giving and my spirit together in our Lord Jesus' power, 5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the Lord Jesus. 6 It is not handsome that I boast of you off. Know ye not that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? 7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened for our passover is sacrificed for us: Christ. 8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with malice and wickedness; but with purity and truth unleavened bread! 9 I wrote to you in my letter that I should not have intercourse with fornicators - 10 I did not mean to ordinary fornicators of this world or the greed and robbers, or idolaters, or had ye go out of the world: 11 But now I have written to you, was that I should not have intercourse with any man that is called a brother and a fornicator, or covetous person or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or robber, so I do not even eat with him. 12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge only those who are within? 13 But those who are outside, God judges. Put away the wicked man from among yourselves

What is this? Yes, when a living as Hanvold making or other obvious sins, he will be denied access to the church. Do not have an opportunity to be part of the Christian community, and not take part in the sacrament. For him to be able to go in themselves and not infect the Christian community. This is the way the Bible and the New Testament teachings even though the opposite is practiced and enforced today, so this is what God's word teaches!

Taking finally an article by Jan Johansson on church discipline:

Assembly Discipline or church discipline - or as it is commonly called earlier church discipline - it is quite silent about today. In many quarters it is hardly practiced either. And it is a serious matter. Many believe enough - with a hint of truth - that it belongs to the past of the Christian Church's history, a judicial and loveless age. Like everything else has almost certainly also forsamlingstukten been abused and thus caused great damage. The greater the blessing, the bigger the curse when something is misused.

But just applied the assembly instruction a priceless blessing. Therefore, it should be about to do for everyone it again is practiced where it is not now the case.

But here we hasten slowly. No human being is in itself capable of exercising assembly instruction. Made it with such a basis, it will mostly cause harm. It can either be by unloving judge ill or by following the so-called "Christian" opinion and let people continue to live in sin. Therefore we should be cautious about trying to organize forward assembly instruction. It can not organize, but emerges in which the spiritual life is fresh. For real assembly instruction is nothing but spiritual guidance from beginning to end. Therefore, we all need to turn to our "souls shepherd and overseer" (1 Peter 2.25) that he can make our own mind. How can we awakened to care for the souls of our brothers and sisters, and be filled with Christ's love, wisdom and zeal. This is required for forsamlingstukten might work. Furthermore, we think that the assembly instruction causes pain. It's not just the false, where one goes up in adjudicating human power, but also the real, where people led by the Holy Spirit to work through to try to show the way it has come on the wrong track. Nothing good is born without pain. It applies to the federation as well as for the flocks.

But when this painful work is carried out with the love of Christ as the driving force, is the spiritual brother band to be strengthened. Nowhere are they as strong as where the wires to the suffering and sacrificial love are interleaved.

Assembly Discipline in practice

We begin by reading in 1 Corinthians 5.1 to 8: "On the whole, it sounds about fornication among you, and such fornication as is not even named among the Gentiles: that a man living with his father's wife. And ye are puffed up! Ought you not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you that I probably absent in body but present in spirit, have already - as if I was with you - concerning him who has done this. In our Lord Jesus, and you shall gather my spirit in our Lord Jesus' power, that he hath sinned shall be delivered unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the Lord Jesus. It fits badly that you commend you! Know ye not that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For our passover is sacrificed for Christ. So let's keep feast, not with old leaven, not with evil and the load sourdough, but with sincerity and truth unleavened bread! " We also need to include a few words from Matt 18.15 to 18: "But if your brother sins against you, go and tell him right, he and you alone. Hear him on you, you have won your brother. But he is not, so take with you one or two more, that in any word may be established by two or three witnesses. But he will not listen to them, tell it to the church. hear he nor the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector! Verily I say unto you: Everything you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. "

A double aim

Assembly Discipline has a double purpose. First and foremost, it's time to save the individual who is caught in sin yarn, "that his spirit may be saved in the Lord Jesus." But it also applies to preserve the assembly clean, "Purge out therefore the old leaven." On the way to discipline become revival warning to the others in the meeting.

It is important that both sides are included. If the main driving force and the purpose is to preserve the meeting, missing the most important one - the care of the individual soul. Instead, they align themselves to save what is left of the assembly. But what does being in a "clean" assembly in the absence of any real spiritual guidance there? Tax collectors and sinners will hardly find their spiritual home in such meetings. But Jesus is the welcome!

He hjärta relay the luminaire, Garnerville he himself took pity. No one, no one can OMMA for you as he.

Therefore, the care of the individual soul come first. The aim should be that "his spirit may be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ." As we see from Jesus' teaching in Matthew 18 - that underlie what Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 5 - the decision on expulsion must not be taken with ease by a few people. There is a case concerning the meeting.

But before it gets that far, it should have fallen repeatedly to repent and be forgiven of their sin. First, the person who has learned to sin, contact and try to win them. Note the wording: "If he listens to you, you have gained your brother" (v 15). This applies all the time trying to win his brother! Not to trap or exclude. No, he must be won back to the Savior in confession and forgiveness. Assembly's task is to gather the people to Jesus, and that means no toil saved. Hear he is not on one person, one should bring one or two more. But not enough of it. Does he hear not them, this should be a matter that will be a need for the meeting. Is it so bad that he will not hear the assembly also, there remains no other choice than to exclude him from the meeting. But it should take place now - after repeated attempts to win him back to the Savior. The case must not halt in some kind of imaginary kindness, so that one fails to take action against the unrepentant.

That the old leaven soon to permeate the entire assembly. As an example we can think of a couple cohabiting children. If the in spite of repeated calls, in accordance with Matthew 18, however, continues to defend and live their lives in sin, and are not excluded from the meeting, will their example to send a number of harmful signals both within and outside the Assembly.

Outside the meeting sees the world's children that Christians are no longer taking it so carefully to God's word. The salt has lost its taste. Within the meeting, those terms, easily settle down and believe that they still belong to the kingdom of God, even if they are living in blatant sin. Others who might be tempted to the same sin, perceive it so it does not matter. Can they, so we can ...

Another in the audience may have a different propensity to sin. But if cohabiting are not subject to assembly instruction, can not shut him meeting nor there. Thus, the one who defends his sin with reference to the example of others. Leaven spreads! And an increasing number of ports on the broad road that leads to hell. Therefore forsamlingstukten so important - and so blessed. Just applied it can save a lot of destruction.

But it is not too hard to exclude a person from the audience?

It may seem so. But it is much harder - and can not be compared - to let a living in blatant sin and defends it to continue in the assembly and then one day be banned from heaven. It gets much, much worse. It is much better to be excluded from the meeting on the ground and really be faced with the choice of sin or God's friendship, and hopefully choose the latter - and be blessed.

Assembly Discipline seems vitalizing

Where not this mutual care of souls exist, where both brotherly admonition and assembly instruction is terminated, where all sorts of sins occur without being prosecuted. Therefore, it seems forsamlingstukten with the mutual exhortation provoking the meeting. Think to yourself that you have learned that a brother in the congregation live in a sin that he neither regrets nor will forego. Where is now your responsibility to speak with him "under four eyes". If you are in any way responsible and realize the seriousness of this exercise, you are going primarily to rummage yourself in prayer understand word if you are capable of this. They may be one undivided sin which you have long tried to suppress, is as blistering that you know you have to get speech with the Savior about it before you can go and admonish your brother. The beam has to go! And then ask the Savior for mercy and forgiveness, and to let go of it - and certainly he hears you!

Now it need by no means be the case that you have an unresolved sin on your conscience. But it is in any case a special occasion for self-examination acknowledge the mercy seat, and it is very useful for every one. You've been in counseling with the Lord, and can confidently with His help get admonish your brother. Think so big! You have even been drawn closer to the Savior and have been able to see even more clearly how important it is that sin not unto leaven will ferment up. And you've probably also got a dose of humility when faced with the task that the Lord has got to show you something of your own sin and weakness. Then you are unlikely to meet the wrong end of Pharisaic cold, but instead either heat or burn him with Christ's love fire. It depends on how it is received.

If it so happens that your brother does not listen to you, for Jesus' teaching to bring you a couple more. Then these two go through the same soul-searching before they can follow you - and so is the Lord's work on the heart and assembly. It is to "keep the feast ... with purity and truth unleavened bread." "Exhort one another daily, while it is called today, lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin" (Hebrews 3:13). "For our passover is sacrificed for Christ" (1 Cor 5.7).


Since everything's overall aim is to salvage the one caught in sin nets must never ban regarded as the ultimate objective. It is just a means to endeavor to get brother / sister to be resumed in full communion with the Lord and with the meeting. It is very important that the person subject to the assembly instruction, will keep this in mind.

The intention is certainly not to "get rid of" the person, but to save him from eternal damnation. In closing, we take a word from 2 Corinthians 2:6-8, TLB, which teaches us how to repent and mourn over their sin, shall be met: "For him it comes, it is enough with the punishment he received from the Most. Now you instead rather forgive and comfort him, lest he should perish in even greater sorrow. Therefore, I urge you: Be agreed to show him love. "

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fredag 19. oktober 2018

No. 1717: When I have warned against the false prophet Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway in all these years, nothing else really is a reality of H. C. Andersen's wonderful adventures "The Emperor's New Clothes"!

No. 1717: 
When I have warned against the false prophet Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway in all these years, nothing else really is a reality of H. C. Andersen's wonderful adventures "The Emperor's New Clothes"! 

Statue by H. C. Andersen where my wife is standing by. This is from the museum in Odense on Fyn in Denmark from which he came from.

We know the story when the Emperor would get new clothes. But was deceived in the worst imaginable way, but the deceivers were revealed by a little boy who shouted out, "But he's not wearing anything!"Furthermore, we read the following adventures to bring us the story:"Oh my God, listen to the voice of the innocent!" Said the father, and one whispered to the other what the little child had said: "He is not wearing it, it's a little child who says he's not something about it! ""He's not wearing it!" Finally called the whole people. And it looked so bad in the emperor, because he thought they were right, but he thought as follows: "Now I have to stand out throughout the spectacle!" And then he went even more proudly, and the chamberlains went there and carried on the tow that was not available .(state end).I get everything possible with criticism, but I will try to be as objective, gentle and sincere as possible. Then that's the truth that's important and I want to get forward!To me, it's a diversion and a kind of ruling technique used against me and the heavenly blog when one does not want to get in touch with what I really say.Proverbs and Biblical feedback, it is not a habit to get by other believers, unfortunately.Some fantasize that I am judging, hateful and much more.It is only dictatorship and a form of ruling technique that is used against me and the heavenly blog. Therefore, in this article, I will try to be as objective, gentle, sober and clear as it is possible for me to be.The reason why it is necessary, biblical and right to warn against the false prophet and the lawyer Jan Hanvold.2,000 years ago, the apostle Paul received an assignment, that was to make a "journey" for the New Testament congregation, which should and will be applicable to the entire congregation's era.We find this in the apostle Paul's 14 letter if we believe that he has also written the Hebrews letter as I am sure he has done (who else could have written such a letter? None as I know).One of the criteria of those who would have a public role as preaching, pastor, shepherd, apostle etc. were the following as we read about, among other things, here:1 Tim. 3. 1. It is a credible word: If anyone attends a supervisory office, he wants a good deed. 2 Therefore, an overseer shall be immaculate, one woman's man, precious, sinful, worthy, hospitable, diligent to teach others,We read here that one who "attempts a supervisory office, then wants a good deed. Therefore a supervisor shall be immaculate, one woman's husband. "In other words, he should not be reprinted, neither one, two or more times.Now I will not go into the depths here, but we are based on this scripture and many others that we can not take the time to go in for then books will have to be written. But it has been the church's clear view that for Christian people only death is the opportunity to enter into a new marriage. For a preacher, this is an absolute requirement.What about Jan Hanvold? Which is actually divorced and reissued for the third time?Now let's take Hanvold seriously and do not be unnecessarily hard against him.But here he breaks the word of God so centrally that this completely disqualifies and excludes him from being allowed to go to a lectern. Far less to be shepherd, teacher and apostle. What should we do when a man who wants to have a supervisory office, but has himself left to hold such a thing?I note that the church and church in Norway do not really want to take a longer position on such key things, why?Statue by H. C. Andersen. This is from the museum in Odense on Fyn in Denmark from which he came from.Use picture as you like for free, but write Photo: Jan Kåre ChristensenWe read in the fairy tale as already mentioned the following: "The two deceivers put up two looms and pretended they were working, but on the loom they had nothing. Just as they were required, they demanded the finest silk and the most precious gold. They put it in their own bag, and then they continued on the empty tissues until late into the night. "This is like reading about Hanvold. He only melks his own cake, has nothing to offer unless he lives in accordance with the Bible's teachings. These were called cheaters, that's exactly what Hanvold is, a fraudster.Do not we see the contour of the same? Nobody warns against Hanvold, apart from a "hobby theologian" and the leisure-preacher like me. This little boy said so well about the Emperor that he had no clothes on him. That's how it's here too, I'm basically the only one to say - like the little boy - and sooner or later, everyone wants to realize the facts. Hanvold is disqualified to be a preacher of the Word!

End Comment. 

Robbed in the least possible way, factually and precisely what God's word says about Hanvold and his alleged apostle and proclaims service. God has never called him, then God had received his own word. When Hanvold says after his third marriage that God called him to start Vision Norway when nobody else would. Then this is a good bluff and lie. God has never called him when Hanvold is disqualified to have a post-Scriptural inspection. Do we really believe that God is opposed to his own word? Never! Then it's up to the individual who one wants to believe. Will one follow the writing, or Jan Hanvold? I will follow the words of the scripture, 

I think so many others will also. How and why they will cooperate and support Vision Norway, at least it is incompatible with the word of God and the will of God. Then let the individual decide on what I'm holding up with the word of God or not! I'm of the opinion that God will not intervene or for anyone in this matter. We have the word of God, which speaks clearly and clearly, that is what we are dealing with. In GT, God revealed himself in another way, something God can do in NT. But we have the word of God and the Spirit of God, it is because of this God guides us and shows us his way! In the GT, God spoke through the prophets, today God speaks primarily through the Son, who is Jesus. Who is Jesus? He is the word of God, so it is my speech here that is the word of God, in the way that God today speaks to us Gentile Christians, through their own words. Finally, I say Hanvold and Vision Norway in the word of God , they fall right through. So I understand the word of God, and now I'm so calm it's possible for me to be. Then Hanvold is a false prophet, as Jesus himself said, it would come a lot in the last days, the days we now live.