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Nr. 267: A TIME AS THIS '. (Sharon Stone)

Nr. 267:

A TIME AS THIS '. (Sharon Stone)


There should be little doubt that we live in the latter part of 'the last time? and it is recommended to study Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and Judas letter is just one chapter, but which describes the current situation is quite clear. In addition to the Sermon on the Mount, Chapter 5.6 and 7 When the disciples ask Jesus about what is the sign of His coming and? Era end? Jesus will answer the very first to warn against the seductions and asked us to make sure no leads us astray .. (For offenses must come. Matt.18: 7). And they come in HIS NAME. Matt.24: 24 To lead ALSO THE SELECTED wild, if it were possible. ? For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders? '. Thus, it is hereby stated that today we live by deception and deceivers in our own midst, among us, at this time. Because it is the Christians, those who believe in Jesus? being seduced. Nevertheless, and I hear that 'the Christians? ? those who say they believe in Jesus - running after every wind of doctrine as they see fit, or find it exciting or meets their many needs be it spiritual or carnal. And one thing is certain, namely that it needs no end in this world? and thus the large market for vultures - as Jesus said (Matt.24: 28)? Where a carcass, the vultures gather.? It does not seem like there are so many people? Search the scriptures? or do as it says in the 2nd Timothy 2 verse 15 where we are asked to be careful to present ourselves to God as one approved. In English Amplified version reads:? Study and pray Eager and do your utmost to Present yourself to God Tank (tested by trial, a workman who has no reason to be ashamed, correctly Analyzing and accurately Dividing (rightly action and distinguishes fully teaching) the Word of Truth. I write this TODAY after hearing yet another in a series of Vision Norwegian American import, this time Sharon Stone.

I repeat that I do not engage me to write about individuals' life and teachings? but when they come forward as leaders, calling both Dr. and prophet, and is part of the leadership of an organized network, I am by nature so I want to know more, especially when I found it particularly? prophetic? in the Biblical context, to induce a flow of words over individuals that you do not know. And I want to share facts about Sharon Stone in the mind of Christ, who called Judas? Friend '. And who said 'Buddy, what are you doing here? for wedding guests who lacked the proper clothing. Matt.22: 11-14. The man who fell silent as a lamb to the slaughter when they taunted and mocked. He who sat on the left ear when Peter grabbed the sword and struck the ear of the soldier who would arrest Jesus ..

Jesus says in Matt.7; 15-16 that we will know the false fruits of theirs. (Ref also Gal.5). And they who stray too deceiving. 2.Tim.3; 13

Sharon Stone is the founder of A Kingdom expanding international ministry and the European apostle of Christian International Ministries was started by Dr.Bill hamon? He is also a prophet, the most influential such? in the apostolic-prophetic movement from the United States are increasing the most. In this network, we also find such C.Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs. This network has doctrines that? The manifest sons of God '. ? Joel's Army? and the most famous? Kingdom Now? movement. Before I write the links to them here I will outline some of what they stand for? and learn - in simple, broad terms: 1 They argue that Israel in both Old and New Testament meaning refers to the church alone. This is called replacement theology and in conflict with the Christian majority and Bible teaching. (This is the Hanvold in a manner contrary to itself at this point). 2. They do not believe in a physical rapture of a bride of Jesus, a kind? Emotionally? rapture. They believe that God lost control of the soil by the fall and that God therefore has been doing to restore its control over this world by seeking out a particular group of believers such as called 'covenant people? and 'the victorious? ? or Joel's army and God through those, who 'infiltrate? the social community through social institutions, governments, and legislation will be brought under God's authority. (My comment: This is the Blood of Jesus and the cross made unnecessary when?) Furthermore, it is claimed that we have the same Holy Spirit that Jesus and that we therefore grayling all authority in heaven and on earth and therefore has the power and faith to speak to things that are not? into existence and on the way to bring to pass the manifestation of 'Kingdom Age'. They see Jesus 'return in 2 stages. First, through the believer's bodily life (Especially today's apostles and prophets) and then come hanpersonlig to get the kingdom handed over to the care of them? Victorious'. Therefore, the victorious cleanse the earth of all evil influences before his second coming and claims that he can not return until all His enemies are put under the church's feet. All this is completely outside of mainstream Christianity, and contrary to a number of Biblical texts and teachings. Many of their doctrines and teachings are not in the Bible but Hamon says it does not matter because the modern day apostles and prophets can give the church new doctrines as a supplement to the original apostles and prophets.

Sharon Stone

I will not go into more detail here and now but I have no difficulty to call this heresy and false doctrine with elements of other false movements of today. Finally: Since January Aage Torp is relevant to your Blog Heaven now? I will allow me to mention that Torp has been involved in several contexts within this network, and has also had some of those preachers in their former churches - and for me it is a confirmation that those who go under them? seductive heads ? ultimately be deceived themselves.? Deceiving and being deceived. A true gift of prophecy in the church wanted to be in line with 1.Kor.14, 24-25. Unless, that is the exhortation, edification and consolation (v.3). A prophetic ministry, however? is consistent with the definition of the word prophet, in the simplicity which is to speak God's word in the right place at the right time, driven and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Many of today? Prophets? have admitted that they have? prophesied? errors. When Scripture says that we should not listen to them and not follow them. When God speaks, it is NEVER WRONG. Let me add a personal observation: When for years has stood in front of congregations and seen countless varieties of human expression and it is quite clear that they have developed a sense and a flair for? Read? people. As you gain in either the meat or at worst a divination .. Let me warn with tears: Isaiah wrote in Chapter 36; 16 to 17 of Israel's enemy spotter King Hezekiah and said? make peace with me, and ye shall eat of his own vine and fig tree, and their drinking water from their own wells, until I come and take you to a country similar to their own countries'. ! (Study Isaiah chapter 36 and 37). Unfortunately, with sorrow and with wonder, only to say that there are many who lures with something? Similar? today. And Christians follow and give away money year in and year out while they still believe in these fair promises of both service and wealth of various kinds. And they talk a lot about miracles and wonders, while the only thing we see is people? Fall? or 'loss of control over the laughter muscles'. THERE is certainly no miracles, nor anything below. But people MAKE! And give! And the only generally being richer and richer is the man who promises and promises everything when you give to? HE? or SHE? or IT? I speak from years of experience. Have been through and some of the most of this. And God has brought me through everything and kept me, wonder of wonders! Perhaps to save one soul from the seduction? In this case it was worth it. Most people have the sincere hearts and desires, but they do not know the Scriptures. Missing revelation and have too little intimacy with the Holy Spirit in the secret place.

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