torsdag 25. mars 2021

No. 1554: The state and municipal administration, can and do what they want, as they will never be held accountable for their misdeeds?!?!

 No. 1554:
The state and municipal administration, can and do what they want, as they will never be held accountable for their misdeeds?!?!

The treatment we have received from PBE is reminiscent of North Korea and the way they work there.
When the state has decided something, so be it. Ille!
The illustration of North Korean leader and dictator Kim Jong-un, which unfortunately PBE reminds me of.

Not with violence, you do not need it in Norway.
There one can use the state power apparatus that works in the same way.
One does not have a chance to get out of the state and municipal decisions until one has complied with them.
Now they have been stopped until now by i.a. The bailiff who found out that the cases against us were obsolete, thank God for the bailiff here in Oslo City, hallelujah!

There are many principles that are important to live by, one of the most important legal principles and otherwise between us humans.
It is that a so-called punishment must be in accordance with the bread one has made.

Here, the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo is the worst in not following this principle.
This is both a legal principle, and which is absolutely crucial between us humans.

At the same time, both in this our case and in many other cases where the public sector is in the picture, something we forget.
It is when the public sector makes mistakes, even as in our case, that hatred and injustice prevail.
These implications never have any consequences, this is alarming and a legal principle that is completely overlooked.

In the private business world and as a private person, you must be responsible for everything you say and do. This is basically right and good.

Here, the public has almost stepped on us, continues to step and I know nothing about how this case ends.
Then everyone knows that none of these evil and hateful people will ever be held accountable for any of what they have done to us, so we can not have it in a state governed by the rule of law! Then it is no longer a rule of law, but more a dictatorship where someone goes free anyway. While others are punished for conditions that are true or false.
It's like playing the lottery, the outcome is uncertain.
But God also sees the matter here!

Now we will never under any circumstances conform to what PBE does to us by negative decisions and orders.

It is completely unreasonable and unfair that we should have to tear down the shed, stairs and wall when everything we have built we have been guided by PBE with, it is contradictory.

And that there is only minimal and insignificant dispensation we need.
What we have built is only for the benefit of all and it has raised our property considerably.
All criteria for dispensation are our case for miles within!

The only thing in this case that is not right, is how the Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo has proceeded.
But in other words, it is PBE crime that is the problem here.
Their degrading behavior and the discrimination against us.
Not what we have done, but how PBE moves forward, nothing else.

The principle of proportionality (also called the principle of proportionality) means that a requirement can be made for proportionality between goal and means, or crime and punishment. The principle of proportionality is a fundamental legal principle and it is expressed in many areas of law.

When e.g. we ask why we have to tear down the wall when it is located ½ meters further inside our property than our previously approved slope, we do not get an answer. +++ dozens of other questions.

Saying that we have received answers to questions is not true as they now claim in the email.

We were promised follow-up after the only meeting we have had with PBE, this has not been held at all. A meeting is then nothing but a beginning !!!
How many examples do we have to give ??????????

It is like speaking for deaf (criminal) ears, and here all bodies defend themselves against each other (camaraderie) and run a mafia business against us that has zero municipal and state administration.
Everything is an abuse, this is an abuse of power and authority.

We are treated as if we have built in the beach zone - illegal.

What we have built is for the benefit of all, and then they should have been granted a dispensation.
Everything should have been approved several years ago, already in 2016 when we applied in a formal way, if not before also when we have only followed Kaja Aubert Lange's instructions.

And that we have built on an old residential area where there are a thousand things that PBE should and should have fixed before they attack us who have built something that upgrades our property, and is only positive and useful for the whole area!

We are only a married couple who have upgraded our own property, which is not at all to the detriment of a person in the city of Oslo or will seem offensive.

Just to abuse some paragraphs against us, what is the point of PBE madness and unfair behavior?
We do not understand any of that, and you do not answer our arguments at all.

Not even why when our fill is now better taken care of than it was before we built the wall, and a thousand other arguments that are in our favor.
But the only thing that is to our backside is that the wall as it is now, then it breaks with a paragraph. But we can dto chop off the wall a few cm, but then it is too high supposedly. How do you meet such people?

Even in North Korea, they do not do as they do in Oslo City, tragic and depressing!

This is a way forward, which makes no sense!
We will never conform to PBE's insane, totally meaningless and unfair demands on us. To participate in this, PBE should apply for a job in North Korea or another totalitarian government!
We are truly offended. Everything we have built is on our own property.
Comparing than our property with others, and how it was before.
That we are then not allowed to keep the wall, stairs and storage room is unreasonable and meaningless.
The illegalities are the responsibility of PBE, here it is a municipal assault against us for really trivial matters.
What PBE is doing makes no sense, absolutely no sense.

It is a state / municipal guardianship that is nothing but insult as they so correctly write!
Our wall is 1 meter from the road, our filling mass / slope was ½ meters from the road. Then to claim that our wall is illegal etc. is nothing but a municipal tyranny!
It's so pointless, sad and insane the way PBE goes about it!
Not so easy when everyone takes on our case with firecrackers, no one will stand up for the injustice we experience!
Here, PBE has guided us, and then they turn to us, for nothing?
They play a game where they rule and split, they play almost for fun!
They will now give us fines totaling ½ Million for matters that have no significance to anyone.
Except that they have managed to find a few cm wrong.
The whole thing is tragicomic!


When Paal Løvaas for Completion Certificate Byggesak A / S applied for us, he wrote the following:

After an overall assessment, in our opinion the advantages of granting a dispensation outweigh the disadvantages.
The considerations behind the provision and purpose in the plan are not significantly disregarded.
Exemption can be granted.
The developer wonders why residents in the immediate area should have been granted a dispensation for a listed shed (case 201316839 - Stormyrveien 9C). Whether there are major differences in that case and the present case, we are a little uncertain, but we note at least that there is also talk here
about an illegally erected shed and that in the case% BYA was informed up to 60%. We also register that the plot is covered by another regulation, without us being sure how it affects the assessment criteria. We also assume that PBE has an overview of the fact that no corresponding dispensations have been granted with regard to % BYA for similar measures in the scope of the Small House Plan.
(Quote end.)

It probably tells everything when e.g. neighbor in Stormyrveien has been granted dispensation in several rounds.
The applications you are similar to something you do one early morning around the table and write a few sentences and attach a picture and two.
While we have had professional applicants who have designed it all as an architect ore.
They have used the plot 57 times more than us.
PBE appears to be outright criminal and gets away with it?
Never l life if we give in to a criminal agency !!!!!!!!!!!

The administration in Norway is probably very special.
Impossible to reach in Norway, mostly.
All public bodies protect and protect each other.
It's hopeless!

And afterwards, when one complains, he defends himself by saying that he and that body upheld his and that administration's decision.
It is really evil put into the system.
Sad, going to court like we did is hopeless.
Go to politicians and they will have more than enough to defend our new compatriots and other things such as having more than enough of other issues that are more helpless than us.
No, this is difficult!

The only thing that always helps is to go to God and Jesus, where there is help, healing and strength to get 24 tins a day and 7 days a week.
Every month. and throughout the year and throughout life.
Yes. Eternity long!