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No. 658: Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian?

No. 658:

Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian?

Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian? The first Christians checked everything with the word of God , and voted it the word was positive . Voted not the word , they were negative . It is for me a healthy way to be positive. Picture of the new leadership council in the Pentecostal movement which appears to me as a click where it is about to do to stay friends with the most possible , and never stand for something even the basis of a conviction from God's word. And is one of anything, becomes a fast and effective squeezed and boycotted out!

Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with all readiness , and searched the scriptures daily, whether it was just as it was told unto them .

OPEN LETTER TO " LED 2014 " Pentecostal leader conference THAT PROGRESS IN THESE DAYS .

Posted by Per Willy Edvardsen on Facebook

A participant which leave out information about what Karl Gustav Severin said in his speech yesterday. One of the things Karl Gustav Severin said , was that there was too much negative talk in our time . I called if they could tell what " NEGATIVE TALK " is. I was told that there were some who had JoshV and Caleb spirit.

So I called for an example of what is negative speech, since it is purported to be so much of this. But it could not be reproduced because I was not present and had heard all the talk. But only one small example I may well get , but no. So I wrote a new message and address to the conference and asked Karl Gustav Severin any specific questions that I think he should answer , since it is perceived that there is much " NEGATIVE TALK " in our time .

Allegations much negative talk can easily be perceived as an attack on the Voice of the Prophets , or those who question the doctrine, or what leads companies decide in person matters and other processes and contexts . I wrote a letter with questions and opinions to LED in 2014 , but it was just deleted. Therefore I repeat it here and hope to reach through. Then we can call it an open letter instead.

I think we need some open debate about these things in Norway philosophy and POSSITIVISME ? OR THE LORD'S WORDS AND LOVE THE TRUTH ?

My point is , now we have experienced at least 25 years when the power of people and matprester has taught Christians to judge cases based on whether it is positive or negative, rather than the biblical way in which you try everything and asks whether there is truth or falsehood, right or wrong. Very few have dared to go against these " philosophical spirit forces " . Many have been scared away from the love of truth for fear of being labeled as negative. The battle with the Lord's double-edged sword was too hard , using it to reveal the construction methods or injustice and rebuke the Lord's words were too tough . Lord's recipe in that context ( in the battle against evil ) is the love of truth . The part we get in by asking questions to the Father by the Spirit and the word help on what is true and right.

Unfortunately, many become fearful and many have been duped . Those who have claimed the Lord's words or spoken , Thus saith the Lord ! and questioned the power of people's way of building the kingdom of God has been so ears have told off by the so-called " positive hop " crowd that force people by intimidation techniques have managed to mobilize . Hopen shouting crucify , crucify ! Direct control techniques to intimidate into silence , or slanderous subtle spiritual forces that lurk people to join up with the positive . What they do not understand is that they have been cheated out of love for the truth and helped to isolate the " so-called negative" prophets. Those who never learn to keep your mouth shut . Those who are always prevent power people's way of building the kingdom of God . These terrible "negative people " who can never be silent.

To get Christians to judge whether things are " positive or negative " instead of judging whether there is "truth or falsehood, right or wrong " is from the devil and has led congregations and churches into a quagmire , where people no longer dares to ask questions about either evil or good. Everything is grace , while the devil has deceived this vital love of truth from the people. Lord's words as clover gave way and marrow , and judges the thoughts and attitudes are transformed into philosophies. The Lord has commanded me to warn against including these things and I 've really got to know what these so-called " positive people " stand for and what spirit is behind .

There has been a vital match for my part for many years !

Dances can not and fooled the philosophical control techniques and disbursements by doctrines of devils , but questions about what the Lord's word says on the matter, so one is convicted of and that one is negative. This affects everything in the house of the Lord . Now you collected a great conference , so there is of course this rule technique on the table again, IT'S ALL TOO MUCH NEGATIVE CHAT !

Now it's harvest time in the kingdom of God . Serious times! Now , the person who has built a few test its structures. Have you let yourself be fooled ? Therefore I say right Karl Gustav Severin ; What do you your opinion on this conference that there is too much negative talk ? Do you think that the word of being abused hinder the modern building method of the kingdom of God ? Are there too many questions at the moment? Let's get some concrete answers on the board. Now it høsttid and we demand an explanation of what you put in the terms " positive and negative " . Is the modern method of construction of the Kingdom of God about to be revealed to the people? Love of truth and humility because it is the only method of building the Lord accept .

The church is the pillar and foundation , but devils doctrines and philosophies are about to demolish the church of God from each other . Give us some answers from this conference on these things. Many of us wonder . 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 should be read in this context and I greet you all with this word from the Lord ; Col. 2.8 Ensure that there is no one deceive you through philosophy and vain deceit , after the tradition of men , after the world powers and not by Christ.

The great apostasy !

God's word tells us about a great apostasy before Jesus fetches the bride in the cloud ! ( 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 )

It is important that believers pray for the Spirit's revelation of God's word. I believe God has revealed much of the two Tess.2 my mind . I read this chapter first time - shortly after I was saved at 88 When the Lord revealed to my mind what is human life . It is to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth to live in it.

The basis for salvation ;

Paul exhorts Timothy above all things ( 1 Timothy chapter 2 verses 1-4) that he must make supplications, prayers, intercessions , and thanksgivings for all men. For God will have all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth . The significance of this is that man must be delivered into the Ark which is Christ , and then to come to knowledge of the truth . If we turn to this recipe , we try to get people to come to the knowledge of the truth , then be saved , yes - then everything becomes terribly wrong . Man can not come to the knowledge of the truth before salvation in Jesus Christ.

The absolute truth and God's perfect love is one . It is given us in the Son , who is Jesus Christ. He is the way , the truth and the life. Before we received the Son of God and were saved , we thought that we walked in truth , but were deceived by the father of lies . The absolute truth is completely incomprehensible to the devil's children. They have no idea what the truth is . Truth is love for Jesus Christ and his unquestionable and holy Word.

His true words leads to life and godliness . Truth is something that is just done, absolutely perfect and well . The truth is simple and relate to. The truth is easy to remember . The truth sets people free . When the truth comes to the table resolve conflicts. The truth brings joy to the heart . When the truth is our first priority will be no unfair treatment . The truth is daily subsistence food for the soul , mind and body.

The truth is the word of God revealed through the Holy Spirit , given concrete into any situation . The truth sets people free from disease. The lie connects people in a vicious and cruel torment , the wages of sin is total depravity and eternal torment. When a man is saved and come to the knowledge of the truth , - gets rid of man 's worst nuisance - sin . Satan loses his power. When man distances himself to God , they believe the lie . When man allows for God gives the truth place in his heart , being saved and given a wonderful life in communion with God.

( Read 2 Timothy chapter 2 and 3 Read 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and Psalm 15 End of the Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 6 )

The main reason to be preserved ;

Now I hope you have taken the time to read what I have written and I have recommended you to read as well. In the second Thessalonians chapter 2 , we see that the assumption of being preserved as a Christian is to love the truth . Love of truth is at first love for Jesus Christ who is the Truth in person.

If you or I get a liberal or bad relationship with truth - about the notion of truth is no longer the most important in our lives , we have rejected Christ . God's Spirit's mission is to glorify Christ in our lives . To glorify Christ is to glorify the truth of our lives . A man who does not adhere to the truth - the judge actually even death. It says that all unrighteousness is sin , and the wages of sin is death . Therefore, should not we be concerned to judge other people. We will be keen to be speaking the truth in love.

Keeping the truth Word in high esteem , keep trying with ourselves , judge for ourselves whether we are in truth. The truth has always been a very central and combustible term . If the man does not know what the truth is , they know not who God is .

Every time you speak the truth , set up on the side of the person who speaks the truth or underline the truth - set you on God's side . The Holy Spirit's job is to speak the word of truth to your heart . If you accept it , humble yourself under it and goes the way that the Lord will , you shall be preserved in salvation in Jesus Christ.

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Nr. 657: If hell doctrine was true, God had been a major dictator and monster oneself Hitler!

No. 657:

If hell doctrine was true, God had been a major dictator and monster oneself Hitler!

It blaming God for him to torment and harass all non believers in an eternal inferno called Hell no biblical pg correct doctrine . God's word speaks clearly about the extinction and destruction of all that is not worthy of the world to come . God is not a monster or dictator. Had hell doctrine was true , God had been a major dictator and monster oneself Hitler.

There is no sense of the so-called halva teachings !

Eternal fire

Many perceive this with the eternal flame to be a reference to hell and the false belief that they are cursed tortured in fire for eternity. " Hell Fire " , which is mentioned in Matt.5 , 22 and elsewhere, is translated from ' Ge- henna ' and is a reference to a garbage dump in Himmons son valley outside the wall of Jerusalem , where Jesus' time the city garbage was burned. The fire was ' eternal ' in the sense that it was not extinguished until all were burned . In Jude is mentioned in verse 7 of Sodom and Gomorrah destruction. Jude says they " suffer the punishment of eternal fire " , but we know that Sodom and Gomorrah are not burning today ! The significance is that these cities were completely destroyed , so that there was no trace left .

So it goes with those cursed Judgment. They are completely destroyed.

Anyway - the study of life's two outputs pain something colossal anyway, but for the non believers await judgment , then unless his name is written in the book . Do not eternal torture, but annihilation . Here is an article on this topic from Evangeliekirken Arendal :

1 Mosesbok 3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold the man is become as one of us , to know good and evil. Only he did not stretch out his hand and take also of the tree of life , and eat, and live forever. End of quote . Here it is in fact that it was not intended that man should live forever after the fall ! No one would disagree with that?

The next thing I want to show is the 1st Samuel book 28:15 : And Samuel said to Saul , Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up ? End of quote . It shows Samuel us that he "sleeps ! Grave. And shall first wakes up in the last day , where all the graves stand up. Then to the final judgment . Fortuneteller But conjured Samuel up early. The same happened with Moses and Elijah. They were upset and were picked up by Jesus. The same thing also happened with Martha and Mary's brother Lazarus in the tomb . After four days in the tomb of Lazarus was upset and brought back to life, but the ordinary had been that he had been in the tomb of the resurrection day. We see that these people were dead and " asleep. " A passage to underscore how for example the prophet Samuel and King Saul and his sons were after death. There we read in 1 Samuelbok 28:19 Samuel said to Saul, here , quote : " Tomorrow you and your sons be with me. " End of quote . It says clearly that Samuel was a man of the Lord would be with Saul and his sons grave. Saul was then backslid from the Lord. Finally, I will mention Lazarus and the rich man . The story told by Jesus is no salvation history, because then all the poor admitted to Paradise and all the world as place of torment . So what did Jesus really the story. Then do well to read the Bible teaches January Lillby writes:


By Jan Lilleby

I could not just let Bullinger article be left without getting into that now must be the reader's next question : If the story of Lazarus and the rich man came to the real thing " after death " - what was that reason Jesus reviewing persons such as actually thought, spoke and acted according to their " death " ? Jesus describes even that it was put one huge chasm choose between Lazarus in Abraham's bosom and the rich man who was tortured in hell (verse 26). This sounds really powerful , right ? And the rich man begs that Lazarus had come and cool rich man's tongue with a finger dipped in water ( verse 24) , which perhaps might have been neck hairs to the Jews who heard the story - to rise up in horror !

Well, without further comparison , - let me mention Æsobs Fables , known Greek eventyrlignelser to tell a general truth, but with a fictional story . You know - fox , crow and a piece of cheese . Or he who cried wolf so many times , that when one day the wolf really appeared, no one even bothered to hear - and the wolf turns giving him a free pass. Simple parables or fairy tale bits used to promote a general truth. Or the story ( such stories are the without end ... right? ) About the " k loke " but lazy farmer who would facilitate their work and therefore decided he would rather sit on the branch he was cut off - iførste instance to facilitate their toil, - but ended up in a tragedy that was the price for being lazy! He dropped the branch and was killed . Instead the farmer would rather cost of a little more tedious method : Buying a ladder and stand on it, leaning to tree trunk , and safely cut of the aforementioned proverbial branch. Laziness cost him his life - but the story as such was fictional . It is therefore not considered to be a lie , for it stated in the history caricature of the unfortunate that it is fictional with overlegg.Slik being the rich man caricature of Jesus , and transferred to the unbelieving Israel and their pharisees . Another of the many endless word-pictures that are used often , even today , is that "he who digs a pit for others will himself fall into it ."

And dear reader : This is what Jesus used " the story of Lazarus " to : To fabricate a given history and issues, - which in itself was a true story - but that would POINTING TO A TRUTH ITSELF OUTSIDE THE STORY . What did Jesus pointed with his " Aesop fable" ? Yes, we find this clearly in his reply , Luke.16 , 31 where Jesus uses Lazarus ` response to the desperate rich man ( here being the rich man caricatured / ridiculed ) about his wish that someone had to come back from the dead to warn Israel against falling into perdition : " But he ( Lazarus ) said to him ( the rich man ) : if they hear not Moses and the prophets , then they (Israel ) can not be persuaded , though one rose from the dead. " Jesus used the fable or story to rebuke Israel's disobedience in relation to believe Moses and the prophets witness of Christ ! Therefore, it can not be used word for word , as if it were an encyclopedia of life - death - judgment - salvation - damnation . Where have all the Bible speak and must speak without that it would be brought in contradiction of stories that Jesus invented to promote a general truth.

You will see from my last article in this article collection, that the false doctrine that the Pharisees ran ia of eternal torment for those who did not believe their false doctrine comes from pagan cultures and not from the Jewish - and therefore not Moses and the prophets. The Pharisees used the threat of eternal torment in hell as a force to get people to submit to their evil doctrine, and so could suck money out of people totally unjustified ! The Pharisees understood that Jesus spoke of them - and eventually crucified Jesus. Jesus punctured all their evil false teaching both life and death , so it gjøv for! With the rich man and Lazarus , Jesus turns the Pharisees in the face ... with their own lies and stupidity ! We believe in perdition , ie the wages of sin is death . The Bible explains many places death as a dreamless sleep. We reject the idea that God will torment his creatures in times without end , making God a torturer Fawlty Towers . It is God's enemy , the devil , who is responslble of suffering . God is not through eternity retain something of the devil contributions in existence. We believe that sin and people who will not let his salvation , being destroyed on Judgment Day . Hardly any other doctrine than that of purgatory and the wicked eternal punishments , has created several gudsfornektere , and more despair. We stand for a positive and bright view of God . He wants a voluntary and happy people , and not people to be frightened or threatened into heaven. God's actions are not arbitrary and ruthless . He delivers with love and not by force or coercion.

What will happen to Satan , the Antichrist , the False Prophet , the fallen angels , demons , all the wicked and unbelieving ? They will be destroyed and annihilated. Annihilate : verb trans . wipe [' ʉ ː tʃletə ] destroy, remove completely .

Lake of Fire

This will meet all lost in the end , God the Father as a consuming fire ! Hell, they uomvente burn up in the lake of fire and is quickly destroyed . ... can destroy both soul and body in hell ! (Matthew 10:28 ) Jesus says that both soul and body be destroyed in hell. Jesus does not say that they should suffer for all eternity , but will be destroyed . How much is the back of a human being when both soul and body is destroyed? The Greek word for " destroy " here apolesai "which means" destroyer " " destroy , "" perish. " Soul is therefore not immortal, but perish and be destroyed .

When it comes to destruction so I get a few things not to vote with the God that I have learned and know . If we include the Old Testament as the sum of hell maybe a little different than we think ? For one thing, rather I more and more to what Adventists believe , that the unsaved eventually die again after death ! I mean , that through hell and judgment , the unsaved will be destroyed . Forexample : if hell had been forever those who died unsaved , it would have been absolutely impossible and bring children into the world! It had been a gamble unparalleled in history! If the majority of humanity is on the way to destruction where there is eternal torment , then it is much better not to be born ! When we owe well among many others, including abortion doctors , an excuse ! They have for years now been removed fetuses that are going to hell . When fetuses are being put to death so early, classifies the not to eternal life with fire and brimstone ! Remember that there are only a few who converted to Christ !

As you know, the wand , it's not all men , even of Christian parents , who are being saved . The chance that a person comes to faith is well approx . 10 percent in Norway . In most countries the percentage is even less. Should people then take the chance to give life to their children, if the chance was 90 percent or more , that they should ever end up in hell with the devil and his demons ? No, I think not! There is not a single place in the Bible, that it is dangerous, and bring children into the world. On the contrary , it says that God wanted the children would be as numerous as the stars of heaven ... No one in the Old Testament and in the New Testament warns against putting children into the world . Jesus did not, nor the apostles. Another issue is whether Noa ! God destroyed ca . 2 million people in the flood, but He saved eight pieces. It resulted in continued sin on earth , and if we want to figure out how many people will go to hell because of this , past, present and future , it will be enough number of approx. 15 BILLION people or more . Can you imagine such an amount in hell ? I certainly do not think that God would allow that this large number would be tormented for all eternity. Here it must be wrong with the translation from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures , and that's it! There you can read in front of this piece. Anyway , it's Jesus we must repent and believe in , even if hell exists or not and if you want to enter heaven , then we come in there, although we do not believe in an eternal hell ! BUT THANKFULLY TO TELL GOD'S WORD In the text because the unsaved to be destroyed , and that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT , SO HER GET BOTH PARTY 'S CHOICE MET !

Eternal torment , eternal death

The notion of an eternally burning hell where lost human souls writhing in pain and torture through all eternity has created both anguish and problems for many Christians. It should not be ignored that some passages - or rather translations - apparently supports this view. It is difficult to reconcile such an interpretation with biblical depiction of a just and merciful God who judges people by their deeds. Let us examine the problematic bibelversene.Helvete . Painting by Hieronymus Bosch Hell. Painting by Hieronymus Bosch "Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me , ye cursed , into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. . . . And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into eternal life " (Mt 25,41.46 ) . The Greek text ( Textus Receptus ) says : " Then he will say also unto them on the left hand : Depart from me , the cursed , to the eternal fire , prepared for the devil and his angels. . . . They shall go away to punishment these forever, but the righteous into life eternal . " " The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever . They have no rest day nor night , who worship the beast and his image , and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name "(Revelation 14,11 ) . Basic Text: "And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and forever , and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image ." "But you who suffer tribulation , he will give rest with us . This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. He comes in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God and those who do not obey our Lord Jesus Christ . The punishment they will suffer will be eternal destruction away from the Lord and from the glory of his power "(2 Thessalonians 1.7 to 9 ) . Basic Text: "And to you who are aspiring betrengt , rest with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with the angels of his power in flaming fire , giving punishment to those who knowingly God , and to those who do not obey the gospel of the Lord our Jesus Christ , the punishment will suffer destruction ( destruction ) forever , away from the face of the Lord and from the glory of his power . " Let's go to these verses in detail .

"Eternal "

The first thing to note is that both Matthew 25 , Revelation . 14 and 2 Thessalonians 1 uses the Greek word " aion " (in different grammatical inflections ) of " forever." This means "long ", " forever ", " something that never ends ," but also " time-span ", " life ", " generation ". The phrase " aion " is therefore used both for a limited time and for an unlimited period , " eternity ". The word is thus not about unconditional "eternal " in the sense of something that never ends . In Revelation . 14,11 used the phrase Aion aionon ( forever and forever ) , and in Revelation . 20,10 used Aion ton aionon ( eternities eternity of ) proper to emphasize that the punishment is eternal. It can not be undone in the eternity of eternities .


It is not really the word "eternal " that creates problems. It is the word " torment" that causes agony . Let us examine this expression . Matt . 25 , 41.46 - " Eternal fire. . . eternal torment . " In the original Greek text reads as follows: " the eternal fire " (v. 41 ) and "they shall go away to punishment these forever" ( v. 46). In the Norwegian Bible says "eternal torment" in v. 46, but in the Greek text reads " kolasis ," which means " punishment ," " torture ." The word may thus mean " torture ," but can also mean " punishment" . Which option best matches the image of a just and merciful God? God tortures people? Revelation . 14.11 : " The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever ." Basic Text , " the smoke of their torment their ". It uses the Greek word " basanismu " for " torment" . It means " torture ", " torment ", " nuisance ", and according to Greek dictionary it says in Revelation . 14,11 in the sense of " eternal damnation ". 2 Thess. 1.7-9 " eternal damnation ." Greek : " The punishment will suffer a downfall forever." The word " punishment " is " dike ", which means " right ," " justice ," " judgment ," " the exercise of a judicial decision ." The word " destruction " is " olethron ," which means " destruction ", " destruction ", " doom ". 2 Thess. 1.7 to 9 is the key to these problematic verses in the Bible: " The punishment they will suffer being eternal damnation . " Paul says here that the wicked will suffer eternal destruction , destruction , destruction - that the punishment they suffer an eternal damnation eternal death and destruction , not eternal torture. The sound reasonable , and practice non-violence in God's character. It is in this light that we must understand the other verses. It is simple to interpret it difficult . In Matthew 25:46 , it says "eternal torment" , also means " eternal punishment ". This meaning is also consistent with Paul. In Revelation . 14.11 says. " The smoke of their torment ." Here , the word meaning " eternal damnation ", which is also consistent with Paul. « Consumed » Let's look at Revelation 20.9 of the wicked : "And they went up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city . But fire came down from heaven and devoured them . " Word" devoured "is in Greek " katephagen , "which means" swallow "," consume ". The wicked are simply consumed, destroyed in a fire that destroy both soul and body , as Jesus says . They lost in the eternal torment. Detail from Michelangelo's decoration of the Sistine Chapel in VatikanetDe lost in eternal torment. Detail from Michelangelo's decoration of the Sistine Chapel in VatikanetOg Revelation 20.10 : " And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone , where the beast and the false prophet . And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever . " Basic Text: " And the devil that seducing them was cast into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and lying prophet . And they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever the eternities . " It says that the devil will be tormented day and night forever and ever . Let's also look at Ezekiel 28,14.18.19 the devil / Satan / Lucifer , and what happens to him in the end : " Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth , and I put you on the holy mountain . Thou hast walked among the stones of fire . . . . Upon thy iniquities , by your unjust trade, you profaned your sanctuaries. Therefore will I bring forth a fire from thee, it shall devour thee . I bring thee to ashes upon the earth in all their eyes that see you. . . All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee . A terror , and you're gone - forever. " It says the Ezekiel plainly that Satan be consumed and turned into ashes. He will be destroyed and disappear , " disappear" forever. The Hebrew word used here for " eat " is " Akal " which means " burning up ", " consume ". As we saw in Matthew 25:41 , they lost people go away " . . . the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. " Since the devil is being consumed and turned into ashes , it is reasonable that the lost going to the same fire, suffering the same fate. They are also consumed and reduced to ash . There is a total destruction, and as we shall see , is also the soul destroyed in this fire . It is neither root nor branch left, says the prophet Malachi : "For behold , the day cometh ! It burns like a furnace . When all the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble , and the day that cometh shall burn them up , saith the Lord of hosts , that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. . . . And you shall tread down the wicked . They shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day when I act, says the Lord of hosts " (Malachi 4,1.3 ) . The wicked will burn up , says Malachi , and there is no root or branch back , ie nothing. They turn into ashes, he says . They will be destroyed.

Sodom / Gomorrah

" Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven. He overthrew those cities and all the plain , all the inhabitants of the cities, and everything that grew on the ground . . . . Early morning Abraham went to the place where he had stood before the LORD , and he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land , and, behold, the smoke rising from the land , like smoke from a furnace. How it came to pass , when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow , when he overthrew the cities in which Lot dwelt in "( Gen. 1 19,24.25,27-29 ) . " . . . Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around, like in the same way as these fornication, and going after strange flesh , and now is an example of our eyes and suffer the punishment of eternal fire " (Jude 7). Basic Text " . . . filed as an example , ilds eternal punishment sufferer . " Here , the word " dike " for " punishment " and means as before mentioned , " right ," " justice ," " judgment ," " the exercise of a judicial decision. " Ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were completely destroyed by fire, an " eternal fire , " says Jude . Again, the Greek word " aionu " ( the root word " aion ") used. What do as the apostle of this expression ? Sodom flames has long since gone out, and the areas where these towns lay, now lies on the shores of the Dead Sea, or under water. It can not be about "eternal fire" in the sense that it burns forever. But as we have seen, also the word " aion " means a " limited time ". Because the flame is extinguished long ago , is it logical enough to interpret the word in this sense ? The "eternal fire" burns as long as there is nothing to burn . When everything is turned into ash, extinguish the fire.


Jesus "the second death ": " Fear not them which kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell "(Matthew 10.28 ) . Here Jesus says that both soul and body be destroyed in hell. Jesus does not say that they should suffer for all eternity , but will be destroyed . How much is the back of a human being when both soul and body is destroyed? The Greek word for " destroy " is here " apolesai ," which means " destroy " " destroy ," " perish. " Soul is therefore not immortal, but can perish and be destroyed .

Is God a mega - torturer ?

None of us would well serve a God who allows lost people agonize in pain forever for the sins they have committed in a short life here on earth. A man who has lived for 70 years here on earth , in other words tormented anguish and pain in billions of billions and billions of years - forever in eternal hellfire ? How has God's grace , mercy , compassion , justice and love all the way? Is this some joy for the families that have been saved? Will those who believe in eternal torment answer what kind of God we are dealing with ? Imagine if you were on the new earth , while your beloved children , or friends, family, etc. were gone lost. Would there be any joy for you to know that God tortured , tormented and tortured loved ones in hell for all eternity ? Of course not ! Perhaps you after hearing the desperate cries of their thousands of years , begged God to let them drop . And God would then reply that he obviously would not let them escape , but that they would lie there in pain through all eternity ? What kind of picture is this Bible God so loved the world that he gave his own Son nailed to a cross like a criminal that you and I might be saved ? There are many people who have renounced God and would not have anything to do with him because of this dreadful heresy . Their logic and common sense told them the image of God, the eternal torment popular preachers served , did not fit properly, so they bade farewell to such a God . But our God is not so. He is not a mega - torturer bothering and torturing people through eternity of eternities . Do you think this sound reasonable ? Fortunately this is not the God of the Bible portrays . He is full of compassion for his creatures . How could he give his only begotten Son to save people from sin and damnation , but the torment and torture lost people through all eternity ? God is just. It is then explicitly in the Bible that all may be judged and punished according to their works . Is it a just God that plagues and torments people for eternity for what they 've done in a short life ? Do you think this is an accurate picture of the compassionate Jesus who gave his life for you and me ? Of course not .

God's love

Is God's love more than human love? Or is his love greater than the love of God ? The answer is simple enough : God's love is the greatest of all, it transcends every sense and every description. Just read John 3:16 . Now let me ask a question. If a man had a child who died without having accepted Jesus , parents would have troubled and tormented this dear child forever ? The desperate screams , the pain , suffering through all eternity, without delay - would you give your child such a fate ? And here you answer No, no, how can you believe such a thing ? But then the love of parents for their children greater than God's love for mankind ! The parents would not do that to their loved ones, but the God whose love for his creatures surpasses all understanding , would thus make it ? Is there something amiss here? The Bible portrays not our Heavenly Father as a supertorturist , but rather as a merciful and just God , full of mercy and compassion for his creatures . Will the righteous judge a child who has stolen 50 cents to death or to life imprisonment ? Another thing : If the wicked are in hell fire and be tormented forever , so they have the conscious existence ! They feel pain and despair. Then they have the eternal life! A miserable life is enough , yet forever! Is this what the Bible teaches ?

The wages of sin

The horrible doctrine of eternal torment is attributable to a single Bible verse : "But the wages of sin is death " (Romans 6:23 ) . Basic Text: "For the wages of sin (s ) death ." Can you see what the wages of sin is for the wicked? death - eternal death , not eternal " torment" and "everlasting life" in despair.

But then some will argue : It is true that the wages of sin is death, but it's resurrection from the dead on the Day of Judgment , and then all get their reward - either eternal life or eternal torment. But this has been answered in the above analysis makes it clear that the wicked reward is eternal destruction of both body and soul , that eternal death . This is the ultimate consequence of sin .


Let me summarize it this way:

1 There are few places in the Bible that the wicked are " tormented " forever.

2 But Paul in 2 Thessalonians . 1.7 to 9 gives the right picture the other verses should be interpreted according to. The wicked suffer eternal damnation , he said. The word " torment" can also mean " punishment" THE CASE Greek original text. The punishment is eternal damnation , he said. This is very important to understand.

3 The punishment is eternal, says Paul. But both body and soul is annihilated , destroyed , perish , says Jesus. Revelation . 20 says that Satan will be cast into the lake of fire and will be " tormented day and night forever and ever ." But Ezekiel says that Satan will be destroyed and turned into ashes.

4 Thus, it appears that the there are contradictions in the Bible. but it is not. We should however interpret the difficult passages from the simple , and Paul makes it all clear. It is punishment , ie hell is eternal , not the physical suffering. Hell is eternal in the sense that both body and soul to the wicked who perish , is destroyed , and there's no more forever. The doctrine of eternal torment is completely out of harmony with the picture the Bible gives of God , and then is not what the Scripture says , when you go verses in detail , and it must be done in such difficult things. It is strange that parts of Christendom are doing such a terrible heresy and misrepresented God in this way !

5 The wages of sin of the wicked is death and not eternal life in torment and pain of hell fire . "For the Lord is compassionate and merciful " (James 5.11 ) . "The Lord is merciful and gracious , longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy " ( Ps. 103.8 ) . "For I have no pleasure in someone to die , saith the Lord God . So repent ye , and ye shall live " (Ezekiel 18.32 . ) The Christian God is not an eternal torturer , but a just and merciful God.

Not few of those struggling with mental health problems, have ended up in such a deplorable condition , because of the doctrine of eternal fiery torment place . The idea of ​​a God who demonstrates such strong psychopathic traits , he simply takes pleasure in inflicting those he claims to love, maximum pain and suffering is an insane idea . But then indeed this doctrine a pagan foreign element in the Christian faith , and probably needs to be given much credit for atheism progress and for the unprecedented growth Humanist Association can enjoy. Being able to prove this doctrine unbiblical nature, would be a good deal for Norwegian psychiatry.

Sometimes we are accused of not believing in hell . The claim comes often from fellow Christians who have come to believe that the wicked will ultimately remain conscious for eternity , while the pines. We absolutely believe in damnation , but can not find the Bible's teachings are coherent with the Catholic purgatory dogma , which is the source of Protestant congregations learn about a God who forever will torment people.

We dare not build faith and learning at random translations , which have chosen interpretations that are consistent with pagan, Catholic traditions , but prefer to consult the original text. The word " torment " for several Norwegian translations, comes from the Greek " Kolasin . " True enough , this word is used to describe pain, but the expression primary meaning is " punishment" or " corrigible consequence inflicted on others. " With two possible interpretations , it seems that we must obtain information from other biblical texts , we will be sure to find the right understanding. The Bible teaches that the wicked will be destroyed . This means that they no longer exist. " The day that cometh shall burn them up .. Not a root or a branch will be left , " Mal. 4:1. The wicked will be " consumed, " Sal. 9:10 p.m. . Heb . 10:27 . Revelation . 20:9 , " extinct " Sal. 145:20 , and they will " perish and disappear , " Isa. 41:11.12 .

Other scriptures teach that the lost will become ashes, and that the dead neither know something, think, feel or perform deeds. The following is a picture of a complete annihilation of those who were being saved . The result of this annihilation or destruction, is arguably forever and no one will get another opportunity . Yes, we absolutely believe in an eternal damnation , but argues therefore that it means an everlasting impact punishment by being obliterated / destroyed , and not eternal torment in the conscious state .

Eternal fire

The word "hell " comes from the garbage dump " gehenna " outside Jerusalem , where the fire burned forever ( all the time) , at least as long as there was nothing to burn. But when everything that could burn was gone , extinguished the fire. Then it was in ashes . Note the following Bible text . Jude , verse 7 says that Sodom and Gomorrah , "is given as an example , suffering the punishment of eternal fire . " The fire lasted as long as it was something to burn , but the consequence of annihilation was eternal . Where these cities once were , are now just ashes. At the same time we are told that what happened to these cities , will be an example of the fate of the wicked shall meet . And then we can deduce that the wicked , just as the citizens of the two cities will burn and turn into ashes, and that the complete destruction is perpetual . Then the consequences are eternal , not fire.

The term " quenched " as used in Matt . 3:12 and Luke . 3:17 (including translation in 1930 ) , says , therefore, that no one could extinguish the fire, it was unquenchable ) , before it had done what it was intended , namely, to burn everything to ashes. Jeremiah tells us that God would light a fire in the gates of Jerusalem that could not be extinguished . The prophecy was fulfilled when the city was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. The fire burned so long as there was nothing to burn. When we see how the Greek word " aionios " ( infinity ) , is used in connection with the fire at the end of the world , we see that it is the fire everlasting devastating effect , not its duration is emphasized.

A parable

It is argued by some that the story of Lazarus nourishes the idea that destruction represents torment. This story is a parable , which means that it is a fictitious and false history, which intends to communicate a principle . About parable of detail should be construed as real , we would be left with an absurd theology , which was not coherent with the rest of the Bible. The Parable of Lazarus based on elements of contemporary folklore , and intends to show that our choice for eternity must be taken while we live . Afterwards it is too late. Jesus used frequently by both proverbs and oral stories when he was in parables was to help his listeners to make a spiritual principle . The idea that a man has an immortal soul , came into Hebrew thinking, from pagan philosophies , in the medium Testament period, but has no roots in the Old Testament Scriptures. If other parables and illustrations of the Bible should be assumed to convey doctrines or standalone objective truth points , we should have problems with Jesus as both a bread and a lamb , that heaven is a coin that God's children are salt, that God's Word is the grain . It is not necessary to do biblical parables and symbols to real events to satisfy the Catholic dogma of purgatory .

The idea that a God so loved the world that He gave everything , should find pleasure in tormenting those he loves - forever - is devilish , absurd and totally illogical .

If I were to believe that God takes pleasure in torment forever , the people he loved so much that He gave His life to save them , I would be forced to reconsider all biblical statements about God's love. If a man, when he will be featured in a better way than that. If I nonetheless believe that God is so, would the sky and Christianity soon lose much of its attraction for me. Then I would probably fill my mind with all its conceivable reasons why it probably was not a God after all.

But this escape method does not work, it is not inconceivable that I would seek to be a Christian of sheer panic fear of being tormented for eternity . All of us have experienced burn us and know how painful it is. The idea that the body will burn forever , while all painful experiences are intact, could make anyone crazy . With this faith , I'd probably visited Christian communities and listened to preachers who told me that salvation , which will then make sure I avoid talked cruel fate, is simple and easy to achieve. It is probably the reason why congregations with an easy , superficial and unbiblical salvation preaching , often attracts people who believe in and are afraid of eternal torment. The total unbiblical " once saved, always saved" doctrine is usually taught in such Christian communities , since many people's main motivation for being Christians, precisely the fear of hell.

But if this biblical understanding is recognized as paganism , I am suddenly set free to love and appreciate God, not from fear of pines , but of admiration for his character . When he comes across not as a malicious psychopath , who takes pleasure in tormenting others and themselves lack the capacity for empathy , but as a loving father who will not force or manipulate someone. Yes, he respects and even those who say no to his offer . All sin must and must be eradicated . No one who has not been possible separation from sin and therefore like it, can survive in the presence of God and find joy in living on the new earth, when all sin is gone. Therefore, he allows those who choose not to be saved, be as though they had never lived .

Can you come up with a better plan , when you include and respect the biblical terms? Then you have to in fact relate to the following four factors:

1 That God is love.

2 That man has a free will .

3 That sin is a foreign element that must be removed from the universe before the justice , balance , happiness and peace can be restored.

4 And that sin and righteousness can not coexist .

In Malachi 4 reads: " Behold, days come, he burnt as a omn.Alle sassy and all that makes the wrong shall be as stubble , the day that comes shall burn them up , says the Lord Almighty . Neither root nor branch will again. "

Judas, the brother of Jesus , says: "Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around, in like manner, fornication, and going after strange flesh , and now is an example of our eyes and suffer the punishment of eternal fire . " (Jude .1,6-7 ) If you go down to the Sodom and Gomorrah in the day - stand these cities and burning today ? If so, we'd know it. Then this place would have been a tourist attraction of the store. Peter confirms 2.Pet.2 , 6: "And He cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example of the ungodly . " This is consistent with Paul's words : " Sin wages is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. "( Rom.6 , 23)

God is love. Is not that a comforting thought ?

Aionios - Eternal or not ? When eternal damnation is not in accordance with the image of God , how are we to understand what Jesus meant by " eternal punishment "? Could it be that there were other things in words than what we now immediately put in them ? Has 2000 years of history filled words with different content than what was originally thought ? If so, what does Aion or aionios ? " Infinity " outdated? We have all read in the Bible about "eternal punishment " eternal salvation , " eternal life ", " eternal fire ," " everlasting gospel ," " eternal redemption " etc. But how many of us really know the meaning of the Greek words aion and aionios who keep popping up in our NT and which in many cases translates to the word forever. The Greek noun " aion " means literally " age ", " generation ", " era ", " period", " long " and can also mean "eternal ." In most cases, this will indicate an indefinite period of time . Hebrews 1:2 tells us that God through Christ created " Aion " ( pl. worlds , selves ) , and Paul says that there was an existence "before aionion ( pl. -time ) beginning " and that to us , " is the last aionon ( pl. ages , times ) come "( 1 Corinthians 2:7 , 10:11 ) . If aion is both created and has a beginning and an end , so it is even clearly not talking about something eternal . Or what ?

Aion understood as a period of longer or shorter duration. It often has a beginning and an end , thus a limited time. A man's life span was Aristotle cycle . understood as an aion ( aeon - age ) . But aionkan also express any period or epoch. The word has no mechanical or meaning.

Aion does therefore not determined period of a given length of time in all cases. There are as many aion as events - one for a man's life, - one for the life of the nation - one of the tree's life - one of the temple's time , etc. The subject that aion is linked to will thus be decisive for how to understand the duration. If God is as subject , or accruing to him (eg . Zoe - life of God ), so the term can be understood as eternal , as we understand it without beginning and end. The adjective aionios carry the same in a limited understanding of time , and can not be understood as infinity or eternity . Aionios means " to last through " or " that which relates to a period of time ." The noun and adjective are mainly used to describe a limited epoch. Bishop St. Gregory of Nyssa said : " Aeon indicates temporality , which occurs in the future. " Both Aristotle and Plato also used this adjective in temporary understanding.

Limited time penalty?

If the Greek word aion has been wrongly translated "eternal " instead of " long time " " period" or " age ", what does not it mean for our understanding of "eternal punishment "? In my view it will have enormous implications for our traditional and Augustiańska perception of an eternal hell. If Jesus really wanted to emphasize the idea of ​​eternal punishment , he would be able to use other Greek words with more power than " aionios ."

Aion and aionos in NT

I have translated the Greek word aion with the Norwegian word eternal in the following passages . Does this make sense ? "What is the sign of your coming and of eternity (the world ) end ? " Matt 24:3 , "And behold , I am with you alway, even unto eternity (the world ) to " Matt 28:20 . "This eternity her (the world ) children" Luke 8:34 p.m. . "As long as eternity ( the world) has passed " John 9:32 . "Has not God shown to eternity (the world ) wisdom is foolishness ? " 1 Corinthians 1:20 "It is not the wisdom of this eternity ( the world) and this eternity (the world ) rulers , those who are perishing ... . it was hidden, but before eternity ( all-time ) beginning , God had determined it to bring us to glory " 2 Corinthians 2:6-8 . See also 1 Corinthians 3:18 , 10:11 , 2 Cor 4:4 , Gal 1:4 , Eph 1:21 , 2:2,7 , 3:9 , Colossians 1:26 , 2 Tim 4:10 ; File 1:15 , Hebrews 6:5 , 9:26 and 11:3 .

How can we say, "" before eternity "or" eternity begins "? Infinity as we understand it has no beginning or end (John 9:32 ; Acts 3:21 , 1 Corinthians 2:7 and Ephesians 3:9 ) . And what about " the eternity " and "the eternity to come ," and " end of eternity ? " Eternity stretches out over time. Only God is eternal. See Matt 24:3 , 28:20 , 1 Corinthians 10:11 , 2 Tim 4:10 and Hebrews 6:5 , 9:26 . Should be Onesimus Philemon's slave forever ? Is he still Philemon's slave ? (Phil. 1:15). Can we talk about "this forever ," " it there forever ," or " forever " in the plural ? Is there only one eternity ? (Luke 16:8 , 20:34-35 , Romans 12:2 , 1 Corinthians 1:20 , 2:6-8 , 3:18 , 10:11 , 2 Cor 4:4 , Gal 1:4 , Eph 1 21 ; 2:2,7 , Colossians 1:26 , Hebrews 11:3 . )

Aion and aionios in LXX

Septuagint ( LXX ) is the Greek translation of the Old Testament. The noun aion occurs in about 400 times in all possible combinations. The adjective aionios is derived from Aion, and used over 100 times in the LXX . It is the Hebrew word Olam which translates into Aion and aionios in the LXX . When we see how Olam used in GT so we understand that it is not about infinity. " Earth bars was about me for ever ( olam )» Jon 2:6 . But Jonah was in the belly of more than three days. If the slave states in 2 Gen. 21:6 , " he shall be his slave forever ( olam ) ", but we know you only the slave life . "I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name shall be there forever ( olam ) " 2 Chronicles 7:16 , 1 Kings 8:13 ; 9:3 . But it was only until it was destroyed 400 years later. For further study see: 5 Gen. 23:3 ; Hab 3:6 ; 3 Gen. 24:8 - Hebrews 8:7-13 ; 2 Kings 5:27 . This is just a small excerpt . A whole series of passages show that olam can not be translated "eternal " or " forever" in the sense of infinity.

He be glory forever and ever " God put all the disobedience to have mercy on all . Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God, how unsearchable are his judgments, and how unfathomable His ways ! Who knew the Lord's mind , or who was his counselor ? Who gave him something first , so he should get compensation ? From him and through him and to him are all things . whom be glory for ever , Amen . " Rooms 11:32-36

As we become more familiar with the Bible and church communities around us , so it is easy to see that the Bible is interpreted in different ways. The only thing that ALL Christians agree on is whether Jesus ' death and resurrection for the sins of mankind . And that's the main thing . But when it comes to all other biblical answer is there are different opinions , but we need enough to live with. But it forces itself forward, that everyone should have the opportunity to read the Bible because the language, ie , Hebrew and Greek. Now it is the few people who can these two languages ​​, but some may them. On the web we get a good overview of what various translators tells us about the major differences in our Bibles. The most crucial difference from the Catholic faith , is about destruction . It was pretty groundbreaking for me , when I read the correct translations and interpretations of this topic . On Evangeliekirkens website you can find Bible verses and interpretations of the various topics.

Are you satisfied regarding the eternal destiny of your children, parents, brothers , sisters , grandfather , grandmother, aunts , uncles , cousins ​​and friends? Seeing exuberant joy in your " personal " salvation while simultaneously are unsure if any of your close maybe going to suffer in forever ? How is it possible? You see, we Christians have a problem, a very serious problem. The problem lies in our belief that hell is "eternal " and that most of mankind ends up there. Far inside we know that something is not right, but we suppress our questions and doubts because we " think " the Bible teaches it. Imagine what kind of inner conflict , the kind of conflict that rages on inside! It is useless to find satisfactory answers to the problems it creates . For example:  How can an omnipotent , omniscient and all- loving God create billions of people knowing that most will to be tormented in hell forever ?  Why does our free will to condemn ourselves to be " absolute , " ie, greater than God's " free will " to save us - His property ?  How can Adams 's ability to condemn us will be greater than Christ to save us ? Please, do not agree in advance memorized answers to these critical questions. Jesus commands us to judge ourselves what is right (Luke 12:57 ) . What 's right with a punishment that never ends ? How has this teaching affected the prevalence of the " Good News " - the Gospel ? Think about it , an " eternal "hell ... & amp ; lt; / div > Please read 1 Corinthians 15:22-28 ]  For as in Adam all die , so shall all be made alive in Christ. ( 1 Corinthians 15:23-24 ) .  But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits , then to life those who are Christ's at his coming . so cometh the end , when ... (1 Corinthians 15:23-24 ) . When what ? " When all [ things ] have become subordinate to Him ... that God may be all in all "( 1 Cor 3:28 p.m. ) . Notice the four critical time references used herein , " first fruits , " " then , " " so ... when. " These time the terms appear to relate to three separate time periods ( departments ) and three categories of people . Christ is the " firstfruits " .. Christ ............... 1 department " Then, " those who belong Christ at His coming ............. Featured ............. 2 department " So, " comes the end "when" ... all things have been subordinate to Him ................... Humanity ... 3 .... department For this is what we are struggling and reproach , because we trust in the living God , who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe -1. Tim 4:10 Attention , Attention!

The quote illustrates the problem that Bible translators face all the time - what the writer really thought of 2-3000 years ago, and how can meaning best translated into today's terminology ?

The English International Standard Version of 2012 says approximately this :

" Towards this goal we are working and struggling , Forvie we have set our hope on the living God, who is the Redeemer of mankind , that is, those who believe "

What is eternal according to the bible ?

In the Septuagint is the Greek word aion used to translate the Hebrew word olam . If we therefore wish to gain an understanding of the New Testament meaning of aion , we need to understand the meaning of olam in the Old Testament. Numerous passages that refer to olam show Clearly it can not mean " infinite . " Note these few :  Jonah was in the fish forever [ olam ] until he left it three days later (Jonah 2:1 , 2:6 )  Sodom punishment is everlasting [ olam ] fire until God brings them back to its previous state . (Ezekiel 16:53-55 , Jude 7).  No Moabite shall before 10 joints ' ever ' [ olam ] be in Lord's church. ( 5 Genesis 23:3 - complement with NKJV ) .  Mountains and hills are eternal [ olam ] until they lowered the soil ... incinerated up (1 Gen. 49:26 ; 5 Gen. 33:15 , Isaiah 40:4 , 2 Peter 3:10 ) .  Mountain is everlasting [ olam ] until they shattered ( Hab 3:6 ) .  A slave to serve their lord ' forever ' [ olam ] until death put an end to his bondage ( 2 Mos 21:6 ) .

 The Mosaic covenant is forever until it disappears ( 3 Genesis 24:8 , Hebrews 8:7-13 ) .  Aaron's priesthood is everlasting [ olam ] until one stands out as a priest the order of Melchizedek ( Gen. 40:15 2 ; 4 Gen. 25:13 ; Hebrews 7:14-22 ) .  These " stones " will be a memory forever until ( Jos 4:7 ) ? Where are they now?  Naaman's leprosy will cling to the ' forever ' [ olam ] until His death , of course (2 Kings 5:27 ) .  God dwells in Solomon's temple to ' forever ' [ olam ] until it is destroyed (1 Kings 8:13 , 1 Kings 9:3 , 2 Chron 7:16 )  Animal sacrifices were to be implemented ( imposed ) for ' all time ' [ olam ] until abolished by the work of Christ ( 2 Chron 2:4 , Hebrews 7:11 - 10:18 ) .  Circumcision was an everlasting [ olam ] covenant until the new covenant ( Gen. 1 17:9-13 , 1 Cor 7:19 , Gal 5:6 ) .  Dom of Israel endures for ' eternal ' [ olam ] Until the spirit be poured out and God restores it ( Isa. 32:13-15 ) .  I 'll make you a perpetual [ olam ] glory until many generations (Isaiah 60:15 - complement with NKJV )

New Testament

When we move ignore the Greek Old Testament , consider the New Testament use of aion . Provides "eternal " in any sense the following paragraphs ?  What will be the sign on ... and on [ infinity ] end ( Matt. 24:3 ) ?  I am with you ... until [ infinity ] end ( Matt 28:20 ) . For this  [ infinity ] children are wiser (Luke 16:8 ) . This  [ infinity ] children marry (Luke 8:34 p.m. ) . Ever since  [ infinity ] beginning (John 9:32 , Acts 3:21 ) .  Do not be formed like this [ infinity ] (Rom 12:2 ) .  secret that has been kept hidden from [ infinity ] times, but now has been revealed (Rom 16:25-26 ) .  Where is a researcher in this [ infinity ] (1 Corinthians 1:20 ) ?  Not a wisdom of this [ eternity ] or this [ eternity ] rulers ... God before [ eternities ] beginning decided ... that none of rulers of this [ eternity ] ... ( 1 Corinthians 2:6-8 ) .  Show this [ infinity ] (1 Corinthians 3:18 ) .  As the last [ ages ] are come ( 1 Cor 10:11 ) .  have had their minds blinded by this [ eternity ] God (2 Corinthians 4:4 ) .  Deliver us from this present evil [ infinity ] ( Gal 1:4 ) .  Not only in this [ infinity ] , but also in the future ( Eph. 1:21 ) .  Those of you once walked in , by [ eternity ] in this world ( Ephesians 2:2 ) .  In the coming [ forever ] ( Eph. 2:7 ) .

The first text is easier to explain than Paul's heavy theology. As we read , Jesus said, "Today you shall take measures be with me in Paradise . " Straighten it says where and when would the robber on his right hand be with Him to Paradise . Jesus Went straight to paradise , to God the Father in heaven when He died ? In Joh.20 , 17 He said to Mary , "I am not yet ascended to the Father. " It was two days after His crucifixion.

When Luk.23 , 43 was written , there was something called " comma " and " period" , etc. It came first 1,400 years after Luke wrote this ! The robber could not very well have been with Jesus to Paradise the same day when he had gone there even once. Do you put a colon after "today" , you will get a completely different and more correct result , "Jesus said to him, " Truly , I say to you today , Thou shalt be with Me in Paradise. "

Collection of articles about life after death - salvation or damnation .

Writers : E.W.Bullinger , Paul Griffitts and Jan Lilleby . -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Here is a collection of articles previously published on the website , but now united under one . Thus, readers who wish to have the most potential approaches to the same issue , now have this and not have to look at the website . Good luck with your studies . Tips like to others about this collection ! It represents approximately 30 pages in A4 format printed .

The false doctrine of automatic afterlife .


By Jan Lilleby

Oh would explain , in terms of a re-education on the subject , error indoctrinated Christians that there is no immediate automatic continuing life after death - is like trying to row across the Atlantic in a pram ! But I can not help but try. For here we need indeed to debris sharply !

I recently sent an email attached my translation of EWBullingers article on " The Rich Man and Lazarus " < / strong > - several of my connections . One of them responded , as I understand it - negative and commented ia that there was a likeness, but an actual story. He did not particularly convinced my assertion that Jesus used a fable form when he left the story of Lazarus in Abraham's bosom and the rich man who was tortured in hell . I answered my friend ia following: Jesus spoke this paradise with the thief on the cross just for that one person (I mention this in my postscript to the translation of the article ) . And I mean it would still hold - but anyway I will continue the argument to an extreme , but proper degree : Jesus did not sentence the thief as it has been shaped by the translators of numerous Bible versions !

We will look at a number of different constellations in this " e tter death " problem, and I chose to begin with Jesus' words to the thief on the cross , Luk.23 , 43:

" And he said unto him, Verily I say unto thee , To day shalt thou be with me in paradise ! " ( Norwegian Bible A / S 1988 left over. )

It is quite similar to the KJV Bible , with only the difference that the final colon is replaced with a comma . We still get the same erroneous phrase meaning : that Jesus claims that the thief would be with Jesus that day when they both died . This interpretation contradicts the whole GT in the same context and subject. In Greek overs . are not limited at all . The translators have placed colon / comma discretion and theological vision. For most people, so appears this passage almost like a small island in the biblical landscape, detached from the vast continent - which is the Bible holistic learning what is life and death. We retain the colon , or comma as shown in the cited translation " .. truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise ... " , so this proves that Jesus could contradict his own teachings ! We move the colon , or comma , after " Today," so we get the correct meaning: Jesus indicated to him on the day of death , he SINCE would be with Jesus in Paradise. Remember rob 's prayer : Come remember me when you come into your kingdom . And Jesus answered him straightforward and uncomplicated , Verily I say unto thee today , Thou shalt be with me in Paradise , when I come into my kingdom .

I am aware that the Jehovah's Witnesses pukker in such a translation detail. But these uses it to try to support his sect that Jesus is not physically resurrected from the dead. I use the same scripture to support that 1 Jesus is risen from the dead 2 Ergo he could to advance the robber promise that he would one day meet the risen Master in his Kingdom .

IF commas , colons , IF ANY, IS VIRGIN

I said that if the comma possibly colon are left untouched , uncorrected - then we have an odd contradiction in the New Testament , where Jesus "t hile with two tongues ." It is as follows : Matt.12 , 40: " For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly , so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth . " This was clearly met when he died and was buried in the rich Joseph's tomb , and he arose on the third day . After the resurrection Jesus forbade Mary to touch him ( touch Jesus) ".. for I am not yet ascended to my Father . " Joh.20 , 17 Implied : He was not in Paradise whatsoever in the three days . In 2.Kor.12 2-4 Paradis are mentioned as something that existed in the " third heaven " . Paradise can not move around the spheres , depending on the individual learning needs that arise with us ! Therefore, if Jesus was in the " heart of the earth three days and three nights " after his death , he was NOT IN PARADISE THE DAY HE DIED !

Had the translators first retrieved the line found in Hebrew from the Old Testament, and from there sought to translate into Greek, and then to the Norwegian or another language - there are chances that they could be translated correctly . But directly from the Greek can be a disaster if one does not understand the norms of biblical language is largely due in Hebrew ! We will look at.


In the Hebrew language (Note: Luke was in Greek) as found in the Old Testament , the terms " this day " and "today " is used on all occasions when it came to an issue of utmost importance for Israel. Here are some typical examples of 5.Mosebok :

5.Mos.4 , 39: " So will you now know and take it to heart .. " 5.Mos.4 , 40: " ... his commandments which I command you today . " 5.Mos.6 , 6: " And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart. "

Similarly, one finds the same form eg in 5.Mos.7 , 11 , 8, 11 , 8 , 19, etc. What happens with meaning reconstruction in the 5th Mos. 6, 6 if we manipulate with the comma ? If we put it before "today" - we get the sense that the commandments that God told Israel to hold, only to be held the day on which they were given . Thus: " And these words which I command thee , today shalt hide them in your heart. " The following day , it was not necessarily the case that they needed to comply with any bid which was granted.

This was a fasttømret Hebrew language engineering, and who had not been moved or changed in Jesus' time . Hebrew had the same traditions and application in Israel both at home and in the Diaspora . Even where they had a given national language ( cf the Apg.2ff and Pentecost ) - they had taken care of his Hebrew ancestry well . James, Peter , and Paul knew this well : They all sent letters addressed to the Hebrews , by Jacob called the twelve tribes abroad. Hebrews without their Hebrew language, would have been futile . Jesus spoke from this tradition and understanding both the disciples , not to mention the thief on the cross. Therefore, it is thus no contradiction between the Jonah story and the three days of the death, and Jesus' words to the thief on a future paradise !


Most people have a perception of what the term " soul " stands for. It can be used to infer an attitude, or to describe it to " spiritual " identity that is claimed to be in every human being. With today's language we may speak of " selling our soul " , or to " ransack the soul" , "having a soul " or to be " living soul" of a company. From the English we find " Soul Music" , if one likes this kind of music . We will look at what the soul is in accordance . Bible. What is the soul of ?

1.Mos.2 , 7 is no possibility of misunderstanding and outright :

" Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth , and blew the breath of life into his nostrils , and man became a living soul . " It is completely wrong that certain sects and charismatic communities learn : "Man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body ." The mighty barrier of 1 Mos. 2, 7 are insurmountable in this respect : man became a living soul , the God put breath in his body . Often called the breath of life ( cf the Revelation 11 , 11 and the two witnesses who wakes up from the dead ) . What we get is the following: The man IS a soul. The complete man called the Bible " a living soul " . It is through the body that was created from dust, and here we have the first man, Adam , it was full of what God put breath into his lungs ... the breath of life , and Adam could stand up and start to walk around and admire the magnificent garden. Technically seen , this Dust + Breath = Soul. First, a body made from the dust of the earth , so blowing air into his lungs ( breath ) = a living soul . No mysticism and Gnostic spirituality and bogey on the 1st Numbers 2!


Let's stop a bit by the dust that God formed Adam out of . " Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth . "

The human body was made ​​of dust, originally . Adam is derived from the Hebrew word adamah , meaning " earth " or " red land " ( ground / soil / land ) . Do you find it difficult to accept that man is composed of various earthly substances , and so we have become dust ( particles , etc. ) - then you may be quite surprised to find out that the same elements found in the human body that we find in the earth compounds. They can be present in different proportions, having different shapes and compositions , but it is the same basic elements of the human body 's earth material. Just take a look at the schedule below . You can find 16 identical items - pretty much, when we talk about the body !

1 Oxygen 65 % of body weight

2 Carbon 18% of body weight

3 Hydrogen 10 % of body weight

4 Nitrogen 3.3% of body weight

5 Calcium 1.5% of body weight

6 Phosphorus track of this body

7 Potassium track of this body

8 Sulfur trace of this body

9 Sodium trace of this body

10 Chlorine track of this body

11 Magnesium track of this body

12 Iron ( iodine ) track of this body

13 Manganese trace of this body

14 Silicon trace of this body

15 Copper traces thereof in the body

16 Zinc is a trace of this in the body

NB : Such substances in the body, are not necessarily the entire earth's surface , anywhere - but rather as a sum of what the earth is made ​​of. God looked at any rate that he used the substances "from the dust " that would be the best basis for the body, and that it could last for a considerable number of years . Think of the first people in Scripture : They lived over 900 years.

In the table above, we see that by a more detailed review , so says Scripture up against even the most rigorous scientific skepticism. 1 Mos. 2 is true and scientifically in one : People and dust of the earth , what comes to our physical bodies - is the same battle.

That man is dust , we find several places in the Bible. 1 Mos. 3 , 19 states : " .. for the ( earth ) you are taken . Dust you are and to dust you shall return. " In 1 Mos. 18, 27 Abraham recognizes the fact of God , he is just dust. Peter's words that man is like a blade of grass showing a short while, and the like , we remember from the Bible. Psalm 103 , 13-14 tells us that God looks at the man , pity on us and remembers ".. that we are dust ..".

God formed not a body , into which he would immediately put " d a real self - a " , the real person . Adam was a man, a human being, BEFORE he could breathe and move, while he " lay on the bench lathe " with God. He had brain but could not think , he had a tongue , but could not yet speak , etc. He was "dead" and lifeless - just a freshly rebuilt body was finished. Something was missing , Adam was not breathing . Life Spirit was not given to him by the Lord.


" And the Lord God ... blew the breath of life into his nostrils ..".

God literally breathed in air, oxygen , Adams nose ... and then ran the Lord started pulmonary system as expected. How cardiac mechanism got started, we do not know - but it's clear that God did this too! God knew very well to keep the rest of the body intact as compared to the brain and other organs, until the moment when the body was in operation. We must not fall for the temptation to compare this to being raised from the dead. For Adam could not be called death , before he was created . At this stage in the creation , Adam was in a completely separate status , without comparison against people since arrived . Consider also the fact that if you had seen Adam , then you would probably ( the Bible does not say this bluntly ) sets a man free navel . And so we'd know for sure that this was the first man . For everyone else, except Eva , was born through a mother and had to have the umbilical cord . Just a side thought. Michelangelo made ​​some mistakes when he painted his famous fresco painting of Adam with a navel ! Maybe he was hiding behind the famous concept Artistic freedom?

In the Old Testament there are two different Hebrew word for breath or spirit . One is Neshama , which is used in 1 Mos. 2, 7 and speaks of breath , and Ruah , which carries the concept of " moving air " and points to an invisible force , such as breathing , wind, etc. and is also sometimes used to indicate angels and other invisible spirits - both bad and good .

Here are some examples where the two words are used of the same - and in alternating , - where it is the same thought and idea expressed , but with two alternating phrases.

Job 27 , 3: ".. as long as my life's breath ( Neshama ) is in me , and the Almighty Breath ( Ruach ) in my nose .. "

Job 32, 8: " But there is a spirit ( Ruach ) and The Almighty giveth ( Neshama ) them understanding . "

Job 33, 4: "God's Spirit ( Ruach ) has created me , and the Almighty Breath ( nashama ) keeps me alive. "

There is nothing here that speaks of something other than that it is our breath, breathing , breath of life that makes us live .

In the New Testament there is only one expression that is used for this , the Greek word pneuma (eg in car rubber industry calls to pneumatic tires to be of the pneumatic tire . They are inflated with air , or other gases - such as helium balloons. has not to do with the spirit a la spirits , demons , angels, God , etc. It is completely physically dependent .

Note the following , in the case of Jesus and the ruler's daughter ( Luk.8 , 55) . When Jesus aroused her from the dead , we are told that " ... and her spirit ( pneuma ) returned . She stood up immediately , and Jesus told them to give her something to eat. " I have already referred above to Revelation 11 , 11 and the two dead prophets being raised up from the streets of Jerusalem. It says that the spirit ( pneuma ) of God came into them , and they stood up ... L Ikela we read Jas.2 26 that the body without the spirit ( pneuma ) , it is dead .

So the body is made ​​of dust , you breath or breath to live. It can technically look like , as we read earlier , that it was a form of "artificial respiration " God exerted on Adam when he made his living. There was oxygen around the Eden already, but it required another person's initiative to revive the body of Adam . The oxygen would not seep into his lungs themselves. From Pred.12 , 7 we find the opposite when he dies : The spirit returns to God who gave it. Not at all strange that all attempts to create artificial life in the laboratory have failed. This privilege is reserved for God , and him only .



Adam's lifeless body was combined with the breath of life into his nostrils the breath . As a result, he became something he had previously been a living SOUL . To illuminate it a bit, let's look at some everyday things .

Take for example a painter who mixes blue with yellow. The result is not blue and yellow , but an entirely new color : Green. The two original colors have been combined , in order to form together a whole new thing. This is equivalent to two parts hydrogen and mix with one part oxygen : You get water! A new substance is formed.

So it is with the soul . Two different "components " (dust and breath ) forms together a new thing , the soul , the living human being.

We've all heard the term "body and soul " . It is used in everyday language to point out the different parts of one's being. After discovering what the Bible says about these things, it is the expression rather quite misleading, or what ? It's like saying " and Akershus Norway " are two different places or "stuff" . While in reality there is one part of the other. Akershus is a piece of land , called the county , inland Norway . Maybe we should rather start saying "body and breath " instead of expressing the erroneous idea in our speech ?


As we have seen, the term " soul " in the Bible signifies the whole person , an inseparable unit. It is therefore , natural to understand that the soul can perform all sorts of physical things. The soul can eat (5th Mos.12 , 20) , and the soul can touch things ( 3.Mos.5 , 2); Midian souls were captured along with livestock and distributed among the Israelites ( 4.Mos.31 , 27 -28 ) , and so on . All souls / people in these examples are ordinary people .

One last thought. In Scripture , the phrase " my soul " , the same as saying " myself" . This is apparent when we read Psalm 103, 1 - where from Hebrew are two lines that express the same thought in it using different words: " My soul, bless the Lord , and all that is within me , bless his holy name . " " My soul " rhymes with "all that is within me ." There are one and the same: Man as here , God promises in Psalm . The soul is here the whole person . And not just part of a person. Looking at this now?

About now you can just grab it simple and true idea that the soul is not something we have but something we are - then you've come a long way in understanding a subject and a term that is most often treated with superstition and carelessness.


In the first part we looked at what the soul is, according to the Bible. Man is as such a living soul. Not a body with one mind and one spirit. What happens to the soul at death ? We also now based at 1 Mos. 2, 7 where we read how God made ​​man of the dust of the ground and blew the breath of life into his nostrils , and Adam became " a living soul " . From these words we see that man has a soul , but a soul. What a difference! In fantasy and fables world has a soul , but in reality - and thus God - the world ARE you a soul. Two different components (dust and breath , breath ) combine to form a whole new thing ( soul ) , the physical body becomes a living soul when the breath of life , power , blown into the way God made ​​at creation. Therefore, every living human soul . The traditional , and therefor Misconception of soul concept is that there is an invisible non- physical force that includes our personality and ability to think sensibly - our "v irkelige I " . This so-called " real self " is then thought to be immortal and live in our body until it is released in the moment of death . Most religions assume that it goes into either a heaven or a hell (or purgatory, as with the Catholics ) to await the course of events . It is strange to note that the common denominator in almost all religions are man's inherited ability to survive death. This idea is based on the mistaken idea that we have an " immortal soul " and that our " real self " can not be destroyed or disappear at death. In other words, there are many who believe that a certain part of a self that survives death , after the body must succumb to death claims.

This thought and idea is reinforced in society through fictional characters in various films with spiritual gurus , from the local kind psychiatrist Casper - the kind ghost . Just think of all the stories that are published in film and / or book form which remove dead relatives " speaks to us from the dead ." Literary classics are full of such scenes , such as Shakespeare 's " MacBeth ", " Wuthering Heights " and " A Christmas Carol " ( " A Christmas Story " ) , to name a few . This mindset is everywhere , but wherever it comes from , so it comes in any rate not from the Bible ! " Message " that comes to us through these things, is that regardless of your religious beliefs , then every human being a "life after death " . And that no matter what decisions we have taken in our earthly life, our soul continues to live in the new and supposed " heavenly " setting. But that said, the Bible teaches something entirely different.


Consider the following verses dealing with death :

".. before the dust returns to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. " Pred.12 , 7

" If only he would think of himself his spirit and his breath again , then all flesh would give up the ghost at once , and man shall turn again unto dust . " Job 34, 14-15 . " You hide your face, they are troubled . You pull back their breath , they die and return to dust. " Psalm 104, 29

The question of what death has been debated by doctors and scientists (and countless others) for centuries . The Bible has no detailed answers to each biological question or problem , but from the verses I have quoted above, we can state the following: Death is a return . ( Eng. : Death is a return ) .

The Bible tells us that man at death return to dust and the spirit returns to God who first gave it. When we bury or cremate our dead, broken body and becomes literally to dust and become so one with the earth as it once came from. This is one phase of death , that man's dead body turns to dust and return to what once was its starting point. Likewise , the breath of life given to Adam ( 1.Mos.2 , 7) and then to us, returns to God who gave it. Here are the breath of life separated from the body, and death occurs .

Consider what happens when a person dies , and you will see that the Bible speaks directly about this. When practicing first aid to an unconscious person, so the first thing you do to clear the airway of the person concerned. No matter how weak or strong your heart is - if they can not breath so they die. So, to put it simply : When a door , then turn your body back to the earth , their breath returns to God , and so ceases ( temporarily) the soul to exist. Physically , one is back to where it was before you were.

Remember , the soul is not something we have but something we are after the body has been given the breath of life .

Life and everything in it , ceases suddenly at death : "For in death there is no remembrance of you . Who Rates well up in hell ? " Psalm 6 , 6 " .. for there is no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom in the grave, whither thou goest. " Pred . 9, 10

"For Sheol you, promise you death . Not those who go down to the pit of your faithfulness. " Jes.38 , 18 For a further study in this aspect , you have also recommended these verses read : 1.Mos.6 , 3; Job 7, 21 , 10, 9 , 17, 16 , 20 , 11 , 21 , 25-26 ; Ps. 7, 5 , 30 , 9; Pred . 3 , 19-21 ; Isa. 26 , 19; Dan . 12 , 2nd


If there is one particular point that must be emphasized , above all else, this is it : Our future existence depends solely and entirely (! ) In the Lord , and not over our heads . We 're not going to live after death , unless he raises us from the dead.

A common misconception is that when a Christian dies, they go immediately into the Lord's company and will be there forever. But the Bible says that Christians (or any other ) is not going directly to heaven at the moment of death . Instead, as they die and remain dead until they are raised from the dead by the power of God .

In the scriptural sense , they are referred to as those who have fallen asleep , and so are waiting to be woken up from this sleep of death. " David slept with their fathers , and was buried in the city of David . For David is not yet ascended to heaven. " (1 Kings . 2, 10; Apg.2 , 34) . " When he had said this ( Stephen ) , he fell asleep . Saul was consenting to his death " ( Apg.7 , 60 , 8 , 1).


Consider what John . 11 tells us about the Lord's friend, Lazarus. " Then saith he unto them, Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep , but I go to awaken him .... Jesus had spoken of his death , but they thought that he spoke of regular sleep . Then Jesus said to them plainly, Lazarus is death ! "

Soon after this , he commanded Lazarus to come out of the tomb , and he came out. Lazarus varsovnet into . He was quite dead . But by God's power , he enlivened again by Jesus. ( Joh.11 , 1-44 ) . Above: Painting of Bondone - approx . 1320 AD Lazarus ` Resurrection.

There are some pretty clear conclusions from this story: A. It mentions nothing about Lazarus and any personality or immortal pygmies soul floating around somewhere.

B. It does not say that Lazarus first came to heaven.

C. If Lazarus had first come to heaven the moment of death , and there have been enjoying the presence of God , there would not be anything other than cruel and pointless to bring him back from such a condition .

D. Marta thought nor that Lazarus had gone to heaven . " Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise , Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day ." Note the need for a resurrection . This fact can not pukka enough of!

Resurrection is the believer's only hope of eternal life . We are absolutely helpless on their own, and we depend entirely on God's power to raise us from the dead. Resurrection of the Lord's power alone is absolutely fundamental in relation to God's ways with humanity. No wonder David prayed: "Look here , and answer me , O Lord my God Clarify my eyes, lest I sleep in death . " Psalm 13 , 4

It is not popular . It may not even seem comforting in some people , but the Bible shows us clearly that LIFE AFTER DEATH IS CONDITIONED , not automatically . We are not told these things that we should be disappointed or feel betrayed , nor is there to help us grasp the wonder and glory of what God has in store for us. " For as in Adam all die , so shall all be made ​​alive in Christ. " 1 Cor. 15 , 22

THERE IS 1 Tim . 6, 16 AS " RULES " !

Anyone who believed the false doctrine and the idea that we have an immortal soul , and have been cheated of the right doctrine that man IS a soul , should not miss in my opinion , the biggest and " Rulende " scripture on the subject , 1 Tim . 16, 6 - which clearly corrects us and says: ".. the King of kings and Lord Lord, who alone is immortal and lives in a light where no one can get , he no man has seen or can see. Him be honor and eternal power! Amen . " < / Strong > Only the Lord hath immortality ! Thus, the Bible tells that he alone is immortal . Thus we are told that through this ALL OTHERS ( beyond divinity ) is deadly , and entirely in the hands of him who alone has immortality. Only those who died in the faith of the Lord is assigned immortality to him who alone has immortality.


In this Part III , we will look at this with the " souls under the altar " from Revelation 6 - although these are still completely in the future , and that situation is not yet appropriate or may have influenced according to the Bible 's teaching that those who die , "real dead " : they must be raised from the dead , before a life again can be found at .

In 1 Thessalonians . 4 , 14-18 it is about this entirely . I personally, by those who believe that when Paul refers to " those who have fallen asleep " in 1.Tess.4 , 14 then it ia martyrs who died in Paul's own life. All the time the Acts is the one time where the premise of the believers , Jesus' immanent come ! We are going to have to understand. The Thessalonians were believers under the New Covenant to Israel while Israel was still God's priorities nation on earth , and pagans were proselytes who lived in Israel's blessings ( Rom. 15 , 27) . This situation is irrelevant in the church's time , for now Israel disregarded , and the whole world put on an equal footing . But in the future after the church is joined (and as we read in Revelation . ) Both the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah , see separate article ) and their disciples, The 144000 in Rev.7 and 14, be the end-time Messianic " New Covenant " faithful and will live to be caught up to heaven in acc. 1.Tess.4 , 14-18. Thessalonians belong to the first nine learn letter from Paul that was written to the " Israel of God " ( Gal.6 , 16) - and their hedningproselytter . They are not binding for the church , which was first formed when God in years 61-62 at Rome by Paul ( Apg.28 , 25-28) canceling their covenant relationship with Israel. Israel's cancellation and fall to come BEFORE the church of grace believers could become . (Only prison letters / pastoral letters are binding on the church ) .

To call people for souls , are nothing new . This is often done in writing , and soul and man are one and the same thing . As already mentioned, when the Psalmist in Psalm 103 says " my soul bless the Lord ... " he says simply : " Myself " - Praise the Lord . Man IS a soul. It 's not that we have a soul or spirit .

What does the Åp.6 , 9-11 ? " And when the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had. They cried with a loud voice , saying, Lord , holy and true ! How long will it last before you judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth ? And it was given each of them a long white robe . And it was commanded them that they should settle to resign yet a little while, until their fellow servants and brothers were full, those who were be killed as they themselves . "

One thing one can ascertain , no matter what one thinks about "life after death " : These scenes take place in the future great tribulation in Israel , and as Jesus warned in Matt.24 , 21-22 .

It does not take place in the church's time , but it comes the time to come when God again turns to Israel and make the nation a priority nation, they are then put as head of the nations . These are the two witnesses in Revelation 11 mission , the criminal character and tribulations against Israel. This occurs even this was under the prophetic time , God punishes those who kill His prophets . This is what lies behind the whole scenario : God allows that " the number of martyrs must be fully " - and then to come with their mighty judge. These judgments we read in both the seven seals , the seven bowls wrath and the seven trumpets . When exhausted God's wrath on all the wicked of Israel , and God will fight against the " disobedience " - as Paul called them , fariseerklassen in his time , and that through Talmudism is the same kristushat , now set in the system by the Talmud seventeen books. The souls under the altar was not " spirits without bodies" - they had a body , for they were given to dress in a long white robe. Just a body could dress in clothes. Bottom line : They had been raised from the dead by the Lord , and was really alive. But they were kept hidden under the altar in the temple. The Lord answered their impatience and their cry for vengeance , they had to settle for yet a little , until their fellow servants were fully ... those who would be killed as they themselves had been . This is in the Great Tribulation , one time penalty against Israel and a time where God takes out a new believer in Jesus Israel , and punishes those who do not want to believe - those who unfortunately choose to follow the Beast, the Antichrist. The church is over , and the grace of relationship we had with God no longer applies on earth . Now it is God who cope with their disobedient Israel. As it pleased God by Christ to wake up ia Lazarus from the dead , and the many saints who were raised on Good Friday when the Lord died on the cross ... as a sign to Israel , so please God to wake up immediately the martyrs killed by the Antichrist during the Great Tribulation in the future of Israel. So simple, and so is the Bible .

The rich man and Lazarus


FROM WWW.HEAVENDWELLERS.COM (Posted originally by E. W. Bullinger )

" Luke 16, 19-31 are usually called " L ignelsen of the rich man and Lazarus . " It is absolutely impossible that the traditional interpretation of this might be right , because if that is the case , then it is in direct contradiction to everything that would otherwise be taught in Scripture about this. and the word of the Lord can not and must not be interpreted as . if there is a biblical truth ( something all it is ) that " the dead know nothing " , how could the Lord have learned disclosure and we could think that they know a lot ? If it is a fact that when man's " breath stops , the day ends his thoughts ," how can we believe that he continues to think ? And - do not just think, no brain , but he puts words on these " thoughts " and speaks them - without any heavy ?

When the major theme of resurrection is up, is one of the most common arguments used , that if there is no resurrection , then not only all the dead but also ".. those who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost " ( 1 . Kor.15 , 18) . This is also the argument that follows just after verse 29 - after the parentheses in verses 20 to 28 - and is based on verse 18

Verse 29: " Those who are baptized for the dead - why do they do it ? If the dead at all not why are they then baptized for them? " And this, of course , is the case if they will not occur again . Lord himself expresses itself in unison with us in this : " Do not marvel at this : for the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his ( Jesus ) voice " ( Joh.5 , 28) . This is the Lord's own words , and they tell us how his words will be heard, and - it is not in heaven , nor in Paradise , or any other so-called " intermediate stage " - but ".. the graves ..".

Daniel 12, 2 concur in this , and tells us that those who wake up in the resurrection are those who ".. sleep in the dust of the earth ..". It says nothing about " Abraham's bosom " , or any other place or condition , but in the " dust of the earth .. .. " , from which mankind was created ( 1.Mos.2 , 7 , 3, 23) , and to which they to come back when they die ( 1.Mos.3 , 19, and Pred . 12, 7 ) . It is , of course , blessed true that there is a big difference between the saved and the unsaved at these " falls asleep " - dies. The former has received the gift of eternal life ( Rom.6 , 23) : Not yet eliminated in full bloom , but " In Christ ", which is responsible to raise the resurrected ( Joh.6 , 39) , so that they can get into the joy of this. The unsaved do not possess " eternal life" , this is said to be " God's gift " ( Rom.6 , 23) . No one is responsible for them , that they are raised up. Well, it is true that they once stand up ( Rev.20 , 12-13) , but this will rise to be condemned ( Joh.5 , 29) - and then thrown into the lake of fire ( the second death overs . anmrk . ) . These two events are therefore very different . Christ's atonement and resurrection , and his ascension poses a big difference - in favor of his people .

They die like everyone else , but of these, only to fall asleep . Why ? Because they will wake up again . And even if then dead, then called to be among ".. the dead in Christ .. " but it remains nevertheless a truth that " .. we who are alive when the Lord shall not precede those" . And , inevitably , hence it follows that they can not get ahead of ourselves .

But it is sometimes plucked the Lord led out a host of hell ( Hades ) when he robbed Satan power over death and hell ( Eph.4 , 8) . But Eph.4 , 8 says nothing about hell or paradise ! Nothing about the multitudes of captives freed , and nothing about the condition between his death and resurrection. It was then that he ".. He ascended on high ... " that Christ's great victory was manifested . We are not told what was the immediate effect of Christ's death , resurrection and ascension from Satan and his evil angels. Kol.2 , 15, tells of the great victory that he " .. disarmed principalities and powers ..". And so , he had the keys of death and Hades (Rev. 1 , 18) . It was a great match and a great victory when Christ rose from the dead and defeated him that had the power of death . As witness to this, as were many ( not few) raised from the dead ( Matt.27 , 52-53 ) , but these are again fallen asleep in Christ and await his coming and the final resurrection of the dead .

We now come to the parable . It is obvious that Luke.16 , 19 to 31 must be interpreted in the understanding that it does not contradict any of the above Bible places , but on the contrary so that it is in perfect harmony, - and in that it is necessary for a better understanding of the entire context it is in. that is, we must not explain the parable of a apologetic way , as if we wish that it never stood in the Bible , but we could not do without it. We must treat it as absolutely indispensable , when inserted in context. Let's look at some differences among traditional interpreters first.

Some of them call it a parable , but the Lord does not. It does not even begin to say, " he said ." It comes up abruptly - " It was" , without any further explanation about the reason or meaning of what was said.

Thus they followed their own arbitrary , discretionary determination , and pick out one word or phrase, which they say is literal , and another , which they say is figuratively (in English , " p arabolic " ) . For example, the " bosom of Abraham " in the figurative sense , and refers Paradise. They have to interpret this so , for if not, then ( in the literal interpretation) will be the only space for one person in Abraham's bosom ( womb = lap ) ! It refers to the fact that they leaned towards each other during meals , so if you leaned back a little - was caught at the person behind him. John was in such a position before the Lord Jesus ( John 13 , 23 , 21 , 20) and was considered a sign of favor and love (John 19, 26 , 20 , 2 , 21 , 7) .

Then use the terms " fire" and "water ", " heavy" and " hat " etc. to be literal , but when the Lord elsewhere spoke of " o rm that does not die " , so they take this up in a parabolic ( transferred ) meaning, and says it does not mean " worm " but conscience. In this interpretation pick up only from his fantasy and imagination , and interpret according to their own discretion thinking.

If we follow consistently this illogical principle , we get in their preparation that Lazarus was never buried, while the rich man was . For " .. the rich man also died and was buried " ( verse 22 ) , while Lazarus , instead of buried was ".. carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom ."

There is also a further difficulty here, how it could be that a man who had actually been buried , could think no brain , or voice without a tongue . How can the spirit speak or act without the physical limbs in the body? This is a problem that our friends are not able to overcome : And thus they must invent a theory (which exceeds (! ) Spiritualists invention of an " astral body" ) that have no basis in fact : And is entirely without clue who is worthy to be called " evidence " - whatsoever.

And , again - Hades is never anywhere mentioned as a place where there is fire. On the contrary , for Hades will even be thrown into the lake of fire ( Rev.20 , 14) . " So far Bullinger .


By Jan Lilleby

I could not just let Bullinger article be left without getting into that now must be the reader's next question : If the story of Lazarus and the rich man came to the real thing " after death " - what was that reason Jesus reviewing persons such as actually thought, spoke and acted according to their " death " ?

Jesus describes even that it was put one huge chasm choose between Lazarus in Abraham's bosom and the rich man who was tortured in hell (verse 26). This sounds really powerful , right ? And the rich man begs that Lazarus had come and cool rich man's tongue with a finger dipped in water ( verse 24) , which perhaps might have been neck hairs to the Jews who heard the story - to rise up in horror !

Well, without further comparison , - let me mention Æsobs Fables , known Greek eventyrlignelser to tell a general truth, but with a fictional story . You know - fox , crow and a piece of cheese . Or he who cried wolf so many times , that when one day the wolf really appeared, no one even bothered to hear - and the wolf turns giving him a free pass. Simple parables or fairy tale bits used to promote a general truth. Or the story ( such stories are the without end ... right? ) About the " k loke " but lazy farmer who would facilitate their work and therefore decided he would rather sit on the branch he was cut off - in the first place to ease his toil, - but ended up in a tragedy that was the price for being lazy! He dropped the branch and was killed . Instead the farmer would rather cost of a little more tedious method : Buying a ladder and stand on it, leaning to tree trunk , and safely cut of the aforementioned proverbial branch. Laziness cost him his life - but the story as such was fictional . It is therefore not considered to be a lie , for it stated in the history caricature of the unfortunate that it is fictional deliberately. Thus the rich man caricature of Jesus , and transferred to the unbelieving Israel and their pharisees .

Another of the many endless word-pictures that are used often , even today , is that "he who digs a pit for others will himself fall into it ."

And dear reader : This is what Jesus used " the story of Lazarus " to : To fabricate a given history and issues, - which in itself was a true story - but that would POINTING TO A TRUTH ITSELF OUTSIDE THE STORY .

What did Jesus pointed with his " Aesop fable" ? Yes, we find this clearly in his reply , Luke.16 , 31 where Jesus uses Lazarus ` response to the desperate rich man ( here being the rich man caricatured / ridiculed ) about his wish that someone had to come back from the dead to warn Israel against falling into perdition : " But he ( Lazarus ) said to him ( the rich man ) : if they hear not Moses and the prophets , then they (Israel ) can not be persuaded , though one rose from the dead. "

Jesus used the fable or story to rebuke Israel's disobedience in relation to believe Moses and the prophets witness of Christ ! Therefore, it can not be used word for word , as if it were an encyclopedia of life - death - judgment - salvation - damnation . Where have all the Bible speak and must speak without that it would be brought in contradiction of stories that Jesus invented to promote a general truth.

You will see from my last article in this article collection, that the false doctrine that the Pharisees ran ia of eternal torment for those who did not believe their false doctrine comes from pagan cultures and not from the Jewish - and therefore not Moses and the prophets. The Pharisees used the threat of eternal torment in hell as a force to get people to submit to their evil doctrine, and so could suck money out of people totally unjustified ! The Pharisees understood that Jesus spoke of them - and eventually crucified Jesus. Jesus punctured all their evil false teaching both life and death , so it gjøv for! With the rich man and Lazarus , Jesus turns the Pharisees in the face ... with their own lies and stupidity !

More about the rich man and Lazarus !

By Paul Griffitts



The theme continues from E. W. Bullinger article - where we will see that Paul Griffitts adds yet another angle - that Jesus told a fictional story where he borrowed the Pharisees' own false doctrine , and turned it against them! This can also enforce my epilogue at the end of Bullinger's article, in which I pointed out that Jesus used a fable to point out a truth outside the fable .

" The story we find in Luke.16 , 19-31 as it is said of our Lord , is part of Sacred Scripture , but is subject to controversy because it is being interpreted by many as a historical picture story. In other words , they believe the gives us insight into this with the human " soul " after death. But this theory is burdened with many problems. instead of being a real story , it's here rather talk about a " story ," a satire that the Lord used to rebuke the Pharisees and expose their hypocrisy .

For example, as the Pharisees taught that the difference between rich and poor was part of God's plan! They made poverty a virtue would be rewarded in the next life for eternity. This was used by the rich Pharisees as a legitimate excuse to ignore the poor in Israel. But they never allowed this idea to be taken so far that the rich man in this life would be miserable in the next! Or if a man could enjoy the good things of this life , he would get the evil in the life to come .

The Pharisees had usurped kings and priests Rights in Israel , but they would not take over the responsibility for other people. They created a caste system and a huge chasm between them even as Israel aristocracy and the people of the country. The Lord did not use the story of Lazarus and the rich man according to actual truths about life and death. But according to the Pharisees tradition! Their doctrine was horrible and the Lord used it against them in this satirical story of Lazarus and the rich man . Meanwhile lodged Lord hope and encouragement to those who were throwing labeled as " sinners " of the Pharisees in Israel. Those who had been labeled as " sinners " had no hope of forgiveness, and no one dared to help them or trade with them. In order to survive , some of them tax collectors / tax collectors for the Romans . " So far Paul Griffitts .

Comment by Jan Lilleby :

This sounds familiar to our ears , right? The fariseeriske spirit we find today . It works in the same sphere of lies and half-truths , used to throw luster of one's own successful life and shadow over those who are less successful. Now you understand perhaps better Jesus' action with the publican Zacchaeus ? Jesus , the gaze of the evil and angry Pharisees , preferring to stay with such a " outcast" - a tax collector , which thanks to the Pharisees iron grip on the people to subsist in society gray areas . I become more and more fond of Jesus , the more I read about how his sense of justice was reflected in the different situations .

Even in environments where Christians take care of society's "bottom " : alcoholics , drug addicts and pill abusers , shining parts of the fariseeriske spirit through "Look , these poor sinners " - so clearly we need to help them so that they can " stop sinning " and go to heaven . Negligence in relation to the grace of the gospel truth ( cf the Eph. 2, 4-10) , enables well-meaning Christians - and I do not now creating some scapegoats - one seriously believes that if you get a junkie to " stop sinning " yes, when he comes well into heaven . It has some of this class division in the spirit in mind , when you think that a drunk or drug addict is going to hell , while not any part we get to heaven .

If a drug addict dies in his drug addiction , and do not achieve the " Deal " : To be free off drugs , so come HAN TO HEAVEN if he believes despite this the way we are guided by the Bible in Eph.2 , 4-10 ! It is not implicit in God's saving grace , that one must be physically healed ( for example drug addiction , etc. ) in order to enter heaven in eternal salvation. Sloppy reading the Bible makes many Christians are baptized into the completely wrong thoughts, and equate drug abuse and unsaved state. No, friends, we must now provide God's word justice : Salvation is by faith, and we can in NO WAY ! ".. sin away from salvation ..". Has anyone out there discovered that salvation is ONLY for sinners ?

The undersigned does not have a drug addiction or dependence pillerus . He could not set higher in status than the addict , and ergo fail either heal itself or save himself . We both are saved by faith alone , without works ... and OF SINS . No people can live free from sin !

We must learn to distinguish between this life and the way we should live , and the life everlasting . In this life we can try conformed , perhaps prevent drug addiction and more. But in the eternal perspective , we are all absolutely equal. We are all equally bad ! Only God saves , because we believe his words about Jesus Christ. God, through his grace, savior evil man who believes him. This is the grace of the gospel in a nutshell , and yet : Les despite this also Eph.5 - and judge whether YOU need to shake things up a bit in life. But eternal life , that none of us can " regulate" by some good behavior , etc. It is a ready- life in heaven , we are sitting with Christ in heaven with him .

A little escapade in ... and my thoughts about Zacchaeus , who suffered under the iron grip of the Pharisees and false teachings about heaven and hell. You may know that you will recognize you as one who has bondage to the false doctrine of the eternity and eternal torment , etc. ? Well, read on - for now we see that the whole doctrine of hell in Christian tradition , is totally false . It actually comes from pagan occult religions / cultures !

Hell - is the expression of torment or annihilation ?


By Jan Lilleby

There are few topics in the Bible that have plagued both believers and non- believers more than the eternal and controversial traditional "h elvetessynet " - and the Norwegian Christianity was promoted by eg Dr. Ole Hallesby , cf the His famous / infamous radio sermon in the early fifties , 25 January 1953 .

Much good can be said about Hallesby , and it is also done by many. There is no doubt that he was a true believing Christian , a preacher , teacher , yes - a man of God , someone who was genuinely happy in Jesus, and to have the grace to serve Him through the gospel. But despite this , it was his view colored by the traditional doctrine of hell ... which caused him to say , in its well-meaning repentance sermon over the radio :

"...... You know that if you ( the disbelievers ) played dead on the floor at this moment, then plunged to just fuck ..... " .

I will not blacken the memory of such a faithful man of God, Ole Hallesby . So unfortunately a horde of both leg and scholar, as well as all the then secular media did - with outright derision . Then I ask myself nor this man of God side and defend him to the end ! My mention of the Hallesby is solely because he was the one who more recently showed , more or less involuntarily (? ) "H elveteslæren " a fresh face. But he actually opened his famous sermon to baseline in Luke . 9 , 58 , etc. . and Jesus' voice to follow him on to forsake himself. We take all wrong - and none shall be suspended only because we as human beings are perfect in word and doctrine . But they hung Hallesby , and he has never deserved! But a factual explanation of how it is with "hell doctrine " , it is not either mock or hang someone. All those preachers in one form or another public must tolerate opposition , and that the question put by one's learning . I encounter this often myself. Pictured is the venue where " hell speech " was recorded by NRK . He had the wrong terms of hell, but he spoke right that we humans must seek God - believe in Jesus and repent if we have been non- believers. Think of Hallesby more like a man of God , rather than one that was wrong in the course of destruction .

The traditional view .

The traditional view assumes approximately the following: When the infidels , or wicked person dies , and believed not , neither God nor Jesus, then sent him down in eternal torment after his soul has been separated from the dead body , and will forever suffer this. The believer , however , go straight to heaven , to the many resembling a heavenly paradise of God .

I belong to the group of believers who have changed their view on these things. I thought a lot of the traditional , but oh so wrong view . And this article will recommend all other Christians to do the same , changing biblical ! There is not a chance in hell, that hell exists! All of it is a human mishmash of misinterpretation of the basic texts , ditto interpretation of translations and mix with old medieval superstition dogma , which crept into both the Catholic and Lutheran faith and doctrine.

I'll even from Pentecost oriented environments within Christendom. Also there ( and in many other dissenting groups ) have faith in eternal torment and punishment, if one dies as a unforsaken sins. Many people take into Jesus' parable of Lazarus and the rich man , to defend the faith of the believer gets salvation while the unbelievers will torment , without understanding that Lazarus is not described as a " devout Christian " but a sick , recently deceased " fattigper "which is not helped by the rich man ! ( As Bullinger , Griffitts and myself have already discussed ) . Jesus used the parable mentioned to show the Pharisees and Sadducees how completely out of the field their own evighetssyn was - it had nothing to do with our Christian reality do not whatsoever. Their vision was guided by their well-known greed for money. So Jesus " sent the rich man " straight down in agony and horror ... and with this he struck the Pharisees spiritually in the face.

Many sincere Christians are anxious to make the slightest mistake , for fear of ending up in "hell " where one will be tormented " d ag and night forever and ever ." On the opposite side , we find mocking and sneering atheists and humanists who almost " shows butt " not only the traditional Christian sermon about hell , but of all Christian doctrines of God and Christ. It is well beyond doubt that the doctrine of hell enough must have been like to spray fuel to the fire , to such which already had problems with the doctrine of a Creator , almighty God and his Son.

Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher and social reformer (1872-1970) , loaded Christ supposedly Hell teaching ( Jesus 'parable of gehennailden , garbage dump in Jerusalem in Jesus' time ) that Christianity holds "hell doctrine " for right . Then Jerusalem and large parts of Judea were destroyed in the years 66-70 AD, Jesus' parable of the unbelief of Israel would be cast in Gehenna heap , met. Roman army threw countless similar to the heap , says Josephus . But they did not burn " forever " , as traditional Christianity would have it . The Jewish rebels and the Zealots , who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah , but that some among them even the Messiah , had themselves to blame for that they ended up there. The Romans killed and they tied slave who rebelled against their regime. The Jewish revolt had never taken place, if only the Jews had repented when the Lord was with them , or vice versa in retrospect , when the apostles continued the message of a Jewish kingdom on earth , with Jesus as king.

Russell - like so many freethinkers in retrospect - believed that hell doctrine nor was an obstacle that people would believe in God. Who would believe , and possibly fathom the love of a God , or His Son Jesus , when they learned that all who would believe and obey their words in the Bible, was sent to eternal torment in hell lake of fire and flames ?

Russell wrote , inter alia, "It is, in my judgment , a serious mistake in Christ's moral character, that that he believed in hell. I do not feel even some really humane and sensitive, can believe in everlasting punishment ..... I must say that I think all this doctrine of hell punishment for sin is a cruel learn ... "( Russell assumes hell, so Christianity has made ​​this out from Jesus' parable of Gehenna , that one thrown on a fire) . See the photo here , a picture of Hinnom , which is by the Greek was to Gehenna - dump in Jerusalem.

I can assure the reader that the traditional doctrine of shingles for the sinful and unbelieving , is false - and based on centuries of total confusion and false church traditions.

Not only are verbal traditions of this but also graphical representations hell exists and that has put real fear in many people , both believers and otherwise.

Medieval representations often went on that " ... the more sin , the worse punishment ."

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