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Nr. 644: Freed and happy!

Nr, 644:

Freed and happy!

It is a pure life where we as believers have victory over our own flesh that makes us happy as believers . This is a choice and an opportunity for all of us. Room is an absolute must for us believers . Picture of Joseph 's biblical strongest image of Jesus . What characterized Josef above anything ? Room !

Joseph and his brothers are welcomed by Pharaoh , watercolor by James Tissot ( ca. 1900) .

Sorry first that I have not had a good enough ability and anointing to bring up how bad , manipulated , deceived, deluded , corrupt, ruled by demons, unbiblical , poor morale , human -controlled and fraudulent the Norwegian and Western Christians , sorry ! The church is lame, blind, dumb , maimed , wretched, miserable , poor and naked.

They are like a big Mafia gang that is ruled by Satan , demons , and his own flesh. Actually do not know the Lord himself , but living in a spiritual mist home , while they think about themselves that they have it right with God just like the church in Laodicea imagining a reality that was not true and reel . They are self-centered and move in a spiritual landscape where one becomes introverted , carnal and never comes out of God's children delightful freedom and the ethical and moral standard that God has set for their children. The truth is that the church at the hearing, or lack of preaching. The life and the attitudes that are becoming more prevalent and the winning entry . So does one not ready to meet Jesus in the clouds , but Antichrist along with all other religions seduced !

Do as I've written about before , imposed by even having a break on the blog until mid January 2017 then to prioritize other things !

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Eph. 6 18b - 20a keep on praying for all the saints , even for me. Pray for the right words must be given to me when I speak, so I boldly make known the mystery of the gospel , that which I am an ambassador for .

Sorry also that I write about my mistakes and failures in detail, to show how vulnerable I am also . But as it is written that he who speaks must speak God's words. And the strange and a paradox in this is that I have found that when it comes to the ethical and moral standard that it is the fruit of our Christian life . Then there Smyrna Oslo and Catholics against the rest of " Rokle ", as we will soon be the only one that warns against remarriage , lesbian and homosexual practices. Everyone else either defending or trying to tie this to death !

We see more and more of today : Now Jesus talked about many believers who eagerly invoked him as "Lord " ( fervor we see that he uses repetition "Lord, Lord "), but that would not come into the rich because they did his father's will - they did " lawlessness " . These , he said he had never known him - even though they had cast out demons and perform many miracles in his name. He would say to them, Depart from me , you who practice lawlessness . ( Matt.7 0.21 to 23 ) . During and character itself is no assurance that any follower of Christ , it is only certain characters that follow the word of God in the life and teachings !

Article: Freed and happy!

By James Traasdahl

Christiania and Trondheim. C. Sarheim & Co 's publisher. 1912

The true liberation and happiness.

This book is a conversation between an enlightened Christian named John, and his two friends James and Elijah.

The two friends are in their own way come in obscurity John : " The question of a Christian's liberation and happiness is both an interesting and difficult question . Let us therefore the God of grace and light to a fruitful conversation about this topic . I will begin by saying that Christians in general simply do not show signs of being so very liberated and happy. It think that a lot of them are struggling on a heavy burden that they can not get rid of . And I wonder not at that world's children see them as anything but happy. What do you Elijah? " Elias : " Yes, that's for sure . Highest part of them should be the light, and his whole life and being to show their fellow man what is true liberation and happiness, go here and sugar as if they were the most slavish and unhappy people on earth. they may be sincere , but they are bad recommendation letter for Christianity. exhorts not Paul Christians to always be happy ? " James: " For my part I nurture great suspicion for these free , happy Christians. I am afraid that they are " light veiløpere , "which has made ​​a fairly convenient way beside the strait . , Not so , they come in through the narrow gate . Has not the Savior Himself : " Blessed are the poor in spirit , blessed are those who mourn , blessed are they who suffer persecution and forth. "

John : " But listen now my beloved brethren, I really think that you go to the opposite extreme . Elias You select the pleasure and Jacob chooses sorrow . Yet Paul turns these two together and say about the Christians that they are sorrowful , yet always happy . " But now we do not talk anymore about this. It was about the Christian 's true liberation and happiness we should speak . Now the scripture says about the believers that they are freed from the bondage of the law , from sin , punishment and domination. From the judgment of conscience , fear of death , etc. instead of these sins that keep thralls in bondage , they have a full justice in Christ. A resistant and perfect remission of all sin . An unwavering adoption, a peace that surpasses all understanding . A witness of the Spirit within himself that they are children of God . And an unspeakably blessed hope of the glory of God ,

Do not be an exceedingly blissful state ? But when we look about us to find these happy , happy Christians , what we find then? Yyyy , we finder so few - so get hurt , as in confession and life adds such liberation and happiness of the day. I will first talk about the many unhappy , that seems to be among them Paul is talking about. Those who " always searching and not coming to the realization of truth . " They are to some extent grip of truth. They follow with the word of God is preached and participate in spiritual activities for the kingdom of God . But despite all this , they seem perfect strangers " Life in the Son of God faith ." ( Old Bible translation in 1884 ) They are to some degree of choice for the truth, but not powerful enough, it can become a full conversion.

Why do not they come over from death to life ?

Not so very long ago I stood to such a lovely big sailboat that would cross into a harbor . It went well for a while, but then spaknet wind and then could not sail the boat steer well enough to avoid a rock . I got some strange thoughts when I saw this big fine sailing boat journey. Time after time it tried to turn around, but it was not fast enough that it would not obey the helm. Several times it seemed that it would succeed to " go about " and get on a different course . But when it came to a point , " fell off" again and ran in the same direction as before.

For me , this yacht a powerful , poignant picture of many people I know.

Touched and moved by the Spirit of God they strive to get their life "skip " to go in a new direction , but it will not be as successful brand . The real reason that this yacht could not turn around , it was mentioned that it had insufficient speed to obey the helm. This again was because there was not enough wind in the sails . A major reason why so many spiritually affected not going full transition from death to life , it just is too little speed in the movement . It is not serious enough in their search for new life. Saviour saith in Luke . 13, 23 : Combat ( struggle / fight ) to enter through the narrow door; For many , I say unto you , will seek to enter and not be able to do so .

These souls striving not serious enough.

The Lord says , and : "..... and you shall find him, if thou seek him with all your heart and with all your soul. " ( 5 M. 4 , 29) These souls are searching , but not wholeheartedly .

Still the Savior says , "But of John the Baptist until now the into the kingdom of heaven with power and those who do get in, it by force . " ( Matt. 11 , 12)

Jacob : Does not show you with this representation that man has the power to do something yourself ? It's against God's word. He said therefore unto : " The carnal mind is enmity against the God , for it is not the law of God , neither indeed can be. " (Romans 8, 7 ) and "..... I am carnal , sold under sin . " (Romans 7, 14B ) . He also says : " So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God who shows mercy . " (Romans 9, 16 ) . The word shows that there is power in the boat to turn or get enough speed . It must be air in the seals . It says the Savior Himself , when He speaks to Nicodemus about rebirth : " The wind blows your the like. You hear its sound , but ......" (John 3:8 )

It is the Spirit's air being discussed then.

John : It is absolutely true that we are by nature dead in trespasses and sins . And little can we get our life " ships" to turn or get enough speed . So the Spirit's wind must blow into the sails , that's for sure ! But with a lot of affected souls go year after year and try to get into communion with the Lord , without this happening. Should we then blame the Lord? Shall we say to Him : " You did not let the Spirit wind blow , or : You let the Spirit wind blowing so weak that there was not enough power to repentance . " Jacob : " No God save me from such blasphemy ! "

John : " Very well , then man must himself be blamed . But how is this connected , when man is dead spiritually ? Have a rock fault that it can not turn around ? Have a dead fault that he can not stand up ? I think we are facing a secret here. on the one hand, we need to insist that it can not be God's fault that man perish . on the other hand, we must hold on to that man by nature is spiritually dead . As stick or stone , it is impossible to turn or become something other than what it is by nature. "

Two extremes.

Elijah : " I believe you, my beloved brethren , do you run perfectly fixed in theological subtleties . Now it is for us that we turn away from theology and the Bible. Theologians have done everything they can to obscure revelation bright sun . With their artificial doctrines and subtle interpretations they have set up thousands of separating walls between Christians. by revelation obvious truths they have made confession mazes , which enables poor souls perish from lack of spiritual light and air. When it relates to this question , I believe that God could never manage to exhort man to repentance . Especially if he knew beforehand that man could not repent. And he could never threaten the man with the destruction of its rebellion , if it were possible for man to let the rebellious public danger. When God complains of poor man's choice, then we have to assume that there is a choice or that man has a free will . Of course , man is depraved , horrible and depraved smeared with sin and impurity. However, it is not no devil . The reason why so many people are affected so long without being properly reverse is that they are lined with all sorts of weird human doctrines . If we are to get a new Pentecost and get a building of "living stones" , then you need a new, more powerful practice take over for the old sleepy business. We must tear down and clean the site where the new building can stand. We have to walk around Jericho 's walls and begin to sound so powerful that the walls are falling! I liked basically good parable about your sailboat. When not managed to turn around , it was the lack of air ! When spiritually affected souls go to without being converted, so it is spiritual wind that are missing. But this is not the Lord's sake. Christians must be able to obtain much more spiritual air into their faces , and they have a great responsibility towards those seeking souls when they do not. "

James : "No, you know what my dear Elias . This is an all too distasteful speech. Fact that Christians should acquire more spiritual air and be a kind of wind - bearings !

Elias : " I do not care so much about the taste or not, if it's only appropriate. , As you know I also went to and sighed and panted under the general dullness. But then I was a tour in America , where first I got the right idea about the truth that " the kingdom of heaven kingdom suffers violence ." Where did I witness many wondrous things in the Christian gatherings. Spotter who came to the meetings , went out again as worshipers. Yeah even more powerful - I did see quite carefree people fall on their knees . people who never before had prayed a prayer , came straight into the recognition of both sin and grace. So they rose up and blessed God . Gripping stories of repentance that was told at the meetings seemed like electrical shocks around the consciences . soon heard cries for interceding , soon confession of sin. This led to many more conversions among the Gentiles than a thousand of these " right" , but åndløse sermons are now. And you should have seen how the hearts were touched when the preacher finally urged all the converts to rise . It was as if those who were left had a terrible judgment upon himself . then asked the preacher an ardent prayer that God would preserve these converts. And you know what ? It sounded very strange to my ears . he prayed that God would preserve the newly awakened from supervisors who suspects such sudden conversions . unappreciated Or as God's great deeds by what had happened. So he asked those who were not converted but who wanted salvation to arrive at a bench where they penitent was collected . A lot of the elders of the church spread around the room and asked each if they would be saved. Man came simply Savior's words about urging them to come in! and so it happened weird that multitudes of souls of those who had come out of curiosity , was dragged up to the mercy seat . there were poignant prayers , accompanied by the seeker 's sigh submitted throne of grace . sorrows they had turned into hallelujah you can believe it was the wind in the sails , and people turned on in a hurry. preacher prayed as those in the assembly who had unbelieving spouses, children , relatives or friends to raise their hand if they wanted prayer for them. so he gathered them together as a set and also let them throne of grace . then it was as if the place where we were gathered as moving ! There is no such thing we need in our sticky, died meetings. "

James: " Yes it was true American that, but it does not tempt me to repeat . I can not see the Savior and his disciples hold to such arts. And I also believe that such fabricated Christians will never be anything other than artificial products . Then I have much more confidence in those you judge that " they are not passed from death to life ." such poor , needy souls is a much better picture of a true Christian. a depressed and grieving mind is also a much better picture . Savior said about such that they were blessed , no matter how much you judge them , I am afraid that there is a huge difference in the air Savior speaks of in John. 3 , and the storm that you just talk about . the old Elias was and witnessed an incredible storm with lightning and thunder . But it is when the word of God that God was not in the wind . Finally there came a still small voice and it was the Lord. Besides, church history countless examples of " fanatics " found at all time. When we then see and hear about all the strange new (told in 1920 !) happens in England and America. - About spiritual miracle doctors and the like, so I must confess that I am totally disgusted by this direction . Only God knows what tricks you can eventually find , when you leave the word of God and the first Christians guides and practice as a rule and guide. instead puts you into what they themselves think works best. the scale you Elias uses , is very worrisome . Did not I tell you better than your theories , I would have hurt to have some spiritual trust in you. 're talking , like many others, so much about the transition - to come to a joyous , bubbly Christianity - about liberation , etc. All these words have a suspicious sound in my ears. Thus Spake not the old who walked on the cross , self-denial and humility road ! those expecting no heaven here on this side of the grave. I'm afraid that the exaggerated talk of liberation is somewhat related to the same freedom struggle that is so fashionable today . (also in 1920 !) When a soul has been stirred up to seek serious - to hunger and thirst, - longing and desire for salvation , yes I suppose that such is the Lord ! liberation then goes quietly away unnoticed and mysteriously inside the soul's deepest . and no one can determine the time at which the release occurs. Therefore, as I said all this speech about liberation of the spirit testimony , triumphant faith - misleading and fit to hold sincere souls in unnecessary worry . When dear Elias speaks to tear down and clean because of the new building , then I think that you , without you even knowing it is somewhat akin to spiritual nihilists , communists and other " ists " . Such raging against the old inherited , and with people's blood will put dynamite under the whole of our social order to blow it in the air . "

John : "I would like to say a loving word to you both, before I pronounce me more about this particular topic. First, I ask you dear Elijah , that you are not pouring in with such expressions as " orthodoxy - bearings " and " Confessing - mazes " . Doing so may well be that you , without wanting it, you get to work with Christianity's enemies. Especially those who make fun of these expressions without adding anything . Your speech to " tear down and build on the site " must also be characterized as poor speech. Likewise , I think you loved Jacob is in danger of being unfair to those who think differently. We should suit us well for! World Cold critics will naturally prefer to see the fanaticism and folly in all the prominent phenomena of our time . Let's make sure that we do not mix our scorn of the world . I can agree with you in many of your observations , but I sincerely apologize for your statements about transition , release etc. - You said to Elijah that you had suspected all that was not in accordance with God's word. Now I will say the same to you, I suspect your platitudes about liberation because I deleted not find them biblical . And your opinion to the contrary, be liable to confuse and keep the souls trapped in bondage and darkness ! One of the reasons so many affected souls go without life and peace are just in such supervisors who speak as you do . I also know that there are many sincere souls who are not quite certain you can tell exactly the time of his conversion . I am also agree that God's work is done in a secret way deep inside . A really poor spirit , longing for Jesus and the need to obtain grace and taxes is a sure sign that the life of faith is kindled in the soul. But you are not then come to clarity and full conviction of his grace condition. Nevertheless , one can not produce this condition as the normal . Scripture let the Lord liberated say : "We know that we have passed from death to life! " (1 John ) It's not just " we hope ! " Furthermore, it says: " Now we are children of God, but it is not obvious what we shall be." " We know that we are of God " (John 5 , 19) . " And this is the testimony , that God has given us eternal life. And this life is in his Son . Whoever has the Son has life " (John 5 , 11-12 ) " The Spirit of God bears witness with our spirit that we are God's children " . " He has given us the Spirit as a pledge of our inheritance " . " We are blessed if we preserve the first secure banishment firm unto the end ."

God's word speaks also clear that a Christian is sure his transition from death to life. And this knowledge is far too valuable treasure for us that we can lose it ! It 's what gives us strength, courage and great attitude in our spiritual battle. I am anyway and agree with you Jacob in our work for God's kingdom , we must use the Savior , the Apostles and the first Christians procedure . It must be the only examples we follow ! And I must strongly warn against leaving these " old paths " to let the most appropriate come instead. We must be careful to anticipate God's plans and purposes for our appropriate inclinations.

But now I will continue where I left off. I said that man , according to the word of God is without the ability for good. One must therefore strongly object to the doctrine which you Elias talking about. The doctrine says that God can see free will of man . A determination that he may appeal to the calls for repentance. This doctrine of free will is just a fraudulent dream from the state before the Fall . Sure enough it can be said that man has a free will when it comes to worldly things. But in the spiritual , we are equally unfree and bondage as a slave under a despotic master. And not enough with that. We are not just accidental and enslaved when we do good, but we are by nature bitter enemies to God ! Sans the flesh is enmity against God. The opposite doctrine is pernicious to the soul and causes dangerous consequences with it .

Why are there so many seeking without finding ?

Why are there so many souls who seek without coming to the knowledge of the truth . Without getting to real life , peace and joy in the Holy Spirit ? We will try to prove several reasons. Savior says . " Strid ( seriously , it says in GML . Edition ) to enter through the narrow door , because many , I tell you , will seek to enter and will not be able. " By these words we see that the lack of seriousness is why so many seekers from entering . There are thousands of ties that bind the poor soul stuck in sin and the world. These ties have worn . Already on repentance first step we encounter several difficulties. These must , by the grace occurring force to be overcome for the work of the Lord shall prosper . But this requires serious . A severe that breaks right across the old sin habits, violates mundane and vain company , providing manifested by frequent use of the word of God and prayer.

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