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No. 658: Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian?

No. 658:

Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian?

Should only be positive, accept everything and then to a spiritual Christian? The first Christians checked everything with the word of God , and voted it the word was positive . Voted not the word , they were negative . It is for me a healthy way to be positive. Picture of the new leadership council in the Pentecostal movement which appears to me as a click where it is about to do to stay friends with the most possible , and never stand for something even the basis of a conviction from God's word. And is one of anything, becomes a fast and effective squeezed and boycotted out!

Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with all readiness , and searched the scriptures daily, whether it was just as it was told unto them .

OPEN LETTER TO " LED 2014 " Pentecostal leader conference THAT PROGRESS IN THESE DAYS .

Posted by Per Willy Edvardsen on Facebook

A participant which leave out information about what Karl Gustav Severin said in his speech yesterday. One of the things Karl Gustav Severin said , was that there was too much negative talk in our time . I called if they could tell what " NEGATIVE TALK " is. I was told that there were some who had JoshV and Caleb spirit.

So I called for an example of what is negative speech, since it is purported to be so much of this. But it could not be reproduced because I was not present and had heard all the talk. But only one small example I may well get , but no. So I wrote a new message and address to the conference and asked Karl Gustav Severin any specific questions that I think he should answer , since it is perceived that there is much " NEGATIVE TALK " in our time .

Allegations much negative talk can easily be perceived as an attack on the Voice of the Prophets , or those who question the doctrine, or what leads companies decide in person matters and other processes and contexts . I wrote a letter with questions and opinions to LED in 2014 , but it was just deleted. Therefore I repeat it here and hope to reach through. Then we can call it an open letter instead.

I think we need some open debate about these things in Norway philosophy and POSSITIVISME ? OR THE LORD'S WORDS AND LOVE THE TRUTH ?

My point is , now we have experienced at least 25 years when the power of people and matprester has taught Christians to judge cases based on whether it is positive or negative, rather than the biblical way in which you try everything and asks whether there is truth or falsehood, right or wrong. Very few have dared to go against these " philosophical spirit forces " . Many have been scared away from the love of truth for fear of being labeled as negative. The battle with the Lord's double-edged sword was too hard , using it to reveal the construction methods or injustice and rebuke the Lord's words were too tough . Lord's recipe in that context ( in the battle against evil ) is the love of truth . The part we get in by asking questions to the Father by the Spirit and the word help on what is true and right.

Unfortunately, many become fearful and many have been duped . Those who have claimed the Lord's words or spoken , Thus saith the Lord ! and questioned the power of people's way of building the kingdom of God has been so ears have told off by the so-called " positive hop " crowd that force people by intimidation techniques have managed to mobilize . Hopen shouting crucify , crucify ! Direct control techniques to intimidate into silence , or slanderous subtle spiritual forces that lurk people to join up with the positive . What they do not understand is that they have been cheated out of love for the truth and helped to isolate the " so-called negative" prophets. Those who never learn to keep your mouth shut . Those who are always prevent power people's way of building the kingdom of God . These terrible "negative people " who can never be silent.

To get Christians to judge whether things are " positive or negative " instead of judging whether there is "truth or falsehood, right or wrong " is from the devil and has led congregations and churches into a quagmire , where people no longer dares to ask questions about either evil or good. Everything is grace , while the devil has deceived this vital love of truth from the people. Lord's words as clover gave way and marrow , and judges the thoughts and attitudes are transformed into philosophies. The Lord has commanded me to warn against including these things and I 've really got to know what these so-called " positive people " stand for and what spirit is behind .

There has been a vital match for my part for many years !

Dances can not and fooled the philosophical control techniques and disbursements by doctrines of devils , but questions about what the Lord's word says on the matter, so one is convicted of and that one is negative. This affects everything in the house of the Lord . Now you collected a great conference , so there is of course this rule technique on the table again, IT'S ALL TOO MUCH NEGATIVE CHAT !

Now it's harvest time in the kingdom of God . Serious times! Now , the person who has built a few test its structures. Have you let yourself be fooled ? Therefore I say right Karl Gustav Severin ; What do you your opinion on this conference that there is too much negative talk ? Do you think that the word of being abused hinder the modern building method of the kingdom of God ? Are there too many questions at the moment? Let's get some concrete answers on the board. Now it høsttid and we demand an explanation of what you put in the terms " positive and negative " . Is the modern method of construction of the Kingdom of God about to be revealed to the people? Love of truth and humility because it is the only method of building the Lord accept .

The church is the pillar and foundation , but devils doctrines and philosophies are about to demolish the church of God from each other . Give us some answers from this conference on these things. Many of us wonder . 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 should be read in this context and I greet you all with this word from the Lord ; Col. 2.8 Ensure that there is no one deceive you through philosophy and vain deceit , after the tradition of men , after the world powers and not by Christ.

The great apostasy !

God's word tells us about a great apostasy before Jesus fetches the bride in the cloud ! ( 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 )

It is important that believers pray for the Spirit's revelation of God's word. I believe God has revealed much of the two Tess.2 my mind . I read this chapter first time - shortly after I was saved at 88 When the Lord revealed to my mind what is human life . It is to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth to live in it.

The basis for salvation ;

Paul exhorts Timothy above all things ( 1 Timothy chapter 2 verses 1-4) that he must make supplications, prayers, intercessions , and thanksgivings for all men. For God will have all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth . The significance of this is that man must be delivered into the Ark which is Christ , and then to come to knowledge of the truth . If we turn to this recipe , we try to get people to come to the knowledge of the truth , then be saved , yes - then everything becomes terribly wrong . Man can not come to the knowledge of the truth before salvation in Jesus Christ.

The absolute truth and God's perfect love is one . It is given us in the Son , who is Jesus Christ. He is the way , the truth and the life. Before we received the Son of God and were saved , we thought that we walked in truth , but were deceived by the father of lies . The absolute truth is completely incomprehensible to the devil's children. They have no idea what the truth is . Truth is love for Jesus Christ and his unquestionable and holy Word.

His true words leads to life and godliness . Truth is something that is just done, absolutely perfect and well . The truth is simple and relate to. The truth is easy to remember . The truth sets people free . When the truth comes to the table resolve conflicts. The truth brings joy to the heart . When the truth is our first priority will be no unfair treatment . The truth is daily subsistence food for the soul , mind and body.

The truth is the word of God revealed through the Holy Spirit , given concrete into any situation . The truth sets people free from disease. The lie connects people in a vicious and cruel torment , the wages of sin is total depravity and eternal torment. When a man is saved and come to the knowledge of the truth , - gets rid of man 's worst nuisance - sin . Satan loses his power. When man distances himself to God , they believe the lie . When man allows for God gives the truth place in his heart , being saved and given a wonderful life in communion with God.

( Read 2 Timothy chapter 2 and 3 Read 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and Psalm 15 End of the Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 6 )

The main reason to be preserved ;

Now I hope you have taken the time to read what I have written and I have recommended you to read as well. In the second Thessalonians chapter 2 , we see that the assumption of being preserved as a Christian is to love the truth . Love of truth is at first love for Jesus Christ who is the Truth in person.

If you or I get a liberal or bad relationship with truth - about the notion of truth is no longer the most important in our lives , we have rejected Christ . God's Spirit's mission is to glorify Christ in our lives . To glorify Christ is to glorify the truth of our lives . A man who does not adhere to the truth - the judge actually even death. It says that all unrighteousness is sin , and the wages of sin is death . Therefore, should not we be concerned to judge other people. We will be keen to be speaking the truth in love.

Keeping the truth Word in high esteem , keep trying with ourselves , judge for ourselves whether we are in truth. The truth has always been a very central and combustible term . If the man does not know what the truth is , they know not who God is .

Every time you speak the truth , set up on the side of the person who speaks the truth or underline the truth - set you on God's side . The Holy Spirit's job is to speak the word of truth to your heart . If you accept it , humble yourself under it and goes the way that the Lord will , you shall be preserved in salvation in Jesus Christ.

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