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Nr. 656: Just as man is created in the image of God is twofold, God is twofold with an invisible and visible substance!

Nr. 656:

Just as man is created in the image of God is twofold, God is twofold with an invisible and visible substance!

The Apostle Paul speaks of man as twofold, an outer and inner man. How is God also, where God the Father than the "invisible" part and the real and true God. Just like our real and true self is our inner man. Photo of Hippocrates which was what was called the "Father of medical art" and that we must ascribe much of the knowledge we have today about the temperament and many other things.

I have always been concerned with the inner human. And to get an accurate picture of it, so we must have ne biblical understanding. The Apostle Paul speaks of the inner and outer man.

Eph 3:16 that he, according to his glorious riches grant you to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

The inner man is an image of God the Father, invisibly present but it is our real self. And the outer man is Christ Jesus, who shows but we are on the inside just as Jesus showed us who God the Father was.

"Whoever has seen me has seen the Father." (Joh.14.9) In the Gospel of John says: "No one has ever seen God, the only begotten Son, who is God and who is bosom of the Father, he hath declared he is. "(Joh.1.18).

How to know who we are? We need to learn to know ourselves. Taking finally the four temperaments from Wikipedia which says a lot about us and the soul and spiritual life we ​​have and need to develop to become like God.

From ancient times to know one doctrine attributed Hippocrates and physician Galeno, the four temperaments, the sanguine (light and cheerful) (lazy. Sanguis, 'blood'), melancholic (heavy and depressed) (gr. Melas' black 'and Khola' bile '), the choleric (angry and rash) (gr. Khole), and phlegmatic (slow and quiet) (gr. phlegm,' tenacious body fluids, mucus').

Anthroposophical temperamental typology Koleriker - Jeglegemet, Blodkredsløbet, Fire element. Sangviniker - Astral Body, Nervous System, Luf telecommunications segment. Melancholic - Physical Body, Body, Earth element. Flegmatiker - Life Body, Kirtelsystemet, Vand item.

According to Rudolf Steiner's theories are different temperaments physical, and shows itself in outward expression, such as height, breadth, time, movement, habitual behavior patterns, etc. A human being has aspects from two or more of the four temperaments, and the mix of cross- and across.


(Melania chole)

The outward expression: With this bias, we have a man with a heavy, solid and shuffling gait, with slow, indecisive and sometimes clumsy movements. Melankolikeren has a long and bony body, with a little lazy and tired appearance. hanging slightly forward, with a lowered dark and dull gaze. The face has a downward pull and older it can be compared to the tragic Greek theater mask. The hair tones against the dark shades that gets the bright, almost pale complexion, to stand out in relief.

Socially speaking: People with this temperament are honest and loyal, they can be a bit quiet and sometimes difficult to connect with because they are very introspective and thoughtful. In a group brings the stability and care, as well as a great awareness and compassion for the weak and disadvantaged. Melancholy Magicians are incredibly creative, and in activities such as poetry and art are the fabulous and often perfectionist. An exaggerated or negative part of being a melancholic is that melankolikeren can become so involved in what he / she is doing, that they forget to think of others.

Tanks life is rich and deep by a melancholic, often seek out sad and gloomy thoughts, and dwell in the past sorrows, and can be fully immersed in all the tragedy and cruelty that is in the world. Melankolikeren can sit alone and ponder long, thorough and concentrated on different conscious selected items. This can cause a person with such a temperament to work introverted, slow and self-obsessed, however, reasoned and deliberate when he / she finally expresses itself, with its calm and unstressed voice.

Through the emotions going through melankolikeren again and again, as in the thought life, emotions from the past from various sorrows and sad events. This can make very bad, and a melancholic may therefore be extremely bleak, dark and gloomy. A melancholic saver for all its sorrows and feelings deep inside themselves, and carries solely around them for life. Because this has a melancholic tendencies to develop melancholy and other forms of depression. A melancholic live by Murphy's Law, and is negative and fearful of what the future may bring. You know why this bias by the raised cautionary finger to tell about how dangerous and terrible all are. It is common that a person with this temperament feel left out and hugely alone and tend to self-pity.

I will life has melankolikeren difficulty getting from the starting such. by new tasks and obstacles and brakes therefore often themselves p.ga his inner convictions about his own physical or mental limitations.



The outward expression: Here is a temperament that gives man a slightly shuffling walk, relax with loose joints. Flegmatikeren moves slowly and steadily away, with a slightly blurred motor skills. Body building is large, round and strong. The face is round with a motionless mime who almost never shows any kind of participation. The eyes are dull, often bright, with a quiet introverted feeling good look.

Socially speaking: People with this temperament are usually easy-going as flegmatikere love to socialize, and have an innate kindness, empathy and a big heart. This means that a flegmatiker is incredibly caring, faithful and reliable in a friendship. On the other side, the dark side if you will, is a flegmatiker hugely demanding and selfish, and can be passive and introverted. It can be difficult to get a man of this temperament to participate in various activities as flegmatikeren do not like change and new challenges.

The phlegmatic thought life, things slowly but taken up an issue, stop the thought process is not until it has reached the end. They think very systematic and flegmatiker find facts and scientific studies to back up his thoughts, and this can take days. Subsequently, flegmatikeren lay a deep and thorough analysis of the topic. Others may lose patience in the meantime, and experience a flegmatiker indecisive and slow.

Flegmatikerens emotional life is almost insensitive, a person with this temperament living in his own introverted well-being. Therefore, bullying, and what everyone else thinks about him / her, do not worry a flegmatiker who let it bounce off of, and remains exactly without any major reactions to the unpleasantness that had just been exposed.

Will life of a flegmatiker is full of repetitions because such a person loves and finds comfort in his habits and daily routines. Further, there is a great endurance and strong will in this temper, if flegmatiker not want something, no one can get him / her to what one might incline to call this man for stubbornly.



The outward expression: With sangvinikeren we have a temperament that gives man a quick, jerky, almost flying time, with flowing, light and elegant movements. A person with this temperament has a tall, thin and lithe body, with a lean muscle. The complexion is light, without being pale, and hair tones against the light shades. The face is always in motion, and sangvinikeren expresses and reflects constantly what is happening in its interior, through gestures and vivid blue eyes.

Socially speaking: A sangviniker is a company junkie who often seek confirmation through other people. A person with this temperament radiates joy and grace, and is extremely outgoing and full of energy. Sangvinikeren is often up for anything, and are resourceful, enterprising and impulsive, you will therefore never be bored in the company of a sangviniker. However, there are also poor social characteristics of sangvinikeren that can be deceitful, unpredictable and impatient. A man who wears this temperament may seem chaotic and moody.

In a sangvinikers thought life is never quiet, thoughts and associations flies, and it can be difficult for this man to stay focused and absorbed. It is again p.ga. the astral forces acting in this temper that can cause a lot of chaos, but also a stream of imaginative and original ideas, as sangviniker can choose to receive. You meet at this temper an emotive mind that is hurtigopfattende and optimistic. Sangvinikeren, with its shallow and flighty mindset often get spoken too soon about everything under the sun, without having prepared his point or where he / she wants to go with this statement. Therefore, such a person seem a little naive and without depth, and often lack credibility.

I feel life is a sangviniker an intense bon vivant living in the moment and enjoy it. A person with such a temperament has a big heart, and share fond of his love for everyone around him. But here is the short emotions that range from one to the other depending on what the surrounding area has to offer.

Will life be penetrated also the astral body, which here gets sangvinikeren to crave excitement and constantly seeking something new, he / she will quickly become bored and restless.


(Xanthe chole)

The outward expression: A choleric person has a very self-confident, purposeful and real time, with each step plants the foot with the heel first, hard and determined. Kolerikerens movements are forward-looking and feisty, with an erect appearance. The body shape is small and powerful, a little dense and stocky, with a raised and determined head. A person with this temperament, has very energetic and clear-cut face, with intense, glowing black eyes. The gaze can act or staring angrily, but this must be seen as a manifestation of energy, which, like the hair - which goes against the dark tones, or even classic red hair - shows the strengths I and ildkræfter are dominant in this temper .

Socially speaking: A person with this temperament is a born leader type that can effectively plan and then authoritarian delegating roles. Kolerikeren is very quick, firm and direct in his facial expression and of speech, and therefore can unintentionally offend or hurt other people. This is also a temperament with a huge extroversion, with its ildvæsen glowing and full of initiative, courage and boldness. Further, kolerikeren a loyal and reliable friend, but can be steered, dictatorial and somewhat egocentric in a group.

Tanks life is rich with an koleriker, it is not a thought throng as in sangvinikeren but clear, rapid and practical ideas. This makes a koleriker good to discuss with a quick and obvious to or counter-arguments that can manipulate the other party. Further, the quick thinking, affect a person with this temperament negative and turn it into a judgmental, more knowledgeable and assertive man.

In a kolerikers emotions are not the slightest bit of inferiority, on the contrary, there may be more worth complexes. Anger and ildfyldte feelings blouses also up in this area can have a koleriker to let off steam on completely innocent people, friends, family, or who just nearby.

The will of life gives the strong Jegkræft kolerikeren strength. A choleric man possesses all an incredibly powerful, dynamic and confident willpower not to budge off course. Here in the will of life is a man of this temperament huge routine, with firm controlled habits.

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