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Nr. 338: Peter Ljunggren divorced and re married for 3 time as Pastor Jan Hanvold, and still "preaching" that Hanvold, impertinence no limits take some Pentecostal \ Charismatic "preachers" who serve only their own belly (read lusts)!

Nr. 338:

Peter Ljunggren divorced and re married for 3 time as Pastor Jan Hanvold, and still "preaching" that Hanvold, impertinence no limits take some Pentecostal \ Charismatic "preachers" who serve only their own belly (read lusts)!

From Wikipedia: Peter Ljunggren or Peter Youngren, born 1955, Swedish värld evangelist, television preacher and and helbrägdagörare. Living in Canada, and and has bedrivit maange campaigns in Muslim countries, mix other Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cuba and others. 2006 författade him a book called "Mina Muslim water" (available in English: My Muslim friends), dar he mix annates claim back the Koran uppmuntrar Muslim nutrition again explored the gospel, and again the Qur'an denies interest korsfästelsen. In this he criticized sharply Christianity that speaks against Islam, in the back är något VARK that Jesus or Paul brukade employed himself with.

Peter Ljunggren pictured here with one of his many wives, he is worse than the Mormons and as bad as Jan Hanvold, it says its

Peter Ljunggren such as Vision Norway has promoted here in Norway that has sent many of his programs. I have also preached here in Norway in the largest (read worst) independent congregation Oslo Christian Center. Takes me 20 pages of Ljunggren and like-minded life and what it involves and entails.

1) Peter Ljunggren has even admitted that he has been unfaithful. Then it is excluded under any circumstance with remarriage, this mean that even liberal preachers remarriage for one who has been unfaithful is not allowed.

2) Peter Ljunggren has tampered with his marriage bed, God's word speaks against this warning. From my commentaries Hebrews 13 4 Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage must not be soiled. For God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers. Coexistence must not be soiled with affairs or that the faithful stand and marry again while the others live. Infidelity and remarriage God will judge. Remarriage when referring to people of faith who marry again while the previous spouse and the right liver. The remarriage is the sin that God will judge rather than someone else or are so rude to marry a divorcee.

3) First, he is amazing with its secretions, then he marries her. Then he separates himself from her and married again with a new one. This is exactly what Jesus says about those he detests. Many will say to me ... Lord, Lord! Have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name perform many miracles in thy name? And then I will openly say to them, I never knew you. Depart from me, you think you released from the law, Matt.7: 22.23. ("You who practice lawlessness." Greek "anomias" which means "lawless" or "lovfri", "you who live released from the law.")

4) It is re-marry or to marry a divorcee who is an unforgivable sin when one comes into a relationship that God has condemned and prohibited. Luke 16 18 Whoever separates himself from his wife and marries another woman, he commits adultery, and whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband committeth adultery.

5) No warning almost against him, why? This is weakness, not as it should be. There must be appropriate to warn against such a preacher as to the degree takes himself to the right and runs his own race away from writing? And that is what creates the division when the carnal elements "draw" with him. Rooms. 16. 17 But I beseech you, brethren, to keep an eye on those who cause discord and offense contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and turn away from them, 18 of these do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by his sweet voice and his fine words fools those silly hearts.

6) We can not use the King David or any of the Old Testament and the Old Testament that there is forgiveness to be had. Those who lived under the Old Covenant had allowed much as we in the New Covenant are not allowed. We can not compare bananas and apples.

7) Sin has its consequences, your sin will find you teach writing. This is from my commentaries Hebrews 4 13 No creature is hidden from him. Everything is naked and bare to him that we should be accountable for. Adam and Eve braided fig leaves because they noticed they were naked. God knows and sees everything. Although our motives, intentions and secret desires. Nothing prevents God to have the full overview. Read Psalm 139

8) How we live, we are to sow anything. We can not believe that God forgives and removes everything. We are adults and responsible to know that we get back to how we live, evil or evil! From my commentaries Galatians 6 7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, he shall also reap. This is to harvest and then apply to all people at all times. Both before, during and after the law. It is stated in the law of Moses that your sin will find you. No one can go with hidden sins in life and heart, all will reap for sooner or later. 8 He that soweth to his sinful nature will reap destruction of it: he that soweth to the Spirit will reap eternal life by the Spirit. Hebrews 10, 26 Synder, we deliberately after we learned the truth, then there is no longer any sacrifice for sins. (See 2 Peter 2:20, Matt 12:45) It is clearly revealed in the NT that this is an ongoing conflict as long as we are still in nature (flesh), but that life in the Spirit is our state united in God. The flesh is real even after salvation and many experience the contradiction between the law of the flesh and the Spirit to a greater or lesser degree. By prayer, fasting, faith and struggle, walk of life in nature - by adding dead flesh - for the life of Jesus and the Spirit. Here comes the Holy Spirit's help we built up in faith, gifts and power as we grow and mature in faith. It must all surrender completely to Jesus and put all burdens on Him (Romans 8:26, 8:34, 1 John 2:1, Matthew 11:28-30). Here we must all be salt and light, help and guide each other in love. 9 Let us not become weary in doing good. When the time comes, we shall reap, if we only do not give up. Do you show kindness, you will reap goodness. One day you can give, another day it is you who need to get. Then you'll have plenty left if you have sown plenty. But management is also my CHRONO time. I have managed my time right when it comes to seeking God, I have found the right balance between work and rest, involvement in and outside the home, involvement in church? God has something he wants to teach us here. But we must begin with him. We read not in the Bible that Jesus was busy. He had time for everyone even though he had much to do. But then he did just that his heavenly father had decided. And it seems that knowing what it was, he got in the mornings when he was alone with his heavenly father.

9) the preachers will be the more stringent judged, therefore, bear a judgment against those who do not live as God's word teaches. Jacob 3 1. My brothers! Not many of you become teachers, since I know that we will also heavier judgment!

10) Testimony outside world also means a lot, even pagans know that one should not hold on to as many Pentecostal \ Charismatic preachers live. All people have a conscience, but these preachers and soon the whole Pentecostal \ Charismatic movement are people without scruples who can bring themselves to do "everything" in Jesus' name, as there is always grace and forgiveness to get. No wonder that there is a break now for the grace of preaching in which everything is permitted with Pastor Aage Åleskjær and OKS in the lead. There, Ljunggren preached many times.

11) A preacher is a pattern image of the flock. Separates and he marries, so "the" church also do the same. Of course not, but the responsibility as a pattern and role models for the church, it is indisputable and enormously important. 1. Pet. 5. 3 Nor, as those who rule over their congregations, but so that I will model for the flock.

12) Emanuel Minos is a synonym for apostasy in the church. We know basically what is right but give the opposite advice and signals. For this apostasy will come so far, the main blame on the preachers and who is responsible for the churches that burden been better but that does not act accordingly.

13) Garden of Eden, man yearns to be back. What was bliss and glory there? Gude Society and affection between husband and wife. With life so Ljunggren and many others do, so they tell that free sex and a free life is what is something to covet. Can not believe this is possible in the church of God and it becomes more and more widely accepted and approved.

14) Luther would have removed parts of the Bible, such as James and other parts of the word of God that did not fit in with the only thing that came was free grace. We can look back today with a certain humorous look and think that this was extreme and he was so concerned with the saving grace. But in fact, as soon live much of the Protestant movement of Pentecost \ karismatiskere in the lead.

15) Too bad - the words and themes that do not fit in our time. Even in our churches, we talk much about sin. Most are allowed. For some, everything is permitted. The consequence of this is that when we do not save. What then remains of the gospel? We shall see what the Bible says: Rooms 3:10-12 .. as it is written: There is no one righteous, not one. There is no one who understands, there is no one who seeks God. All are turned aside, all of them have become inept. There is none that does good, not one. Rooms 3:19-20 .. But we know that whatever the law says, it speaks to the people who are under the law, that every mouth shall be opened and the whole world become guilty before God. Therefore, no flesh will be justified by the works of the law for him. For through the law comes knowledge of sin. This applies to us all. We are all sinners according to the Bible. It says that there is none righteous, not one. Sin separates us from God. As we read it was the intention of the law that we find in the Old Testament, to show that we are all guilty before God. God can not wink at sin. Sin must be atoned for. The wages of sin is death. The DGT was to either have people dying, or had animals die in the human place. It was a symbolic action, as it stands: the blood of the spotless goats and calves could not take away sin. How else would God have to create community with people again, as it was from the beginning? God is both loving and fair. How could it come together? Johs. 3.16 provides answers to it. He gave himself a sacrifice without blemish. In Hebrews. 9.12 says: Not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood he entered the holy place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption. He did it once and for all, including you and me. "Once for all" in the sense: that he does not have to do it several times. Does this mean then that all people are automatically saved? No. Here it comes into the picture that we are created in God's image with its own free will. God forces no one, even as you do not want to force someone to love you. Ljunggren and everyone has a personal choice about how we want to live and what choices we want to take.

16) What would Ljunggren have done after he was unfaithful to his first wife and had his personal intimacy with the secretions? He confessed this as sin after he was discovered and made her pregnant. But then to go on to divorce and then marry her secretions is both obscene and unscriptural.

17) When he was separated from her secretions and were alone, what would he have done? Finding a new way he did? All Ljunggren does testify to a man with a big ego. Scripture is clear how a believer should live and be for a divorce. Whether living alone or get back to his first and straight spouse. 1 Cor. 7. 10 The married I command, yet not I but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband, 11 but she is separated from him, then she vedbli to be unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and that a man does not to separate himself from his wife.

18) How to deal with those who take up the freedom to marry again as believers? Scripture teaches that we should warn them one and two times, then they should not be allowed to participate in church community and not be able to get the emblems. That they will continue as ministers, pastors and missionaries who Ljunggren testify that apostasy will not come, but it has come.

19) Salvation is not a matter of course, it's so far that one can be saved as sin, the world and Satan has such power and pressure on us humans. It is only by God's grace it can and will go. Without God's grace, not only to salvation, but to live as a believer in this world, we will not reach From my commentaries Titus 2 11 For the grace of God has appeared to give salvation to all people. Here comes the big main biblical truth, the middle way Paul teaches Titus. Just think, God has not forgotten us. We are all included in God's salvation and no one is excluded. If one is white, yellow, red, black or mulatto as God loves us just as much and salvation is just as rich and necessary for everyone. 12 And his mercy teaches us to tell us ungodliness and worldly lusts and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, What saves us? What keeps us as believers? How to get the Christian life to go on shining? If we follow the law, or strive to the utmost? The answer is the same at all, it is grace that saves us, causes us to live as true believers and some day it should take us home. We are only able to live as God's grace through Jesus Christ. It causes us to live, in self-discipline, upright and godly lives in this present age. 13 while we wait for our hope to get their blissful fulfillment, and that our great God and Savior Jesus Christ will appear in glory. Paul was waiting for Jesus and he expected to meet him and be his equal. The promise is imminent and we also await Jesus will take us home and save us from the Anti-Christian wrath. After approx. 7 years of tribulation Anti Christian, Jesus appears in glory with all the saints. 14 For Christ gave himself for us to redeem us from all iniquity and purify us so we can be his own people, zealous of good works. We as believers are the first fruits of the creature. We are different and we are already living and be of the type of creature to come. We are already eagerly doing good when the good will prevail in the end. Darkness will give way to the light, love and hatred of Satan to God. 15 This should preach, and with the authority should encourage and show the way. Do not let anyone look down on you! By the way we live and by our trusted service will not look down on us but on us. We will not display the world's children to ensure first and foremost, but other believers who do not follow the word of God in life and learn!

20) Remarriage opens up for demonic activity in such a scale among believers that we do not understand the scope of it. It is clear that God loves all people, even those who are divorced. However, to normalize and legalize this, there is normalization of sin and open up the demons that have free rein among God's people. I can not help that there is such a thing it is. Just as there are natural laws are the spiritual laws. We need to deal with and accept. It had been a thousand times better Ljunggren and all others will be preachers who are re-married as believers that they had never set up there, they make matters worse and helps to lead congregations in and into the disabled and in spiritual darkness. Luke 11 24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and when it does not find it, it says, I will return unto my house whence I came out of. 25 And when it comes, it finds it swept and garnished. 26 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there, and the latter is worse with the man than the first.

Final Comment: Think about that when believers turn away from God, it is actually seven times worse than it would have been if he had never learned the truth. It is a very black and responsibility to bring the living God to do, and live directly fought with God's word makes everything so much worse! When will God's people think about and want to repent? I do not know, but I will do my work, keep the word of God in full and do what I can to make life and learning to match what the scripture says. 2. Tim. 4. 1. I testify before God and Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom, 2 Preach the word, be ready at all hours, convince, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and teaching! 3 For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine, but after their own lusts take themselves teachers in droves, because the itching ears, 4, and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and turn to adventure. 5 But you be sober in all things, suffer evil, do an evangelist, complete your service! 1. Tim. 4. 16 Give heed to thyself and to doctrine, keep at it! for when it does, then you will save both thyself and them that hear thee.

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