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No. 1501: The problem here in Norway is that no one in the public agency will under any circumstances be held responsible for their misdeeds - The Civil Ombudsman is a solid bluff, it says that Norway is a deficient democracy!

No. 1501:
The problem here in Norway is that no one in the public agency will under any circumstances be held responsible for their misdeeds - The Civil Ombudsman is a solid bluff, it says that Norway is a deficient democracy!

Complaint to the Civil Ombudsman

You can appeal to the Civil Ombudsman if you believe that you have been subjected to injustice or errors from the public administration. This can be, for example, if you believe that a decision or decision is wrong, or that your case has been dealt with in an incorrect or irresponsible manner by the authorities. The Ombudsman makes a judicial and objective assessment of your complaint. It is free to complain.
(quote end.)

This sounds so great, but in reality this is a solid bluff, not least in our case!

In reality, the judiciary is so corrupt and they protect each other.
Where the County Governor protects PBE here in Oslo.
Again, the Civil Ombudsman protects the County Governor and PBE here in Oslo.

Taking a case to court, the justice system defends / protects absolutely everything and everyone, even here in our case they even lie to them. in the judgment several places.
But through the faithful prayers and good work, we will and will win this case. If we lose, we know that this is another word of justice!

Who should complain if one does not win? In reality, the system, the people and everything is so much as the degrees are interwoven. It is in fact the goat that fits on the oak tree, and then the chances of winning then.
But we as believers have an appetizer, we have with the ruler and creator of the universe. Therefore, nothing in this world will never destroy us.

The only thing that could ruin for us is that we let the shit in from this world adversely affect us. I do not. Wrote an article under the Torp of a psychologist who had and has much to say. Want to bring it in the end, here is a lot of wisdom.

No. 932:

I do not really up through preñar ran after I became a believer and started following God's word carefully. Always experienced resistance. But simultaneously, I think I can say that by and large it all I have turned the other cheek and overlooked things were!

Photo by psychologist Jan Atle Andersen who has a teaching that goes on is not what is said, but how we deal with it is being said!

I am opposed to report people as God's word discourages this, God will "run" our cause and are the judge. Simultaneously we believers have a internal justice where we rectify such things. Then there are usually always more a spiritual conflict than what one sees with the naked eye. But as if unwillingly can review and if there are of course some very criminal acts etc.

I've heard so much about me, not least in the recent past by Jan Aage Torp and website Searchlight. Including I'm a demon, false prophet, needs treatment is retarded, has asparagus syndrome, heresies, vile blogs, like lies, soon convicted and imprisoned, stalker, looks retarded, have the treatment, dangerous, suffering from a mental disorder, lacking empathy and so much else it will take too long time to mention more.

How do I respond? I try the individual statements, and ask me, it is no substance in it. All this is mentioned here is not it, therefore I am not characterize this at all!

I've heard a psychologist Jan Atle Andersen, who is very much instructive to tell us.

What his teaching including going out is not what is said, but how we deal with it is being said!

I've heard him on P2 radio program Echoes where he has said a lot well, and have read a bit about him in retrospect. Here is some of what he has responded during an interview:

- When I get such messages, I'm glad I've learned to not let me violate words, says Andersen bt.no today.

The major points to Andersen that victims can be violating the bully.

To reduce bullying, one early teach children to take responsibility for themselves and their own reactions. Children must also learn that words can not hurt, stab or kill. To believe otherwise is pure voodoo, says Andersen.

"Missing Link"

- I had expected a lot more pepper than I got for these bogs. Surprisingly, many have given me support, says Andersen.

- What feedback did you get?

- Some believe my way of thinking is a kind of "missing link" in bullying. Some believe this is the way to think about the future, says Andersen.

But Andersen has also received harsh criticism. A teacher asked Andersen be quiet.

"Bullying leads to anxiety, depression and suicide. There is a reason that voodoo works. Use your words to encourage, assist, rose, guiding - or be silent »

- Some of the messages have been full of invective, often from people who say they have been victims of bullying. They react in affect and it is like it is the problem. They let themselves violate without've been meaning from my side to violate them. They have not learned to take responsibility for their own feelings. It is not I who irritates them, but those who irritates herself, says Andersen.

- What feedback have you gotten from the professionals?

- There is very little support. I have been accused of saying this to get around PR person. I rather think that they are talking about themselves, says Andersen.

- You've got some requests from victims who have told their story. What impression do you?

- I think that there have been so terrible many unnecessary tragedies. I answer most of those who have approached, if not too many epithets involved. My view is: If I show compassion victim, so I pickle them into victimhood. If I say they must find the way out of victimhood, so they experience it as offensive, says Andersen.

- What about those who are not able to travel out of a possible role of victim?

- The best we can do is to teach them to take responsibility in their own lives, but it's easier said than done, says Andersen.

- They let themselves violate without've been meaning from my side to violate them. They have not learned to take responsibility for their own feelings, psychologist Jan Atle Andersen

Discussion with Bekkemellem

Saturday was the psychologist in radio debate with Karita Bekkemellem in connection with its initiative. The former Labour minister has previously emerged in the media and told how she was bullied by established AP women when she came as a young 24-year-old to Parliament.

- But Bekkemellem have a pretty strong story about how she should have been frozen out of a pretty snappy woman group in labor. What should she have done in such a situation?

- Short and sweet not care about what they said. People are responsible for their own emotions. I do not think it is necessarily true that the ladies of Labor was necessarily so grisly that Karita want it to. From my experience as a conflict advisor in working life, I have never experienced a situation with many villains that goes against an innocent victim, says Andersen.

- As a rule, a person who is in conflict obtained both one and two and three yellow cards before the red coming, says the psychologist.

General believes Andersen that most people being thrown out of a party or a workplace, has contributed itself to the situation they have landed in.

- I do not think jobs are full of psychopaths. When one gets collective reactions, so one has very often contributed yourself, either by act or disloyal challenged norms. Very often due to the whole lack of social intelligence, says the psychologist.

Chauvinistic hersketeknikk

Even says Bekkemellem to BT that she reacted strongly psychologist Andersen appearance in the radio program.

- I want me frabedt that I provoked. He must endure counterarguments to his vision. Claiming that I obviously provoked is nothing else than chauvinistic hersketeknikk says Bekkemellem.

- It's okay that he said anything about my background, but I reacted strongly to the signal power in that one from his profession go out and portray it as if victims can be blamed for what they are exposed to, says Bekkemellem.

She says she has been faced with many declarations of support for their radio meeting with the psychologist.

- Facebook wall mine is full of greetings, she says.
- Makes himself a victim in life

Andersen also come with several comments about Christian Democrat former deputy Inger Lise Hansen.

- Generally, I think that whoever takes responsibility, strengthens itself. Whoever blames others, weakens himself and making himself a victim of life. After 26 years as conflict treat, I've yet to hear a man say "I've got myself into a conflict with someone at work. I wonder if I might have listed me stupid. Maybe I should go and ask someone excuse "

- It is always "the others" who are to blame, says Andersen.
(End of quote).

Final Comment:

2 Cor. 6. 3 We do not give people any reason to be banished so the service be not blasphemed. 4 No, we show ourselves as servants of God in every way: with great patience in adversity, distress and anxiety, 5 under reproaches, in prison and in riots, in hard work, in watchings and hunger. 6 We go forward with integrity and wisdom, with patience and kindness, in the Holy Spirit, with sincere love, 7 with the word of truth and power of God, with righteousness weapon in right and left hand, 8 in honor and dishonor, maligned and honored . They say we are leading people astray, but we speak the truth, 9 we are unappreciated, yet recognized, we are dying, and behold we live! We are beaten, but not killed, 10 we mourn, but is always happy, we are poor, but making many rich; we have nothing but possessing everything.
    11 We have now spoken outspokenly, Corinthians. You have large room in our hearts. 12 Ye have not cramped with us, it is in their own heart is tight. 13 But I speak as to children: Do return! Open yourselves to us.

What is it really apostle Paul says here? Key phrase is in the middle here:
"In honor and dishonor, maligned and honored. They say we are leading people astray, but we speak the truth, we are unappreciated, yet recognized, we are dying, and behold we live! ".

As Christians, not least as a public preachers, we must assume that this is "normal". Experiencing honor and dishonor, not everyone will like us. Maligned and honored, Jesus heard both hosanna and the crucifixion, so it probably will be for us too!

They say we are leading people astray, but we speak the truth. It will never be "in" to be a true preacher of the Word, the resistance will many times be greatest from the so-called believers.

We are unappreciated, yet recognized God recognition and pleasure is more precious and important than human praise and recognition.

We are dying, and behold we live! We die away from our own, and this world. More and more we become liberated, happy and alive. There is pain and through the pain we will experience our greatest triumphs and what lives within us is revealed and it arrives!

So never let what other people think and control you, or me. But what God's word says, and what lives in our hearts, follow you and careful to have a clear and clean conscience! Then we will have victory, even more than victory is the Lord's words and promises of the Lord to us!

Acts 23. 1. Paul looked straight at the Council and said, "Brethren, with quite good conscience I have lived my life for God until today."

Rom. 8. 31 What shall we then say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? 32 He that spared not his own Son, but gave him up for us all, he can do anything other than to give us everything with him?
    33 Who can accuse them God has chosen? God who acquits. 34 Who then can condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died, yes, more than that, he stood up and seated at God's right hand, and he prays for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Distress, anxiety, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger or sword? 36 As it is written:
           For your sake we are killed all day long,
           We considered slaughtering sheep.
37 But in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither that which is in the high or in the deep, nor any other creature, shall able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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No. 1500: The planning and building services here in Oslo appear as people who demand the impossible from others, but they themselves cannot even manage their own papers or anything else!

No. 1500:
The planning and building services here in Oslo appear as people who demand the impossible from others, but they themselves cannot even manage their own papers or anything else!

In Christian environments and congregations, we are often accused of double standards, hypocrisy, love, hardness, and much more.
No one is worse than non-believing people most often, because here there is neither grace, mercy, self-irony, self-knowledge, nor recognition of one's own faults and shortcomings.

Just think in our case with the PBE and the public agencies here in Oslo, where we have been treated at a level where in fact a dictatorship had usually not been so bad and unfair. This is Norway 2019, at such a level.

I don't go around and feel sorry for myself, for that is the injustice too big. I know who's behind this, so this is pretty easy to deal with God's and good people's help.

One of the many bad things they have done is to take our confidential papers and spread them all over the web. Things are the number, what they do is almost impossible to spread it the way they do without it. The neighbor also has a conflict with PBE. Our papers have long been included in both our case and the case. It is absolutely amazing what they have gotten by fraudulent and a miserable job.
But they can only "relax", they are never accountable for what they do, anyway! Now they have deleted most of the time when I have pointed this out and others.

Here, others even regret this.

Here, one of many examples shows that they have drawn my name into completely different matters, never an apology or they must be responsible for something!

Final Comment:

Must stop here, a short article this time, but important!
Here it only shows which Norway we live in, that the public agency is never held responsible for its misdeeds. Small or large, they live in some kind of immunity here in Norway. It is not right and far from God pleasing and going for the people of the country!

torsdag 28. mars 2019

No. 1499: We have applied once again to the County Governor for, if possible, to make sense!

No. 1499:
We have applied once again to the County Governor for, if possible, to make sense!

Picture of me and my wife Berit, glad of all prayer and support, it warms.

2 Tim. 1. For God did not give us the spirit of discouragement, but the spirit of power and love and the mind.

In the basic text it is not the spirit of sin, but the spirit of health. In other words, that one is balanced and fair.

In German, this word does not mean sick, that is, a sheep with the opposite. These people we've met here in our cases are obviously sick people, not healthy people. No spiritual and mentally healthy people are doing this.

When one allows a person to build 57 times more than us, and that it has been explained on several occasions that we should not seek, only build. And at least a hundred other arguments in this case, and that we get rejected while others don't. Then it is not the Spirit of God that is behind, as it works health.

Scripture gives a little flattering picture of man without God and his Spirit.

Efes. 4. 17 This I say then, and testify in the Lord that ye shall no more walk as the heathen walk in the emptiness of their minds, 18 darkened in their minds, alienated from the life of God, by the ignorance that is in them because of the hardening of their heart; those who have been indulging in indomnity, so that they run all the impurities together with sickness.

Notice these negative charged words:

"Walk in the emptiness of his mind, darkened in his thought, alienated to the life of God by the ignorance that is in them because of the hardening of their heart, those who have indulged themselves in shamelessness, so that they run all uncleanness with sickness."

It fits perfectly with these people with whom we struggle and conflict. But how do they react to these? What does the scripture say?

2 Cor. 10. 3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not fight in the flesh; 4 for our weapons of war are not carnal, but mighty for God to overthrow fortifications, 5 overthrowing mindsets and every high rise against the knowledge of God, and capturing every thought during obedience to Christ, 6 and is ready to punish all disobedience, once your obedience has been perfected.

We capture every negative thought, yes, all thoughts, and control them with the word of God. We do not repay evil with evil, or reproach and punishment. We point out what is right and wrong, but above all, we pray.

Therefore, dear believing Jesus friends, pray that the matter and all other matters will resolve and these people will take to reason and let justice prevail. With all that we have built is not touched. But it must stand there and they realize that they have treated us totally erroneously and unfairly.
It also costs money to hire lawyers and others. Am happy for everyone who has sowed. And do you want to continue or join? You can then support us on account:

The Danish Bank: 85300502674

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No. 1498: The campaign against Donald Trump and the "campaign" against me have a lot in common, including that it is about finding errors, and reinforcing it to the unrecognizable so that we should appear to have "black-per!"

No. 1498:
The campaign against Donald Trump and the "campaign" against me have a lot in common, including that it is about finding errors, and reinforcing it to the unrecognizable so that we should appear to have "black-per!"

They have now been going for 2-3 years to get Donald Trump for national law. The only thing that has really happened is that those who have opposed him have come out badly. It is okay and legitimate to be against Trump, but then one does not have to make an effort to get him convicted, for that way he gets away. There are better ways to do things, it is through sound and factual reasoning.
It claims he is involved with Russia, but nothing is better really. Having a good relationship with Russia is stabilizing the world's peace far more than anyone is aware of. In fact, this is more important than much else.

It's strange with evil and difficult people.
They always create conflicts and nausea over all they come and are.
Also with Jan Aage Torp. His desire with me when I preached remarriage that he was disqualified as Pastor by being re-married was not answering with the word of God. But with a false police report and lies further in court that unfortunately never judged on. It again tells which dark forces are behind all of opposition to me and my family, it is the Evil One who is out on the road.

Have experienced a so-called black and have campaign against me and my family.
When I look back, everything has been a campaign where it has not been possible to find any faults and special relationships with me and my family.
What then do my masters who obviously try to trap me and put me and my family out of conception?
Well, what thousands and millions of others do, which may be debatable. It amplifies and sets out as it is something wrong and very bad. Even criminal and criminal. They are trying to make me become a mess and a crook,

In the United States, they say "Making a Murderer". That's what they're trying to make me become a "killer" and "criminal". The truth is the opposite!

So it was with Jesus too. We read in Isaiah 53. 12 Therefore I will give to him many, and strong shall he exchange, because he hath poured out his soul to death, and was counted among transgressors; but he that bore many sins, and prayed for the transgressors. .

Yes, Jesus was counted among offenders, that is, criminals.
He who was perfect.

When Jesus has gone through so much injustice, he suffered saying the scripture. Then we who follow him also have to count on something of the same treatment, we are his followers.

1 Pet. 2. 21 For to this were ye also called, because also Christ suffered for you, and left you an example, that ye should follow in his footsteps; 22 he that sinned not, and in whose mouth no deceit was found, 23 he who did not shudder when he was scolded, not threatened when he suffered, but left it to him who judges righteously.

Yes, Jesus threatened no one, I never did either. But I have been threatened many times, even wishing far worse things than I would like to write. But in all this we win more than victory writes the Apostle Paul.

Room. 8. 37 But in all this we gain more than victory from him who loved us.

Jan Aage Torp's goal was to get money from me, lots of money. Get me in jail. The goal of his co-conspiracy was to hang me and the heavenly blog to shut down.

The last trial has also been ugly, very nasty. Neighbor right down the road has during the same construction period as we received the exemption 57 times to a greater extent than us. We had also received oral approval and guidance from the Oslo municipality, no one wants to hear. When one gets a judge we got in the Oslo District Court which I think was through corrupt as head of no want to hear or believe our version. What then? Although my presentation of the case is not disputed. Even then, my version is not listened to and emphasized. On the contrary, I am actually portrayed as a liar, and completely ignored. In other words, District Court Judge Edvards Os is a very evil man in my eyes who heads his deaf ear to the truth, but will believe the lie over the truth. Such people are dangerous to have as judges, they are completely erratic and dangerous to the rule of law.

The Norwegian state with the judiciary in the lead stands at the knees in abuse of power.

There are so many categories of abuse and such a large scale that one does not see the forest for only trees. Just think now Eirik Jensen's case where the so-called judges put aside the jury's verdict, it's a shame. The verdict would have remained, yet another new court case makes no sense. He is partially convicted, partly acquitted, just what the Norwegian people believe about the case, the judgment was as it should be. What does the jury do? Set aside the verdict and yet another animal and new trial, this against an old pole man who has done so much good after all.

What is so sad with my cases is that I have never chosen to get into them myself. I have never applied to the courts or other things, but to solve my problems with people on a good and noble g way. And if I am odd, then I pull myself away, while Torp and other "lunatics" always seek battle. Not least in the public space.

Also think of these judges I have met who are rude and unprofessional in my opinion as few. As well as one day, they themselves should stand by God with their lives, and when they give others so little grace and just treatment. Then they have "promise" to meet the same even according to God's word.

Matt. 7. 2 For with the judgment which ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with the measure which ye measure, ye shall be measured.

Judge we had in Oslo District Court, Edvard Os wrote these lies into the verdict:

«It is further shown that many similar support walls and terrain fillings have been listed in the area. Equal treatment considerations can only have significance in comparable cases. As the municipality points out, these walls are listed before the current zoning plan, the S4220 house plan, was adopted. The legal situation is therefore not the same, and the consideration of equal treatment does not matter. "

We have added a lot of cases, probably a 50 pieces that are walls and other things set up according to the house building plan. In other words, there is a direct lie, and here "the fox" judges Edvards Os in the subject of writing this. It is simply not true, as our responsible applicants Ferdigattest AS points out in the application that there are walls set up after 2006, and that before that no one had applied. In other words, here the judge tries to twist everything in as much as we will become the suffering party and must tear everything that is totally insane and deeply unfair!

The following is called:

The doubt will come to the benefit of the defendant or that you are innocent until you are finally sentenced in a criminal case.

In my experience this does not work at all in Norwegian law. There one may be the opposite, that it is always the person (s) who have the "doubt" that is punished hardens possible.
Eg. here in our case where I got guidance from the PBE to build our wall on top of old wall. In court, this was not disputed, but I was not believed. Even if I were to be there and they would let my version stay. So they do the opposite, really keep me from being a liar, while the other party is victorious. In other words, the rule of law in Norway is zero!

Donald Trump has now hacked them for 2 years, and nothing criminal finds those he has done that is their goal. But they continue and continue.

That's how it is with me, and my family. It's like the scripture says.

Psalm 43 1. Give me justice, God, and bring my cause against people without mercy, deliver me from false and unrighteous men!

But who is behind these false and unjust people? It is Satan and his Spirit.

Efes. 2. 2 as before, in the aftermath of this world, after the ruler of the powers of the air, the spirit now active in the infant of unbelief.

Final Comment:

In other words, it is Satan who is our real enemy who is behind all this.

We have ended up innocent in this situation, it's boring it. We called down to PBE and got directions, this was why we built the wall.

The City of Oslo repeatedly chooses its own interpretation, and accuses us of having built something illegal.

That we even misunderstood when we got to build when we called there at least 2 - 3 occasions five years ago, and as they now do impose on us to tear are directly fraudulent and misleading from them. We got a clear yes to build on the old wall, without reservation, by our then supervisor Kaja Aubert Lange at the municipality who had also been our supervisor when the house was built as we moved into 2012.

We have become like a bastard for the City of Oslo. It is those who have made the "mistake". But we are the ones who have to take the "punishment". This is not right. Gingerbread was one that took the punishment for another, which we must do here. Includes some words from Wikipedia that are about this relationship, which fits so well in here.
Prügelknabe, also written in Norwegian spelling as a knot (German for "pouting", that is, boy who must accept punishment) was, in feudal time, a term for a low-ranking boy, who was punished by the European courts instead of minors noble when a direct punishment of the nobility was not allowed because the person who carried out the punishment had a lower rank. The "boys" were often boys who grew up with the nobles, such as children of servants. It could therefore be social and emotional ties in the form of friendship between them. Thus, the punishment of the "boys" was also an indirect psychological punishment of the noble child.
In modern language use, "ornamental knots" are used as a synonym for scapegoats, a person who lets his fury go beyond.
(quote end.).

This relationship fits in perfectly with us, as we must take the "punishment" that has been inflicted on us by the Oslo municipality by their unfairness against us.

They have misled us, not guided us right and right.
We are "the scapegoat" even though the mistake lies with PBE here in Oslo.
We have come up with a situation and a relationship that we have not chosen ourselves, but have been inflicted on us. It is not we, but PBE here in Oslo who is "the scapegoat" and the guilty and who has violated Norwegian law.

That was also the case between me and Jan Aage Torp. He sought controversy and conflict for pointing out his whore and then disqualifying him for having a ministry in the kingdom of God.

The same is true of Oslo municipality and us. We called them and they guided us. We built, and the neighbor gets 57 times more than us to exploit the plot. Their will be standing, we will tear. Such treatment is so vicious that one knows that only the Evil One is behind such discrimination. No one who is at his full five and has a healthy mind and normal mindset holds on to that.
Only people are ruled by forces other than good forces!

søndag 24. mars 2019

No. 1497: King Harald asks people to be nicer to each other in their New Year speech, but my experience is that it is free in Norway, not least for the Norwegian State!

No. 1497:
King Harald asks people to be nicer to each other in their New Year speech, but my experience is that it is free in Norway, not least for the Norwegian State!

We have experienced that several here in the planning and building in Oslo have been so rude and unfair to us in their decisions. Blue. Lisbeth Nordli, Karen Marie Glad Visnes and Lena Catrine Amdal when they allow neighbor to build just as they want.

With eg. exploiting its plot 57 times more than us, but they have not yet been held accountable for their misdeeds, but one day it also comes to them. May hope it happens before they are to be held accountable to God, for then it will be too late. It is BEFORE we are to meet God, that we must make up our sin. The day we are going to meet God, it's too late.

Picture of Karen Marie Glad Visnes who has signed on these horrible papers which are to be regarded as misdeeds when one instructs us to tear while neighbors can set up 5 tall walls and do whatever they want. Here they impose on us to tear while others can frolic freely, this is an injustice that is both evil, ugly and obviously a disgust for both God and man.

This made King Harald of many things:
The King, in this year's New Year speech, urged people to be friendly to each other and to conduct a respectful conversation despite disagreement.

The King began this year's New Year speech with a quote from Solomon's Proverbs 4:23:

"Keep your heart above all you preserve, for life is based on it."

- So how do we keep our heart? We do this by being friendly to each other. By conducting a respectful conversation despite disagreement. By raising others, King Harald said in the speech.

The King emphasized that we all have an opportunity, every day, to influence both our own and others' sense of worth and happiness.

- For those who think no one cares about what I am doing from or to, I would say: Just your smile can make a difference to a person you meet on the street, just your kind word can create a better day for another. And just your thoughtfulness can trigger new good actions compromises.

The King pointed out that Norway is built on the ability to compromise, and that by discussing ourselves to something we can gather, we can lay the foundation for a good society.

"We also see the significance of this ability in the world - not least when nations work together to protect nature and save our planet," said King Harald.
(Finally quote).

This is extracted from Jonas Stava, who writes very well about this topic, read himself:

A biblical understanding of righteousness!

There is much talk about social justice today. But what exactly is social justice? And how can we understand and apply what the Bible says about righteousness?

The Bible and justice

Proverbs 14:34 says that righteousness promises a people, but sin is a shame to the people. When a nation loses its understanding of justice, the rest of society will also become dysfunctional. So understanding justice is very important.

Leviticus 19:15, "Do not do wrong when you judge. You should not hold the weak party and not take part with the mighty. You shall judge your compatriot fairly. "

What the Bible points out here is that righteousness should be the same for all regardless of background.

Do not favor either the strong or the weak in court

First, treating everyone equally may seem self-evident. However, the principle of justice for all, regardless of race, class, gender and religion, is not fully self-evident in today's society that one might believe.

One can end up in two pitfalls. One makes one favors the rich or the powerful while the other favors the poor. And both are examples of a fairness that is unfair.

And to understand this better, we can look at two examples of the wrong understanding of justice and then go into the Bible's proper understanding of righteousness.

An example of favoring the poor in court is found by the Norwegian coverage of the US Supreme Court Judge who was accused of rape attempts in 1982 by Catherine Ford.

I myself do not take the position of whether the judgment was right or wrong. It is irrelevant in this context. The point is that how the case was covered by Norwegian media. An example of this is Linn Winsnes Rosenberg, who writes for Nettavisen that the skin color of Kavanaugh worked to his advantage as he was white.

On the American news channel CNN, it was questioned whether white men could understand this matter. This type of argument suggests that one has to believe the victim because of gender and the other's skin color.

One must therefore be more critical of white men because of their skin color. Here, then, women will be favored as a historically oppressed minority, and not because of the evidence presented.

This is contrary to what the Bible teaches about righteousness. A courtroom should only care about evidence. Skin color, gender, religion and class should be total t irrelevant.

An example of the opposite is white racists such as the Freedom Fight.net who argue that ethnic white society, like the Nazis. This kind of thinking will then favor the white breed because of their skin color. One will here also favor people because of their skin color.

Both of these examples are examples of unfair justice. And this unfair social justice favors either the poor or the rich in court. These are therefore two different ways of discriminating. This kind of social justice is therefore a way of distorting the right. Social justice is therefore unfair.

Biblical justice is the solution

The solution will then be to follow the Bible's understanding of justice. Namely, that people regardless of race, class, gender and religion should be treated equally under the law. Galatians 3:28 points out this truth that there is no difference between slave, free, man, woman in Christ.

Society as a whole must always favor and help those who need it most. While the court should be fair regardless of race, class, gender and religion.

One must therefore avoid both favoring the rich and the poor and instead promoting justice that is equal for all. At a time when skin color, gender, race and class are central to the status of debates, we should remember that the Bible's understanding is that this is irrelevant when it comes to justice.

All human beings are created in the image of God and are valuable. And people created in God's image are the only identity that counts. We must therefore be class, race, and the sex blind and treat all people equally. Because this is a just justice that is Biblical.
(Quote end.)

But there is a struggle for the Spirit, which we as a family have experienced that it is Satan and his demons who have been traveling every time in the 3 trials we have been through. Therefore, King Harald's words are not possible to be fulfilled without we also having a fight against Satan and his spirit army. Then he wants to see divisions among us humans and he always attacks the good people, rather than the evil ones and who deserves it!

I am writing this eg. for others to get their eyes on how much injustice is committed in Norway to the country's own inhabitants. Not least that things are made that can easily be solved with some simple conversations and simple steps. A small problem is made into something that is almost insoluble. Of course, this is Satan and his allies behind, no one else.

Here is a mosquito to an elephant, then it is bad!
A shit up something that is not relevant at all!

Final Comment:

We live in an absurd world, which we as believers must deal with in the best possible way. It is not always easy, therefore, the word of God says:

James 1. 5 But if any of you lacks wisdom, ask him God, who gives every man willing and without evil words, and it shall be given him.

What we have experienced is, among other things, untrue rumors of so-called child abuse we were drawn to court, which without doubt was the persecution of Christianity they lux. There was no lump of truth in this, and the little that was not good. It was fixed with a simple conversation. In other words, a simple conversation was enough, but Satan made a lawsuit out of it all!

How can I continue, how a mouse turns into a great elephant for nothing!

Just think of abortion that is killed. But what does Satan say it is? It is just a lot of soap when the script says several places that this is a killing. Blue. Psalm 139 and many other places.

King Harald is absolutely right, we have to be nicer with each other. But at the same time, it must and must be consequences for eg. government employee who stays at the worst.
But it is, unfortunately, largely not today, they can and can hold on as the Evil Self, but are never held accountable for their deeds, or more correctly, misdeeds!
You as a believer Jesus friend, pray and support us in a difficult and trying time!

lørdag 23. mars 2019

No. 1496: Hans Nielsen Hauge sat innocently for 11 years in prison for really nothing, so bad is it not after all with us, but let us believers pray for and with each other!

No. 1496:
Hans Nielsen Hauge sat innocently for 11 years in prison for really nothing, so bad is it not after all with us, but let us believers pray for and with each other!

Picture of Jan Aage Torp, who one day invites you to a cafe. Am as nice as just that and say I can write everything I want about him. Immediately afterwards he reviews you and wants you to pay him 50.000, - and sit in the cage for 2 years.
Or as PBE is doing here in Oslo, where the neighbor is allowed to exploit its plot 57 times more than us, and they instruct us to demolish.
This only makes "spasa", schizophrenic and dangerous people. Who are led by evil and dark forces, no free and happy people hold on like that!

Psalm 133 1. A song at the festivities; by David. / See how good and how good it is that brothers also live together! 2 It is like the good oil on the head, which flows down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, which flows down on the seam of his garment; 3 Like the dew of Hermons, which descends on Mount Zion; for there the Lord has blessed, life forever.

When we read and study Hans Nielsen Hauge, it is very educational in every way. In my eyes he is the man in Norway who was like a Paul with his pioneering way of preaching and practicing the gospel.
If we look at how the authorities treated him, it was so unworthy to do so.
Imagine, 11 years in prison just for having had public meetings in mostly private homes or out on the ground and other places. He preached the word of God everywhere, not least in writing. It is said of Hauge that in all Norwegian homes it was perhaps a Bible, but several books by Hauge. This actually lasted almost from the end of the seventeenth century and decades forward. How this affected the Norwegian folk soul and the people here in Norway only know God alone. But that was Satan who would stop Hauge, it should and is beyond any doubt.

This is what Wikipedia says about brother Hans Nielsen Hauge.

Hauge was a farmer's boy from Hauge in Rolvsøy in Tune (now Fredrikstad). He grew up in a Christian home, as one of 10 siblings. In the home, Luther's catechism and house postage existed, Pontoppidan's explanation, and writings of Lutheran pietists and prepietists, including Johann Arndt. On April 5, 1796, aged 25, he received his religious awakening. He was out on the field and plowed. Suddenly he felt that "God's love visited him." The house he lived in is one of the tourist attractions in Fredrikstad, and there is a large monument over him outside the house. In addition to the efforts he made as a Christian personality, he was also a great business man.

A while after the breakthrough, he read in Danish translation a book about the repentance of the mystic John Tauler, which he considered so important that he later made sure to spread a shortened version of it. "There has thus been a feature of late-medieval mystery in his religious reading. The book of Tauler was also dear to him because a protagonist in it is a layman who teaches and rebukes a priest and a learned theologian from his own great spiritual experience, writes church historian Einar Molland. Hauge soon began as a preacher and in his preaching emphasized the personal relationship of God and a sober and laborious way of life.

In the years from 1797 to 1804 he went on his legs from place to place over much of the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Malangen in the north. At the farms where he was given a room he helped in the daily work. In the evenings he gathered those who lived in the farm and the neighboring farms for devotion.

This was not allowed, since the convention poster of 1741 banned laymen from holding edifying meetings without the priest's approval. Hauge was repeatedly arrested, at least ten times in seven years. In 1804 a large and extensive case was raised against him, and he was imprisoned until 1811 and had to pay a fine of 1000 riksdaler. After this he joined the travel business, but in 1813 he was sentenced to two years of slavery. The persecution led to further consolidation among his supporters. Several of them, however, learned that it was their price to belong to Haug's friends. The constitution of 1814 kneaded principles that Hauge had not until then benefited from, among other things, the principle that no one must be imprisoned without the authority of law and judgment (section 96).

In the total 18 years he was a preacher and outside the prison, he published 33 books.
(Finally quote).

It is the same Satan who opposed Hans Nielsen Hauge who has welcomed me in recent years, I am convinced!

In short, I have experienced 2 court cases in the last couple of years.
There, for the first time, it was the evil Narrative Post Jan Aage Torp who hated me and my preaching of remarriage. Where he cheated the police and the courts with his slender way of speaking.
I know what drove Torp, it was obviously the evil spirit powers that hated me and hated my preaching in all areas when I stand alone and only the word of God.

Now, the State and the City of Oslo will make me and my family nauseous, even if what they are doing is totally without goals, meaning and purpose.
When others If we get a dispensation 57 times more than we do, then we know that Satan is on the verge. He loves so unfair who is beyond all other concepts. This is so bad that if one does not see that the Evil One is on his way, then obviously no believer.
I have only made it as good as possible for me and my family, this should be demolished. Who is behind this is not difficult to know when the word of God says the following.
These are Jesus' own words.

Joh.e. 10. 10 The thief comes only to steal and murder and destroy; I have come to have life and abundance.

How do we, as believers, deal with such injustice?

1 Pet. 3. 13 And who is it that can hurt you, if ye gain good? 14 But if ye suffer for righteousness, ye are blessed. But fear not for them and be not dismayed; But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts; Load your good ways in Christ, be ashamed of what they slander unto you as evildoers. 17 For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer when one does good than to do evil.

We as believers are different, we are not at the same primitive level as our opponents and the world. We do good, even if our opponents are doing evil.

Eg. When Jan Aage Torp continued to live in sin, I didn't start with it. On the contrary, I sought the Lord again, and consecrated to all good deeds.

So now, when the neighbor gets 57 times more allowed to hold on to us. This is of course completely beyond and even in a dictatorship they do not hold on as the authority here in Norway, well helped by the Oslo municipality is holding on. We know who is behind all this, the scripture clearly says.

2 Tim. 2. 26 And awake again from his intoxication in the snare of the devil, whom they are captured by, so that they must do his will.

These people are ingested, then by a Spirit that causes them to behave accordingly. Clearly, no "normal" people are holding on like this to allow one to do what he wants while we are penalized hardest for the so-called least offense. We are human beings, and then we need to go some grace. While others who do what they want, get it all the way and all the time. Such difference treatment with giving a dispensation 57 times more than us, testifies to what the scripture says:

"Of his intoxication in the snare of the devil, he whom they are captured by, so that they must do his will."

Final Comment:

It is clear that one does not invite one day more than a person at a cafe, and immediately afterwards the same person reports. And that one wants the person to pay 50,000, - and sit 2 years in prison that Jan Aage Torp did with me.
Or as the city of Oslo is doing with us, that some are allowed to build and utilize the plot 57 times more than us. In fact, even more, as they are allowed to have what they have, but we have been ordered to demolish, which is completely, completely ill.

Who controls such people? God?
No, God is sensible and healthy in everything he does.
It is obviously Satan, when he has come to steal, murder, destroy and destroy!
When neighbor builds with us, and is allowed to exploit its plot 57 times more than us. It'll be all while we'll tear everything and bring the property back to what it was before. Who is behind such a difference treatment when God himself says in his own words that he does not make a difference and that making a difference is an abomination to him?
It is the dark and evil forces that the Bible mentions as the unclean spirits, in other words, Satan himself!
But what can we as believers do? Above all, pray, then support me and my family. Unfortunately, this also costs money. You who want can support us here:

The Danish Bank:

torsdag 21. mars 2019

No. 1495: According to Ferdigattest Byggesak AS, no wall has been applied for at the Hellerudtoppen in 100 years, but we were also guided to build a wall of the Oslo municipality, but from us they demand the impossible that we should have known more than our case officer!

No. 1495:
According to Ferdigattest Byggesak AS, no wall has been applied for at the Hellerudtoppen in 100 years, but we were also guided to build a wall of the Oslo municipality, but from us they demand the impossible that we should have known more than our case officer!

Picture of District Court Judge Edvards Os who let himself be seduced and let the lie win over eg. I had not been told that it was all right to build on old walls without applying.
After all, there has never been a wall application in the Stormyrveien before. That PBE should introduce a "new" practice was probably not true.
The fact that Edvard's Os would believe the lie over the truth cannot do anything for me, he will pay sooner or later and reap the fruits of his own life out of his own life.

This is what Ferdigattest Byggesak AS writes in application to Oslo Municipality on behalf of us:

It is correct as PBE writes in its decision that many of the walls that are established in the area were probably established before the current plan was adopted. However, it is not correct that all the walls were established before the house plan became applicable. Several walls have been established towards the roadway in recent years.

When assessing the current wall in ft. Other walls in the area also emphasize that the actual wall in no way is the largest wall in the area, neither in height nor length. We note that PBE points out that many walls are listed before the house plan became applicable. Initiators are then wondered whether these are legal, even if they have never been sought and the obvious must have been in conflict with both previously applicable plans and exception provisions in the Planning and Building Act. For this reason, we understand that the initiative owner - who himself thinks they have followed the municipality's recommendation - considers it unreasonable that one is the only one who is followed up.

The owner of the measure finds it even more unreasonable that PBE defends what the owner of the measure perceives as the neighbor's illegally listed wall in his argument against the owner's own wall. The initiative owner points out in this connection that it is not correct that the neighbor's wall is not in a regulated way. Whether or not the neighboring wall is listed illegally is unclear to us, but it is correct that the landlord points out that the walls on the complainant neighboring properties (both walls on the other side of the road and the nearest neighbor's wall) may appear to lie partly in areas regulated by road.

The owner of the measure cannot otherwise understand the significance of neighboring walls (at least some of them) being associated with carports. The walls are not lower, or affect the area or road surface less, for that reason.

It is not all the walls in the area that were established before the house plan became applicable. Several of the walls in the area appear to have been established after 2006. From the point of view of the case, we can not see that any cases have been registered in the Stormyrveien which concern explicit walls over the past 100 years.
We assume that some walls are considered in sc. other buildings, but notes that it may nevertheless appear that the owner of the measure has the right to say that several of the walls have not been subject to a material assessment.

Mht. natural transition towards the road, it is pointed out that the fewest sites in the area have a natural transition to the road. On most sites along the Stormyrveien, walls and or cuts have been established in one form or another. Several of these have the same size as the current wall.
(Quote end.)

A wall was built a few years ago, after we built several places in Stormyrveien. Blue. in no. 20, this only shows again and again that the Oslo municipality treats us completely differently than everyone else.

They did not want to give me dispensation because other walls that were built according to the housing development law in 2006 in i.a. The great road was built before that, which is not the case. Blue. The wall at Stormyrveien 20 is built after 2006 and it is just over 5 meters high.

Even when we meet them, and can document that PBE here in Oslo is wrong.
Then they will not admit that they have been wrong and let us get an exemption.

It is impossible to win when one meets the City of Oslo and the entire public agency, and they do not want to take this into account.

In this case we can prove that they have been wrong, even then they will not change anything. How can one then win when they are wrong and we accommodate them. Even then, do we not get a dispensation?

It is impossible to win when both the County Governor, the Civil Ombudsman and now the courts defend the City of Oslo. We can prove that they are wrong in many things, anyway they will not meet us and give us dispensation. This, of course, is pissy and so bad it can remain!

What is difficult in our case is that it seems to me that the entire public agency in Norway is rotten. How will one then win?
We have proven time and again that especially PBE here in Oslo is wrong. Others get to build walls 5 meters high if they want. Others get to use the plot exactly what they want.
The neighbor right in the street has used its plot 57 times more than us.
He has used the site for construction by over 60%. We have utilized the 24.64% which is only 0.64% extra and there is talk of a 5 sqm extra. While neighbor has exploited the plot so much to all concepts
is blasted!

Final Comment:

Joh.e. 8. 44 You have the devil's father, and you will make your father's lusts; he was a murderer from the beginning and is not in the truth; for truth is not in him. When he speaks lies, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

God's od says that the devil is a liar, and does not stand in the truth. Therefore, I am confident of what we have experienced in our last two litigation that we have had the truth in. But the lie has gained, that it is under the influence of the unclean and demonic powers that people who have attacked us are.

Efes. 2. 2 as before, in the aftermath of this world, after the ruler of the powers of the air, the spirit now active in the infant's disbelief,

The spirit that works in Satan's children is lies, immorality, darkness, and other things. The scripture says further.

Joh. 10. 10 The thief comes only to steal and murder and destroy; I have come to have life and abundance.

It doesn't help how much schooling and anything else they have, the script says:

Word. 1. 7 Fearing the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Wisdom and discipline are despised by fools.

Here the entire public agency in Norway surrounds with more lies than you actually find in Saudi Arabia, Congo and North Korea. They are sown in lies, darkness, and evil.

Here, neighbor is allowed to exploit the utilization rate of the plot 57 times more than us. And this is allowed, but utilizing a plot of some sqm2 extra that is 1.6 targets is not all right.
This gets PBE upheld in the court for + many other things. It only witnesses how bad Norway is. They are completely, totally out of the way in relation to the truth and what is decent, right and good!

Dear Believers, Jesus' friends, pray for the truth to come up for them, even though today they are out and about and have been misled by lies, malice, and discrimination. Something that God's word warns strongly against doing.

Word. 24. 23 These proverbs are also of wise men: the judge should not make a difference between people. 24 He that saith unto him that is guilty, Thou art innocent, the nations shall curse him; 25 But they that punish him shall prosper, and prosperity and blessing shall come upon them

Here the script clearly says the judge should not make a difference to people. When others make use of the plot 57 times more than us, and are successful. While we are going to tear, then make a difference.

Word. 28. 21 Making a difference between people is not right, but a lot of man supplies for a piece of bread's sake.

According to what God himself says in his own word, to make such a difference is not of good, but of evil.
It does not help to call it one and the other, such difference treatment is not right, good or neat, neither in the eyes of God or man!
It's okay that others get exemption, but they can't fail to give us too!

tirsdag 19. mars 2019

No. 1494: We have been completely overrun and discriminated against by PBE here in Oslo, the County Governor, the Civil Ombudsman and the Courts, which show that Norway suffers from a huge democratic problem when a case can go so far!

No. 1494:
We have been completely overrun and discriminated against by PBE here in Oslo, the County Governor, the Civil Ombudsman and the Courts, which show that Norway suffers from a huge democratic problem when a case can go so far!

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg who represents the Environmental Party controls Oslo.
But here we have built something that is also beneficial to eg. environment.
It must be demolished, here it is spoken with two tongues, which only show that there is a world record between life and learning.

I have provided so much documentation, evidence and other things that I can safely say that we are discriminated against by the public agency. (Among other things, we have received oral approval to build, others have received up to 57 times the degree of utilization on the site + 1000 things to which everything is documented to the public agency, without having been willing to get us in meeting at one point).

Then I mean the Planning and Building Administration here in Oslo. As I write PBE, as well as the Civil Ombudsman and the County Governor. As well as a straightforward word of justice of the courts here in Norway, I am aiming for the Oslo District Court and Borgarting Lagmannsrett, who did the same to me with the narreale postle Jan Aage Torp.

See here: http://justismord.janchristensen.net/

I have submitted at least 50 cases where others have been granted a waiver, but everything has been overlooked. Here are some examples:

As well as the guidance we received from our then case officer who is after all the most important point in the whole case. It is totally overlooked and used by us by my lawyer made a bad mistake in the court refusing to come to witness. There was, of course, a deep flaw, but it is human to fail.
When Borgarting Court of Appeal dismissed this case, it became clear that the court never heard our case officer witness in court, Kaja Aubert Lange.

What did she say, and what didn't she say? Blue. This one with small house buildings that has become like a mantra, she never mentioned. In other words, dragging this in is now sought.

There is infinitely more to say and angles. But in these environmental times it may be appropriate to take it with you. After all, it seems to be the "most important" of today's society.

Listen to what the law says:
§ 19-2. Exemption decision

- If the benefits of granting an exemption will be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment
- whether (sufficient) emphasis is placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environmental safety and accessibility.
(quote end).

In our case, there are only benefits, there are benefits to "for health, safety and accessibility."

Blue. when the car came with sirens when our daughter had become acutely ill. Then they used up stairs from Stormyrveien, it just shows that what we have built is required. Tear it breaks the law, all common sense and makes no sense.

The environment before then was the filling mass on our property so that especially during the winter months, the filling mass fell and fell towards the road surface such as single, clay, minor and other.
Now that the wall came up, the road surface is pressed approx. 20 cm further in.
And that no longer of that mass that before flowing and flowing down towards the road during the winter months, does not happen any longer.
Everything has become much better, including this environmental aspect that should be a reason for granting an exemption, ignoring the entire public agency just to get me and my family! This is obviously a difference treatment that surpasses everything I've read before. Think, 57 times the neighbor has exploited the utilization rate of the plot and gets approved. We only need 5 sqm extra on a storage room of 11 sqm1 on a plot of 1,595 m². This is so bad and so unfair that words do not extend!

Final Comment:

Everything we have built there is nothing negative, it has 100% fulfilled what is to be granted exemption, but everyone has such a hatred that we will not do it. This says the law.

"The benefits of granting dispensation will be clearly greater than the drawbacks of an overall assessment."

With us this is 100% fulfilled, but no one wants to meet us!
Marius Vamnes, who rejected this on behalf of the County Governor, gave for example. Kjell Inge Røkke upheld and dispensed to build his solid villa. But he had money and influence, something we didn't have. It is the county governor who is the supreme authority, and he is as bad as everyone else unfortunately!
There is a difference between people, some get everything. Others are deprived of even what one has, but one day these people will also stand by God with their lives, what then?

Heb. 9. 27 And as it is man's lot once to die, and then judgment.

søndag 17. mars 2019

No. 1493: The website Sokelys describes our feud with the Government Attorney and PBE here in Oslo, but does not mention the unfair and meaningless treatment we have received!

No. 1493:
The website Sokelys describes our feud with the Government Attorney and PBE here in Oslo, but does not mention the unfair and meaningless treatment we have received!

What the PBE here in Oslo, with the Government Attorney, the County Governor, the Civil Prosecutor and the courts are up to, is nothing but a level of criminal work for nothing. Their arguments and attacks on us and our property do not make sense or reason. It is a form of criminal work, without any purpose, meaning or content.
Illustration of some criminal workers.
It is at the level this case is.

This writes the Searchlight website.


Blogger Christensen cannot try his building case in the Court of Appeal - may have lost more than a million on the project!

Blogger Jan Kåre Christensen has, as previously written, filed a case against the State after he had, without applying in writing, erected a wall, a staircase and a booth on his own site. According to Christensen himself, he had twice what he mentions as an oral permit by his former case officer Kaja Lange Aubert. According to Christensen, this must twice have given him oral permission to erect a wall without applying, since it was a low wall from before. Both the wall and the external booth and the stairs down to the Stormyrveien were thus erected before there was anything other than a slightly unclear oral permit that the former case officer does not remember afterwards. According to the blogger himself, the neighbors must have given him permission to build, but in hindsight, when they saw how the towering wall was in the terrain, they changed their mind and complained to the municipality of Oslo. The municipality then made an inspection without the evangelist being aware of it, and then made a decision that both the wall, shed and staircase that now must be demolished were listed illegally.

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen erected an 11 meter long and approx. 1.85 meter high retaining wall on their property in Krokstien 2C in Oslo. A little before this, a gear shed of approx. 12 sqm. After first rejecting a defective application in 2014, Oslo municipality received the Planning and Building Administration on July 1, 2016, an application for entry of the support wall and the fine. In the case of the booth, an application was made for an exemption from the provisions on the utilization rate in the house plan and the distance provisions in section 29 of the Road Act. terrain interventions, and the regulatory purpose of traffic area road. The municipality came to the conclusion that the statutory conditions for granting an exemption were not fulfilled, cf. the decision of 14 October and 20 October 2016. The County Governor of Oslo and Akershus declined a complaint against the decisions, cf. no, cf. letter May 30, 2018. The county governor rejected applications for reorganization on June 14, 2018. Subsequently, Christensen sued the case before the district court, whereupon he lost the case and was sent both own and the state's legal costs. Christensen then appealed the case to the Borgarting Court of Appeal, which has now concluded that his appeal is rejected because it is likely that the Court of Appeal will not come to another result. In the district court the result was this: “Oslo District Court passed judgment on December 21, 2018 with such a ruling: 1. The State at the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization is acquitted. 2. Jan Kåre Christensen is sentenced to pay 40 600 - forty thousand six hundred - in compensation for legal costs to the State by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization. The payment deadline is two to two weeks from the announcement of the judgment.

Not another result in the Court of Appeal

In the conclusion of the Borgarting Court of Appeal, it is stated as follows: "The Court of Appeal finds that the conditions for refusing the appeal pursuant to the Dispute Act § 29-13 second paragraph are fulfilled, and that the appeal should be refused. There is no prospect that an appeal will result in another result. ”Christensen is also charged with an additional NOK 6,000 in legal costs. Since Borgarting's Court of Appeal's rejection of the case cannot be appealed, this sentence is for this case. The blogger must therefore tear everything he has built and at the same time purses out with both his own and the state's costs as well as everything that will cost to demolish. Together, the Court of Appeal's decision means that the blogger incurs a staggering financial loss. On direct questions from Searchlight about how much he has lost on it all, Christensen responds as follows: "Has not counted on it, but somewhere between 1 - 2 million," writes Christensen who assumes that in pure money there is a million in losses plus the loss of the values ​​staircase, booth and wall make up. First, the expenses to build, so expenses to get Paal Løvaas For Ferdigattest Byggesak A / S to write and send an application for exemption in retrospect. Then the blogger has to spend expenses both for his own lawyer, the state's legal costs, the costs of tearing everything he has built up, and the costs of returning things to the way they were in 2013. In one of his many writings about the case, Christensen says this: “Now was this third time i've been drawn to court for really nothing.

HovedpunkteDuring these negotiations, I was careful to be "waterproof" when I also wrote in advance and talked well and long in court. But what does the judge do? This was the dishonest judge Edvards Os. Well, he says in a lie story that I haven't understood what I've been told. "It's strange, our family and I am probably Norway's nicest man and law-abiding, as the first Christians and Jesus were. But the opposition to our family from the authorities is great, as the scripture says we must count on. It reminds me of what Jesus and his disciples suffered from lies. When Jesus had stood up, the guards who "slept" were paid to pay to say that his disciples had stolen his body. The lies of the guards of the tomb of Jesus and the court judge Edvards Os are of the same age, "Christensen wrote who has now finally lost the case. Christensen had long hoped that the municipality would grant dispensation (as they have done in some other building issues) but his gambling did not lead and for the blogger it might feel unfair.
(Finally quote).

But there are many things they do not bring, here are some points.

1.) We did not appear in court that the fine is shared with the rental apartment

2.) Our house is built in such a way that we do not have a real storage room as we have to go through several rooms to get to the storage room.

3.) The booth in the basement lane is cramped and impossible to store bike and other things there.

4.) The angle of the judgment is far too positive against what the Government Attorney and the County Governor reject.

5.) That we built the booth in good faith is not mentioned roughly and that we have done the same before is not mentioned.

6.) That the wall gives us a flatter terrain and more green areas is not included.

7.) Our booth is minimal above the utilization of our plot, but others also our neighbors have actually searched several times and have utilized the plot 54 times more than us. Making such a big difference between people in the same living area is not right.

8.) We have been verbally told to build masonry on old wall NOT APPLICABLE.

9.) We have a wall that is no higher than the neighbor's right across the road.

10.) The judgment states the following: “Second, in addition, the benefits of granting dispensation must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment.” In my opinion, only benefits we have built are not ONE ONLY, NON-NON, ONLY ONE !!!!

11.) Neighbor has got in house b has been approved both wall and staircase, which we have not received, even our staircase will the tear that is not mentioned in the judgment? Should it be torn or not?

12.) The judgment is not based on the fact that what we have built is not a single negative thing with. There have not been problems for the bus, not for the view of traffic, there are only advantages, not some disadvantages and something negative with what we have built. Not even aesthetic.

13.) That we should tear this and neighbor's approval, appears to be pure and happens vandalism and completely unnecessary.

14.) "In the case of the fine, the municipality considered the benefits and disadvantages of the measure against each other, and thought there was no clear predominance of benefits in granting exemption". They have never justified this, and neither does the court. Only reason for rejection and that we do not reach out here are the rule riders who control the bay and both ends. The fact that we have accepted a paragraph even though then should and should we receive an exemption is totally ignored.

15.) When others simultaneously apply as us, for 2 or 3 times about exemption and get it. While we get blank no appears as a huge democratic problem that neither the court, the county governor nor the PBE here in Oslo want or want to decide on.

16.) This is written in the judgment: “In the case of the support wall, the municipality believed that a dispensation would entail a substantial breach of the considerations behind the regulatory provisions. Nor was there a clear predominance of benefits in granting exemption. ”

I strongly dispute this, there are only benefits, no drawbacks to what we have built and done, no one mentions backs except that we have broken a paragraph, that is the only negative with everything we have built.

17.) The road in Stormyrveien is also one-way, so that no traffic will be met. Then a possible wall of 1.5 meters and 2 meters of no significance as it does not prevent visibility when the Stormyrveien where we live a flat stretch without turning. After we built the wall, the road surface has become approx. 20 cm wider and it does not fall down the filler and dirt as it did before and makes the road surface dirty and soiled.

18.) In the judgment it says so well: "In reality, there are no drawbacks to the wall. You really only face benefits. Then it can be granted exemption. The wall does not mean that any provisions have been substantially violated. "

This does not appear at all in the judgment, for me the whole judgment appears to be a form of rational argument and rhetoric, sad!

19.) It is stated in the judgment: “Before the wall was set up, the plaintiff was in contact with the case officer Lange in the municipality. They had two phone calls. He asked on the entry of the wall on the old wall. It can't excluded that in the conversation there were misunderstandings or ambiguities. "

This is not right, I understood very well what Kaja Aubert Lange said, that there should be misunderstandings is something the court puts into the verdict which for me appears to be actually lying, not good in a judgment this.

20.) The verdict says: "The actual excess of 0.64% is also very modest."

Here we are 2 families who share this minimal small booth, that it should be demolished so that it exceeds the utilization rate minimally by just about, 7 sqm2 seems so bad that I do not weigh which words I should use another totally meaningless!

21.) When I read the judgment, it is only for one reason that we have to tear down walls, stairs and stalls. This is because the rules must be followed to the letter when PBE thinks so. No one over, no one next to the state, and those who decide.

There is nothing for everyone in the world that we have built. Neither the store, the staircase nor the store, that one they write the following as this one there are more advantages than disadvantages for tearing what we have built experienced as just as a hypothesis without root in reality!

22.) This judgment states: "The plaintiff therefore argues that there is grossly unreasonable discrimination and that the result is arbitrary. Furthermore, the decisions lack the understanding of fact on the spot. The county governor's legal application pursuant to section 19-2 of the Planning and Building Act has thus become incorrect. ”

But when the judge goes on, he writes: "The relevant measures require dispensation pursuant to the Planning and Building Act § 19-2"

In other words, no matter what we state as long as a dispensation is required, PBE is actually allowed to do anything and then, if one is to follow the judge here, all argumentation is wasted. This is not democratic but as it is in totalitarian countries and courts. Is this Norway or a dictatorship state? The verdict here is I totally disagree, we must appeal!

23.) Sorry strong wording, but after reading the verdict twice it is as I see it horrible to me as all of our arguments are set aside for PBE having after all made no obvious mistakes. Is it not wrong not to grant an exemption in this case where everything we have built is only positive!

24.) The small house plan they refer to is also partly misleading when we live in an old established field with houses around us which are as rules much smaller and lower than ours. They have walls and other things that are in many cases larger than ours, even though we have a house that is bigger and not least higher. Everything that is to our advantage is not mentioned, and at least not taken into account. Here, paragraphs apply more than anything else.

25.) It is obviously suggestive when neither PBE, County Council and court have been on inspection here. Imagine, no one on the inspection and even though I have written mail to both the County Governor and the PBE to come for inspection, and my lawyer urged the court to come on inspection, no wish and will come.

26.) The judge writes so confidently this: "In the case of the support wall, the considerations behind the relevant regulatory provisions will be substantially disregarded if an exemption is given. Furthermore, the benefits of giving dispensation are not "clearly greater" than the disadvantages. "

I disagree with 120% and he does not give any reasons either, not credibly what he then writes?

27.) It is undisputed that both measures - both the wall and the fine - require exemption according to section 19-2 of the Planning and Building Act. Both parts are to be regarded as "measures" in the sense of the Planning and Building Act, and they are in violation of the current zoning plan "Regulation plan for small-house areas in Oslo's outer city, S-4220, adopted on 15 March 2006, with revised regulatory provisions adopted 12.6.13. writes the judge.

Instead of trying with a "counter attack" with paragraphs and examples that we have come up with in divergent terms on difference treatment etc. Then it's what he just "gives up" and says that the race is run when there is a dispensation here. Yes it does, and here one can with advantage and easily give it without coming into conflict with neither the roadway, the bus company that runs here or general traffic or the view of neighbors or anyone else. It is quite incomprehensible that no dispensation has been granted in this case when others receive it up to X times more than ourselves from 2006 and beyond since the house plan is from.

28.) Judgment is not based on what is actually true when it is called "clearly greater than the disadvantages" does not have relevance only to follow paragraphs. Here are a thousand reasons why the thing should stand as they are built, and only one reason why it should be demolished. The one reason is that it must be applied for and get dispensation as this is beyond the limits of a few millimeters and cm. While others are metervis outside and receive exemption. If exemption is not to be used in this case here, then it becomes incomprehensible that others can get what has violated the regulations actually by just what we have found of the largest example 54 times more than us, and it only 50 meters in the airline from us and the case ended in 2018. In other words, after we applied.

29.) The truth is that before we built the wall, the slope was steep, not flat as PBE raised there. And especially when it was raining, it was soft and mold and other things went down and the bedridden on the road. Mur was required, and then I mean required. The fact that this does not appear in the judgment is certain because the PBE and County Council, or the court, have been on inspection. Looking back in hindsight, that when one has not been willing to come to the inspection, the statements are partly misleading and misleading as in the judgment.

30.) Judge Edvard Os writes the following: In his refusal dated 14 October 2016, the Planning and Building Authority assessed the measure against the considerations behind the provision as follows: “A wall with height from 1.75 m to 1.85 m, in 11 meters length, and with accompanying terrain fulfillment, is considered a comprehensive terrain change. The wall leads to an unnatural transition between land and road, and that the green slope between the house and the road is lost. ”(Quote end).

In court, I argued that this was misleading and also referred to the picture where the neighbor who has not done anything that the terrain they state here is not right. When he then writes this into the sentence, it is clear that one in a way writes false that one should get the judgment to fit in with the result than wishes. All the judgment I am 120% unequal with in all paragraphs, at least large parts.
Not my conclusion!

Here are other things I have also written, bring it along.

1.) These phone calls between me and Kaja Aubert Lange will downplay them and believe they have no value. This will be completely wrong.
No wall had ever been built without these phone calls, where she guided me and made it clear that it was not necessary for us to build our wall above the old wall. That would have been a good 1.5 meters with a fence of 1 meter on top there as our wall would not be higher than its neighbors who have walls of over 2 meters with a fence of 1 meter on top of it.

2.) This also confirmed indirectly by our responsible applicants Ferdigattest AS, who writes this in our application to PBE here in Oslo.

"By the way, not all the walls in the area were established before the house plan became applicable. Several of the walls in the area appear to have been established after 2006. From the point of view of the case, we cannot see that any cases have been registered in the Stormyrveien which concern explicit walls over the past 100 years. ”

If one goes in and reads on PBE homepages here in Oslo, it looks like this is right. No one has applied for walls here until almost 2016 when it seems that PBE had a "rassia" here and approved "everything". Apart from what we have built.
The small house plan was supposedly established in 2006, but never communicated to us that it was here at Hellerudtoppen. Then this is also a service error not to inform about this when we called and talked to them (Kaja Aubert Lange, our then case officer) several times before construction.

3.) Reads through the legislation on exemption. So it clearly shows that dispensation should be given if it is positive for the environment, security etc.
With us before we built the wall, the filling mass ran out towards the road, now it does not. Only the little thing here shows that PBE violates Norwegian law and the intention of what the law really says.

This says the Act: "When dispensing from the Act and regulations to the Act, special emphasis shall be placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environment, safety and accessibility."

Here it is quite obvious that in our case it is advisable to grant dispensation, then one is in harmony with the law, something one is not today with the harsh and unnecessary square treatment of us.

4.) It is PBE guidance that has created problems.

And what is "the problem" is reinforced by the fact that one does not want to get in touch in any area or add "gods" that should not be difficult in our case. Since it is only benefits, in fact, not a disadvantage of what we have built. They obviously break Norwegian law.

Violation of the duty to provide guidance after fvl. § 11

5.) Our neighbor on the same site has also applied for PBE for exemption as you wall is actually higher than ours, then with the fence.

The actual blocks with masonry and fence on top are also 1.3 meters + fence of 1 meter. There is just one waiting for some additional information where it is clear that PBE wants to meet our neighbor. Read about the case yourself:

Building case 201011373


6.) Includes as I have described the telephone conversation between me and Kaja Aubert Lange, and that PBE here in Oslo has violated Norwegian law.

We moved in here in 2012. In 2013 we called down to our then case officer Kaja Lange Aubert. It was called down 2-3 times, to make sure we did the right thing.
It is not easy to reproduce this five years later, and when there were several phone calls it feels like one when it is five years later.
And, that the city of Oslo has not been interested in hearing our version at all, they had decided 3 - 4 years ago that we should get everything down.

What happened to the phone calls we had with our then supervisor Kaja Lange Aubert?

Do you remember remembering that we called down mid-May and August 2013? It l it is five years back in time, it is a long time ago and difficult to remember in detail every word as it was said, but in my memory she replied like this.
Then I asked about the following, we set up stairs and wanted to set up walls. Trapp I think we set up 2013, when before this we had had a rope that we threw ourselves down on in the Stormyrveien, and believe it or not, it is to this level the Oslo municipality has given us the order to return to that we should use a rope to throw us down on the road with. You do not believe it, but we had it before we built a staircase that the city of Oslo has ordered us to demolish, to grasp the one who can.

I asked what was needed to build a wall, to which I got the answer that if a wall was built there before, it was not mandatory to build one on top of it. This replied Kaja Lange Aubert.
I said yes, and then Kaja Lange answered Aubert that then it was NOT APPLICABLE WHEN IT WAS BUILT A WALL FROM BEFORE!

I further said that we foresee a wall of 1.5 meters and 1 meter fence.
This was not a problem she said, as others from before have a higher wall than you.

In 2013, I even called an extra time, for the sake of safety and asked the same, and the same answers were given.
As long as there was a wall there before, we didn't have to search even though the wall was different. In other words, we got permission in advance of our construction of masonry, the Oslo municipality breaks Norwegian law by contesting this.

7.) When can the dispensation be granted?

The municipality's access to granting exemptions is limited. It is required that the considerations behind the provision to which it is dispensed are not substantially disregarded. In addition, an interest weighing must be made, where the benefits of the measure must be assessed against the disadvantages. There must be a clear predominance of considerations that speak for exemption. This means that it will normally not be possible to grant an exemption if the considerations behind the provision for which an exemption is sought continue to apply with strength.
The assessment of whether the statutory conditions for being able to dispense are a law enforcement practice that can be reviewed by the courts. The Public Administration Act's rule on emphasizing the municipal self-government will thus only be taken into account when weighing the interest if an exemption is to be granted when the formal conditions of the Act for granting an exemption are fulfilled. It will apply in the same way in dealing with complaints and judicial control.
(quote end).

Here is clearly the following:

1.) It is required that the considerations behind the dispensation from which it is exempt are not materially disregarded.

Answer. In our case, nothing is significantly neglected, on the contrary, living environment and everything is much better.

2.) an exemption is sought from which still applies with strength.

Answer. We have built a booth that only "bounces" the border with a few sqm2 on a plot of more than 1500 sqm2. The wall is actually lower than its neighbor across the other side. It is not something that will have a negative effect on giving us dispensation, we are really only left with positive things.

8.) We have received a clear rejection from Borgarting Lagmannsrett, why?

It is angled and fabricated only with the aim of hitting us. Here they have jumped belly over so many facts in the case that it appears to be almost on the verge of being written with an overly subjective purpose of defending PBE here in Oslo that should not be walked in the seams in some areas.
Everything that can be used against us is used. What can speak to our advantage is completely proven omitted. In my opinion, the rejection from Borgarting Lagmannsrett is not held or credible. It is angled too negatively against us.

9.) The Court of Appeal finds that the conditions for refusing the appeal pursuant to the Dispute Act § 29-13 second paragraph are fulfilled and that the appeal should be denied. There is no prospect that an appeal will result in another result.

This is what the Court of Appeal writes, and we dispute that. It's just really a problem here that everything gets angled IMOT US! FACTS IN THIS CASE IS THAT WE HAVE BUILDED, NO PROBLEMS OR REASONABLE WITH, ONLY POSTIVE.

According to the law this: the benefits of granting exemption must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment. It cannot be exempted from case processing rules.
(quote end).

When the PBE, County Council and Civil Ombudsman use this, there are clearly more disadvantages than advantages of having to demolish masonry, stairs and storerooms and not mention one thing. The only thing they can mention as "benefits" is that we have conflicted with some paragraphs and so little. But only this can be negative to us. Otherwise, it is only positive things with what we have built. Mention someone to show clearly that in our case, dispensation and that we will keep the wall, staircase and shed are the only correct ones.

It is positive with masonry that we get a flatter outdoor area. With stairs we get a safe access and with the booth we do not have to use presses and other things about our things. There are a thousand things to mention if soneeded.

10.) The Court of Appeal writes: Nor is it a mistake that the case officer Aubert was not taken as a witness. The witness was dropped by Christensen during the main hearing. (quote end).

This is about the only sentence in which I agree with what the Court of Appeal writes. But this was a miss on our part when my lawyer and I were so different on the case. The reason for this was probably howlid got into the case late and we made this slip. But we can do that "good" again by Aubert Lange being told next time. It must be allowed to do anything wrong, until it is used to us for all its worth.

11.) The Court of Appeal sees completely proven in that it is a very skewed differential treatment of us. It may well be that the law does not fully take this into account, but then there is something wrong with the law and the wording.

It is obvious when one reads through the Dispute Act and otherwise all Norway's laws, so no one should take precedence or someone be neglected. Here we are neglected, while others get priority.

Blue. Our neighbors just outside of us at Stormyrveien 9 c have exceeded the utilization rate of the plot 54 times more than us, and the case ended in 2018. Thus, the same period that PBE and the public agencies have been doing with us. This is obviously a service error that also violates Norwegian law.

§ 171. Service error.

12.) The Court of Appeal completely ignores the fact that we have had an oral agreement and received oral guidance from PBE here in Oslo. Will remind you that an oral agreement is as binding as a written agreement according to Norwegian law.

King Kristian the law of the fifth.
(Who says that verbal agreement is the same as the written agreement.)

By Decree 14 Apr 1688, the law came into force from Mikkelsdag (Sep. 29, 1688). Here, only the provisions that are believed to remain in force are included. If repeal of different provisions and if any provisions that are supposedly lapsed, please refer to older editions of Norway's Law.

Fifth Book. About Access, Gods and Gield.
In Cap. About Contracts and Obligations.
1 Art.Everyone is obliged to comply if the hand with mouth, hand and seal promised and entered gardens.
2 Art. All contracts made by the volunteer by the volunteer, and come to the age of them, be they jealousy, hall, gift, alternation, pledge, loan, rent, obligation, forerunner, and other things by what name the name of the name of the man who is not against The Law, or Honor, should be kept in all its words and punctures, as the entry is.
(quote end).

13.) That we should be assessed on the basis of the house plan is incorrect.
It should actually be set aside in our case when our case officer did not guide us according to it, but after the settlement that was in and around our residence and in here in Stormyrveien. In many ways one can say that the court "operates" with the wrong set of laws when they assume that the house plan is valid in our case. It is not, but what Kaja Aubert Lange conveyed. Nothing else. And that it is really against the law to be as hard and square as PBE here in Oslo is, confirmed by the County Governor. If one goes into the law, it speaks of being generous in small deviations which after all apply to us.

Listen to what the law says:
§ 19-2. Exemption decision

- If the benefits of granting an exemption will be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment
- whether (sufficient) emphasis is placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environmental safety and accessibility.
(quote end).

In our case, there are only benefits, there are benefits to "for health, safety and accessibility."

Blue. when the car came with sirens when our daughter had become acutely ill. Then they used up stairs from Stormyrveien, it just shows that what we have built is required. Tear it breaks the law, all common sense and makes no sense.

Final Comment:

The judgment against me and my family is deeply unfair.
When the neighbor just outside of us gets the exemption to utilize the utilization rate of the plot 54 times more than us.
Our excess is minimal on a plot of 1,595 m², the excess is only a few m²
This was just one of many arguments.
It is obviously wrong, undemocratic and totally meaningless.
What we have built does not actually have a negative thing or effect. In fact, it has only positive, appropriate and environmental benefits.
Tearing this makes no sense!