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No. 1498: The campaign against Donald Trump and the "campaign" against me have a lot in common, including that it is about finding errors, and reinforcing it to the unrecognizable so that we should appear to have "black-per!"

No. 1498:
The campaign against Donald Trump and the "campaign" against me have a lot in common, including that it is about finding errors, and reinforcing it to the unrecognizable so that we should appear to have "black-per!"

They have now been going for 2-3 years to get Donald Trump for national law. The only thing that has really happened is that those who have opposed him have come out badly. It is okay and legitimate to be against Trump, but then one does not have to make an effort to get him convicted, for that way he gets away. There are better ways to do things, it is through sound and factual reasoning.
It claims he is involved with Russia, but nothing is better really. Having a good relationship with Russia is stabilizing the world's peace far more than anyone is aware of. In fact, this is more important than much else.

It's strange with evil and difficult people.
They always create conflicts and nausea over all they come and are.
Also with Jan Aage Torp. His desire with me when I preached remarriage that he was disqualified as Pastor by being re-married was not answering with the word of God. But with a false police report and lies further in court that unfortunately never judged on. It again tells which dark forces are behind all of opposition to me and my family, it is the Evil One who is out on the road.

Have experienced a so-called black and have campaign against me and my family.
When I look back, everything has been a campaign where it has not been possible to find any faults and special relationships with me and my family.
What then do my masters who obviously try to trap me and put me and my family out of conception?
Well, what thousands and millions of others do, which may be debatable. It amplifies and sets out as it is something wrong and very bad. Even criminal and criminal. They are trying to make me become a mess and a crook,

In the United States, they say "Making a Murderer". That's what they're trying to make me become a "killer" and "criminal". The truth is the opposite!

So it was with Jesus too. We read in Isaiah 53. 12 Therefore I will give to him many, and strong shall he exchange, because he hath poured out his soul to death, and was counted among transgressors; but he that bore many sins, and prayed for the transgressors. .

Yes, Jesus was counted among offenders, that is, criminals.
He who was perfect.

When Jesus has gone through so much injustice, he suffered saying the scripture. Then we who follow him also have to count on something of the same treatment, we are his followers.

1 Pet. 2. 21 For to this were ye also called, because also Christ suffered for you, and left you an example, that ye should follow in his footsteps; 22 he that sinned not, and in whose mouth no deceit was found, 23 he who did not shudder when he was scolded, not threatened when he suffered, but left it to him who judges righteously.

Yes, Jesus threatened no one, I never did either. But I have been threatened many times, even wishing far worse things than I would like to write. But in all this we win more than victory writes the Apostle Paul.

Room. 8. 37 But in all this we gain more than victory from him who loved us.

Jan Aage Torp's goal was to get money from me, lots of money. Get me in jail. The goal of his co-conspiracy was to hang me and the heavenly blog to shut down.

The last trial has also been ugly, very nasty. Neighbor right down the road has during the same construction period as we received the exemption 57 times to a greater extent than us. We had also received oral approval and guidance from the Oslo municipality, no one wants to hear. When one gets a judge we got in the Oslo District Court which I think was through corrupt as head of no want to hear or believe our version. What then? Although my presentation of the case is not disputed. Even then, my version is not listened to and emphasized. On the contrary, I am actually portrayed as a liar, and completely ignored. In other words, District Court Judge Edvards Os is a very evil man in my eyes who heads his deaf ear to the truth, but will believe the lie over the truth. Such people are dangerous to have as judges, they are completely erratic and dangerous to the rule of law.

The Norwegian state with the judiciary in the lead stands at the knees in abuse of power.

There are so many categories of abuse and such a large scale that one does not see the forest for only trees. Just think now Eirik Jensen's case where the so-called judges put aside the jury's verdict, it's a shame. The verdict would have remained, yet another new court case makes no sense. He is partially convicted, partly acquitted, just what the Norwegian people believe about the case, the judgment was as it should be. What does the jury do? Set aside the verdict and yet another animal and new trial, this against an old pole man who has done so much good after all.

What is so sad with my cases is that I have never chosen to get into them myself. I have never applied to the courts or other things, but to solve my problems with people on a good and noble g way. And if I am odd, then I pull myself away, while Torp and other "lunatics" always seek battle. Not least in the public space.

Also think of these judges I have met who are rude and unprofessional in my opinion as few. As well as one day, they themselves should stand by God with their lives, and when they give others so little grace and just treatment. Then they have "promise" to meet the same even according to God's word.

Matt. 7. 2 For with the judgment which ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with the measure which ye measure, ye shall be measured.

Judge we had in Oslo District Court, Edvard Os wrote these lies into the verdict:

«It is further shown that many similar support walls and terrain fillings have been listed in the area. Equal treatment considerations can only have significance in comparable cases. As the municipality points out, these walls are listed before the current zoning plan, the S4220 house plan, was adopted. The legal situation is therefore not the same, and the consideration of equal treatment does not matter. "

We have added a lot of cases, probably a 50 pieces that are walls and other things set up according to the house building plan. In other words, there is a direct lie, and here "the fox" judges Edvards Os in the subject of writing this. It is simply not true, as our responsible applicants Ferdigattest AS points out in the application that there are walls set up after 2006, and that before that no one had applied. In other words, here the judge tries to twist everything in as much as we will become the suffering party and must tear everything that is totally insane and deeply unfair!

The following is called:

The doubt will come to the benefit of the defendant or that you are innocent until you are finally sentenced in a criminal case.

In my experience this does not work at all in Norwegian law. There one may be the opposite, that it is always the person (s) who have the "doubt" that is punished hardens possible.
Eg. here in our case where I got guidance from the PBE to build our wall on top of old wall. In court, this was not disputed, but I was not believed. Even if I were to be there and they would let my version stay. So they do the opposite, really keep me from being a liar, while the other party is victorious. In other words, the rule of law in Norway is zero!

Donald Trump has now hacked them for 2 years, and nothing criminal finds those he has done that is their goal. But they continue and continue.

That's how it is with me, and my family. It's like the scripture says.

Psalm 43 1. Give me justice, God, and bring my cause against people without mercy, deliver me from false and unrighteous men!

But who is behind these false and unjust people? It is Satan and his Spirit.

Efes. 2. 2 as before, in the aftermath of this world, after the ruler of the powers of the air, the spirit now active in the infant of unbelief.

Final Comment:

In other words, it is Satan who is our real enemy who is behind all this.

We have ended up innocent in this situation, it's boring it. We called down to PBE and got directions, this was why we built the wall.

The City of Oslo repeatedly chooses its own interpretation, and accuses us of having built something illegal.

That we even misunderstood when we got to build when we called there at least 2 - 3 occasions five years ago, and as they now do impose on us to tear are directly fraudulent and misleading from them. We got a clear yes to build on the old wall, without reservation, by our then supervisor Kaja Aubert Lange at the municipality who had also been our supervisor when the house was built as we moved into 2012.

We have become like a bastard for the City of Oslo. It is those who have made the "mistake". But we are the ones who have to take the "punishment". This is not right. Gingerbread was one that took the punishment for another, which we must do here. Includes some words from Wikipedia that are about this relationship, which fits so well in here.
Prügelknabe, also written in Norwegian spelling as a knot (German for "pouting", that is, boy who must accept punishment) was, in feudal time, a term for a low-ranking boy, who was punished by the European courts instead of minors noble when a direct punishment of the nobility was not allowed because the person who carried out the punishment had a lower rank. The "boys" were often boys who grew up with the nobles, such as children of servants. It could therefore be social and emotional ties in the form of friendship between them. Thus, the punishment of the "boys" was also an indirect psychological punishment of the noble child.
In modern language use, "ornamental knots" are used as a synonym for scapegoats, a person who lets his fury go beyond.
(quote end.).

This relationship fits in perfectly with us, as we must take the "punishment" that has been inflicted on us by the Oslo municipality by their unfairness against us.

They have misled us, not guided us right and right.
We are "the scapegoat" even though the mistake lies with PBE here in Oslo.
We have come up with a situation and a relationship that we have not chosen ourselves, but have been inflicted on us. It is not we, but PBE here in Oslo who is "the scapegoat" and the guilty and who has violated Norwegian law.

That was also the case between me and Jan Aage Torp. He sought controversy and conflict for pointing out his whore and then disqualifying him for having a ministry in the kingdom of God.

The same is true of Oslo municipality and us. We called them and they guided us. We built, and the neighbor gets 57 times more than us to exploit the plot. Their will be standing, we will tear. Such treatment is so vicious that one knows that only the Evil One is behind such discrimination. No one who is at his full five and has a healthy mind and normal mindset holds on to that.
Only people are ruled by forces other than good forces!

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