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No. 1500: Already on November 6 last year 2019 I presumably showed through a parliamentary politician that this ISIL woman with her 2 children was on her way to Norway again!

No. 1500:
Already on November 6 last year 2019 I presumably showed through a parliamentary politician that this ISIL woman with her 2 children was on her way to Norway again!

Let us pray for those who will now be sent from Norway to Iraq and will face major challenges regarding the Middle East conflict!

I believe that it was an encouragement from the Lord that I should contact a parliamentary politician and even pray for those who have been involved in the war in Syria and Iraq after the war is partly over.
That they should have the opportunity to return to Norway.

I have sent some messages back and forth, with it being the message I received on November 6 that made me pretty sure it had become a solution for the woman with the sick boy.
But it would take some time for these to come to Norway and everything had to be arranged.

Here is the message I received November 6:

I can understand that since nothing is happening, but I can promise you that KrF is pushing for a solution. What makes the situation difficult to get Norwegian citizens out now is the war actions in the area. However, we are working on and believe in a solution.
Hans Fr

What I wrote:
Hi Hans Fredrik Grøvan.

You probably don't know who I am, but I drive a bus here in Oslo, and you've driven with me. Otherwise, I "know" you through your work in KRF.

I would go so far as to say that I know the memory and the man to write a few words to you about a really important matter.

It is that although these IS women and others have participated in something that is completely, completely beyond evil and wrongdoing.

Then the war is over, even though the aftermath is not over.

But then it sits down in Syria, and elsewhere maybe also Norwegian citizens with children, maybe without children too?

What is the point, I mean, we should as a Christian country.
A country that believes in propriety and goodness, let these go "stingy?"

Then we are almost like IS.

I believe FRP logic does not hold. These are Norwegian citizens, none of whom have been convicted yet. Tell them not to go home until sentenced. It is against all law and form of decency. These are not convicted, therefore they are entitled to protection. If we don't give it to them, then who else?

Of course, the suffering that they go through has chosen for themselves. But should we who have the resources, opportunities and can accept them simply sit down to do nothing?

For your aftermath, and all of Norway's aftermath when you look back on this in 20 - 30 years. Then I am convinced that if we do nothing and get these homes with the children etc. then this will testify against us.

Of course, they do not deserve this. But as a civilized and Christian country. Then it is our duty and appetizer to be able to help.

Hope, believe and pray. Really know me more memory and man to say this.
That you, Kjell Inge Ropstad and the entire management of KRF should do everything you can and as soon as possible. For example, FRP will get some money for tolls, can you say that then you will do everything possible to make these homes to Norway?
Every day that goes by is really a day too much for those who do not know will live tomorrow.
That is why it is so important to get these homes to Norway.

Is convinced that this is actually one of the most important things you will do throughout your political career to get these homes,

Hope you do not share this message with anyone in public.
But do everything you can to get these homes to Norway, and share this message with other politicians.
If we don't do something, it's our fault.

Jan Kåre Christensen
Oslo / Karmøy

Deuteronomy 15. 9 Take heed that no evil thought enter into your heart, saying, Now is the seventh year, the year of remission, and you look upon your poor brother with evil eyes, and give him nothing. ! For then he will come to you to complain to the Lord, and you will sin.

Galatians 2:10 only that we should remember the poor, and I have just won to do that.

I also got this in response November 6, 2019, which shows that it was then about to settle.

I totally agree and work for that.

I wrote this:
Thank you, I believe that those who are Norwegian citizens are entitled to return home, even if the mothers should receive a prison sentence. We should be better than them, showing love and decency, even if they do not deserve it.

When the woman and the children were out of the camp and on their way to Norway I wrote this:

Congratulations, very good that now this woman has been brought to Norway.
But I do not understand why it is immediately said that the children should not be taken away from her?
Imagine, here, Norway is repeatedly convicted in the human rights court, and even then some do not get the children back. It is a great injustice.
But enough about that. What is right is to bring everyone home, and imprison the woman with a subsequent trial as soon as possible. Let them zone and then they are free.
When it comes to the children, I think the best thing is if they are placed in their families either with siblings, parents or other relatives while the mothers are zoning.
But glad that the first ones have come to Norway.
They've been doing one great wrong, but let's learn from e.g. Rwanda. There they forgave each other, and society is moving forward. This is how we must deal with this as well, let's learn here that there is forgiveness that has to come after they have been charged, convicted and given their punishment which I believe should be mild as they have obviously realized that what they have done is not good.
Also want to remind you that this IS woman has apologized and acknowledged that what she did was not right. After all, it speaks in her favor!

When said parliamentary politician was on TV, I wrote this:
Sat. 11:25
Very good what you said on Tv2.
Now you just have to get home to Norway the rest of the mothers / children.
The posterity will show that you did the right thing.
The alternative that those who remain is that you did not complete what you started 🙏

Got this answer;
Thanks for the nice feedback!

I answered this:
FRP is nothing to worry about in this matter.
It's just a game for the gallery.
After the FRP joined the government, net immigration and everything have gone their way.
That they will then leave the government is just something they lose themselves.
The peace of God!

Sent a recent message here:
Sees that the Foreign Ministry will demand this woman for money.
This can KRF and you get something done?
What one should keep in mind is that most people who come to Norway want to be law-abiding and good citizens.
The signals we are giving out here are not good.
We help with one hand and bring others.
Once you have gone in to help, your help should be unreserved!
The signals that the Foreign Ministry and the Norwegian state show above this woman, the children, and the others left in Syria.
It will again especially above all immigrants, they will feel that the way we treat them. This is how we look at foreigners coming to the country.
We will do so many times to bring back those who are in Syria.
Not least with the media coverage that we show that we are not like Isil and others.
It is our misfortune that we do not repay an oath of not being able to show care.
But it helps and does the best above even those who have been involved in a terrorist movement mentioned here.
Good night!

Final Comment:

Of course, I did not go out with this. But my wife and I prayed for this and have several things that we have on our prayer list.
I encourage everyone to have that!

mandag 13. januar 2020

No. 1499: I will try to explain why it is not the NAV, the politicians or others who are guilty of the NAV scandal, but that it is Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch and the "judges' pool!

No. 1499:I will try to explain why it is not the NAV, the politicians or others who are guilty of the NAV scandal, but that it is Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch and the "judges' pool!"

It is Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch and his office that have failed, not anyone else to that degree.
Therefore, it is he and the judges who should be punished here over someone else. It is not a NAV, but a legal scandal, where the country's judges must take the greatest responsibility.

It is not a NAV, but a legal scandal, where the country's judges must take the greatest responsibility.

I have been through several lawsuits and therefore know what is what.

You can be indicted for anything or sue others for justice.
We humans can be very opposed to each other and mean very much.
Here, the NAV believes that there is a frenzy of people who have received unjustified social security.
Here people must wake up, it is NAV's job to take care of this.
Therefore, when they believe and believe that there are some who do not follow the rules and the law, then they did it right.
They were notified and then the police and prosecution took over. Here, some were claimed to be criminals. Or, to put it legally, there are some who have been indicted and brought to court as drug abusers.

Then here we come to the heart of the matter.

All the problems and disagreements we humans have with each other, to make a decision on this.
Then in Norway, as in most western countries, there is a three-part.
The three state powers are:

the rule-making - legislative
the rule-implementing - executive
the rule-controlling - judgmental

In Norway, it is therefore fair to say that it is judicial power that has failed as no one has complained about the legislation as far as I know to a particular extent. Yes, there are those who believe that we should not be an EEA country, but we are now and the laws that apply here, they apply from 1 January 1994.
In other words, it is the District Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court that have failed to any degree!


Also includes some links.

fredag 10. januar 2020

No. 1498: Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch and Attorney General Fredrik Sejersted should surely have been brought before the national court !?

No. 1498:
Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch and Attorney General Fredrik Sejersted should surely have been brought before the national court !?

Do not realize that one does not realize that this is a legal security scandal where, of course, the judicial power, is thus responsible. Yes, others have partial responsibilities such as NAV, politicians, media etc.
It is the EU that Norway is aiming for, this happened from 1 January 1994 when the EEA regulations were implanted in Norwegian law and in Norway.
The European Economic Area (EEA) is a collaboration between the European Union (EU) and three of four Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The overall aim of the agreement is to link countries outside the EU to the EU internal market. The EEA regulations entered into force on 1 January 1994.

Sent this to a journalist in VG the following, this article applies.

I write:

Reads what you write, but neither you nor many understand how Norway works obviously.

The whole of "Norway" can sue each other. Private individuals and government agencies, absolutely everyone.
That's good, and NAV has just done its job.
They have tried to limit payments, that is their job.
I'll put this on the lead of course.
But it is the courts that are the judging, tried and governing body that have really shit on the drag here and this is tragic that you do not understand.

Look here:

Marius Reikerås writes the following:

It is misleading to call this a NAV scandal.

Rather, it is a legal security scandal, in which all power institutions fail.

But, even the word "scandal" is not strong enough, for this is about system abuse. In other words, judicial murders are carried out with intent.

And it is a pervasive phenomenon, affecting a great many jurisdictions.

Have a nice weekend!
(Quote end.)

I am surprised that one does not understand that the courts are the highest body, they should control us others. They set the standard and thus have the responsibility.

Anyone can sue a counterpart. Then the case goes to the district court, and possibly further into the court system. The Attorney General has the overall leadership of the prosecuting authority. But it is the judges in the District Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court who do the job and who are responsible for the entire NAV scandal.

Don't make this article that long. But read here, that the judge's stand in Norway has not brought with them this is ridiculous, primitive and the alarms.

See here:

Some excerpts:

Advocate on the NAV scandal: - Norwegian law is subordinate to the EU

Norway voted no to the EU twice, but was still bound to the Union via the EEA Agreement. It gave us access to the EU internal market, but with the EEA also followed EU laws and regulations.

- The social security scandal is deeply about the denial that Norway underwent a legal revolution in 1994, writes Eirik Vinje in a reader post in VG.

- The so-called NAV scandal is probably the biggest crisis in the legal system after the war. The injustice has been going on for a long time, perhaps from 1994.

- In reality, we introduced a new legal system in Norway by joining the single market. In fact, the parliamentary majority in civilized and formally democratic forms adopted a judicial revolution. For practical justice, the upheaval was probably greater than the introduction of the Constitution in 1814.

No. 1497: Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch "fools" the entire Norwegian people!

No. 1497:
Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch "fools" the entire Norwegian people!

Picture by Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch


Who is to blame for this hub scandal?

Many, but one cannot expect so much neither from the NAV nor the politicians, they come up with allegations.
Who should control them?
Of course that's when you have to look at the law. It takes place in the District Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.
Who is sitting and judging there? It's the judge's stand that Busch was responsible for, he was their boss.
Who, then, is responsible for the hub scandal?
Judge Stand 80%
Politicians 10%
NAV 10%
Why? The governing body itself is not the NAV or the politicians, but the judge who should be able to do this.

According to Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch, there were 75 cases and 33 cases that he could have prevented if NAV and the politicians had done their job.
This is both ridiculous and a disclaimer.

If you lose a match 10 - 12 - 14 zero then the relegation stands for luck anyway!
It is a man who should have taken all the blame, and not blamed on others as Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch did today!

Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch succeeded in deceiving all of Norway with his cunning trick, by issuing "Black-Per" to NAV and others.

Attorney-General Tor-Aksel Busch and the judge's stand are guilty of 80% of this scandal.
There are those who are professionals and want to know far more than anyone else what is what.
Don't be fooled, it is Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch who is the "most" guilty here and the judge's stand !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in Social Security, District Court and Court of Appeal. Social security is really just a "like" court, not the district court and the court of appeals, it is a proper court with a judge and the possibility of an appeal etc. the courts here in Norway are ridiculous. All cases should really be tried again, as it is the same judges who have sentenced all cases in this country!

Actually, there is only one professional player here, that is the judge's position,
When the NAV and others come to court, this must be tried.
But what happens as a rule in Norway whatever the case?
It's planking, prosecuting gets what they want!

In a well-functioning democracy, the judge had looked at what was presented if it was in accordance with the law.
In Norway it does not work that way!
Not seeing this and blaming NAV and the politicians is not good!
If the judiciary had worked, they would have discovered this from January 1994 when we got the EEA agreement!

What is strange is that when one hears the hearing, the roles are partly turned upside down.
Prime Minister Erna Solberg actually responds to much of what Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch should have answered, but managed to get out of the "trap" by focusing on not knowing about the case in 2017.
For a disclaimer, the judge's position as Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch was and represents the supreme leader should have known about this in both 1994 and 2012.
Talk about being able to fool all of Norway as Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch was able to do yesterday!

Strange that no one - or few - realize that it is the judge's position that has the main responsibility here.
It is the District Court / Court of Appeal / Supreme Court that is to control and decide on other such as the NAV, the prosecution power etc. anyone who promotes a case in Norway.
Everyone can sue others.
But then this will be up first in the district court, and then one can appeal this further.
But it is the judge's stand that always has the final and decisive word. Not the NAV, not the politicians, not Kari, Pål or Per, but the judge's stand!

Must clap my arm, I've been through a number of trials for various reasons.
Must be quick here.

Everyone can sue or bring others to "squares".

I've done that, and others have done it with me.

But it is when one comes to court that "everything" happens.

Then it's the "Cup Final!"

Then everything is settled.

NAV, and everyone else is not "guilty" of this. It's the judges.
Or did the judges not understand what they were doing?
They just let what NAV and the prosecution said, meant and did "Norwegian Law!"

No, and again, no, that one does not see that the judge's position has the main responsibility here is quite strange of so many people?
The Attorney General managed the art piece by talking about the 33 cases he was not told in time by the National Insurance Court so that he would not judge these.
It's like a nursery, but even worse.
The prosecutor and the judge are the "culprits" here, not the NAV, not the politicians, not anyone else!

tirsdag 7. januar 2020

No, 1496: Now the Kemner office will take us!

No, 1496:
Now the Kemner office will take us!

Got this yesterday.
Although we got the neighbor's signature Roar Telje that it was okay for him we built.
We also got acceptance from our case manager Kaja Aubert Lange that it was terrific and we did not have to apply as there was a wall there from before.
See the photo from here when we built the big stones on several tonnes.

Here is the email:

Oslo Municipality Kemner Office
Oslo Chamber of Commerce Municipal collection Pb 4594 Nydalen 0404 Oslo
Visiting address: Nydalsveien 24 (08.15 - 15.00)
Phone: 23 00 80 00 Fax: 21 01 41 91
Bank account: 1315 01 01837 .: 976819934
0672 OSLO OSLO, 06.01.20Collection Notification Creditor's name: Planning and Building Agency - Forced Reference: 2031043 Case no: 713266 This claim was submitted due to. failure to pay the invoice (s) below. If the claim is not paid within fourteen days, debt collection will be initiated. This may incur additional costs. If the claim is paid to the creditor, we request that a copy of the receipt / statement of payment be sent to us by the payment deadline.
Inv. Invoice date The requirement applies to Invoice. Amount Residual Amount Interest from date 33 51739374 45 28.08.19 Invoice forcible 20000.00 20000.00 27.09.19
Main claim NOK 20000.00 Non-legal costs NOK 140.00 Delay interest NOK 512.54 Total NOK 20652.54 The amount is payable to account 1315 01 01837 by 20.01.20
Municipal debt collection, phone: 23 00 80 00, e-mail:
Payment information: Account number: 1315 01 01837 Amount to pay: 20652.54 KID: 5900000713266598 Deadline for payment: 20.01.20
Payment from abroad: BANK: DNB ASA, BIC: DNBANOKK, IBAN: NO39 1315 0101 83

Here is the picture of the mail.

Final Comment:

It is not just that PBE is lying, and the courts, the Civil Ombudsman and the County Governor are involved in this.
Then it's not easy when the entire public administration turns everything on its head!
When good becomes evil, when truth becomes false and light becomes dark.
Unfortunately, this is how the public holds, never if we will give in to lies.
Just keep in mind that the neighbors receive an exemption 57 times more in utilization than we do.
We cannot accept that, because this is more like North Korea than Congo than a free, democratic country.

Isaiah 5. 20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that turn darkness to light, and light unto darkness, that turn bitter to sweet, and sweet to bitter!

Of course, have much more to say on this matter. But at the same time, when PBE and the public have embarked on a lie-line where truth becomes a lie, and a lie becomes a truth.
At the same time, when they have the opportunity to talk, then do not even remember.
What to do then? Leave these people in God's hands if they call themselves judges, senior counsel, case manager, unit leader, and everything in between and everything else. When a liar does not want to listen to the other's contradictions, promises meet, this draws. Comes only on hidden scares and runs with camaraderie.
Everything is an unclean and dirty game only for a wall, storage room and stairs.
Then one must be ruled by a lot of greed.
That it is possible I say now.
When we got a contractor here. So right away, it was obvious to us that I had been given guidance.
That everything harmonized like this, this was not based on chance.
What is built on chance, when the neighbors have to move straight out into a one-way street, that is what the virtue cares about.
The neighbor's wall is 20 c, from the road, this is a problem with all the public bodies in!
It's really bad what they are doing!

mandag 6. januar 2020

No. 1495: Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who omit to mention the "century" scandal here in Norway, the so-called child protection scandal that makes Norway the # 1 in Europe to break human rights!

No. 1495:
Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who omit to mention the "century" scandal here in Norway, the so-called child protection scandal that makes Norway the # 1 in Europe to break human rights!

The speeches of the King and the Prime Minister are really two speeches about what they did not talk about. It's bad that none of them mention things that I address in this article.
Blue. Princess Martha is totally on the verge of initiating a relationship with a shaman who is completely in control of areas that one does not really want to write about. Photo by Shaman Durek and Princess Martha Louise.

Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who did not mention in a word the biggest scandal in Norway.
It is now rolled up that Norwegian child welfare is by far the worst and most dangerous for families in Europe.
35 cases have been pending at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.
7 cases have been dealt with, and 28 at least are waiting as more are ready for evaluation.
Norway has lost 5 pieces where they have violated human rights.
2 they have escaped.
The verdict on Norway is already so powerful that when this is omitted by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the King!
Public employees have different laws than private ones.
The public gets away with everything. That's how we can't have it!

5 years since it was written:

According to the UN's recent review of how Norway fulfills its economic, social and cultural rights (ESC), our human rights are poor.

Here are some of the UN conclusions from 2013:

Convention: UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Who is reviewing Norway's work? UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Last review: 2013
Next review: 2018
UN concerns and recommendations

The UN is concerned that ESC rights are seen as too general to be used in the Norwegian judiciary, and treated differently from civil and political rights when Norway should include human rights in the Constitution. The Committee proposes that EESC rights are also incorporated into the Constitution, and that Norway educates judicial staff on the content of the Convention.

The UN is concerned that the Norwegian Center for Human Rights has been downgraded to B status, and recommends that Norway establish a new national human rights institution in line with the Paris principles.

The UN believes that Norway must ensure that foreign investment in the Norwegian Pension Fund must, through a comprehensive human rights assessment, both in advance and in the process.

The UN is concerned that Norway has not set a national minimum wage, and that the wage gap between women and men is increasing. The Committee believes that Norway should change the legislation to set a national minimum wage, and ensure that equal pay legislation is implemented.

The UN believes that the monthly child benefit amount is too small for many families in difficult financial situations. The Committee recommends that Norway ensure that the amount is large enough to support these families properly, and that all disadvantaged families must have access to help.

The UN is concerned that an increasing number of children are being placed in foster homes and institutions. The Committee believes that Norway must investigate the reasons for this happening, do more to help parents be able to take care of their children, and ensure that the municipalities have the financial resources they need to work with preventative measures, and follow up children in foster homes. .

The UN believes that the average wage of the lowest paid in Norway is not good enough for them to maintain a normal standard of living, and believes that the state must take measures to change this.

The UN is concerned that many children from parts of society are still poor - despite general economic growth. The Committee proposes that Norway develop a new strategy to combat child poverty, which includes free health services, child benefit and other services.
(quote at the end.)

In other words, Norway has become a nation that notoriously, with full deliberation and without trying to change violates human rights.

From large Norwegian lexicon:

Human rights

Human rights are the rights and freedoms of every human being by virtue of being human. These rights are independent of, for example, gender, class or ethnicity. Through human rights, fundamental values ​​such as equality, freedom and dignity are emphasized. Human rights are also considered central to ensuring peace.

For example, human rights are about the right to life and security, freedom from torture, right to privacy, protection against discrimination, freedom of thought and religion, freedom of expression, right to work, health and welfare.

The thinking about human rights has a long history going back to Confucius and to the philosophy of antiquity. Today, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 provides an important common framework for international human rights protection. Over time, the state's obligations to respect and safeguard the human rights of citizens have become fowritten in various conventions (agreements) at both international and regional level.

Regional conventions are only open to accession by states in that region (ie Europe, Africa, America, and so on). In Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is the most central human rights instrument. International conventions prepared under the auspices of the UN are open to accession from all states of the world. The UN has adopted many human rights conventions, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination. Very many states have become parties to the UN human rights conventions and thus have to comply with the obligations established by the conventions.

Norway has ratified most of the UN human rights conventions and also the ECHR. In addition, there is a separate chapter on human rights in the Constitution where many individual rights are included.

Final Comment:

Finally, include something I wrote on Facebook:

But behind this tragedy here are angel worship, self-realization, divorce, new relationships, illness and an ego for a lady with a princess title etc.
Eventually the burden became too great when he had to carry it alone.
Whoever was to bear the burden with him was busy with others and getting their sexual needs satisfied.
There are 3 lovely girls left in a split family all normal people hurt.
Here is a family of resources quite apart from most others.
When they couldn't handle it, why?
The real truth is that when the nuclear family splits and mother and father initiate new relationships.
It is the killing no matter what resources one has.
Should the marriage break, new lovers and mistresses are the least beneficial one to keep up with and take part in.

Princess Martha Louise has probably been indirectly involved in this tragic outcome.
After intercourse and be in with a shaman who is obviously in sex mode.
The erotic relationship and angel worship of our princess is demonic.
Martha is a Jesabel of our time and with her angelic glory she has brought death, not life.
She needs to be publicly punished, as her choice as a princess and role model is a seduction and seduction!

torsdag 2. januar 2020

No. 1494: The Planning and Building Agency in Oslo is now using the Oslo Kemner Office against us, which in all dictatorships tries to crack the inhabitants who do not follow orders, even though the public appears corrupt, arrogant and unfit!

No. 1494:
The Planning and Building Agency in Oslo is now using the Oslo Kemner Office against us, which in all dictatorships tries to crack the inhabitants who do not follow orders, even though the public appears corrupt, arrogant and unfit!

Image from Red Khmer (Khmer: Khmer Krahom) (officially Campuchea's Communist Party, later the Democratic Kampuchea Party) was the Communist Party that despaired Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. The leader of the party was Pol Pot. Now we are not killed, but they are trying to crack us down on our wages.
The intention was to eradicate all the "enemies of the revolution", which we obviously are when others are allowed to, among other things. to utilize their land 57 times more than us.
Picture of Pol Pot which was cruel.
But I also do not realize that one can be as cruel and evil as Iver Helmo, Marius Vamnes, Lena Catrine Amdal, Lisbeth Nordli, Astrid Myhra and Government Attorney Elisabeth Sawkins Eikeland.

We got this from the Oslo Kemner office today:

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Debt Collection, notes that you do not want a payment agreement with us. We do not have a special prosecutor's authority and cannot decide the deduction of NOK 2000 per month.

The requirement is enforceable. Debt collection will be sent on 06.01.2020. Later, we will send a request for an outlay to Namsfogden in Oslo

With best regards
Iver Helmo
902 80 758

Oslo treasurer's office
Municipal debt collection
Customer Center: 23 00 80 00
(quote at the end.)

To which we replied:

Hi Iver Helmo Oslo January 2, 2020

It is clear that we do not want a payment plan, not a penny we will pay voluntarily.

Because PBE is acting vulgar, lying, does not respond to inquiries.
Only write their own attachments that are full of lies, injustice and they are outright ugly!

They act like we are villains, but they are the ones!

Here everything is turned on our heads, where we should be raised!

The way the public behaves towards us is nothing more than a reader stating that one is behaving in dictator states.

This is not the first time we have experienced.

When the NAV collection was supposed to have money from my sister, they went into my account with their help. We got the money back, the same thing will happen in this case as we have our backs free and have done nothing criminal or lied.
But it has PBE, the Civil Ombudsman and the County Governor, as they try to force us to demolish the wall, stairs and storage rooms and are not at all interested in any solution.

They act against us with hatred, and are completely irrational in their behavior.
This case here has come out completely out of proportion, but they have no sense and sense to sum up and want to have a conversation with us even!

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo