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No. 1502: The union clearly states that one is allowed to play radio - and the channels that one wishes for it!

No. 1502:
The union clearly states that one is allowed to play radio - and the channels that one wishes for it!

How is the case between me and Unibuss who thinks it qualifies for service claims that they maintain if one listens to Christian radio or song that possibly some passengers respond too!
Illustrative image of a bus that should not be allowed to listen to Christian radio broadcasts even though it was broadcast legally.

Here is mail correspondence between my Attorney Josefine Westad and Personnel Manager Per Christian Bing who has not answered our inquiry yet.

Reply from Unibuss:

Answer from Unibuss regarding service allegation for playing Christian radio:

Subject: VS: regarding their case number 02132
-----Original Message-----
From: Bing, Per Christian
Posted: Wednesday, December 18, 2019 12:23 PM
Copy: Myhre, Leif-Arne <>
Subject: regarding their case number 02132


Sorry for late reply, but you had sent the letter of 20.11.2019 to the wrong postal address.

Unibuss will not meet your demand that the warning be withdrawn, but the letter of 20.11.2019 will be filed in the personnel folder of Jan Kåre Christensen.

With best regards

Per Christian Bing
Human Resources
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Schweigaardsgate 16
0191 Oslo
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Best on Bus - best together

Answer from my lawyer:

Christensen still wants clarification of which rules apply in the future. Especially what applies if there are passengers who want him to switch off the radio or change channels.

Feedback can be given directly to Christensen, but he wants written feedback, so it is clear what he should relate to.

Thank you in advance.

With best regards
Josefine Wærstad
Occupational Traffic Association (YTF)
Lakkegata 19-23, pb. 9175 Greenland, 0134 Oslo

Final Comment:

Pray for the matter, not least that freedom of belief and expression is put under even greater pressure.
Finally, in Norway, as it is in today's China, it becomes almost impossible to be a Christian.

Here is correspondence between me and my lawyer that I post as that correspondence does not contain any kind of sensitive information.

Hi Josefine.

Read through the answer from Per Kristian.
There was no answer. He didn't answer.

It is important to know if it is permissible to listen to the radio stations you want yourself or if Unibuss has any guidelines.

The service charge against me is really the way I see it as a form of harassment and at least discrimination.

Believes that we should go to equality and the discrimination officer with this case regardless if they do not pull the service charge!

This matter means a lot to me, as it really attacks me as a person and who I am.

Hear from you!

Attaches to this which I received from Equality and the Discrimination Ombud:

What I wrote:
Hi Ragnar Lie

Thanks for the phone call. Send the answers here,

I've only played on regular channels, such as P1 and P4, and some others.
Otherwise, I listen to the usual sound level on these Christian channels as well.

107.7 which is now local radio and the UN network. A legal Norwegian channel. As well as Ptro, P7, Joh. 3. 16 and Vision Norway where I hear if there is anything about Israel in particular. All of these are legal with a license, and I never listen to a CD or anything else on my job.
That I turned up a song or something that I wanted to bring with me, it may have happened.
But on the whole, I hear excellent and don't need special loud music!
This is obviously harassment and bullying because my Christian faith, nothing else!

Know it sounds fierce, but so be it!

Jan Kåre Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo
Tel: 995980

This answer I get:

As I said, what you describe may be discrimination on grounds of religion under the Equality and Discrimination Act § 6. If there are no guidelines for playing music / radio at the employer, you may have been treated less well than others because you choose channels with Christian content. However, this is an issue that you must address with your union. The union must call here for guidance on the discrimination regulations.


Ragnar Lie
senior advisor

Gender Equality and Discrimination Ombud | Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud

Mariboesgt. 13, 4th floor N-0183 Oslo (visit), PO Box 8048 Dep, N-0031 Oslo, Norway

Jan Kåre

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