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No, 1496: Now the Kemner office will take us!

No, 1496:
Now the Kemner office will take us!

Got this yesterday.
Although we got the neighbor's signature Roar Telje that it was okay for him we built.
We also got acceptance from our case manager Kaja Aubert Lange that it was terrific and we did not have to apply as there was a wall there from before.
See the photo from here when we built the big stones on several tonnes.

Here is the email:

Oslo Municipality Kemner Office
Oslo Chamber of Commerce Municipal collection Pb 4594 Nydalen 0404 Oslo
Visiting address: Nydalsveien 24 (08.15 - 15.00)
Phone: 23 00 80 00 Fax: 21 01 41 91
Bank account: 1315 01 01837 Org.no .: 976819934 www.oslo.kommune.no
0672 OSLO OSLO, 06.01.20Collection Notification Creditor's name: Planning and Building Agency - Forced Reference: 2031043 Case no: 713266 This claim was submitted due to. failure to pay the invoice (s) below. If the claim is not paid within fourteen days, debt collection will be initiated. This may incur additional costs. If the claim is paid to the creditor, we request that a copy of the receipt / statement of payment be sent to us by the payment deadline.
Inv. Invoice date The requirement applies to Invoice. Amount Residual Amount Interest from date 33 51739374 45 28.08.19 Invoice forcible 20000.00 20000.00 27.09.19
Main claim NOK 20000.00 Non-legal costs NOK 140.00 Delay interest NOK 512.54 Total NOK 20652.54 The amount is payable to account 1315 01 01837 by 20.01.20
Municipal debt collection, phone: 23 00 80 00, e-mail: kommunal.inkasso@kem.oslo.kommune.no
Payment information: Account number: 1315 01 01837 Amount to pay: 20652.54 KID: 5900000713266598 Deadline for payment: 20.01.20
Payment from abroad: BANK: DNB ASA, BIC: DNBANOKK, IBAN: NO39 1315 0101 83

Here is the picture of the mail.

Final Comment:

It is not just that PBE is lying, and the courts, the Civil Ombudsman and the County Governor are involved in this.
Then it's not easy when the entire public administration turns everything on its head!
When good becomes evil, when truth becomes false and light becomes dark.
Unfortunately, this is how the public holds, never if we will give in to lies.
Just keep in mind that the neighbors receive an exemption 57 times more in utilization than we do.
We cannot accept that, because this is more like North Korea than Congo than a free, democratic country.

Isaiah 5. 20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that turn darkness to light, and light unto darkness, that turn bitter to sweet, and sweet to bitter!

Of course, have much more to say on this matter. But at the same time, when PBE and the public have embarked on a lie-line where truth becomes a lie, and a lie becomes a truth.
At the same time, when they have the opportunity to talk, then do not even remember.
What to do then? Leave these people in God's hands if they call themselves judges, senior counsel, case manager, unit leader, and everything in between and everything else. When a liar does not want to listen to the other's contradictions, promises meet, this draws. Comes only on hidden scares and runs with camaraderie.
Everything is an unclean and dirty game only for a wall, storage room and stairs.
Then one must be ruled by a lot of greed.
That it is possible I say now.
When we got a contractor here. So right away, it was obvious to us that I had been given guidance.
That everything harmonized like this, this was not based on chance.
What is built on chance, when the neighbors have to move straight out into a one-way street, that is what the virtue cares about.
The neighbor's wall is 20 c, from the road, this is a problem with all the public bodies in!
It's really bad what they are doing!

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