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No. 1532: Discrimination of Unibuss above me when they give more service claims for playing Christian radio, Muslims and others often play far higher than me!

No. 1532:
Discrimination of Unibuss above me when they give more service claims for playing Christian radio, Muslims and others often play far higher than me!

Retrieved from YTF magazine June 2020

The picture of me on the bus here in Oslo.

Wrong to hear Christian radio?

Bus driver Jan Kåre Christensen received a service claim from Unibuss for listening to loud Christian radio broadcasts at work. With the help of YTF's lawyer, Christensen has appealed the case to the Discrimination Board with allegations of religious discrimination. Christensen has been running a bus for Unibuss in Oslo since 2005. Prior to that he was employed for ten years as a professional operator in the electrolysis at the aluminum plant at Hydro Karmøy and has otherwise run a courier and truck before he started driving a bus. Jan Kåre Christensen is a regular worker.

Text and photo: Arne Danielsen

Like many of his colleagues, he listens to available programs on the bus's DAB radio while driving, on news, debates and more. The fact that the bus drivers listen to radio on the job is widely accepted and accepted. Since Christensen is a Christian, he also listens to religious and Christian programs.

Written warning

In November, Jan Kåre Christensen was called in to his group leader at Unibuss and assigned a written service claim. The rationale was several customer complaints about loud religious sermons.

Customer complaints are usually addressed to the Ruters customer center, who passes these on to the operating company. In this case, five complaints with similar content were referred:

"Driver runs Christian preaching at max." “Playing solid Christian radio high on the bus. With full sermon. ” "Listen very loudly to worship. (…) Surely religious sermons on public transport may not be appropriate? ” "Played VERY loud Christian music from a Christian radio channel." "The driver listened to loud religious propaganda."

Thus, the complainants' reasons contain a combination of volume and religious content. Jan Kåre Christensen even refuses to play loud music. He also emphasizes that he has only listened to ordinary Norwegian radio channels. Therefore, he is sure that the real reason for the complaints is the Christian program choice.

What rules apply?

As a YTF member, he contacted his local union representative Leif Arne Myhre, who confirmed that he, like all other bus drivers, should be allowed to listen to the radio channels he himself wanted. The bus driver then contacted Unibuss to clarify which rules applied.

Are we as bus drivers allowed to choose even the channels we want to play? Are there any restrictions if, for example, a passenger visits the bus driver and asks him to change channels?

Unibuss responded by referring to the following text from the driver's manual: “The regular FM radio can also provide necessary information on traffic conditions. Feel free to use this information to inform your customers if it is natural. Be careful to keep the volume at such a level that it does not disturb the customers. ”
- This gave no answer with meaning to me, comments Jan Kåre Christensen, who has since in vain called for a more precise definition of what can be considered an acceptable sound level.
Since the bus driver cannot be seen to have broken any rules, he demanded that the service charge be canceled. But Unibuss was not prepared for this.

Afraid of dismissal

- If, for example, I get another customer complaint with subsequent service complaint, then the dismissal lies and waits. It is very stressful to have such an employer who behaves in this way, emphasizes Jan Kåre Christensen, who, with the help of YTF lawyer Josefine Wærstad, chose to appeal the case to the Discrimination Board.

The lawyer justifies the complaint, among other things, as follows:

- For Christensen, the warning must be considered a ban on listening to radio with religious content. In our opinion, the warning is given with combination reasons - high volume and content. It is not discriminatory to give a warning that you have played too high radio, so it is the last thing that is the subject of nemda's treatment, says Wærstad.

Discrimination on grounds of religion is prohibited under the Equality and Accessibility Act. By discrimination is meant direct or indirect discrimination that is not legal.

Unibus: The volume core

Unibuss does not agree with the allegation of discrimination.

Personnel Manager Per Christian Bing at Unibuss emphasizes to Occupational Traffic that the crux of the matter is the sound level, not the content. He emphasizes that what drivers choose to listen to on radio is inferior and that the experience of "religious propaganda" in the complainants must probably be because the volume has been very high.

- The service complaint comes as a result of repeated complaints due to loud radio use. As an employer, we are obliged to address repeated complaints to one of our employees, to see if we can find a solution together, Bing points out.

Not Ruter's case

Bing also believes that to the extent that complaints can be considered discriminatory, this should be addressed with Routes receiving and handling the complaints in the first place. This off shows Christensen and his lawyer Josefine Wærstad.

- It is true that it is Ruter that receives complaints from the passengers in the first place, but it is after all Unibuss that decides whether the complaints will have any consequence for the driver, emphasizes lawyer Wærstad.

Professional organization is crucial

The case is thus at the time of writing in the Disciplinary Board. Jan Kåre Christensen praises YTF for the help he has received.

- Through the trade union you stand much stronger and get professional help. I am convinced that Unibuss would have resigned long ago if I had not been professionally organized. At YTF, I get help, and Unibuss is very amused when they know that they are not just meeting me, but a whole union. If you stand alone, they have no inhibitions, then just drive on.

tirsdag 9. juni 2020

No. 1531: It is far from Karmøy to Oslo!

No. 1531:
It is far from Karmøy to Oslo!

Recently, I have been squeezed and tried by the management of Unibuss where I work and run a bus through harassment, bullying and discrimination.

What is at issue are some customer complaints with little and no hold.
The latest customer complaint has been constructed as it claims that I played loud music while talking to the prosecutor with a leash 2 meters further behind.
When the customer who claims and complains that I play loud music, I talked with behind the latch.
It is physically impossible that this can happen when my speaker is 30 cm from the ear and complaints are 2 meters away.
The appeal is constructed as it is physically impossible to have a loud sound conversation under such conditions!
It will be like winning the lottery without playing, just as credible and hold on is in the last customer complaint of May 20.

Picture of the mist in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy which is approx. 10 meters high, which I stood with on the ladder and played preaching and singing that sounded all over Søragadå in Skudeneshavn in 1982.
This is where Karmøy municipality was located, as I worked at the time.
But I quit my job to start at the Bible School for free friends who were then in Våler in Re municipality. Which is between Tønsberg and Horten.

Remember well from the time I worked in the municipality of Karmøy in 1982.
I started Bible School at Smyrna Bible Institute in the fall of 82, but after I left Stavanger Post School in December 1981, I moved back to Skudenes.
There I first worked at the Karmøy Steel Industry for Easter.
Began at the municipality of Easter until I started Bible school.

Then I and another were set to paint the house that one was then in.
Had other tasks too, but painting the fog clock was part of the work we did.
It was the old fog clock factory in Søragadå in Skudeneshavn which was, as I said, the residence of Karmøy Municipality in the south.

Then I had a cassette player with me. had a rope in.
As I had around me, there I heard various cassettes that sounded out over Søragadå in Skudeneshavn.

I remember I listened to some voice cassettes I had received from a sister in the congregation.

Final comment or conclusion:

It's weird, I actually played Christian preaching out in the public space on both Karmøy when I was playing tape recorder.
And here in Oslo, whether there are many years in between.
In Karmøy it was loved, here in Oslo it is also loved by many.
But there are some - whether they are Muslims or not, I do not know?
But it is striking that they can not tolerate anything about Israel and otherwise Jesus.
After all, I think there will be a full victory in Discrimination Energy.
We have freedom of religion and belief here in Norway, including Oslo!
Still pray for me, and the case!
I appreciate that very much, thank you for that!

Remember well i.a. an older lady, Mrs. Linn, do I mean her name?
But she's dead now, saying they thought it was great about the preaching and singing.
The only thing they were worried about was me hanging in that 10 meter ladder with that cassette player with me.
Here in Oslo it is the opposite, where they care less about people, but more after dealing with discrimination, bullying and harassment of Christians, not good!
If you have a Jesus, everything will be fine! If you don't have Jesus, nothing is going well!

søndag 7. juni 2020

No.1530: The Evil One has a strategy, purpose and goal with all people!

No. 1530:
The Evil One has a strategy, purpose and goal with all people!

Satan loves mediocrity, so it is so important for believers to live in the spirit of burning. Serve the Lord with joy, and renounce sin in all its forms and forms.
Get Up the Church of God · John-Inge Rolfsnes hears the fine song, it is truly biblical. That is what must and must happen, that we believers rise, cling to Christ in this time.

Joh. 10. 10 The thief comes only to steal and murder and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have abundance.

2 Cor. 10 But whoever you forgive anything forgives him and I; for what I have forgiven — if I have had anything to forgive — I have done it for you, for Christ's sake, lest we be fooled by Satan; 11 For we are not ignorant of his thoughts.

Satan - the old serpent has a purpose with us humans

It is to get all of us into the lake of fire with Himself, the Antichrist, the false prophet, all the fallen angels and demons.
Where these will be annihilated, so is his goal with us humans!

In many ways, one can say that Satan treats us people in "categories", where he has, as I said, a main goal and a sub-goal.
The main goal is always to keep people away from the salvation of Christ Jesus.
Second, his intermediate goal is to keep God's people away from the glory of Christ Jesus.

We read in from the apostle John the gospel 14. 5 Thomas says to him, Lord! we don't know where you're going; how then should we know the way? 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father without me.

It is Jesus who is the way to God, no one else

Therefore, to keep people away from salvation in Christ Jesus, it is Satan - the evil one's greatest and most important matter.

He has an important intermediate goal, which is why the Apostle Paul says that we are unaware of Satan's thoughts.
The basic text states freely the following: We are not ignorant or neglectful of his schemes.

In other words, it is a scheme in the Satanic world as it is in the world of God.

Where Satan's goal # 1 is to keep people away from Christ Jesus.
And for those who have been part of salvation, Satan's goal is to have us as "dwarf Christians" where we do not take up our position and fullness in Christ Jesus.

In many ways it is the return of Jesus, the 1000 year kingdom and all that we Christians do. Related to the fulfillment of these things and the word of God, so it is so about doing for the Evil that we as believers do not go God's way and spread the gospel.
The scriptures say:

Room. 11. 25 For I would not, brethren, be ignorant of this secret, lest ye be wise in your own eyes, that glorification is partly upon Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles is come in;

The great task of the congregation is to evangelize and spread the message throughout the world. Therefore Jesus said the following:

Mark 16. 15 And he said unto them, Go out into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Before Jesus comes again, we as believers should carry out our mission.
This is what the Evil One will prevent us from doing. Therefore the Lord delays, the scripture also says the following:

Mark 13. 10 And first the gospel must be preached to all peoples.

The basic text is freely translated as follows:
First, the gospel must be proclaimed to all peoples and nations.

I wrote this in my own Bible comments:
Mark 13. 10 And the gospel must first be preached to all peoples.

Notice the wording, here Mark mentions the gospel. In Matthew 24. 14 And the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached throughout the world for a witness unto all peoples, and the end shall come. The Jews, especially the 144,000 of which the Book of Revelation speaks, will in the end preach the gospel of the kingdom - the 1000 year kingdom. But we, as believing Gentiles, but also Jesus-believing Jews have the gospel and cross-preaching at the center. 1.Kor.1. 18 For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who perish, but to us who are saved, it is the power of God.

11 But when they carry you away and surrender to the authorities, you should not be worried about what to say. Say what is being given to you at the same time! For it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit.

We should not walk around worrying about anything or anyone, but watch and pray. All the challenges and difficulties that come our way, God has given us a resource for dispensation. His own Spirit, the Holy Spirit who will give us the right words at the right time in every occasion.
(quote at the end.)

Conclusion or final comment:

The Apostle Paul says so clearly that we are not unknown or alien to Satan's thoughts and schemes.
He clearly wants people to live and walk away from God and into sin.
But the very solution, which is Jesus.
That is what the Evil One above all will keep people away from.
There is only one path that leads, and in a name for which there is salvation.
It is in the name of Jesus!

Acts 4. 12 And there is no salvation in any other (Jesus' name); for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we shall become

At the same time, I would say that the people of God and the church of God have unfortunately fallen far, far behind. This is of course in Satan - our enemy's interest.
The apostle Paul says in the Hebrews:
From My Bible Commentaries Hebrews 5. 11 We have much to say about this, but it is difficult to explain, since you have become so slow to hear.

All the time, there is a struggle for spiritual development to continue. All the time, there are obstacles that are always within yourself.

Hosea 4. 6 My people perish because they lack knowledge (1930 transl.).

12 After such a long time you ought to be teachers yourself; but you need someone who can again teach you the first and basic things in the word of God. You must have milk and not solid food.

This is what one is being taught was really well-known material that one should be able to learn and put into one another. In essence, we do not need teachers and other preachers in a congregation if every believer develops according to the potential that one has. But it turns out time after time that it does not happen that one as believers develops such an opportunity and one should. The world, sin, error and unbiblical teaching are some of the reasons. But laziness and lethargy are usually the real cause.

13 For those who receive milk lack insight in the message of righteousness; he is immature.

The simple and important truths that should be a stepping stone to greater and deeper truths dwell than ever. It is wonderful that Jesus died for us, but that truth is only an entrance to live in the Kingdom of God! Stagnation leads to apostasy and spiritual immaturity.

14 But solid food is for the ripe, for those who, by using their senses, have exercised them to distinguish between good and evil.

Spiritual development should never stop either in this or the future life.

It is also through trial, error, humiliation and taking new chances that spiritual development is ongoing. It is combative and wonderful to go on with God and grow up to be the head - Christ - in every part that is God's goal for us.
(Quote end.)

The same he says almost to the Corinthians, we read:

1 Cor. 3. 1. And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, as unto infants in Christ. 2 I gave you milk to drink, and not meat; for you did not tolerate it yet. Yes, you are not tolerating it yet, 3 You are still carnal. For when there is envy and weariness among you, are you not carnal and walk in the human way?

Gets to include another word, which speaks about the same thing. This is the wise King Solomon who writes.

Ecclesiastes 10. 5 There is an evil that I have seen under the sun - a misconception that comes from the ruler: 6 Foolishness sits in high positions, while noble people must sit low. 7 I have seen servants riding horses and princes walking on foot as servants.

Do not want to be negative, but here is an article on Satan, where the title of the article is;
"The Evil has a strategy, purpose and goal with all people!"

I believe that God's people are very, very slow to support what is from God.
Those who preach the word of God in truth.
But if one strikes a little here and there, then the people of God gather.
The spiritual abilities, the spiritual tastes, and the understanding of what is from God and what is not from God. There are far too many believers at the bottom.
That's exactly what the apostle Peter says:

2 Pet. 1. 8 For when these things are in you, and are allowed to grow, they show that ye are not idle or fruitless in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; 9 For whosoever hath not these things, he is blind, myopic, having forgotten the cleansing from the sins of his past. 10 Wherefore, brethren, give even more effort to make your calling and selection! for when you do these things you will never stumble; 11 For in this way shall ye be abundantly given entrance into our Lord and Savior the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ. 12 Therefore I will always remind you of this, even though you know it and are rooted in the truth that is with you; 13 Yet I consider it proper, as long as I am in this hut, to awaken you by reminder,

It's not supposed to be very negative. But when spiritual development stops, yes also goes back.
Then it is Satan who has achieved his goals and purposes, there is something to be aware of.
The apostle Peter speaks of one being "blind, myopia."

In many ways, it is a tragedy that, as believers for 2000 years, we have not been able to evangelize the entire world and have not lived a holy life.
This is, of course, that we have had and have a very tough opponents and enemies.
It is Satan and his spirit army.
They have so much ability, and we as believers have given so much.
It is time for the church of God to rise again.
Here too in Norway!
Concludes with a song from Youtube.
Here, it's up to you God's Church · John-Inge Rolfsnes

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No. 1529: Unibuss with Personnel Manager Per Christian Bing says he does not want to listen to the Discrimination Energy, as he knows better!

No. 1529:
Unibuss with Personnel Manager Per Christian Bing says he does not want to listen to the Discrimination Energy, as he knows better!

Got my wife to read through that customer complaint.
I asked her to say what she thinks, is it credible?

She immediately said it was staged and a lie that it was loud.

It is 2 m between us and we had a conversation.
Then between me and the customer.

If the sound had been loud, we could never have communicated when the radio had made it impossible.
But for the sound was moderate, then we could talk.

It shows that I speak true.
While the customer fabricates a robbery story.

Per Christian Bing is again lying, not credible what he is doing.
Nice with smart ladies 😁😁😁😁
See for yourself, I have the radio 30 cm from the ear, and 20 cm in from the head.
The customer I talked to stood 2 meters away.
Had I had a loud sound, it would have been impossible to talk in unison.
In other words, the complaint is a lie and fabricated.

This one was a real cervulant. I actually switched channels, but he had decided.
I politely asked him if it was the content he was responding to, but rude as he was, he didn't answer.
After two stops he left, such people partying Unibuss with Per Christian Bing his trust.
Not credible at all!

Meeting with the leadership of Unibuss, they are considering termination when a new fabricated customer complaint has come in that I had on a radio program about Israel and the Palestinians.

In other words, it is free now for Muslims and others to criticize us Christian, and we get the fuck.

Personnel manager Per Christian Bing and others in management said they would not comply with anything from the Discrimination Energy Committee. they give the flap and run their own race.

Then we'll see where this ends, I'm on mine. Then those who support the Muslims get on with it. When I take over the bus with many others, for example. Their Muslims bail music at a lot higher than me.

It's hard to stand up for Jesus and the gospel today, now they really refuse to listen to their own radio that everyone else is allowed to listen to!

What I experience is harassment, bullying and discrimination against an employer that allows the bullies and cervulants through the Ruters complaint system to recover,
They welcome me.

See here for a page at the Labor Inspectorate: https://www.arbeidstilsynet.no/tema/trakassering/

It is harassment when a person is exposed to unwanted negative acts, omissions or utterances that act or are intended to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating. This can be, for example, unwanted sexual attention, teasing, freezing or hurtful whining and teasing.

Harassment can be both single events and incidents that happen repeatedly. If it is a single incident, it must be of a certain degree of seriousness in order for it to fall under the concept of harassment. On the other hand, if the negative and abusive actions happen systematically and are repeated over time, it will rather be bullying, which is a form of harassment.

Section 4-3 (3) of the Working Environment Act requires employees not to be subjected to harassment and other undue conduct. In addition, there is special protection against sexual harassment and harassment due to gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in section 13 of the Gender Equality and Discrimination Act. Section 6, first paragraph. It is the employer's duty to prevent this.

Final Comment:

I get a ton of positive, encouraging and good feedback.
Am convinced that I do my job as a bus driver exemplary.
But there are some who dislike Jesus and the good and the bright.
But unfortunately, there are a few who manage to create so much negative that it is absolutely incredible!
But my wife revealed to him as a liar that Per Cristian Bing and the management choose to believe the lie rather than the truth. Unfortunately, this is nothing new, but it never works out!

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No. 1528: Job friends - or friends!

No. 1528:
Job friends - or friends!

Picture of Job's friends blaming Job, his wife in the background.

Job Book 2. 11 And when Job's three friends heard of all this calamity that had befallen him, they came every man from his place: Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Suah, and Zophar of Naamah; and they agreed with one another to go to him to show him compassion and to comfort him. 12 But when they looked up from a distance, they did not know him, and they burst into tears and tore their robes and threw dust against the heavens, over their heads. 13 And they sat with him on the earth seven days and seven nights, and no man spoke a word to him; for they saw that his torment was very great.

What is so exciting, rewarding and educational with the Word of God, especially for us believers. It's that here we read about our lives, what's going on. The entrance, the course of events and the exit!
The Word of God speaks directly into time and into our lives, today!

Job's children are referred to as living well because Job was blessed. Can even say that fat lived on Dad's blessing. But they did not have the intimate relationship with God, neither did their parents? This was not ideal, but Job's love for his children was as intense and great as if they were living completely with God.

Furthermore, we read about Job's friends who, after all, had the most to say about Job in his difficult trials he had now entered!

What is noticeable here are many things. Job's book is full of examples, educational ones. It is a book of real depth.
But to bring out some things, I only take out certain verses and events.

Job Book 2. 11 And when Job's three friends heard of all this calamity that had befallen him, they came every man from his place: Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Suah, and Zophar of Naamah; and they agreed with one another to go to him to show him compassion and to comfort him.

Today, it is not rumor we hear first and foremost. But through mass media, Facebook, blogs and other things we get involved in what is happening. Here was actually the response laber you ask me. The wife stood by Job's side, if she did not fully support him. No one who lived near supported Job, only 3 who came from afar.

Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Suah, and Zophar of Naamah; and they agreed with one another to go to him to show him compassion and to comfort him.

These are locations located south of Israel on the border with Jordan and Egypt today. Yes, the areas are further south than the city of Eilat in today's Israel, opposite Petra in Jordan and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. But that is not crucial, there were three people who talked among themselves and decided to go to Job.

It's about Job. Job 1. 1. In the land of Uz there was a man named Job; he was an immaculate and righteous man, who feared God and departed from evil.

This seems to be in today's Jordan or Iraq when it goes on to say that he was more powerful than all the children of the East? But come in from the land of Us.
Anyway, we read that there were only three long-distance travelers who came to Job in his hardships and difficulties. They did not live close by, but gathered together and consulted.
Then they went to Job to have compassion and comfort him. It doesn't matter how long the trip took, but it was probably a trip with several nights as we know that people without a car and other modern means of travel max managed to travel more than 5 miles in one day.

Why did Job's friends come?

Job Book 2. 11 And when Job's three friends heard of all this calamity that had befallen him, they came every man from his place: Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Suah, and Zophar of Naamah; and they agreed with one another to go to him to show him compassion and to comfort him.

Notice that they sat for a whole week without saying anything, "for they saw that his torment was very great."

If they had been on "facebook" and of the few who had clicked, they would have liked the click and it turned out in retrospect that it had been better that they had not come. But had been on Facebook and clicked Likes.
This of course in transferred meaning. But that's exactly the problem with so many people.
They understand very, very little what others are going through. Especially when it is spiritually related.
Therefore, the account of Job tells very much.

Room. 15. 4 For all that is written before, it is written unto us for doctrine, that we may have hope in the patience and comfort of the scriptures.

Scripture also says: Preacher 5. 1. Do not be too hasty with your mouth, and do not let your heart rush to speak a word before God! For God is in heaven and you are on earth; therefore let your words be few!

We get it wrong so often, why? We cannot and cannot see into the spiritual world that governs everything in this natural and human world.
We do not see what is behind it, and then we cannot let natural and human wisdom and understanding guide and guide us.

What is the testimony of God about Job's friends?

Job. 42. 7 When the Lord spoke these words to Job, he said to Eliphaz of Teman, My anger is kindled against you and your two friends; for you have not spoken of me as my servant Job.

Read what Job's friends were talking about, it was largely biblical and true. Men anyway, it was the words of unbeliever and of the evil into Job's life and case.

So it was with all those who were also to guide Jesus. We read about the apostle Peter and Jesus the following.

Matt. 16 20 Then he commanded his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah. 21 From that time Jesus began to make known to his disciples that he should go to Jerusalem, and suffer much of the elders, and the high priests, and the scribes, and be slain, and be raised on the third day. 22 Then Peter took him aside, and began to rebuke him, saying, God save thee, O Lord. this must by no means be acknowledged to you! 23 But Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Fold me behind, Satan! You will lead me to fall.

The human thoughts and ideas, they are not from God.
Therefore, the old and fallen man does not realize this. He will always reject from him everything that has to do with God.

What did Judas say when Jesus was anointed?

Joh.e. 12. 3 Then Mary took a pound of real, very precious nard's ointment, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the scent of the ointment. 4 One of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was to betray him, then says: 5 Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence and given to the poor?

This is typically the old man. As we humans are in ourselves, we are so often completely out in the open. We do not understand and understand the spiritual where the real struggle is and is.

Job's struggle - as every believer's struggle is - is not against some people first and foremost. But it was spiritual, and it was a battle against Satan.

We read that it was Satan who came before God and challenged God to let him be tried.
Likewise, the Apostle Peter felt that Satan was allowed to "try and test" Peter.

Luke 22. 31 Simon! Simon! behold, Satan demanded you to be violent in order to aim you as wheat; 32 But I prayed for you that your faith might not fail, and that once you repent, strengthen your brothers!

The purpose of what we are going through - is also that we should become like Jesus. As he grows and grows, we are being erased more and more.

Joh.e. 3. 30 He will grow, I will slow down.

Final Comment:

It is strange that when one gets into difficulties, there are very few who can help. And the "help" one gets is usually not of the good kind, why?
I do not have a satisfactory answer to this. The closest answer I have is that if you have not gone through serious difficulties yourself, you cannot help others who are going through the same thing.
This is a very simplification but the closest I get is an answer.
Finally, include what the Apostle Paul wrote.

2 Cor. 1. 3 Praised be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father who is rich in mercy, the God who gives all comfort! 4 He comforts us in all our distress, that we may comfort those in need, with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 5 For just as we have abundant part in the sufferings of Christ, so also through Christ we are given abundant comfort. 6 If we suffer pain, it is for your comfort and salvation. If we are comforted, it is for you to receive the comfort that helps you to endure the same suffering we must endure. 7 Our hope for you stands firm. Because we know that as you share in the suffering, you also share in the comfort.

Notice that it was with the same comfort - the same "level" one has experienced things himself. That one will be able to help and comfort others.
The Christian life must be endured to be tested, and then we can be enriched and comforted!

mandag 4. mai 2020

No. 1527: Jan Aage Torp compares the case between me and him and the upcoming review of Levi Fragell as comparable, but Fragell gets the support of absolutely everyone - I got it from only Vebjørn Selbekk!

No. 1527:
Jan Aage Torp compares the case between me and him and the upcoming review of Levi Fragell as comparable, but Fragell gets the support of absolutely everyone - I got it from only Vebjørn Selbekk!

Picture of Aina Anine Lanton whom Jan Aage Torps married after he divorced his former wife. Here, warn against others, that they should live by the commandments of God.
But be careful with yourself, it doesn't matter.

It is directly demonic to allow remarried publishers to appear on the pulpit.
I was in the US about 1 1/2 years ago and was totally put off.
It turned out that I was right.
This preacher was divorced himself, and remarried with a divorced.
It is with dismay and sadness that so many accept married married preachers.
And notice it, when older Christian men get divorced.
Then they marry a younger lady.
When this happens so often, why?
Meat, meat and meat again.
We read about the church in Pergamon, where Satan has his throne.
Satan has been given a throne in the congregation by remarried male elder preachers.

This is my view and for such a Bible view one will be convicted in Norwegian law.

What does Levi Fragell mean? Opposite a me, that it is terrific of Torp's remarriage with his former nanny.
What does he get? Massive support among the Christian people, of the world - of absolutely everything and everyone.
The world hates God's Word, but loves the shit, that's it!

Here is something from Facebook that shows that Torp does not understand anything, and act as he does not realize that it is all a spirit match.
He could probably "win" me over when the world loves its own, and the world is a deception.
But above Levi Fragell he will probably struggle, because he is loved, admired and accepted.
He and Torp are actually quite similar, they enjoy life in this world.
They live in sin, and think that God's Word and God's commandments are nothing to take into account.
Therefore, Torp and Fragell are in agreement that Torp has made a "warp" of marrying his former nanny.

Here are some statements in from Facebook.

Levi Fragell

It is the fight against religious "abuse of power" you thank me for, Frank Rossavik, and since active participation in this environment can strengthen unworthy and harmful practices, I these days add that leading cultural profiles should avoid being perceived as advertising posters for Vision Norway.
Here is a section from Fritt Ord's Vice President Frank Rossavik's speech: (
Rossavik is also one of Aftenposten's highly respected commentators).
"For decades, Fragell has promoted sharp but factual criticism of abuse of power in God's name. He is still deeply concerned about how the charismatic movements he once belonged to use different forms of pressure, manipulation of "ecstasy", demonic expulsions and frightening prophecies in the spirit struggle. Not least, he has been concerned with children in such environments.

Vision Norway's partner Jan-Aage Torp attacks the cathedral on the web today
Elisabeth Thorsen for supporting the rescue campaign Stans money preachers, and again scares the police. As an atheist and humanist, I am grateful that precisely a number of Christians help to warn of the conditions that have developed in extreme parts of religious life in Norway - and which are now also legitimized by the fact that well-known cultural figures act as advertising figures for the "Vision". On the basis of my own experience, I have in particular reacted to the extreme Christian environment's abuse of children (the front page of the rescue operation), which has also been the concern of several brave warnings in recent years.

The hornet and manipulative Jan Aage Torp

Now there is enough for today's "muck digging" in the participation of journalists, officials and priests in the dark "Stop the money preachers!"
Necessary work, but drinking from the springs of Jesus is my joy!

The hate and hate group "Stop the Preachers!" proves time and time again its injustice.
In 2019, the group took on the honor of having "notified" the Children's Ombudsman
on child abuse on TV Vision Norway.
Unfortunately, the anti-Christian forces at the Ombudsman's office were so outspoken that they used the heat group as expert witnesses, and "Stop the money preachers!" stirred up the mood in the interior even led by the leading cathedral priest in Oslo Cathedral Elisabeth Thorsen used to hit TV Vision.
But the police dropped the cases because of "no criminal offense" - without the Ombudsman for Children or the priest Thorsen complaining about any of the world's things.
Are a public child ombudsman and a state-employed cathedral priest scammers trying to trick the police with false reviews?
That "Stop the Preachers!" do it, we knew.
But the Ombudsman and a cathedral priest!?!

In the aggressive and fiery anti-charismatic and anti-Christian environments that have increased their level of ambition over the last four to five years, there is something lost along the way, namely that public officials, state-sponsored media, and the state-funded church have a particular responsibility to watch over their own ability and impartiality.
The media has the Be Varsom poster which should prevent journalists from
VG (Marie Golimo K ingsrød), Aftenposten (Ingeborg Senneset), and Dagen (Karl Almedal) can take on missions that hit Christian businesses that they themselves are against (documented by their membership in the heat group with the aptly named "Stans money preachers!"). The minimum requirement must be that these journalists disclose this duplicity as an interview begins, and afterwards readers and viewers should be given a marking of the posting (similar to what happens with goods produced in Israel).

The fact that leading priests in the Norwegian Church participate in such dual roles is startling, but is hardly affected by the law of habilitation.
But undoubtedly it contradicts the Christian attitude to justice that both liberal and conservative Christians have.
The Progress Party FrP has shown an exemplary attitude when, over the years, the Party has strongly criticized the Norwegian Church's bishops and leaders for interfering with political special issues. But I notice that some in the younger guard of Frp no longer see clearly in such questions.
If leading bureaucrats in affected ministries and agencies should have such dual roles, it would be startling. Unfortunately, we have some horrifying examples of incompatibility here, which we are slowly progressing to publish. The best part is that people even realize that it is wrong. Habitat law requires that each individual manages to display such a minimum measure of discretion. Otherwise, they are hardly suited to the deed.

Until tomorrow, I did not know that Leading cathedral priest in Oslo Cathedral Elisabeth Thorsen has been a member of the hate and hate group "Stop the money preachers!" for two years while performing her work for the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ.
"Stop the Preachers!" engages in open hatred, hatred, rumor spread and a number of speculative responses to the Oslo Cathedral siblings. This is likely to be a criminal activity, among other things in accordance with the Norwegian Supreme Court's double ruling of January 29, 2020 on "Hatefulle Statements on Facebook".
Although current Oslo Bishop Kari Veiteberg is extremely liberal theologian, I choose to believe that she wants to set foot in order for her Leading Cathedral Priest to actively participate in such a hate and hate group.
Is it any wonder that the Oslo Church is sought out by defectors from the Oslo Cathedral!?!
I have made some inquiries to the Oslo Cathedral to have a dialogue about such matters, but so far I have been overlooked.
I have always defended the Oslo Cathedral against the charges, but now I realize that something must be right.
We pray that the Lord of the Church will again be given the Lordship of Oslo Cathedral.

For three years, Aftenposten's journalist and commentator Ingeborg Senneset has written countless journalistic articles and strong opinion comments against charismatic businesses and leaders WITHOUT SHOWING ABOUT HIS ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IN "STAN MONEY PREACHERS!"
How has this been able to happen in the country's foremost and most serious opinion-making newspaper?!?
What kind of consequences should Aftenposten and the journalist take for themselves?
On July 9, 2018, VG journalist Marie Golimo Kingsrød became an active member of "Stans money preachers!" when she posted this on their Facebook page.
Numerous times (well documented) the group's administrators have emphasized that one cannot be a member of this group without supporting the fight against Hanvold & TV Vision Norway and many related movements.
 A journalist who is a member of this group, and who covers such cases for his medium without informing the interview subjects in advance, definitely violates the ethical guidelines in the Weather Varsom record of the PFU (Press's Academic Committee) Norwegian Press Association

A newspaper or media that publishes such material is obliged to make readers and viewers explicitly aware of the journalist's dual role.

Final Comment:

Jan Aage Torp insults others incessantly, but when he himself is violated for the least.
It is so ridiculous, tacky and rigid it is possible and remains.
He tricked the Oslo police and the courts with me as he bluffed and made undocumented claims that they obviously loved when they hated everything that had to do with true Christianity.
That Torp now thinks he should arrive with a review of Fragell, which will be defended by everyone. I have no faith in that.
A new trial between him and me, where everything had been disclosed, had obviously ended with a conviction by Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg.

See more here: http://justismord.janchristensen.net/

torsdag 30. april 2020

No. 1526: Throughout the history of the congregation in the past - the present - and forever, God will not accept that someone who is married should serve "at the tables!"

No. 1526:
Throughout the history of the congregation in the past - the present - and forever, God will not accept that someone who is married should serve "at the tables!"

Heb. 13. 8 Yesterday and today Jesus Christ is the same, yes forever.
One of Satan - our enemy's - great "tricks" is that God has changed his image of man.
He has not done that, it is always the same demands, opinions and everything that God has stood for and stands for today.
There is no change or writing shadow with God, He is not like us humans who need to change, improve and change our minds.
James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change or changing shadow.
God is eternal, and unchangeable, hallelujah!

It goes like a "red" thread throughout the entire Word of God, that no one who is married should be a member of the leadership of God's congregation to bear responsibility!

This is something that was in ancient Israel by priesthood there.
It applies to the New Testament congregation, and the coming 1000 years of Kingdom approaching.
That one today allows those who are remarried to perform on the podium and be in the lead is something that totally breaks with God's word, this is God's word very clear on.

But even though one has been divorced as a believer and one holds a ministry, more stringent criteria are set. There are several places in Paul's teaching that one should be one woman's husband (see Pastoral Letters). What?
Jacob says in his letter chapter 3: 1: “My brothers! Not many of you must become teachers! Because we know that we will get the more stringent judgment ”.

The responsibility is very great to be a preacher. Being a regular congregation member and being a preacher makes a big difference.

This is not to say that one is more loved by God, but it has to be faith in the area of ​​responsibility God has given one. I believe that God will forgive every sin. But here are other things that need to be taken into consideration, which proclaims you to have a special responsibility.
Would anyone in a profane context allow a pedophile to work with children? No. Equally clear is the Scripture that we should not allow a married preacher to preach to other people with a Pastoral and Teacher responsibility.
That one is an Evangelist such as Frank Mangs was after he got divorced, we can admit. But do not be ordained as Pastor, Shepherd or Elder. One does not have to be the leader of the flock and the herd, but to be himself under some form of supervision.

But when one holds a ministry that proclaims, much is required.
Therefore, Jacob says that not many should be preachers. Therefore, a preacher cannot take liberties only at his own expense; he has a special responsibility for God and his fellow human beings.
When it comes to marriage, it is not allowed for a preacher to remarry under any circumstances, as he disqualifies himself for the office he has been given. It's like an athlete cutting off his legs, he is no longer fit to be an athlete, if he so wishes. A preacher should be a woman's man we see Paul teaching time after time. (1 Tim. 3.2 and Titus 1: 6).

We read that scripture gives a clear testimony of the pastor in the old covenant how to live, who stood in the same relationship of responsibility to God and his fellow men as the preacher and overseer in the new covenant. Leviticus 21:14: “A widow, or a divorced woman, or a dishonorable woman, or a harlot, he shall not marry such a thing. Only a virgin of his people shall he take to wife. "

We read that God gives the same testimony and demands the same of the Pastor during the coming 1000 year Kingdom to serve the people of Jerusalem in Israel, where law and justice are to be assumed. Ezekiel 44:22: “A widow or a woman whom her husband has divorced, they shall not take to wife, but only virgins of the house of Israel. But they can take a widow who is a widow after a priest. "
When Scripture is so clear about the pastor in the Old Covenant and during the 1000's, it is no less clear when it comes to the church's timekeeping, we who live under the most glorious and greatest privilege of all; "One woman's man".

Final Comment:

Jesus no to remarriage

When doing a very thorough analysis of Jesus' answer to the Pharisees in Matthew 19.9 to their question of when it is permissible to divorce.

Then shows that the exception clause in this verse ("for some reason other than adultery") is only related to the divorce ("the one who divorces his wife" and not to the remarriage ("and marries another").

Also, the disciples' response to Jesus' response, which Andersen points out, suggests that Matthew 19.9 should not be understood as permission for remarriage: Jesus' disciples probably shared the common view among the Jews that valid divorce meant valid remarriage.
Therefore, they respond with dismay to the strict conditions of marriage that Jesus expressed in the conversation with the Pharisees and believe that the conditions Jesus assumes must be better not to marry than to marry (19:10).

Thus, the reaction of the disciples seems to be an expression of their perception Jesus' answer to the Pharisees as an absolute no to new marriage.

In the review of Paul's teaching on marriage and unmarried status in 1 Corinthians 7, a Christian spouse is not "bound" by a mixed marriage in which the non-Christian party will be divorced (7.15), as a reference to the divorce ban the apostle has " from the Lord ", reproduced a few verses earlier (7.10-11), not for the dissolution of the matrimonial bond.

Also, an abandoned spouse should abide by the rule: either remain unmarried or reconcile with the spouse.

The profound exegetical review of Gospel texts, Paul and the Church Fathers provides me with a very solid basis for concluding that these texts do not give any right to remarriage after divorce.
Only two reasons for remarriage are in the New Testament.

1.) When one has been abandoned then one received salvation and the other then will not live as a believer.
1 Cor. 15 But if the unbeliever part, he shall do so; The brother or sister is not enslaved in such things, but God has called us to peace.

2.) At death, it provides an opportunity to enter into a new marriage.

Room. 7. 3 Therefore she shall be called an adulteress if, while the husband is alive, she is married to another man; but if the husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she does not become an adulteress if she marries another man.