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No. 1585: Like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies are facing notorious lies in our case against the Planning and Building Agency!

No. 1585:
Like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies are facing notorious lies in our case against the Planning and Building Agency!

In Afro-Caribbean voodoo, a zombie is a person who through black magic has been transformed into an unwilling tool for a wizard (bokor). Myths and stories about zombies are especially well known from Haiti. It tells of people who have been declared dead and buried, only to reappear several years later in a state of apathy and mental disorders.

"The Zombies" By Hector Hyppolite (1894-1948)


Listened to the news where a Ukrainian journalist interviewed Russian prisoners of war

They were asked why they were involved in this war. Of course, many tried to justify themselves by only following orders.
There were also many who admitted that they knew this was not right.
This is how I think it is also in our case, where one actually protects PBE from conditions that one basically knows are abominable, lies and criminal acts.

The Planning and Building Authority has lied, tried to manipulate, distort and build a narrative against us. But we have parried them every time

They lied to us without maybe knowing it? But Kaja Aubert Lange guided us to build the wall.
When it was built, we and our responsible applicant Paal Løvaas at Ferdigattest AS pointed out that PBE allowed walls of 1.5 meters. But PBE fabricated the fact that it was 0.5 meters that was "valid" in our case and did everything not to listen to us.

Why is no one else doing anything about this corrupt and criminal plan and the building agency here in Oslo?
The Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies protect these criminals and hateful people all the way.
This is really a democratic problem.
Everyone is like some Zombies - what one almost walks around and does not take responsibility for their own actions. But become complicit in PBE evil and criminal acts.

Here in our case, it is as unreasonable as possible to remain. It is completely unheard of, glaring and criminal that we do not get dispensation and approval.
There are only advantages, not any downsides to what we have built.
Also, it is not to set any laws or rules significantly aside for us to get dispensation and approval.
PBE approves walls up to 1.5 meters, ours is at most a few cm higher.
There are also a thousand other good reasons why we should get a dispensation and approval.

Now PBE will present new rules, which are completely wild.

Here is a statement from Lars Vegard Strøm:

I think it will be too strict to expand with the new small house plan. In my area where I live, a large part of the houses are inherited through generations, it is very expensive to buy houses with large plots and it is very difficult to buy houses in the area at a reasonable price. To take away the opportunity to build in gardens and give more people the opportunity to live in these areas I think is wrong. Especially the fact that the degree of utilization should go from 24% to 16% and that houses must be 8 meters apart on the same plot is a very big change that also makes it difficult to build new
detached houses on large plots.
(end of quote.)

When an agency proposes that it should only be possible for rich people to live in detached houses. Then it is such an abuse of power, abuse of power and authority that it is reminiscent of something that one hardly finds even in states that are dictatorial.
Even there is probably not as bad as PBE here in Oslo? It is completely beyond all reason and reasonableness.
It's like there are some Zombies facing PBE who are advancing like madness and madness! For an agency.
They do not really care about greenery and diversity, but only exercise power.
Or rather, abuse power.
Read for yourself here:

Liberation Day today from Nazi Germany, but PBE here in Oslo actually has a lot of Nazism in it. Then by overriding the people of the country to the most meaningless and stupid things that the Nazis also did.
Only to humiliate and show their own power. Or rather, abuse their power!
The whole plan and the building agency here in Oslo is so backward, incompetent and overbearing that one can actually call it a dictatorship light!

Why so "generous" with most people, especially those with large overruns?
But if you have a small and minimal, then you quickly get fines of hundreds of thousands and millions.
Here are many examples. One of them is Kåre Kristoffersen who owns and runs Elveli Gård. Think he has received approx. 8 million in fines as he does not want to conform to PBR meaningless tyranny.
TV2 and others make TV programs there, but PBE believes it is environmentally hazardous to travel there, understand whoever can. That's the happy craze with PBE!
https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/12/nr-2962-kare- kristoffersen-eier-av.html

Closing comment:

Today, on the day of liberation, we should all think about, is there anyone who behaves like the Nazis and the Germans did by oppressing and doing evil good and just evil?
Yes, it is not least the public sector that does not pair such a morbid agency with obviously too many people with a desire for domination, of which there are obviously many in the planning and building agency here in Oslo.
It is sad that like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies go to the planning and building agency here in Oslo. Who runs a conspiracy game and has tried without success to build a narrative against us.
They are revealed and put in place!
We do not want to appear as a victim. The wall, stairs and storage room stand there as they have stood for the last eight years and we will not change this.
But it is clear that it is the father of lies, Satan who has entered the hearts of these public bodies where they go like some Zombies and protect the liars from PBE. This is bad, but we are not afraid of such evil people.
Then the scripture says the following:

Col. 2. 15 He disarmed the powers and authorities and openly displayed them, proving himself victorious over them on the cross.
Or from Arne Jordly's translation:
Col. 2. 15 He disarmed the princes and the authorities and put them in disgrace by apparently triumphing over them.

They are defeated on the Cross - by Jesus!

Liars and those who allow themselves to be ruled by him are all defeated on the Cross, Hallelujah!
The Norwegian flag, it is liberation day today, we must celebrate it.
Just as Norway and the Allies won over the Nazis, so always the truth and the good will prevail in the end!

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No. 1583: Gog war where Russia and its ally are approaching? It heralds the war in Ukraine!

No. 1583:

Gog war where Russia and its ally are approaching? It heralds the war in Ukraine!

It is, of course, impossible to date the Gog war, but that it is approaching.
That is probably something we see in the war in Ukraine.

Russia and its allies will not end their days in Ukraine, or any other country.
But in Israel we they get their judgment - and defeat and will be almost wiped out during the Good War. What we now see in Ukraine are small trifles against what is to come.

The picture shows Russian tanks being bombed to shreds by the brave and tough Ukrainian defense, but this is only the beginning of defeat for Russia and their allies. Judgment awaits!

Excerpts from the book on our website:



Russia's latest attempt at world domination

In the twentieth century, Russia's growth and fall, the largest and most
significant state of the former Soviet Union, hosted a major factor in world history.
The dominant Russian state will survive and occupy a central place in the events.
It is the great power north of Israel.
The dramatic prophetic picture of Russia's last attempt at world domination, described in Ezekiel 38: 1-39, 24, is placed in a prophetic
context related to the restoration of Israel. In Ezekiel 37.1-28
describes the restoration of Israel as a nation and their resurrection from them
died in the time of the second come symbolically by the valley with the dry bones,
those who are awakened to life. After the description of Russia's war in Ezekiel
38.1-39.24, comes another prophecy about the unification of Israel in their land, as a phase of restoration.
The conflict with Russia is thus seen in this end-time perspective.
Politically, the rapid events of the end times form the backdrop
for the war. In the end times, ten nations will unite under one Roman
rule and form a resurrected Roman Empire. This ruler will be included
a seven-year peace covenant with Israel, as stated in Daniel 9:27.
At some point during these seven years leading up to the Second Coming, Russia will attack Israel.

The last seven years will be divided into two halves. The first half will be a time of peace, while the second will be the great tribulation, culminating in Armageddon.
As prophesied in Ezekiel 38, Russia will attack Israel in peacetime, in an attempt to conquer the country and establish a dominant position in the Middle East.
Although Israel is militarily far superior to the countries that lie
around, the possibility of a Russian attack has long been feared.
Russia has probably lost much of its luster as a world power, but the country
still constitutes a formidable power factor, which can crush a small country
like Israel, if it happens by a surprise attack, like that Ezekiel
An in-depth study of the chapter reveals much about the end-time events leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

The invasion force
Ezekiel writes that the main force of the military invasion army as
attacks Israel, will come from the land of Magog:
The word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man! Turn yours
face to Gog in the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and
prophets against him! You have to say. Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee,
Gog, Prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal! I will turn you around and add
hooks in your jaws and lead you out with your whole army, horses and riders,
all magnificently dressed, a large crowd with large and small shields, all
together with sword in hand ”(38.1-4).

The names Russia and the Soviet Union do not appear in Scripture, however
this description of the invading army fits Russia. The military
the invasion is led by «Gog», which refers to the leader, and «Magogs
land ”, which refers to the area he comes from. Magog is referred to as
one of the sons of Japheth in Genesis 10.2 and in Genesis 1.5.
There are two references to this in Ezekiel 38,2,6 and finally in John '
Revelation 20.8. Gog as ruler is described as «Prince of Praise,
Mesek and Tubal ”(Ezek 38.2). Because Ros, or Rosh, is the root of it
modern word Russia, it seems to be a connection with this country
north of Israel. Gog is also related to "Mesek" and "Tubal" (verse 2).
Some have found that one is a variant of Moscow, while Tubal is similar
on Tobolsk, an area of ​​the Urals in Russia.
Although the identification is uncertain, Tubal seems to refer to the ancient Scythians, who migrated north from the Middle East and ended up in the area now described as Russia.

The invading force from Russia is supported by armies from five other countries.
Persia (Ezek. 38.5) is easy to identify.
It is modern Iran, which, although located east of Israel, can easily join Russia in an attack from the north.
Ethiopia is with (verse 5). One thinks of Cush or Ethiopia as the people who lived in an area between Egypt and the Red Sea. Geographically, they are located south of Israel, but it will not be difficult to transport the force at sea so that it can join Russia in the attack.
Libya is also mentioned (verse 5). Gomer (verse 6) is often identified
like the ancient Cimmerians, who once lived in Asia Minor and Eastern Europe.
The people of Togarmah (verse 6) were a nation located just north of Israel and
was well placed to take part in the invasion.
Any invasion of Israel shows disrespect
God of Israel and fits into Russia's atheistic background in the twentieth
century. The army's geographical background, the theological point of view and
the terms used to describe them provide ample evidence that the force comes from Russia and invades Israel from the north.
In support of this, there is information that the invasion force comes from "the far north" (Ezek. 38: 6,15; 39: 2).
Since Israel is not so many hundreds of kilometers from Russia, the description of a nation in the far north, seen from Israel, can mean no other than Russia.
It is also interesting that Moscow is located just north of Jerusalem.

The old weapons of war
Although the description of the invasion force is such that one is relatively easy
can identify it, the problem lies in the interpretation of the paragraph in the fact that the author describes the use of old-fashioned weapons.
This is what the introductory section says:
'I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws and lead you out
with your whole army, horses and riders, all magnificently dressed, a great
crowd with large and small shields, all with swords in hand. Persia,
Ethiopia and Libya are with them, all with shields and helmets. Gomer
and all the multitude thereof, even the people of Togarmah in the uttermost part of the north, and all the multitude thereof, and many nations with thee ”(Ezek. 3: 4-6).
The fact that the army is equipped with these old - fashioned weapons of war in
instead of modern weapons, has made many people not consider the description here to be literal. Instead of tanks, they come on horseback,
which in the case of Russia does not present any particular difficulties, after
as Russia still uses cavalry as part of the military force.
But the shields, swords and helmets do not indicate that there is one
modern army.
Some have tried to explain the wording by saying that Ezekiel described the war in terms he understood and that we must exchange the expressions with them
denoting modern weapons. As the description progresses,
several weapons are added, such as bows and arrows, sticks and spears (Ezek. 39: 9).
The fact that these weapons will later be burned (verse 9) makes it difficult
to accept them as images of modern weapons, as these usually are
of metal and not of wood. The final answer may not be in the experiment
on explaining this section of the story, but only stating that it indicates
that prior to this war there will be a great disarmament in the world. Under
such conditions, if Russia wants to attack Israel and lacks modern
weapons, one can quickly fabricate large quantities of weapons of this type
and equip the army with them. However, the main idea of ​​the section changes
not with the description of the weapons.

Israel described as a peaceful and unsuspecting nation.
In trying to determine the time of this war in the prophetic
timetable, it is important to note the emphasis placed on that Israel
live in peace when the invasion takes place. Apparently the attack comes unexpectedly.
Israel is not militarily prepared for this.
There is no mention anywhere that the invaders meet resistance.
Instead, Israel is described as a nation living in peace:
"Prepare yourself and finish everything, you and all your crowds, who have gathered
with you. You must be their guardian. When a long time has passed, you will be mustered. At the end of the years you shall come to a land that is delivered from the sword. Its people are gathered from many peoples, up on the mountains of Israel, as stubborn
you had been deserted. But now it has been brought out from the people, and they live there safely
all together. There you go up. Like a storm you must come, like one
thou shalt be ashamed to hide the land, thou, and all thy company, and many people with thee ”(Ezek. 38: 7-9).

The invading force is eager to attack Israel, but the land of Israel
described as an area "delivered from the sword," and the people of Israel
described as “gathered from many peoples, up on the mountains of Israel, as ever
had been deserted ». Israel is further described as a people who have been "carried out."
from the peoples, and they all live there safely ”(Ezek. 38: 8). As pointed out
earlier, this fits with the prophetic picture of the first half of the
seven years leading up to the Second Coming of Christ. This will be a time of peace, then
Israel lives in a covenant with the ruler of the ten nations.
The fact that Israel lives in peace is further described in the discussion of the invasion force:
Thus saith the Lord GOD; In that day shall thoughts arise in thine heart;
and thou shalt devise an evil plan, and say, I will go up unto a land
open cities, I want to come across peaceful people, who live safely, like everyone else
together live without walls and have neither barriers nor gates - to rob and
rob and take captive, to turn your hand against ruins that are built up
again, and against a people gathered together from the peoples, who have gathered
cattle and goods, which dwell in the belly of the earth ”(Ezek. 38: 10-12).

The cities of Israel are described as without walls, which is true
the current situation, when walls no longer keep intruders away
(verse 11). It also says that they are “peaceful people who live safely, like everyone else
live together without walls, neither having barriers nor gates ”(verse 11). The
live in a land described as "ruins rebuilt," and the people are said to have been "gathered together from the peoples" (verse 12).
All this is in line with the situation Israel is experiencing during the peace pact with the ruler of the ten nations. It is clear that this is a political situation in which not only Israel is being attacked, but the entire group of ten states that control the Middle East at this time. This supports the idea that we here
has Russia's latest desperate attempt to conquer the world. Israel describes "my (God's) people Israel" as "living in safety" (verse 14).

The purpose of the invasion
The section describing this future war makes it clear that those who
invades, seeks material gain. It is said that they have decided to
"Plunder and rob, and take captivity, to turn your hand against ruined ruins, and against a people gathered from the peoples, who have gathered cattle and goods, who live on the navel of the earth" (Ezek 38:12 ). In verse 13 they are described as taking prey, silver and gold, cattle and goods. The great numerical superiority of the invading army is described as follows: "Thou shalt come as a storm, thou shalt be as a cloud to cover the land" (verse 9). The army is said to come from "many peoples". There will be "a great multitude and a great army" (verse 15).
Even though they are looking for material gain, it is really God who draws them into the war: “And you shall go up against my people Israel like a cloud and hide the land. In the last days it will happen. Then I will let you come over my land, that the people may know me, when I reveal to you my holiness upon you, Gog! ' (verse 16).

The invasion is described
The Prophet describes in detail what will happen when this mighty one
the army invades the land of Israel:
"But on the same day, the day Gog comes over the land of Israel," he says
The Lord GOD, then shall mine indignation ascend before me. And in my zeal
hot, in my burning anger I say: Verily, on the same day it shall
a great earthquake shall come upon the land of Israel. The fish of the sea and of the sky
birds and wild animals and all the insects that move on the earth, and all
The people that dwell upon the earth shall tremble at my presence. The mountains should
and the walls of the rock fell, and every wall fell to the ground. And
I will call for a sword against him in all my mountains, says the Lord GOD.
One's sword must be turned towards the other. And they should know that I am
Gentlemen. I will deal with him with plague and with blood, and with a rinsing
rain and hailstones. Fire and brimstone I will rain down upon him and his
crowds and over the many peoples who are with him ”(Ezek. 38: 18-22).

As is clear from the prophecy, the invasion will provoke the wrath of God
(Ezek. 38:18), and there will be a series of disasters.
First, there will be a great earthquake in the land (Ezek. 38:19). This earthquake will affect fish, birds, animals and all creatures on the ground. Mountains
is blown up and building walls fall (verse 20).
The next great judgment of God leads to confusion in the multinational army, so that they begin to fight against each other: "The sword of one shall be turned against another" (Ezek. 38:21).
In the confusion that arises in connection with the earthquake, it is easy to understand that the troops can start fighting each other.

A third judgment comes upon the army in the form of plague and bloodshed.
God will use the plague against the enemies of Israel, which has also been used in
other situations (eg Isa. 37:36). On top of all this, there will be a verdict
from God in the form of torrential rain and hailstones and burning brimstone (Ezek
38.22). Although it seems like a natural disaster to the army, it is God's
supernatural deeds that are triggered. As illustrated in Revelation 16:21, unusually large hail can be deadly. The burning brimstone is reminiscent of the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24). Some have interpreted the burning sulfur as a result of the earthquake triggering dormant volcanoes, so they spew out their burning fire. No matter how one explains this, the result is clear. The invading army is destroyed. God uses this as a means to demonstrate His power to the nations: "And I will manifest my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord" (Ezek. 38:23).

The invading army is destroyed
The prophecy continues. The complete destruction of is now described
the invading army: «I will knock your bow out of your left hand and leave yours
arrows fall out of your right hand. Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou and all
your multitudes and the peoples who are with you. I give you food for all
kind of birds of prey and for the wild animals of the field. In the field you must fall. Before I
have spoken, saith the Lord GOD ”(Ezek. 39: 3-5). When God attacks the attackers,
they will drop their bows and arrows. Their dead bodies become food for vultures and wild animals. Verse 4 states that the whole army will be annihilated and that no one will survive.

Autumn of the battle
After it has been established that God's purpose is to proclaim power in his holy name (Ezek. 39: 7-8), it is said that what is left after the battle will be sufficient fuel for seven years:
And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and make a fire, and shall keep it with armor, and with small and great shields, with bows and arrows, and with staves, and with spears: and they shall keep it with fire for seven years. . They shall not fetch wood from the field, nor cut down trees in the forests, but with armor shall they keep the fire burning. They shall spoil them that spoil them, and spoil them that spoil them, saith the Lord GOD ”(verses 9-10).
The information that the fire is to be maintained for seven years raises the question of how this is to be understood in relation to the Second Coming of Christ, as it seems clear that the attack will take place towards the end of the first period of three and a half years. of the seven years preceding the second coming. This means that there is enough time for it to burn up before anything else comes. But the burning does not in itself form a prophetic timetable, and even after the Second Coming of Christ, life will go on, and it will be necessary to have heat. This is therefore no objection to placing the invasion towards the end of the first three and a half years.
The prophecy describes in detail how the dead are to be buried (Ezek
39,11-16). It will take seven months to bury the dead, and after that one will
constantly find dead bodies to be buried. The scene looks like it
describes the second coming of Christ, when the vultures are invited to fasten on the dead
bodies (verses 17-20). However, it is something completely different than that
is described in Revelation 20: 7-9, when the earth is destroyed immediately after the war mentioned.

God's intention to destroy the invading army
Ezekiel quotes God, who in the destruction of the invading army preaches
their opposition to evil and their desire to restore Israel:
"I will manifest my glory among the people, and all the people will see the judgment that I have held, and my hand that I have laid on them. And the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God, from that day and forward
the future. The people should understand that it was because of their wrongdoing
The house of Israel was taken away. It was because they had been unfaithful to me, so
I hid my face from them, and delivered them into the hand of their enemies. And they fell
for the sword all. I did this to them because of theirs
uncleanness and their transgressions, and I hid my face from them ”(39, 21-24).

Collection of Israel
Ezekiel goes on to describe how God will restore Israel:
“Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also cause the captivity of Jacob to cease, and will have compassion on all the house of Israel, and I will be jealous for my holy name. They will bear their shame and all the unfaithfulness they have shown to me, when they live safely in their land and no one terrifies them. When I bring them back from the nations, and gather them from the land of their enemies, and reveal my holiness to them in the sight of many peoples, then they will know that I am the Lord their God. For I have taken them away to the peoples, but again gathered them to their own land, and I will not let any of them return. I will no more hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, says the Lord GOD ”(39: 25-29).

This seems to be fulfilled at the Second Coming.
Although some details in this prophetic account necessarily
are not completely clear, the result of the battle is clear enough. Russia's latest attempt
on world domination completely fails. Their armies are crushed, and
even in their own homeland they will be exposed to fire from heaven
(Ezek. 39: 6). The final form of pagan power will follow, as the ten-nation group becomes world government. Russia may have been an obstacle to this, and the fact that they are now completely put out of action may explain how the dictator in the ten-year-old group may proclaim himself ruler overnight.
all over the world without resistance. This war may well be the springboard
which leads to the ruler of the Middle East coming to power in the last three
and a half years before the Second Coming of Christ. During that period, Israel will experience a terrible tribulation, and the world will be largely destroyed. Since this prophecy has never been fulfilled before, its fulfillment in the future is a reminder that God is still on the throne and that there will be a settlement with God's enemies in God's time and in God's way.

Concluding remarks

This is a chapter taken from the book THE GREAT PROPHETIES OF THE BIBLE
JOHN F. WALVOORD which is on our website for free for everyone.
Here are some links that may be interesting in light of Russia and the Gog war.
Yes, end-time events.










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No. 1582: Unibuss appears to be a dysfunctional bus company, which actually discriminates against white Christians!

No. 1582:

Unibuss appears to be a dysfunctional bus company, which actually discriminates against white Christians!


Be a white, Christian man, who dares and wants to stand up for both his opinions and Christian faith, then one is discriminated against and rejected by the bus company Unibuss here in Oslo. Yes, in general, be white and stand up for their opinions.
It presents problems, which i.a. Rolf Mandelid has gained experience (pictured)
Diversity and tolerance is something that is talked about loudly in Unibuss. This probably applies to our new compatriots, but not to you if you are Norwegian.
Be Norwegian and stand for "old" Norwegian values ​​as they say about injustice. And otherwise try to keep a good standard, then you are quickly ugly.
A form of total submission that is more reminiscent of the old communist regime. Than is free and good working environment and workplace, it is not in with the bus company Unibuss here in Oslo is my clear experience.

There are many conditions within Unibuss and the bus industry that are very unhealthy and reprehensible!

Those who have only done something, such as Oslo Municipality, the Tramway system itself, Oslo Municipality and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.
Nobody has done anything to make things better, they really just let "the bumblebee hiss!"
Had I been a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or something else and been bullied and discriminated against as I have been by the Discrimination Tribunal / Unibuss, I would have been front page material guaranteed in VG, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and other media!

How does Unibuss maintain the controlling and dysfunctional working environment?

For example. Unibuss, which I know best, has obviously been for many years a destructive, incompetent and to some extent a criminal work environment.
Uculture, bullying and harassment are something this bus company has been responsible for.



There are several issues that are unhealthy and destructive that I want to address here

1.) I have contacted the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority several times, they do not care at all.



2.) I went to the Discrimination Tribunal, but there I got a verdict against me, not for me.

https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/04/nr-2730-opp filings-sendt.html



3.) The fact that Ruter pours money into Unibuss in the billion class also makes things unhealthy. Then ethics and morality do not come with money, but on the contrary. Mostly the opposite, then also this cash flow one has to maintain these conditions on. The management of Unibuss is located in deer premises down at Schweigaards gate 16.



https://vartoslo.no/einar-wilhelmsen-jon-h-stordrange-korona/ruter-snart-tom-for-penger-om-kort-tid-har-ikke-selskapet-rad-til-t-bane- bus-or-tram-in-oslo / 225525

4.) The NAV system helps Unibuss a lot. They can only kick out drivers who are unwanted. They get new ones from NAV which NAV is happy to pay for the first year etc.



5.) In the actual driver staff, today I reckon with 80% who are not ethnic Norwegians?

Fax smile in from Unibuss' own page. Where they themselves show that it is foreign drivers they prefer?
Ethnic Norwegian is not a thesis, they say about conditions that are not good.
If you are posing as ethnic Norwegian, a promotion is soon waiting!
One only wants nod dolls, not someone who reports injustice.
This is how the bus company Unibuss appears to be, and no one takes a stand against this culture and what is not as it should be.

When I started driving a bus 17 years ago, I reckon it was 50/50%?

I have nothing against a human being what skin color or nationality one has.
But it is impossible to get away from the fact that those who are not ethnic Norwegians have a tolerance ability far exert what an ethnic Norwegian has above e.g. a leader and boss.
We Norwegians and from the Nordic countries look at a boss more like a colleague and workers. Where one has the same goals, but different tasks.
Those who do not have the same cultural background, they look at a boss more like someone who can do and say what he / she wants.
Of course, they also become more "Norwegian", and gradually there are also more of those who understand that the management of Unibuss is the company.
But they still do not speak out directly, as we Norwegians like to do.
This is where the management of Unibuss then mostly attacks an "Norwegian", while foreigners go free.
They are the ones who more and more then get hired and get hired!

These here have nothing to do with the case, this is only a fax smile to illustrate that unfortunately it is not in to be a if Christian man / woman in Unibuss.

Closing comment:

I have also tried to get Oslo Municipality to look at this.
But with the pretext that we have entered into a court settlement.
But their iniquities are not less for that reason?
How Unibuss works should have been clarified and addressed before they can destroy even more!
See here from answers from Oslo Municipality:

søndag 6. mars 2022

No. 1581: It appears more and more that NATA speaks with two tongues when they do not want to close the airspace over Ukraine! President Volodymyr Zelenskyj believes that the people who die in the future will die because of NATO!

No. 1581:

It appears more and more that NATA speaks with two tongues when they do not want to close the airspace over Ukraine! President Volodymyr Zelenskyj believes that the people who die in the future will die because of NATO!


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj wants NATO to be in charge of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but NATO does not want that.
Zelensky accuses NATO of giving the "green light" for bombing the country.

NATO and Jens Stoltenberg could bomb Libya to pieces and together, why?
It was appropriate, then they do anything.
The US and UK went into Iraq without anything, why?
It was most appropriate.
Everything is just a play and today in Ukraine is in huge trouble and is about to be bombed. Fortunately, they resist and sooner or later only Jens Stoltenberg and NATO, the EU and others will have to wake up!

What does Volodymyr Zelenskyj really mean?
It is that NATO will control the airspace on behalf of Ukraine, and this is not too much required?
By no means!


The then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will visit the Norwegian Libyan force at the Souda Bay base in Crete in May 2011. From left: Fenrik Glenn Wangsmo, crew chief Nina Flaten, Captain Tore Bjørnsund and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.



torsdag 3. mars 2022

No. 1580: Pål Steigan narrative about Ukraine - Russia The conflict is directly dangerous, primitive and will actually legitimize that Russia can take over country after country as they find "mistakes" in other countries!

No. 1580:

Pål Steigan narrative about Ukraine - Russia The conflict is directly dangerous, primitive and will actually legitimize that Russia can take over country after country as they find "mistakes" in other countries!



At its core, Ukraine is now also fighting for Norway and our values. This I will come back with more later, can not include everything in this article

Based on much of what I write in this article:

Some quotes from the mentioned article:
The war in Ukraine did not start on 22 February 2022. It started in earnest with the Western-organized coup in Kyiv on 22 February 2014, ie exactly eight years earlier. Since then, there has been war between the regime that emerged from the coup and the Russian-speaking population of Donbass. The prelude to the February coup took place at the Trilateral Commission's conference in Krakow, Poland, 25-27. October 2013.
The coup has destroyed Ukraine as a state, brought Nazism into government offices and the army, contributed to a civil war that has killed at least ten thousand people - and has brought Europe to the brink of a major war. This is one of the CIA's many gifts to the people of the world.
(end of quote.)

Should not go so much into this content in detail, but something I comment and describe.

What Pål Steigan does is nothing more than to present to us here in Norway the dictator and war criminal Vladimir Putin's rhetoric and views.

Want to name someone who has written on Steigan's facebook page.
Øistein Resell
There are lots of Nazis in Russia, also a bit in Western Europe. Ukraine's brave president is a man swearing balls, in contrast to PUTLER.

Ola Svein Stugu
As is well known, there are several narratives about what happened in Ukraine in the years 2013-2015. This is an adaptation of the Russian narrative. But why stop in 2015? What has happened in the seven years since then, including an overwhelming election victory for a Russian-speaking Jew in the presidential election? Do you think Putin is right when he calls the political leadership in Ukraine drug addicts Nazis, and what do you have to say about Defense Minister Shogju, who says that the Russian goal is to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine? How would you comment on Noam Chomsky, who in an interview with Truthout.org yesterday said that "... the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a major war crime, ranking alongside the US invasion of Iraq and the Hitler-Stalin invasion of Poland in September 1939, to take only two salient examples "?
(end of quote.)

If one tries to argue as Steigan does, that there is so much that is not good in Ukraine.

Ergo, then it is allowed in the extreme consequence law actually also go to war against a country.

If one tries to compare Russia against Ukraine as well.
Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, opposes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Then the favor will be 90 against 10 for Volodymyr Zelenskyj and Ukraine.
Ergo, according to Pål Steigan's rhetoric, then the whole world society should have weapons like Putin does. Nedsable Russia and Putin?

Russia is well on its way to being a dictatorship where one is not allowed to criticize the leadership, and in particular Putin.
It is probably not that bad in Ukraine, which has had 6 presidents while Putin has been in power in Moscow. Putin has changed the law all the way to be in power.
Ukraine has free and democratic elections where there are replacements all the way.
In other words, here again the odds are in favor of Ukraine.

Pål Steigan is a dangerous man who argues only in favor of Putin and Russia.
The truth is that Putin is a war criminal, who has gone to war against Ukraine without a legitimate reason. He is a criminal and has become a dictator who should have been stopped many years ago. But p.g.a. considerate with finances and other. Has he been allowed to hold on, and now we see the result of this!

What Steigan argues is that it is legitimate to take Ukraine.
It's so much bad in Ukraine, then it's free to move forward.
So who will be next?
It is then allowed to attack "ugly" states with an evil leadership that can only be called drug addicts and Nazis as Putin does. Then it's free forward ?!

Closing comment:

There is so much more to say here.
But arguments that seek to find fault, as here with the leadership in Ukraine and stamp those who, among other things. Nazis.
First, it's not true. Secondly, if that had been true.
Then no one has the right to attack another country on such a basis.

The attack on Ukraine is really dangerous.
Next country, who will it be?
Georgia? So Northern Norway and Iceland?

Then there is a spiritual power and ideology behind it all in from Satan is my full conviction!

lørdag 26. februar 2022

No. 1579: Jan Hanvold's teachings on sowing and reaping are foreign teachings and seductive Spirits behind!

No. 1579:
Jan Hanvold's teachings on sowing and reaping are foreign teachings and seductive Spirits behind!


Picture of "Pastor" and "prophet" Jan Hanvold.

Hanvold himself says that he divorced because he had such bad sex with his four wives. I myself have heard him say this several times.
Now he has "Heavenly sex."
The man is so out on the plains, that Gordon Tobiassen, David Østby, Dag Øyvind Juliussen and others who support him.
I can not understand that people who live with God can do !?

1 Tim. 4. But the Spirit says in clear words that in the ages to come, some will fall away from the faith, adhering to the teachings of deceiving spirits and devils 2 by the hypocrisy of false teachers, who are branded in their own conscience.

Jan Hanvold promotes a doctrine that is about sowing, reaping and getting rich!

He himself has practiced this - "succeeds" - and proclaims quite freely that this works for everyone. I'm just a street boy from Drammen.
Work it for me, work it for you too, says Hanvold.

But there are many things here that do not agree with the scriptures.
To name a few things briefly.

1.) Jan Hanvold and the faith movement talk about giving in order to receive. Scripture also says this to some degree. But the point is mostly to help, and be a blessing. Shall we give, and it also shows our heart. God bless us, that we may again be a blessing. We will be blessed to bless.

2.) To me, it seems that Hanvold gives of his abundance, while those who are the "foot people" give to the UN and become poorer by giving to Hanvold's "empire!"

3.) The third thing I want to address is that Hanvold engages in a form of "Freemasonry". There if Hanvold gives to someone, then it is to get their acceptance.

We know that Hanvold is divorced and married herb times. As a publisher and overseer, he should not be remarried.

In other words, Hanvold "catches" people in the way that legalizes his sin. Hanvold gives money, he lets you get on the TV screen etc.
Then you must be completely silent about what you may disagree with Hanvold about.
Grace you if you say something - negative.
Then Hanvold marks you as disloyal, a Judas and traitor!
Then it's over and out! Collaboration an impossibility.

4.) Trumpering what you give as Hanvold does is also against scripture.

Matt. 6 2 Therefore when thou shalt give alms, thou shalt not blow the trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have men honored; verily I say unto you, They have already received their reward.
3 But when thou shalt give alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth;
4 That thy alms may be in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret, he shall reward thee openly.

Closing comment:

It is of course possible to go more in depth here. But my point is that Hanvold is a typical false prophet who sails under a false flag.
Everyone who supports him and Vision Norway is in the extreme consequence of supporting the opposite than Jesus, God and God's kingdom and congregation.
The apostle John says of such:

1 Joh.b. 2. 18 My children! it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, so have many antichrists come; hence we understand that it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have been with us; but it should be evident that not all of us are.

For me, it is therefore so wrong in every way to give only 1 kroner to Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway.
Hanvold is a man like Balaam, and who has the skin of piety.
But do not live a reverse Christian life.
He is missing everything on this.
Therefore, absolutely everything that Jan Hanvold teaches, proclaims and conveys is nothing but a sour and foreign doctrine!
If life and learning do not match, then we live in a self-deception. Jesus himself says that when life and doctrine match, one should be called great in the kingdom of God and the church of God.
With Jan Hanvold, nothing matches.

Matt. 5. 19 Wherefore, he that breaketh one of these least commandments, and teacheth men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven; but he that keepeth them, and teacheth them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Notice what Jesus says and teaches. "He who keeps them (God's commandments and the word of God) and teaches them others, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

In Jan Hanvold's it is the opposite, he is among those who do not keep Jesus' commandments, therefore he is disqualified, set aside as useless and is to be compared to stale and useless food or an object.
If you come across stale meat or something else that is infected and stale.
If you become one too, that is why the scripture says that one should not even associate with such.
Scripture goes so far as not to even eat with them, meaning to share fellowship.

1 Cor. 5. 11 But what I wrote to you was that you should not associate with anyone who is called a brother and is a prostitute or a gardener or an idolater or a slanderer or a drunkard or a robber, so that you do not even eat with him.

Jan Hanvold falls inside or this category, therefore the scripture says both here and many other places.
If you cultivate such, you will also be affected and infected by the same Spirit and sin.
Which in turn will lead you away from Christ and the word of God.
Scripture gives counsel, guidance, and exhortation to us to reach the Heavenly Land and be fit for all good works, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!