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No. 1309: I am a Spirit-filled Christian who criticizes Jan Aage Torp and Christians tier, while Andreas Torp agnostic "hang" themselves, why?

No. 1309:
I am a Spirit-filled Christian who criticizes Jan Aage Torp and Christians tier, while Andreas Torp agnostic "hang" themselves, why?

Photo by Andreas Torp, as only get love when one knows what he has gone through, and after all.
Abilities to stand and convey what he thinks (not think), mean and have experienced!

Matt. 12. 33 Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known.

Anders Torp is an agnostic. From Wikipedia, we read the following:
Agnosticism (from gr. A, "no," and gnosis, "knowledge") is a term for a philosophical view that simple concept truth value and any properties can not be recognized, proved or disproved. Agnosticism involves mostly issues surrounding supernatural and extrasensory phenomena related to metaphysics and theology, or else beyond human consensus reality; For example divines existence, psychic abilities, spirits or existence meaning. The sight can also apply what is generally recognized as fair.

The terms agnosticism and agnostic was first used by Thomas Henry Huxley in 1869, and is used to describe those who are not convinced deity meant existence.
(End of quote).

As I see Andreas Torp, he's a strong winged "bird" what his parents, Oslokirken and the Pentecostal / charismatic movement has inflicted wounds, injuries and spiritual death and confusion.

But what about me, also have said from? I'm not really the antithesis of Andreas Torp. Coming from no Christian background, sports environment and being "raised" into this.

Then I get an intense love for the word of God, which constitutes a total marked difference in my life. In other words, I'm a "free" secular man who gets an intense love for God's word. Hence my criticism and conviction always founded on one thing; God's word!

While Andreas Torp is a mixture of a faith in God that is soaring and so far from mine as possible. I am a convinced believer who has zero problems with any of the Torp having problems.

It is entirely understandable that he has the problems that he has after such upbringing. But he speaks constantly out of a frustration, a longing to be free!

While I am free, yet bound by one thing all the time, it is the word of God!

In other words, we are like two opposites, but united in a common criticism of the Pentecostal / charismatic movement, why?

But anyway, my criticism brings congregation ahead when I point out what God's word says. Andreas Torp criticism will never lead anything nowhere when he must first itself be free. Not to say that this can not happen, but to our unsaved and not knowing whether God exists and what his words, this will by Andreas Torp only lead to one thing. It is he like his father, will impoverish all those who will serve the Lord. In other words, take away from my people sounds God's word to us. We will not go or endorse such activities today Pentecostal / charismatic churches are.

Joh. Obvious. 18: 4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues

In many ways, January Aage Torp just one among many deluded Pentecostal / charismatic Christians, but perhaps it 'råtneste "apple. But that's why my criticism does not reach, then I basically criticizes really January Aage Torp. But throughout the Protestant movement as a skjøgebevegelse there than not at all take God's word seriously and let the word of God go within themselves!

How do I know this? Blue. printed this online when January Aage Torp being criticized by his own son:

Marie Hagen · Jobs for Kairos Radio 97.1fm
Heisan, Jon Steinar. Following a bit with paa debate on both Anders his book, and Ruth Helen's series. We've worked together in bean initiative relating to abortion and thus mountain lion I saw that comment frames. I never got the impression that you were critical when you were visiting us in Oslokirken. Can you at least specify what looks like saa especially with Oslokirken? I now live in Namibia and is part of a large charismatic church. The shape may be different in my current congregation than in Oslokirken but fundamentally believe and we practice the same. Obviously menighetsmiljoet I naa is part of its defects, which Oslokirken course has. But that Oslokirken had / has such a special environment, I strongly disagrees.
(End of quote).

Anders Torp attacker badly, he is attacking the symptoms. He does not attack the cause of why this is so it is, but all the time symptoms. In other words, he criticized only for one thing. Point out that something is not as it should be.

What am I doing? Unlike Andreas Torp? I point out what God's word says, and attack or point out what God's word says. What is truth and what are the solutions on the whole, hallelujah!

Andreas Torp attack people who do not smile at him, is rude and lumpne. They are the individual to cope with, but people like his own father is the worst. Smiling from ear to ear but is ne Devil, those people are the worst and which unfortunately has destroyed so many people.

Final Comment:

There is much more to say here, but which is nice. It is that Andreas Torp get relieved the pressure within his inner after such an extreme and unbiblical upbringing. It was not Christianity but reveries he grew up under.
Where father undoubtedly was incapable both to be Pastor and everything else.
I not being heard in the same way as Andreas Torp is of course that I hold forth the word of God and Scripture says that man will not come to the light, so that their deeds are revealed.

Joh. e. 3. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light; because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest; they are wrought in God.

An agnostic and wounded "bird" will be eased up, it's good.
But it is only at the foot of the cross there is peace, love and salvation and obtain!

Song: In the Shadow of the Cross where I stand!

So look my thoughts to Calvary goes,
where rest and strength of soul I get.
Sometimes when I burdened by grief and distress:
I hasten to cross, the place is dear to me.

In the shadow of the Cross where I stand,
there is balm for my soul to get.
Many thousands are there, but there is room for each.
Then came to Golgotha ​​with the heart's desire.

Look, man of sorrows took my sin and my shame.
In the heart it sounds a hymn of praise to Him.
And the sin which burdened me every day, every second,
, He on the Cross, and I rejoice every time.

My life is now hidden in His vduring and wounds.
In the presence of God boldly I stand.
If the world around me in anxiety now passing away:
Calvary Mount, then surely I stand.

I thank God that I have been shut out in all fora, be it Cross victory, Christian Blog, Day, Debate and I do not know what. I see only what is written in these blogs and sites are people who are so far from God's word it is possible to get?
Not much balm for the soul to get, but at the Heavenly blog it is guaranteed that, for we convey the word of God and the message of Heaven!

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No. 1308: It's at a fault to you go to law against one another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? Why tolerate not rather be hurt?

No. 1308:
It's at a fault to you go to law against one another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? Why tolerate not rather be hurt?


Photo by Jan Aage Torp and unfortunately his new wife Aina Lanton as scripture says is an adulteress, and Jan Aage Torp an adulterer and fornicator!
Scripture says very clearly that Torp will either be reconciled with his first wife, Ann-Christin, or live solitary. If he does anything else, he breaks the marriage and makes his first wife guilty of adultery when she is also now re-married.

Torp's sin is catastrophic set of biblical eyes!

1 Cor. 6. 7 That's at a fault to you go to law against one another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? Why tolerate not rather be hurt?

My commentaries Hebrews 12 14 careful to live in peace with everyone and striving for holiness, for without holiness no one will see the Lord.

That these things had created large and internal strife in the church in Jerusalem is quite understandable. When discrepancies surfacing will also struggles with that rule. But so shall it not be,

Therefore it is necessary that the sanctification process accelerates and increases throughout his life!

15 See that there is someone who allows God's grace go by! Let no root of bitterness growing up and cause damage, so many are infected by it.

Paul addressed clear who made strife. There were those who passed away from the free grace in Christ and the law, and allowed himself works of the flesh.

But while one must always watch out not to let any root of bitterness growing up.

Room. 16. 17 I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and others fall by going contrary to the teaching you have received. Stay away from them. 18 The kind of people do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly. With fine words and platitudes leads the gullible people astray. 19 But everyone has heard about the obedience you show, and therefore I rejoice over you. I want you to be wise in what is good, but innocent in evil.

16 See that no wedlock and living wicked Esau, who sold his birthright for a meal.

Here was a church that survived more apostasy a revival \ renewal. When the fire glow and love disappears so will also sin and secular morality in!

Then not the word of God precious longer and live and follow important.

Psalm 119. 4 You have given your orders that they should be strictly observed.

17 For you know that when he side would get his father's blessing, he was rejected, though he weeping requested it. For he found no way to repentance.

An apostate and carnal heart thrives in sin but not with the consequences and effects of sin. As Esau lived is a result of a heart that has turned their back on God. One who sins is not a sinner only when he sins but it begins in the mind long before an active action.

2 Cor. 10. 4 For our weapons are not of people, but they have their power from God and can add strongholds to ruin. We tear down imaginations, 5 and all big and proud that rises against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.
(End of quote).

Firstly, I have not reviewed January Aage Torp for anything but fictional review of me. When it was his enormous hatred against me and the Heavenly blog for our preaching against remarriage that Jan Aage Torp found on reviewing me.

Secondly, in conciliation on 8 January 2015 I offered January Aage Torp everything possible to offer him. That I could change all words and expressions which he disliked and replace or re-write what he wanted. This declined in January Aage Torp empty!

What more can when I do? Nothing! Or should and could have done? Nothing!

It is also January Aage Torp which is a strong in this case. I get shit and another by most as Torp is recognized preacher from before, although he lives in adultery as Jan Hanvold and many others do! This is no obstacle longer in Christian Norway, therefore it is wrong to give the blame on me!

Final Comment:

Now the appeal fortunately upheld in Borgating Court of Appeal. Then I think it's very possible that the case is reset and all identification appears in a completely different way than what has happened until now!

I do not know the outcome of the case, but for me it is totally illogical and unreasonable that I should be allowed to write on their blog. Looking at the § which police have used against me. So I doubt very strongly that it holds in the face of Borgating Court of Appeal. When I've never approached January Aage Torp.

Scripture says, "Let no root of bitterness growing up and cause damage, so many are infected by it."

It's just this Jan Aage Torp has done and is doing, even though the scripture says that we as believers should not go to the secular authorities for our "right" through. But we'll let the Lord judge, and the judgment will he take care of!

I have written something about this before, look at these links and other things I've written so you can get formed a picture of the whole.
And above all, pray for me, my ministry, case and all implied that God would get their way, will in ours everyone's life and ministry!

Recommend you to read these before you accuse me of running case against January Aage Torp when it was he who came with her fictitious review of their hatred towards me and the Heavenly blog!

I have come with two motanmeldelser in this case.

1.) Jan Aage Torp makes false accusations against me as it is solely my views on remarriage and divorce Torp hate. Not the others I have written, that he has even gone a lot longer than me verbally!

2.) Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut has well break the most possible of laws persecuting me and my family? They are arguably Norway's two worst-line roll that belong a space, in prison. In many ways, one can say that these three here is like an evil trinity!

Sad that the Christian press cares so little about this matter.
Winner Jan Aage Torp forward it freely forward in controlling the free written word.
Actually, I should been given free word rate + much, much more!

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No. 1307: Child welfare staff, police and other public officials / women can do so much evil and gærnt they want, they will never be held accountable for it anyway!

No. 1307:
Child welfare staff, police and other public officials / women can do so much evil and gærnt they want, they will never be held accountable for it anyway!

Has received many inquiries regarding the matter between me and hatpastor Jan Aage Torp and hatpoltiet on Manglerud.

It's going to happen now, if I have to follow my "gut feeling."
So it is for the court proceedings in Borgating Court of Appeal.

If it goes the way I think, so the case will be sent back to the Oslo City Court?
Or so the case will come up in the Supreme Court?
And there from are at least three possibilities.

1) I will be acquitted.

2.) The judgment against me are sustained, and then anyone writing today lie of trouble. It will be Norway's history's most false and dangerous judgment when everyone who writes on his blog, send emails etc. Can be penalized if someone feels crossed!

3.) There is only hope that Oslo Polti wake up and see that the whole thing is staged by star psychopath and mockery apostle January Aage Torp to remove me and the Heavenly blog due my preaching against remarriage of preachers!

4.) Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg are punished, then justice stuffi!

Pray for me, family, my ministry and the matter dear friends and brothers in our common faith in Jesus and God!

In my eyes, this group here defending Jan Aage Torp by all appearances should have been deprived of their own children had the knowledge we have today about Torp. So it had been done!

From v. Inspector Monica Lille Bakken, police officers Stian Barmo and Lena Fjalestad and police attorney Oda Karterud.

From website Searchlight:

Alf Reuss Kollsete Wed, 08/14/2016 at 4:38 p.m. said:
The undersigned has followed Naustdal case closely, and made me know WHAT that have occurred from the Police page!
 Police Attorney Sissel Kleiven Sogn og Fjordane police, which has now advised to take out an indictment against Ruth and Marius Bodnariu for "educator violence", was responsible for the decision to send 4 (four) uniformed police officers to Bodnariufamiliens home, to remove a BABY at 3 months. from his mother!
This is in my view for the first ROUGH police violence, physical and mental, and secondly indisputable disqualification from police lawyer his side! This MUST in my opinion get the result that police lawyer even being REVIEWED for unlawful interventions and attacks on the family, with the serious consequences this has had and still have for kids and parents!
(End of quote).

In other words, here violates police Norwegian law, the general sense of justice and is to run over a well-functioning family with it result that they are escaping the country. What happens next? Guaranteed no madness here by both police and CPS. In many ways, so it is charge up in Norway, officials are almost never punished for something they do in service only if they do something in the parlor.

This is much to say about, but only in my case I see where the rotten police. They emphasize what I have written - crowd. That 99% is written from Jan Aage Torp's fictional review - that makes the review also to Torp was false.

It jumps the completely proven buck over and get it to look like something completely different than it is. I have answered others on my own blog, who has written on behalf of Torp. What we never hear talk about anything to get taken me. Police are really inept, rotten and criminal, but they get unfortunately allowed to keep on as they please. But as a Christian, I know that God will take care of these wicked and unjust people. But pity those who will fight dignitaries without being able to go to the living God, it must be heavy!

Here is a resource couples who works both with regard to jobs, to other people and their children. Who has staked everything on their homes, but they have been a slap in the picture has nothing to do with violence to do. It's getting a mold to be an elephant, or the one the shore are 10 chickens, lies and manipulation is this, and it's CPS and police who are robbers and criminals here, everything gets turned on its head as the scripture says.

Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil good
          and good evil;
          those who put darkness for light and light for darkness;
          bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Prophet says woe to those who turn everything on the head, as dignitaries in Norway do time after time. And are never punished or it will have consequences for those! In many ways it is the system here in Norway pillråten when such things can take place again and again, and year after year without anything happening!

In my case between me and Jan Aage Torp has the Rabla completely for Polti and Oslo District Court in my eyes. It will judge me after paragraphs of law that deals with people who seek others. The so-called telephone section, where a seek competent, contacting or otherwise threatening.

Paragraph 390 a: Whoever by intimidating or harassing behavior, or other reckless behavior violates another's peace or accessory thereto is punishable by fines or imprisonment up to 2 years.

I have done exactly the opposite, I have never ever visited the Jan Aage Torp. But he has sought me. That he chooses to click onto my website and read what I write there. When there is a choice he does, then it tells clearly that this matter really has only two exits.

1) The case hennlegges.

2.) The case is sent back to the Oslo District Court and Polti must then start all over again. In other words, they have no case!

Here is an article that explains how the Oslo police, or police on Manglerud stands. They even violate Norwegian law, and that in my case. Where they make a case for a law that deals with something completely different!

No. 942:
Police on Manglerud police are a threat to the rule of law in Norway?

They threatened me with a fine or imprisonment of 3-4 weeks. Whatever they threaten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had not accepted or accepted if it was $ 1. or 1 Million in routing. Or 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 years in prison. Everything turns on the head and will take me that is 100% innocent, but those who are guilty here, they stand on their side against me!

My confidence in the police in Norway is good, but Manglerud police chamber with the people I have met and who have tiny at Jan Aage Torp's fictional review of me I have no trust and respect. They are in my view a danger to the rule of law here in Norway!

Here are they strong mental unstable people this Torodd Fuglesteg show off online to write in my name. Torp has come with a fictitious review as they have tiny on. One or more people have written to me and my wife's employers where it was the number before it became an armed police raid. All this could have been avoided if they had listened to me from day one that Torp has made false accusations against me to get me removed from Google's search engine. It's like an experience a police from a dictatorship government which completely run over one and all healthy and democratic rules are put aside!

In the past I've had and have a feud with Manglerud Police which will drag me to the district court. I think all that I have written, comes under freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

Even Torodd Fuglesteg who wondered VG 2008 with a rakfisk history has also created a blog in my name. In familiar style as a poet he up everything, but this person and everyone else stands Manglerud police load tees with.

We also got the mailer to our work there almost gave also be armed action but it dritter in this which testify that they did not do their job:

Here are some posts that also speaks of an inept and police who put the rule of law at risk in my estimation and opinion (and many others). They are unworthy of a straight country like Norway to have such a law:

I told them in advance that this here is nothing crooked words from me or anyone else this is about, but a spiritual struggle in which it is my view. Or rather, biblical view of divorce and remarriage it all revolves around and is all about!

It had to go gærnt!

What it all started with was "Pastor" Jan Aage Torp hatred against me and the Heavenly Blog. When "found" him some words which were far milder than what he has used against homosexuals and many others (myself inclusive).

Image of "Pastor" Torp who really is the origin of all the misery. It realize of course not the police who are not born again and live with God, even if they try. Torp fornicators, keeping with such a person creates ripple effects.

It's like throwing a stone in water, which makes several other rings. So it is with sin, the begets sin. Here there is obviously other people coming in under darkness influence through this now corrupting the people sitting in positions of power and who do not have slightest idea what is really going on. This is a spiritual battle that takes place regarding divorce and remarriage, it can not be combated in any other place than in the living God and among living Christians.

Afterwards this so did Manglerud one of its many bomskudd. Not only "believed" those at Torp, although it was a fictional review. His goal was to get a judgment against me and then go to Google to decimate me and the Heavenly blog.

After the saw has it that police Manglerud took out an indictment against me that is so inept and ugly it is possible to have remained, we have become fair game for anyone other than Torp. Actually, this is uglier than what Torp has done, even though we have prosecuted this so we are not taken seriously and this is emphasized by the police on Manglerud. It is a tragedy and tragic!

What police do not know and have no way to understand is that such an unclean life Torp has with him living in sin, adulterer and a fornicator by Scripture. He frolic in sin according to God's word. Then open it again for other forces. I call it viber. By that I mean that when getting spiritual forces operate freely in other open to the darkness that lives and is in Torp. This is obviously not unsaved police any opportunity to understand and it is obvious that they do not realize it either! Here one must be saved, born again and having the ability to squint Spirits is one of the nine gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians. 12. Something I have and therefore I have also "control" over the situation from day one really!

Here are the latest mail wife received at work, where she becomes downright hung out and lied on:

VS: The gun in your bag


----- Original Message -----

Subject: Fwd: The gun in your bag

From: Jens B Jensen [mailto: jensbjensen@fastmail.com]

Posted: 8 April 2015 7:07 p.m.

To: Berit Christensen

Subject: The gun in your bag

Hi Denise and thank you for last.

You have a gun with you in your purse wrote your husband Jan Kåre


You and Jan Kåre is so fond of Anders Behring Breivik and believes that his killing of pups was good and fair.

You should not shoot children with the revolver you have with you so that you admire did a few years ago? There are lots of AUF in your school.

I just wonder and recommends that the principal takes away the revolver.

Jens B Jensen


(End of quote).

Here there are so many lies about us:

1) You have a gun with you in your purse wrote your husband Jan Kåre.

We've never had anything more than a water pistol at home, so this is a lie from a to z.

2.) You and Jan Kåre is so fond of Anders Behring Breivik.

Put us in with this terrorist and mass murderer is the world's largest bomskudd, kinder person than my wife and me finest not!

3.) Consider that his killing of pups was good and fair.

Killing is never good, it's 100% against everything we stand for!

4.) Do not shoot children with the revolver you bring to the admiring did a few years ago? There are lots of AUF in your school.

My wife has never and will certainly never go with a revolver in her bag. But through what we have gone through so one may feel unsafe, especially as a woman. This is just a natural reaction when police Manglerud is so incompetent and not doing the job they are set to do.

5.) I just wonder and recommends that the principal takes away the revolver.

Here mixes again totally innocent people, which police Manglerud ignoring again and again! We should be, not anyone else!

Final Comment:

Police on Manglerud course had no prerequisite for knowing what it involves living in sin, not least for a "Pastor". This again creates ripple, where sin begets sin. This is a spiritual law, and spiritual things realize themselves not at all on!

At Torp can say that which is "good" does not matter when it comes to spiritual, ethical and moral thing. Here are the hard facts, one-word of God teaches or not?

This being "Pastor" and be a pattern to the flock is really Torp.

Therefore these attacks on us like family!

That it is completely safe far worse, not least legally. That the police ignore it completely proven also show their incompetence and lack of being properly policemen. But that said, one often follow others with it!

It is hopeless to report more, they should take me and my family. Cost what it will, if they break even Norwegian law, common general behavior and or whatever it is!

Why do they call themselves hatkriminell group of Manglerud when they really stand for it yourself?

It stands in one of the mountain code, it is allowed to turn! The police may also here do get arrested those who are really criminals? It is well too much to hope for? The opportunity is certainly present, even!

tirsdag 16. august 2016

No. 1306 Kjell Andersen and Søkelys lets Jan Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

No. 1306
Kjell Andersen and Søkelys lets Jan Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

Andersen comes with a long dissertation, triads with scriptures and other. It does not help with a long article when full article is more guesswork and human opinions than the word of God and the biblical revelations about topic of marriage - divorce and remarriage!

Image of Jørn Strand having two "bastard" before he was saved.

After Kjell Andersen and Searchlight "home-grown" theory and doctrine, then should Strand have taken care of these two kids and their first pond that he has children. But this I think is not right, although for Strand's part turn "good" with that he can marry and new family.
But we know, the homemakers son Kjell Andersen and Searchlight acting like, do not want anyone any good is pretty obvious!
At Strand shall stand, and have five children and two women to support, I do not think had been expedient for some.
He started a new life with Jesus, although he currently does not live up to God's standard of ia collaborate with Jan Hanvold.
Jan Hanvold live in an invalid marriage after the word of God, when he was re-married several times as a believer, here there is a significant difference!

Scripture is clear, what we do that are not believers are under the blood of Jesus. Had it not been so, so had all hope been out for us all.

But everything we do as believers, prepared we accountable for. Had it not been so, so we could only continue in sin and lived by our own lusts and vices!

Kjell Andersen and Searchlight lets January Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

Torp get free slot space, while those who have lived a life apart from God. They are nicely asked fulfilled his sin, also what they did as nonbelievers. Yes, it sounds so good. But think of all those on Evangelisenteret and other such drug users. They have a sorry record that is so large and far, that it is for each kilometer.

Many have done so much, it is so complicated and there may be as many marriages and relationships behind that for those who have "most". So we know that King Solomon had a thousand wives, and for some of these so they lie not far below!

This printer Searchlight and Kjell Andersen, for whoever becomes a believer:
There are some who have made a "learn" that distinguishes between what happened before and after salvation / the old man versus the new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17) but as we shall see later, has such a thought no support in the Bible, and must therefore be regarded as an unbiblical thought.
Are saved So sometimes large, namely that this cohabiting couple who live in an invalid marriage because Paul in Romans 7 states that it is only through the original spouse dies, -that law no longer reigns over the godly marriage. Jesus said: "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law or the Prophets I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. "And thus it is not so that God's law on marriage is not valid anymore. God's law is eternal firm and therefore Paul writes also: "For the married woman is bound by law to her husband so long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is loosed from the law of her husband. "Here we can also reverse sex roles and say:" For the married man is bound by law to his wife as long as he lives. If the wife dies, he is free from the law that bound him to the woman. "However," Tom "and" Gunda "saved, and both came to faith in Jesus, and can then, from the blog's home-grown thesis remain in their cohabitation, and that now, in the new creation can be considered a valid marriage because "the old has gone, the new has come." (2 Corinthians 5:17)
The question we here want to ask is this: Does such a theory support in God's eternal Word? Is it really the case that because of salvation, and that they are now new creatures, can take their old sinful pitfall cohabitation and get this recognized as a valid marriage with the Holy God -so this blogger claims? The answer here is of course no and no again. Even if a man has been saved and had their sins forgiven, do not give 2 Corinthians 5:17, or other isolated scripture quotes us the right to overrule God's law and commandments. Paul said: For the married woman (or man) is bound by law to her husband (or wife) while he / she lives. But if her husband (or wife) dies ", she / he loosed from the law of her husband / wife. "With little other words," Tom "or" Gunda) not marry as long as the real wife of "Tom" is alive. In this case it means that Jorun originally committed adultery, must first depart with death, before "Tom" is free to remarry. Meanwhile he must remain unmarried, so the author of the book "The great pitfall" Øyvind Olav Sydow Kleiveland do. There is nothing in cohabitation between "Tom" and "Gunda" suggesting that their remarried cabinets can now be considered a valid marriage, even though 2 Corinthians 5:17 used herein.

A consistent refuse remarriage means that "Tom" and "Gunda" living in adultery, unless it can be justified by the thesis of the innocent party. Blog's theory that 2 Corinthians 5:17 could be contributed miss a real biblical foundation and theological foundation. It repentance message requires is that Tom and Gunda refrain from their cohabitation and living apart until Toms wife has died. This is perhaps harsh words, but blogs Christensen learn about this consists solely of shoot blanks and has no any theological substance remaining on the bottom. The truth is that blogs Christensen has only given a Bible verse that actually forgive their sin. That this blogger serving is not forgiveness but rather remission permission. Should "Tom and Gunda" justify that their marriages have biblical support, there must be the idea of ​​the innocent party.

As believers think Kjell Andersen and Searchlight following:
The innocent party Various denominations have in teaching and practice opened up for the innocent or abandoned party may remarry.
Equal footing As written earlier, there are Christians who want to be true to the Bible as a theology that allows the innocent party may remarry. Although there are biblical objections to such a theology, I would say that cohabitation between Tom and Gunda better be justified as marriage from "the theory of the innocent party." But in this case with these just like with "Pastor Winnie" who believed his wife broke out of marriage and marry another. According to the theological untenable theory to relevant blogs, the abandoned Pastor Ole a "whore buck" or "immoral" -If he remarries, while the relation between "Tom" and "Gunda" -which in reality, was a similar situation, being accepted as straight marriages. This despite the fact that the Bible states that "Tom" is still bound to his marriage with "Jorun", as this will only be lifted with one of the parties dies. The idea that Tom and Gunda cohabitation, is a valid marriage, because of "the new has come" is a hopeless theory -and shows that topical blogs operate with different template and thus traps an unfair judgment of the pastors who are innocent affected by divorce and then remarried again. Following the Bible's view, the parties are equal and if you then call A (pastor) of a whore buck -must one and call "B" (the cohabiting couple) for the same. So enough of this.
(End of quote).

I will first take up what applies the saved, here it is very easy!

1) Innocent and not innocent party has nothing to do with the saved to do. The aforementioned skrifted concerns, is betrothal. There is only one thing that gives acceptance for a believer to enter into a new marriage, it's dead!

2.) For those being saved absolutely everything that he has done that non believers are gone, like a cloud that is there. But that is gone forever!

3.) The record is clear, it is what we do as believers, we should ask for responsibility, and it applies to everything we do. Therefore remarriage sin, adultery and fornication for believers. While the world's people live in constant sin, if the sinner very much, or very little. They are and remain sinners and darkness children. But we as believers, is and remains to be the children of light!

Final Comment:

1 Tim. 4. 1. Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. They should stick to seducing spirits, and demons learn 2 of lying hypocrites with scorched conscience. 3 These forbid people to marry and require abstinence from foods which God has created for those who believe and know the truth should accept it with thanks. 4 Everything that God has created is good, and nothing should be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. 5 For the holy word of God and prayer.

The whole understanding, practice and teaching of Andersen and Searchlight is inconsistent, unbiblical and demonic controlled!

I have met and worked with many people through life and in God's service. But such a strange doctrine that Andersen and Searchlight adds for the day is among the worst I've seen.

1.) Andersen and Searchlight think that if one is married and divorced as non believers umpteen times, then such a matter to return to his first wife.

Consider here a case that Jornstrand which has several Lösung and then a lady waiting for him. What? Of course you have the old life lay behind, it was dark.

2.) Andersen and Searchlight believes that Jan Aage Torp fornicators, but he does so much good. It does not get any consequences. This could I explained in such detail, but this printer Andersen:
'Christian family ethics Searchlight identify with, for example, will not have remarriage pastors or permits remarriage itself, there are ministers who despite disagreement here, doing a lot of good and praiseworthy, -which shall roses. In the church of God, we have no tradition of asking the public pillory those who fail in their marriage or life otherwise, -and this tradition we will not break. This review does too. "

Scripture says the opposite, we should turn away in from the preachers and people who are re-married as believers. When the parish collection and out u from there to serve God together. I eg. working with gjengiftede Christians, it's okay. But I will not serve God with those gjengiftede.

Andersen is so busy being silent in the doors against such persons, this is also totally unscriptural and what Andersen and Searchlight or practice. Deliver some example. as gays or set up in homsetog as Knut Arild Hareide as haying one the big drum!

Word. 27. 5 Better is open criticism than hidden sympathy. (2011 spare.)

1930 translation: 5 Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

In other words, Kjell Sverre Andersen and Searchlight is totally unbiblical also in his criticism of me and the Heavenly blog. We do what is right, to defend those who live in sin. And warn against those who live in sin!

What does the word of God, and we at the Heavenly blog?

See here for some article related to this topic, but I mention briefly three things!

1.) The day one comes to God in Jesus' name and becomes a believer. From that day everything starts to "count". Should have a or ten failed marriages behind him, then "count" they do not. It is from the day one comes to light and be saved, that life with large L begins!

2.) As a Christian has a marriage for life. There is only death that provides the opportunity for a Jesus-disciple to remarry!

3.) We can not always take Jesus' teaching into opposite us Gentile Christians, for us in terms of life and learning, so is Paul our "big" mentor. Here there is much to say, by that I mean that for us Gentiles is the Mosaic Law is not relevant, I "starting" everything with Jesus' death and resurrection. In other words, it is from the day we are saved that God's "clock" begins for us Gentiles, not before!

It says about such as Andersen and Searchlight, that they are under impure influence when they refuse new believers to start again as believers. Also with founding a separate Christian family. But for Torp and others, it is only charge up, we must tolerate some disagreements. This is hypocrisy of the worst kind!

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mandag 15. august 2016

No. 1305: Even in Jan Aage Torp's children say the same as me, only I should be punished for saying the same thing!

No. 1305:
Even in Jan Aage Torp's children say the same as me, only I should be punished for saying the same thing!

Here are the children who today are traumatized!
Manglerud Oslo police relying on him, talk about being on the wrong side of the law!
Here, Polti and Norwegian court it is possible that these and other children will be even more adversely affected when someone hiding behind its total failure and seductive religion. Here the Christian religion, though this is so distantly from Christianity it is possible to come!

The world is strange, but one thing is good to know. The truth always prevails in the end!

Jan Aage Torp, who has managed to lure police and Norwegian law.

Anders Torp, Jan Aage Torp's son who writes the value debate following:

A true story about the effects of extreme exorcism!

Aftermath of exorcism - trip to the emergency room

It was her second time on the way to the emergency room by ambulance. My little sister Christine is 16 years, she kaldsvetter, is terrified and think that she is going to die.

I know my little sister very well and sits in the passenger seat next to the ambulance driver in front of the car, and I hear the ambulance personnel in the rear trying to talk reassuringly to Christine.

Christine crying, breathing shallow and quick. She can not talk relationships and barely manages to whine until she has pain in the chest, back and abdomen.

I do not quite understand what is happening - I think about various symptoms and possible diagnoses. I think that perhaps it is the lung that has collapsed.

The ambulance stopped and I go out of the car. The stretcher is wheeled into the emergency room while I go next door to hold Christine in hand. I remind her to breathe quietly and tells her that everything is going to go well. Christine manages eventually to tell about a dream she has had several times over the past few years.

In the dream sitting Christine on the bus. An African sits above her. Africa coach keeps in a glass bottle as she casts spells in it. Afrikaneren invokes abdominal pain, pain in chest and pain in the back and then throwing glass bottle in the stomach to Christine on the bus. Glass bottle being thrown so hard on the stomach to Christine in the dream that the crusher.

Several times Christine had this dream and she has been so scared when her waking that her sickness or barricaded and hidden in the basement. Christine is afraid almost constantly. She is afraid when she walks on the street and she gets scared every time she sees an African.

At the moment I think it was incomprehensible why Christine was afraid Africans - so I asked why. She replied, "it was they who did it." I did not even think a second before I realized it - so clearly it's exorcism-rites conducted by Zambian exorcists in Norway. Christine was only 12 years old when she was subjected to exorcisms summer of 2007 under the auspices of the Healing Center in Dronningensgate in Oslo.

There was nothing physically wrong with Christine. This was something mental. The doctor called it an acute anxiety attacks. Christine told further about the pain she almost constantly known. She had cut herself with a knife 9 times since the summer of 2007, and she has had repeated thoughts of suicide - she was only 16 years old.

The doctor who treated Christine worked also happens to 50% in a psychiatric institute for youth in addition to the job at the doctor, and the doctor had good experience with this type of seizure - but she is shocked by what it is Christine has been through.

Christine told the doctor about exorcism-rites, breathing techniques and how they Zambian pastors / exorcist casting out devils from people. Christine got post-traumatic stress syndrome as a diagnosis - this on no other basis than exorcism-rites she was subjected to 12 years old at the now defunct Healing Centre in Oslo.

Fortunately, I ascribe that Christine today are doing well after two years of treatment in child and adolescent psychiatric clinic.

This is a true story!

Extremism of this sort should not have fertile ground in one free country like Norway. The saddest thing about this post is that Christine is NOT the only ones who suffer the consequences of the kind of fanatical groups lurks around in Christian Norway.

Why is Norway's Christian leaders silent?

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søndag 14. august 2016

No. 1304: I am not opposed to child welfare, but I'm against that they take children from those who are competent, while ignoring those children who are neglected!

No. 1304:
I am not opposed to child welfare, but I'm against that they take children from those who are competent, while ignoring those children who are neglected!


Statistics indicating that the child does not attack those with addictions. But families who could have received aid, but deprives children so that they become even more traumatized and gets it even harder.

In my article on child welfare, it has almost become a resurrection.
Therefore, I come with this article, which explains my viewpoints regarding the child welfare!

Acute location should be the last resort. Here it was just about the first thing they did to this family. Nasty case this CPS in Naustdal, elementary school these children went on and Naustdal municipality.

We were treated by CPS bad, but Ruth and Marius Bodnariu even worse!

When we won a crushing indictment against CPS at Karmøy in 2004, so they stopped the harassment and persecution. But for Ruth and Marius Bodnariu so it looks like it still? I wonder when they simply do not have one or, in this case good enough lawyers?

I have now been running for two cases in court, where I 100% unlawfully persecuted by the authorities. Then you need than a good lawyer who can speak our cause, and who are able to put that here child protection in place. This one is even ongoing, with Jan Aage Torp. There we have a good hope of big change, for if the judgment stands it is Norway's greatest miscarriage of justice!

In our case, in 2004 we had a killer lawyer, the late Gold Fire Kjos from Haugesund.

He managed to put us in as good light, our children, what was the best for them. One thing that I remember he inbound explained it was not to split up families with children, this with a secure framework. That flock of children were grown up together, and that all research indicated that it was best for the children to grow up with their biological parents. + Many other things. When the verdict came, that everyone knew what was. Then stopped CPS up its harassment and we had already decided before this happened that we were moving back to Oslo. Therefore, it was enough Satan who walked in these welfare guys to prevent the will of God was going to happen ?!

Good lawyer counts a lot in the face of child welfare, than that does not speak in favor of child protection. We took first contact with a 'star' lawyer in Haugesund, which I will not mention the name of. But he was too round for us / me, I wanted someone who could attack the child welfare system. For here is attack, the best defense!

We need child care services - but not so the Norwegian child welfare work!

When child welfare in Norway are doing so much wrong, but never being punished for something. So it tells that child welfare is a state within a state Norway can operate freely, crazy and as they wish and will. In other words, it is a child who is not really under Norwegian law. And what ordinary people think and believe, it never reaches forward here. In other words, the Norwegian child welfare is overdue for liquidation in its current form.

We need child care services where there is substance abuse and blatant violence inside the image.
But anyway, immediately and emergency measures that they use. It's something that all too often makes matters worse and time after time in retrospect. Then there was exaggeration de lux!

It is HUGE sad that bv does not help the children who need it! When they tie up their resources in homes where they are not needed, so they fail children they should have been there. We must put in place a serious agency that helps children who need it!

 All tables from Statistics Norway show that neglect, drug abuse or any abuse ONLY is cause for 20% of care orders

Petitions concerning measures County Board = a care
(CPS wins in 98% of cases).

The CPS is itself evil people - but they want you to be there!

Actually, they are evil people many child welfare. So they say that you have failed in parenting, to place the children in foster care and others. Be it residential care and more.

They attack the worst possible way with an emergency decisions behind the backs of parents.
While dutifully at work, and the kids in kindergarten or school, they are extracted.
Then they get the parents to "confess" and that they use against you for all it's worth. Here is råttenskapen and Satan operations in full bloom. Of course this is absolutely disgusting to do such a thing. What is the solution?

The solution is above all to have a conversation with their parents, so the kids. So with parents and children together. Based on the so jobs further. Most parents can go in themselves, change and improve. If they hear that this is in their best interests and what Norwegian law says. In other words, child protection makes a simple matter, very large, heavy and complicated.

So it is now with me and Manglerud Polti, here distorts the truth. There are of course Christianity persecution by evil and wicked people who really should have been caged together with Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg.

What Torp has written about me verbally is far heavier than what I have written and spoken against him. Takes you to Norway's two worst and ugliest web roll, so they live in a separate world. Which is a thousand times more "criminal" than what I've ever written and spoken!

The greatest villain of all, Jan Aage Torp should long since been stripped of all their children had been up child protection and well. But now it's too late, can only hope, believe and pray that the kids get a sizeable compensation from the state for lost childhood, it deserves the fair!

Final Comment:

I know a case personally, the so-called "glass girl."
Here I could have written so much when CPS has a degree done such a poor and miserable job.
In fact, here they have done does not hurt worse. But much, much worse.
Do not look to attack child welfare as my primary task, if needed. Therefore, we have not written so much about child protection on the Heavenly blog, but some smådrypp going there now. Such as here!

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No. 1303: Ruth and Marius Bodnariu; the couple in Naustdal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, who is accused of violence against their children, have moved to Romania!

No. 1303:
Ruth and Marius Bodnariu; the couple in Naustdal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, who is accused of violence against their children, have moved to Romania!

Photo of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu m. Fam.

A senvinterdag in 2004 I got a call at work from my wife.
She was devastated, our children were taken by child welfare while we were at work.
Of course it was just false rumors that CPS spun on, these servants of Satan. If there had been some distance in this, so just all been resolved with a single call. It was all that was required. But here they made an emergency decisions, put it into practice to try to crack the Christensen family. They succeeded not at all, I knew who was behind. It was no good, or God.

Eventually, as they tried to negotiate with lyving, truing and all that is possible. To avoid a trial, but we knew this was Satan behind. When we had been the best and most loving parents.

They said, among other things if they received at least man, so we should get to have the two biggest. And other lies and Satan formulations. The trial came in early summer 2004 and we won on all counts.

Now there is a Christian couple who have been exposed to the same. What did? After winning forward? They do it right, escaping the country.
They did as I said, moved.
I personally had moved to Denmark if we had been subjected to the same by the Stalinist government that is here in Norway again: http://www.dagen.no/Nyheter/nyheter/Voldstiltalt-foreldrepar-har-flyttet-fra -Norway-374893

Violence on Trial parents have moved from Norway!

The Norwegian-Romanian parents couple in Naustdal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, who is accused of violence against their children, have moved to Romania.

CPS took last autumn care of their five children, and the parents were charged with the police termed as nurturer violence. The case has created huge commitment and strong reactions, and in other countries - both in Europe and in North America - there have been widespread protests against the Norwegian child welfare. This summer parents kids back, but the police took charges against the couple.

NRK confirms the couple that they now reside in Romania, and they do not come back. The couple do not want to be interviewed, but has written a letter to the Child Welfare Services in their home municipality. They write, among other things:

- By moving from Naustdal we leave our immediate family and the places that were the reason we moved to Naustdal 10 years ago; we leave our good and close friends and neighbors; we leave safe and exciting working with supportive and good colleagues; we leave our home as we have invested all of time and money in order to create the best childhood for our children.

(Read the letter in full below)

Children father's lawyer, Ragnhild Torgersen, says the couple have not moved to escape criminal liability, saying they would come back to trial. It is not yet certain when the case is scheduled for trial.

In an interview on Romanian television, the couple admitted that they have given the children pat on the butt and pulled them in your ears - even though they knew that such upbringing methods are illegal in Norway.

Police Attorney Sissel Kleven Western Police would not comment on the matter.

Letter to CPS
Here is the letter parents sent to CPS:

Notice of relocation

We hereby make it known that we move from Naustdal.

Having regained our children earlier this summer traveled the whole family on holiday to Romania. Here we decided to become a permanent resident.

Summer vacation came very conveniently and was absolutely necessary for us. It gave the whole family, especially children, the peace and security that we needed, but we unfortunately no longer be able to experience in Naustdal.

During our vacation, we have known in an urgent need to change their residence. It is an idea we had before when we've wanted their children to learn Romanian culture and language. Nevertheless, we have previously chosen not to move from Naustdal with all the sacrifices it entails. By moving from Naustdal we leave our immediate family and the places that were the reason we moved to Naustdal 10 years ago; we leave our good and close friends and neighbors; we leave safe and exciting working with supportive and good colleagues; we leave our home as we have invested all of time and money in order to create the best childhood for our children.

We choose now away all this, which is a very high price for us to pay. We do it anyway because it is impossible for us to live with Naustdal child welfare as a universal and ever-present factor in our lives. During their stay in Romania, we have seen progress and well being of our children. Here they have been able to lower their shoulders and feel confident that they can not be separated from each other and that they will live with us. No one comes suddenly and retrieves them and keeps them separated and from his family indefinitely.

Our children were severely traumatized by the process welfare service started before Christmas in 2015, and ever since they came back to the family, they were worried that the process will repeat itself. We have tried to convey this to the child welfare service in Naustdal, but has not been heard.

We did not experience that child welfare services respect the agreement we made at the County Board. We experience nor the child welfare service has to absorb those skilled advice that there was granted. The child welfare service does not seem to ability to understand that emergency location was very traumatic, especially for kids who do not have the same conditions as us adults to understand what is happening around them.

We find that the child welfare service is precautionary for the family's needs for security, peace and stability. We experience nor the child welfare service understand our children and their individual needs. The whole family - adults and children - are experiencing child welfare services work as destructively, while not given an opportunity to rework, repair, stabilize and develop. We did not experience that child welfare services are responsive to us, and that the child welfare service in Naustdal primarily focuses on its own need for recognition and respect.

The child welfare service has not in any way taken corrective of the criticism professionals put forward during committee meeting. This lack of professionalism is devastating for our family. We did not experience that there is something in the system that can control, prevent and correct consecutive errors or defects in the child welfare service procedures, even if this is more devastating than helping. We also see that the municipal administration, the alderman, protecting child welfare services, and defends all its actions despite the fact that he does not have access to the case and know its details. In the face of the child welfare service's continuing efforts, we feel right resolve.

It is very sad that the child welfare service in Naustdal unable to realize that its actions and decisions have a negative impact on our children, our family, our extended family and the society we have been a part of. For us who have to live with the child welfare service as a constant factor in life, perceived it as unprofessional, empatiløs, inhuman, and without the ability to see the value of family and the important bond that is between parents and children.

During our holiday, with the whole family together, we have experienced our children as less strained, while contact between parents and children has been restored. The children have during the summer even expressed a desire not to return to Naustdal, and after we decided not to go back, the children expressed concern that we would change our minds.

We know that we are not infallible and that we as parents also have made mistakes. After the return of the children we have had good cooperation with specialists, who have made sincere thought of our family and who has also guided us parents. We have come out of this stronger, without child care service seems to take it under advisement. We are going to maintain contact with the specialists, while we have made contact with Romanian specialists will follow up our family's development, and that will help us in the process which we now find ourselves.

The family's experience with the child welfare service is fresh and the manifest and latent damage is incalculable. Something can be corrected, while others may never recover completely. Such is not known, but we hope and believe that with time our family will be fully healed.

With sincerely, Parents

Comments on Day:

Henry Østhassel

I waited for it. Our Stalinist welfare've got another family to leave the country with their traumatized children to shield children from more traumatizing abuse of these dangerous power people. This is a shame for Norway!
And of course do not take these public perpetrators self-criticism - instead defended those of both politicians and councilman. The system has been such that no system dares to criticize each other. And the media is remarkably silent on this matter. All of you fools makes me both angry and embarrassed on behalf of Norway.

And now these incompetent Naud use all rettsspparatet and hundreds of thousands of crowns to straffeforforfølge these loving parents because they gave the children a pat or two on the butt. May God help us against these complete Naud. It was CPS who were sitting in the dock, not those great parents.

Henry Ellingsen · Jobs for Unibuss

It's good that day only imparts facts about what has happened. Otherwise noticed that this newspaper did not support the family when the case stood at most.
But the authorities in Norway will check run assault case against them in court, and they get convicted because klypping ear and slap on the butt sometimes (which is not good while almost all Norwegian 50 year olds may have experienced in childhood).
While three rapists go free after case in Hemsedal.

Leif Lohne · SAP Consultant at EVRY Norway

They risked 6 years in prison for this "crime" I read a space. Norway is still a "soviet government" persecuting dissidents so they must flee the country. A great shame for our country.

Arild Holta · Autodidact family anthropologist and information technologist at Save Our Children

The letter from the parents expressing the thousands of parents experience in meeting with the so-called CPS: More or less callous them, they who do not understand the children's needs for the family.

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