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No. 1446: It looks bad, but there are still two possibilities!

No. 1446:
It looks bad, but there are still two possibilities!

There has been a greater miracle than this. When Moses and the children of Israel went out of Egypt, Pharaoh and his army pursued them.
They reached them again, yet the children of Israel were saved and the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea. When God opened the sea, so the children of Israel went dry-shod over. While the Egyptians - the largest and most powerful army of the day - were all drowned as a man in one day, hallelujah!
Yes, God is as great today as He was then, and victory is ours!

Exodus 14. 21 And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the LORD drove the sea away with a strong east wind that blew all night, and made the sea a dry land, and the waters parted. 22 And the children of Israel went through the midst of the sea upon the dry; and the waters stood as a wall upon their right and on their left. 23 And the Egyptians followed and followed them into the midst of the sea, all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen. '29 But the children of Israel walked in the dry midst of the sea, and the waters stood like a wall on their right and on their left. . 30 Thus the Lord saved Israel that day from the hand of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians lying dead on the sea shore. 31 And when Israel saw the great work the LORD had done with the Egyptians, the people feared the LORD; and they believed in the Lord and in his servant Moses.
15. 3 The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name. 4 Pharaoh's chariots and his army he cast into the sea, and his chosen chariots were drowned in the Red Sea. 5 The abysses hid them, they sank like stones in deep water.
Picture of the incident, how it may have looked. God is powerful in allowing the same thing to happen to us, and in our cause. The Red Sea divided and became a salvation for the children of Israel, but for judgment, death and destruction for the Egyptians!

1.) That the County Assembly is reviewing everything. Have filed a complaint with them, again.

See here: http://blog.janchristensen.net/2019/08/nr-2518-enda-en-klage-til-fylkesmannen.html


2.) PBE realizes that they have been unreasonable to us, and turns!

Pray that God has a way out of it anyway, in Jesus name!

Psalm 68. 20 Praise be to the Lord day after day! If you put a burden on us, God is our savior. Sela. 21 God is our God to salvation, and with the Lord, the God of Israel, there are rises from death. 22 Yes, God crushes the head of his enemies, the hairy ass of him walking in his guilt. 23 The Lord says, I will bring back from Bashan, I will bring back from the depths of the sea, 24 so that your feet may be plunged into blood, the tongue of your dogs will be part of the enemies. 25 They see your triumphs, God, my God, my king's, triumphs into the sanctuary.

This is sent to the County Governor.

To the County Governor of Oslo and Viken.
As well as PBE here in Oslo regarding case number 201510929 - Construction case at Oslo Municipality with PBE here in Oslo.

Oslo 2 / 8-2019

Appeal against rejection decision regarding refusal of request not to grant further deadline - Krokstien 2 C

Should be brief here, but that PBE contends with what is pretty obvious that the time is right to give us the exemption we need and approve the wall, staircase and storage room.

Now it is rather sought to say that our wall is out of the way when, for example. The neighbor's wall just above on the other side really lies out on the road. Thus, our wall is illegal etc.
It is 20 cm from the road, while spring is 1 meter. Then we mean paved road, which is the real thing we are talking about.

The neighbor's wall in Stormyrveien has a wall that prevents traffic as we have to park the car that is parked out there in the roadway unnatural as the wall is so far in front of the paved road that it is completely unreasonable and incomprehensible that the wall that is a real problem must stand.
While ours is not a hindrance, on the contrary, it is a clear advantage with our wall as the roadway has become 20 cm wider after we set up our wall, when we pulled in the wall in relation to how the terrain was before. And as our neighbor today has it next to us with mold, soap and lawn down the roadway that we also had and as PBE wants us to demolish our wall and get it that way again. This is a clear deterioration in absolutely every way.

With our wall, it is a clear advantage and in favor of everyone that we then have to demolish that wall is just for one thing. That PBE wants to show his POWER, NOT FOR ANYTHING!

When it comes to stairs, it is also for the benefit and favor of everyone. When the ambulance came here about 2 - 3 years ago when our daughter needed emergency help, they did not find it in the Krokstien and got the ambulance to drive us. What did they do then? They drove down Stormyrveien, jumped up from there, and used the stairs that PBE now wants to be demolished.
Only reason for tearing up the stairs is that PBE SHOWS HIS POWER AND ARROGANCE, NOT FOR ANY OTHER REASON!

Our booth as a PBE wants us to tear down, also experienced as both unreasonable, incomprehensible and without substance in its repeated decisions and orders. Isn't it a shame or a hindrance to someone?
It is not seen from the road or other properties other than ours as it is so sheltered and with such a them the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea Pet expresses that the excesses in terms of utilization are insignificant and minimal.
Only reason for it to be demolished, it must be that the Planning and Building Agency is shown its power, NOT for any other reason.

What is this matter really about? Now after 5 - 6 years of struggle?

It's basically about the little man fighting a heroic fight against a brutal force majeure.
Here, PBE should long ago have realized its mistakes, meaningless and unjust decisions and orders above us.

We oppose any order and anything else that does not give us a quick endorsement of our wall, staircase and storage room which is perfect and just for the blessing and favor of everyone!

Will also say in the end, that the wall that has now become PBE's hottest object to get removed, is then built in consultation with PBE. We called down, told that since there was a wall opposite the road from before. Then we didn't have to search, it was just building a wall on an old wall. We did, and in retrospect it also turns out that the wall that is obstructing the traffic and which is such that demolition is the only option. 20 cm from the road is 80 cm too small. While spring which is 1 meter from the roadway, it should be demolished and PBE uses the strongest words they can by saying it is in the roadway etc. (1 meter from paved road.)

Here sparrows shoot with guns as they do with us.

While the neighbor's wall, which is both illegal and obstructing the traffic, one looks through his fingers and leaves as it does not belong to small-scale housing etc. are the reasons and answers we get from PBE when we have pointed this out.
But our property is then actually built before small-scale housing, as our house has been set up in recent times, but it used to be an old house.
Than should then be thought the same, but to us, PBE uses the heaviest shots they can, even though our wall is really perfect in every way.
While the neighbor's obvious is both illegal and far from ideal.
Here is one so gentle, overlooks everything and even defends this!
No, PBE here in Oslo is moving in a landscape we do not understand.
Will eventually use a word in from the Bible that was written 2800 years ago that fits perfectly into the PBE handling of us and our cases.

Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil good
          and the good evil,
          those who turn darkness into light and light into darkness,
          bitter to sweet and sweet to bitter!

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No. 1445: When Jesus was surrendered to the authorities - the scriptures say it was to lawless men, and it was Judas Iscariot who betrayed him, in our case there are clear similarities when Pastor Jan Aage Torp operates as a traitor and manipulator, and the police and courts as lawless men and women!

No. 1445:
When Jesus was surrendered to the authorities - the scriptures say it was to lawless men, and it was Judas Iscariot who betrayed him, in our case there are clear similarities when Pastor Jan Aage Torp operates as a traitor and manipulator, and the police and courts as lawless men and women!

Picture of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss.
This is how Pastor Jan Aage Torp has also broken God's word by divorce and remarry.
As well as reporting brothers that he did with me, the scriptures warn against doing so as this will be addressed in the congregation.
Here one should not let go of the world and the authority, in matters of marriage.
The question of divorce and remarriage belongs to the congregation, not the world and worldly affections.

It says about Jesus the following:

"Israelite men, hear these words! Jesus of Nazareth was a man appointed to you by God by mighty works, wonders and signs which God did in him in the midst of you, as you yourselves know. He was betrayed by God's appointed counsel and providence, and you killed him by nailing him to the cross at the hands of lawless men. " (Acts 2: 22-23.)

Notice that these were government officials - but scripture calls them lawless. Why? Because they did not follow the law that applied.
It was e.g. clear things in both Jewish and Roman law that were broken in relation to Jesus' judgment, death and crucifixion.

According to the law, for example. no one will be questioned at night. No one should have a lawyer when it comes to capital punishment. Should anyone be sentenced to death, clear evidence should be provided and after the evidence was presented. Should the judges go home and relax. Second, they should return after 1 week, and then be found guilty or acquitted. So I could have, and the Jews could not judge anyone to crucify. The only thing that went right for Jesus was after he died. Then his legs were spared and this was actually the only thing that happened to Jesus as laws and rules were followed.

Retrieved from the web where one describes this with Jesus being surrendered and condemned by people who say the scriptures were lawless even though there were government officials.

Asked by the Sanhedrin and taken to Pilate!

The night is soon over when Peter for the third time refuses to know Jesus. The members of the Sanhedrin have ended what has been a parody of a lawsuit, and they have gone separately. When Friday morning comes, they will come together again, probably to try to give the night's illegal trial a certain legal touch. Jesus is brought before them.

They say again: "If you are Christ, say so." Jesus replies, "Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. And if I asked you questions, you wouldn't answer. ”Still, Jesus bravely demonstrates that he is the one prophesied in Daniel 7:13. He says, “From now on, the Son of Man will sit at the right hand of God.” - Luke 22: 67-69; Matthew 26:63.

They continue: "So are you the Son of God?" Jesus replies, "You say yourself that I am." They think this is good enough reason to accuse Jesus of blasphemy and have him killed. "What about more testimony?" They ask. (Luke 22:70, 71; Mark 14:64) They therefore bind Jesus and lead him to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate.

Judas Iscariot may see Jesus being led to Pilate. When Judas realizes that Jesus has been condemned, he receives guilt and a bad conscience. But instead of turning to God and showing genuine remorse, he goes to give back the 30 silver coins. Judas says to the chief priests, "I sinned when I betrayed an innocent man." But they answer heartlessly: "What has to do with us? That is your problem! ”- Matthew 27: 4.

Judas throws the 30 silver coins into the temple and then makes it even worse by trying to commit suicide. As Judas tries to hang himself, the branch in which he has tied the rope is probably broken. He falls on the cliffs below and his body cracks. - Acts 1:17, 18.

It is still early in the morning when Jesus is taken to the residence of Pontius Pilate. But the Jews who have taken him there refuse to go in. They believe that such contact with non-Jews will make them unclean. If they become unclean, they will not be able to eat the meal on the 15th of Nisan, the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is seen as part of Passover.

Pilate comes out and asks them, "What are you accusing this man of?" They answer, "If this man were not a criminal, we would not have handed him over to you." It may be that Pilate feels they are trying to put pressure on him, so he says, "Take him and judge him according to your own law." The Jews reveal their murderous plans when they answer, "We are not allowed to kill anyone." - John 18: 29-31.

If the religious leaders kill Jesus during the Easter celebrations, it is likely to cause revolt among the people. But if they can get the Romans to execute Jesus for political reasons, something the Romans have authority to do, the people will certainly not hold them accountable.

They do not tell Pilate that they have r condemned Jesus for blasphemy. Now they dictate other charges: "This man deceives our nation, forbids people to pay taxes to the emperor, and says that he himself is Christ, a king." - Luke 23: 2.

As a representative of Rome, Pilate has cause for concern when he hears the claims that Jesus claims to be king. So Pilate goes into the dwelling again, calls Jesus, and asks, "Are you the King of the Jews?" In other words, he asks if Jesus has broken the laws of the land by claiming that he is a king in opposition to the emperor. Jesus, who may want to find out how much Pilate has already heard about him, says: “Do you ask this of yourself, or have others told you about me?” - John 18:33, 34.

Pilate states that he does not know so much about Jesus: "Am I not a Jew?" Still, he is interested in knowing more, so he adds: "Your own nation and the high priests have surrendered to me. What have you done? ”- John 18:35.

Jesus does not try to avoid the question of being king. What he answers, no doubt, surprises the governor.
(quote at end).

I was also "handed over" by a "Judas". And was exposed to the same as Jesus, but of course in a gentler and more sophisticated way.

So what happened to me?

Yes, I preached the word of God against divorce and remarriage.
This disliked Pastor Jan Aage Torp and went to Manglerud police with a fictitious review where he made false charges.
What he accused me of were just a few harmless statements.
When the case was further investigated, I saw "counter-notification". the trio Torodd Fuglesteg, Arnt Arnesen (Ansgar Braut) and Jan Aage Torp who had written much more and with much harder shooting at me. This was completely overlooked by the police even though there were both threats and the desire for my death + 1000 other things.
When the trial came, it fell completely into "fish" for the prosecution as there was nothing criminal in my writings. What did they do then?
Turned out a verdict that now it was the "crowd-writing" that was punishable, talk of murder!

When the case came up for the Borgarting Court of Appeal, I clearly saw from the judgment in Oslo Tingrett was based on the odometer claims.
When I said this, the judge pretends to write that no one had raised any objections.
Fortunately, I recorded this on tape and it is out on Youtube.
Look here:

Final Comment:

Scripture says:

The Preacher 1. 9 What has been is what is to be, and what has happened is what is to happen, and there is nothing new under the sun.

What Jesus experienced and what I experienced is really much the same.
Of course, many things are different as well, since I live in the best of ways and Jesus had to make good on his life after being exposed to Satan's cleansing games, etc.
But that scripture calls government figures as lawless, those who have to deal with the law. As well as meeting with Judas Iscariot and Pastor Jan Aage Torp who are both traitors.
It is also to learn that Satan always behaves in the same way all the time.
It is to get us into "imbalance" through lies, intrigues and distortions of truth!

Read here for more:

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No. 1444: Pastor Jan Aage Torp rails on his own blog as a spoiled little boy that he does not get the right of defense, but then write what you think on your own blog and accept that injustice is great!

No. 1444:
Pastor Jan Aage Torp rails on his own blog as a spoiled little boy that he does not get the right of defense, but then write what you think on your own blog and accept that injustice is great!

The newspaper Vårt Land has probably counted 20 to 30 articles about me over the years?
At the same time, I've been thrown out of Verdidebat for quoting David Wilkerson.
I only once wrote a reply, and then I got a maximum of 10 lines which was all they could give me. I thanked yes, and wrote.

But I have my own blog, and accept that the newspaper Vårt Land shines as they please.

This is what Pastor Jan Aage Torp writes on his own blog.


Pastor Jan Aage Torp has been in the public space for 40 years - it seems to me that he is a beginner with that whining. Unfortunately, what he experiences is "normal" to mean something that is beyond "approved."
The newspaper Vårt Land then writes against Torp, so they will not let him go that way. This is a fact, even Christian newspapers are unfortunately at least as dishonest as worldly newspapers.
That Torp does not know this and whining like that just shows what low goal he is holding.
Then forget the newspaper Vårt Land, you have your own blog and websites etc.
As well as the newspaper Norway today that he boasts so, he probably gets an article there and a "response" to the newspaper VL?
No, for a childish spoiled man like Torp. This is something we all experience that is not "inside" in the heat fully!

Just in this case, I agree with Pastor Jan Aage Torp.

Writing than anything against a person, then of course one should be allowed to write and speak in the newspaper that writes about one. This should have been "normal".
But anyone who has been in the public sphere knows that it is not, not for any of us.
Especially when you speak to a person, you also have something against the person. When allowing this person to come up with a "counter attack" few people really allow it.

Jan Aage Torp should rather thank God, and see to it that he cannot resist the criticism and write against the newspaper Our Land as an affirmation of his Apostle calling and ministry. The scriptures say:

1 Cor. 4. Everything has become saturated; You have all become rich; without us you have become masters! Yes, suppose you had become masters so that we could rule with you! 9 To me, it seems that God has shown us apostles as the poorest, who condemned death; for a spectacle we have become for the world, both for angels and for humans. 10 We are fools for Christ's sake, but you are wise in Christ; we are frail, but you are strong; You are honored, but we are honorless. 11 At this very moment we are both hungry and thirsty and naked and mistreated and homeless and miserable, 12 working with our own hands; we are spoiled - and we bless; we are persecuted - and we endure it; 13 We are mocked - and we admonish; we have become like degenerates in the world, a disgust for everyone, until now.

Notice the words like this: “To me it seems that God has shown us apostles as the poorest, who are condemned to death; for a spectacle we have become for the world, both for angels and for humans. We are fools for Christ's sake, we are frail, working with our own hands; we are spoiled - and we bless; we are persecuted - and we endure it; We are mocked - and we admonish; we have become like degenerates in the world, a disgust for everyone, until now. "

Since Jan Aage Torp says of himself that he is an apostle, it seems strange that he complains that he is not given the opportunity and the right. This is something we all experience - unfair treatment

Jan Aage Torp wrote an article a while back pointing out his strong position. In other words, a little fly in from Hell and the "great" apostle screams. Let's read here what Jan Aage Torp writes in the article, a short excerpt.

Why Torp's "strong position and methods"?

Posted on 06/07/2018 by Jan-Aage Torp
Screenshot from the article with some subsequent text.

The resistance increases proportionally with the anointing

I never experienced resistance and mockery until 1991. The pastor years from 1983 to 1990 were demanding, but mostly because of the difficulty of finding our own position as pastor and family. I was always "young and promising." We were applauded by most.

But resistance and mockery have followed my ministry for the past 27 years. At times the resistance and betrayal have been so massive that I have tried to displace the memories. Painful experience.

A Mahatma Ghandi quote has helped me over the last seven to eight years:

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you and then you win."

Ghandi's wise words have given me perspective, and it is fulfilling today for our eyes!

I was shocked in 1992 when the newspaper Our Land, which had always shown me respect, suddenly began to disrespect me. Respect for the politically correct Torp, but as soon as I spoke against Rome, Our Country pulled the "controversial card".

I remember how a (gay) reporter had a radio broadcast on NRK Weekly with me in 1997 where he played a sound recording in which a group of gays shouted tactfully and scornfully into the microphone about "Torps small congregation". The size of the congregation was made a point, not the effect of the message itself.

The same thing happened in 2006-2007 when a celebrity in a Christian-conservative context in Norway began to tell that he had "intelligence" which indicated that the Oslo Church "is gathering only 15-20 at your meetings". His conclusion, therefore, was that I no longer had to be given so much space in Christian media, nor in national media. Again, it was the size of the congregation, not the message.

In 2011, misleading people in the media hammered me about being "dangerous," knowing that I had quit my public business a year and a half ago.

    And in 2018, Fragell & Co is experiencing "schizophrenic rage" as they try to figure out if I should be mocked as "small and insignificant", or mocked as "powerful and dangerous". I laugh.

The truth is probably just that the Lord anointed Him He will, and He stands behind His living Word. The prophet Jeremiah's message in the dungeon is still alive today. The size of the assembly meant nothing at that time, nor today.

The Oslo Church has grown a great deal in the last eight to nine months after we established ourselves in the heart of Oslo, and KKN's membership is growing significantly. But it's not the size that determines.

    The resistance increases proportionally with the anointing.

It is wise to follow the Lord's exhortation through the Psalmist (Psalm 105: 15):

    "Do not touch those whom I have anointed, do not hurt my prophets!"
(Quote end.)

Final Comment:

Pastor and Apostle Jan Aage Torp writes: "Resistance increases proportionately with the anointing!"

This is what Torp says himself, and that he has had constant resistance for the last almost thirty years. I would say welcome to that. The similarity between me and Torp is that we face resistance, but how we cope with it is a wide difference!

Torp fights, fights, scares and reports those he is clinging to. I resign and leave it behind me. Ignores, forgets, and seeks to do God's will and find new ways and ways to progress in life and service. This is contrary to what Torp does. Think actually here Jan Aage Torp has a lot to learn from me!





mandag 12. august 2019

No. 1443: The "positive" of the submission and the verdict against me is that I speak and write as unobtrusively as before, but I am not satisfied until Jan Aage Torp gets his fair punishment for being convicted of false charges!

No. 1443:
The "positive" of the submission and the verdict against me is that I speak and write as unobtrusively as before, but I am not satisfied until Jan Aage Torp gets his fair punishment for being convicted of false charges!

Picture of a prison cell. That was Jan Aage Torp's unspoken goal when he had gone to the police with his fictitious review of me and that he wanted money. He ran a Serber for several Millions, so money is Torp.
The fact that the police were fooled by Torp is just tragic, as is the Oslo District Court and the courts here in Norway. Convinced that in my home country Denmark this could never have happened, where such people should live in prison.

The reality of the matter is that he has achieved little and nothing.

I am writing as before, and may have more articles now out on the blog Justismord about Pastor Torp than ever ?!

Narro Apostle Jan Aage Torp occasionally waves the sentence to threaten "Levi Fragell and others to silence", while the reality is that I can still write what I want without consequences.
Actually all Torp has achieved is only to make its own mistakes known.
As long as he does nothing about my writing, he has in reality achieved zero and nothing!

But I am not satisfied with this case until the fool apostle and manipulator Jan Aage Torp gets as deserved. He wanted me 2 years in prison and probably Million amount from me when he popped up his fictitious review of me. And Manglerud police chamber was rounded up by him and later the Oslo District Court when he presented undocumented claims in the Oslo District Court that I rejected in Borgarting Lagmannsrett as a lie and completely, completely beyond the facts.
This overlooked lie judge Øystein Hermansen and wrote these lies in the judgment that this was not contradicted. But luckily, I recorded it on tape and it is out on YouTube where Øystein Hermansen gets completely undressed.

That Pastor Torp is being prosecuted and convicted of false charges is very important for freedom of belief and expression here in Norway as Torp has managed to trick both the courts and the Oslo police with his fictitious review.
There was only one thing Torp hated me for, it was my "religious" and Christian stance when it came to marriage.
They should now realize that Torp was able to fool the Oslo police and the courts, and aim and hopefully get Torp convicted of fictitious review.
Of course, Torp was not provoked or harassed for anything else I had written.
On the contrary, Torp loves to be mentioned whether it is positive or negative, only he gets a mention!

The goal is to get a new trial against Jan Aage Torp where he is charged and convicted of false charges. He gets a prison sentence and is totally and completely revealed. As well as my family and I get a great raise in every way and plan.

Final Comment:

Word. 15. 9 The Lord abhors the way of the unrighteous, but loves him who pursues righteousness.

Justice both here on earth and in the world to come, that God works for. Therefore, this is in accordance with God's will that since Jan Aage Torp made false charges against me. When he seduced both the police and the courts that I had "harassed" him, but it was my proclamation of remarriage that triggered and provoked Torp.

This is both hypocritical, criminal and simple.

This both hope and I think Torp will be punished for.
When the script says that your sin will find or catch you, sooner or later.

Here is a promise to Jan Aage Torp, this will happen sooner or later.
Therefore, I know that God will bring everything to victory, I have known from day one!

Deuteronomy 32. 35. I hear vengeance and retribution at the time when their feet tremble; for their day of adversity is at hand;

Heb. 10. 30 For we know him that said, I have vengeance, I will repay, and again, The LORD shall judge his people.

Yes, it is bad for a whore like "Pastor" Jan Aage Torp to fall into the hands of the living God, believing in himself that one does not live against God's word when the Word clearly states that he is a whore!

søndag 11. august 2019

No. 1442: Pastor Jan Aage Torp, like the fool and manipulator he is, has been able to trick both the police and the courts into "playing" offended, offended and as he has never written and done anything "wrong" himself!

No. 1442:
Pastor Jan Aage Torp, like the fool and manipulator he is, has been able to trick both the police and the courts into "playing" offended, offended and as he has never written and done anything "wrong" himself!

When I have recently read through again what I have written about Pastor and fool Apostle Jan Aage Torp. Then I am both amazed and delighted at how clear and clear I have been all along. I have basically had the same opinion and views all the way. What I said before, that I stand for and need not erase and change any of what I have written and spoken in the main and all!

Facsimile from narra apostle and manipulator Jan Aage Torp's blog, now he is "offended" by the newspaper Vårt Land, where he has actually put everything together himself WITH BL.A. DEMON RELEASE OF HIS OWN CHILDREN + THAT THEY HAVE MADE HIM, HIS OWN FATHER, FOR HAT!

Even Torp does not hate me and the Heavenly blog because I have written and spoken that he is a fool, impure and other. But one and only I have pointed out that he is remarried as a "believer". That he is thus unfit and disqualified as Pastor and preacher. In other words, the police and the courts have managed to seduce "Pastor Torp" to engage in freedom of belief and expression!
This is at the heart of the matter, and it is so sad that the police and the courts have not at all wished to realize that they have simply been rounded up by narra apostle Jan Aage Torp.


By psychologist Jan Atle Andersen

Offenses are often associated with being reproached, treated patronizing, unfair and disrespectful.
Social democracy teaches us to take care of each other, and that's good. But we do not learn to take care of ourselves. It is not good. When Socrates greeted an acquaintance who merely overlooked him, he had the following comment: "It is not against me that I am more polite than him." Socrates was not offended. (The other committed self-harm; he made himself an abusive human being).
Can you take care of yourself when you meet disrespectful people?
Whoever has self-respect cannot be offended. He who lacks self-respect and looks down on himself becomes easily approachable. He claims to have been offended, "hurt" and "feels" he has been bullied. At the same time, colleagues are labeled as bullies and abusers. I do not deny that bullying can take place. But too often the mob card is played as part of a ruling technique. One is offended until well-being. Proximity is a treatable and preventable neurosis: children need praise, and parents who are proud of them.
My feelings are just that - mine. They are created by my brain. I (not you!) Annoy me and get angry. I (not you!) Am looking forward and happy. It's not you who offends me either; I'm offended. My reaction to an insult is usually far more harmful to me than the insult itself! (Feel free to read the sentence again).
Thus, it is not the sender's infinite behavior that creates the offense. It is the recipient's inability to take care of himself that is the problem. Whoever is offended by the words of others (shells) has failed himself.
So what can we do to not be offended?
First, it is important to recognize the obvious, that my feelings are my responsibility. I can't blame others if I get angry or upset or provoked. Second, words are not dangerous (The word "tiger" cannot attack us) Words cannot hurt - only "hurt"! There is a subtle difference between wounds and "wounds" (Look up the alien dictionary on "metaphor")
Everyone is different. This gossip contains a profound truth; No two of us react exactly the same to the same experience. Some are offended, others not. The one who is not offended has understood something essential, namely that the words of others have only the power that the recipient allows. This insight is aptly formulated in the following quote:
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".
There are no abusive words, only people who can be offended. Whoever is offended by the words of others (shells) has failed himself.
If I let others decide what to feel, I will give up their whims and whims, and lose power over myself. Better to "take a Socrates"! Everyone can learn this. Whoever decides on my feelings determines my life.
It should preferably be myself.
(quote at the end.)

Final Comment:

When I read about the narcissist in professional literature, it is as if I read about the narcissist Jan Aage Torp, it is as if they are identical.
That the police and the courts did not have the ability or the will to reveal this is alarming and frightening. Those who are to be the defender of the good, the scripture says the following about authority.

Room. 13. 3 For those who rule, do not create fear in the one who does the good, but in the one who does the evil. If you do not want to fear the authorities, then do it well and you should be praised.

Here I did the good, preached the word of God. The one who got excited and harassed more than anyone was me and my family.
What did the police and the courts do? They left everything as a fool apostle and manipulator Jan Aage Torp applies as "true".

In other words, the whole thing against me was nothing but manipulation and lies.

Now we can also say that my lawyer had no good grip on the matter in the sense that he was only concerned with law enforcement.
This was really okay, but it made things a lot easier for it to become a murder case.
My lawyer should also have blamed Torps for massive lies and manipulation that only I and I alone clearly stated.
Unfortunately, Brynjar Meling also got rid of Torp, so Torp also praised him. Well, this case was really only one man who ruled, it was the fool apostle and the fooling Jan Aage Torp.
Just hope, believe and pray that my appeal is brought forward. And the police will look into the case, and Torp is eventually convicted of false charges against me!

Look here for what Norwegian law says about false charges:

§ 225. Indictment of fictitious criminal act

With a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, it is punished as
(a) report to the court, prosecutor or other public authority a criminal offense that has not been committed; or
b) does something to arouse suspicion that a criminal offense has been committed, without it being.

tirsdag 2. juli 2019

No. 1441: Theologian and Bible Teacher Øyvind Gaarder Andersen is completely, completely at will, in his Bible interpretation of remarriage when he believes that it is free to divorce and marry - but calls for a new wedding ritual for the married people, that will probably be needed!

No. 1441:
Theologian and Bible Teacher Øyvind Gaarder Andersen is completely, completely at will, in his Bible interpretation of remarriage when he believes that it is free to divorce and marry - but calls for a new wedding ritual for the married people, that will probably be needed!

Picture of Ludvik Karlsen and Emanuel Minos who are both dead now. But was about to open up most of what is wrong in PB today. Be it remarriage, the faith movement and most of it otherwise. Here, the "door" was set up, for the flesh, Satan and the world.
And the theological reflection group with Øyvind Gaarder Andersen continues this.

Ludvik Karlsen.

Emanuel Minos.


Here from the newspaper Vårt Land's interview with Øyvind Gaarder Andersen, who here thinks it is free rather than remarriage for believers, is contrary to God's word.

27.6.2019 Our Country
"It must be possible with a new start"

A guiding marriage document from the Pentecostal Theological Reflection Group opens up a separate marriage ritual when one remarries after divorce.
Øyvind Gaarder Andersen is the leader of Theological Reflection Group in the Pentecostal movement. In a new document, they elaborate on their understanding of the Bible in the manner of cohabitation ethics.
- Sometimes you show more grace to a murderer than to someone who has broken the marriage on the wrong level.
https://www.vI.no/nyhet/det-ma-vere-mulig-med-en-ny-start-1.1545377 1/4 27.6.2019

It gets skewed, says Øyvind Gaarder Andersen, head of the Pentecostal Theological Reflection Group.
Due to the development of society, they have seen the need to clarify their point of view in cohabitation ethics. After the Pentecostal Theological Reflection Group has published a document that addresses this particular. Divorce and remarriage have been treated very carefully.
- On the one hand, we must preach the importance of marriage and that it is meant to last a lifetime. Particularly because of developments in society where people think too easily about divorce. On the other hand, there must be room for those who experience that the marriage breaks down, says Gaarder Andersen.

May allow remarriage

In the Pentecostal movement, each church is independent, but committed to a common belief that maintains that the Bible is the supreme authority for life, doctrine, ethics and morality. The fresh cohabitation document is an account of what the Pentecostal movement believes the Bible says about the subject and how the scriptures are interpreted.
The point of departure for the reflection group is that marriage is meant to be lifelong and monogamous. While some conservative Christians believe that divorce cannot be allowed to remarry, the Pentecostal Reflection Group believes that remarriage is fine if the divorce is legitimate. This applies, for example, to adultery, when someone is abandoned by the spouse or by various forms of abuse and violence.
- It is difficult to pronounce square and categorical about personal relationships. There are situations where one can be physically and mentally destroyed by living in the relationship and where it becomes irresponsible with regard to the children. It is not always easy to say where the border goes, says Gaarder Andersen.
- What if you simply lose interest in each other?
- Then one has to be encouraged to take care that love can be revived, for example by giving birth to party therapy. We will encourage to stretch as far as possible to preserve marriage.

Own wedding ritual

Even where a divorce is not legitimate according to the Bible, a new marriage should be possible, the Reflection Group believes.
- It must be possible with repentance and new start. We must emphasize the seriousness of divorce and consider what legitimate reasons for divorce are according to the Bible. But at the same time, the possibility of being married again to someone who broke out on a wrong mate is not depreciated. On the basis of sincere remorse And repentance one must be able to begin again.
The theological reflection group asks if one should have a separate marriage ritual for those who are remarried. Such a ritual can have a moment that allows for forgiveness and a new start.
- If you yourself know that mistakes are made and experience guilt because of it, it may be good to receive God's forgiveness and put it behind it. It is, however, not a draft of such a ritual, but we ask a question for consideration.


| The document from the Pentecostal movement is also treated as cohabitation, homosexuality and gender identity. The Reflection Group believes the Bible speaks clearly that marriage is meant for man and woman, and not for genders.
- | The question of equal-sex marriage, the Norwegian Church has two views and practices. Recently, the Norwegian Methodist Church has said that they will go in the same direction. Do you think there may be changes among Pentecostals in the future?
- When Pentecostal pastors, preachers, and leaders slowed down in November, there was full agreement on standing on the classic view of marriage. It is difficult to spa about the future, but the Pentecostal movement's beliefs say that marriage is for man and woman. If this changes, I think the resistance is so great that the Pentecostal movement is split - it is unthinkable to accept two
(quote end.)

Pentecostal movement and Øyvind Gaarder Andersen, leader of the Pentecostal movement's theological reflection group. Make a total "disc boom" here with opening up for remarriage among believers. There are at least two things they miss.
One is that they do not historically present what Christianity has been for 2000 years.
Secondly, they do not present what the word of God says, especially the New Testament with Jesus and the Apostle Paul.

This writes Atle Mork Bednarz

This is a document that will create much trouble for the Pentecostal movement in the years ahead. That it is theologians who wrote this is amazing to me - they do not have the power to relate to their own terms.

It begins with a good principle - that the Bible should be read and understood as it is written. The Bible is the supreme body for explaining how we as Christians should live and relate to what is happening in society and in the churches.

But then this is not followed up when the topic itself is to be discussed and it is subject.

Matt 19
"9 I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife for any reason other than adultery, and marry another, committeth adultery."
10 Then the disciples said to him, "Is it so between man and woman, it is better not to marry." 11 But he said, "This is something not everyone can accept, but only those who are given. 12 For some are eunuchs because they have come so from the womb, others because humans have made them eunuchs, but there are also some who have made themselves like an eunuch for heaven's sake. Let the one who can, take this to himself. ""

What is Jesus saying here? In verse 9, two different words are used which are important in the context but which are not taken into account in the document.

Jesus says that "adultery" provides the basis for revoking a marriage and thus giving it the right to marry again. If this is not the case, the person who remarries will commit "adultery".

Here it is important to go to the basic text where Jesus uses two words that mean completely different things.

In the first part, Jesus speaks of "porneia" (translated with adultery) and then uses a word that is most easily explained by the English word "fornication" which means having had a sexual relationship where neither party is married - neither with each other nor with others. .

Porneia means that two single people have sexual intercourse.

In the latter part of the verse, Jesus uses the word "morcheia" which is best explained by the English word "adultery", which means that at least one of the participants in the sexual intercourse is married, but with someone else.

This must be understood in the light of the Jewish tradition in which a woman was to be a virgin by the marriage and where the husband had the right to have the marriage annulled if the marriage night showed that the woman was not a virgin. He then had the right to go to the leaders of the area, present evidence that she was not a virgin and the marriage pact would then be considered as canceled.

The cancellation meant that it was seen that there had never been an marriage since this was entered into on erroneous premises and thus they both were free to marry others.

It will then mean in our day that if one differs for some reason other than that "fornication" has been committed, all new marriages will enter into meaning that both those who enter into marriage live in sin and thus cannot inherit The Kingdom of God.

Jesus is also in this in Mark 10
"10 When they came home again, the disciples asked him about this. 11 He said to them," Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against the first. 12 And if a woman divorces from her husband and marries another, she breaks the marriage. ""

This must therefore be the starting point for any theological interpretation of this topic.
(quote end.)

Atle Mork Bednarz, you write:
This is a document that will create much trouble for the Pentecostal movement in the years ahead. That it is theologians who wrote this is amazing to me - they do not have the power to relate to their own terms.
(quote end.)

Final Comment:

I've already written an article, this article is the other.
What amazes me is how shallow PB is in relation to this question.
In fact, through the ward 2000-year history, the doctrine of a homogeneous marriage has been extinct. That one doesn't mention this shows just how far out there is to drive. Even the story is not correct.
Can one expect then that the teachings are right? Here it is simply unbiblical doctrine, it is seductive spirits and the doctrines of demons that are based here.

torsdag 27. juni 2019

No. 1440: Cohabitation ethics - A document prepared by Theological Reflection Group in the Pentecostal movement, is unfortunately a mighty work and dangerous seductive when it opens up for remarriage before one spouse is dead!

No. 1440:
Cohabitation ethics - A document prepared by Theological Reflection Group in the Pentecostal movement, is unfortunately a mighty work and dangerous seductive when it opens up for remarriage before one spouse is dead!

Picture of the Pentecostal Movement three great spirit chiefs at the beginning of the Pentecostal revival.
Pastor A. Endersen from Denmark, Copenhagen. Pastor T. B. Barratt from England / Norway, Oslo and Pastor Levi Pethrus from Sweden Stockholm

(Here is also the link: http: //pinsebevegelsen.no /.../ Cohabitation ethics% 20 ...)

There are several things in this document that are bad.
The worst is undoubtedly the words Pastor T. B. Barratt. This is pure and delicate story fake, nothing else.

They write for example. this and then they cite Barratt.

This sight is also lifted by Barratt. In the book Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage, he writes:
If one marries another woman or husband, when the spouse does not commit adultery, then one is guilty of adultery (forced divorce except). But if the wife or husband has committed adultery, and then one goes and marries, one does not commit adultery! For the good reason that the first marriage is dissolved
(Quote end.)

This is a Barratt quote. But this was not the Pentecostal proclamation in 1932 and around there when Barratt wrote that book.
He laid it before the elders council in Philadelphia, Oslo, and it was voted down.
In other words, they refused Barratt both to give it out and stand behind that preaching as they saw this as unbiblical teaching.
It was released well 25 years ago or around in consultation with his family, but then this "apostasy" message "fit".

Furthermore, they do not realize that marriage is an example of the church and Christ. If we are unfaithful and fail, does Christ fail? Never!

In other words, as "everlasting" as the relationship between Christ and the church is, the relationship between man and woman is when they are married.
Only death alone can separate them, nothing else.

Back to the storylessness - it's bad when they've been together for 5 years as they write and haven't settled into history.

In short, remarriage among believers was in fact completely excluded by the church almost 2000 years of history. Before the Reformation, the humanist Erasmus from Rotterdam presented this in the 16th century.
Read it yourself here and in Øyvind Kleiveland's answer.

Here are some excerpts from there, and the articles you can read are here:



Here is Brother Øyvind Kleiveland's writing which is reproduced with permission and obtained from ToSko's Facebook page.



The Pentecostal Theological Reflection Group came yesterday with its conclusion on marriage, divorce and remarriage. And that's sad reading.

In the early part of the text, the group claims that "the innocent party must decide whether the marriage should be terminated or whether there is hope for restoration". Not even throughout the document is mentioned that the thesis of the "innocent" party did not appear before Erasmus from Rotterdam presented this in the 16th century. The Bible has no references to "the innocent party" and the command of God's Word is that everyone should honor the marriage, which one does not get the feeling that the reflection group does in this conclusion, which has taken them more than five years to produce.

With statements like "Maybe we should have a greater focus on how to preserve the marriage than to debate for and against divorce and remarriage?"
 "," There are no biblical texts that give unambiguous answers to the problem raised here
 "And" No one will argue that the path to restoration of family life will happen if we forbid divorce and remarriage
 "Shows that the reflection group has probably lost all relevance. When they move into thoughts like "should we have an alternative marriage ritual for those who are remarried?"
 "So you realize that this fight they do not intend to address, at all.

Who's been talking about banning anything? People do what they want, anyway. What is important is to make God's command, to honor the marriage, only between a man and a woman who has never been married before, as the only approved cohabitation between humans. This must be done in speeches, conversations, book form, by articles by all preachers, priests, pastors, and rulers in our country. It is the only way we can make the Lord's will happen, on earth as in heaven.

Everything else is not in line with God's word, no matter how much the Pentecostal movement claims there are cases where marriage will not be "practical"
 ”And asks the question“ how long do you have to wait before you get married again?
 "And claim that it is possible to" wait too long
 "To get married again.

The book is referred to several times as T.B. Barratt wrote about marriage, divorce and remarriage, which was never released, when the elders council in Philadelphia did not allow Barratt to release this, when it fought against the word of God. The book was first published several decades after his death.

What appears to be a total lack of knowledge about the relationship between Mary and Joseph, as betrothed Jews who had not yet undergone the second feast of the betrayal phase (Nisuin), is almost comical to read about. Jews were allowed to give their betrothed wife (still not married) a divorce letter, in the betrayal phase, if evidence of adultery had been found. This is not the case in John 8, where the woman was caught in adultery after Nisuin was executed. We read that punishment was stoning, not divorce.

We also see this in Pauli's letter to the Corinthian congregation, where he writes to those who are "redeemed from a wife," in other words, Jews who had taken out divorce in the betrayal phase, just as Joseph considered doing to Mary. If Mary had been unfaithful in the faith phase, as the Jew Joseph believed, he would be able to marry another, and that would not be a sin. Now we know that Mary was pregnant with the Holy Ghost, and that Joseph actually married Mary (took her home to him), but this lack of knowledge of the reflection group is grave. In the English Standard Version Bible, we see that they actually include the words betrothed, in order to bring out the meaning that this permission applied to Jews who had divorced in the betrothal phase, not western divorces, where one did not have a betrothal phase which for the Jews was extremely important.

Now concerning the betrothed
 , I have no command from the Lord, but I give my judgment as one who by the Lord's mercy is trustworthy. I think that in view of the present distress it is good for a person to remain as he is. Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be free. Are you free from a wife? Do not seek a wife. But if you do not marry, and if you have a marrying woman, she has no idea.
 1. Cor

The most serious thing about this reading is that the marriage is basically regarded as a contract, which - under the "right" circumstances - can set aside. You get no understanding that holiness, honor, and a bond are only separated by death.

Finally: Jesus' own words that as long as one is on this earth, one is not right on a new wife, seems to be completely away from the Pentecostal Theological Reflection Group:

Then Jesus answered and said, "Verily I say unto you, There is none that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or fields, for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, which shall not return a hundredfold now in this. time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and fields, along with persecutions, and in the time to come, eternal life. But many who are the first will be the last, and the last ones the first. "
 Mark 10: 29-31

Here we see that Jesus says that even if you were to have the choice of following Jesus or leaving everything you have for his sake and the gospel, you are not right on a new wife. And this is not so weird, since God has already told us that it is only death that separates a man and a wife who have not been married before?

As I said, do not be seduced by the secular currents that have crept into the Pentecostal Movement, and which the Theological Reflection Group promotes in its document!

Øyvind Kleiveland