torsdag 25. mars 2021

No. 1554: The state and municipal administration, can and do what they want, as they will never be held accountable for their misdeeds?!?!

 No. 1554:
The state and municipal administration, can and do what they want, as they will never be held accountable for their misdeeds?!?!

The treatment we have received from PBE is reminiscent of North Korea and the way they work there.
When the state has decided something, so be it. Ille!
The illustration of North Korean leader and dictator Kim Jong-un, which unfortunately PBE reminds me of.

Not with violence, you do not need it in Norway.
There one can use the state power apparatus that works in the same way.
One does not have a chance to get out of the state and municipal decisions until one has complied with them.
Now they have been stopped until now by i.a. The bailiff who found out that the cases against us were obsolete, thank God for the bailiff here in Oslo City, hallelujah!

There are many principles that are important to live by, one of the most important legal principles and otherwise between us humans.
It is that a so-called punishment must be in accordance with the bread one has made.

Here, the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo is the worst in not following this principle.
This is both a legal principle, and which is absolutely crucial between us humans.

At the same time, both in this our case and in many other cases where the public sector is in the picture, something we forget.
It is when the public sector makes mistakes, even as in our case, that hatred and injustice prevail.
These implications never have any consequences, this is alarming and a legal principle that is completely overlooked.

In the private business world and as a private person, you must be responsible for everything you say and do. This is basically right and good.

Here, the public has almost stepped on us, continues to step and I know nothing about how this case ends.
Then everyone knows that none of these evil and hateful people will ever be held accountable for any of what they have done to us, so we can not have it in a state governed by the rule of law! Then it is no longer a rule of law, but more a dictatorship where someone goes free anyway. While others are punished for conditions that are true or false.
It's like playing the lottery, the outcome is uncertain.
But God also sees the matter here!

Now we will never under any circumstances conform to what PBE does to us by negative decisions and orders.

It is completely unreasonable and unfair that we should have to tear down the shed, stairs and wall when everything we have built we have been guided by PBE with, it is contradictory.

And that there is only minimal and insignificant dispensation we need.
What we have built is only for the benefit of all and it has raised our property considerably.
All criteria for dispensation are our case for miles within!

The only thing in this case that is not right, is how the Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo has proceeded.
But in other words, it is PBE crime that is the problem here.
Their degrading behavior and the discrimination against us.
Not what we have done, but how PBE moves forward, nothing else.

The principle of proportionality (also called the principle of proportionality) means that a requirement can be made for proportionality between goal and means, or crime and punishment. The principle of proportionality is a fundamental legal principle and it is expressed in many areas of law.

When e.g. we ask why we have to tear down the wall when it is located ½ meters further inside our property than our previously approved slope, we do not get an answer. +++ dozens of other questions.

Saying that we have received answers to questions is not true as they now claim in the email.

We were promised follow-up after the only meeting we have had with PBE, this has not been held at all. A meeting is then nothing but a beginning !!!
How many examples do we have to give ??????????

It is like speaking for deaf (criminal) ears, and here all bodies defend themselves against each other (camaraderie) and run a mafia business against us that has zero municipal and state administration.
Everything is an abuse, this is an abuse of power and authority.

We are treated as if we have built in the beach zone - illegal.

What we have built is for the benefit of all, and then they should have been granted a dispensation.
Everything should have been approved several years ago, already in 2016 when we applied in a formal way, if not before also when we have only followed Kaja Aubert Lange's instructions.

And that we have built on an old residential area where there are a thousand things that PBE should and should have fixed before they attack us who have built something that upgrades our property, and is only positive and useful for the whole area!

We are only a married couple who have upgraded our own property, which is not at all to the detriment of a person in the city of Oslo or will seem offensive.

Just to abuse some paragraphs against us, what is the point of PBE madness and unfair behavior?
We do not understand any of that, and you do not answer our arguments at all.

Not even why when our fill is now better taken care of than it was before we built the wall, and a thousand other arguments that are in our favor.
But the only thing that is to our backside is that the wall as it is now, then it breaks with a paragraph. But we can dto chop off the wall a few cm, but then it is too high supposedly. How do you meet such people?

Even in North Korea, they do not do as they do in Oslo City, tragic and depressing!

This is a way forward, which makes no sense!
We will never conform to PBE's insane, totally meaningless and unfair demands on us. To participate in this, PBE should apply for a job in North Korea or another totalitarian government!
We are truly offended. Everything we have built is on our own property.
Comparing than our property with others, and how it was before.
That we are then not allowed to keep the wall, stairs and storage room is unreasonable and meaningless.
The illegalities are the responsibility of PBE, here it is a municipal assault against us for really trivial matters.
What PBE is doing makes no sense, absolutely no sense.

It is a state / municipal guardianship that is nothing but insult as they so correctly write!
Our wall is 1 meter from the road, our filling mass / slope was ½ meters from the road. Then to claim that our wall is illegal etc. is nothing but a municipal tyranny!
It's so pointless, sad and insane the way PBE goes about it!
Not so easy when everyone takes on our case with firecrackers, no one will stand up for the injustice we experience!
Here, PBE has guided us, and then they turn to us, for nothing?
They play a game where they rule and split, they play almost for fun!
They will now give us fines totaling ½ Million for matters that have no significance to anyone.
Except that they have managed to find a few cm wrong.
The whole thing is tragicomic!


When Paal Løvaas for Completion Certificate Byggesak A / S applied for us, he wrote the following:

After an overall assessment, in our opinion the advantages of granting a dispensation outweigh the disadvantages.
The considerations behind the provision and purpose in the plan are not significantly disregarded.
Exemption can be granted.
The developer wonders why residents in the immediate area should have been granted a dispensation for a listed shed (case 201316839 - Stormyrveien 9C). Whether there are major differences in that case and the present case, we are a little uncertain, but we note at least that there is also talk here
about an illegally erected shed and that in the case% BYA was informed up to 60%. We also register that the plot is covered by another regulation, without us being sure how it affects the assessment criteria. We also assume that PBE has an overview of the fact that no corresponding dispensations have been granted with regard to % BYA for similar measures in the scope of the Small House Plan.
(Quote end.)

It probably tells everything when e.g. neighbor in Stormyrveien has been granted dispensation in several rounds.
The applications you are similar to something you do one early morning around the table and write a few sentences and attach a picture and two.
While we have had professional applicants who have designed it all as an architect ore.
They have used the plot 57 times more than us.
PBE appears to be outright criminal and gets away with it?
Never l life if we give in to a criminal agency !!!!!!!!!!!

The administration in Norway is probably very special.
Impossible to reach in Norway, mostly.
All public bodies protect and protect each other.
It's hopeless!

And afterwards, when one complains, he defends himself by saying that he and that body upheld his and that administration's decision.
It is really evil put into the system.
Sad, going to court like we did is hopeless.
Go to politicians and they will have more than enough to defend our new compatriots and other things such as having more than enough of other issues that are more helpless than us.
No, this is difficult!

The only thing that always helps is to go to God and Jesus, where there is help, healing and strength to get 24 tins a day and 7 days a week.
Every month. and throughout the year and throughout life.
Yes. Eternity long!

onsdag 27. januar 2021

No. 1553: 40 years since I was saved - January 25, 1981!

No. 1553:
40 years since I was saved - January 25, 1981!

It was Øystein Østerhus and Raymann Karlsen who spoke that Sunday night 40 years ago when I came to faith, believe in Jesus as the one who died for my sins and stood up for my justification!

Room. 10 5 For Moses writes of the righteousness of the law: The man that doeth these things shall live by them; 6 but the righteousness of faith says, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven, that is, to bring Christ down? 7 or: Who shall descend into the abyss - that is, to raise up Christ from the dead -? 8 But what does it say? The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart; it is the word of faith, which we preach, 9 For if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 12 There is no difference between Jew and Greek; they all have the same Lord, who is rich enough for all who call on him; 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

We are writing January 25, 2021. There are 40 years between those dates.
Because something big happened, but a huge upheaval for my life 40 years ago.

What really happened?

I have really always believed in God and Jesus. Even though my parents were not professing Christians, I had gained so much through friends, school and confirmation that God and Jesus were a form of self-evident in life.

But I know that I did not live as a true Christian or be born again as Jesus said to Nicodemus.

Joh. e. 3. 3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

But it was a football and classmate who also came from quite a similar background as me.
He laid out the way of salvation for me, just as Philip did for the Ethiopian official.

Ap.gj. 8. 26 And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza. This road is deserted. 27 And he arose, and went thither; and behold, there was an Ethiopian, a courtier, a high official at Kandake, the queen of the Ethiopians, one who was over her treasures; he had come to Jerusalem to worship, 28 and now he was on his way home, sitting on his chariot and reading the prophet Isaiah. 29 And the Spirit said unto Philip, Get thee hence unto this chariot, and draw nigh unto it; 30 And Philip ran, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Knowest thou what thou readest? 31 He said, "How can I, without being guided by anyone?" And he bade Philip go up, and sit with him. 32 But the scripture which he read was this: Like a sheep he was carried away to be slaughtered, and like a lamb dumb before the shearer, so he does not open his mouth; 33 In his humiliation the judgment was taken away from him, and who can tell of his seed? for his life is taken away from the earth. 34 And the eunuch answered and said unto Philip, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? about himself or about someone else? 35 Then Philip opened his mouth, and went out of this scripture, and preached unto him the gospel of Jesus. 36 And as they journeyed by the way, they came unto a place where there was water; and the eunuch said, Behold, here is water; what prevents me from being baptized? 37 And Philip said, If thou believe with all thine heart, then shall it be. But he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 38 And he commanded the chariot to be held: and both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and baptized him. 39 And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Philip, and the eunuch saw him no more. for he went his way with joy. 40 But Philip was found in Ashdod, and he went about preaching the gospel in all the cities until he came to Caesarea.

After this my friend and comrade had laid out the way of salvation, I had then come under a new dimension in my life.
I knew then that believing was not enough, but I had to make a choice to be saved and become a Christian.

Then I joined meetings at Ebenezer in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy where I grew up and then lived in my youth with my parents and sister.

This was in the free friends, but the day I was saved. Then there were joint meetings and the main speakers were Raymon Karlsen and the late Øystein Østerhus.

Actually, my salvation had little to do with these, but of course they also had their significance. But it was above all my classmate and football players who testified for me. Who had the most to say, when he explained to me what being saved meant and laid out the way of salvation for me.

I was then really a ripe fruit, which was picked.

Includes an article I wrote about this here:

Includes a song that has meant a lot to me, and which is almost like a personal testimony.

It is said of this Ethiopian official that after he was saved and baptized, "he went his way with joy."
It's actually the same thing I can say, and millions of others.
We were happy!
Not that we were not happy before, but the gospel creates true joy over everything where it comes in.
There is nothing better and greater than the gospel in this world!

torsdag 14. januar 2021

No. 1552: Strong coverage in Haugesunds Avis about Unibus' bullying of me!

No. 1552:

Strong coverage in Haugesunds Avis about Unibus' bullying of me!

Of course, the very best thing was that the liar Per Christian Bing and the arrogant and blackened Lawyer Johannes Straume had been able and gone in themselves, and pulled the dismissal against me!
But it is not easy for some who live in a narcissistic world where they themselves can lie, scold and otherwise do most things.
But when they get to know a little about their own "medicine", they are so hurt!
I have zero respect for such types of people as this, but it is then allowed to hope that they can also realize their own guilt !?

Here is the article: a-mote-oss-i-en-rettssak / s / 5-62-1125930

Received an offer to end the day, with full pay, after inflamed conflict: - Shows that they are afraid to meet us in a lawsuit


Bus driver Jan Kåre Christensen played woeship at work. Now Unibuss has fired him.

The heated conflict between the bus driver Jan Kåre Christensen from Skudeneshavn and the employer Unibuss in Oslo did not come to a solution when the parties met for a negotiation meeting. The case appears to be against an employment law case.

The 56-year-old bus driver, who is originally from Skudeneshavn, has been fired from his job for what he believes is an unreasonable reason: because he plays Christian radio on the bus.

Unibuss denies this, referring to several customer complaints and that Christensen has played at too high a volume repeatedly.

Jan Kåre Christensen refers to a protocol they have written from the meeting where it appears he was offered to end the day with full pay until the notice period until 1 May.

"Unibuss offered Christiansen to be exempted from the obligation to work during the notice period, with full pay and the opportunity to take other work if he managed to obtain this. The offer is valid until 18.01.21. » it is stated in the protocol that Christensen has forwarded to Avisa Oslo (AO).

Bets on employment law case

- I think it is an unreasonable dismissal and that I have just done my job. I do not imagine that there is no good offer, says Jan Kåre Christensen.

- What do you do?

- I reckon that I will then focus on keeping the job and take an employment law case.

The offer is valid until January 18, but Christensen continues: "I can never imagine that it will be something good for me."

Common practice

Christensen's lawyer Josefine Wærstad, from whom he receives assistance through his membership in the Professional Traffic Association, says that the client has received an offer he must decide on, but points out that it is demanding to make an assessment of the offer itself.

She describes that similar offers are legal and common practice in working life.

- It is not unusual and there can be many different reasons why a company chooses to make an offer, says lawyer Wærstad.

- What does it tell you that you get such an offer, Christensen?

- It shows that they are afraid to meet us in a trial. I interpret it that way.

- This is a personnel matter, and we do not want to comment on what has been said in internal meetings between the parties, or the details of the offer. We think this is first and foremost a sad case, and we hope we can agree on a solution soon, answers Unibuss' communications manager Emilie Mejlænder.
- Performs poorly

- I think that the Unibuss management behaves in a very bad way towards me and tries to put me in a bad light, Christensen says.

- How do they do it?

- Customers complain about me, they say. But then it turns out that they have had an instructor out on the bus who indirectly says that my version is correct in that I do not play loud, but they try to keep it hidden.

He points out that an instructor report - a kind of random sample - written about his driving by an inspector from Unibuss on 31 August last year. Christensen says that he has fought for a long time to get this report out, which he is now passing on to AO.

About the radio play it says:

"He listens to the radio, sometimes there is singing and sometimes some talking, but I who was sitting right behind the barrier could hardly understand what was being said on the radio."

- I think it builds on Christensen's explanation that he is listening to the right volume. It supports his version, says his lawyer, Josefine Wærstad.

The bus driver claims that this report was withheld when the case was considered by the Discrimination Tribunal. There, Unibuss won unanimously, something they have also pointed out before.

Unibuss has not answered AO's questions about why they should have withheld this information, as Christensen claims.
Requests fact check of complaint

Christensen and his lawyer have now asked Unibuss to check more in the actual circumstances surrounding the latest complaint against the bus driver that came this autumn. It was he who triggered the process that led to the dismissal.

- We asked if it has been checked and if they have talked to that witness, for example where she was sitting in the bus. No fact check has been made on that complaint. We have requested that they contact the witness and get confirmation thathe has listened to the volume that they had agreed on earlier, says lawyer Wærstad.

- When you complain about public transport in Oslo, the complaints go directly to Ruter. If you want more information about how customer complaints are processed or "checked", I would recommend contacting them, says communications manager Emilie Mejlænder in Unibuss.

She has not answered follow-up questions about whether Unibuss should check up on the complaint more, given the conflict they are in.

The bus company also wants to point out:

- We reject that we "try to put him in a bad light", as you write. Nevertheless, we have had to correct some direct errors that have been quoted in the media. An example is the claim that the case is about religion, and that is wrong. The case is about the sound level on the radio during bus driving. Driving a bus is a service profession and we must of course take the complaints seriously.

But it is strange that they will not comment on the report from the instructor that they have tried to keep hidden. Talk about being liars, thugs and deceivers!

torsdag 31. desember 2020

No. 1551: New information sent to the Discrimination Tribunal regarding Unibuss!

No. 1551:
New information sent to the Discrimination Tribunal regarding Unibuss!

Inibus instructor Abdullah Kayabasi writes:
"He listens to the radio, sometimes there is singing and sometimes some talking but I who was sitting right behind the bar could hardly understand what was being said on the radio."
Nothing about loud noise at all.

Discrimination Tribunal case 20/420 and 20/42

Oslo 31 / 12.2020

Unibuss and Per Christian Bing have led you behind the light and the verdict against me is thus false.
Unibuss are obviously corrupt.

I repeatedly asked to get an instructor on the bus to verify these fake customer complaints.
This was overlooked and they would not do I was told.

Then it shows in retrospect that they have had an instructor on the bus who writes clearly that I do not play loud on the radio.
He's not even able to listen to what I'm playing.

The lies of Unibuss have been revealed.
This is to keep away essential and crucial information.

Date: 31.08.2020
Instructor: Abdullah Kayabasi Salary No: 29383
Name: Christensen Jan Kåre
Bus no .: 3062
Wagon race: 3712
Type of follow-up: Random
Driving style: 4 - Satisfactory
Comment driving style:
Uniform: Good
Comment uniform:
Service: Good
Comment service:
Cleaning in the bus: Good
Comment cleaning:
Precise departure: Yes

Notes from instructor:
He listens to the radio, sometimes there is singing and sometimes some talking but I who was sitting right behind the bar could hardly understand what was being said on the radio.
Feedback leads:

Here it is clear, he can not even perceive what I play.
You are corrupt if you do nothing about the judgment, as it is false!

This follow-up was 31 August, just before the board meeting which was 17 September 2020.

That this has been withheld, or omitted and taken out even though I have requested it. And this was a fact that they had had an instructor, can be equated with false and incorrect explanation!

The verdict against me is then invalid, and Unibuss is corrupt and everyone who agrees and defends them!

Jan Kåre Christensen
Krokstien 2 c
0672 Oslo

fredag 25. desember 2020

No. 1550: Satan is our real enemy and adversary - not those who perform evil deeds, they are only an instrument in the Evil One's fight against good, us and God!

No. 1550:
Satan is our real enemy and adversary - not those who perform evil deeds, they are only an instrument in the Evil One's fight against good, us and God!

Norway's national coat of arms, and the shield in Norway's royal coat of arms, is on a red background an upright, crowned lion of gold, which in the front paws carries a gold-jawed ax of silver. former.
Having met the authorities in various contexts, it is with a certain mixed feeling. If I look at the national coat of arms with the lion, I think that I also see a predator that is inside the system.
Why not a lamb, cat or a pet?
Yes, there is probably also a certain part of the predator nature behind it all.
In any case, we see a duality, as discussed i.a. and the prophet Daniel.
As I write about a little further down in the article.



Room. 16. 17 But I beseech you, brethren, to watch over them which cause disobedience and offenses against the doctrine which ye have learned, and depart from them; 18 For these do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but his own belly, and by his sweet speech and his beautiful words the hearts of the simple fool. 19 For the word of your obedience has come to all; therefore I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise to the good and pure to the evil. 20 But the God of peace will hasten to crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

As a believer, struggle is not uncommon, at least it should not be.
Job says:

Job 7. 1. Is not a man's life on earth a service of war, and his days as the days of a laborer?

Is not a person's life on earth a service of war?
This is the truth and reality of the one who walks with the Lord.

We as Christians experience a whole different and much more violent struggle on all levels in our lives than the children of the world who are, by and large, on the verge of perdition.
Jesus himself says the following.

Matt. 7. 13 Enter through the narrow gate! for the gate is wide, and the way that leads to perdition is wide, and many enter through it; 14 For the gate is narrow, and the way is narrow leading to life, and few find it.

Here we see what Jesus himself said, that there are two paths that we humans follow.
The "easy" path we all follow from birth. It is the way that does not lead, which Jesus calls the broad way.
Then we have the other way, the one that leads. As Jesus refers to as the narrow way. Jesus also uses the word gate to cross or narrow the narrow road. When it comes to the wide road, there is a road that one does not really need to do anything to be on.
Why? For that path we are all on from birth, but we must then leave this path to enter the path that leads to Jesus, heaven, the 1000 year kingdom and the new Jerusalem.

When we read in the basic text, it becomes much clearer that the narrow road is not really the narrow road, but the road.
While the wide road is the road that leads to destruction and annihilation!

We encounter this with the road, something as the first were called if they belonged to the road.

Ap.gj. 9. 1. But Saul was yet making a tumult and of murders against the disciples of the Lord: and he went to the high priest 2 and asked him for letters to Damascus, to the synagogues there, that he might find men who belonged to God, both men and women, he could then lead them bound to Jerusalem.

Notice what is written: "For if he found anyone who belonged to God, both men and women, he could bring them bound to Jerusalem."

Those who belonged to the road, which is like a parallel to what Jesus says about us Christians, that we walk on the road or the road that leads forward. The only way that leads, as the "other" way leads only to destruction and annihilation!

In the basic text it is clearer that those who were on the road.
In other words, one had to make an effort to both get on that road and be on that road.
"Fell" one down or did not come up the road, which was one not on the right path that led and leads forward.

In other words, there are two ways. A path that does not lead, but that leads to destruction and annihilation!
While the other is the very good and right path, which will ultimately make you reach the goal of our journey as humans on this earth.

It is clear and obvious that those who are on this path will be under attack.
Not least from the spirit army which aims that no one should and must travel on this road.

It is obvious that the enemy - Satan - and his spirit army will do everything he can for us who are on the road. Neither should we influence those who are on the "wrong" path, and we ourselves should get away from the "right" path.
The path that leads to life as Jesus himself said.

The Kingdom of God - The kingdom of Satan is two greatest opposites!

From My Bible Commentaries Colossians 1:13 For he has delivered us out of the power of darkness, and brought us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.

Once upon a time, we too were children of darkness and lived like them. We did not know better, at least dmost of us. But now we have been set free, and there has been a colossal upheaval, we are now placed in the beloved kingdom of the Son of God. What characterizes that kingdom is the opposite of the kingdom we were in before. Before darkness, now light. Before hate, now love. Before looseness, now the responsibility to follow Jesus and the word of God. Before anything is allowed, now we live under God's will and bound to Christ and God's word. Everything has become new, therefore we must live accordingly or it will be worse off with us than those who have never experienced this.
(end of quote.)

There are two kingdoms fighting against each other, where the kingdom of God is the strongest and the perfect.
But in this world it is not always so, as not all things are yet subject to the kingdom and dominion of God and Christ.

From my Bible commentaries Hebrews 2. 8 everything you have put under his feet. When it says: "put everything under him", then nothing is except; everything was to be subject to him. We still do not see that everything is under him.

But with Jesus, God the Father "bet" everything on him. Should there be salvation, redemption and we humans could have to do with God. Was everything related to whether Jesus passed the test and the Father would acknowledge it!

9 But we see that Jesus, who for a short time was lower than the angels, is crowned with glory and honor, because he suffered death. Thus, by the grace of God, he should taste death for all.

Jesus persevered as a human being and completed his work. But it was in the most bitter way. He was not spared anything, even death embraced him.

10 For God, who is the cause and origin of all things, would bring many children to glory. Then he had to let the leader who leads them to salvation reach perfection through suffering for the Son of God.

This is such a great paradox that we must take eternity for help to understand and get to the bottom of this. That God himself could allow and acknowledge that salvation had to and should go through humiliation, suffering and death.
(end of quote.)

Scripture also says the following that I want to include.

2 Cor. 4. 3 If then our gospel is hid, then it is hidden among those who perish; them.

Scripture says that the God of this world is none other than Satan!

We also read in Hebrews the following:
"Put everything under him," then nothing is excepted; everything was to be subject to him. We still do not see that everything is under him.

Jesus has all the power and authority of the scriptures, we read this, among other things. here.

Matt, 28. 18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

We all live in this zone of conflict, but first and foremost we believers are the object of this struggle as we are on the "wrong" side in relation to him who has temporary power on this earth; Satan, the Evil Serpent who seduced Adam and Eve and the entire human race!

Now there is a lot to say about this. But deep down, there are two opposites fighting. It is God and Satan, it is the dominion of Jesus Christ or the God of the world, Satan's dominion!

When e.g. people go against the word of God and believing people, then it is more or less affected by the negative forces!
When we as believers and we humans do things according to God's word and God's will, the scripture says that we partake of God's Spirit and really God himself!

Ap.gj. 5. 32 And we are his witnesses of these things, likewise the Holy Ghost, whom God gave unto them that obey him.

When we obey God, we partake of the Spirit of God and the Divine nature.
When we obey Satan, we share in the Spirit of this world and that which breaks down!

Scripture says of those who have not turned to the Lord and been saved the following:

Eph. 2. 2 in whom ye walked after the course of this world, after the prince of the powers of the air, the spirit which now worketh in the children of unbelief; 3 among whom also we all in the past walked in the lusts of our flesh, and we were by nature children of wrath like the others.

Closing comment:

In Daniel we see the kingdoms of the world in two ways. A way that people perceive, and a way that lies behind them of spiritual dimensions.
We read in Daniel 2 and in Daniel 7 where in Daniel 2 we get to see the outside world.
Then as a picture support, which has various alloys and metals that are and look like something very nice, beautiful and large.
But in Daniel 7 we meet the same world kingdoms as predators, and then it is the predator nature that is prominent, where there is also a form of complex predator nature that is described to illustrate these world kingdoms.
Now we will not go into this here, because it will be too extensive, but we see the difference.
What is clear in the word of God is that the one who is behind it all is none other than the old Serpent, Satan himself!

I have been and am also in battle. Who is behind these fights?

It is very easy for a believer to know, it is not God but Satan.
It may seem so "innocent", but when all the cases against me are built on lies and fabfalse lies and false accusations. Then we know with a good "safety margin" that it is Satan.

Joh.e. 8. 44 You have the devil as your father, and you will do the will of your father; he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth; for truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of lies.

We as believers know where evil and lies come from, Satan.
We as believers know where the good and the truth come and go, God!
Therefore, it is important to be informed and ready for this battle, it is part of our spiritual armor that Ephesians 6 speaks of.
See my Bible commentaries on Ephesians.

torsdag 24. desember 2020

No. 1549: In all probability, there will be a labor lawsuit between me and Unibuss!

No. 1549:
In all probability, there will be a labor lawsuit between me and Unibuss!

This is logical thinking and most realistic, right?

At first I was a little unsure what to go for after I was fired or fired on November 20th.
What I was thinking about were several things, but after talking to several and considering what is right and best.
Then I came to the conclusion that as I see it, the whole resignation is a prank from beginning to end.
We will have a negotiation meeting on January 11 with me and my Lawyer Josefine Wærstad from YTF.
Where Unibuss has allied itself with the arrogant and foolish lawyer Johannes Straume and boss bully Per Christian Bing from Unibuss.

The whole case is such that the dismissal is unfounded and foolish

I consider Unibuss to be bullies, harassment and persecution and discrimination!

Then we'll see where we end up and what the court says!

Unibuss has his views, and I mine. But what they are referring to is in their stomach the reason for the dismissal went on service charges they are referring to.

These my lawyer Josefine Wærstad has met very clearly, consistently and well.

"The reason for the dismissal is that Christensen, despite several service charges, has not complied. Kristensen's response to complaints, and attempts at corrective action, show that he does not want to change behavior or also adapt to ordinary rules of the game in working life. "

There is a reference to service charges, it shows that Unibuss has engaged in bullying, harassment and persecution.

These service charges state, among other things: car washing as a problem. When I stand and wash the car with others, and this is embedded in the service indictment.
Then this is personal persecution!
It just shows that Unibuss is the worst thing in working life.
When it says that the following: "shows that he does not want to change behavior or also adapt to ordinary rules of the game in working life."

Then this is a perfect description of the inferior management in Unibuss that creates a dysfunctional and destructive work environment!

I am looking forward, and I just hope that various agencies wake up to the in many ways criminal and degrading bus company Unibuss that one gets shaken up and removed many in the management and make other positive and good changes!

We finally show that Unibuss, with various instructors, has been on the bus with me and only given me positive and good feedback.
This only shows that it is only to look forward to a possible lawsuit against Unibuss!
My Lawyer Josefine Wærstad surpasses Unibuss' prank on Lawyer a thousand times.
Only Johannes Straume is interested in, and he is also bad at it.
It is to blacken others.

Given that we receive fair treatment, we will not be subjected to a murder as we were in the Discrimination Tribunal.

See here for feedback where I only get praise, and no one has anything to comment on when it comes to my radio play.
The fact that I play so-called loud radio is nothing but a lie!

The truth of the matter is that I drive a bus and do my job masterfully.
While the management with Abdullah Hatay, Andrej Peric, Per Christian Bing all act as one who bullies and engages in harassment.

If they had been interested and done their job!

Then they would have done everything differently. Not least verified these lies from some who claim that I play high Christian radio and have either confirmed or denied this.
If I had then played loud something I have never done.
Then they had asked me to mute the sound and see if I did this.
The whole case against me is nothing but fabricated lies!



fredag 18. desember 2020

No. 1548: Finally - after 1 month. came Unibuss by Advokat Johannes Straume with the reasons for the dismissal, this was really just nonsense, nonsense and slander!

No. 1548:
Finally - after 1 month. came Unibuss by Advokat Johannes Straume with the reasons for the dismissal, this was really just nonsense, nonsense and slander!

Here's what's the real reason I've listened to Christian radio programs on the radio.

The whole thing is a form of blurring and lying that Lawyer Johannes Straume comes up with as an "answer!"

Here is the justification and answer from Lawyer Johannes Straume:

"The reason for the dismissal is that Christensen, despite several service charges, has not complied. Kristensen's response to complaints, and attempts at corrective action, show that he does not want to change behavior or also adapt to ordinary rules of the game in working life. "

We are facing an aggravation in working life that will not come up with answers why they fired me. This is really just nonsense, nonsense!

I wrote this letter to Attorney in response to this alleged response.

Hi again Josefine!

Think you have to answer this, because I did not break any internal rules or anything else.
This answer makes no sense, has no substance, it is blurring!

At the meeting we had, it only went on radio use. And allegations of high radio play.

They write:

"The reason for the dismissal is that Christensen, despite several service charges, has not complied. Kristensen's response to complaints, and attempts at corrective action, show that he does not want to change behavior or also adapt to ordinary rules of the game in working life. "

What have I not adapted to?

What response have I given that is not right?

I have acknowledged that discussion / conversation is usually worse.
Therefore, I will either turn off or switch to another channel if any passengers complain that I listen to Christian radio programs.

As I see it, I should have been defended. But okay, it's not hard for me here to join.
Not interested in standing up for my rights, but being solution oriented.

What corrections do I not align myself with?

What rules of the game do I not conform to?

This was no reason!

Svada! No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.

I can then not change when no instructors and others get on the bus and guide me more than the one time Andreja Peric was with me.
It is Unibuss who does not do their job, when they do not come out and guide me when I ask for guidance.
I ask about getting corrective and everything else they accuse me of not doing!

I mean they come up with false accusations and fabricate something that is not true.

I have ridden the bus exemplary, that they go to the step of kicking me is of baseless allegations.

I have always complied, when I have received complaints. For example. that I washed the car in the car wash, then I stopped with this. Although others washed the car and received no complaints.
Can not see anything that I have complained about, that I have not adjusted and changed.

The only thing that is difficult is radio play.
Since I have never listened to radio programs with loud sound. That some passengers have complained about loud noise, I can not do anything about it.
I have repeatedly asked to get an instructor to get on the bus, unannounced or unannounced, to possibly adjust me.
When I believe and am sure I do not play radio louder than others.
Should I, against all odds, do so, someone must come and guide me.
The truth is, I have had people on the bus from Unibuss, none of them have once pointed out that I play loud on the radio.
All the accusations that Straume makes, I can not find have any basis and hold in.
They are also, as I said, not concrete and relevant, how to understand Straume's accusations is very difficult.

Hear from you!

Jan Kåre

Here is the termination: