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No. 1563: The Apostle Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, the apostle Jan Hanvold has failed Jesus to fool others and marry again while the first spouse lives!

No. 1563:
The Apostle Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, the apostle Jan Hanvold has failed Jesus to fool others and marry again while the first spouse lives!

Picture of Apostle Jan Hanvold, a false apostle!

Judas was also an apostle, chosen by Jesus. But he failed and deceived Jesus with a kiss. The apostle Jan Hanvold is not chosen by either God or Jesus, but he is nothing but a false apostle who lives in the wake of God's Word!
Jan Hanvold is now after Judas in his own staff, but himself is a Judas who failed Jesus. When he himself is a Judas, it is fair and reasonable to meet other Judas as he is to be a pattern for the others according to God's word!
If NRK has spoken true or not true about Jan Hanvold, it does not matter when Hanvold does not follow Jesus and God's Word himself.
An monkey gets monkeys, a person like Hanvold can not expect anything else than people who are similar to themselves?
He is a pattern and a model, he only gets "small" thumbnails by himself "
Here's an article I wrote about this topic for a time back.

Nr. 512:
Why will not Christian Norway have a discussion and debate Pastor Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway? The truth will always prevail - eventually!

I have tried to initiate a discussion or debate about Pastor Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway, without fail properly. It looks like it is very closed to this, although Jan Hanvold is a glory and happiness prophet living in adultery by the font. What is the reason? Are here to provide some answers and suggestions. Picture that Satan is behind Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold

Jan Hanvold can not be a credible Christian leader when he is re-married as believers.

Certainly he is honest enough to admit that he himself is to blame for this, but God's word speaks clearly about this with marriage, divorce and remarriage, and what we have to keep us as believers. This applies to an assembly manager and director who is a model and pattern of the flock.

It is sad that this serious truth simply neglected and overlooked. As a Christian, all things in our lives could be exposed and may be subject to deliberation and discussion if you do something that is contrary to Scripture. Certainly all make mistakes, but by hearing and accepting advice should we as believers do not make mistakes and it is allowed to repent if we have made mistakes. It is incomprehensible and frightening that we as Christians live like the world, they marry nor are given in marriage, this is also an eschatological sign says John. Revelation. Is it really just begin when we do this, why not talk about this and accept this? Cowardice and falsehood is great!

In the end times there will be many false prophet, there will be difficult times and the believers will not hear the truth, only in fairy tales. Jesus warned against deception as the safest eschatological character. The first thing he said in his end-time speech was that no one should be deceived!

Matt. 24th 3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of your coming and of the end of the world? 4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man lead you astray!

We are all believers shall spend an eternity together, is it not right and proper to start talking together here? We all have the same goal, the same father and the same Saviour? For me, this is not to debate such errant and false prophet who unfortunately getting more and more foothold within its large parts of the Norwegian Christianity as the carnal act.

1) Pastor Jan Hanvold is one of the iniquity of Israel! How could he have been one of the foremost Christian leaders with the most influence?

2 Sam 16:7 And Shimei cursed him, saying, Away, away with you, your bloodhound, you fool!

I am sure of one thing, had the spiritual standard was intact in God's church in Norway Norway had Vision and Pastor Jan Hanvold been heard, "Away with you your coward!".

2) God's Word warns to "defend" people Hanvold living in sin and proclaim the glory of Theology (read heresy). If it sets things upside down.

Isaiah 5 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

It is very serious spiritual significance to in any way endorse the Vision Norway and Hanvold. When we come across the next point.

3) He who does not warn against VN and Pastor Hanvold indirectly defending. But what is far more serious, it is to defend, speak well of, and set up the channel and with Hanvold. Then an accomplice in his perverse and carnal life and realities scripture says. And there are those that allow Hanvold and other pray for them, that I would strongly warn against because then transferred Hanvold spirits at you faster and on a larger scale one you are aware of it.

This is from an article I wrote about being an accomplice: 2 Joh. b 9 He who does not adhere to the teachings of Christ, but goes beyond it, does not have communion with God. Those who adhere to the teachings, he has fellowship with the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, so do not receive him into their home and greet him not to attend. 11 For he who greets him is complicit in his evil deeds. James 3 1 My brothers! Not many of you should become teachers, for you know that we will be much stricter judgment. Luke 17 1 He said to his disciples: "It is inevitable that offenses come, but woe to him through whom they come! 2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck, than that he should offend one of these little ones. 3a Beware! It amazes me how uninformed people of faith are about these things. That we are in a relationship with all other believers whether we want it or not. We are like a body and belong to each other. And when a limb do not live in line with the head - which is Christ - so it rubs off on everyone else. When a limb is obedient, then the consequence is that it also affects the other. This has nothing to do with anything except that we are in direct life connection with each other because we have the same life and the same Spirit. And the same Saviour, Lord and Father. All this binds us together as believers in spite of differences and disagreements. This is a fact and a reality. Those preachers and are a liability to others, this is even stronger. I proclaim that has an extra large responsibility, this also applies to everyone else. When preachers set up in conjunction with other ministers who live in sin or doing blatant heresy, so we become accomplices. Yes, it is so severe in some cases that Jesus said that it had been better received a millstone around his neck and been thrown around the neck and then had just destroyed itself. But here destroys one not only for themselves but also for others. We lead others to perdition, into disability and into the delusion of self to influence and preach to others. It's in the room. 10th 17 that faith comes by hearing. This applies not only religion but also heresy and unbelief are also of hearing, have you thought about that? Or are you one of those who accept everything and not have their own opinions and attitudes? Everything is not of God if it is not in accordance with God's word. It is only that which agrees with the word of God, that we should align ourselves. Everything else should we shun as "plague" that will lead us down from Christ and the simplicity allegiance to him! Here is an explanation of why the priest collar around his neck as figuratively have much going for it: Enno today are priests often painted with the old priest collar. But what was the idea behind this creation under doctor? One of the explanations is that the collar should remind priest millstone. Not the bottom of the mill in the village, but the stone that Jesus spoke about: "Whoever lures to drop one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better lit with getting a millstone hanged about his neck and sunk in the ocean's depths." It would therefore be better to have a millstone around his neck than to cause one who believes in Jesus, on wild roads. So serious is the man to lead a different way than what God says. (End of quote).

4) The ancient Christians never accepted remarriage, we made further progress today, I ask myself?

It is strange that a sudden pile buck everywhere. It was unthinkable that someone who was re-married a Christian, and also to blame for their own divorces. Getting the opportunity to preach the word of God and become one of the most prominent leaders of the country. And many employees as he has with him is also re-married a Christian (and also unbelievers). They have one or more marriages behind him, but "servant" God. Such as Jon Egil Stavik, Sten Klevaas-Olsen, Jan Eriksen, Jan Hagen, Albert and Marita Ånensen, Per Haugan and Vivian Zahl Olsen. Here the "father" as a role model, a great role model. + Many more, it's like a whole worms Vision Norway with Jan Hanvold as the moral and spiritual area with unbiblical doctrine and a life that is worthy of Christ!

5) What do they do for the next generation? When the currently handles the freedoms of the flesh and the desires just as it suits them. What a legacy they add again to the next generation?

We must never think that it gets easier, but difficult. How selfish and unloving is not here, and other places where one opens up the same with the unbiblical teachings, sin and remarriage etc. coming next will be more Sadistic and dissipated sins. Sin begets sin!

6) Through this, God had been given an opportunity to show the difference between his standard, world standard. But here is the so-called Christians as bad as the world, this displeases the Lord and his judgment if waiting than not repent.

"Then you shall again see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him." Mal.3.18.

It is this vacuum that is about to come, which I think will create favorable conditions for an true revival. Not to say that people come in their thousands, but that more and more of the "our" side, I am convinced.

7) There is also a strong misuse of funds as a mean than giving to the Lord's cause. I think that those who give to Vision Norway basically not giving to God's cause.

God's word speaks several places to give. Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given you: good measure, shaken, packed and brimming ye shall have in his lap. For it shall be measured to you with the same measure that you use yourself.

What God gives us in his lap? Is it money that Hanvold preacher and theologian glory? No, it is heresy. He gives us what we need to for Spirit, Soul and Body! All we need in life simply. Hanvold have not mastered being a good husband, he could received help from the Lord.

8) Christian people in Norway lacks seriousness. There are so many within its congregations and all rents of divorced and re-married today to address this issue and highlight it as the word of God makes had created a framework scream. The fastidious public in Norway has become so deceives, pampered into sleep and manipulated by the demos that they do not know the difference between right and wrong anymore!

Weakness and indifference governing Christian Norway, not God and his word. Ostrich sticking heads in the sand and think that the danger is over. I wonder he is an average Norwegian Christian? Taking a hold of things, study the word of God and live it, it's the only way, Hallelujah! And it is quite possible if one want, and want it. God gives power and strength as a need, even if it changes contrary to the flesh.

9) This is to differentiate themselves and remarry is not a particularly biblical, but to go against Jesus' commandment to marry again so Hanvold done. There are strong words, but here the apostle Paul says that this is a commandment of Jesus: 1 Cor. 7 10 The married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband; 11 but she is separated from him when she abide, being unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and that a man shall put away his wife (end of quote).

Note that this is what Jesus taught, and that the early Christians emphasized. The apostle Paul quoted Jesus: "They married I command, yet not I, but the Lord."

10) Why will not debate than this? And discuss himself through this as the first Christians did again and again. In small and large forums? There are several reasons why? But the lack of healthy and true spiritual maturity is a major cause. There are so many people who are divorced and remarried within its all churches today that will not take up this team although re-married people or those who are married to be married in sin according to God's word. And the world has gotten so large and extensive foothold among the faithful that there are no longer differences between the Christian and the world, tragic but true!

Final comment:

There are those who attack me, but who they attack? God. There are those who support me, who supports them? Not me, but God and his word. I'm not afraid to hear these sickening Pentecostal Charismatic come with their regurgitation, they are not God, but Satan. They are captured by an intoxication where they do the evil will of this warning and guidance.

2 Tim. 2 25b of God though even give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth 26 and wake up from his wine in the devil's snare, having been captured by him to do his will.

My conclusion is the following, particularly p.g.a. the present distress today: Permitted to remarriage or that believers marry divorcee is to open up directly to the carnal act and demon, even if one confesses Jesus name. It helps nothing, absolutely nothing if we do not follow Jesus and let God's word be our guide. There are plenty of people who say that God has spoken, God has shown me, I have dreamed, etc. But let God's word always get guide you and us. If we reach heaven someday? Get full pay? Be preserved and standing after having overcome all? We must crush these types Hanvold when he is raised up by Satan, not God. Let the people who live by the word of God and teach others then, be a guide for you dear friend. Support the intercession and the financial help, and God bless you, you bet!

Matt. 5 19 Therefore, whoever breaks one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

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No. 1562: Welcome to the summer event "Heaven & Sea" announces the "Evangelist" Jørn Strand, but he can not resist himself to be contradictory but loves to harsh with others!

No. 1562:
Welcome to the summer event "Heaven & Sea" announces the "Evangelist" Jørn Strand, but he can not resist himself to be contradictory but loves to harsh with others!
Matt. 7. Do not judge, lest you be judged! Because with the same judgment that you judge with, you shall be judged, 2 and with the same measure that you are measuring with you shall be measured again.
I do not know that Jørn Strand has made psychopathic moves when he himself loves to harsh with others.
His business and sermons themselves are built to make fun of others.
As well, tell how "free" and little religious himself is!
He h ater me and the Heavenly blog. Before, he called me and often and skelled me out for both of them.
What he hates me most is that I have pointed out that his cooperation with Jan Hanvold is strange. If you are against reprisal, you do not work with someone who is. And that several times.
Does not recommend anyone support him and give money to this business.
Here is an article I wrote about Jørn Strand, which is very much read:
Nr. 275:
Juggler, Evangelist, singer and showman Jørn Strand is a hypocrite!

Matt. 23. 2 in Moses' seat sit the scribes and Pharisees. 3 Therefore shall ye do and keep all that they command you, but by their deeds you shall not do. For they say that, but they do not.

Here are some descriptions about Jørn Strand from his own website Sky Express, "Pernille and Jørn Beach is a evangelistpar a passion for reaching out to unsaved people with the gospel. They do this by organizing street meetings with Sky Express, holding a tent meeting promotions, or traditional revival meetings in the local church. They belong to the Pentecostal movement, and is affiliated with the Pentecostal Church Philadelphia Vennesla.

Jørn Strand was for ten years a heavily loaded drug addict, but was completely resolved and released after a powerful encounter with God. He has written many songs, and has since released four CDs. Perhaps the most famous of his songs are "Is it any wonder that I love." Today he travels full time as a singer and evangelist, spreading the gospel in a humorous and refreshing way. "

From Wikipedia hypocrite: "Hypocrisy is pretending to have a particular belief, attitude, values, emotions, quality or standard that you have not. Examples of hypocrisy: Some parents forbid a child to smoke cigarettes because it is unhealthy, but the parents themselves smoke cigarettes. Another example: When a parent says, "Do as I say, not as I do" since it is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy has a character of cowardice and misery. Hypocrisy is in this sense an expression of a fear of the consequences of expressing their true position, etc. Active hypocrisy can be a general lack of coverage personal immaturity, where the natural expression of psychology called passive aggression. Passive aggression is that it does not communicate its true position, etc. when the situation sets the stage for it, because you can not or dare. The hypocrisy is that rather than saying something else, typically that which seems most favorable situation. "

When we lived on the west coast I became acquainted with Jørn Beach when he lived there for some years. We gave bl. A. If I remember right some clothes for his children inherited from our children. And then I met him again in summer 2009, I believe. When he had somehow begun to preach more radical fulfilled. a divorce and remarriage. And he gave me a CD on this subject, and the CD `s were not so bad. But while he was not only advertised on the Vision Norway, but he preached there as well. When I had some contact with him, I pointed hollowness and hypocrisy of preaching one thing, that was biblical and right. But after living anywhere else. Then I got the passport labeled by him that I had no social skills and others that were much worse than this, it was pure abuse and much worse. And I replied nicely again, but he behaved like a vulgar buffoon, which also turned out that he is.

Contact was breaking

After this, we have not had anything to do with each, because I said straight out that if one preaches against remarriage and work with those who are re-married. As here, "Pastor» Jan Hanvold as a hypocrite!

Unripe and intellectuals

Do hereby warn against Jørn Strand, have nothing to do with him. He is immature and intellectuals. But unfortunately it's a free pass for such in God's church today, especially in the Pentecostal charismatic branch of Christendom. Tragic but true. It all comes from immaturity and that person has never been brought into service. One can have a service, but it's quite another to be brought into a service. That is what is lacking today. Scripture clearly states that one should be lived in by such persons Jørn Beach and Sky Express who preach one thing. And who live very different when they go in and work together openly and freely with those living in adultery and operates as bl. a Vision Norway. Herewith you are warned!

2. Tim. 3. But this should know that in the last days there shall come perilous times. 2 For men shall be lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, untrustworthy, slanderous, immense, umilde, without love for good, 4 treacherous, impetuous, opblåste, such as love their lusts higher than God, 5 which has a form of godliness but denying its power - and they should turn from thee. Titus 3 10 A man who gives himself a heresy, the view from you, after you have admonished him once and again, 11 because you know he's perverse sinner, condemned of himself. Hypocrite by The Free Dictionary: "person who is fake, sanctimonious person."

When I revealed Jørn Strand's hypocrisy, he was aggressive and vulgar back. It comes from low self-esteem, carnality and immaturity. So my clear call, stay far away from this man and his activities. It is hypocrisy he doing. Could have written so much, much more on this topic.

The Pharisees in Jesus' time was the hypocrisy

Have already quoted from Matthew at the beginning of this article about the Pharisees. They learned just about everything, but lived it in any form whatsoever. Jørn Strand taught law on marriage and divorce and remarriage, but has cooperated and accepted them the same day and time those to whom he preached against. This is o remains hypocrisy to learn one thing and practice quite another for whatever reason!

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No. 1561: North Korea and Norway have one thing in common - that is, they set a standard that is contrary to common sense!

No. 1561:
North Korea and Norway have one thing in common - that is, they set a standard that is contrary to common sense!
Picture of the North Korean flag, as it is times I feel like burden has been replaced with the Norwegian if what I have written and spoken is punishable, just because I have repeated something. It is the absurd world with Norway and North Korea!

It is strange that when they believe, both in the Oslo District Court and Borgarting, the law of law is that everything I have written and spoken.
Is true to freedom of belief and expression. But that's the amount that makes it punishable.
In other words, like here we have discussed Jan Aage Torps's life and relationship with God's Word as a Pastor. That it has become a lot of repetitions and massively, it is no wonder that it has been going well in the last four years.
Do you eat a slice of garlic and jam once, then it's legal, twice as well.
But after ten days or more, it's punishable!
In other words, we have entered the absurd world where North Korea and Norway have some strange standards that no one else understands and understands! 
Perhaps freedom of speech must have its limits?
Of course, it does not, says someone a few, ten or a hundred times. That's the same thing! 
Here's an article I wrote for a while back:

No. 1162:
Debate sent to, inter alia, VG!

Display Photo of the Heavenly blog as Jan Aage Torp hate everywhere in this world. It was the reason he came with his fictional review, as it was on this blog he was first stripped and exposed. Now he is admittedly exposed and stripped of VGTV, his son Anders and many others.

And he is not even aware of it, talk about being in a form of psychosis, that he can not or will see that his days as pastor and preacher is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wrote this, and it is sent, inter alia, VG.

Police in Norway may be on the criminal side, as we see with Christensen / Torp matter !?

I have just written on his blog by and large at about Jan Aage Torp.
A blog that one must choose to seek. But here I labeled a stalker and the stalker. Here the police must lie in order to find a § to get me indicted and convicted.

We read in the Bible: Rom. 13. 1. every soul be subject unto the higher powers! for there is no authority except from God, but those that are, are ordained by God, 2 so that he who puts himself against the authority, against God's arrangement contrary; but they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

The authorities also have a responsibility. That is not to oppress and punish evil. But in my case they do the exact opposite in my estimation.
When VGTV Anders Torp (both VGTV and in his book "Jesus soldier") and others describe in Jan Aage Torp, so this becomes a Top Searches. When I have said exactly the same, but in a milder form, it is a criminal!
Taking with backdrop, that I've got against me over 10,000 hate speech by Jan Aage Torp and his supporters.
This will be completely proven omitted by police at Manglerud in Oslo who is standing with Jan Aage Torp Reviewed me when I preached against his low morale after what God's Word teaches. He as a Pastor and Shepherd should not be re-married.
While all of you I have written and spoken, as a response to this. Then what I write, even if it is on their blog, punishable!

In other words, it adds up to police a justismord! That's how I and many with me watching it. What I've seen in VGTV and Jan Aage Torp's son Anders Torp is like an echo of what I have said and written, but should be punished for this. The whole issue around me is incomprehensible in light of that we do not live in North Korea, but in Norway.

We meet in court, where the judge and the lay judges for my and my defender judgment did a bad job (Brynjar Meling is my defense).
The case has been appealed to the Court of Appeal Borgating.
For more, see my blog: http://blog.janchristensen.net/

Jan Kåre Christensen
(End of quote).

Final Comment:

What is certain in this case is that it is exclusively criminal here. Then there's me. I have written only in his own blog and website. And what I've written, purely verbally is like candy for what sluggers Jan Aage Torp has written about me. He called me the ugliest and worst things. And take with what he son has given his own Father, so surpasses me a hundred times. In other words, family Torp are the two major sluggerne here.

But police Manglerud want me punished and possibly jail ?!

Yes, here live Polti and Jan Aage Torp total different world than what is "normal".

Taking something that was in the newspaper Our Country as not least the police should have gone to the heart (rendering further down). Soon it becomes punishable only to say that one believes in the Bible and that God lives and exists. And he sent his son to earth to die for our sins etc.

Lawyer Brynjar Meling says it bluntly, that either I become 100% exonerated now. But surely the Court of Appeal when the things that might create problems for a 100% acquittal, they know we possibly weed out. And that the things that the police prosecutor had to come by, all this we will document does not match at all!

This says Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas when he asked in Our Country as essentially absolves me 100%. Which also will certainly happen on Friday the 29th of January when I get the verdict. Everything else will be and be a big surprise than acquittal 100%.

But it should not be there, then it becomes an appeal to the Court of Appeal. And if we lose there, then it becomes the Supreme Court. And on to Strasbourg, which I do not think we will ever need. But give me? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The criminal here is Jan Aage Torp, we receive come back to.

This says Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas in Our Country:

Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas react to the violation of Penal Code Section 390A "for the troublesome behavior or other reckless behavior violating the peace of another" underlying the case against Pastor Jan Kåre Christensen.

- I can not comment on details of the case, but I think in principle that it is special that this section is used, because we are talking about utterances in a blog. Christensen seeks therefore not Torp by phone, text message or otherwise directly, but writes what he thinks of him as a pastor in the blog. It lies outside the core area that provision, says Wessel-Aas, stressing that he only knows the case through circulation in Our Country and by reading the indictment.

Wessel-Aas points out that the aforementioned provision of the Criminal Code since ancient times has been called "telephone harassment law."

- It is clear that bullying and harassment in social media over time can do that people can not bear to be there more. But I still think it is important that the Court did not extend penal provision to include too much. There is a point to be as specific as possible when to restrict freedom of expression through legislation, says Wessel-Aas.

Statements such as "living in adultery" makes it more natural to use defamation law, says the lawyer. Defamation is decriminalized in the new Penal Code and can therefore only be the basis for a civil lawsuit. It seems more relevant in this case, according to him.

- I think there is danger if clause of the Penal Code will be expanded by adding something that is no longer a crime, says Wessel-Aas.

Public figure. - What impact can an eventual judgment get?

- If there is a punishment in accordance with the indictment, I believe much more can be judged the same way. It will make the boundaries of free speech little obvious, which in turn can lead to people avoiding expressing themselves, responding Wessel-Aas and refers to the matter are provisions to safeguard against false accusations, violations of privacy, threats and incitement to violence .

Wessel-Aas points out that Torp is a familiar figure in Christian Norway and largely in the same position as many politicians.

- The room must be greater when it comes to statements about public persons.

Christensen disagrees with how Torp practice the relationship between life and doctrine, that his interpretation of biblical texts, highlighting Wessel-Aas.

- Also there will be great headroom.
(End of quote).

Brynjar Meling said at least five things for me to be acquitted. It was this:

1) Incorrect application of the law, this section has nothing to do with harassment and this police claim.

2.) Jan Aage Torp has even gone much, much further than Christensen in their statements with ia calling him too many ugly and horrible things, as well as his blog, he has condemned in the most crudest and violated Christensen.

3.) Torp has encouraged nettrolene to continue with flaming by Christensen, when he himself has been silent.

4.) Torp has sought out MY BLOG THAT HE COULD MAINTAIN THEMSELVES AWAY WITH SINGLE NEVER clicked into IT! What I have done him no with violation of § 390 a. One can not use a § as a self-will, then we are North Korea or Saudi Arabia.

5.) Christensen has used only the Bible and Canaan language, it is not punishable, but legal.

6.) The sixth and final point that I would mention, there came the lawyer to Torp, police prosecutor who changed almost 180 degrees during the trial. From being fight negative to me, and be fighting posetiv. He Dag Paulsen said Christensen has not written anything illegal. I've really only hurt feelings Torp something really when he himself has chosen to click onto my blog!

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No. 1560: The magazine Kapital does not understand that the police and the prosecution force put so much resources down to stop me and the heavenly blog!

No. 1560:
The magazine Kapital does not understand that the police and the prosecution force put so much resources down to stop me and the heavenly blog!
Picture Mina Hadjian who, on the radio directly, wondered about Torp as follows: Call Jan Aage Torp "a star psychopath".
Furthermore, "You are really a small and insecure and pitiful man. A woman may be unfaithful, or you may be far into gay self. In one way or another you are at least really dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. "
(This is from 2006 and everything has happened as she said on radio when Torp claims he is the innocent party and is allowed to marry again as a believer.)
"You are really a small and insecure and pitiful man. A woman may be unfaithful, or you may be far into gay self. In one way or another you are at least really dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. " Imagine, so aptly can say that, thanks to Mina Hadjian.

It is strange with Torp he claims he is the innocent party, something that God's word is not talking about. But his x is also reprinted, really wondering which of the two is the innocent party?
In essence, this teaching of the innocent party is very ugly. For if one for example. Is the first man out to marry again, so ergo is the other party the guilty party. But what does the scripture teach? That is what applies.
Scriptures talk about if there is a breach of marriage, either one should live alone or agree.
1 Cor. 7. 10 For the married I have this commandment, not from myself but from the Lord: a woman shall not divorce from her husband. 11 But if she still stands, she shall live unmarried, or divorce with her husband. And a man shall not divorce his wife.
If one marries a divorced one comes under the same judgment as him.
Luke 16. 18 Whoever divorces his wife marries another commits marriages. And the one who marries a divorced woman breaks the marriage.
And the marriage or the covenant is alive!
Room. 7. 2 A married woman is bound by law to his husband as long as he lives. But if the man dies, she is loosed from the law that bound her to the man. 3 Therefore, she applies as a marriage writer if she marries another while the man lives. But if the man dies, she is free from the law and does not break the marriage if she marries another.
This from the web:
Brother Christensen never bends for such religious persecution. That Torp has allied with such a female person tells us all that Torp is only looking for Christensen. He will never succeed! He will never push the truth away from the net. Your claims Bird's steps are clown-like and you stand the anointed of the Lord.
We all know what Torp's agenda is. It wrote one on Searchlight:
I see Searchlight's omissions a lot of what Brother Jan Kåre has written in his case and ask why? Thus, the case does not tell what Jan Kåre really wrote about pastor Torp, who obviously seeks to bring Christensen into silence.
We all understand what Torp's agenda is, but it is a bit difficult to understand that Searchlight, which claims to be against repatriation, continues to participate indirectly in Torp's crusade to stop Jan Kåre, who must almost be a prophet warned against a sin Widespread among Christians.
We have faith and freedom of expression here in Norway, although Torp and the police are trying to narrow it down.
Jan Aage Torps' tulling of the year? Nobody strikes Torp in chickens and bullying others!
Solomon wrote: Will be overcome, shame.
The overwhelming Torp now shows it will punish you, be sure!
The newspaper Kapital called me the other day and wanted my observations regarding the appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court.
It became an interesting and rewarding conversation, in which they actually agreed with me a long way!
There are many who are amazed at the Oslo police and the appellate's assessments, my language use is like children's food in relation to much else happening online.
That they will spend so much resources and pursue me and the heavenly blog is nothing but a form of witch hunt and Christian pursuit.
As well, Jan Aage Torp is a slugger himself. He has attacked everything and everyone, and been in conflict and hard weather with the vast majority he has come into contact with.
It is typical of such as Jan Aage Torp that they come into conflict with all the people they come into contact with, even their own family.
This also writes Brynjar Meling in his ancestor, and unfortunately. This has not been debated either in Oslo District Court or Borgarting Law.
They have blindly grounded a fantasy number of Torp, and that 98% is probably written after his fictional review is not mentioned. It was and is Torp's hatred for me and the celestial blog when we have pointed out that he has a reprieve that forms the basis of everything!
Jan Aage Torp has been in conflict with his first wife. And afterwards he said he was completely innocent in the marriage break and then he could marry again!
Imagine living in such a self-deception, completely unthinkable that it is possible!
Torp hates not only me and the celestial blog but also the gay men.
Because he has a prayer that they should be removed from all positions, regardless of whether they are doing a good or bad job. According to fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp, they are to be removed.
Torp hates not only me and the heavenly blog, but also the child welfare and everyone who drives this way. I agree with Torp a little, but Torp is a man who has zero credibility in this area. Then after he has treated and publicly attacks his own children, even on his own blog!
He not only hates me and the celestial blog, but Reidar Hjermann, who responded when Torp publicly defended children, talked about being totally devoid of self-esteem. Just that Torp with such an effort in relation to own children attacks everything and everyone! It's self-perceiving not only equal to zero, but lies on minus!
I could have continued but stop here when everything against me and the celestial blog is a fighter staged by a person who hates and hates and hates everything that goes against him as he is a typical psychopath and narcissist!
From major Norwegian lexicon: narcissism, really sickly or harmful self-esteem (a crush in itself), a name derived from the Greek myth of the young narcissus who saw his own reflection in the water and became so in love that he was sentenced to die and die . In daily language narcissism is practically synonymous with self-esteem. The narcissism concept as used in psychiatry and psychology, however, has an important additional dimension, namely that the person is not only concerned about himself but also enjoying himself, his characteristics, abilities, success and performance (products). Narcissism is therefore separated from the selfish concept, which limits itself to addressing the tendency to just think of oneself and own gain, without the self-reliance, self-esteem of quality that lies in the narcissism concept, need to be present.
(Quote ending).
I said that if the judgment against me is standing, it leads Norway to the same level before Hans Nielsen Hauge. That there are only a few, and those who pronounce correct who can write and let themselves out! For us others, it becomes almost impossible. Since the police and prosecution force can always use the law and paragraph they wish to use against any citizen to punish, repent and cause fear to speak freely and right about what one believes and believes! 
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, Norway is in 2017, if not worse. Any other country I know!
Final Comment: 

This matter is much, much more important than me and the heavenly blog.
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, then it will put Norway exactly 200 years back in time with regard to freedom of belief and expression!
This is not anyone aware of, so little interest in this matter with me and fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp who has been able to trick both high and low.
Play and learn in this case, deeply tragic if this verdict from Borgarting Law of Law is standing. The consequences are much worse than anyone can imagine. Then anyone can use this judgment to stop others! 
Then you can use any paragraph against you and make you upset and criminal. 
As well as restricting freedom of belief and expression, it is only true that is "generally" approved by views and opinions!
200 years back in time, this judgment will put Norway in terms of freedom of belief and expression, and this is hardly known. Deeply tragic!
Then if it stays standing, I never think and hope it will be! Wake up before it's too late! Now it's time to shop in 1 to 2 months. May it be too late !? Now you have to act, ask and influence the decision to the Norwegian Supreme Court !!!

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lørdag 20. mai 2017

No. 1559: Hans Nielsen Hauge made them stop by using the Conventional Poster, I want to stop by abusing Section 390a, which speaks of seeking them something I have not done once!

No. 1559:
Hans Nielsen Hauge made them stop by using the Conventional Poster, I want to stop by abusing Section 390a, which speaks of seeking them something I have not done once!This law is never used to anyone like the police uses it against me, and there are no judgments against anyone who has written legitimate things on the internet. In other words, here the riot breaks, the police and the prosecution force abuse and fabricate a law to take me. Talk about being kidding!
The same did they do with Hans Nielsen Hauge.
"The goal justifies the means only mean that one is willing to use to which- any method to achieve a goal. It has nothing of "holiness" to do, the word "holy" is only an aid tool in this context. "
More fittingly, it is hardly said about anyone but me and Hans Nielsen Hauge.
Picture of Adolph Tidemand depicting Hauge and his followers in the Haugian painting.
The film Skipper Worse, which is taken from Alexander Kielland's novels, the film itself has been recorded in Skudeneshavn in the Museum in Mælandsgården. In that house and living room we lived in 1969 when we came to Norway from Denmark before moving into a new house that was completed in 1970. The film was made 1 year before we lived there. Nice to think, already I had a link to Hans Nielsen Hauge.

Here about Hans Nielsen Hauge taken from the big Norwegian lexicon.
Hans Nielsen Hauge, born in Rolvsøy, Norwegian playwright. His parents were godly and enlightened farmers. As a child, he was busy with religious thoughts. Hauges spiritual fathers are found in the builders who read him, such as Martin Luther, Johann Arndt and Erik Pontoppidan the younger.
Life and work
April 5, 1796, while Hauge worked out on the ground and sang a hymn, Hauge experienced the history of Johan LC Allendorfs hymn Jesus, your sweet association, to taste his religious breakthrough. He was called to "confess the Lord's name to the people and tempt them to repent."
The preaching activities began in his home and local community, but already in the summer of 1796 he went to Oslo with the manuscript of two books he had written, the Evangelical Levy Rules and Consideration of the World's Daring, which came out the same autumn. In the years 1797-1804 he traveled throughout Norway. He talked to people he met and spoke for assemblies. At the same time, he performed a rich writer's business. Hauges writings were widely distributed.
Hauge was repeatedly arrested for violation of the Conventional Poster of 1741, which prohibited laymen from organizing religious meetings without the consent of the parish priest. He was usually released after a few days or weeks, but in Trondheim he spent a month in a dormitory after seven weeks of custody. In the spring of 1800, Hauge traveled to Copenhagen to appeal his case to the government, but stated when he got there. On the other hand, he published a new edition of his writings and a few new books, The Doctrine of Christianity and the Doctrine of Christianity.
The government in Copenhagen received several complaints about Hauges' "fanatic" preaching. According to Bishop Peder Hansen in Kristiansand, it led to mistrust of the authorities and the "Teacher" (priesthood). In 1804 the government asked the country's officials to report reports on Hauges activities. Most portrayed him as a swearer and ancestor who wore superstition, fanatism and false Christianity among the universe and utilized religion for money gain. The result was a circular to all county officials with orders to arrest Hauge. He was, however, again imprisoned for violation of the Konventikkel poster already before the circular came.
After his return from Denmark, he was arrested in Eiker in 1804 and led to Oslo to be appointed to a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The commission worked for nine years, and in the meantime Hauge imprisoned, the first two years under such bad conditions that his health was broken down. In 1809 he was temporarily released to travel to Sørlandet at the public expense to establish and improve salt boilers; Due to the blockade, the country itself had to meet its need for salt, and Hauge had insight into salt extraction. In 1811 he was released, but the sentence fell only in 1813 and sounded for two years of fortification. Hauge appealed the judgment of the Supreme Court, who sentenced him to 1000 riksdals in fines for violation of the Conventional Poster and insulting statements about the "Teachership" but fired him for charges for the founding and economic exploitation of his followers.
Following the verdict, Hauge concluded with his travel business. He settled just outside Oslo, first on Bakkehaugen, later on Bredtvet. He maintained the relationship with his friends and continued his writer's business. He also had talks with priests and other officials in Oslo.
Christianity Preaching
Hauges' Christianity was aimed at repentance and sanctification. In the teaching questions he would be orthodox Lutheran. The teachings are polemical to the preaching of the priests. He accentuated the importance of God's law to Christian life and the requirement for obedience to the commandments of God far stronger than Lutheran orthodoxy had done. Hauge preached with power to believe without deeds being dead. He distinguishes himself from the Pietists by his high judgment of the earthly calling, and from the Lord's Brothers, by emphasizing the sanctification and deeds.
Hauge was against any sect formation and himself wanted to be a faithful son of the Norwegian Church. He showed a touching devotion to the church who understood him so little and treated him so badly. In his Nielsen Hauges Testament to his friends, he warns against separatism and insists that the friends will go to church and receive the sacraments.
Hauge is the individual who has had the greatest influence on Norwegian church life after the Reformation. A complete edition of his writings was published in eight volumes 1947-54.
Economic activity
In addition to his religious activities, Hauge added a distinct sense of practical work and exceptional economy and organizational capacity. Despicableness he counted among the sins a Christian should shine. He even went with knitting on the country road and attended farms with those he lived with. One of his friends bought a book printing company in Hauges in 1799, and some of them set up a paper mill at Eiker, also after Hauges initiative. In 1801 he took commercial citizenship in Bergen and began trading in Nordland. He wanted to secure an economic basis for his business; The surplus would be used to invest industrial enterprises. Several of his friends put money into this trade, but the attempted economic-Christian joint venture led him to be accused of enriching himself.
Final Comment:
Feeling so good again in what Hans Nielsen Hauge experienced and experienced.
He was accused of ecumenical crime. And convicted and punished for violation of the Conventional Poster, which made him put together for 11 years in prison, which is completely absurd, meaningless and of course Satan was behind this! Not anyone else who would stop this biggest man who has stranded Norwegian soil!
They managed to break Hans Nielsen Hauge. But today, by 2017, have we come anymore?
If the verdict against me from Borgarting lagret retts, then it will put Norway exactly 200 years back in time with regard to freedom of belief and expression! 
This is not anyone aware of, so little interest in this matter with me and fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp who has been able to trick both high and low.
Play and learn in this case, deeply tragic if this verdict from Borgarting Law of Law is standing. 
Then you can use any paragraph against you and make you upset and criminal.
As well as restricting freedom of belief and expression, it is only true that is "generally" approved by views and opinions! 
200 years back in time, this judgment will put Norway in terms of freedom of belief and expression, and this is hardly known. Deeply tragic!
Then if it stays standing, I never think and hope it will be! Wake up before it's too late! Now it's time to shop in 1 to 2 months. May it be too late !? Now you have to act, ask and influence the decision to the Norwegian Supreme Court !!!

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