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No. 1488: After a telephone conversation with Marius Vamnes, senior advisor at the County Governor, we agreed that we should send a brief mail!

No. 1488:
After a telephone conversation with Marius Vamnes, senior advisor at the County Governor, we agreed that we should send a brief mail!

Neighbors and others have properties that look like a stack of building blocks. With us, one does not see where we have built before entering and up on our property.
That we don't get an exemption, while others get it. Is nothing else a total scandal!

Here is the email that was sent:

To Marius Vamnes Oslo 11 / 12-19
Senior Advisor at the County Governor

After a telephone conversation with you 9/12 we agreed that I could write an email with questions and various considerations.

We believe that what we have experienced is abuse of power and authority against us.
Therefore, we consider all decisions made against us to be invalid and unsustainable.

The vast majority of things that speak to our favor are overlooked, overlooked and not emphasized.
What speaks to our disfavour is magnified up to the unrecognizable and emphasized out of all professions and interpreted in our disfavour.
Therefore, can not see that at any point we should and must align with the order given by PBE, and which we have appealed to the County Governor.
Would also say right away, that here there are so many loose balls in the air, that all orders given we appeal to the County Governor. Unable to keep the complete overview as PBE appears so uncluttered and unprofessional it is possible to do so, with fogging and always with new orders if we object.

They promised us to apply for a meeting with them in April, the only meeting we have had with them. Then they come with a spoonful of order to search that makes it all impossible. Even though we have searched before, applying again is an impossibility as so many new things are added to be able to apply. That it just shows PBE's desire to do things so hard for us, that there are obviously only evil intentions behind acting in such a way. Align us with such people, it will never happen!

But still want to come up with some questions.

You meant I was scolding you, we 100% disagree with that.
Although there could be countless reasons for it.

I have never used mischief against you in that phone call or anyone else, even after the cruel and unfair treatment we have received from you. Also at PBE here in Oslo, the Civil Ombudsmen and the courts, it is just a continuation of the NAV scandal and all other public scandals that are now being rolled up that we have been exposed to. It's really more of the same thing.

Only reason for not giving us the exemption that we are entitled to is the prestige and arrogance of the public.

We will never align ourselves with a single decision without getting clear and good answers to our questions that we have not yet received.

1.) When in our case nothing negative is presented. It's just positive. Then the law states that when there are in total more benefits than disadvantages, then exemption should be granted. In other words, that we do not get the exemption we are entitled to, then PBE breaks the law. This is more than documented in other mailers, which is why we no longer embed it.

2.) When others have utilized the site up to 57 times more than us. Which is built in the same period as us. One comes down on that property, and they appear to be like big lego blocks. With us, the estate does not look until one comes up to our property. Here makes such a big difference to neighbors, shouldn't we get an exemption?

3.) Our wall is located approx. ½ meter longer than it did before we built the wall. In other words, now our wall is more legal than it used to be. Shouldn't one then regard this as something positive?

4.) We see today a public Norway that has been convicted in the human rights court in Strasbourg more than any other country. NAV scandals and social security scandals, etc. It has turned out that the public, state and municipal agencies. As well as the courts and others, have made so many and gross mistakes. Our case is really a continuation of this, do you see this or are there no similarities?

5.) If you go through what we have written before and our arguments, we either have not received an answer or been overrun. Don't you see that this has happened or have we been treated well? We feel that we have been treated so badly that it is really considered punishable for errors of service, neglect, injustice, discrimination, and reprisals when we have spoken. Comrades in which the public agencies have been only concerned with defending each other and many other things which together show that in our case it is really breaking the law not to give us the minimal exemption required in our case.

Hearing from you, can not see that our case is closed as we have not received the questions, counter-representation and what is the basis for the decisions and other decisions taken against us.
As mentioned, we look at these matters quite differently from what the public has done.
But if we get good answers here, it will help us along the way.
If not, then we have obviously been exposed to abuse of power and authority!
As we have been treated by the public, be it you. Or PBE here in Oslo, the courts and the Civil Ombudsman no one should have been treated!
That being said, we are not bowing to PBE here in Oslo who acts so evil, simple and unfair to us that it lacks unparalleled words and words!

The case against us as it is made by the PBE, and confirmed by you, Civil Ombudsman the man and the courts are incomplete and inaccurate, and that the purpose of what you have gathered together has done. Is really turning everything upside down, but you have failed and failed as it is PBE that has obviously broken the law.

Not least § 19–2 The dispensation decision
The municipality may grant permanent or temporary exemption from provisions laid down in or pursuant to this Act. Conditions may be set for the exemption.
Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which it is dispensed, or the considerations in the provision of the Act, are materially breached. In addition, the benefits of granting an exemption must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment.
When exempting from the law and regulations to the law, special emphasis should be placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environment, safety and accessibility.
(quote at the end.)

In our case, there are in fact only benefits for us, for others, brewing car, ambulance, fire truck, environment, walking, running, those who park, safety and everything else that can be mentioned.
They still refuse to grant us an exemption. It is so clumsy, wrongful and wrong it is possible to remain. But the neighbor just above us who has a wall to the trouble with only 20 cm from the road is "legal!"

We actually have a property and some buildings as if they are not unique.
Then they are made so that they are in fact nothing negative and stuck with. Eg. the stall is made this way - which everyone says - it is not seen until one comes up to our property. It's just positive with it.
That it should be demolished and everything else is only for one thing, that PBE has an uninterpreted plan and the building law. Whether they do this on purpose? We believe that when they do not even want to meet us or come to the inspection.
Just sit down in the center of Oslo as some regular netroll. Give us orders that have been insane and unjust.
Now they demand us for money, money and invoice.
This is nothing more than pure evil, such people should never have worked in a public agency or had any dealings with people.

In other words, PBE and the entire public administration are breaking the law against us! Everything is done so that we have to tear down a wall, staircase and storage room that is not a nuisance or a hindrance to a single person.
We regard those who hold on to this as far more offenders than we have ever been in this case.
That we - but others - get an exemption to such an extent where their property looks like a big building block. But with us you do not see what we have done of "extra" with regard to storage before coming up on our property.
Talk about being offenders as PBE is, unfortunately, the camaraderie from the public has been so bad that it is basically a plot against us.
But we see that the public is now shaking, the fact is that the camaraderie is against us. Where the public administration tries to say that we are going to tear down, we never want to do that under any circumstances. Then the case against us is nothing more than turning the reality on its head. We called down to the municipality, built as they said. In retrospect, it turns out that everything we have built fits perfectly into the terrain. Not and dispensation in our case is in violation of Norwegian law as the Act says «Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which the dispensation is made or the considerations in the purpose of the Act are materially breached. In addition, the benefits of granting a waiver must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment. "

With us there are only advantages, no disadvantages.
The way to grant an exemption is more than fulfilled!

Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo
Tel: 99598070

mandag 9. desember 2019

No. 1487: Bible teacher Ivar Helmersen from the Free Friends was Norway's most radical preacher on remarriage before he was even divorced, after his own divorce there was another "song" in proclamation then it was free to marry!

No. 1487:
Bible teacher Ivar Helmersen from the Free Friends was Norway's most radical preacher on remarriage before he was even divorced, after his own divorce there was another "song" in proclamation then it was free to marry!

Picture of the ultra-radical for remarriage today, before against remarriage. The man has zero credibility, just like Jan Aage Torp and Jan Hanvold who also condemn everything and everyone below and home, except himself.
Look here:

In my youth, I met a good number of preachers, and the most radical preacher when it came to divorce and remarriage was Ivar Helmersen from the Free Friends who he then belonged to and traveled as a publisher and Bible teacher sometimes.
I had also mentioned Helmersen at the Bible School at Smyrna outside Tønsberg. In Re municipality, where the place was called Våler.

What made Helmersen so extra-radical and conservative was that he also believed that non-believers were 100% bound to their marriage vow, perhaps given the hangover and filling. What do we know? A person living in this world lives and walks in the dark.
Remembering very well when we argued against Helmersen, he became even more radical

The Scripture speaks, I clearly mean, that one cannot demand non-believers if and when they are saved that they will make up for themselves as one was a believer.

Scripture is clear to us believers.

1 Cor. 7. 10 The married I command, though not I, but the Lord, that a wife should not divorce her husband; 11 But if she is divorced from him, she will continue to be unmarried or reconciled to her husband - and that a man should not divorce his wife.

When it comes to a non-believer being saved, it applies to completely different scriptures. We read here

2 Cor. 5. 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; the old is past, behold, everything has become new!

But here the Bible teacher went further than anyone else, he was simply as I see it today extremely radical and conservative.

But then he got divorced himself, then he turned around and changed Bible views in just a few steps. He was suddenly free to remarry, though he himself had pointed out the opposite even from the pulpit and through everything he said and did. For a hypocrite, deceiver and scoundrel I would say.

We know, for example. that Pastor Jan Aage Torp warned against the gays and lesbians in the strongest and most extreme word layers before he was even divorced. But when he divorced himself, it was free for Torp to even remarry with his former nanny as Todd Bentley did.

Here are people like Ivar Helmersen, Jan Aage Torp, Jan Hanvold and many, many others who confess Jesus' name. Condemning others, and that to both Hell and everything else. They themselves want all the grace they can get, but do not give it to anyone but themselves. There also plenty!

Scripture speaks of such here:

Room. 2. 1. Therefore you are without apology, man, whoever you are as a judge. For as you judge your neighbor, you condemn yourself; for you do the same, you who do judge; 2 But we know that the judgment of God, which the truth commandeth, is upon them that do such things. 3 But do you mean it, you human, you who judge those who do such, and even do it, that you should escape the judgment of God? 4 Or do you despise the riches of his goodness and patience and longsuffering, and do not know that the goodness of God drives you to repentance? 5 By your hardness and your unrepentant heart you cease to be angry in the day of wrath, the day when the righteous judgment of God is revealed; He gives eternal life, 8 But those who are rebellious and disobedient to the truth, but obedient to the unrighteousness, shall be angry and angry. 9 Tribulation and anguish shall come upon every human soul who does evil, both Jew first and then Greek; 10 But glory and honor and peace shall be given to every one that doeth good, both Jew first and then Greek. 11 For God makes no difference to people:

Yes, God does not make a difference to people, especially those who judge others and otherwise live even as one likes oneself.

Matt. 7. 1. Do not judge, lest you be judged! for with the same judgment with which ye judge, ye shall be judged; 2 and with the same measure that ye judge, ye shall be measured again. 3 Why do you see the splinter in your brother's eye, but the beam in your own eye you do not become? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, Let me pull the splinter out of your eye? and behold, there is a beam in thine own eye! 5 You are hypocritical! first pull the beam out of your own eye, then you can see the splinter out of your brother's eye!

I wrote an article about this many years ago, which I eventually include.
Look here:

The Bible's most misunderstood and misinterpreted scripture by believers ?!


Rom.7.1. Do not judge, lest you be judged! 2 EIf the judgment you are judging with, you will receive judgment yourself, and in the same measure that you measure yourself, it will also be measured up to you.
     3 Why do you see the tile in your brother's eye, but do you not notice the beam in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the tile out of your eye' when there is a beam in your own eye? 5 Your hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye! Then you will see clearly enough to take the tile out of your brother's eye.

I have heard countless times that one should not judge.

But is this what Jesus says? No!

What Jesus says is that one must first have clean flour in the bag itself. Only then is one entitled to judge, not before.

It also summarizes with several other scriptures. Jesus says about who should be called great in the kingdom of God. Matt.5. 19 He who abolishes one of these least commandments and teaches men to do so, shall be counted as the least in the kingdom of heaven. But he who keeps them and teaches others to do the same shall be counted as great in the kingdom of heaven.

Further in Matt.23.2 “On the chair of Moses sit the scribes and the Pharisees. 3 Therefore, whatever they say, do and do. But what they do, do not obey. Because they say one thing and do something else.

We first meet here that Jesus praises the people who teach as they preach as opposed to the Pharisees. Who preached right but who lived the opposite.

The entire scripture gives a unified testimony that we should judge, especially in the spiritual realm. We even have to judge angels as well.

But scripture, not least Jesus points out that the prerequisite for this is to live and walk in the light itself. Then one is allowed to point out other things as well. But it is in the saying; too much and too little spoils. This is how it is with everything, so we must also weigh our words carefully. But refusing to judge others is not the Bible's teaching. The word of God says in 1 Cor.2.5 But the man who has the Spirit can judge everything, and even it cannot be judged by anyone.

Whoever has the Spirit and walks in accordance with the Word of God can and should judge what is from God and in accordance with scripture and not. But it is also good to know in this context that we all look piecemeal and divided.

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No. 1486: Pastor and missionary Jan Kaare Hanvold, is the man who failed both the Lord and his mission call for the benefit of the world, the flesh and the ladies!

No. 1486:
Pastor and missionary Jan Kaare Hanvold, is the man who failed both the Lord and his mission call for the benefit of the world, the flesh and the ladies!

Picture of former Bible School principal Marit Rasmussen flanked by Aril Edvardsen. It was Rasmussen who reaffirmed Jan Kaare Hanvold's apostle / missionary call to Eastern Europe that he has obviously failed to remarry several times and was doing other things than being obedient to the mission God gave him through Rasmussen, sad. But this is also written for us to learn, to always follow the call and deed the Lord has for us.

Room. 15. 4 For all that is written before, it is written unto us for doctrine, that we may have hope in the patience and comfort of the scriptures.

I am happy because I have never studied Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold's finances and finances!

It is Jan Hanvold's lack of Bible fidelity and fidelity to his marriage pledge that I have been focusing on. Everything else is out on the periphery for me!

It is wonderful to hear the testimony of Jan Kaare Hanvold regarding his mission call.
Now I've only heard this on Radio, and to reproduce it correctly I can't.
But should try.
Hanvold and his then wife traveled to Saron's Valley and attended Bible School there.
For an hour with Marit Rasmussen, Mrs. Rasmussen received an invitation from God that there was one in the class who had a special mission call to Eastern Europe.
Now I do not remember this word, but Jan Kaare Hanvold was pointed out. He says it himself that from that day he never became the same again.
He traveled to Eastern Europe and there he experienced the most incredible things.
He went through customs and the customs officers found nothing. This was a wonder in the life and service of Jan Kaare Hanvold!

There is no doubt that Hanvold had a mission call to Eastern Europe. But what went wrong in Hanvold's life?
Today it is terrible and bad to hear and look at that man.

In many ways, one can say that Jan Kaare Hanvold received an apostle call, then to Eastern Europe. That was confirmed by former Bible School principal Marit Rasmussen.
But Hanvold has failed in several areas, primarily by remarrying several times. This is directly opposed to scripture, which states that a preacher and apostle should be one woman's husband, no longer as Hanvold is.

And he does not have a shepherd and teacher call, but an apostolic call.
Here he has also failed by taking on assignments and services that he is not obviously called or equipped for and for!

Final Comment:

It rings in my ears that Jan Kaare Hanvold reminds me of King Ussia, who also interprets himself to the right. It was his own and others' downfall.

Why did Ussia fall?

1) Ussia began to exalt itself. He forgot that true progress has more to do with who we are than what we do. He forgot that it was God who had helped him to the power and honor he had now achieved.

2) He had not taken the time to build character in his life. His character was in no way compared to what he had accomplished. It is important to build a strong character in God before you step out in a service to God. If not, sooner or later a character shortage will become visible to everyone.

3) Pride came into his life. Pride always comes before a fall. Ussia could not withstand success.

But what is pride?

- Pride is "mother of all sin" (Lester Sumrall)
Pride is a spiritual cancer. It eats up the possibilities that love and the fruit of the spirit can flow.
Pride is selfish. It always has the ego at its center. ("I am right...")
Pride is arrogance. It is to exalt oneself. One expects privileges, one wants to be noticed and become popular.
- Pride is anger. One cannot tolerate correction, but responds with anger.
In verse 19 we see that Ussia responds with anger - typically pride ...
We all need someone to correct us / admonish us. Ask yourself: How do I receive admonition and correction from other people? The way you receive correction will determine how you end your run!
Ussia became a leper, and he remained a leper for the rest of his life. He was first called king, but ended up being known as a leper. No one talked about what he did in the beginning. What matters is how you complete the race!
This man had ascended the throne at the age of sixteen, destined to become one of the greatest kings of Judah. He received advice from the prophet Zechariah. He received visions from the Lord. He was mighty blessed by God.
The Bible says that Uzziah sought the Lord - and God allowed him to prosper and become strong: "God helped him ..." (2 Chronicles 26: 7). ".... His name reached far and wide, for he was wonderfully helped, and he gained great power." (verse 15).
Besides Solomon, Uzziah had the best reputation of all the kings of Judah. He was anointed by God. He initiated revival in the land, demolished idols, and walked according to the word of God. As this brave king drove his chariot through the streets, he was shown honor and respect. He received gifts and tributes from all over the world.

But, the scripture says : ".... when he was mighty, he was overthrown in his heart, unto his own doom. He disobeyed the Lord his God, and entered into the sanctuary of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incense." (verse 16).

Pride overcame this man of provision. He wanted to become a priest as well as a king! In disobedience, Uzziah entered the temple and began to fan incense in front of the altar. He received a punishment for this - and when he pointed a furious finger in response, his hand immediately began to wither. It suddenly became leprous. Ussia had to be cast out of God's temple!

Oh, what a shame! One of the greatest, richest kings in Judah's history now had to be isolated. He was taken to a small house where he spent the rest of his days as a leper: "Then King Ussia was a leper until his death. He lived in a house for himself as a leper, for he was excluded from the house of the Lord ... . ”(2 Chronicles 26:21).

Ussia died in isolation - cut off from any blessing from God!

When this once mighty man died, crowds should have gathered around him. His passing should have been an honor in God's name. Instead, he died like an almost unknown man, with his body devoured by leprosy. Ussia boomed at its destination!

King Ussia became a leper

King Ussia became a leper and these people are already lepers and want to spread their leprosy over wherever they come, therefore the scripture says that we should not even rush in with them.

1Cor 5:11 But what I wrote unto you was that ye should not have intercourse with any man called a brother, and be a whore, or a virgin, or an idolater, or a slander, or a drinker, or a robber, that ye eat not even with him.

We shall in no way take part in their evil deed, if we do, we will become an accomplice. That many others support leprosy people who are spiritually wolves in sheep's clothing, I think that's bad!
Yes, directly nauseating and nonsensical.

onsdag 4. desember 2019

No. 1485: Israel houses first, and then the Gentiles!

No. 1485:
Israel houses first, and then the Gentiles!

Author and article author for this article Ivar Haugsbakk.

Jesus and the Apostle Paul always preached the gospel first to the Jews - then to us Gentiles. We always came second, while Jews first. This is the "ranking" the Lord has set.

Illustration illustrates that it is the Jews who have the "first" right, then us pagans. We read that Esau sold his birthright for only one lens meal. So we can also sell spiritual and heavenly blessings for such and such.

Jesus came to the world to offer the Jews the "Kingdom of Heaven," a kingdom of peace on earth with the Jews at the center and Jesus as the King. As we now know, and as written in the Gospels, God's chosen people did not accept this offer.

Of course, it was God's original plan to save all the people of the earth, those who with their free will sought God with all their heart. The Kingdom of Heaven, with Israel at its center, was exposed to an unknown future and will become a reality in the coming 1000's.

When Jesus sent out his twelve disciples in Matthew 10, he said to them, "Do not go out into the ways of the Gentiles, nor enter any of the cities of the Samaritans, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." understand this? Doesn't the gospel apply to the Gentiles as much as the Jews?

Paul then says in Rom 2:11 that "God does not make a difference to men", and in Rom 10:12: "There is no difference between Jews and Greeks, they all have the same master, who is rich enough for all who call on him. ”Why then did Jesus make this difference when he sent out the 12 disciples, and then the 70 disciples? Or how can Matthew 10: 5-6 agree with Matthew 28:19 where Jesus told the disciples to go out into the world and preach this gospel?

All of this is really easy to understand when we keep in mind that God has divided time into different time periods or households, and that his way of “keeping house” is different in these households. This is often called dispensationalism *, and some call it even unbiblical. From Adam to Abraham God dealt with the whole family of people together, but in Abraham's time God made a change with this.

When humans were building the tower that would reach straight up to heaven - Babal's tower - then God divided mankind into peoples with different languages ​​/ languages. God called Abraham and began his action with Israel. And to the Jewish people he gave the promises of the Messiah and the coming kingdom of peace on earth.

When Jesus came to the world, he came to his own and presented himself as the son of David and the king of Israel. "But his own did not receive him." And when Israel's rejection of Christ was complete, they were themselves temporarily rejected or put on a siding. But then God's hour was set to begin a new timekeeping in the world (Eph. 1: 9-10).

In John 12, Jesus said that when he was "exalted above the earth, he should draw all to himself." And Eph 2:11 tells us that this happened on Calvary. Then "He reconciled both (Jews and Gentiles) with God at the cross" and "made the two (Jew and Gentile) one." Those who were far away (Gentiles) came close to the blood of Christ. And from then on, Christ has come not only for "the lost sheep of the house of Israel," but for all people.

And that is why the gospel of God's grace and salvation is now being proclaimed through faith throughout the world. But it couldn't be that way before Easter and Pentecost. First, Israel must have its full opportunity to accept or reject its promised Messiah. Therefore, Paul also says to the Jews, "It was necessary that the gospel be first preached unto you, but as ye shew it from yourselves, and do not regard yourselves worthy of eternal life, so we turn unto the Gentiles." (Acts 13: 46)

Here we must further note that the message that the 12 disciples sent to the Jews in Matthew 10 was "the gospel of the kingdom." for Israel. (Acts 1: 6) This they would proclaim to their brethren, thereby exhorting them to repent.

* Dispensationalism - also called "premillennialism". The term comes from the foreign word "dispensation", which is used here in the meaning of "epoch", "timekeeping" (from English language use), and the basic view is that God acts in a completely different way with people in different eras.

In the end-time context, it is the doctrine that the congregation will be removed before the great tribulation, which is best known.

tirsdag 3. desember 2019

No. 1484: God's plan for Israel and the church!

No. 1484:
God's plan for Israel and the church!

Author and article author for this article Ivar Haugsbakk.
The author of the article claims that the Lord Himself will deliver us from this coming wrath, which is described in detail in the Book of Revelation, this wrath being poured out of heaven before the Lord's return to the Mount of Olives.
Illustration of an injured person when scripture says there will be few people left in the book of Isaiah and several other places.
Isaiah 24. 3 Be emptied, and let the earth be emptied, and be plundered; for the Lord has spoken this word. 4 The earth mourneth and withers; earthly ills and fades away; the highest of those who dwell on the earth are sick. 5 And the earth is profaned among them that dwell therein; for they have transgressed the laws, transgressed the commandment, broken the eternal covenant. 6 Therefore curse shall devour the earth, and they that dwell therein shall be fined; therefore, the earthlings are burning, and there are only a few people left.
19 The earth breaks, yes, it breaks; the earth cracks, yes, it cracks; the earth is shaken, yes, it is shaken. 20 The earth shall rave like the drowned, and be swung, and thither as a hammock, and its iniquity shall swing upon it, and it shall fall, and rise no more. 21 At that time the LORD shall visit the host of heaven on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth; 22 And they shall be gathered together as prisoners into the cave, and shall be imprisoned in the prison; and for a long time shall they receive their punishment.

The Bible consists largely of Jewish books, and of how God has acted and will deal with this his chosen earthly people - Israel.

Salvation comes from the Jews, Jesus said, and this we need to understand the scope of in order to understand what the Bible has to tell us about our place in God's plan to save humanity. Understanding the Bible's message of the end times becomes impossible if we do not take into account the very basic assumptions recorded in the Old Testament. The "Church" has had a tired tendency to think, believe, claim, and teach that it has taken over Israel's place as God's chosen people. Such a fundamental misunderstanding, and hence preconceived notions, has unfortunately characterized the preaching throughout the centuries. Here a thorough clean-up is needed, and what I write in this book will hopefully be a contribution in that respect.

"For I do not wish, brethren, that ye be ignorant of this secret, lest ye be wise in your own eyes, that glorification has partly come upon Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles is come, and thus all Israel shall be saved. As it is written, "From Zion shall come the Savior; he shall cut off wickedness from Jacob / Israel, and when I take away their sins, this is my covenant with them." (Rom. 11: 25-27)
A secret that first the Gentiles and then Israel, it says. And what does it mean that "the fullness of the Gentiles has come in"? Here Paul is speaking inspired by God, and God shows himself as a dispensationalist - the way of Israel's salvation is not the same as that of the Gentiles. This is not in conflict with the rest of the Bible, for the rapture of the Lord Jesus Christ to the souls of the congregation and His return to save the flesh of Israel is not the same thing. We must separate the heavenly from the earthly, both in the promises of God and in the prophecies related to these things.

What is the wrath of the Lord, and when does it start and end?

"And they say unto the mountains and the hammers, Fall upon us, and hide us from his presence that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand? ”(Rev. 6: 16-17). We read that the wrath of the Lord starts already in the sixth chapter of Revelation, at the opening of the sixth seal. God starts this wrath by sending a great devastating earthquake that gives people all over the world a great fear. But this is only the beginning of what God is sending over a wicked world. This resentment is like a four-stage rocket: First, the Lamb opens the seals on this scroll, which is his joint on the earth - this joint which He won back on the cross at Calvary.
When the Lamb has opened all the seals, there will be silence in heaven for about half an hour (Rev. 8: 1), before the Lord's wrath seriously breaks loose with the 7 judgment trumpets, the 7 thunders, and the 7 bowls of wrath. "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven above all the wickedness and iniquity of men that hold the truth in unrighteousness." (Rom. 1:18) Thus, this is a worldwide wrath not reserved for Antichrist and his close circle. And in Revelation 15: 1 we read that God's wrath is fulfilled with the last seven plagues - the seven bowls of wrath. Some people erroneously claim that the wrath comes after the tribulation period and after Jesus' return, but these Bible verses show that statement is wrong. God's wrath both starts and is completed in the time of the tribulation, as Scripture tells us.

Some claim that the congregation should be on earth in this time of tribulation and anger, but we have Paul's revealed words that this frightening scenario is not for the congregation. "That soon you must not let go of your senses or be frightened, neither by any spirit or r by some speech or by letter, as it should be from us, as if the day of the Lord stood at the door. "(2 Thess. 2: 2) Shall we walk today in the same trap, and be dismayed by those in day comes with the same claim - that the day of the Lord's wrath stands at the door? No, certainly not, because we have Paul's revealed words that there is something else to wait for: "And wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus, who will deliver us from the wrath to come" (1 Thessalonians 1:10), and "for God did not set us to wrath, but to gain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Thess. 5: 9) It is Christ we should prepare for and wait for.

Here it is said that the Lord Himself will deliver us from this coming wrath which is described in detail in the book of Revelation, this wrath being poured out of heaven before the Lord's return to the Mount of Olives. Paul has also described how we are to be delivered from this wrath, namely that the Lord Himself will descend into the sky and that we will be raised in clouds (that is, in quantities) up to Him, after receiving glory bodies with access to the celestial spheres. (1 Thessalonians 4: 15-18) It is not angels who will gather us, as some say, in reference to Matthew 24:31, for that gathering is not for saved bodies of glory, but flesh (Matthew 24:22) - flesh, which will populate the coming Kingdom of Peace / Millennium - "The Kingdom of Israel" (Acts 1: 6). If the rapture and return were one and the same thing, how does this match what Paul says in Romans 11: 25-26, first the Gentiles and then Israel?

We must believe what Jesus says about 1) His mission: "I am not sent to anyone but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 15:24), and 2) his missionary command: "These twelve sent Jesus out and commanded them: Do not go out into the way of the Gentiles, nor enter any of the cities of the Samaritans, but go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel! ”(Matthew 10: 5-6). Then of course, Jesus' final speech in Matthew chapters 24 and 25, before his death on the cross, is spoken to his carnal Jewish brethren. And 3) this also confirms Paul in Romans 11:25 "that glorification has partly come upon Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in."

Those who do not see, or overlook, that the path to salvation for Jews and the congregation (of Jews and Gentiles) is different, as Paul writes in Romans 11: 25-26 - nor will they ever understand that the rapture and the Second Coming are two different events. totally different intent. Salvation of souls (1 Thessalonians 4:17 and 1 Corinthians 15:52) and salvation of flesh (Matthew 24:22) are manifestly different in nature, and with different purposes. Salvation of souls is for the heavenly crowd, and salvation of flesh is to populate the earthly kingdom of Israel. These are neither the same, nor contemporaneous events. Those who speak against this dispensationalism have to come up with a biblically grounded explanation for why they claim that God simultaneously arranges the resurrection by bringing the congregation of Christ-professing Gentiles and Jews to heaven, while at the time of His Second Coming, most of the Jews remain on earth. to populate the coming millennium.

torsdag 28. november 2019

No. 1483: We have experienced the terrible and dangerous Norwegian child welfare!

No. 1483:
We have experienced the terrible and dangerous Norwegian child welfare!

The BV case is a hundred times worse than all the NAV scandals combined.
Of course, it is bad to lose a few bucks. Or, last of all, don't get the money you are entitled to.
But it is far worse and more serious to lose his or her children by a pierced BV.

Actually here - in this case there is a minister in from KRF, Kjell Inge Ropstad.
The man doesn't understand a thing. And show off every time that there is a lot of good with BV.
It is not much good with Norske BV, it is dangerous, evil and incompetent!

The child welfare we were involved in was BV in Karmøy Municipality, and I think people other than these do not exist in Norway, not even at Ullersmo!
Don't have words to say how bad BV in Norway is.
Norwegian child welfare is in crisis, and the Lobben case shows that Norway does not even listen to the human rights court.
Quite incredible and arrogant of the Drammen district court and sovereignly overestimate the Norwegian defeat in Strasbourgh.
The first and next must be that other countries must start boycotting Norway.

It was Helga Urrang who came up with the famous suggestion that we could make a "deal" with them. Just before the trial to keep the two largest, but give us the least child as the temporary foster home wants the smallest child.
This is Norwegian Child Welfare Service which reminds us of what we have read about what happened during i.a. communist rule further east. It's so bad that words don't stretch. For good measure, we did not agree with this and we fortunately won the trial in the county board.

We have faced conflict and everything else with BV.
Know exactly how they work and think.
In other countries, adoptions from parents occur with major personal problems.
In Norway, this happens to a lesser extent, but parents with children who are well-educated, kind and compassionate "take over" the Norske BV, and go for adoption.
In our case, they wanted to take all of our 3 children, but they always ran home to us. When the 2 biggest, when the smallest man did not quite understand what was going on.
Two days before the matter was going to the County Council, we got a proposal.
They wanted to compromise with us.
In the beginning our kids were deprived of us because Our oldest child had come up with a lie story. That was reinforced by the school and BV to the degrees. The truth was the opposite!
That's why they took all the kids from us when we were at work.
Then they would make a compromise. It was that now they would only "have" our smallest child, the two largest we could get back. This was BV "horse trading!"

Fortunately we won in the County Council. But this taught us many things with BV.
They wanted our kids when all the families that our kids were placed in "fight" to have them when they were so well-behaved, responsive, helpful and were just plain pattern-children.

This is how Norske BV works, stealing "well-behaved" children.
Therefore when it says in Aftenposten that:
«Norwegian Child Welfare is criticized for being at the top when it comes to taking care of children. But several countries are about the same as us. "

Then that's probably the case, as other countries take only those children who need help. These are neglected to a large extent in Norway.
But well-functioning children are the "struggle" to adopt to others than their biological father and mother! No wonder Norway is equal to other countries!

I wrote this a few years ago:

The first trial I / we were in as "prosecuted" we won complete victory, not least because that we had a very good lawyer, Gullbrand Kjos.

The reason for this trial was the following.
One late winter day in 2004, I was called to work by my wife.
She was completely out of touch, our kids were taken care of by child welfare while we were at work.

Of course, it was just false rumors that the Child Welfare Department were spending, these servants of darkness.

If there had been any team in this, then only everything would have been resolved with a simple conversation.
That was all that was needed.

But here they made an emergency decision, put it to life to try to break the Christensen family. They didn't succeed at all, I knew who was behind it. It was not of the good, or of God. Of course, it was Satan who was behind these ladies who went against us. It was probably a five piece with a priestess in the lead, Marta Elisabeth Åtland Førsvoll. She was rotten right through!

Eventually, they tried to negotiate with lying, threatening and all that is possible. Child welfare is so, if you admit something. which you never have to do, they use it against you. If you admit nothing, they will fantasize freely about both. If you speak against them, they say, "I hear what you say!" and do just as they please and have decided. The child welfare service in Norway is over-ripe for winding down as it works today!

To avoid trial, but we knew this was Satan's behind.
When we had been the world's best and most loving parents!

Fortunately, we had a very good lawyer, the now deceased Gullbrann Kjos from Haugesund.
And that the judge and fellow judge were a man who quickly realized that this was madness!

These include if they got the minimum, then we should have the two biggest ones. And other lies and Satan's formulations. The trial came in early summer 2004 and we won on all counts. It has not been in Norway's history a trial well where the child welfare until the degrees have been revealed and not gained at any point ?!

Final Comment:

Has much more to say about BV. But when the slogan is in many respects they do not want or have the ability to take care of the children and families who really need it. Who struggles with intoxication and other things.

But well-functioning families with kind and well-behaved kids are throwing themselves over. This is how BV is here in Norway. Now they have so many cases against them in Strasbourg, France that it resembles war states and Norway is the verses, which stand out. This came as no surprise to anyone like us.
We know that Norske BV is really ravenous when they do not yet realize that they have been abusing - not helping - against well-functioning families!

No. 1482: Even my wife Berit Nyland Christensen objected to the evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and unwelcoming treatment of the planning and building authorities!

No. 1482:
Even my wife Berit Nyland Christensen objected to the evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and unwelcoming treatment of the planning and building authorities!

How we have been met by the municipal and county administration in this matter. Then it's like reading about the old GDR with Stasi. There, if an opponent is punished, the more severe the punishment. This is how PBE has been against us.

The way we meet the public is under par. They have, as we see it, acted as incorrect and unfair as possible.
It is actually a form of speculation where one lives in a form of fantasy. Where everyone else is "scoundrels" but that they themselves are the biggest they were not themselves. Jesus said it so aptly in the Sermon on the Mount.

Matt. 7. 1. Do not judge, lest you be judged! for with the same judgment with which ye judge, ye shall be judged; 2 and with the same measure that ye judge, ye shall be measured again. 3 Why do you see the splinter in your brother's eye, but the beam in your own eye you do not become? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, Let me pull the splinter out of your eye? and behold, there is a beam in thine own eye! 5 You are hypocritical! first pull the beam out of your own eye, then you can see the splinter out of your brother's eye!

Even my wife has now sent letters to PBE for their evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and inaccessible treatment of us.

Am glad to have such a wife, here are her two mail to PBE.

Case numbers 201610333, 201609223, 201510929 and 201908605
Construction case PBE here in Oslo 19 / 11-2019


Just want to make a few remarks.

1.) See that for several documents, my husband's name and mine stand as signatures. But then only my husband's name is responsible for their websites. Like everything else you have been dealing with in this case, this is fabricated and the forgery you get with it.

2.) All documents and cases I have the same responsibility as my husband, whether it is me or he who writes the emails and documents. One has to write, and of course it is a collaboration.

3.) You have, in this and several other matters, separated us in a way that is really against all custom, decency, and which is a false explanation for those who read their pages online and lie.

4.) Want to state as strongly as I can, that of all the decisions and orders you have made, they are so deficient that it is very difficult to relate to them seriously as you almost never answer our questions and objections. If you do, it is because you believe you are servants to it. But when we answer and put you back in place. Then, as always, we will receive an order that is even more difficult than ever. This is a form of punishment that is so bad that words do not stretch.

5.) We now see that the entire judicial system and the public administration are shredded by so many cases. Isn't it time you take something inside you and act humbly in the future? Far wiser and shows a treatment of us has been until now?

6.) What you impose on us, it is disproportionate out of all proportions. It's okay that we look at certain things differently, but to be as square and difficult as you have been before us in this matter. That way no one should be allowed to hold on! Order us to demolish and return everything to the way our property was before we built. It is completely beyond thinking something like this. We have documented more than enough other places, so I will not repeat this now.

7.) If we send or log in from my husband's or my account or mail, then the signature is what is valid.

8.) It is completely incomprehensible to me that you can allow yourself such a low goal and we who are the unprofessional must point out such a matter of course.

9.) I send this document with only my signature, so that you will go into each document to correct your name and my husband's name. It should stand together, not just my or his name when we both have signed.

10.) What is sad about you is when we have pointed out time after time that you have acted incorrectly against us. Then we are punished with even harder orders. We saw this, not least when we had to search again. This was a great spectacle on their part. We would then submit a far more comprehensive application for the first time that was actually so comprehensive that you will find no one who has applied for a bid has applied with so many factors. Then we should apply again. Then the factors were impossible to comply with. You, in our eyes, actually like rats to count!

11.) Now is the time to put a roast on this whole thing. You give us the minimal exemption we need, and everything is approved without anything.

12.) That you have chosen this way of being is just sad, but hope that it is possible after all, that the matter can and will have a friendly and good arrangement that everything is now approved? We are not looking for any revenge, but justice. That others almost write at 1 p.m. add and get dispensed time after time. While we should not be taken into account in any way. There is nothing but profoundly unfair and discriminatory treatment that should not occur!

13.) Finally, we will say that our attitude will always be to do the right thing, even if you have chosen to be the opposite. But now should be the time to realize that it is still possible to come to an arrangement that is right.
After all, masonry stairs and storage rooms still stand and are just for the benefit and benefit of everyone! There is no hint of what we have built, only operational benefits. Then there should be an exemption.
The advantages are far more disadvantageous, there are no disadvantages!

§ 19–2 The dispensation decision
• whether the benefits of granting an exemption will be clearly greater than the disadvantages of a comprehensive assessment
With us there are actually 100% and 0% disadvantages, beat it !!!!!!!!!!!

Berit Nyland Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo

Hook path 2 C - Construction of storage room, stairs and masonry
Case number 201908605 - Construction Case

Got a letter from you 1.10. 2019

You want us to reduce the wall and the shed.
But we will return to the way it was before then.
But then our property will be ½ meter further out than our wall is today.
It is then more "legal" to have the wall as today. It will be nicer and cleaner then, think it is not right to listen to you who do not want to comment on this.
This is a disclaimer of dimensions that makes PBE credibility equal to zero.

Answer this why you will not answer why we now have a more legal wall than we had before and we will demolish this wall. There is so beyond all reason and justice it is possible to achieve what you are doing and of course we will never align ourselves with your rigid and false instructions.

We have a house on an "old" plot where there are today 4 houses in an old housing estate.
You must also take this into account. It is completely wrong that others are allowed to receive an exemption up to 57 times more than us. In the same residential area and builds contemporary as us. They also apply on multiple occasions and receive exemptions each time.

We should now have professional applicants etc. who will not even take on the assignment.

Others sit at home on the "kitchen counter" and write an application and receive an exemption.
We are tasked with an impossible task.
What you are doing is nothing more than an evil and totally unnecessary to do so!

Only remedy is that we get the exemption we need which is minimal. Everything else is profoundly unfair and unnecessary!

Berit Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo