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No. 1634: The case against me is manufactured, even in the old Soviet Union they would not have gone as far as the Norwegian authorities have done to me and the heavenly blog!

No. 1634: 
The case against me is manufactured, even in the old Soviet Union they would not have gone as far as the Norwegian authorities have done to me and the heavenly blog!
 Picture of the flag of the old Soviet Union.

No, the whole thing is a fader, I have not done anything in the wrong place.The case against me is manufactured, even in the old Soviet Union they would not have gone as far as the Norwegian authorities have done to me and the heavenly blog!Every word I've written is right, good and so 😁With the old Soviet Union it was exactly the way it is in Norway today regarding that judgment against me. Just not so bad, as in the old Soviet Union they always had an accused opportunity to say their opinion about what one was charged with and be convicted of!I am charged with a thing convicted of something completely different that I have not been able to defend myself for. As well as what I was convicted of, it's not punishable, the whole thing is fictional, lying and dark!I was sentenced to have written too much about Jan Aage Torp, but this is also a lie that this is punishable. What law do they judge me after? Yes, if I had searched Torp and had presented this to him repeatedly.What have I done? We have debated his life as a public person. When using the number is completely beyond!May end here.But what's written about me surpasses what I've written about Jan Aage Torp at least ten times in both crowd and scratch!Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil and good evil, who make darkness to light, and light to dark, making bitter to sweet and sweet to bitter!

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No. 1633: When the Christian people - especially those in the liberty - overlook reproductions but prolong the gays, then make a difference to people and bring themselves under God's judgment!

No. 1633:
When the Christian people - especially those in the liberty - overlook reproductions but prolong the gays, then make a difference to people and bring themselves under God's judgment!
 James 2: 8 If you follow the royal law after the scripture, you shall love your neighbor as yourself, then you are doing well; 9 But if you make a difference in people, you are doing sin, and the law is reckoning against you as a lawmaker. 10 For anyone who keeps the whole law, but stumbles in one thing, he has become guilty of all. 11 For he that said, Thou shalt not commit adultery, neither saith he, Thou shalt not kill. If you do not commit adultery but kill you then you have become a criminal offender. 12 Speak, and do as those who are to be judged according to the law of freedom! 13 For judgment shall be merciless to him that hath not mercy; But mercy rejoices against the judgment.We read clearly in the scripture that we should not make a difference to people.Have we violated one of God's commandments. Then we have violated all of them.It is so evident in the word of God that imprisoned Christians can not accept why? Because God's word says it's a shame.How to deal with gay and lesbian believers? In the same way, God's word says that living out his gay, it's a pity! Then it's a pity when the God of heaven says so!This is a hypocrisy without equal, and God will judge the people who make a difference to other people!This article I wrote for a while back, and it's more up to date than ever!

No. 926:

Hypocrisy what is it?

It is eg. that homosexuals should refrain from his love, while the remarriage should not, although the same Bible says that both remarriage and homosexual practice is a sin! We can not be against the homosexuals, that they should get practicing what the Bible says is sin. That they have sexual intercourse and possibly initiate a relationship. While those who are re-married, they are allowed, this is hypocrisy and double standards.

What scripture says?

James 2 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one of the commandments, has been guilty of breaking them all. 11 For he that said, Thou shalt not commit adultery, said also, Thou shalt not kill. If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a transgressor.

Here we see, like so many other places in the word of God. That killing a human being, living as re-married, or steal. Everything is sin. Marriage Switches, drunkards, murderers, none that doeth sin, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Here are time after time all who live in sin ban from the kingdom of God if they are not there from the church

1 Cor. 6. 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Neither the sexually immoral, those who worship idols or adulterers, nor men who lie with men or who allow themselves to be with, 10 neither thieves, greedy, drunkards, revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 Such were some of you before. But now you are washed, you are made holy, you're done righteous in the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

No one makes the watch shall inherit the kingdom of God, this is the Bible clear and concise learning!

Here is an article I wrote a while back, which is more relevant than ever:

No. 815:
There are double standards being against gay, transgender etc., but at the same time accept remarriage among Christians!

I have to laugh at the Christian hypocrisy. "We must love the gays, but they must not go into any relationship, for it is the Bible that it is sin" When it comes to divorce and remarriage among Christians sounds "Christians are the most people and there are the forgiveness, do not be so judgmental .. "yes yes :)

Photo of Hans Inge Fagervik


My message is really simple and clear, according to the word of God to the letter in all areas. Do not overdo any place or overlook something. But who comes to God's word? All, but it's shepherds and those with leadership responsibilities we must ensure that they live accordingly.

I have no problems with that someone sits on the "last" unit and drugged, re-married, gay, transgender or whatever they are. But when they start to sit on the podium and to have management responsibilities, as it twists me.

I started with a statement I obtained from the web. It says the following:
I have to laugh at the Christian hypocrisy. "We must love the gays, but they must not go into any relationship, for it is the Bible that it is sin" When it comes to divorce and remarriage among Christians sounds "Christians are the most people and there are the forgiveness, do not be so judgmental .. "yes yes :) written by Judith Bjørsvik.

What words describe God who separates and remarries?

1) Marriage Breakers.
2.) adulterer or whore goats in good Norwegian.
3.) adulteress or hussy in well-Norwegian
4.) Sinners
5.) Switch marriage.
And he who has not been married before but marries a divorced fall under the same judgment as the one who remarries after a divorce.

What does the word of God on those who choose to live with a person of the same sex?

1) Hor.
2.) Sins against nature.
3) the natural use of the unnatural.
4.) Driver skjenselsverk.
5.) In GT referred to homosexuality as an abomination.

This is just to show the basis of the word of God as it is basically adultery and sin no matter what "form" one chooses to live outside of marriage. We can not "accept" a form of sin, but oppose one another, there are double standards and hypocrisy!

But who will prevail and be good examples? World? God's church?
Yes, God's church, but there are preachers and those with management responsibility to be good examples and role models. This teaches and speaks writing about.

Kyrre Vidar Simonsen We know what the Bible says about divorce! If one is to follow God's words or his own flesh? Pastors and leaders engaged to marry to stand has a lot to answer for, when those are helping to lead such children at the same rate, ie that it should in a way be approved and accepted divorce to marry several times, it is totally against God's word, God hates divorce, and there are not many reasons the Bible mentions as a reason for divorce! Christians, especially leaders have a huge responsibility in terms of signals emit them with their lifestyle. People stand the slightest cause for them, and be honest why? Æ has zero respect for Christian leaders who did not choose to follow God's word. By choosing to follow their own carnal desires and roads.
(end of quote).

1 Pet. 5. 2 Be shepherds of the flock of God which ye have with you! Have oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly, as God would, and not for lucre, but of the heart. 3 Do you not masters of those whom God has given you the responsibility, but set an example for the flock.

1930 translation, but so that I will be the pattern for the flock.

I will ask a simple question, is a pattern to the flock if one is divorced and marry again? No, I mean. That many believe differently than me gets to be their choice. But it comes very often that one does not stand preachers from "ordinary" people. God's word adds something completely different at Shepherds than other "Christian".

1 Tim. 5. 17 elders that leaders in the church, deserves double reward, especially those dealing with preaching and teaching.

Final comment:
This speaks well for itself? It is sin that creates separation between us and God, and minor and major sins are not of God. There are all sins "big" for it is sin that creates separation, but we make up our sin. Repent, leave the instance. spouse if one is re-married, or if one is homosexual then must leave their man or woman. Living with a person of the same sex is a sin, just as remarriage is. We can not accept sin and warns against another, such is the hypocrisy and double standards!

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No. 1632: The appeal in Strasbourg in France, Norway's largest justice word becomes standing, now the case has been terminated in the most unfair manner!

No. 1632:
The appeal in Strasbourg in France, Norway's largest justice word becomes standing, now the case has been terminated in the most unfair manner!

Had the case been dealt with in the Norwegian Supreme Court, then this would have been a judgment and a matter of building. The Norwegian Supreme Court rejected this, they did so in France too!

Letter from France!

The whole trial and case against me appear like a good father!

Once we've lost in each court of law, I have to say that my lawyer Brynjar Meling has once pointed out the wrong law enforcement has not been heard. What Brynjar Meling has pointed out is that the law they have judged me is not a criminal offense section 390a on the violation of peace to another.

Here's an article I wrote for a time back that's more up to date than ever!

No. 1584:
Picture of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in France for which this case is being tested.
Since, in my view, this case has not been dealt with in Norwegian justice system in a worthwhile and good way, since the whole judgment against me and the heavenly blog is the way I see it a big big dad!

  1. Brynjar Meling is a conscientious man, therefore I am convinced that his fronting that it is wrong lovanv ending that is used against me.
That's something he thinks is legally correct, not to "win" forward. Meal is the way I see it, a man with great integrity and "love" jus. In other words, he is not lightweight, so it's sad to see how he has been treated my mind. He has been treated almost like a fool, it is abuse of power against another man and towards me and my family.
  1. He has f to tt full st ø support of many, including media law judge Jon Wessel-Aas.
  1. A dvokat Brynjar Meling who in my opinion have been used by the Oslo District Court and Court of Court of Appeal to make it look nice, although they have kept us for fun.
As I said, it is fairly sought as they hold on. What I have been convicted of has been used by the court for a minimum of minutes. But hours on everything else. And they have not asked me about anything in the judgment that I almost have a personal vendetta against Torp as far from the truth as it is possible to come.
Torp I have never impressed, just because he says he is a pastor and apostle, and lives just the way it suits him. Only thing I've had interest with Torp, it's his double standard or double, nothing else!
I have proved never to seek him or make personal contact with him in any way.
The whole assertion against me is ridiculous, fabricated and lying!
  1. After the session the Court of Appeal, cutting ø nth Brynjar Meling that we were f carr ied behind "the light" and wrote a too crass appeal letter to Norwegian H ø Supreme.
This is his inscription, and now he wrote that what I'm convicted of has not been dealt with in court. His "tunnel vision" of focusing on law enforcement was now gone, and other moments he emphasized. This he wrote:
Facts of the case
The District Court has made the district court's description of fact to its own by citing the three most important sections in the District Court's reproduction of the fact on pages 3 and 4 of the Court of Appeal's judgment. As far as it goes, this description must therefore be taken into account, str.prl. § 306, second paragraph.
Case handling error, provocation and retribution 
As stated at the bottom of page 4 and at the top of page 5 of the judgment of the Court of Appeal, the defendant stated in his defense that his oppositions had to be subjected to punishment or to be judged mildly from the principle of provocation and retribution.
In spite of this statement, the Court of Appeal has, in any case, ignored the extent to which abusive and alleged opposition by the accused's verbal assault has been or what characteristics of the convicted person had to withstand in return for his verbal assault against Pastor Torp.
As meaningful assessment of possible impunity or reduced punishment due to provocation and rhetoric in relation to reciprocal verbal attacks presupposes both a quantitative and qualitative comparison of the arguments put forward from both sides, it is stated that the decision of the Court of Appeal is insufficient.
The Court of First Instance has - see first full section on page 8 of the judgment - in the present context limited to finding that Torp's counterattack against Christensen has helped escalate and prolong the conflict between convicted and insulted. This is insufficient in order to eliminate the meaning of the "balance of payments", either for the sake of guilt or punishment.
The above-mentioned inadequacy of the Court of First Instance's premises is further related to Strl. (1902) § 250 is not mentioned at all in the court's premises, which in itself is also an additional inadequacy given the questions relating to the law of the court of law, see below.
Litigation, legitimate resentment
From the majority of the characteristics through which the convicted person has expressed the conduct of insults, it appears that Christensen has been moral - or moralizing if you want - upset over certain aspects of pastor Torp's way of life and behavior, things that purely objectively appear to be in contrary to the words of the Bible.
Although literal and unconventional use of moral bans in religious allegedly sacred texts is no longer a common phenomenon in Norwegian social reality, especially when it is not a criminal offense in the secular sense, and even to attack others in such a way public opinion is eventually even more unusual than simply to hold condemnations on religious grounds, one must ask it about it - within the narrow circles where fundamentalist attitudes to such issues are still widespread and considered fully legitimate - may be the basis for considering Pastor Torp's conduct as a basis for "justified harms", cf. strl. (1902) Section 56, No. 1, point b)? 
Can Christensen be considered to have acted in justified anger, given that the special theological con text is both convicted and insulted?
The fact that the Court of Appeal in its premises does not discuss the issue at all, is alleged to mean that the ruling grounds in the judgment are insufficient. This even though strl. (1901) Section 56, No. 1, point b), was not explicitly invoked by the defense: The Court of Appeal is ex officio abiding by the law enforcement.
  1. Øystein Hermansen, Malin Str ø mberg Amble and all other judges holding really Brynjar Meling and me for a fool. Then I can not say that it was Meling's mistake that we lost. They left Meling mess for several hours, totally dribbling in what he says. What I say is blaming all the judicial authorities in.
Lets some unpublished statements from Jan Aage Torp, who I am in charge of, saying that the court must ignore this as it is undocumented and the claims are completely beyond. This puts Hermansen into account for the verdict, no one can blame Brynjar Meling. He can not because he is being fooled by Øystein Hermansen and everyone else.
  1. It is lawyer Brynjar Meling to take care of the appeal and, if necessary, continue negotiations with the Strasbourg Human Rights Court.
This tells me that Meling has a great deal of involvement in the matter, and he has gone all the way and continues. Although in my opinion he was fooled by the court here in Norway. They have simply drowned in what he has argued, even though he has great support, and lay on a lie-line. This is the court in Norway, or is it Congo or North Korea? That's how it feels like that! 
Final Comment: 
As said, one can not blame a man for whom the court has held "breath."
When he is done, they completely ignore what he brings, as they have "right to do." But it's fraudulent, and no one's way to go.
At least they could have asked both me and Brynjar Meling why I have discussed Torp as much as we have done.
That's because I've received a 30,000 hatred sign against me over the last 4 years.
And an approx. 300 blog posts addressed to me and the heavenly one that I have responded to. That it has become "big" amounts if not close to that Torp writes. First and foremost aimed at me and my family, much worse than what Torp has received. In other words, it also makes the verdict against me a super judicial sentence. The pure father and it is a disgrace in Norwegian legal history as a judgment that is so totally wrong and wrong it is possible to stay in all ways!
This is not Brynjar Meling's fault, but Jan Aage Torp, Oslo police and the courts!

mandag 27. november 2017

No. 1631: In many ways, it is the Norwegian law of jail that has gotten me and the heavenly blog sentenced for what I have done is not near to being punishable!

No. 1631:In many ways, it is the Norwegian law of jail that has gotten me and the heavenly blog sentenced for what I have done is not near to being punishable!
 Jan Aage Torp stands so far from evangelical Christianity it is possible to come. It is humanism with a Christian profile, it is Cain's Spirit and way of life that lives in that man. He is obviously demonized as he claims I am!Picture of his son who says the same as me and gets money from the state to "save" people like Torp and the type of "Christianity" has been destroyed and seduced.Andreas seems to be both a very handsome man / boy, but at the same time injuries, and has probably experienced the exercise of the compelling variety of religion!

Very important to understand that I have never done or written anything illegal or punishable. The thing about it is a fabricated judgment, make it ready for you!Here everything is turned on my head, I have revealed a fool's post, and is being persecuted because of the! It also experienced the first Christians when they healed the sick and did the will of God. Jesus did the same, revealed the Pharisees and the Scribes!Doing God's Will Will Always Meet Resistance!I have revealed a narrative, manipulator and poor shepherd. That this is punishable is of course nothing but a pretext to try to stop me and the heavenly blog.That's how Satan always works, and he's doing that!The first Christians preached the gospel, healed the sick, and people were baptized in water and spirit. They were hated, so it was with Jesus himself too. He proclaimed repentance, believed in himself as the Messiah of God, healed the sick and revealed the profane poverty of the leadership in Israel. It became too much, and they did everything to stop him, and eventually succeed in bringing Jesus to trial, judged and crucified with death. This I have written similar articles about how always men and women of God are being tried and shut out to proclaim the message, the words and thoughts God has given to the individual!Hate reviews are as often due to the fact that such prosecutions are used as a political tool, one wrote online. True, I am Jan Aage Torp's hat object No. 1. Therefore he is doing everything to soap me and the heavenly blog as I have everything he misses and lost in his life. I have a lovely wife, which is No. 1. Torp has divorced from wife # 2 and lives today like a witch!The sabbath is the rest of the Jews. That woman has been very sick. For 18 years she has gone with her bent back. Jesus put her hands on her and immediately she straightened up. She is healed!Then the religious leaders get angry. "It's six days a week to work on," says one of them to the crowd. "In those days you can come and be healed, but not on the sabbath!"But Jesus answers: "You hypocrites! Each and every one of you solves your donkey on the sabbath to get out and drink. Should not this poor woman, who has been ill for 18 years, be healed on the Sabbath? "Jesus is ashamed of these evil men.Jan Aage Torp's son Andrea Torp is communications manager in the "Help Source"Author of the book "Jesúsoldaten" and pursues to help people as his father has destroyed and corresponding preaching. I have been convicted of having proclaimed the same thing. We only see where the evil and rigid judgment against me is. It was just like when Jesus healed on the Sabbath, something wrong will always find others who do good if one wants to do it!The first Christians were also persecuted for everything between heaven and earth, although they healed the sick and did good!That's how it's with me, I've only revealed and pointed out what's right, true and good. This should be punishable? Ha-ha, this is nothing but the forces of darkness that turns everything on your head.Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil and good evil, who make darkness to light, and light to dark, making bitter to sweet and sweet to bitter!

Final Comment:

The fight against me and the heavenly blog is really the evil fight against the good!This is about me:Christian bloggers call pastors "psychopaths", "old pigs" and "horebukkes". Today he met in court for cleanlinessBlogger Jan Kåre Christensen refused to accept a fine. Thus there is prosecution and full criminal case.(Quote ending).This I maintain is true, necessary and good! That I am punished for this is really the evil who will punish the good. Son of Torp is sponsored by the state to help people like his father and corresponding preachers have destroyed and made the most of themselves taking their own lives. Something that Torp himself claimed he has considered several times!Yes, yes. Here everything is turned over, in the "gales" world it's mostly!

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No. 1630: Johnn Ravnkilde Hardang Announces P7 Christian Riksradio threatens people with an everlasting burning hell, but the scriptures clearly state that the end to all non-believers is extinction!

No. 1630:Johnn Ravnkilde Hardang Announces P7 Christian Riksradio threatens people with an everlasting burning hell, but the scriptures clearly state that the end to all non-believers is extinction!

Picture of Johnn Ravnkilde Hardang who threatens people with an everlasting burning hell where God and his angels will torment and punish all people who reject Jesus as his personal savior.

Have listened to P7 and a preacher who tries to scare people into heaven with a false message. It is that all non believers are to be tormented day and night in an eternal hell that God and his angels.It is perfectly legal to think this, but it is not Biblical!Scripture is clear that all non believers want the judgment in front of the white throne. If they do not have their names written in Life's book, be destroyed in the fire. When you together with Satan, Antichrist, the false prophet, all fall angels and demons.Have written so much about this before, taking some of my Bible commentary from John Revelation.Also recommend reading the articles under related links.Here from my Bible commentary John Revelation 20. 10 And the devil who seduced them was thrown into the sea with fire and sulfur, where also the beast and the false prophet are. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Here Satan and all who followed him last become. That they are tormented day and night are bilingual speech when night will cease when God creates a new heaven and a new earth. The Bible does not speak of literally eternal torment, but when one has turned away from God and reason has passed away. Then it will be a painful and painful entry into nothing and annihilation - the accomplishment!11 I saw a big white throne and him who sat on it. Earth and sky swept away before him and was no longer available.Here we stand in front of the final judgment. That the throne is white speaks that it is divine and pure. At the same time, here will all things come forward, not just the deeds but the motives too. That earth and sky swept away speaks that now everything is coming out and none of the old creature will get a settlement.12 And I saw the dead, both great and small: they stood before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, the book of life. And the dead were judged according to what was written in the books, according to their deeds.Everyone will have a perfect righteous judgment and a settlement with God. Only God can hold a 100% fair judgment. We humans do not know if we believe that the authority is of God and that for us there should be something that is right and something that is wrong. But our judgment is always inadequate and limited.It is the very last and decisive judgment. Here, all men will come before God who has not been before. And one will be judged, even those who have not heard gospel.

 13 The sea returned to death, and death and the kingdom of death gave back the dead who were there, and every man was judged according to his works.Here nobody is forgotten. This is the last revolt, this is the very last and most important sentence. No one can stand before God and live. Slev the sea gives everyone back. The death kingdom is no longer needed. Everything will be measured against God Himself. What he said is right and wrong. That the ten commandments also include in his will. But there is also more one, everybody will be judged by the light and the opportunity he or she had in his life.Heb. 9. 27 Just as it is human beings to die once and then come for judgment.14 Then death and kingdom of death were thrown into the lake of fire - and the fire of fire, that is the second death.Here we come to a truth that has fought for many, even today. For those who do not have their names written in the book of life, what happens? It will experience the second death. The first time we meet this in the word of God is in the creation report of man. We humans put in front of us the way of life or death. The choice is ours! We decide in the future whether we want to be a citizen of heaven or experience death, when we go out of time it's too late and we've made our choice.Genesis 2. 15 Then the Lord God took the man, and put him in Eden to cultivate and care for the garden. 16 And the Lord God gave this commandment to the man: "You can eat of all the trees in the garden. 17 But you shall not eat the tree that gives knowledge of good and evil. for the day you eat of it you shall die. "15 And if anyone were not written into the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.What is the fire or hell, that's the same thing. It is to be left to fire and total to Intel's accomplishment and a ceasefire of life and existence. Once the fire has taken effect, everything is over. Thus, Satan, Antichrist, the False Prophet, the demon, and all people who failed to receive the offer of God's salvation in Jesus Christ will follow.Now when the human beings die, they come either to Paradise or Death Kingdom, waiting for either salvation or judgment. They believed in Paradise and not believers to the kingdom of death.But in the end, what?I have been taught to believe (I have my background in the free friends' pimple movement) that people must be tormented forever.And, learn and believe one not, it's a scam. But what does the word of God teach?Jesus says it himself.Matt. 10. 28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can not kill the soul. Also fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.Here it is right that the Father can destroy, wipe out and destroy human beings in the fire or hell. We read from the text that it says that human beings can kill and kill the body. But only God can kill \ kill \ destroy \ wipe them both; soul and body!We also see Paul saying something the same.Room. 6. 23 The wages of sin are death, but the grace of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.When the wages of sin are death, which means separation, it must be understood as an eternal separation from God. And when we begin to compare other scriptures, we find that there is no mention of eternal literal torment as an eternal punishment. But an extermination of all who do not have their names written in Life's Book of Lamb, including Satan and all the evil spirits included.What then with eternal torment in Revelation 20.10, which may be the last word as possibly those who believe that God will torment and not wipe out the people and all demons and Satan in the end?There is no word in Hebrew or Greek meaning "eternal" (something that never ceases). After Jewish thinking, of which the scriptures originate, everything is seen in ages / n / ne / adj; tidsalderlig. ...- If. 2; 7: Thus, in the coming ages, He (YHWH) wishes to show His riches of wealth in kindness to us in Yeshua HaMashiavch. / 2. Tess. 1, 9: ..'s punishment (the unborn) becomes an age-old (aionion) demise away from Adonay's face and from His Glory and Power.The hebrew; olam, and the Greek, aion (eon), denotes something like "lying on the horizon. Something for man" irreversible. "Only YHWH & Yeshua knows the length of time span, for each age and the length of time in several ages: They reveal it by His Spirit when it is useful.In terms of age-old pain for devil spirits and unborn / disobedient) - in the age-old (eonian) fire, this means a painful extinction process (by fire), resulting in complete extinction / destruction. It is only YHWH who knows the duration (length of time) of this punishment / expulsion process.This translation phase depends in part on the need of the church to "reinforce fear" - intimidate the population to pay off and support (subordinate) the Church and the Church's teachings. - A product of Greek-Heathen-philosophical thinking.In our time, the ecclesiastical Bible translators are still too cowardly to translate Olam / Aion correctly; age / eon / time-span / adjective; tidsalderlig / eonisk / sustained / (long) term. It is the churches and churches

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