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No. 1042: Jimmy Swaggart was revealed already in August 1987 on Long Island in front of thousands of people, is the lesson for us not to live in unsettled sins!

No. 1042:
Jimmy Swaggart was revealed already in August 1987 on Long Island in front of thousands of people, is the lesson for us not to live in unsettled sins!

This is the only thing I can find on Youtube from the meeting he was revealed.

28th August 1987 Jimmy Swaggart Crusade Long Island, New York,

This is only singing, but this is such a long time back. It was actually the day before on Thursday 27 August, I met my wife for the first time. Since then we have been together and approaching us as soon thirty years of marriage. I happen to remember these dates quite as good, although it is now approaching thirty years back in time.

Picture of a hall illustrating what Jimmy Swaggart and his topic did during the entire 80s. Then he filled up these halls that would hear the word of God preached and heard and participate in wonderful worship.


Friday August 28th, I believe that it was the day that Jimmy was revealed that he fought a battle with Satan where he sadly then had the upper hand. I had video, but my wife says I gave it to charity shops during a rounding.

But everything that I write and hold out, I know that's true!

Scripture says: 4 Exodus 32.23 But if you do not do this, then you sin against the Lord, and ye shall know that your sin will find you.

Especially these words: "to know that your sin will find you."

And Scripture also says: 1 Tim. 5. 24 Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; but in others they follow after. 25 Likewise also the good works obvious, and those that are otherwise with, can not be hid.

There has been great interest in these "new" information about Jimmy Swaggart, that he was revealed to his sin and unfaithfulness already half a year before he stood and confessed their sins in the church in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Family Worship Center that was and is his home ward.

Is it not strange that most people believe that God is the same today as he was for both 2000 and 4000 years ago, God does not tolerate sin, he hates sin today as he did before. And start some of his children to live in sin, and believe that God condone it, so they take so wrong it is possible to do!

Freedom from guilt

If we know the guilt or not, we are all guilty before God for the many times we have broken His commandments in thoughts, words and deeds. Just as there is punishment for committing a crime, the punishment for breaking God's commandments. "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). The result of the wrongs we do is spiritual death where we cut off from communion with God forever. We all deserve this punishment. On the cross Jesus took the punishment instead of us so that we could be completely forgiven and our guilt be taken away.

Freedom from addiction

The urge to do what is wrong, is like being addicted to anything. Jesus said: "Everyone who sins is a slave of sin" (John 8:34). Jesus died to set us free from this slavery. On the cross was the power of this addiction broken. Although we still can fall into sin, break the power of this addiction when Jesus sets us free: "If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed" (John 8:36)

Freedom from fear

Jesus came "to destroy him as ruler of death, that is, the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were in bondage throughout his life" (Hebrews 2:14). We no longer need to fear death.

Death is not the last of those whom Jesus has set free. One can also say that it is the gateway to heaven, where sin no more. When Jesus frees us from the fear of death, he frees us from all other fears.

Jesus is no longer physically present on earth, but he still has not abandoned us. He has sent us his Holy Spirit to be with us. When His Spirit comes to live within us, he gives us a new freedom.

Freedom to know God

The wrongs that we do creates a barrier between us and God: "It is your iniquities that stands between you and your God" (Isaiah 59: 2). When Jesus died on the cross, he removed the barrier that was between us and God. The result is that he has made it possible for us to have fellowship with our Creator. We are His sons and daughters. Spirit affirms this community for us and helps to learn to know God better. He helps us to pray and understand God's Word (the Bible).

Final Comment:
We followed Jimmy Swaggart, throughout the 80s. Then there are so many messages there that should have and should have been sent all over again. With perhaps somewhat improved version? But what brother Jimmy preached, there are messages that stand out today. Here are some of the messages, listen to with. Spread it on and in all ways is the word that speaks to us in 2015 when it is the word of God being preached:

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