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No. 1036: It is bad that so many people believe blindly in what is being communicated through newspapers, TV, radio, online and in other ways!

No. 1036:
It is bad that so many people believe blindly in what is being communicated through newspapers, TV, radio, online and in other ways!

One of the most difficult is when people either abilities or want to see the truth. Let me take an example. There are several who have written the most remarkable things about me. It's also created a blog in my name, and everything on the blog I have 0% to do. But it is written on the blog so much weird, stupid and ugly that even though it is reported to the police so they bothered not to remove it from the network (they can write to Wordpress.com). They should take the "big" wolf - actual nettrollet - which obviously is me!

Image of the false Smyrna blog (https://smyrnamenighet.wordpress.com/)

Police are in my view very special when they let such things pass, while they should take me for everything it's worth. But they have their agenda!

We are in other words facing a hat police on Manglerud who do their job ?!

And what they do, they do. And what they do, they do not. They are really set to take care of religion and freedom of speech, but they try to gag. Those who really writes harassment etc. they let go free. Talk about putting everything on the head!


Police acting unfortunately many times unprofessional and vulgar!


There are those who come to me and thank me who dares, will and managed to put the police in place. And in fact, here are very, very many agree with me. And this has helped many of both believers and non-believers that the police make such roaring past that they never should have done that a professional police.

I've written a bit about this. Here in this case with Torps fictional review of me they have done just about everything wrong and done nothing for "book".

In the beginning we had a relatively good dialogue, then it became worse and worse.


Monica Bakken Lille who works at Manglerud police under the hate group welcomed me, saying that after we were conflicting advice I and Torp. Should they summon me and Torp each of us a call there to talk about what would be acceptable to write online and what was not acceptable. This promise they lied about and took an indictment against me and further action, which I have written about.


Another up there, Oda Karterud which also pushed that this meeting of the Mediation was so important. They would not do anything more with the case, only that we met there. I said that the meeting of the Mediation Board on 8 January, I have low expectations when Torps agenda is so much more than that. It is to remove me and the Heavenly blog from today. I offered Torp all that is possible, and go through what is written, and possibly change it. However, this declined Torp blank, he is as I see it a typical psychopath who not managed or can collaborate and meet halfway or anything else that is common in a conflict relationship. How could I have continued, but it must be the world råtneste indictment against a person when I remove things from the web. One year later they come and hold it all up against me. Then they have little or nothing to go with!


Our Land and interviewed there that they render me incorrect and they try to demonize me!


Something you learn. One thing is to be interviewed, it is very well.




I let myself interviewing, and what they "rendered the" was completely different than what I actually said.


Here is some of the interview: - "Everyone else fail to write about it. For me as a small player, this is the only way to reach out. After I have written a post I know the Spirit of God's anointing. I know God urges me to it. It feels right, said Christensen of Our Country when review was familiar. "


The only thing that is right, the first "- All other fail to write about it. For me as a small player, this is the only way to reach out. "


Here reproduces the right, then comes something they shot taken from thin air:

"After I've written a post I know the Spirit of God's anointing. I know God urges me to it. It feels right, said Christensen of Our Country when review was familiar. "


Eg. word mane do I never, not in the setting. I know that God is working on me, and I have spoken and written what he has put on my heart. And I have known the Spirit's anointing over. Sometimes very strong, sometimes not quite as strong. But writing in the manner Our Land here makes reminds me more of an enchanter, or something. Therefore, here are my lessons:



But I have also had a positive dialogue with Our Land, eventually. Here are some of the correspondence:


Our Land writes: "If you want something in print, it becomes this (see below), this is edited out from what you write, in accordance with the facts of the case:


Best regards


I do not stand for these words

I do not want it to be on the Heavenly blog that Jan-Aage Torp is a "dirty old man" and "a whore buck." It will stand and it says that he is an adulterer. Torp married again, is an adulterer and live in sin, that Jesus and the apostle Paul (not apostle January Aage Torp) said about those who were re-married again as a Christian or believer!

It is true that the police locked up in the words Our Country quoting from the indictment. This happens despite the fact that I have deleted these words a year ago. It is poor and deeply unchristian quoting words I've deleted. This has been on the blog as a mistake.

That's what I stand for today as it is crucial. After I was told that these words appeared on the blog, I changed this immediately. On the Heavenly blog, other blogs and our website there are seas with articles, commentaries, books and more. There will always be some words and expressions that one had to change, if one becomes enlightened about it. It is for a being confronted with things, showing what a really stands for. Anyone can slip with a word and a sentence, this is used here against me for all it's worth.


I answer:

Okay well, should also then delete the article which I wrote that you care fraudulent, well written!


After what I've gone through so I've learned one thing, try only to quote the word of God when they hang themselves not up to what I write!

This ye have done it several times, I must make mention this?


Nice you changed it and after all. The police are doing so well, and when all that one does is used against than as being a rather stated!

I try to take note of what I will face, and do than that. So it is also wrong. But now you have corrected it up and realized that this was a mistake on my part, good!

And this applies to the 2 main truth of God's word, marriage. When it says much at stake!

Have a nice day still!



Jan K Christensen



Our Land answer:

Elles have not we fry decide what constitutes ein missing or not from di page. We have not regretted that we quoted from straight documentary. Your procedure belongs at home in court. You get underlined what you self believes the words in the right documentation.


I answer:

Okay, I have just tried to explain that everything they use against me. For they do not really have anything on me ?!


And I've written something, and the police made me aware of this 1 year ago.

I changed everything that was not in accordance with God's word, to enable to prevail.

Made the "mistake" to dig a little more in Torp's life and ministry. It was simply bad for my review. But that's the way you learn, throughout the Pentecostal / charismatic movement I put a bigger and bigger questioned if they fail to take the word of God more seriously than they do today!

I'm not perfect, but try and endeavor to bring out some very important truths.

There is no one in the leadership in the church of God should be re-married as believers, we have been doing now for almost 10 years. It has been like sticking fingers down in a peppery, as it has not only just been easy!

Have a nice day still!



Jan K


Our Land answer:

Hello again

It informs you is that you delete the words after police confronted you with them. It is relevant to the post that is easily changed.


I answer:

Yes, 1 year ago. Even used this against me. What more can I do ???


Have a nice day still!



Jan K


Final Comment:

Police "sharpest" guardian against me are two words I've deleted one year ago, talk of being "sharp". Just pray, believe and pray that the whole case is dropped, and it had been the right and best for all parties! And torpedo had received a living for false accusations as everything had been perfect.


After Torp went to the police with his fictional review 1 year ago, so I have studied and dug a little in his life and ministry. It is a word that has come to me again and again, and even stronger, it is this word:


Luke 10. 19 Behold, I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.


Hose here who is it? And who are the scorpions here? The answer is obvious. Torp is enough first mentioned, and the police come afterwards, but nothing will harm us says words of Scripture, delightful and it is marvelous to go with him!


From my commentaries Revelation about scorpions, you can compare:

Revelation 9. 10 And they had tails like unto scorpions, and in their tails lay power to torment people for five months.


Scourge people receive will be limited both in strength and socializing. Think this for five months and the scorpion is to figuratively.

 Scorpio is a Nocturnal animals. By day the cracks, under pieces of wood and stones. Giftbrodden sits on the end of the tail, which can be turned forward (in principle it is safe to grasp giftbrodden from behind). It's mainly for kids that scorpions can be deadly. Pain and horror are the main symptoms in adults.

 When figuratively, spiritual powers put screamed and pain among men. But notice that the scorpions are not the most dangerous animal, so I think that here we are moving in the first part of the Antichrist tribulation.


 11 king over them had the angel of the abyss, he called in Hebrew, Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon.


The meaning of this word is Abbaton, meaning "a place of destruction", as in verb form means "to perish". This is exactly what people are in the process when they turn their back on God and trusting in themselves and Satan.

(end of quote).

I have said that read and studied a little about Torp and his business. I feel like I really have not started writing about him, it's like pea large ocean with conflicts, prophecy, spiritual direction, individuals, families and everything else. It's like squeezing a tube, and where you get it all out to such an extent that one does not know his wits' end. There are conflicts with family, people, program managers, lysbærerne, Pentecostal leaders, ombudsman and mostly. No, I can not write and speak more. Apart from that I really would have liked to released a book on this that fundamentally Christianity persecution in 2015!

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