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No. 1029: A populist where socialists went forward - like claws today - but I am much afraid will sting later far more than anyone had dreamed and imagined!

No. 1029:
A populist where socialists went forward - like claws today - but I am much afraid will sting later far more than anyone had dreamed and imagined!

We talked about this yesterday I and my wife.

So many want too stay as 1 Billion of us people in the free world with the United States, Australia and Europe?

We are 7 billion people. They say that if all people had received the capabilities of it, so did half of all people come to the free world to live and work.

Even imagine 3 Billion Muslims, black etc. Just think what the Muslims then had demanded? Sharia laws and everything else.

There had not been anything of the free world, and all that has been built up here in Europe, USA and Australia had been chaos.

This can be discussed, but let us pray that those who will govern and guide us here must have the wisdom and understanding to do and make the right decisions.

I believe in helping, but primarily in the vicinity of those who are hurting and those who suffer! Where I agree with Carl I. Hagen and Per Sandberg.

God himself says he has set boundaries between us humans, but some immigration we must both withstand and it is healthy. But not hordes of people that we see particularly Germany and other countries have opened up. Germany says they should receive 1 Millions of refugees, too much.

100,000 had been more than enough, not even that really. Norway takes in 5000 ahead each year must be in excess. It would surely be counterproductive over time to open up so much influx to the country, especially Muslims who after all basically a religion that is religion of the sword with him!
Scripture says we should pray for all people, especially those who have responsibility. It should we as believers put us at heart.

Knut A Hareide and KRF is all too naive and dumsnille against immigrants. But playing than on emotion, then pushed that it then becomes enormously!

Here at the Heavenly blog reviews we rarely poltikk. So it has been and so shall it be. But the day after an election which in my assessment and opinion was a choice that I in no way whatsoever liked. I had been determined so had I wished FRP was 40%, and Right and KRF at 30% and they ruled together with Ketil Solvig Olsen as Prime Minister who is incredibly talented and trivial poltikker and as a human being.

Sad that Carl I. Hagen and Per Sandberg warnings not only overlooked but ridiculed and that makes FRP lose support.

The best poltikken and the best and safest policy for Norway and Europe is no doubt that it focused primarily on helping people in neighborhood. That there are so beware much trouble and unrest in the Middle East and in many other parts of the world. There are problems that they themselves have set in. Then, for various reasons, not least where there are Muslim rule there are extra many difficulties, it appears that, not least in the Middle East with different regimes and rebel movements.

But should we in Norway and Europe open up our countries? This is no biblical thought, when God has set boundaries between countries.

Acts 17. 26 and he made every nation of one blood to dwell on all earth, and hath determined the times and the bounds of their habitation, 27 that they should seek God, if they might feel after him and find him, though he is not far away from each one of us.

It says about God: "hath determined the times and the bounds of their habitation"

The fact that it is nation states that we live in, and as we live our lives, there is a God willed and God Regulation. Even when there are difficulties, as we see today, is not the solution always to escape from problems etc.

It is mostly men who come, certainly up against 70%, why?

There are at least two reasons, they are the strongest, and they bet on family reunification.

Should not comment so much more, but I am convinced that the very best for all parties is to try to help people where they live, rather than open up for anyone to come to Norway and Europe.

Of course, those who come to be helped, but there is no good solution in the long run to let those come here to us. Of course, someone will come. But not in the quantities and in the way we see today, it is unlikely that it is the best for them and for us in the long ?!

Reviews in Aftenposten editorial conveys no solution on how the various, and especially those financially indebted, countries in Europe will manage to accommodate the flow of people, writes Carl I. Hagen. Picture of same grounds.

In the leading article in Aftenposten on 21 August, entitled "Carl I. Hagen and refugees" I get criticized for saying the same thing as increasing numbers in Europe say about stopping the massive migrant and refugee flows to Europe.


Reviews conveys no solution on how the various, and especially those financially indebted, countries in Europe will manage to accommodate the flow of people.


Italy and Greece have almost given up and let migrants travel north. Macedonia, which introduced martial law, now assists refugees through their country and to Serbia, which forwards to Hungary, which builds masonry. Germany's interior minister said in Dagsrevyen that there is a fourfold increase from last year and that perhaps 800,000 coming to Germany this year, and he clearly states that it can not continue.


Pushes the problems in front of him


The images in TV reporting is painful and heartbreaking to witness. However, there is no excuse for pushing the challenges and problems in front of him in time, and it is still better to think with your brain in a reasoned manner rather than letting emotions ruled by the heart take over completely.


The consequences of the foreign cultural and for most European countries also foreign religious immigration, becomes clearer with social unrest and the creation of parallel societies.



We have no mandate from the Norwegian people to pursue a policy that in the long term will mean that we ethnic Norwegian comes in the minority in our own country



The exploitation of the Norwegian population with an immigrant population is in full swing in several districts also in Oslo, and around 90 percent of population growth to 2030 has immigration origin, most of Asia and Africa.


There is a trend all other parties brag about, but which I believe must be minimized. I do not feel that we have any mandate from the Norwegian people to pursue a policy that in the long term will mean that we ethnic Norwegian comes in the minority in our own country.


Frontex cooperation now need to be strengthened


This is the reason why Frontex cooperation now need to be strengthened and the borders of Europe must be sealed properly. The financial means both Norway and other countries reigns over to help should be used in neighboring countries and other neighboring countries.


Even I would not have any problem in the current situation to spend ten billion oil fund to UNHCR and other aid organizations.


It is also obvious that the UN Refugee Convention 1951 must be renegotiated and modernized to the situation we now have in the world, with new transport possibilities and with the digital time.


To close our eyes to the long-term consequence of the folk movement is now happening so Aftenposten does, in any case no viable alternative.

(end of quote).
Here is some of what I write, unfortunately chose Norway contrary to this in the election. But maybe next time, you know many that they bet and chose the wrong?

Number of asylum seekers continues to increase week by week. Last week the figure was 790, and over half of them came from Syria, according to fresh figures from the UDI.

This is just the beginning if one does not get muffled it. It is only in Africa 1.1 Billion people and it is not improbable to believe if they had been given opportunities, then had half come to Europe?

How can a take continent and region across.

Everyone who can, they will to Western and "Christian" country. Just look at Australia, they're going to have refugees receiving around the islands, or they come there as well in the thousands, not to say millions to Australia. This is not sustainable over time! That Norway votes against almost all common sense, one had to pay for if than fail and capabilities to BESIN themselves, I am much afraid!

Here you can go on forever, but will stop here. I have to help all people, including Muslims and others. But above all in their neighboring areas!

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