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No. 1021: Need nothing numerology to understand what is the reason for what happened on July 22!

No. 1021:
Need nothing numerology to understand what is the reason for what happened on July 22!

Why I mention this with numbers, dates etc.? That's because this happened on 22 July 2011, no speculation, guesswork or voodoo. But with God's revelation that hewho opposes Israel touches God's eye stone!

We were heading home from Sweden when the bombs and the bullets narrowly in Norway on 22 July 2011.

When we got home and I woke up in the morning and then newscast then I realized at once that this was extraordinarily. And in fact the first and strongest thought that struck me from day. 1 was that this was due Norway and especially leftist policy toward Israel / Palestine conflict. I know of course not the most of everything here, God knows and he alone!

But without Norges aggressive and primitive line here, I am convinced that this had never happened, at least not to this extent!

This with dates and numbers magic I've never really thought about except that 77 dead are really luckily incredibly low figure when one knows what really happened! And seven figure is a sacred number which stands for perfection. In other words, we can interpret this in the direction of something I've never thought so thoroughly over when I said that from Day 1 has proven to myself that this was something that God did not allow because he wanted it that way. But because the left in Norway by their unjust and ugly commitment to Palestine Arabs who have been terrorists against Israel for decades. This is like a boomerang that sooner or later come back to those who send it out!

Jeremy Hoff has released a book that I will not comment. But I will comment on what I think about what happened there long before Hoff wrote the book. It's that this is a form of punishment or discipline against Norway as a nation for several reasons. And the reasons are very intense.

Jonas Gahr Støre says it publicly that Israel should not have a single penny of Norway, but the Socialists gives billions been years of Arabs who claim they are Palestinians. The whole thing is really a conspiracy against Israel, and unfortunately this will not go unnoticed.

The picture was taken the day before the mass killings on Utøya where socialists had almost an orgy in Israel hatred and boycotts. For me, this is so bad that it does evil to write about it. The picture is from 21 July 2011, the day before 69 people were killed on Utøya and 8 in Oslo at the government building. And many were injured both physically and mentally for life!


The first thing that I thought when I heard about the massacre on Utøya was that this was not random.


I think that this happened for several reasons than I who single person thinks. By that I mean that it is God himself who fully know why he let this happen, I think I know a little, but not everything!


Why did it happened? Could this have been avoided? For that I think I can say, this could have been avoided if Norway as a nation had not done the following:


1) Have been so negative towards Israel.

2.) Have been so positive towards the Palestinian Arabs

3.) permitted abortion where the killing of children in the womb are defended on the basis of the laws of Norway, it is of course totally absurd!

4.) That we will no longer be a "Christian" nation, by that I mean that a completely proven trying to take God and his words away from the nation Norway, not least in schools and public spaces.

5.) X ?. It is absolutely certain reasons that we see or are aware of. But we'll just leave it to God, and he alone!


I am married to Denise and has three children with her, without I had met her, I had not had three children. So it is with this, I mean. Had we as a nation have been different, not allowed the evil to get affected us so.

I do not believe that God had allowed this to happen to mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by the government quarter and Utøya where AP youth had summer camp. Then we could have been spared the whole ?!


I deal with Jeremy Hoff not to write about his book, I'll keep me. Taking therefore rather with slightly from a book written anything before him. Written by Ivar Fjeld. I let Tore Lie comment book when I by and large the entire share his views. Here from what he has written:


AUF, the Norwegian Labour Party and Israel!


 The journalist Ivar Fjeld in the New Year

 come with an easy to read book ("the coalition Terrorøya") of nearly 100 pages, documenting that the Workers' Youth Fylking (AUF) and thus Labor (DNA) has been a radicalization of the political environment.



 Using public access to images and documents have Fjeld impressively illustrated that the political situation we have the largest ruling party in Norway today is not a coincidence. Key people who sit in government with their childhood and indoctrination in the framework of AUF and thus also during summer camps on Utøya. We can mention people like Jens Stoltenberg, Trond Giske, Annie Huitfelt, Raymond Johansen and Hadia Tajik. The latter is the latest in a series of ministers who have come through working party youth organization. A number of AUF-member has been an advisor and secretary of state for several of AP-ministers in recent years. Here we must highlight Gry Larsen.


Refusal of entry

 Gry Larsen, who has been both a political adviser and secretary of state for Jonas Gahr Støre, has nurtured contacts with individuals within Al Fatah convicted of terror in Israel. Annie Huitfelt also nurtured such contacts. When a case was Gry Larsen denied entry to Israel, and had to return to Norway. Current Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide in November 2010 along with AUF leader Eskil Pedersen and Raymond Johansen been on courtesy visit at "President" Abbas in Ramallah. Same Barth Eide wanted recently to get a meeting with, among others, the Israeli Foreign Minister. But Israeli authorities did not find the opportunity to meet the Norwegian government member. So we can interpret it as we will.



 The Norwegian Labour and LO LO was the foremost proponents of the newly established state of Israel, dating back to 1948. AP Giant Håkon Lie his support for Israel and especially friendship with David Ben Gurion, was legendary. It is said that the entire Israeli society appliance is built up on the Norwegian model and with special help from LO. It can not only due to the Israeli Labor Party HaAvoda has lost much of its influence over Israeli policy that is causing the turnaround in the Norwegian socialist environment. Israel is the the only functioning democracy in the Middle East and HaAvoda is still one of the biggest parties. In our days there is unrest and rebellion in all the surrounding countries, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. So it is obvious that the job LO / AP contributed to the development of Israel, was invaluable.


Where are the official Norway?

 Leader of the Government Jens Stoltenberg does not deny that he is an atheist. He does not believe that there is a god. At the funeral of his mother, it was used a humanist funeral ritual. We've got a new Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik who ascended the parliamentary rostrum with PLO scarf around the neck. Ivar Fjeld writes in his book: "Our current culture minister is unlikely to take action for Israel's existence and the need for secure borders." It's not just AUF who have held their summer collections on Utøya. Red Youth is the youth organization of the party Red, also using instead. They are by no means a supporter of the Land of Israel and what it stands for. In addition, the Muslim MKA gained access to Utøya. Ivar Fjeld in his book inserted a picture of the Great Hall at Utøya showing Muslims in prayer and facing Mecca.


Away from Christian values

 There's no doubt that the Labour Party has lost its footing in relation to Christian values. Introduction of abortion, opening for homosexuality and override of a Norwegian church inserting liberal bishops, has meant that the party has distanced from the Christians in the country. There should be a prayer topic for all of us that the left wing of Norwegian politics internalises what they have lost along the way. All signs indicate that the aggressive anti attitude towards Israel has not led to much good. Perhaps the time has come to put the exchange rate. We will ask for.

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