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No. 1573: Covid-19 is without a doubt a forerunner, and a beginning of the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation!

No. 1573:

Covid-19 is without a doubt a forerunner, and a beginning of the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation!

The countdown to the animal's mark and the control society continues

When it comes to the Corona virus itself, everyone understands that the disease itself, and in the worst case, death is bad!

There is much more to say here, will not go into that issue.
What's really scary is this pointless corona fit.
Where one should classify people into two categories, this is that those who take the corona syringe get benefits. While those who do not want or can not take the vaccine, get some form of punishment.
This we now see is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation.

Includes some of my Bible commentaries from Revelation.

Åpenb. 13. 15 It gave power to breathe life into the image of the beast, so that it could even speak, and to kill anyone who did not worship the image of the beast.

The image of the beast must be that the Antichrist makes use of all possible computer technology and all other modern aids to have control over the people and at the same time make them worship him. Those who do not want to worship him are killed as we read about in
Daniel 6. 13 And they came before the king, and said, O king, hast thou not made a decree that every one that prayeth for any other beside thee, O king, whether for a god or for a man, he shall thrown into the lion's den? » The king answered, "Yea, it is established by the law of the Medes and Persians." 14 Then they said to the king, "Daniel, one of the captives from Judah, does not care about you or the commandment you have written. Three times a day he prays his prayer. "
15 And when the king heard it, he was much displeased, saying, How can I save Daniel? Until sunset, he did what he could to find a way to save him. 16 Then these men came running to the king and said to him, "King, remember, it is the law of the Medes and the Persians that no order given by the king and no decision he has made can be repeated." 17 Then the king commanded that they should fetch Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. The king said to Daniel, "May your God, whom you worship continually, save you!" 18 They fetched a stone and laid it over the opening of the cave. The king sealed it with his own seal and that of his great men, so that no change could be made with Daniel.

16 It makes sure that everyone - small and large, rich and poor, free men and slaves - gets a mark on their right hand or on their forehead.

Now there is no going back for the people. Giving a Satan the little finger, he takes the hand and everything else as well. Now one must have a chip or computer chip operated on, presumably with a laser, one must believe in order to function in society. One must have a mark on the right hand or forehead that connects one to the evil one.

17 And no one can buy or sell without having this mark: the name of the beast or the number corresponding to the name.

Now one will not be able to buy or sell without having taken the animal's mark. This will certainly apply to large parts of the world to some extent. But above all, within the territory of the Antichrist, which is the borders and land of the ancient Roman Empire.

18 Wisdom is needed here. He who has sense, he may calculate the number of the beast! For it is a man's number, and the number for it is 666.

Jesus gives us a key verse to understand the prophetic word.
Joh. e. 14. 29 Now I have told you this before it happens, that you may believe when it happens.
That the number code goes up in 666 and Antichrist's name also goes up in 666 would be plausible to believe. Within several languages, each letter also has a number code.
(end of quote.)

Those who have taken the mark of the Beast - get boils

Joh. Åpenb. 16. 2 Then the first went away and emptied his bowl over the earth. And evil and dangerous boils struck the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped the image of it.

Notice this, it is very important. Those who had experienced the protection of the Antichrist must also pay and receive his judgment. We read in Psalm 73 that Asaph had difficulties in his faith life when it apparently did not pay to serve God and go his way. But when he saw the verdict and the end, everything changed and everything was put in place! It is best to serve the Lord in the long run!
We read about the ten plagues that came to Egypt and it is something of the same we see here.
(end of quote.)

Closing comment:

We see the same thing with the corona vaccine as with the Animal brand. Those who do not want to take the Animal's mark are not allowed to buy or sell, closed off from everything.
Those who do not want to take this terrible and untested corona vaccine do not get corona certificate etc.
The corona vaccine and corona certificate are only a structure and a precursor to the Animal Mark, discussed i.a. Revelation.

Read my Bible commentary Revelation.

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No. 1572: Fool Apostle Jan Aage Torp's prediction about the Bus Driver's ruin mound - has totally failed! What does the spotter think now?

No. 1572:

Fool Apostle Jan Aage Torp's prediction about the Bus Driver's ruin mound - has totally failed!

What does the spotter think now?

See here: https://oslokirken.no/kryssilden/les1/lots-kone-jankaarechristensen

Fax smile of the mocking and mocking article:

Kryssilden / "Think of Lot's wife!" - The bus driver's rubble heap
"Think of Lot's wife!" - The bus driver's rubble heap
Jan-Aage Torp
05. July 2021

"Think of Lot's wife!" - The bus driver's ruin mound Screenshot of Christensen from his Youtube video, and the sign outside Courtroom 519 which I myself took a picture of on January 20, 2016

A tragedy is unfolding these days, and is about to reach its final end.

The bus driver Jan Kåre (Bjerregaard) Christensen, who likes to call himself an "evangelist" and a "Bible teacher", has lost his job due to many years of arguing with his employer Unibuss, and also with passengers. The fact that even Christian diurnal media make headlines that "Bus drivers who played Christian music receive a one-year final salary" shows how little they invest in disseminating true knowledge.

According to Christensen's own blog the day before the court mediation with Unibuss on Thursday 1 July, he would not accept anything less than at least two million kroner in the final package, otherwise he would bet on the scheduled trial this autumn which he was sure to win.

But Christensen accepted the sluice 473,000 kroner because he knew that the truth is completely different from what he has peppered the internet with, namely that he was fired for completely different fundamental reasons than that he "played Christian music". In addition, he must have an immediate payment in this order of magnitude to pay fines in the hundreds of thousands of kroner class to the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo municipality, which he also argues with and incites.

Christensen's misery started already in the 1980s, and when he discovered that Aina & I were getting married in December 2010, he started a campaign against us which led to us reporting him to the police in September 2014. The police ran the case against him in Courtroom 519 in Oslo District Court on January 20, 2016 where Aina & I were to testify, and he lost unanimously. He also unanimously lost the appeal in the Borgarting Court of Appeal in April 2017. In June 2017, the Norwegian Supreme Court refused to process his appeal, and in November 2017, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rejected his case.

It was in Courtroom 519 that he finally faced the consequences of his evil life. Since then, it has been a steep descent. He has had plenty of time and ample opportunity to repent, but he has deliberately chosen the path of stubbornness. Aina & I have no need to do any worldly things. The Lord and His arrangements fix everything.

Romans 13: 4-5 tells what happens when one goes against God's social arrangements:

    "The government is a servant of God, for your good. But if you do evil, you have reason to be afraid. For the government does not carry a sword for no reason, but is a servant of God who will carry out his punishment on the one who does evil. Therefore, it is necessary to be obedient, not only for fear of punishment, but also for the sake of conscience. "

A simple reading of Christensen's blogs shows that he bullies and incites individuals, neighbors, and the administration - except that after the fourfold conviction for the bullying of Aina & me, he still has incitement and persecution of us. There are no limits to what that man accomplishes by curses, incantations and humiliation.

Soon he has to move from farm to land. What he loses beyond this, I will not speculate.

The Bible has some gruesome stories about human wickedness that cause them to fall into mortality. Jan Kåre Christensen belongs in that category.

I am reminded of the telling warning in Luke 17:32:

    "Think of Lot's wife!"

I finally say: "Think of Jan Kåre Christensen!" Unfortunately, he probably does not deserve to be remembered in any other way than this.

This was Jan Aage Torp's mockery and mockery article directed at me and my family.
None of what he has "prophesied" and written has come true.

But that is still not what I think is the worst and most condescending thing about this article.
It is this mockery and mockery of suffering evil for the gospel and the name of Jesus that is totally omitted in this article.
Because that's what this's all about.

Suffering from the gospel - that's all that my family and I have been through.

Scripture says:

Matt. 5. 10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for their righteousness's sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

12 Rejoice and be glad. For your reward in heaven shall be great, for so were the prophets also persecuted, who were before you. ”

2 Tim. 2. Endure suffering as a good soldier for Jesus Christ.

11 This is a faithful saying, If we die with him, we shall also live with him.

12 If we persevere, we will also reign with him. And if we deny him, he also will deny us.

13 But if we are unfaithful, he remains faithful. For no one can deny himself.
(end of quote.)

If it is the case that we as believers should be measured against "success" and progress in this world. Then most believers will probably be in a bad position.
Scripture says the following:

1 Cor. 1. 26 When I look upon their calling, brethren, there were not many wise men after the flesh. And not many were powerful or of high nobility.

27 But God hath chosen the foolish of the world to confound the wise. And God has chosen the weak in the world to put the strong to shame.

28 He chose the lowly ones in the world, those without influence, those who were nothing.

29 It was so that no flesh would boast before him.

30 For it is by him that you are in Christ, whom God made to our wisdom, justification, sanctification, and redemption.

31 Wherefore it is written, Let him that glorieth glory in the Lord. JER 9,24

We as Christians live in this world upstream, and God is also upstream. He likes to choose what is opposite than what we humans choose, the low and those without the right contacts. Those that no one else had chosen!

The apostle Paul says something very important, right and good. Listen!

1 Cor. 4. 6 This I, brethren, have committed unto myself and to Apollos, that ye may learn to think of the things which are written, and that neither of you should be puffed up with one another.

7 For what makes you different? What do you have that you have not received? And if there is something you have received, why do you brag about yourself as if it is something you have not received?

8 To my great joy you are satisfied. And to my great joy you are rich. For you are rulers without us. And may you also become rulers with us as co-rulers!

9 It seems that God has presented us apostles as the last, the condemned, to be a spectacle to the world, both to messengers and to men.

10 We are fools for Christ, but you are wise in Christ. We are weak, but you are strong. You are honored, we are despised.

11 Up to this time we have been hungry and thirsty, poorly dressed and beaten, and we are homeless.

12 We strive and work with our own hands. When someone comes down on us, we must bless, and when someone persecutes us, we must persevere. And when we are mocked, we must pray.

13 We have been the scum of this world and the garbage of all until now.
(end of quote.)

There is not much here that agrees with Jan Aage Torp's way of portraying a true and happy Christian. No, it's probably like that in this world.
We as believers are anything but exalted and "prosperous" in this world.
Yes, sometimes. But it is so that when one reads how the Apostle refers to himself and others who were devoted in the ministry. Then words and expressions were used here that do not agree at all with Torp's statement when assessing and judging a believer.
We read here i.a. following:
"We have been the scum of this world and everyone's rubbish until now."

Closing comment:

Now I have been so lucky and got a job. Have your own income and everything is taken care of!
At the same time, I have also suffered defeat as Torp points out. He's right about that.
But is this a defeat as a believer?
It's more of a victory than a defeat, isn't it? I got ½ Million from Unibuss, it's not that bad?
Whatever the outcome, I was treated miserably, and persecuted for my Christian faith.
What this also shows is that I was fired solely because I played on Christian radio programs.
In other words, Christian persecution:



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No. 1571: It was only for one reason I was fired by Unibuss - when I did my job exemplary - it was for no other reason than that I listened to Christian radio programs with moderate sound!

No. 1571:
It was only for one reason I was fired by Unibuss - when I did my job exemplary - it was for no other reason than that I listened to Christian radio programs with moderate sound!

I have received very, very much feedback regarding why I was fired as a bus driver in Unibuss.
The truth is that it was only for one reason I was fired by Unibuss - when I did my job exemplary - it was for no other reason than that I listened to Christian radio programs with moderate sound!

As I said, I have received countless feedback both orally (mostly) and in writing.
Only post here with a comment from a person, if I could have added a dozen:

Martin Hofmandselv
It's not entirely true that you lost your job just because you played Christian singer Jan Kåre Bjerregaard Christensen, but rather because you played too loud and did not pay attention to the customers, that is, the passengers?

Jan Kåre Bjerregaard Christensen
Martin Hofmandselv has never played loud music, as does Unibuss. And everyone else.

Martin Hofmandselv
Of course, I do not have in-depth knowledge of this particular case Jan Kåre, but as I have been presented with it, the reason for the dismissal was repeated complaints at a high "noise level".
I do not claim to be right, I just tell what I have read and heard.

Here we see how the lies and conspiracy theories live unfortunately even today 1 year I got fired by Unibuss.

Here is the termination:

To understand this vile and famous dismissal, there are customer complaints behind it. Which the management of Unibuss used against me for all it was worth. Now there was no "wrong" shoe choice, washing a car with others etc.
https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/04/nr-2730-opp filings-sendt.html

But that I played on Christian radio. Here are the main customer complaints:

But, but, Unibuss had his spy on the bus. As they did everything to hide from me and the Discrimination Tribunal. The honesty of the management of Unibuss is zero.

Inibus instructor Abdullah Kayabasi writes:
"He listens to the radio, sometimes there is singing and sometimes some talking but I who was sitting right behind the bar could hardly understand what was being said on the radio."
Nothing about loud noise at all.

I wrote this to the Discrimination Tribunal:

Discrimination Tribunal case 20/420 and 20/42
Oslo 31 / 12.2020
Unibuss and Per Christian Bing have led you behind the light and the verdict against me is thus false.
Unibuss are obviously corrupt.
I repeatedly asked to get an instructor on the bus to verify these fake customer complaints.
This was overlooked and they would not do I was told.
Then it shows in retrospect that they have had an instructor on the bus who writes clearly that I do not play loud on the radio.
He's not even able to listen to what I'm playing.
The lies of Unibuss have been revealed.
This is to keep out essential and crucial information.
Date: 31.08.2020
Instructor: Abdullah Kayabasi Salary No: 29383
Name: Christensen Jan Kåre
Bus no .: 3062
Wagon race: 3712
Type of follow-up: Random
Driving style: 4 - Satisfactory
Comment driving style:
Uniform: Good
Comment uniform:
Service: Good
Comment service:
Bus cleaning: Good
Comment cleaning:
Precise departure: Yes
Notes from instructor:
He listens to the radio, sometimes there is singing and sometimes some talking but I who was sitting right behind the bar could hardly understand what was being said on the radio.
Feedback leads:

Here it is clear, he can not even perceive what I play.
https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/01/nr-2811-nye-opp filings-sendt.html

The management of Unibuss does not appear to be anything other than pathetic, small people and low-key.
This is of course Christian persecution, discrimination, bullying and harassment!

Closing comment:

From Store norske leksikon

Oslo Sporveier AS is a municipally owned transport company in Oslo. The company is a limited company, wholly owned by Oslo Municipality. It organizes public transport and manages public subsidies on behalf of the municipality.

Traffic operations are performed by separate operating companies. Three of these are subsidiaries of AS Oslo Sporveier:
AS Sporveisbussene (founded 1997) operates bus traffic through the company Unibuss. For bus operations, a tender system has been introduced for the award of driving contracts.
(end of quote.)

Unibuss runs for Ruter here, but it is of course Oslo Municipality itself that is responsible for Unibuss, everything that happens in the company.

Since I have been fired for listening to Christian radio programs with moderate sound, it is nothing but Oslo Municipality that has the real responsibility here! Who else?

Now it is Oslo City Council that will decide the way forward here, as I have received a case.
With case number 21/6300 - 118 complaint against Unibuss.
Then it will be decided further way in this witch hunt as it has been on me by the management of Unibuss for unfortunately many years.


It will be exciting what will come out of Oslo City Council's treatment of