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No. 1586: When we started the Smyrna congregation here in Oslo in 1991!

No. 1586:

When we started the Smyrna congregation here in Oslo in 1991!

Will try to reproduce and remember the correct names, years and circumstances.
It is now well over 30 years ago, and unfortunately there are some things that are probably not remembered exactly as they were?
Hope you are forgiving with me regarding this!

Berit and I got married on January 22, 1988, and when we started the congregation Smyrna Oslo in September 1991, we then had our two girls. Our youngest son and son were born in 1994.
Then in Haugesund, while the girls were born at Aker Hospital here in Oslo.

As for my preaching work, I will try to reproduce some events that preceded this with the fact that we started Smyrna Oslo in the early autumn of 1991.

Picture from Møllergata 38, where we had established a business with regular meetings. Meetings that were so wonderful and wonderful, that I have not experienced anything like it since. It was on the 3rd floor here in this building we had regular meetings 30 years ago

Mid-September 1991

I was saved on January 25, 1981, at Frie Venner's local Ebenezer in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy. Where I grew up.

I received a call and equipment as a preacher, which I will schedule for Spring 1982.
It was not like I could say I got the writing on the wall. But received confirmations and an inner testimony about this.

Describing a call to preaching is not easy as I did not experience it as a clear voice coming from heaven, but with baptism in the Holy Ghost it "came forth" in me!

Before that I was an "anonymous" believer, but with that experience I got a supernatural power and anointing. The first person to say to me directly that I remember having a calling to preach was a nestor in the free friends Bjarne Staalstrøm. I was saved in January 1981 and baptized in the Holy Spirit with tongues April 82. Calling to preach came with my Baptism of the Spirit. Got confirmation from one publisher, yes several publishers in free friends.
Blue. Bjarne Staalstrøm who said directly to me that I had a calling to preach as I have already mentioned. I think that was in May 1982 after I had testified at a meeting at Ebeneser in Skudeneshavn where I grew up. He took me aside and spoke to me and said as I remember it that I had a calling to preach. I do not remember all things verbatim but I asked something like that how he could know? Then he replied that heard that when I testified so noticed that he this was not just me, but an equipping and insight into the word of God given me by God. Afterwards, I started, among other things. at the bible school at Smyrna Bible Institute as it was then called, now it is called the power school at Tønsberg in Re municipality. This is how it really went from strength to strength so that I can say that the budding call was not something from myself but from the living and almighty God. We talked about this yesterday me and my wife and she noticed when we were out and had meetings that the Holy Spirit was with very concretely and without a doubt, so I had a preacher call and a preacher assignment!


I first received a recommendation and was asked to lay hands on Maranata Karmøy by Birger Økland who is now at home with the Lord.
The following year I joined the Pentecostal movement, which I then preached from 1987 to 1991, both full-time and part-time.
Received a letter of recommendation and was asked to lay hands on Filadelfia Oslo.

In 1991, we started the congregation Smyrna Oslo, which in many ways we succeed very well with

First we had meetings at home where we lived in Vestlisvingen 92.
We were actually almost 15 pieces I reckon at most in our apartment there.
It was wonderful.
So we had to rent meeting rooms down in the Center for the Sunday meetings, where we collected up to 30 pieces at most.
We had the meetings in Møllergata 38, in IOGT's premises which I think they have sold today. Mean to remember that it was on the 3rd floor.

We were a couple of couples who were in charge of the congregation, as well as an older prophet.
Joel Barsjø, of which we have an article on our website.
See here: file: /// C: /Users/Jan/Downloads/tildekkelse.pdf
Or go in here and press Cover - Joel Barsjø

The need for a congregation ala Smyrna Oslo is enormous

Psalm 119. 105. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

When I both look back on the importance of what we have done. As well as going forward, a church is needed that emphasizes not just what God wants and can do. But the Word - the word of God.

Matt. 22. 29 Jesus answered them and said, “You are going astray, for you know neither the scripture nor the power of God.

Important to know the scriptures, so as not to get lost!
This is what makes the congregation Smyrna Oslo was and is so justified.
If we now call the congregation the Oslo Bible Teaching Center.

Closing comment:

Although this is now thirty years ago - is actually the need for and by a Bible believer and literal congregation larger than ever.
Emphasizing the word of God - in full!
Of course, one can "exaggerate" this and not least, "exaggerate" some aspects of God's word.
But still, in this time where one takes teachers and teaches in East and West.
Then there is the need for an "anyway" and Bible-believing congregation I will say more than ever!
Jesus himself said it so well and aptly:
Matt. 22. 29 Jesus answered them and said, “You are going astray, for you know neither the scripture nor the power of God.

Finally includes from my Bible commentaries Revelation 22.18
I say to everyone who hears the words of this prophetic book: If anyone adds anything, God will put on him the plagues that are written about in this book;

Here are some really strict words, yes a message that not least deals with our time where one would think that one had the best conditions to follow God's word. The torments that one should get here can be nothing but the other death - the lake of fire or hell. This is how I see it, no matter how serious it is.

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of prophecy, God shall take away his part in the tree of life, and in the holy city, which are written in this book.

Here we meet the same thing only rewritten. Now it's to pull something away from God's word that matters. If we pull something away, our part in heaven will be taken away. Do not gain access to the tree of life and enter the city or city, the New Jerusalem. This is about doing or is not it? To me, this means everything!

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No. 1585: Like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies are facing notorious lies in our case against the Planning and Building Agency!

No. 1585:
Like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies are facing notorious lies in our case against the Planning and Building Agency!

In Afro-Caribbean voodoo, a zombie is a person who through black magic has been transformed into an unwilling tool for a wizard (bokor). Myths and stories about zombies are especially well known from Haiti. It tells of people who have been declared dead and buried, only to reappear several years later in a state of apathy and mental disorders.

"The Zombies" By Hector Hyppolite (1894-1948)


Listened to the news where a Ukrainian journalist interviewed Russian prisoners of war

They were asked why they were involved in this war. Of course, many tried to justify themselves by only following orders.
There were also many who admitted that they knew this was not right.
This is how I think it is also in our case, where one actually protects PBE from conditions that one basically knows are abominable, lies and criminal acts.

The Planning and Building Authority has lied, tried to manipulate, distort and build a narrative against us. But we have parried them every time

They lied to us without maybe knowing it? But Kaja Aubert Lange guided us to build the wall.
When it was built, we and our responsible applicant Paal Løvaas at Ferdigattest AS pointed out that PBE allowed walls of 1.5 meters. But PBE fabricated the fact that it was 0.5 meters that was "valid" in our case and did everything not to listen to us.

Why is no one else doing anything about this corrupt and criminal plan and the building agency here in Oslo?
The Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies protect these criminals and hateful people all the way.
This is really a democratic problem.
Everyone is like some Zombies - what one almost walks around and does not take responsibility for their own actions. But become complicit in PBE evil and criminal acts.

Here in our case, it is as unreasonable as possible to remain. It is completely unheard of, glaring and criminal that we do not get dispensation and approval.
There are only advantages, not any downsides to what we have built.
Also, it is not to set any laws or rules significantly aside for us to get dispensation and approval.
PBE approves walls up to 1.5 meters, ours is at most a few cm higher.
There are also a thousand other good reasons why we should get a dispensation and approval.

Now PBE will present new rules, which are completely wild.

Here is a statement from Lars Vegard Strøm:

I think it will be too strict to expand with the new small house plan. In my area where I live, a large part of the houses are inherited through generations, it is very expensive to buy houses with large plots and it is very difficult to buy houses in the area at a reasonable price. To take away the opportunity to build in gardens and give more people the opportunity to live in these areas I think is wrong. Especially the fact that the degree of utilization should go from 24% to 16% and that houses must be 8 meters apart on the same plot is a very big change that also makes it difficult to build new
detached houses on large plots.
(end of quote.)

When an agency proposes that it should only be possible for rich people to live in detached houses. Then it is such an abuse of power, abuse of power and authority that it is reminiscent of something that one hardly finds even in states that are dictatorial.
Even there is probably not as bad as PBE here in Oslo? It is completely beyond all reason and reasonableness.
It's like there are some Zombies facing PBE who are advancing like madness and madness! For an agency.
They do not really care about greenery and diversity, but only exercise power.
Or rather, abuse power.
Read for yourself here:

Liberation Day today from Nazi Germany, but PBE here in Oslo actually has a lot of Nazism in it. Then by overriding the people of the country to the most meaningless and stupid things that the Nazis also did.
Only to humiliate and show their own power. Or rather, abuse their power!
The whole plan and the building agency here in Oslo is so backward, incompetent and overbearing that one can actually call it a dictatorship light!

Why so "generous" with most people, especially those with large overruns?
But if you have a small and minimal, then you quickly get fines of hundreds of thousands and millions.
Here are many examples. One of them is Kåre Kristoffersen who owns and runs Elveli Gård. Think he has received approx. 8 million in fines as he does not want to conform to PBR meaningless tyranny.
TV2 and others make TV programs there, but PBE believes it is environmentally hazardous to travel there, understand whoever can. That's the happy craze with PBE!
https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/12/nr-2962-kare- kristoffersen-eier-av.html

Closing comment:

Today, on the day of liberation, we should all think about, is there anyone who behaves like the Nazis and the Germans did by oppressing and doing evil good and just evil?
Yes, it is not least the public sector that does not pair such a morbid agency with obviously too many people with a desire for domination, of which there are obviously many in the planning and building agency here in Oslo.
It is sad that like some Zombies, the Collection Agency, Oslo City Council, the Urban Environment Agency, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Courts, the Ministry of Local Government and District and other public bodies go to the planning and building agency here in Oslo. Who runs a conspiracy game and has tried without success to build a narrative against us.
They are revealed and put in place!
We do not want to appear as a victim. The wall, stairs and storage room stand there as they have stood for the last eight years and we will not change this.
But it is clear that it is the father of lies, Satan who has entered the hearts of these public bodies where they go like some Zombies and protect the liars from PBE. This is bad, but we are not afraid of such evil people.
Then the scripture says the following:

Col. 2. 15 He disarmed the powers and authorities and openly displayed them, proving himself victorious over them on the cross.
Or from Arne Jordly's translation:
Col. 2. 15 He disarmed the princes and the authorities and put them in disgrace by apparently triumphing over them.

They are defeated on the Cross - by Jesus!

Liars and those who allow themselves to be ruled by him are all defeated on the Cross, Hallelujah!
The Norwegian flag, it is liberation day today, we must celebrate it.
Just as Norway and the Allies won over the Nazis, so always the truth and the good will prevail in the end!