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No. 1611: The Planning and Building Agency is required by the Public Administration Act to respond - but they are notoriously breaking this law, but this is not acceptable and is criminal!

No. 1611:

The Planning and Building Agency is required by the Public Administration Act to respond - but they are notoriously breaking this law, but this is not acceptable and is criminal!

Unfortunately, there are no responsible people within the public sector who can take this up with the so-called case managers, unit managers, managers etc.
Even the State Administrator, the Oslo District Court, the Court of Appeal, the Oslo City Council and the Government at the Ministry of Local Government (they have different names at all times) do anything if you turn to them to win against this toxic and vile agency!

We have sent many questions to PBE, and have not received an answer in the vast majority of cases!

It would be far too long to list them, but here are some that you can visit at PBE's website.
And maybe we'll get some answers sooner or later?
This is a criminal and toxic agency that does not respond in general:
The whole agency is nauseating, that no one intervenes and looks at the conditions there is a mystery to me!
Norway's public administration is partially corrupt through and through, bad!
The thing is, there are also so many laws and regulations. That PBE uses everything they can against us.
When we use Norway's laws and laws and regulations against them. They get angry and usually don't answer.
It is absolutely terrible how low the public administration in Norway is.

There are far more places, but this only illustrates which agency this is.
Incompetent, dishonest and toxic.
In order not to include all the cases, surely going to write something about this?
So I will only bring this matter here.
Where it looks like we first got this as a separate issue?
Then it's been slandered, at least it's gone from PBE's own website view.

Here is one of many emails we have sent without getting a reply:
Regarding case 201708173
Questions to PBE/Appeal to the State Administrator!
Oslo 21/1. 2023

House Krokstien 2 b has a slope outside the road.
As we have asked before not received an answer.
How can it be legal and not our wall when it is claimed that it is out in the roadway?

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen
Krokstien 2 c
0672 Oslo

Here is the picture we included, and understand very well that they do not want to answer. Since they have been checked checkmate by us.

Final comment:

The Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo actually runs an illegal agency where they dig and roll things over like a drunken sailor.
They have no control over anything, and lie in every second sentence.
And they deal with decisions and fines that are completely out of control.
What is so bad is that nobody opposes them. They are allowed to continue like this.
I simply don't get it, the whole agency is toxic and lies constantly!

torsdag 26. januar 2023

No. 1610: Questions regarding what it means to be released from 1 Cor. 7.27!

No. 1610:

Questions regarding what it means to be released from 1 Cor. 7.27!

The apostle Paul and Jesus agreed, remarriage for believers is not allowed

It is entirely possible to submit questions to the Heavenly Blog.
Here is the email address for this:

Got a question in here, where I don't give a name.

Here the question is asked as to who it is that the apostle Paul speaks of in regard to being loosed (verse 27.)
1 Cor. 7. 25 As for virgins, I have no command from the Lord, but I give advice based on the mercy of the Lord and my own credibility.
26 I therefore believe that because of the need of the present, it is for people's own good to be as they are.
27 Are you tied to a woman? Don't try to get loose from her. And if you are free in relation to women, then do not try to find yourself a woman.
28 But if anyone marries, he does not sin. And if a virgin gives in marriage, she has not sinned either. But they can get into trouble in the meat, which I want to spare them.
29 This I say, brethren, because the times are perilous. From now on, even those who have wives must act as if they had none.
30 Those who weep shall be like those who do not weep. Those who rejoice will be like those who do not rejoice, and those who can buy will be like those who have nothing.
31 Those who make use of this world should act as if they make no use of it. For this world, in its present form, shall pass away.
32 I want you to be without worries. For one who has not adopted can be concerned about the things of the Lord and about how to please the Lord.
33 But a married man worries about the things of the world and how to please his wife.
34 There is a difference between a woman and a virgin, because she who has not given in marriage worries about what is of the Lord so that she can be holy both in body and in spirit. But one who has given in marriage worries about the things of the world and how to please her husband.
35 I say this for your own good, not to lay a trap for you, but that you may live as befits one who wants to serve the Lord without hindrance.
36 But if someone thinks that he has acted unjustly against a virgin because she has passed her prime, and he feels guilty that it has become so, he should let her do as she wishes. She does not sin. Let her marry.
37 But she who stands firm in her heart and does not have a need, but has authority over her own will and who judges in her heart that she still wants to be a virgin, does well.
38 Therefore she who gives to the real does good. And she who does not give for real, also does good.
39 A woman is bound by the law while her husband lives. But if the man has fallen asleep, she is free to marry whoever she wants, as long as it happens as the Lord wants.
40 But blessed is she if she perseveres according to my advice, for I believe that I also have of God's spirit.

As I understand the question and what was sent by, the interpretation here is in verse 26 in particular.
27 Are you tied to a woman? Don't try to get loose from her. And if you are free in relation to women, then do not try to find yourself a woman.
28 But if anyone marries, he does not sin. And if a virgin gives in marriage, she has not sinned either. But they can get into trouble in the meat, which I want to spare them.

The fact that this should be discussed as granting eligibility for remarriage sounds very far-fetched.

What the Apostle points out is for both the unmarried man and the virgin.
That a marriage will also be demanding in relation to the meat.
Do not talk about our desires etc. which are natural and God-given.
But simply, the challenges of supporting and being responsible for family and children.
Where one simply wants to inflict work and responsibility on oneself in addition to being a Jesus witness!

Can't see that this here deals with remarriage until the end of the chapter.
Where the Apostle gives the opportunity for the widow or widower to start a new marriage, if one wishes there. One is no longer bound.
It is only death that in reality gives rise to a new marriage for believers.

You further ask about the following:

Some claim that when 1 Cor 7 states divorce from one's wife, it is by divorce and not death.

It says, among other things, loosed 27 If you are bound to a woman, then do not seek to be loosed from her; if you are not bound to a woman, then do not seek a woman!

This is then nothing other than if you have a relationship with a woman.
I am married and bound. Someone who is single is "loose".
This is what the Apostle emphasizes as something positive.
Don't understand why this is actually being dragged in as a possibility for remarriage. It is also important to see God's word in the right way. E.g. Matthew is written to Jews. Then one must read Matthew with this as a background.

As I said, the scriptures are clear, it is only by death that one is "released" if one is married.

Room. 7. 1 You are not ignorant, brothers—and I speak to you who know the law—that the law has dominion over ahuman during his lifetime.
2 A woman who has a husband is bound to him, but if her husband dies, she is released from her husband's law.
3 If her husband is alive and she stays with another, she shall be called an adulteress. But if her husband dies, she is free from his law and is not an adulteress if she stays with another man.

Hope this gave you a better understanding.
There are always those who want to come up with straw arguments, obfuscation and the like!!

Related links: marriageängiftede-forkynnere-er-den.html

No. 1609: Going against the authorities is legitimate, right? As long as do not resort to violence!

No. 1609:

Going against the authorities is legitimate, right? As long as do not resort to violence!

There are no harmless forces behind what the planning and building authority is doing to us.
It is outright darkness and lies, and forces that will try to break us with fines and resolutions that are built solely on lies and a distortion of fact.
Where they lie i.a. regarding both how we were guided and how the fall is on our property.
In pure mafia and gangster style, they are keeping up with us, and now trying to break us with money demands that only have their origins in the dark and the lies that the public with PBE in the driver's seat are keeping up with us.
Talk about making a fuss about nothing really, just a rickety wall, stairs and shed that are aesthetically pleasing and fictional buildings. And is not illegal a place, only in the dark and hateful hearts and minds of the authorities.

I have received some criticism for going against the Planning and Building Agency here in the capital (Oslo, Norway). Others defend me.
I myself believe that it is legitimate and necessary to be allowed to defend oneself against an assault such as this case of ours from beginning to end?!
It feels like PBE and the public are lying, distorting the truth and protecting each other in the purest mafia style. The only difference is that they don't use force. But lying decisions, defending each other and lying.
All for a poor wall, it's absolutely, absolutely crazy that they turn themselves into thugs for a very simple wall. Isn't this narcissistic and primitive?
For us, me and my wife, this is completely meaningless, that the public make themselves thugs and act in the purest mafia style only for a pretty and functional wall, stairs and storeroom.
It is absolutely incredible that the authorities in Norway will behave like a Mafia movement with lies, rule and unity to get us.
Only for a wall, stairs and storage room. Don't understand that they are willing to sink to such a low level for something that we have built which is in the most beautiful order.
What a savagery and brutality with fines and charges that are completely beyond the pale!
Talk about shooting sparrows with a cannon like the authorities are doing to us!
Look at Viggo Kristiansen, and the cousin of Birgitte Tengs

This is just one of a number of judicial murders here in little Norway.
The truth is that there are far more, and they all have something in common.
It was that they didn't get to defend themselves, and they didn't have their own blog and other things like I have.

Here I have at least been allowed to present our case without being slandered as we are on Oslo Municipality's websites.

Also, the press and all other actors are more or less silent towards us.
The only ones who have written about our case are Kjell Andersen and Søkelys.

I have understood something, it is that the "watchdog" that the press is supposed to be

Is more to be seen as a kind wagging poodle towards the Norwegian authorities and the public sector.
Another real "watchdog" that the press should have been.
One is almost terrified of writing against, and the truth about, the authorities and the public sector.
Don't understand why. Here in our case it is a direct assault!

How credible is our justice system?
Judicial murders abound, and this has been going on for many years.

Isn't this interesting and significant? Here we are two people - a simple married couple who have gone unpunished.

Being treated like the worst criminals with fines and decisions completely, completely beyond?

Here we are tried to deny the real fall that we have on our property!

We were guided how to build this wall.

Right, then we should apply. But then it turns out that our wall is actually legal. Why? The decline in our property is precipitous, PBE and the public are trying to acknowledge this.
They will deny the fact. The authorities stand for lies, lies and yet more lies!

Very serious that they ignore the facts of the matter here, that they base it on a lie. The lie is that we have a flat plot of land and property, when we don't.
But steep.
The drawings they use as a basis only show how wrong they are.

Final comment

What should one do when one is subjected to abuse by the authorities?
Of course it isn't easy to answer, but always letting the lunatics and abusers win I think is not a good thing.
We fight back, and leave everything in God's hands!
Sooner or later justice will prevail.
Either in this life or in the life to come!
Word. 11. 5 The righteousness of the blameless makes his way straight, but the wicked falls by his wickedness.

For us, it is absolutely incredible that the authorities allow lies, abuse and other things to be the standard.
They are unable to answer the simplest questions. And if they answer, then there is always such an excessive to our rear.
The whole case is rotten and testifies to what demonic powers are behind the public here in this matter.
Because it is of course Satan and the demons that make people behave like this, it is not normal at all!

mandag 23. januar 2023

No. 1608: The injustice and abuse we are exposed to by PBE and the public, will never come to light, I am convinced, as we stand up against this injustice and madness!

No. 1608:

The injustice and abuse we are exposed to by PBE and the public, will never come to light, I am convinced, as we stand up against this injustice and madness!

I just have to say it's true that on several occasions I've felt like a dog who has reluctantly bowed to stupid things.
Blue. in the conflict with Unibuss, where I let stupidity "win" without a trial.

I really think that, on the whole, it is best and right not to give in to injustice. Therefore, my wife and I do not want to give in to the Planning and Building Agency's idiotic decisions against us which are based solely on lies and fabricated things.
We have the truth and facts of the case, therefore we do not wag our "tail" in this matter!
Like a submissive and reluctant dog. Stands up for what is right - as we see it all. Then let it go as it goes, as we cannot in every matter bow to the lie as I did, among other things. in the Unibus case.


In many ways, one is brought up to be somewhat permissive and weak towards authorities.

And superiors. That is why we trusted the guidance we received.

After all, most of us have a great time living in Norway.
Then you might go on a few "snaps" and realize that it's not always a good idea to let lunatics and weird people have their way.
There in many ways losing and giving in to stupidity and madness.

I have, among other things, experienced with Unibus, where I gave in to lunatics!

As for PBE, it's amazing that no one tries to stop these lunatics who "perform" direct abuse. Such as in our case!
It is indescribable to witness the prestige that the public/authorities lay down to cover up PBE's incompetence and neglect of duty.
It is better that the innocent are judged/punished, and must receive orders and fines if one does not comply with the madness of PBE.
They absolutely cannot bear to lose face or admit this abuse against us!

The case against us is really complete madness!

I am very glad that in this matter we have never removed anything that these lunatics and poisonous persons in public have ordered us to do!
Think, we have not complied with either orders from the Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo. So wonderful to think that at least this time we haven't given in to lunatics!
Which has been approved by Oslo City Council, the Court of Appeal, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator, the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization and all other public bodies for this madness they have ordered us to carry out!

I really thank God for this, and Jesus.

We have never been able or willing. Luckily!
To never comply with this outright insanity and madness that the PBE has ordered here!

This is of course a small matter here with only an "illegal" wall, stairs and storage

At the same time, it shows the insanity when these lunatics and toxic people at PBE are threatening to file a police report when we have not complied with their insanity and written back openly about their completely incompetent, evil, yes actually downright diabolical actions as they have been doing to us.

It is really so bad and so incompetent, lying and an abuse of power and authority out of another world for really no worldly thing!

It is complete folly what the Planning and Building Agency is doing to us.
Helped out by other cans and who let PBE evil be the norm!
This primarily applies to Oslo City Council, the Court of Appeal, the Civil Ombudsman, the State Administrator and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization!
The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization has changed its name after we dealt with them to the Ministry of Local Government and Districts.

There has been a progressive negative development with the authorities above us, because the more we have exposed their lies and distortion, the bigger the fines have become!

There is no form of humility and honesty on the part of the authorities and those who will assess our case. It's like just smearing us, to put us in the worst possible light. There shouldn't be anything positive about us.'
The truth is exactly the opposite – there are only advantages and positives with what we have built. But what does PBE do? They try to put everything we have done and built in the most negative light possible. There's like no benefits or anything good about it.
The truth is exactly the opposite – it only benefits!
What do PBE and the public sector do? They increase the fines, and the decisions only get ruder and ruder. More and more disgusting are these people in every way!

Know that I can come across as grumpy and cross

The truth is exactly the opposite, there is PBE and the public which are sour and difficult. We just point out how horrible and it is rthe madness they are up to. And demolishing what we have built is so behind the scenes, and makes no sense. Apart from some rule riders getting some form of satisfaction, the only thing that has to be positive about what the public is doing to us. It is so unreasonable and senseless, that madness is the only thing I would call what they are doing and doing!

Final comment:

The whole case against us is as rotten as it is possible to remain.
Where PBE and the public have lied to try to deceive us all the way.
They won't even comment on either the fall on our property.

Or the location when our wall is drawn in at least ½ meter from ours before the slope.

They claim that our wall, which is ½ meter further inside than ours before, had a good slope that our neighbor has today. That the wall is in the way but not the slope.
Anyone who can understand the authorities' lies and manipulation is very skilled.
We do not, because it is all a lie and a distortion of the truth and fact in our case.
This is how this agency continues, well helped and supported by other agencies and branches within the public sector.
They are lying and building up a narrative that we have exposed long ago as nothing but lies and more lies!

In any case, I'm very happy that right here in this matter, we have been steadfast and never let the madmen get in and win!
Will we get to keep the wall, stairs and storage room?
We have no plans to demolish, should that happen. Then it must be something the authorities come up with, not us! We can't handle their madness!

onsdag 18. januar 2023

No. 1607: The abusers whether it is the authorities or others, always go after the weakest link to carry out their evil!

No. 1607:

The abusers whether it is the authorities or others, always go after the weakest link to carry out their evil! this-is-nothing-other-than-a-public-assault/

What does Abuse mean? Here's a little hint!

Assault is not defined in the Criminal Code, unlike rape, which has its own definition as "sexual intercourse using violence or threatening behaviour, or with someone who is unconscious or incapable of resisting the act".

Can also be used for infringement, illegal action, wronging someone, violating human rights.
Example of use:
- The state committed gross abuses against the ethnic minorities.
- The health service committed large and unimaginable abuses against Arnold Juklerød.
- The judiciary and the police committed enormous abuses against Viggo Kristiansen.
- PBE and the authorities are exceeding abuse against the couple Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen, especially against Berit Christensen when they want to deprive her of her own car.

When used as a verb, it represents to use to bad effect or for a bad purpose, to abuse, or to treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. When used as a noun, it represents cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal, or an improper use of something.
An assault means that a person violates another person's rights. Abuse can affect both sexes at any age. These are situations and experiences that create fear, sadness, anger and frustration.
Abuse can also be called abuse. Abuse happens when someone hurts someone who is weaker. To offend means to humiliate and hurt another person.
The abuser tramples over the other's boundaries in an undignified manner.
(end of quote.)

It is clear that a bad act is not an assault perhaps?
It is this persistent. And where one always steps on the weakest link.
It is precisely in this matter of ours that characterizes PBE and the public sector here.
It is persistent and one is walking on the weakest link now.
They want to take my wife's car as it was in my name.

Then it is very strange with the abusers, when you retaliate.
Then you feel stepped on right away.
Both threaten to report to the police and report to the police. That's how it is with the abusers. They can't stand anything against themselves.
But has no restrictions against committing abuse against others!

Now the bailiff - the abuser - has found a weak spot

My wife's car is in my name, then the abusers unleash full force.
Even with reduced health after a very demanding broken leg.
Osteoarthritis and only 3 years to retire, then the abusers - the Bailiff will take away her own car bought with her own money which she got when her mother died! This is how the abusers continue.
They have no compassion, scum and are so cynical that even Al Capone would have liked it!
Correct, PBE, the bailiff and the public do not engage in direct violence.

But depriving a defenseless woman of her own car, on the pretext that her husband is doing something illegal. What is so-called illegal is only a big adventure.

The only difference between the public here and the Mafia is that they do not use direct violence

But lying decisions and that they are defended by the "syndicate."
That is to say, all other public agencies and authorities where PBE spread lies and distortions of fact, the "syndicate" is involved. It is really bad how far the authorities here in Norway are willing to go! I simply don't get it!
The blinders are enormous, and function as an abstract "Berlin Wall" around a constructed and false reality (matrix), which is built on false propaganda, censorship and wishful thinking. Such is our case, it is fabricated and at the same time. In order for this narrative to work, our arguments are "closed" out like the "Berlin Wall" was in Germany. The truth is not even heard, only narratives! The narrative in our case is that we have neither been guided. Our plot is low and everyone else who gets to build walls.
Either they do not belong to the single-family house plan, or they have huge height differences on their plots.
Even those who blow up their plot and then put up a wall.
It is absolutely incredible that here in our case it is not a lie, but a series of lies put together to form a narrative that must be maintained through, among other things. that all other bodies defend lies!
That again to take let's get "punishment!" Is nothing but an assault!

Final comment:

Go here on the weakest link. Let loose! It is so to the degree beyond and say that a car of 25 years, it is the perfect car for you. Our old Audi from last millennium!
Her own car, we'll take it. Even if the doctor writes so clearly and clearly that this is an assault, and will only make it very demanding.
Yes, really impossible for her to get around and on work when the time comes for her to start work after convalescence is over!

Here, one yanks on the weakest link to continue with his senseless and evil abuse!
It is so beyond reason and good manners that words are not enough!
Offend, ignore the facts and even lie. Unfortunately, it is PBE and the authorities' parole in this matter. Then one will go on the weakest link, and take my wife's car.
We then have 35 years of marriage, where we have everything in common. Then to think that something is actually separate property is not correct. It is then we who define what is what!
Here the abuse is enormous, ruthless and raw!

Here is the picture of my wife's car, which now the Bailiff and the public authorities want to take from her!
A rather ordinary car BMW i3 2018 model.
Electric car and as arranged for her.
The bailiff also says that she should only drive my 25-year-old car (which is downright irresponsible), as they claim that we have built an illegal wall.
The whole case against us is an assault!
They must feel bad for themselves for engaging in such dysfunctional and senseless actions!?
Thinks that such people are not really people, but act like they live and serve only for one thing.
Serving the forces of darkness that they are obviously infiltrated and controlled by!

søndag 15. januar 2023

 No. 1606: The case with Arnold Juklerød and the authorities, and our case are like two almost identical cases, the same treatment, the same stigmatization, and it is the authorities who are the abusers!

 No. 3157:
The case with Arnold Juklerød and the authorities, and our case are like two almost identical cases, the same treatment, the same stigmatization, and it is the authorities who are the abusers!

Photo by Arnold Juklerød. It is not the match itself as far as you are concerned that is always decisive. (Juklerød never imagined that it would turn out the way it did? Neither did we. But standing up against lies, injustice and abuse is also necessary.)
But it is the injustice, the abuses that are concerned. It is always bad that the abusers get away cheaply. But they must feel bad about themselves.
Poor low and hateful people! They are a bunch of complainers, liars and criminals where they notoriously break Norwegian law if it is to their advantage. Earning their abuse, they are exposed. Then they are helped forward by other bodies and agencies that protect and safeguard their lies and abuse.
It's not something that makes them feel ashamed or admit their own mistakes or anything. They actually appear in the extreme consensus, like a Mafia. There if one goes against them and retaliates. Then one must be broken, as they abuse all the means they have in their toolboxes. This is the Norwegian authorities in 2023!
These people are nothing but disguised messengers of darkness!

In the article reproduced, Morten Cranner says something significant:
- But is this worth the price Juklerød paid?

- The answer is individual, it is a problem that is fundamental throughout the performance. But being passionate about something, a cause in which you commit yourself completely, is really a deep-seated existential need of all people.

Let me say it right away, what Arnold Juklerød went through in terms of humiliation, abuse, deprivation of liberty, stigmatization and injustice!

So have we, me and my wife only been exposed to 1% of the same thing? Max!

What he went through and still stood tall is an injustice that can only be compared to Hans Nielsen Hauge?
In any case, it is enormous! And evil!

But the principle is the same, that one must suffer and accept direct evil, folly and abuse in order for the abusers to go free.
It is "most important" that the authorities are always right, regardless of abuse and folly!

Now I have written so much about our case, where "everything" is available online!
(Set off several millions online at the Heavenly blog.)

Is it then right to accept everything that the authorities do out of abuse, lies and foolishness as in our case?
They are only out to create nausea, intrigue and have no sense of shame or empathy. They are downright cynical criminal people who should never have held the positions and positions they have.
They are simply cynical, inhuman abusers!
Arnold Juklerød came out "victorious" from this match:
On 7 September 1995, lawyer Knut Rognlien wrote in a press release:
Laquote.svgIn a letter of 11 August 1995 from the Ministry of Church and Education and Research (KUF) to Arnold Juklerød, it is admitted that the school authorities acted in breach of the Folkeskoleven when the Holtane school district in Kragerø was decided to be closed in 1962/68. ... In his capacity as chairman of the Action Committee against the closure of Holtane School, Arnold Juklerød pointed out the aforementioned conditions already in 1968. ... Precisely these claims were cited as evidence that he suffered from "incorrigible paranoid delusions" when he was forcibly hospitalized. ... The person who protested and adhered to the law was not taken seriously, but defined as a psychiatric case. This reinforces the suspicion that psychiatry in Norway has also been used on a political basis towards oppositionists and those who think differently. The ministry's new review of the case makes it necessary to put forward demands for public scrutiny... The case also shows that it is necessary to direct the spotlight on how public officials meet ordinary people who protest against abuse.
(end of quote.)

Our case and the case here have a lot in common, as we are also exposed to direct abuse of power and authority!

Where the authorities defend each other in lies and distortion of the facts in the case! Insanity set into a system has actually partly become the way of life of the Norwegian authorities. Where everyone protects each other, even abuse and lies!
Madness put into a system is this case of ours, which is being uncovered.
Or rather, lies and distortion of the truth put into the system.
At the same time, others are treated as if they were kings. It is this huge discrimination and where one does everything to take and stigmatize law-abiding and righteous people. It really is bad that they can do this to really a few. But they must be taken so harshly and forcefully that all criticism and factual criticism.
That should not be allowed, then one should be taken with all the means at their disposal!

Here are some excerpts from the article here that fit our case:

"Who's the crazy one?"

February 2017. 27 years after my meeting with Arnold Juklerød and his slogans at Gaustad Hospital in Oslo, I meet the wall newspapers again.

The old slogans strike me in capital letters on the theater stage in Skien, where Teater Ibsen is rehearsing the play "Juklerødsaken - Whom er den gale?"

- For 1,062 days he was locked up together with the worst people there were in Gaustad. It does something to a person. But I don't see Arnold Juklerød as seriously insane, says actor Ola Otnes at Teater Ibsen, who plays Juklerød.

Scattered across the stage floor are old clippings and newspaper headlines from the heat of the match. In one corner, they have recreated the workplace, with the typewriter as a central weapon.

- He was a shooting bass and couldn't write properly on a typewriter, but stayed up at night and wrote letters to newspapers and other people. He became a bit manic and was probably not that easy to live with, says Otnes.

The play is written by director Morten Cranner.

- I want to tell about a man who has stood up to society at a rather high price. The story is somewhat hidden and forgotten today, says Cranner, who wants the case to be illuminated from several sides.

Parallels to Ibsen
Theater manager Thomas Bye himself had not heard of the querulous telemarking until Morten Cranner came and wanted to tell the story.

- My generation is spared this story. What I'm reading now surpasses most of what you can make up, says Bye.

Cranner believes that Juklerød, just like Ibsen's Brand, was willing to die for his cause. And that we can also see it in our days.

- We have Edvard Snowdon who stays in Moscow (American IT technician who in 2013 leaked classified information about an American intelligence program). He has sacrificed his whole life for something he believes in. The same applied to Juklerød, who broke with his family and lost contact with his ex-wife and the three children.

Morten Cranner believes that this story is important - because the issues repeat themselves:

- Juklerød opposed social development with school mergers. Schools are still being closed and merged, and forced mergers of municipalities and counties are on the political agenda.

- But is this worth the price Juklerød paid?

- The answer is individual, it is a problem that is fundamental throughout the performance. But being passionate about something, a cause in which you commit yourself completely, is really a deep-seated existential need of all people.
Anti-psychiatric movement

The mention of Juklerød depended on who was asked. His supporters described him as "kind, thoughtful and hard-working". The opposite poles characterized him as a "paranoid querulous with religious fundamentalism".

In the 1980s and 1990s, the querulous telemarking was an icon of a kind of anti-psychiatric movement.

In the years he lived as an occupier inside the welfare building or outside in a tent, Juklerød was approached by a long number of opposition doctors and psychiatrists from, among others, Sweden, Denmark and the USA. There were people who questioned the prevailing policy in psychiatric treatment, not least the use of drugs on what they called defenseless people.

His support group reacted to what Juklerød told, the message in the wall newspapers, but also to the way he was treated by the leading doctors at Gaustad, where he was at times denied contact with the outside world - journalists and other visitors.
(end of quote.)

Final comment:

In our case, we have always behaved in an exemplary manner, and coped with the abuse of PBE and the public very well. Although they have made mistakes after mistakes.
Lied and defended each other!
In fact, it was essentially the same as Arnold Juklerød experienced.
Want to chime in again, the principle is the same in our cases.
The injustice and abuses are enormous.
Where everything is actually built on lies and even more lies.
Here in our case, PBE is lying from day 1, and has continued with this all the way!
All the way!
It doesn't end, helped by his "employee!"
Other public agencies and authorities.
It is evil put into the system!
They are defended and supported by all public bodies and agencies.
It is through corrupt everything. I don't know in all cases, but in our case and unfortunately. Too many other things too!
How long should one continue?
Now there will be a new trial, no one has faith in change and improvement. We will be taken, whatever the cost.
These abusers imagine that they can walk away and never be held accountable.
Yes, before it knows it. Then they will be, because it never pays in the long run to be a criminal and an evil person.
But to be righteous and follow the good!
Never intend to comply with any of the demands and orders that it publicly body has given. It is nothing but abuse of power and authority.
A serious assault, actually bullying and harassment.
They guided to build this wall, it is not illegal.
What is illegal and against Norwegian law is the way the public, and rather PBE, is doing.
They are also defended as I said, which reveals how corrupt and bad things are here in Norway when it comes to public authorities and the legal certainty we have. Or rather, the legal certainty we don't have!
It is equal to zero in some cases, as in our case!älkenning/juklerod-saken-en-grundig-innforing

fredag 13. januar 2023

No. 1605: We have always trusted government officials - as we live in a society based on trust, the fact that this does not become a state of consideration is worthy of strong criticism!

No. 1605:

We have always trusted government officials - as we live in a society based on trust, the fact that this does not become a state of consideration is worthy of strong criticism!

I have been exposed to many types of bad treatment by the authorities.
This one with PBE is intentional and deliberate, they know what they are doing.
That is why it is so ugly and punishable.
Here with getting the "wrong" passport, is it of the more innocent variety?
In any case, it is important to always try to cope with the situation as best as possible and never be rude and deceitful, even if the other party is.
The Scriptures also say that.
1 Pet. 2. 20 For what praise will you have if you are beaten and must suffer for your sins? But if you do good under pain and suffering, then it brings grace from God.
21 And to this you were called because Christ also had to suffer, and he went before as an example for you to follow in his footsteps.
22 For: 'He committed no sin, nor was there any deceit in his mouth.' ISA 53,9
23 When he was reviled, he did not revile again. When he suffered, he did not threaten, but left judgment to him who is just.
I got a Norwegian passport - then lost it - then it was best to get a Danish passport

Now the Planning and Building Agency is trying to drive us from the ground up

We have only done one thing, "blindly" proud of government officials.
When we built the shed, it was allowed to set up sheds and other things under 15 sq m without applying as we did.
When we built the wall, we had been in contact with PBE on several occasions, and had been guided on how to build our wall.

When I was growing up, it was on our construction site with approx. 20 houses 2 sheriffs there.
Both were great, and of course.
We got to know them very well.
One of these helped me several times in adulthood.
Just wonderful with him and most of the people I've dealt with throughout my life.
But is it the case that these also make mistakes?
Then it is important that you try to make the best out of the situation, not the worst!

Got a Norwegian passport at the sheriff's office in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy

I went down to the Sheriff's Office and said I needed a passport.
I got that straight away, without any hesitation.
I think this was in 1985 or thereabouts.
Then the years passed, and around 1990 when I had both moved to Oslo and was married.
Suddenly the police stormed our apartment on Vestli.
(We then lived at Vestli Nord in Oslo.)
Where several police officers and women forced their way into the apartment.

I have written the following about this in this article:

Around 1990, the Oslo police stormed our apartment and entered where I was standing naked after showering. My wife opened the door, and they forced their way in with great force and took away my passport, the Norwegian one.
I am both a Danish and Norwegian citizen, have dual citizenship.
Their claim that I was a so-called illegal immigrant was nothing but a lie! The passport was taken away and I was supposed to get you back, which I never did.
Then the police station was located at Økern, the one located today at Stovner, talk about thugs from the police here in Oslo.
(end of quote.)

The truth was that I wasn't really Norwegian, only Danish.
I have subsequently applied for Norwegian citizenship. That the police chamber in Skudeneshavn had given me a Norwegian passport. It was of course that I had grown up there and they knew me. That I was then legally not Norwegian, only Danish. I was not aware of that at the time, and neither were the police. They didn't even check, got passports without being checked obviously. So today I am both Norwegian and Danish.
Something I have really been all my life as I was born in Denmark and have a Danish father and a Norwegian mother.

Final comment:

Here the sheriff's office in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy made a big splash!
They gave a Norwegian passport without being a Norwegian citizen.
What did I do then?
It was quite unpleasant to be stormed by the police when I was naked in the shower after having just come home from training.

Of course I had to make the best of the situation.
Although the police did not keep their word and contacted me as agreed.
Then I found out that I was only Danish, not Norwegian.
Then I went to the Danish consulate, I think I remember with my Danish personal identification number and I think I also had a baptismal certificate from Thyborøn church.

I got a Danish passport. Then I applied for Norwegian citizenship, which of course I got straight away as I also had all the rights to be Norwegian.
So that today I am both Norwegian and Danish legally.

This is how the public authorities should and should also have done here with the wall.
It should have been searched from the beginning, but the PBE guided us to build without searching.
When this did not happen, one must then try to make the best of the situation,
Not the worst that PBE is now doing against us!
The entire PBE and the public sector are strongly against it how we handled a very sad situation.
I solved and tried to solve this in the best possible and gentle way.
What does PBE and the public do against us when things have not gone quite as they should?
Make things as bad as possible and punish!
The entire agency and the public appear to be inhumane and irrational!
Tragic, sad and alarming!