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No. 1621: It is exactly the same evil Devil Spirit that works in planning and the building agency here in Oslo that worked in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler against the Jews! And the majority sit and watch, or participate in it by tacitly accepting it!

No. 1621:

It is exactly the same evil Devil Spirit that works in planning and the building agency here in Oslo that worked in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler against the Jews! And the majority sit and watch, or participate in it by tacitly accepting it!

https://www.sokelys.com/selv-nazistene-og-adolf-hitler-var-ikke-sa-bad-som-det-offentlige-er-mot-os-er-vi-overvist-om-for- this-is-nothing-other-than-a-public-assault/

Nazism and Adolf Hitler's regime in Germany promoted the belief in the superiority of the white race and the goal of a "pure" Europe in which unwanted groups such as Jews, Gypsies and others they saw as deviants.
This is also the case with PBE and the authorities here in Oslo, Norway.
They believe that they can do whatever they want with us. When we have upgraded our property the authorities make up a robbery story that it is illegal.
Oppose this, that we believe that what they are doing is an assault.
Must be punished in the most brutal way possible.
Then with being deprived of control over one's own house and home.


Ecclesiastes 1. 9. What has been is what will be, and what has happened is what will happen, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Hindsight is the world's worst wisdom - it is acting NOW TOMORROW WRONG THAT CREATES CHANGE!

Me and my wife have been once in Yad Vashem - World Holocaust Remembrance Center.
That feeling of being there is overwhelming. Therefore, it is a place that I have not wanted to visit again even though we have been to Jerusalem, Israel afterwards.
So senseless what happened. What was the reason for this annihilation?
In short, the Aryan race was to be preserved pure.
The Jews did not belong to it, and were thus to be exterminated.
This is of course very simplified, but still in short. What happened when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power in Germany and started World War 2.

Now, of course, the scope, size and brutality cannot be compared to what we are exposed to by the authorities here in Norway.
But there are many similarities – strikingly many similarities!

What have we done wrong? Tried to upgrade our property. Where we have got rid of storm water and other unwanted things. And create a property that is better for outdoor living and get a greener lawn.

What have we done wrong then, and will be punished by having our house forcibly sold.

It is that the planning and building authority claims that we have a flat plot of land. Therefore, we are not allowed to have a wall higher than 0.5 metres.
We claim that our plot is not flat, therefore we can have a wall like ours.
According to PBE's own regulations, our wall is legal, why do we have to tear it down????? I ask in this article:

Then it's not just that, we were guided by PBE how to build the wall.
Take this and the fact that our wall is set up on a plot of land that is steep.
Then we are miles away from having a legal wall.

What are the similarities between us and what the Jews experienced during the Second World War?

Several, not least that we are being persecuted for conditions that are completely beyond and meaningless!
It is clear that there are also other factors to consider as to why the Jews were persecuted and killed. But that it was built on conditions as mentioned is, in short.

We are also now being tried first to be ruined. Something that they have not succeeded in so far.

Now they are trying to forcefully sell the house! But what happens then?

What they are doing is totally baseless and evil. Just like what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews!

But unfortunately, now and then the majority are silent and allow this to happen!

It is the demons and Satan who work through Hitler and the Nazis.
But it is the same Satan, and the same demons that work through the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo.
The State Trustee, the Collection Agency, the Bailiff, the Civil Ombudsman, Oslo District Court, Borgarting Court of Appeal and Norway's Supreme Court.
Only in a more veiled, elegant, refined, sophisticated and friendly way than through Hitler and the Nazis.
But the result is the same, break, ruin and destroy those who are to be taken.

Why are the majorities silent and allowing this injustice to happen?

My wife Berit and I are probably the two most law-abiding and calm people living in Oslo City. Don't own a gun - something we never did.
Have worked and paid taxes and are and have always been law-abiding citizens.
Throughout life, from youth to today as well-grown adults.
But now we will be deprived of the house and try to get broke. For what?
For record only graded our own property and will not demolish what we have been ordered to do.
Since the decisions and judgments against us are only fabrications and lies!

How is it possible that neither the press nor others will speak our case? Everyone is silent on our behalf!

Everything feels surreal. But that in fact almost no one - only a few - will speak our case against this serious abuse. It is just as crazy to me that so many did not want and wanted to defend the Jews before they were deported and gassed to death. Knowledge in our case is greater than it was during the war. But for those who wanted to know, the knowledge is always available.
Clearly, it is the same Satan who is behind what is happening to us.
Why does no one react - almost?
Is it the case that evil is tolerated and accepted?
Here one turns evil into good. Good to bad. Truth to lies. And lies to truth.
Darkness to light, and light to darkness!

Final comment:

We know that many did not stand up for the Jews during World War II.
They really did after the war.
Anyone with a bit of knowledge and common sense knows that what the authorities are trying to do against us - a single married couple. Is completely pointless, rigid and just evil.
There are so few who do anything for US NOW, IT IS REALLY THE SAME THAT HAPPENED TO THE JEWS.

We don't need any help and sympathy when the case is over.
Later it is too late, as it was for 6 Million Jews who never received the help and protection they needed during the Second World War!



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