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No. 1602: That Jesus said that I am who I am and it should show that He is the only true God is just sprayed and fabricated translation wrong!

No. 1602:
That Jesus said that I am who I am and it should show that He is the only true God is just sprayed and fabricated translation wrong!

This with I am is just something that has come in as an interpretation, has nothing to do with the Bible's message. The entire Bible is written in lowercase letters without chapters and verses. Nothing is different from other words and letters.

If you go to the base text on both of the two sections, then it says:

Genesis 3. 14 and John 8. 58. It's in the shallowest nteksten completely motsats t where Moses gets the revelation of the Lord and in Joh.e. 8 that they just say they are who they are and Jesus says he is the Messiah who was before Abraham. He is the promise itself, not God Almighty or anything else. In other words, this is to draw something from the scripture and add something, as the scriptures warn us against doing.

Note that it is both changed and raised in uppercase letters. Everything to make Jesus a different than it was and is. Highlights, uppercase letters, and everything else is human-made, not the word of God.

This you will find over 1900 places in the Bible that God or some people say I am. Here, those who have translated the Bible wrote this in capital letters that only show that this is human-made.
Jesus just says if you do not think I am the Messiah, you will die in your sins. And in Genesis, God comes to Moses, saying that he is he, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
This I am is only man-made, here you are and sadly dozens of others on the wild roads.
But when an untruth is repeated enough, it will be accepted.
Trinity doctrine and Jesus's only teaching are equally unbiblical!

Joh.e. 8. and many other places so it was that Jesus claimed he was the Messiah and was the Word - the promised Messiah - who were there in person.
Emitted by God who made trouble.
One can push the Bible and God's word to a lot, but Jesus never claimed that he was God Almighty - but he was the son of God and the Messiah or Kyrios!

Here's some of what I've written in a discussion that will be interesting to many:

True, but you overlook many moments.
Jesus is everything he is in the power of the Father.
The father is by virtue of himself.
Therefore, Jesus says that the Father is greater than me and I do only what the Father shows me.
God the Father is with others the only true God who is full of God.
Jesus has all power today, but he has got it and will deliver it back.
See, among other things, 1 Cor. 15.
Do not draw quotes from adventists and others, let's discuss what God's Word says and teaches.

Jesus does not say that I am in the original text.
He just says he is who he is.

Jesus is Lord, we agree.
But God's Father and Jesus are two separate persons.
But believe as you that the Holy Spirit is based on the Father.
Who is the angel of the Lord?

But I think the Father is a personality and Jesus, as well. But that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the son, with properties, but no separate, - person!

Both Jesus Only doctrine and Trinity doctrine are unbiblical teachings. Read the links I've posted!

You turn down on the word of God.
Jesus is all that he is in the power of the Father.
And is the only one who has the Father's life and "substance" fully in it, therefore, it says that he had the fullness of the Divine.

If Jesus is created or departed from the Father does not matter, then the origin is what is essential.

The Holy Spirit is not a personal person whom one will meet.

All you ask for, you will find answers in the three articles I linked to.

No one does not say that Jesus is God too.
But we meet the word the only true god, it is never mentioned as jesus.
He was almost entirely kal t for Lord or Kyrios of the early Christians.
Jesus himself says he has passed away from the Father.
The credibility of the Trinity with 3 equal goddoms was something that came among the Christians from the 300s and beyond as the Catholic Church gained power and became almost unilateral!

What I AM is just something buzzing. In the basic text, it is completely different. There Jesus just says he is who he is.
See you have many "holes" in your understanding of God Father and Son Jesus.
All that Jesus is and has, he has received.
Jesus himself says that he has all the power, received by the Father.

Here it is written very much. Both of what I believe in and do not believe in.
Everything you are interested in knowing about me, about what I believe in God and Divinity, can be found either on our blogs or at Smyrna Oslo's website.

Seeing I am very often cited on opinions and views I do not have.
As well, you try to interpret some things I should think without understanding how it all depends.

You also do not answer any of what I ask, but just what you think and think is right.

I agree to say some things, then in question form that I expect to answer.
You believe in three equal people or that there is a person who reveals himself in 3 "functions" ?!

I believe that from eternity before time began, only the Father was. The first thing that was produced here was the Son, who is the same to him.

Heb. 1. 2 whom he has set for heirs over all things, by whom he has made the world 3 who is the glory of his glory and depicted of his being and carries all things by the power of his power, and as such when he had cleansed our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty, 4 and has become so much greater than the angels he inherited a more beautiful name than them. 5 For to whom of the angels hath he spoken, saying, Thou art my son, I have born thee this day, and again, I will be him a father, and he shall be my son?

In Heb. God says that he had no greater swearing than himself, even though Jesus was standing by him.
When the scripture is so clear that Jesus is God, but not the only true God, why not bow to scripture?
When some will believe that the Holy Spirit is God and His own person will worship and pray to the Holy Ghost. It is contradictory to me.

Neither the Trinity doctrine nor Jesus alone teaches me.
See what I believe in here in these links you can read.

Read them, then comment on what I believe in and what God's Word says.

You come with so much.

Should I respond to things, then enumerates the questions and try not to bring more than Max two questions at a time, or so it becomes so much to answer.

You must try to come up with short and concise questions.

Should answer any questions here:

Do you think the Son is Yahweh. The only God, together with the Father, and the Spirit.

Yes, but the Spirit is not one's own person, but God's Father and the Son are the Spirit of God.

Question or Teaching:
That Son is from eternity, ma First Father created. switch it. Jesus is for both angel Michael. created.

Yes, I think Jesus is not Angel Mickael.

But has gone out of the Father before the foundation of the world was laid. From the beginning of time.

No, and again a no. It was because Jesus said they had the Devil to the Father.

This with I am is just something that has come in as an interpretation, has nothing to do with the Bible's message.

If you go to the base text on both of the two sections, then it says:

Genesis 3. 14 and John 8.

This you will find over 1900 places in the Bible that God or some people say I am. Here, those who have translated the Bible wrote this in capital letters that only show that this is human-made.
Jesus just says if you do not think I am the Messiah, you will die in your sins. And in Genesis, God comes to Moses, saying that he is he, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
This I am is only man-made, here you are and sadly dozens of others on the wild roads.
But when an untruth is repeated enough, it will be accepted.
Trinity doctrine and Jesus's only teaching are equally unbiblical!

I'm trying to respond to everything, but I just ask for numbering, if possible, to get an overview when I get in a lot at a time.

You mean I did not answer Anonymous, sure it will take a look, thank you for reminding me of it. But, as I said, there has been a little bit all at once, I'm doing full work and having a family, I do not have the opportunity to always sit on data. If I would like it, those who are full-time publishers, they respond a lot less than me largely. So I do not have a bad conscience not always to answer for various reasons.

You ask: What do you say. Is Son creator, the only Lord God, the A l lmektige.? Can I be more clear. I repeat my hero times.

Yes, Jesus is the Creator, but the Father is the only one who becomes titular with the only true God in scripture.
In other words, Jesus is "no. 2 "Subordinate to the Father when he has departed from him, and Jesus himself says that he does nothing but what the Father has shown and shows him!

Jesus did not say anything that I am, all of this is human-made!

Jesus was crucified because he said he was the Messiah, whom God promised to send!

Among the first Christians, Jesus was never called for God, but the Messiah and Lord!

You read things into the text that is not there, and you are very storyless when you do not know that the first Christians called Jesus for the Messiah.

When it says in the Bible, Christ, there is a translation from the septuagint who translated the Messiah with Christ.

Jesus was also called for Kyries - Lord.

Never God or the only true God. Well, it's quite right to call Jesus to God.

Here from the web that documents what I say:

In light of recent papyrus stories, respectively in Israel and Egypt in the 20th century, there has been a debate about how Septuaginta really wrote the sacred god's name (yhwh). It is
namely, four pre-Greek Greek translations of the Hebrew MT, where the corresponding MT text has the tetragram. In these text words, the name of God is not translated with the Greek κύριος, which is now the standardized way of translating the tetragram into the printed LXX-
editions. The tetragram is transcribed with Aramaic or Paleo-Hebrew letters. Another text is directly phonetically translated with the Greek letters ιαω, while a text
only left a void. What can this be from? Is it so that it
original LXX (septuagint) did not write κύριος, but the tetragram?

Jesus provoked the religious for several reasons.
To name someone, it was that he revealed their caveat.
They were fond of money and gladly took a number of sayings etc.

Jesus healed on the sabbath and he said he was the Messiah of God.

Jesus said of God that He is greater than me and I do nothing but what the Father shows me when I am departed from Him.

The gude image and image of Jesus you present is nothing but the "Catholic" Jesus who is 80% correct, but 20% wrong.

I'm just trying to introduce who Jesus and God are and the Holy Spirit!

Who was Elisabeth in the Holy Spirit aimed at in close .k.1. when she in the Holy Spirit broke out. "How can it go to the mother of my Lord (God mother, Mary) can come to me. She knew only one God. And it was God of their fathers. YAHVEH.Abraham; Isaac, and jakobs God.
Who do you think she is referring to.?

Luke 1. 42b cried out loudly, saying, Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your life! 43 And how does this tell me that my Lord's mother comes to me?

Basic text:
Lord of the Lord.

Answer, Yes Jesus is Lord - Kyrios!

Here you see the word Lord translated in Luke 1. 43:
Englishman's Concordance
Κυρίου (Kyriou) - 244 Occurrences
Matthew 1:20 N-GMS
GRK: ἰδοὺ ἄγγελος Κυρίου κατ 'ὄναρ
NAS: An angel of the Lord appeared
KJV: the angel of the Lord appeared
INT: behold an angel of [the] Lord in a dream.

Jesus is not the only true God but has departed from him and is like him and has shown us who he is!

Anonymous you write:
But who was that who put together the writing when Jan Kåre? The cannon did not fall down from the sky in its final form. There were hundreds of letters in circulation, many who claimed to be of Paul, Peter and others Some might have authority to separate the cliff from the wheat and say that these letters are genuine and inspired while the others are not approved. Who made this decision? Yes, just the same Catholic church as you say also introduced an alleged false Trinitarian doctrine. Think about this the next time you argue from outside scriptures. That means you've already accepted the authority of the Church since you argue from outside what it has approved fonts.


Like everyone else, I am grateful to the people who have gone before me and who have been dealing with spiritual things.
That this has been many Catholics and others, it's just the way it is for all of us!

But I'm trying to investigate. Compare, retrieve new information and still come closer to the truth.
Then I need both a correct Bible translation, the light of the Spirit and the clarity of mind.
I work with this every day, and as I said. I do not get to the story and the facts, so here's your reasoning jam!

You require me to have an answer all the time, but I do not answer any of what I ask you.
I am no oracle and it is quite obvious that you have not studied either the website or my blog, all you will find answers to there.

Abba Father is certainly not Jesus, he-he, it's only God, Father alone, nobody else.

Do not start with so much person attacking me, I've experienced enough of that. Try to keep only the case and the words of the scripture. I'm trying to try you too or it will be so unnecessary shit that comes out, right?

You ask if Jesus is my Lord and God, until I want you to first read an article from the heavenly blog here.

Expect you to read this because you can not come up with a lot of questions and do not put you more into the word of God than what you have done and what I teach and learn:

Fred Vidar Hjortland also writes about the wrong translation and meaning with Tomas who says My Lord and my God:

This simple fact is a powerful indication that Jesus has never proclaimed any trinity faith! What we see above all in the gospels is that Jesus' friends and disciples confess Jesus as the Messiah - and nothing more! Such is Peter's confession (Matthew 16:16), so is Nathaniel's confession (John 1:49), as is Marta's confession (John 11:27), so is the belief of the Samaritan woman (John 4: 1-42) The belief that Emmaus wanderers are strengthened in (Luke 24: 13-35). The confession of Jesus as the Messiah appears to be a consistent pattern in all the four gospels. Such a confession of Jesus as the Messiah fits like a hand in glove with what we have previously seen that Jesus never proclaimed any Trinity doctrine, never said of himself that he was God, never mentioning the Spirit of God as his own divine person, etc. Jesus' friends and disciples have never heard him proclaim such doctrines, and of course they have never begun to believe in such a thing! What they have heard, however, is that the Father is the one and only God (John 5:44 + 17: 3), and that the Father is both their God and his own God (John 20:17). They have heard this, and they believe this! Your faith in God is and remains therefore Jewish in character. They confess the theme when they visit the temple and the synagogues - as they always have done and such as their master and great model also did. They have not believed in a new God. The new is only that they have understood and believed that Jesus is the promised Messiah! In all, we see that it is Jesus as the Messiah in the gospels. It is Jesus who Messiah's angels proclaim for the shepherds on the ground, and it is Jesus as the Messiah's Apostle John rounds up all his gospel with! Jesus never spoke to anyone that he himself was God or that there was a trinity. On the other hand, he tried to lead people to believe that he was the Messiah (see, for example, the account of the Samaritan woman in John 4 and the story of Emmaus migrants in Luke 24).

And when people came to such an appreciation, Jesus was pleased! He praised them and expected nothing more. To Peter, he even said that God himself had shown him this truth (Matt 16: 16-17). The picture clearly expresses us is, in short, Jesus never tried to change the Jewish religion of the disciples and that the disciples never confessed anything but a Jewish religion! For the disciples, Jesus was always the promised Messiah, never a divine person in a mysterious trinity!

But what about John 20:28, surely someone will ask. Do not Thomas confession radically interfere with the constant confessional pattern we see in the gospels? Personally, I do not think so. Although it may look like this at first glance, I think there are good reasons to suppose that Thomas did not move outside the sphere of the gospel celebrations of the gospel. Strong indications point to the fact that he had not participated in any new religions! In the following, I will present two understanding models that in their own way remove all the difficulties associated with this verse. I think both of the understanding models are good and I do not really know who to prefer. What I'm convinced, however, is that any one of these two models is going to be both better than the usual trinitarian way of understanding this verse! The first model simply explains that when Thomas exclaims "My Lord and my God," these words are not aimed at Jesus but against the Father. Some may want to clean immediately on the forehead for such explanation, but there are actually several moments pointing out that this can be a good and correct understanding. First of all, the whole episode carries the impression that Thomas was greatly surprised. He was initially very skeptical and refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead before seeing the nail marks in his hands and stabbed his finger in his wound. Such was his mood. So suddenly, one day Jesus stood bright alive right in front of him!Most of us may be alive watching us how he felt totally surprised and in a way "struck by lightning"! In such a surprise situation it is very common for humans to come with some form of outbreak, a exclamation. And in a religious culture such exclamation will gladly contain words that are with God to do. This is something we know from our own Norwegian culture. Many Norwegians will, for example, could say "my god!" or "oh god!" when they are greatly surprised. I remember how my grandmother used these expressions. In the oriental culture, like religiously-occurring eruptions were similar. Very recently (October 2011) I heard, for example. On the news how people in Turkey said the word "Allah" when the full of joy and surprise found surviving relatives after the earthquake. For an observer without knowledge of Turkish and Islamic culture, it could surely look as if they called their relatives to Allah! But of course that was not what they did. Their word exclamation was clearly nothing but a condensed thanksgiving and praise to God.

Marit you write:
" I AM",
Brother this out to the right and left, as if Jesus is God Almighty and even greater.

As said, this is a word and writing form that is unknown in the script, the preparation afterwards!

By thinking that I am Are you also offended, and I think I deserve to stone when I say the same to you. Or lets you correct.
I think I smell a lot of meat here. Much self-pity. But most of all .It is only in the Holy Spirit (God the father) that one can say ABBA FATHER. Say that God was in flesh. But you say that we may call CALLE Jesus for God, if we wish. There is knowledge difference. Satan also calls Yahweh for GOD. and constantly uses his words "God has said" But Satan does not honor Yahweh as God. But say, `Call gladly Jesus God, but honor him NOT God.

I will never as long as the Spirit of God drives me, give up judging the words of the snake by putting my believer's heel on his head to break it. Never. He is raging, but is overcome. But one must dare to stand up for the word of God, to repent his liar.

But you stand yourself in this, you accuse me of having the words of the snake, but that's exactly what you are!
So when you've talked about me, it's just you you've talked about!

I have said only one thing that this with I IS is not a biblical, as the whole Bible is written in lowercase letters. Only there comes your argument to short!

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No. 1601: The "problematic" Israel love, when even the false prophet Jan Kaare Hanvold is "Israel friend" the warning lights should shine on the blast!

No. 1601:
The "problematic" Israel love, when even the false prophet Jan Kaare Hanvold is "Israel friend" the warning lights should shine on the blast!                                                                                                
Picture nightlife where sin is a top priority. The life that Jan Kaare Hanvold living is a life without norme r, conscience and a settlement from sin life!

From my commentaries Revelation 11. 8 Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

The bodies reside in Jerusalem where Jesus died. Here, Jerusalem is referred to as a little flattering as spiritual is Sodom and Egypt. Sodoma stands for sexual sins that are also abnormal as, inter alia, homosexuality is. Egypt elsewhere stands for a place where the Antichrist and the world have taken a seat.

9 People of many people and tribes and tongues and nations shall see them lying there for three and a half days, and they shall not allow anyone to bury them.

That they are lying dead for three and a half days is also that they will show the world that these are dead but the Antichrist lives. That way they show their triumph!
(Quote ending).

Psalm 126. 1. A Song of Ascents. / When the LORD turned the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream 2 Then our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with joy, they said among the nations: Great things have the Lord done to them. 3 Great things have the Lord done to us; we were happy.

Much of today's love and friendship in Israel is nothing but a battle's cunning attack. As he did not come to Israel like a fierce reef. Or as a monster like Nazi Germany and others have done. But like a "silky dummy" cat that has no good intentions.

When, for example, Jan Kaare Hanvold and Vision Norway proclaim Israel's love and stand up for Israel. But at the same time conducts glory theology and Hanvold himself lives in manifest contradiction with the word of God to be repatriated. Then it should not just ring at one time, but all the bells and bells you have.
This is nothing but a deception that has happened before in history, several times.
That the enemy wants to "bed" with you, it can be a James Bond movie. But in the real world and the spiritual world, this is also bad.

Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway is like the evil Tobias we meet in Nehemiah book that will move into and stay in the temple. But he is not fit or allowed to do so, because he can not find his name written in Israel's numbers.

Tobias who wanted to become an "Israelite" and live in the temple.

It has always been people like this evil Tobias who would live in the temple, and take all their living in there. We meet this person in the book of Nehemiah where he has been mentioned several times but was banned every time. Even though he came back and was rude as few!

Nehemiah 4. 1. Now when Sanballat heard that we built the wall, his anger was lifted up; He became exceedingly angry and spotted the Jews 2 and said in the presence of his brothers and the warriors in Samaria: What are these wicked Jews doing?Should they be allowed to do that? Should they have few victims? Should believe they will finish the work today? Should believe they will blow lives in the rocks from the gravel cages even if they are all burned? 3 And ammo nineteen Tobias, who stood beside him, said: Let them build as much as they want - just a fox go up on their stone wall, then tear it down. 4 Listen, our God, how we have been despised! Let their mock fall back on their own head, and let them be a prey in the land of captivity! 5 Do not cover their iniquity, neither let their sin be wiped out before you. For they have offended you for the ears of the builders. 6 Then we built on the wall, and the whole wall was raised to half its height, and the people had good courage in the work. 7 But when Sanballat and Tobiah, and the Arabs, and the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites, heard that we continued to repair the walls of Jerusalem, and that the cracks were filled, they became very angry. 8 And they all gather together to come and fight Jerusalem, and to hinder the people in his work. 9 But we prayed to our God, and we sent out vigilance to them day and night for fear of them.

The scripture was aware that no ammonia would be in the church of God. Tobias was an ammonite and he was not welcome in the congregation. That's how it is with Jan Kaare Hanvold, he is not welcome in the church either.

Deuteronomy 23 23. No Ammonite or Moabite shall be in the congregation of the Lord; Still not their tithing generation shall ever be in the congregation of the Lord.

We read that after the wall was moved up and the temple likewise. Then this evil Tobiah would be in the congregation of God and rule. This did not delight the Lord and his servant Nehemiah.
It is also today, today, that the Lord does not feel like hearing and teaching like Jan Kaare Hanvold and countless others.

Nehemiah 13. 6 Under all this I was not in Jerusalem; for in the two and thirtieth year of the king of Babylon, I returned to the king. But when some time had passed, I left the king for permission to travel. 7 And when I came to Jerusalem, I noticed the evil Eliashib had done for Tobiah's sake by setting up a chamber for him in the courtyards of God House. 8 This seemed to me very bad about, and I threw all Tobiah out of the chamber 9 and commanded that they should purify the chambers, and so brought I again the house of God, vessels of the meat offering and the frankincense.

Here, the evil Ammonite, Tobias, had been excluded from the congregation of the Lord forever. Ready to get Eljasib over to his side.
Where he had also furnished a chamber for him in the courtyards of God's house!

When Jan Kaare Hanvold has received a "Christian" TV channel, this is nothing but the evil Tobias business that has been extended!

Notice that the evil Jan Kaare Hanvold and Tobias are both excluded from the church of God, Hanvold, because he is a wizard and a marriage writer. Tobias because he was an ammonite.

1 Cor. 6. 9 Or do you not know that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God? Dad does not want to! Neither wizards nor idolaters, nor marriages, nor lovers, nor those who sins against nature, 10 or thieves, or oaths, or drinkers, or backbreakers, or robbers shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Tobias managed - just the same as Jan Kaare Hanvold does. In other words, the form of Israel support is nothing but a powerful error.

Final Comment:

This form of Israeli support as Jan Kaare Hanvold and Vision Norway stands for, will help to bring Israel and the Jews into chaos, defeat and that Israel's capital Jerusalem will end up not in true praise and worship.
But as spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, this is Jerusalem's fate before they start on their way against repentance!