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No. 1590: Simply attacked by Kjell Sverre Andersen from Søgelys against my lawyer Brynjar Meling, that he is only looking to earn money, as I have no opportunity to appeal to the human rights court!

No. 1590:
Simply attacked by Kjell Sverre Andersen from Søgelys against my lawyer Brynjar Meling, that he is only looking to earn money, as I have no opportunity to appeal to the human rights court!

Picture of my lawyer Brynjar Meling as Searchelys and Kjell Sverre Andersen with advice and deeds from an anonymous, but according to Andersen, a very experienced lawyer who thinks I'm fooled.

Meling is no "hardy" slugger, but very conservative, busy with the jus and sometimes somewhat low-key.
Perhaps there had been a better slugger in this case? I'm hard to see, because I think the whole thing against me is a plot and a word of justice.
Then we'll see what the end will be, if Meling's "track" with incorrect law enforcement in the human rights court in Strasbourg, France?
Or if there is a rejection of the appeal and defeat?
Will as I say, do my utmost to be cleansed, even though I am pure in Jesus' blood and have a good conscience!
As I have learned to know Meling, he is both proficiently skilled, has great integrity and follows his conscience and conviction.
I do not think Meling has a hidden agenda, because it's not lucrative to take this case Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.
This is for a great deal of idealism one does, because it's only if the case goes through in the human rights court in Strasbourg in France that Meling and others will get some money left. What he's doing now for me is probably heavily underpaid!
It was a post dated September 3, where there is a simple attack by Searchlily by Kjell Sverre Andersen against my lawyer Brynjar Meling, that he is only looking to earn money, as I have no opportunity to appeal to the human rights court!
As well as they write that I'm screaming and much more, read on Searchlight if the article is not removed. They tend to spit out you and bitters over me or those who stand with me, this time my lawyer Meling.
Kjell Sverre Andersen should have been in contact with a lawyer in Kristiansand where he has heard that I have no chance of winning, and this is because my lawyer Brynjar Meling is going to make money.
Think that Meling will not make money on this issue before it may get through Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.
If so, the Norwegian state pays something that is always going to happen!
Kjell Sverre Andersen I mean surmulas and should only accept the sentence and pay the boat of 15,000, - kr.
I experience the entire legal process as ugly, unfair and simple!
When I have been charged with one thing, in court, Brynjar Meling has been prosecuted for incorrect law enforcement. And this has been central and what I have been convicted of. Writing a lot of amount about Jan Aage Torp has not been dealt with in court.
Then they judge me for this and write a lot of spray and untruths that they should have spoken and confronted me about.
Had they done that, nothing had been a problem.
Let me briefly explain what I see what is wrong and wrong with the judgment, which means I will proceed with the case of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.
  1. Incorrect application of the law, as I have never opps ø kt Jan Aage Torp p to any m to tea and never have disturbed his peace.
The Criminal Code § 390 a which I am convicted of believes, lawyer Brynjar Meling is something completely different from this that I have written on my own blog's own views and opinions. Something that makes use of this article against me and the heavenly blog that then expands beyond this law to apply something far more than it is long and given to contain!
  1. The last to years we have debated several ministers who are upwardly married. Preachers who publicly say they are divorced and married again, which is used to tell and underpin the remarriage occurs in the church of God and that it is real. This has nothing to do with these people to make ø re, but it is because they are public figures that they are being debated. That's when Jan Hanvold having f to tt 'pay the penalty' most, except me.
  1. There is no one who has been so harassed and mentioned on to the net like me, it just shows that the police're running with two sets of laws. It is allowed to write everything about me and my family, also to document forgery and other.
  1. N to ra is screened for one thing, and the right treat something different (application of the law). When they d o mmer me for a third thing, and this is not a sprint out of the court.
Believe it's right to call this a "cheek-dummy"!
  1. We all have an idea how it should take place to the court, and what Norwegian law says. Blue. n to r the whole judgment is based on to some numbers that I have p to sound that is completely beyond and they are not documented. Which Lawyer Brynjar Meling repeats in his appeal letter to Norwegian H ø Supreme. Meling g to rs to the extent possible to g to and say that this has not v æ rt dr ø lifted and use it in a judgment against me is also to receive Norwegian law. All this you will find documented on to the Heavenly blog.
  1. The paper also reviews the basis for this review and trial. Is clearly that Torp v æ rt against me and the heavenly blog because we have p to pointed that here there is a large, wide gap between life and l æ re. He can ford ømme the gays, but "absolves" itself to marry again when he is the innocent party and m to da f to r allowed to live by the old man.
  1. As well, I believe that what Torp and those who are on to his side if there are disciples or not. Have written far worse verbally and much more than me. This has not been Dr. ø lifted in court, and this as the basis for conviction against me and the Heavenly blog.
  1. Last thing I want in life and in the service of the Lord is giving up! I have not done anything wrong, punishable or criminal. The whole thing against me is the way I see it fabricated. Had no realistic possibility to be acquitted when it was n æ nearest decided that I should be taken. One sees that I was charged with one thing, during the litigation, there was law enforcement that went on. And I was d ø mt for something that has not v æ been under consideration in court and that I clearly told about and Meling did it also to in his appeal letter to Norwegian H ø Supreme, it was not a nubbesjanse!
  1. S ø kelys I mean grumbles and does not take it like a man. That's exactly what I do ø r. I pay the fine and the penalty notice, as well as my lawyer. Because I believe the case against me is b to the erroneous with regard b oth to judgment and treatment in the various courts.
  1. S ø kelys writes also to once again seen with other "glasses" than mine. I think it's money well spent, and then I've done all that I have been able, if possible, to be acquitted and winner of Jan Aage Torp and Oslo police. This democratic means and through the court system. I've never opps ø kt some people in this case about the v æ're wearing Jan Aage Torp, police, judges or anyone. But let everything g to honest and democratic manner through the court system, although they lie on to me that I, for example. has a personal revenge against Jan Aage Torp that I know really sv æ rt, sv æ very little to.
He is "persona non grata" for me!
That I should have a personal revenge motive against a person whom I only know through reading about him in the media and that he has betrayed a good friend and brother of me for 1.5 million is not just sought.
It is direct lying and false!
Final Comment:
Now this goes against the human rights court in Strasbourg, France. Then Søkelys and Kjell Sverre Andersen think it's a waste of money. So at least we have tried at least.
Trying to do as good as possible and possibly hoping, believing and praying that one wins is thousands of times better than not trying.
If one has not tried, then one guaranteed will fail!
I'm trying, and then we'll see what the outcome will be.
Then nobody will be able to say afterwards that I did not try because we really do. Although I have to cover this from my own pocket, mostly.
Then I will try. But it's free to be my support. Just deposit money into account, see here:

Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05845
Be blessed in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!

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