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No. 1583: The judgment against me is like a guf from the past where the state controlled everything and the citizens were disqualified when I clearly pointed out that Torp's statements are beyond and wrong!

No. 1583:
The judgment against me is like a guf from the past where the state controlled everything and the citizens were disqualified when I clearly pointed out that Torp's statements are beyond and wrong!

Picture of a little innocent kid.
 That's how I feel like never being punished. What are they doing in court? Both in the district court and the court of law? They overlook what I say, and do not even try to get the truth out of me. 

But runs his own lie run with the judges in the lead. What is it that causes someone to behave like this? Yes, I have not done anything criminal or punishable, but in Norway I consider the courts in Norway to be killer and criminal!
This is from what I've posted on Youtube where I took up the negotiations and I clearly say that the sentence is based on lies and completely beyond and they must be removed from the verdict in Oslo District Court, since none of the numbers like Torp Senior with is documented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnLmUHtMdB8
Anyway, they do it, in other words, the judgment against me and the Heavenly Blog is a lie and based on only one thing, which has not been the subject of discussions in court. Neither in Borgarting law or in Oslo district court.
Øystein Hermansen says:
Christensen you have the opportunity to come up with an end mark, do you have anything to add?
I answer freely:
First of all, the number that Jan Aage Torp says and the verdict against me is based on you completely beyond that, it's a blank lie!
Because this was just something that Torp just said the air as (pure imagination) in court without it being documented.
This was not discussed at all!
So the number and wife of Torp are not mentioned in the terms that the court assumes.
For number two, I think that Attorney Brynjar Meling also points out that the morale of a politician or other public person I would never have mentioned.
But this is a pastor or priest who also has special rights.
Being a preacher is a very special calling and profession where morality and ethics are alpha and omega!
Everything falls and stands out that life and learning go hand in hand.
It concerns a pastor, priest, or proclaims that life and learning go hand in hand.
The verdict of the district court shall not be emphasized at all as it is liable and fabricated. (it is based on Torp's fantasy number that was not documented at all).
Should a staff member be in a committed position, then life and learning are crucial!
The church and the church have their own clause that goes on the priest and the pastor's morale. Everything is linked to this for the person to hold and hold a promised position. This has not emphasized the right at all as the background and essence of this conflict.
Øystein Hermansen says:
Then we will take the matter up to judgment!
This is stated in the judgment as essential:
Judgment pursuant to section 390a of the Penal Code can not be done if it constitutes an inalienable intervention in the freedom of expression, cf. the Constitution, Article 100 and the ECHR Article 10. In the opinion of the Court of Appeal, the protection of freedom of expression is prohibited from section 390a in this case. Christensen has been suffering from unnecessary and unreasonable harassment, and he seems to have been driven by a personal pursuit motive. As such, Christensen is not protected by freedom of speech, although individual statements in the blog posts alone would not be punishable. It is the overall holistic assessment that is essential.
(quote ending).
When I say this is beyond and not documented.
Then it's regular lie the whole thing against me and the heavenly blog is based on.
Where is legal certainty?
It is not present when I have stated that this is also the basis for the conviction not discussed in court!
In other words, I have said that what I am convicted of is not documented, discussed and it is completely beyond the numbers that Torp assumes.
In other words, when Borgarting Court of Appeal disregards this as I have pointed out and does not mention it in the judgment. Then the case against me and the heavenly blog will be a justice word and a father!
Final Comment:
Judge Øystein Hermansen can not say that I exceed a limit that is not protected by freedom of belief and expression as everything is based on the fact that I have written a lot about Jan Aage Torp.When I disputed this number in court for open mic (it is out on Youtube in late post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnLmUHtMdB8 ). 
As well as pointing out this has not been discussed in court.
In other words, they judge me for an adventure story from Jan Aage Torp who does not hold goals that are lying and constructed.
And, most importantly. It has not been discussed in court.
In other words, legal certainty is equal to zero when this can happen in Norway!
When I say that, as Oslo tingrett, the judgment is based on numbers that are beyond and that this has not been discussed with the number. This builds the whole judgment on how to stop such a lie and horrible end result that I will be judged? This is worse than North Korea and the Congo, who, after all, tries to get accused in the face of being "confessed" by the person.
Here they look away from everything and believe in lies set by Jan Aage Torp!
All I have written is far beyond the freedom of belief and expression. Not punishable, but they judge me to have repeated the same too many times. This is also applied, as I have gotten 300 articles directed towards me and about 30,000 messages across the web in different ways that I've responded to in the last 4 to 5 years. Therefore, the large amounts, and this I am judged for.

This is the time of justice in Norway - certainly the whole world !?

The overall overall assessment that has made me judged has in this Youtube snake from the court that I discovered revealed that the whole sentence against me and the Heavenly Blog is a plot!
Is this a court worthy? Never, it's a big, big shame and really puts all our legal certainty to the point that lies and hate will win!
This is of course a small matter compared to much else. But when this can happen, it puts the whole legal security at risk with a judgment that is so wrong and badly treated!
That this is not highlighted by Norwegian newspapers and the media, even though they are illuminated. Reminds of a chambermaid and one protects each other from the old Soviet Union.Something that both and I should and should stand up for the truth!
Almost time may be you who are exposed to a justice word and a judgment that has not been discussed in court. This is both sad and serious!
I have never come with a threat, but I have got a lot of trouble, this is not the case at all.
Even though I have reviewed this and document falsification and more!

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