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No. 1567: When the artist Ole Paus plays God and judges others to be Satan's runners, it may be so wrong it can become!

No. 1567:
When the artist Ole Paus plays God and judges others to be Satan's runners, it may be so wrong it can become!
Picture of Sylvia Listhaug as bathing in the Mediterranean. This means that Ole Paus makes her go to Satan's running pole, but think it's the opposite that it's Pope, which is more than Ondes's running pole. Sylvia Listhaug does an excellent job.

This writes ABS news and I'm assuming they are quoting Ole Paus right:
"What most upsets me now is people like Listhaug who runs the wickedness of the wicked and claims it is Christianity. I have never seen such an obscene image as that of Listhaug bathing in the Mediterranean where thousands of refugees die. It's a wretchedness you've never seen, in a format you've never dreamed of before. "
Firstly, Listhaug bathe in the Mediterranean as millions of others do, that this is Satan's deed is of course nothing more than in Ole Paus's weird head. Sylvia Listhaug also makes an excellent job, in general, as Immigration and Integration Minister in the Justice and Emergency Department of Erna Solberg's Government, a ministerial post created with effect from 16 December 2015 by the way.
Who is doing the work of Satan and who runs the wicked evil that Ola Pope believes to have a monopoly to know?
This is of course a question with multiple answers in the sense that we are all actually the wicked runners or girls when we do the wicked deeds. But to try to be more concrete, it is first and foremost those who have rejected Jesus as his personal savior who runs the cruelty of the wicked.
Here from my Bible commentary Ephesians 2 2. You lived in the present world and led you to rule the ruler of the sky, the spirit that is now active in the disobedient.
Paul takes care of: "Yes, we once lived all that they. We followed the lusts of our sinful nature and let us guide it and our own thoughts. Such we were in nature under the wrath of God, like the others. " Ef.2,2-3. There must be a past and present in the life of a human being if they want to hear Christ. It is not a matter of getting better than others, but becoming a Christian is a violation of the sinful being of this world, and a surrender to Christ. "It was before repentance that Paul thought of himself that he was better than anyone else . In the philosopher's letter he writes: "I have, of course, what I can show of human preference. If anyone believes that he can count on such things, I can do it even more. "But after repentance, the tone has become another:" We have our praise in Christ and do not put our trust in any human. "By this clear Christian confession came He in opposition to the people and to religious leaders of the day. But after meeting the risen Jesus Christ, it was impossible for him to preach any gospel other than that he had received. The Holy Spirit had clearly revealed to Paul who he was. "I know that in me, that is, the way I am in myself, it does not live well." He maintains both for himself and everyone else that only way to salvation was turning to Jesus Christ to receive it Undeserved grace and forgiveness from him. He himself experienced the persecution he had previously committed to the Christians. But he who previously burned with hatred against the Christians now burns with love to both Jews and Gentiles. "I have a big grief in my heart. Something that always pours me. I would like to be cursed and divorced from Christ, only for my brothers and countrymen. "Rom.9,3.
It is not difficult to register that the anti-Christian forces are effective today. It goes on preaching and forms. The most active to persecute Christians are just those who think of themselves: "I have the right to show human preference." When both the rapporteurs, politicians, diocesan councils and the media oppose a bishop candidate because he chooses to stand on The words of the scripture are all about revealing the great distinction between this world and the kingdom of God. Actually, this is only natural, Paul writes in the Corinthian letter: "Such a human being is in itself, does not accept what belongs to the Spirit of God. For him it is incomprehensible, and he can not comprehend it; It can only be judged spiritually. "" As soon as the opposition is taken away, it's to be Christian wreck. "
3 Yes, we once lived everyone like them. We followed the lusts of our sinful nature and let us guide it and our own thoughts. Such we were in nature under the wrath of God, like the others.
All people are not spiritually neutral. Either we are influenced by God or Satan. By the fall, all men were "sold" to Satan. At Calvary, all people were "won" back to God.
4. 17 Then I call you intriguing in the name of the Lord: live no more like the Gentiles. Their thoughts are emptiness,
The word of God makes the unborn and fleshly human very low. Therefore, we are encouraged to live completely opposite. Unfortunately, the world often denotes the church a church characterizes the world. God wants us to follow us.
18 Their understanding is darkened, and they are strangers to the life of God. For their hearts have been hardened, so that they do not know him.
"For the god of this world (Satan), the blind has the mind of the unfaithful, lest they see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." (2 Corinthians 4: 4)
"Everything is clean for the clean. But for those who are unclean and unbelieving, nothing is clean, but their minds and their conscience are unclean. "
So the soul and mind are therefore a campsite! And I and you decide who will win!
"The wicked must leave his way and the unrighteous thoughts and repent to the Lord, then he will be amazed at him and to our God, for He will gladly leave everything. For my thoughts are not their thoughts, and their ways are not my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than their ways, and my thoughts are higher than their thoughts. "(Isaiah 55: 7-9)
As we can see, there is a big contrast between the thoughts of the wicked and the thoughts of God. The wicked shall leave his thoughts and ways, and share in the thoughts, plans and ways of God. This speaks of a total transformation of thought life.
"And do not you like this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind so that you can judge what is God's will: the good that he pleases, the perfect." (Romans 12: 2)
The word transform (Greek: metamorphosis) talks about a total transformation. It also talks about being different from what everyone else is.
19 They have become stumble, they have thrown themselves out into exiles, giving themselves to all kinds of immorality and chasing for money.
God's thoughts are first and foremost apparent in the Word of God. Therefore, we must read a lot in the word of God so that the Word is allowed to work in our lives. It will gradually begin to transform our thoughts, attitudes, and our whole sense. This is the whole key.
"How does the kid keep his path clean? By keeping up with your Word. I seek you with all my heart, do not let me go wild from your commandments! In my heart I have hidden your word, that I may not sin against you. "(Psalm 119: 9-11)
"Your word is a lantern for my foot and a light on my path." (Psalm 119: 105)
The word of God is a living word. Therefore, they are life-transforming. When God's Word penetrates into the mind, it is living and powerful and helps you to distinguish between God's thoughts and the human.
"For the word of God is alive and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. It needs through until it cloves (separates) soul and spirit, joints and margins, judging the thoughts and counsel of the heart. "(Hebrews 4:12)
We must therefore let the Word of God guide us, teach us, convince us, and raise us up. Then we will be refurbished for service in the Kingdom of God.
"The whole Scripture is inhaled by God and useful in teaching, for conviction, for guidance, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, capable of all good works." (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)
When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert, His mind was rocky. He answered the Word of God. As we allow our minds to renew, we can also cope with both trials and temptations by focusing on the Word of God.
Man in himself makes the infertility of the flesh and thrives with it.
(Quote ending).

Final Comment:

For example, when the police Indirectly defends Naziism by arresting those who will be opposed to this. And at the same time, do everything to get me and the Heavenly blog.Probably this is much more to be the Evil runners one that Sylvia Listhaug takes some swimming in the Mediterranean.

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