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No. 1575: It is not lawyer Brynjar Meling's mistake that we have lost the case and have to go to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court in France with the case of if possible to win and make me and the heavenly blog acquitted!

No. 1575:
It is not lawyer Brynjar Meling's mistake that we have lost the case and have to go to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court in France with the case of if possible to win and make me and the heavenly blog acquitted!
Harald Heide Steen Jr. In the role of the fool in the «Journey to the Christmas Star».
This is how I think my lawyer Brynjar Meling has been treated in court here in Norway, which is why I am blamed for the defeat of the judges, not Brynjar.
Brynjar Meling has done a very solid job for me, who has written to the Norwegian Supreme Court to top it all.
It is probably the best ankeskrivet that has ever been written to the Norwegian Supreme Court and has been rejected.

The case against me and the heavenly blog looks more and more like a plot, not a rule of law and democracy worthy!
I am not guilty of attorney Brynjar Meling that we lost this case against Jan Aage Torp and the Oslo police.
This is something that my lawyer could not do anything for when he was really led behind the light and fired by both the Oslo police and the courts.
If you look at his ancestor to the Norwegian Supreme Court, have you never written a better letter?
It was phenomenally well written!
It was Torp, the police and the judiciary in Norway was shocked. That was one reason why the case was rejected by the Norwegian Supreme Court that Meling wrote "for good"! I think so, at least!
Oslo District Court and Borgarting Law of Law have, to some extent, held lawyer Brynjar Meling to fool as they have expressed the impression that they agree with his arguments. But in reality, that's the way it does not agree with him!
The judge in Oslo District Court, which was Malin Strømberg Amble, and her judges who were ordinary laymen and I do not mention that.
In Borgarting Court of Appeal there was judge Øystein Hermansen. Besides, it was team leader Bjørn Edvard Engstrøm and team leader Leiv Robberstad was a third man. These I name as they are public people.
All these judges, especially in Borgarting Court of Appeal, gave a clear impression to Brynjar Meling during the court hearing that they followed his reasoning.
But what are they doing?
That which is not in the trial and which has not been the subject of the discussion in court.
That it's written a lot, not a little. They base their judgment on me.
When Brynjar Meling argued for incorrect law enforcement. Spent all his time and all his procedure on this. And the judges expressed their agreement with this. Then, if they had been reasonably fair and fair.
Then they had expressed that they did not fully agree with him and went on to obviously have been important in this matter. That is why we have used so much space. But they do not, who only prove that in my eyes, the police, the court and Torp are three criminals who hold each other to take two righteous. In other words, the trial has revealed and shows that in reality, those who should have been convicted here have not become. It is above all, Jan Aage Torp, who came with a fictional review to stop me and the heavenly blog when we clearly proclaimed from the Bible to be ascended as a Christian and apostle. It is to live in horseback and sin after the Bible.
And asked me and he why it's written so much about fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp. Then they had got a clear answer, and the whole thing against me had not given me anything to judge.
The judges here in Norway appear to be rotten and fraudulent in my eyes when they proceed in this way.
It's perfectly fine that they had come to this end they had done, if they had done it in a fair and good way!
Mate Piece!
When I went to school I learned something that was very important.
Blue. In math as in life. It was not just right, but putting things up right. In mathematics it was important that one not only got the right answer, but set up the calculator correctly. Both parts should be right, and my math teacher said that he also gave half right if the mat piece was right set up right.
Here too with these cases we have gone through.
I have no problem getting fined for having written in favor of fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp. It's fine.
But when I have been convicted of writing in quantity has not been dealt with in court. Then it becomes and is a justice word and it is fabricated.
What was dealt with in court, especially during the court proceedings in Borgarting lagret. It was law enforcement, but this was just a game for the gallery when they judged me for something completely different. In other words, what was raised and which the judges nodded to acknowledge. It was just a game for the gallery and they judged me for what was not taken up in court.
This is a rule that Norway should be, that they are totally backed up and it is unworthy and primitive. It's in the dark, and like this I point out and am not afraid to write or talk disparaging about anyone. For such behavior is far below the minimum goal!
What should one do now?
Yes, really, this case should have been treated so far in the Norwegian Supreme Court. That's really the only thing, or we must take it to Strasbourg. To the human rights court there, what else can we do?
Final Comment:
In many ways this judgment and treatment are unworthy. Also facing Brynjar Meling who has put a lot of work and prestige into this.
Seems it's pretty fake what has been his main concern, which goes on law enforcement, though I'm wrongly used.
That the judges, especially in Borgarting lawyer ask questions to him and pretend that they are very agreed and impressed. We then believed in friejennelse, but got this horrible and erroneous judgment against us as in the face!
In Oslo district court this was not the subject of discussion, which again tells me when the sentence against me went on what I had written.
It was Jan Aage Torp's spiritual leprosy, a psychopath, fool Apostle, nasty and a wizard. All of this is true, and this, as I write here, is a child food in what is otherwise written daily online.
In other words, the sentence against me is also Christian persecution.
For it's only because I'm a Christian that they judge me.
Had I been a Muslim or regular prophet, no one had bothered!
In reality now afterwards, I can say that it's all just a game for the gallery, and they hold Attorney Brynjar Meling like a fool.
Such treatment is primitive and unclean in my opinion.
I get embarrassed in my mouth over the treatment itself, not first and foremost the result.
I can live by paying 15,000, - $ in order to write something untrue online if it had been correct. But here it is not, it's the opposite.
It is Jan Aage Torp and his allies who have written at least three times stronger in verbal words and expressions than me. As well as in quantity, much more.
They have not only written online, they have searched me and my family with loads of mailer, document falsifications and also written to our employers and others. In other words, the Christensen family is free!
This judgment if it is standing is unworthy, primitive and unfair!
Seems too bad of my lawyer who has been fooled, especially by Borgarting lagret and the Norwegian Supreme Court.
After Brynjar Meling's phenomenal and incredibly good appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court that this was rejected, I am a mystery.
It is ill unfair and when we know they did not justify it either.
So, the whole thing seems like we are more in Congo than in Norway!
The case against me and the heavenly judgment is worse than the judgment itself, it's the process of getting a judgment against me and the heavenly blog that makes the whole thing a big big father. It's keeping everyone crazy, not least my very good lawyer Brynjar Meling who has been working on wrong law enforcement.
Something that has proved to be something that the court did not care about a gram.
But what has not been addressed or as we have been asked. That has not been on the agenda, amount of writings.
It all builds on, this is, as said, a judgment calling North Korea than ala Norway and a Western, free democratic country!

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