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No. 1060: Why I belive that Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart can preach and be in service even after two deep fall!

No. 1060:
Why I belive that Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart can preach and be in service even after two deep fall!

I've written a lot about Jimmy Swaggart, and the response has been very good!

But I have defended that Jimmy Swaggart after two giant fall, not to be absent from service. It has wrong some heavy chest. For others as they share my opinion. I will try to explain why I believe it is justified that Jimmy Swaggart can preach and serve the Lord again. Even for adultery and breach of trust against the church.

Photo by Donnie Swaggart and Debbie as Donnie, Jimmy Swaggart son has been married twice. After having been separated from her in when Donnie afterwards married blonde Judy Dove which he later divorced in from and married Debbie again. What Jimmy Swaggart has done, reminiscent of King David, who received pardon and partial restoration. But there is always a big but with such restoration, then one has applied to both themselves and others mad with suffering and loss.

This was the Lord's words of King David:

1 Sam. 12. 10 Hereafter shall the sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised me and taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite. 11 Thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will bring evil upon you from your own house. I will take your wives before your eyes you and give them to another man. He shall lie with them in broad daylight. 12 For you have acted in secret, but I will do this thing in the sight of all Israel in broad daylight. "13 David said to Nathan," I have sinned against the Lord. "Nathan replied," The LORD also has taken away your sin. You shall not die. 14 But because you did this and despised the word, he will die, the son you've got. "15 Then Nathan went home.


It is always great and profound implications and results of sin and disobedience.

I read from the Evangelical Free Church their statuettes on this topic, small excerpt here:

1. Protection of learning and life in preaching and pastoral care

Protection of life and doctrine happening in the church normal life through preaching and teaching that will aim that the church can not be "tossed to and fro and carried about by every gust of new learning, so we fall prey to human fake games and cunning, seductive ploy. But we must be faithful to the truth in love and in all things grow up into him who is the head, Christ. " (Ephesians 4.14 to 15).

Especially in pastoral care ensured this protection of life and doctrine to members who:

- Leading learning that is contrary to God's word and the Evangelical Lutheran Church confession,

- Live in blatant and unsettled sin,

- Displays contempt for the means of grace by no reason to stay away from the church's worship.

The Church, and especially those who have learning and pastoral service, imposed a soul make risk responsibility for all ward members. They should include them with love and care, watch over them and guide anyone who shows signs of dullness and delusion.

As long as a relationship is treated in this pastoral plan must confidentiality observed. It as a matron, elder or another counselor has learned through confession or other forms of confession must not be disclosed.

2. Provision for the protection of life and doctrine

In cases where the preaching and pastoral care in the church's normal life does not lead to confession and settlement, uses the church the authority it has been given by her Lord to bind and loose people who sin, through an arrangement which is practiced out of Matt 16,19; Jn 20.23 and 18.15 to 20 Matt.

This arrangement is used for them who sin and go astray. It comes as an extension of the responsibility and care which finds expression in the admonition and reminder. The intention should always be to bring wayward and faithless back to communion with God in his church.

This protection of life and doctrine are also performed for the church's sake. Here lays the church down its strongest right to vote against sin and heresy and seeking to prevent this get spread in the congregation.

When this scheme is used, they may lose the right to hold services and offices in the church and denomination, and possibly deprived of voting rights. Unless repeated admonitions leads to repentance, a member may also be excluded from the church's communion.
Our arrangement can be divided into two phases:

A. Temporary loss of one or more of said rights.

This is a precaution that elders can implement while the matter is investigated and prepared.

B. Loss of one or more of said rights.

This means that elders can deprive competent leadership positions in the church, depriving the person to vote, and exclude from the Eucharist. Elder Council resolutions communicated to the congregation. Elder Council decision can be claimed treated by church meeting. When such matters are dealt with in the church meeting, treatment should be carried out in a closed ward meeting.


Are there complaints about a church naughty, vicious rumors, heresy or blatant sin, and the matter is not resolved at the personal and pastoral plan, the case of elders and possibly church meeting as described below.


3. Guidelines


1. When a member is accused of a sin against another, the controversy is sought settled through talks between the accuser and the accused. If this is not successful, discussed the matter in the elders with the two people. Finds of elders that the accusation is unfounded, the Council shall ensure that defendants receive full reparation. Should the council get to that accusation is justified and the accused will not let themselves rebuking, determines elders what further should be done.

2. Is it evil rumors about a church naughty, the teacher or one of the oldest initiate conversation with that person. Can not disproved the rumor, and it does not go to confession, must elders investigate and decide what further should be done.

3. If a member gives public expression of not sharing the Evangelical Lutheran confession, leading teacher or one of the oldest conversations with them. If this fails, the case must proceed to the elders.

4. In such cases as referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3, the elders implement the measures described above under System for the protection of life and doctrine. The parties have the right to carry assessor.

5. When this process leads to the result that the person concerned has confessed his sin or deviation, will refrain from their sin and - as far as possible - make the damage good again, the matter shall be stopped on the plan when it is located. The case will not be mentioned for the congregation without the terms expressly wish.

6. It is the body of elders which takes decisions on a member shall be deprived of leadership positions in the church, deprived of voting rights and / or excluded from the Eucharist. Elder Council resolutions communicated to the congregation. Elder Council decision can be claimed treated by church meeting. Demands for such treatment brought within two months after the elders have decision on the case and communicated this to the / those terms. Both the case and any minority elders have the right to demand treatment of church meeting.

7. The parish meeting's decisions may be appealed to presbyteriestyret by both parties. Rejects presbyteriestyret appeal, the matter may be appealed to synodestyret. Taking presbyteriestyret appeal to follow, sent the case back for retrial in church meeting. Maintains congregation its decision, the case goes to presbyteriestyret again. Presbyteriestyret may annul the decision and issue a new decision in the case. Presbyteriestyrets decision can be appealed by either party to synodestyret. Synodestyrets decision on the case is final. Any appeal must be submitted in writing and justified. New decision on the matter made by the appellate court will also be on the grounds.

8. When the person deprived of voting repent and ask forgiveness, regarded the case as closed. The person is then re-voting member. On first tillyste congregation meeting made this known and competent unraveled brotherly hand of the ward matron and elders.

(end of quote).
Jimmy Swaggart had two fall - the first time he was arrogant and did not receive help. The second time he humbled himself completely, and received all the help he could get. Then it has gone to fight well for him the last 24 years!
I stood up in this with Jimmy Swaggart then, and I remember very well what he said after the second and final assault. He said these freely reproduced:

"I will and have now booked professional counseling and medical care both externally and within its Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Here came Jimmy Swaggart under the guidance of other people, and we see the fruits of this. 24 years sinless life, better and more glorious than this can not be and have remained.

Why I think that Jimmy Swaggart can continue in service, is above all the church and his wife forgave him. After two such blunders, where he will be forgiven twice, it tells us that God has been built and restored! Terrible and bad there, but anyway, delightful and wonderful!

Final Comment:

We are all sinners who have received mercy, but to hold a service and an office there is something more. I think it's possible to come back even after falling, but we need to be forgiven by the people around him. And that itself is free. This experienced Jimmy Swaggart, although it has not been and is easy with sin and Satan's work in our lives. But mercy and forgiveness is to get with God!

1 Joh.b. 1. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

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