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No. 1054: Why I have not written about Cowboy Kåre Johnsen who holds the record of divorce and remarriage among preachers in dissenting Norway with five marriages?

No. 1054:
Why I have not written about Cowboy Kåre Johnsen who holds the record of divorce and remarriage among preachers in dissenting Norway with five marriages?

Photo of Cowboy twins Kåre and Svein Johansen


Cowboy Kåre is now re-married with Lena from Sweden, and other cowboy twin, Svein works together with Jan Hanvold on Vision Norway where a "MUST" be re-married. At least accept remarriage to be on Vision Norway.

I've written about this now for 5 years and I think that everyone in Christendom Norway has gotten a chance to know what God's word says about marriage - divorce and remarriage on the basis of God's word!
Actually, I have also omitted and changed the articles when they are not re-married to a halt. They continue, just as some goats. This is free church Norges their preachers, and we pray for revival? Talk about living in a delusion, but I think I've written so many good and important articles on this very important topic, and when I scroll a bit in my archive. Then I will be both happy, Opplett and very sad to see the weak and miserable standard that is among the believers.

Here are some articles that I've written, and there are many more.
Nr. 367:

Pastor Sten Sorensen from Karmøy is re-married to believers and fornicators. It does not have to be "Israel-fan" and living to God's word!

Pastor Sten Sorensen's what God's word says an adulterer but still he preaches the word of God to their own and other's destruction, Sorensen is an old adulterer at 60 years according to the word of God when he stuck with the "hors" guilt and remarried! All that Pastor and believers! What a disgusting Christianity wins more and more ground in Norway, here depicted by said adulterer according to God's word! And who is he with? The repulsive Emanuel Minos vouching for everything that is false and insincere to God!

Nr. 338: Peter Ljunggren divorced and re married for 3 time as Pastor Jan Hanvold, and still "preaching" that Hanvold, impertinence no limits take some Pentecostal \ Charismatic "preachers" who serve only their own belly (read lusts)!

From Wikipedia: Peter Ljunggren or Peter Youngren, born 1955, Swedish värld evangelist, television preacher and and helbrägdagörare. Living in Canada, and and has bedrivit maange campaigns in Muslim countries, mix other Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cuba and others. 2006 författade him a book called "Mina Muslim water" (available in English: My Muslim friends), dar he mix annates claim back the Koran uppmuntrar Muslim nutrition again explored the gospel, and again the Qur'an denies interest korsfästelsen. In this he criticized sharply Christianity that speaks against Islam, in the back är något VARK that Jesus or Paul brukade employed himself with.

Nr. 337 Terje Berntzen, former "big" preachers in the Pentecostal movement is now divorced and re-married! But still preaches the word of God, which will end this apostasy?

1 Cor. 10. 11 These things happened to them as exemplary, but it is written down for us, to whom the world are come. 12 Therefore, whoever thinks he left, he was sure that he does not fall! 13 There hath no temptation taken you that people can not bear, and God is faithful, who will not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but with the temptation and its output, so I can tolerate it.

Evangelist Terje Berntzen was once one of the most famous preachers, but botched the life and service of its own. This as happened here is a lesson for all who will go way of the Lord and preach the word of God

Berntzen had an apostolic and biblical preaching Christ!

I myself experienced Berntzen in Bergen in the early 1980s. He preached Christ as found in the Book of Acts, the risen Christ with a powerful presence of God was palpable that came with where God confirmed with signs and wonders.

Berntzen had revival wherever he came almost

Berntzen worked in conjunction with a Finnish minister and also had a Finnish wife. God was with him in a special way. He was divorced, and it's tragic. But then remarriage contrary to God's word says that this is to commit adultery. But still seems Berntzen for "God", but which God? Lilja, his former wife who was born Finnish lived alone, but not "big-preacher."

Let's wake up before it's too late dear friends, infidelity is a betrayal against God and their spouse

Divorce is usually most bitter when it comes to infidelity. There is no way around it. Bad feelings and anger is the fuel for a divorce, with the rage it causes too much animosity for all parties concerned. Unfortunately, infidelity is often the main cause of divorce. But there are ways to get through it and move on with your life. You may have heard it said that the person would have rather experienced death than divorce. Add to the reason for divorce as infidelity, and the pain is often too much to bear. The amazing life partner is demeaning. Sometimes, not your spouse is cheating a divorce, yet not giving up on the relationship saying. But you must go on regardless. Otherwise, the wound may become a very big part of you and will consume you. This has unfortunately happened in many Christian marriages where expected more, especially fidelity and intimacy only between the spouse and no other.

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