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Nr. 367: Pastor Sten Sorensen from Karmøy is re-married to believers and fornicators. It does not have to be "Israel-fan" and living to God's word!

Nr. 367:

Pastor Sten Sorensen from Karmøy is re-married to believers and fornicators. It does not have to be "Israel-fan" and living to God's word!

Pastor Sten Sorensen's what God's word says an adulterer but still he preaches the word of God to their own and other's destruction, Sorensen is an old adulterer at 60 years according to the word of God when he stuck with the "hors" guilt and remarried! All that Pastor and believers! What a disgusting Christianity wins more and more ground in Norway, here depicted by said adulterer according to God's word! And who is he with? The repulsive Emanuel Minos vouching for everything that is false and insincere to God!

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The gjengiftetde in the church, one can not speak against long as there have been too many of them!

Before then there was one and another who was divorced and re-married among both believers and non-believers lifts believers flag. But today is a been totally silent about it, and say somewhat. Then defender than this rough sin forever, especially those within its Free Church. There are some Lutherans and Katolikere holding on, and very few free church as me. But by and large the whole this is fully accepted. And should surpass voice against this Satan's work as it is. Then it's over and out of the holding forth the word of God, talk about the "brotherly love". It is simply not allowed to speak against remarriage as sin today, it looks like?!

Evangelist Emanuel Minos illustration of this Vision Norway, for a cowardly hypocrite he and like-minded people are!

This was something I came out when I was writing the value debate on our country before I was banned when I held out the word of God and the clear teachings about such Remarriage when each person is guilty of adultery. I have also been shut out of Christian blog and the KS of approximately the same reason. Now I do not what was written on the VL when they've changed the blog but here is something from Lydmisjonen who wrote about it: Emmanuel Minos - A cheat? Commented by Evangelist: Ove Ludvigsen January.

Emmanuel Minos was asked on Vision Norway Hallman of the couple from Sweden about: It is right and lawful for a minister to be divorced and married again. Comment: Should be no problem with giving a clear answer to the question! To this he replied that he would not answer as it was too difficult to answer. Comment: It is difficult to get them to believe that the question is difficult to answer, the Bible has a clear voice, what divorce and remarriage is!

In my view, so it really only required a yes or no, and no is the biblical answer.

Comment: One has to agree with Jan Kaare Christensen, that the Bible does not give consent gjengifting after a divorce. Emmanuel Minos should have provided a clear answer to this question, a little more full-bodied and rich, rewarding content. Comment in parentheses: (Consider that Emmanuel Minos said: One man for one woman - Or was it the opposite? One woman for one man.) Whatever it is, of course, so the marriage to work, no more neither one or the other way . Is not Emmanuel Minos then with and legalize sin, and he is not fit to be a preacher when he is unable to respond to such an elemental important topic

Comment: What is the reason, why not Emmanuel Minos answered neither a "YES" or "NO?" Is not easy to answer, therefore it can be sometimes difficult to take a definite position on the matter. Therefore it is difficult to determine whether he is fit to be a preacher or not, but he should at least have given a clear answer. "YES" or "NO! "Would be too far to walk, if one says that he is not fit to be a preacher, he is after all the brightest of Pentecostal preachers surviving in this time. Our Land 30 07. 2008. Debate Post: Jan Kaare Christensen. This is from when Emanuel Minos was interviewed by the couple Hallman at Vision Norway and could not answer such elementary questions as to say that he is more a misleads a supervisor and no leader in the spiritual world, more like a tragedy. O, the mighty fall! It could have been better spent his retirement under the palms of Minos & Co. than misguided here in Norway? Can not see that there are many in Norway as real abilities to speak God's word in a such extent that sin and darkness are revealed, and the light of the heavens and the word is there to guide us along the way! Here is what God's word says about them to preach the word of God: 1. Pet. 4. 11 Whoever speaks, is to ensure that he speaks the word of God. And the servant must serve with the strength God provides. How will God in all things may be praised through Jesus Christ. To whom be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. 2. Tim. 4. 1. For God and Jesus Christ's face, who shall judge the living and the dead, I charge you, as long as he comes and establishes His kingdom: 2 Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season, convince, rebuke harshly, tal consolation! Do not give up when you learn them! 3 For the time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine, but as they see fit, they should take themselves teachers, for they will have the itching ears. 4 They will turn their ears from the truth and stick to myths. 5 But you must be cautious in everything you do. Take on the disorder, do your work as an evangelist, and fulfill your ministry.

No one who is re-married as believers should be pastors or Bible teachers

James says in his epistle chapter 3:1: "My brethren! Not many of you should become teachers! For we know that we will get the stricter judgment. "

The responsibility is huge to be preaching. There is a big difference between being a regular church member and being a preacher. But that's not to say that one is more loved by God, but it has to be true of the responsibility God has given. I believe that God will forgive any sin all. But there are other things that need to be considered, which preaches possess any special responsibility. Would someone in a profane context allowed a pedophile to work with children? No. Equally clear is the Scripture that we should not allow a re-married preacher should preach to other people with a pastoral and teaching responsibilities. That one is Evangelist such as Frank Mang was after he was divorced, we permissible. But do not be installed as Pastor, pastoral or elder. One should not be the leader of the flock and the herd, but be even under a system of inspection. But when one holds an office as minister, and so a lot is demanded. Therefore James says that not many will be preachers. Why can not a preacher taking liberties only at his own expense, he has a special responsibility upon God and his fellow man.

When it comes to marriage, then it is not permissible for a minister to marry again under any circumstances, then disqualifies him for the office he has received. It's like a runner cut off his legs, he is no longer fit to be a sportsman, if he wants to. A minister should be the husband of one wife, we see Paul teaches about time after time. (1 Tim. 3.2 and Titus 1:6). Should anything be unclear here, so I recommend to submit a question to our blog or write something yourself there. This could and should have been a common Christian understanding where not gjengiftetde got and could go far and round. There are spirits, demonic such as follows in the footsteps of loose sexual and moral life. Tim. 4. 1. Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. They should stick to seducing spirits, and doctrines stemming from evil. 2 They are deceived by lying hypocrites who are seared in their own conscience. 3 These people refuse to marry and requires that one should stay away from certain types of food, even God has created this for those who believe and know the truth, to receive it with thanks. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is reprehensible when it is received with thanksgiving. 5 It is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

There is no talk of A and B Christians. Marriage is a God-given solution, which also shows the relationship between Christ and the church. Therefore it lies in the nature here, that it be so demanding. God stands behind their word, so it is a model of something even bigger and richer. Our relationship with Jesus and His relationship to us. So be careful with both you marry and you are not staining your life here. If you live in accordance with God's word here, is the best predicted not make you grow as believers. 1. Tess. 4. 1. Finally, brothers, pray and urge you in the Lord Jesus, You have received and learned from us how you ought to live to please God and to live already. But you have to make even greater strides in this! 2 You know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus. 3 For this is the will of God - your sanctification: You should keep away from fornication; 4 every one should know and win his own wife in holiness and honor, 5 not in carnal lust like the Gentiles, and they do not even know God. 6 And no need to make his brother wrongs or deceive him in these things. Lord punishes all such, we have previously said and put you in anger. 7 For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but in holiness. 8 Therefore, he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit.

We read that Scripture gives a clear testimony of the priest of the Old Covenant, how he should live, who stood in the same responsibility before God and his fellow man as the preacher man and supervision are in the new covenant. 3. Genesis 9:14 p.m.: "A widow or a divorced woman, or profane, or an harlot - something like that he must not marry. A virgin of his people shall he take to wife. "

We read that God gives the same testimony and require the same of the priest during the upcoming 1000 årsriket to serve the people of Jerusalem in Israel, where the law shall go forth from it. Ezekiel 44:22: "A widow or a woman her husband have separated themselves from it, they shall not take to wife, but only virgins of Israel. But they can take a widow who is the widow of a priest. "

When Scripture is so clear when it comes to the priest of the Old Covenant and the 1000-årsriket, it is no less clear when it comes to the church dispensation, we are living under the most glorious and greatest privilege of all, "one woman man". As the Scripture says that it is demonic and seductive to refuse a minister and overseer to marry (1 Tim. 4:1), it is coming under the same adverse conditions to accept and allowed the preachers marries again while the spouse lives. It is only by death that it may be appropriate for a director to remarry again, and then with one who is not divorced! Among other Derek Prince was a great Bible teacher married a divorcee, this of course was never God's will. Hopefully he was saved he did against God's will.

The person who is re-married Never stand in a pastoral and pastoral role, or a teacher for others Bible teacher or elder!

A little leaven leavens the whole batch teach the word of God

"Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For our passover is sacrificed for Christ. So let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, not with evil and the load sourdough, but with purity and truth unleavened bread! "(1 Corinthians 5:5) Still celebrated Easter in Israel in the traditional manner. The house is cleaned for sourdough. Freezer is emptied and washed. The same thoroughness performed with fridge, drawers and cabinets. All traces of the old leaven going away. In stores hiding them away or remove all pasty. They follow the Lord's commandment (2 M 12.19): "For seven days no leaven found in your houses." About Israel might be keen on keeping the symbolism of the same, there are few who understand what it really is speech about.

Unleavened bread is bread that is raised. It is therefore quick to make. This symbolizes the end of Egypt. They should be ready to go and eat in a hurry (2 M 12.11). Thus speaks the unleavened bread along with travel garment that we should be ready to leave. Soon we are on target. Soon Jesus will come! Do not attach tent plugs for good! The leaven is also used as an image of heresy. Jesus warns the Pharisees and Sadducees (Matt. 16.11 to 12). It is like leaven. Mix a little of this heresy into our hearts learn, destroyed the faith. The Sadducees were the time liberal theologians who tried to make God make sense. Jesus did not fit in with them. The Pharisees were the conservatives time, but had not understood his heart big corruption, hoping for a mix of free will, God's power and God's grace. Jesus did not fit in with them either. This Pharisaic teachings we see Paul take stock of the Galatians (Gal 5:9). Here was a doctrine that put a condition of Jesus' grace. It should not be more than one condition to, the whole grace destroyed. Mix works into faith, break faith. A leaven leavens the whole lump. This helps us to understand what Paul is on your mind here.

Paul is concrete and explains what yeast is. We can split it in two. 1. "I heard it all there is fornication among you." 2. "And ye are puffed up!"

Sadducees sourdough The first object lesson is a variation of the Sadducees. This teaching was marked by the world's thinking, and adapted the word of God to reason. In Corinth there was someone in the congregation who lived according to God's law. It happened with them as with so many others, they conformed not after the 6th bid. "You shall not commit adultery." It was not a fall, but a choice how they deliberately put the word of God aside. It was not all settled with the church. These were still seen as Christian brothers. It's hard to say no to sin that comes so close to us in church or family. We are so easy to be so sensible then! Just like the Sadducees. But Paul would shout to us: A little leaven leavens the whole batch! This poisons the whole relationship to God. The understanding of the Passover impact will not be able to acquire without repentance. To clear away the leaven is not to cleanse away the sin. You will not understand its importance. It is turning to the false doctrine that accepts sin. "Harmony between life and learning," sings Mathias Orheim. He's an important point. Nevertheless, I would argue: Doctrine and life can not be divided. There are those who learn one thing, but live otherwise. They lie about their learning. We always learn what we live. It's life that shows our doctrine. If we say with our mouths someone else, we lie. The same applies to what we say to those who live in sin. If we say to them that they are still children of God without repent, we have accepted his teachings. There is much fornication among believers today in the form of remarriage, and unfortunately Pastors that Sten Sorensen and many, many others are leading by junky and horrifying examples.

Final Comment: Pastor Sten Sorensen is a very busy man and have confidence within its large parts of Christian Norway even though he ran away from his first wife and married again! Anyway, he is not fit for any service in the church of God by being re-married to a Christian and Pastor. And it is today in Christian Norway put a lid on this, because almost no preaching about this. Or teach what God's word says about this subject! Since almost apart from a few, and they usually come to the small forward with what they stand for and believe. To me it looks just Norwegian Christianity more and more like the church in Laodicea that Jesus great without past and knocked to come in to give them eye ointment (see my commentaries on Revelation about the church in Laodicea). Where will this end? That I do not know, but I know what I want. I would say that Joshua, "I and my house we will serve the Lord."

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