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Nr. 370: Where is then the ten lost tribes?

Nr. 370:

Where is then the ten lost tribes?

I've read a lot of Pastor Thomas Ball Barratt, very much good he has written if he did not light that an eternal hell and the Trinity is Catholic errant teachings. But or, reportedly much good that stands today 100 years later, all glory to God!

I can remember many years ago, when I was quite a young man, Pastor Anders Olsen in the Methodist came t i l me one day and said: "Now I love you much more before the end; ten now I understand that you are a real Israelite. " He had just læst 'a book that argued that the English people were the lost tribes. And when I born of English parents in England, såa he thought, that the customer values ​​about it no doubt. I was an Israelite. I think the book was called, "The ten lost tribes. " This opinion is, that makes him strong current in many people sind. The English-speaking peoples will, According to this theory, the amount of lost ialfaldsyv strains. The theory is very interesting and I will appear without stating why the nuværende steps that taking a particular stance t i l it yourself. I must say that Bishop Naies: "If this is about Israel can be proved, ida is there nothing of såa exalted art in vor time, as "P rofetiernei the Holy Scriptures."

has crowned the scientific, historical and biblical research. " Dr. Argus says, that "the customs and traits l IK the ten lost tribes has been recovered in all the world share. Many of israeliterne has, it seems, turned back at different times to sit own country. The tempeilindvielsen after the return of the Jews from Babylon there is considerable evidence to suggest that all tribal founders was partially represented by the occasion. According to 1 Macc. 5, 9-23, many of israeliterne hay down in Galilean and Judaea, Laen before vor Lord revealing there. J. L. Rawson presentation is open to criticism, but I will mention it in this connection. He portrays israeliterne wanderings after their exit from Nineveh thus: "They fled Medien ind the southern Russia, where they shared, her two share, as three strains discounted down by the Danube and fik name Getae. The other seven settled down at the Caspian Ocean and fik name massageterne. The latter accounted the best soldiers in the army of Cyrus when he captured Babylon. Later they were taken the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, where they discounted him, as the future, for that Prevent difficulties, hung North and did sit arrival in England; fik name of the Anglo-Saxons. " This claim is disputed by many scholars, but Rawson continues: "Benjamiterne escaped during the siege of Jerusalem and went the Danube and settled with his brothers Getae. G Eaters were, like massageterne, invincible warriors and maintained its independence against the Persians, Greeks and Romans, and formed a living wall between Greece and the eastern hordes during the Greek art development period. Romans' long struggled in vain against them. Many have supposed, that they eventually became extinct around Year 106 AD., But later discovered that they only withdrew their kinsmen Goths rich in Scandinavia, whence they later went out again under Name of the Ostrogoths and oversømmet southern Europe, defeated the Romans and hoisted flags sit in the Rom. Where said further, that they left Rome, and their history is then still more interesting. Finally they settled down in northern France. The other seven tribes had already gone over to England. In northern France assumed the name of Normans, and under this name they went too over t i l England and joined the other seven strains. " Turn far Rawson. Others claim that "Norman" is caused by amalgamation of Northerners - Norwegians -, Danes and the French. " In a book by John Millen: "In rattav to gar» (Swedish version) supported Rawson theory with much firmness. Mr. Millen is an engineer and chairman of the company, which has hat with excavations in Jerusalem that provide, where graves after the ark As he believes there. He notes a number of While scholars works, there are proponents of this doctrine, that the English make up the mass of the ten lost tribes. Mr. Millen distinguish very definitely between Israel and Judah. "It was with I s r a e l God's Assigned pact, "he said. "Apparently in the time when the tribe of Judah still united with Israel. But since they became separate. " The Lord said of Judah: "Uagtet I had charged it apostate Israel father and leave the dam-divorce, feared but not treacherous Judah, her sister. " Jer. 3, 8

In these words the Lord also distinguish very specific between Israel and Judah. Paul says in plain words, that "all I s r a e l shall be saved." Rom. 11, 25, 26 By this means a certain salvation of these strains a people. Millen says, that "the Bible shows through Jacob and prophecies of Moses, that Israel is determined to be, not only a powerful nation, but a dominant factor in world history. Israel is and will remain the t in tribal people. "He says that several military historical researchers have given themselves Ikast with undersøkelserne on Israel's wanderings, and it shows itself, that it is "a grim record of war and plyndringstog, which however later, led to the light of civilization. "Colonel Weldon work, "The Evolution of Israel" shall in particular caste light on this side of the story. Millen contends, as before shown, that Israel has Several times in the course of time changed bathing whereabouts and name. This has also made it difficult that few clarity in their history .. But these-these times are which brought strange information out into the desangaaende. Millen is thus assumed, that Israel is the known peoples, as we have around us at all ten d He makes a statement that will amaze a lot, the fact that the mythological figure. Odin, who belongs to the Nordic gudesagaer were originally the major cites seven of these lost tribes. He Rawson argues in this regard, saying: "Laeng before I knew that gete-me, goth and østgother was Israel, foresvævet me the thought that Odin was a Israelite. He was zig Excellent a person with great spiritual capabilities, omend can not always scrupulously performed there he took himself that, do. "

Different names which Israel has been announced by the passage of time, according to this theory following: "James, Sa nia ria, Ephraim, Bethel, Scutai, Gutai, This trop Gad, Massageter, Gether, goth, Østgother, Vikings and Nordmænd and Normans. Under all these names were those Israelites lost. ' It was also predicted that they would lost it n a v n «I s r a e l '. It contained the holy name: E l. Læs Hosea 1, 9 But it would eventually convert sig: Ezek. 20, 39-41. Their names should be t i l honor. Jer. 33, 14, 24-26. After what Millen and others say, it was thus O your leading the seven tribes of Scythia, north for the black sea, to the north, "These were descendants of the tribes 721 BC. was led by the Assyrians t i l Medlar in captivity. Around the time of Nineveh hem, year 606 BC., They were freed and went along with all their belongings t i l Russia. Their journey took them about IV2 years. " "Part of the tribal founders encamped south" for the Baltic Sea bortla name and Gether, and cold himself now a n g l e r. But part of Ephraim and Manasseh continued såa by Odin, to Scandinavian, where they assumed the name "A s a r." "The seven tribes had thus stayed himself in Russia for about 500 years. " "Odin went walking in the direction that was determined for Israel: "The land to the north," "countries by ha- know "," archipelago is in the West, "" Earth's outer limits. " Millen argues a strange evidence, namely, that "It sidste Angler poean," Beowulf, "which is, claims Odin heard the Getae or geterfolket. "Yes, that even the Icelandic sagas and Eddie says, that Odin led sit people of Scythia, or Danner Power - Danube - t i l Scandinavian. Icelanders are also be Israel, of the tribe Aaser. About Benjamin he argues, that the united himself with Etfraims and Mamiasses tribe in Scandinavian. The cold "light bearer", as it was Benjamin tribe, who brought the light of Christianity the Nordic countries. He is aligned with Rawsion in it, that Benjamin tribe was living with the tribe of Judah in Jerusalem of Christ. The story points out that Benjamin strain was treated almost like slaves Jews, "By Jeremiah's prophecy was the warning of siege under Titus. Jer. 6, 1 And the strange occurred, the siege, without any known cause, was abolished in 24 hours. This term used Benjamin himself of the plane from Jerusalem and break the union Judah, who had been unheard them a burden. " Millen believe that part of the tribe of Dan, perhaps others residues also, escaped captivity, and the later betook himself t i l Ireland and England. "Dance Tribe was unlit will forvovne seamen. " He says further, that "after that Odin with seven strains were drawn against the north of Scythia, and Thus Scythia left unpopulated, came second parts of the tribes of Israel dwelt. These Cold sig g e t e r. »By Rawson preparation should one to believe that they came almost simultaneously with massagei tern. Perhaps it went t i l as here indicated. M. Siete, Also, that "Getae was an almost insurmountable crisis - gerfolk, but they suffered from a terrible vice: drunkenness. This is also referred to in the Bible, especially with regard to Ephraim. " It was thus massageteme, who went north. Getae, endured battles against powerful enemies, who would completely eradicate them. "For many centuries stayed they looked toward Persia, Græfeenland and Rome. " Ever went under Trajan government. "On the Trajanske arch in Rome to appear, how Getae Brænde its capital and flies ind the wilderness. The storm slide t i l year 106 by Kr. Then f o r - svandtnavnetgeteravhi Stories. The contemporary historians have assumed that the Getae utd ø d But that there is no reason not to believe that l. However, we suppose, that it was the forenedeisraeli community, who built the fællesrike, where the pressure from the Baltic Sea to the black sea, around the year 450 a. NZ. " According to this Getae were not extinct, but, as Rawson said they'd sacrifice himself drawn north to its Mates there. . .. As Millen and others assume that the "Huns" is German ancestors, claiming that it was the English- s ancestors israeliterne, who once beat the Huns under Attila's leadership at Chalons, year 451 AD., and later under the name of østgother over Vanden Huns in Pannonia and forced them to retreating to Scythia, israeliterne former home. There are, however, many scholars, who will oppose him this representation, as they assume that the Huns were of Mongolian origin and that goth founders were German f orfædte.

Millen maintains the views, a portion of Dance strain already såa early as the year 115 BC. had come to England and Scotland, and is now known under the name "pista and Scots," and has thus prepared way israeliterne from the Baltic Sea beach. "Ephraim Joseph, Manasseh and Benjamin were distributed the Scandinavian, England and America. They were great and populous tribes. " Icelanders believed, as already mentioned, that being Aaser tribe. "The prophecies about them is thus gone fulfilled. They have always been spared the war. "5 Mos. 33, 24, 25 After all this the judge was israeliterne - Ostrogoths - who performed ^ "The Great Migration" and thus occupied the country between the Black Sea and Baltic Sea. Year 450 AD. Thus fulfill Mika 4, 13 "They drove the Franks from the north ind Gallien, lombarderne m f l. through Bohemia and finally individuals in Italden. Burgundians were also run in ind Gallien- France, which now make up the population there. Sachs Fighters PRESS f rom the coast inland to the Rhine finally that populate Saxony. Vandals driven to Africa, where they died in terrible suffering. " The ordinary antagne story alleges that migration conducted by several nations. Millen fremihæver, that it was at different times, that the seven strains reached England, the two sidste, Aar 575 AD. Danskere, part of the tribe, performed der Aar 787 He argues a prominent Jewish author Eldad, who narrates, is that "the tribe In the year 975 BC. vægret himself that dragon in k r i g against Judah; and left the country for the venture himself to Greece, Javan- England and Denmark.

Jacob statements Zebulun, that hau should stay at an inlet of the sea, where there should be a haven for ships, has been fulfilled in as Zebulun fik Mercia, which enclosed docks at Mersey, Severn and the Humber, as well as the beach on the west Wales. "Die seven tribes were united under one king, James the checklist (and V I of Scotland), year 1603. When optokes The tribe of Israel Association. Meanwhile fik country name Anga Land. The English state church has s in the Hate the name "Anglican". The Aar also published the first authorized Bible. " This historical presentation, which I have taken såa detailed excerpts, can be studied further in Miller's own book. Yet some claims may be noted: A profetiskkjendetegn on, that Israel is now discovered and is essentially the population of England and Scandinavian, shall be the word of God which says, that they should be in a m s s i o n e r e n d e people. Es. 43.15 to 21. Inden the Scandinavian nations, and especially among the English-speaking, this word has become a high degree fulfill. The prophecy of a barmhjertighetoggodh against the> stranger is gone come true in England, which has been a protector of the displaced political and religious refugees end nothing more andet countries. Israel should "take sinefiendersportei own '. It may be said of the English. Inlets t i l Mediterranean the Yellow Sea, North Sea, Kapveien in the Nordic sea, all the hiking weigh the eastern, western and southern African coast, Cape Horn, from the Atlantic to the the sea, through Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Malta, Alexandria, Cypern, Channel Islands etc, etc. The Word of God thought to think that going to any of them in fulfillment såa respect.

During the further research v i l Mon remember that before suggested, that all strains were partially represented by tempeilindvielsen after the Jews' return from Babel. Likewise, the time Israel turned seed David throne såa there was a part of "all the tribes of Israel," that went over t i l King Rehoboam in Jerusalem. 2 Chron. 11, 5, 13-17. also that where the royal Asa t i d was a Much, who left Israel and went over to Asa, because "Man såa, the Lord his God was with him." 2 Chron. 15, 8, 9 In King Josiah t in d, toward 100 years after the tribal founders were abducted, kept the Passover Jews, and this was the "that was found there by Israel. "2 Chron. 35, 17, 18 From these facts mean that some must assume that all tribal assemblies are more or less mixed. At those one cold j ø d e r e r a summation of all the t strains. But one can not say, that all the tribes as such is represented in its entirety in the Jewish people. Some have supposed, that they exist in the Uplands in Kurdestan, by indsjøen Oroomiah in Persia. These people have much in their church services, which stand for the israelitiske conformed. Some believe that zigøinerne are the ten lost tribes. Time will show us with sufficient clarity how they are. They will come to light and be reconciled with the Jewish people under the King: King D avid, ie the Lord Jesus Christ. God's covenant stands. The Jews must be said that be. the burning

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bush, as though not consumed. A nation, like a uniquely has shown himself to be the preserve of a higher Magte, tiltrodds for their differences. Through them the Holy Scriptures come to us. In their midst, raised up the men, that God may use t i l this use. In their midlte appeared world savior - a Jew. Jesus said to them, "Preisen is of the Jews." By their midst raised up the men, who were evangelize the world with the everlasting gospel. No Magte in the world has been able to eradicate them; omend this weather has tried from tidtil candidate of • Many princes and nations. Porjættelsen t i l Abraham have stood by Magte. Gen. 1, 12, 1-3. Their country and city has weather nedtrådt of hedningerne, in accordance with Jesus' words, and should stay there until hedningerne t i d was tilende. What • means såa this, that hedningerne now is chased from Palæstina? Note what Paul says about this, as he urged them of hedningerne seed, who through faith are grafted into the olive tree, t i l not that haughty himself over, but considered the one reached "But yonder skai also be grafted, if they do not keep in unbelief; ten God is powerful t i l that instill them again. Tues was to cut off of the olive trees, which is wild by nature, and against nature instilled in a well-oiled, how much more they shall then be instilled in sit own olive tree, those who of nature hear it t i l. For I would not, brethren, that I should be ignorant of this mystery - that I should not deem there even wise that preparation part has come upon Israel, until the fulness 'Hedningerne of the comb ind, and so all Israel be rude, as it is written. "Rom. 11, 22-26. When they were now come t i l sit land again, being såa not only between countries, but "from the four quarters corners. "Es. 11, 12, Jer. 16, 14, 15, 31, 35, 36 When 'they've got land sit back, they will enter into a covenant with "the beast" - the Antichrist, "a covenant with death." It will be their accident but also the purification fire they have to undergo reached the last time. Læs Mal. 3, t - e; Ezek. 30, 34-38, 22, 19-22, Jer. 30, 4-7; Dan. 12, 1, etc. Note the strong u t t r y k used. Which we understand, that it is particularly grade them, who will go through the "great tribulation." There is "a time of trouble for Jacob." He will melt as "silver is melted in a furnace," and "pass the wand, "where the Lord will" go rebuke him. " "He - the Lord - will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as guid and søljv. " Under these: huge domme. they will cry t i l Lord in his distress. "Mercy and prayer spirit" will be over them, and the Lord himself will come and deliver them. They will "look to him whom they pierced, "And etfolkskal" f ø despaa one day. " Cause. 12, 8-10; Es. 66, 8 • They should be in the millennium, along with Israel, to be carriers the AAV-eternal liberating truth to earth residents and their city - Jerusalem - will be the world midpoint, socially, politically and religiously set. They H e r r e n s u t v a l g e t f o l k

From my commentaries Revelation 7 4 And I heard the number of them that had received the seal: There were 144 000, from all the tribes of Israel.

Here we get some important information. The number is 144 000, but it must be understood biledelig. And they are from all the tribes of Israel, also from the 10 tribes that were lost. They were abducted by the Assyrians and since then there are many different opinions and where they have gone. In 722 BC. conquered the Assyrians under Shalmaneser V and then under Sargon the 2nd Northern Kingdom of Israel, destroyed the capital Samaria and sent the Israelites into captivity in exile in Khorason, now part of the eastern Iran and western Afghanistan. The ten lost tribes are those who were deported. In Jewish popular culture disappeared ten tribes out of the story and leaving only the tribes Benjamin, Judah and Levi who evolved into the modern day Jews. In 586 BC. the Jewish nation conquered by Babylon. Some 50 years later, in 539 BC let the Persians, who shortly before had conquered Babylon, the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple there. At the end of this period, it appears that the various tribes had abandoned their old tribal identity in favor of a common identity. From Wikipedia. It says this in the Book of Kings and Chronicles, but this happened because of Israel's disobedience to the Lord.

5 Of the tribe of Judah was 12,000 with a seal, the tribe of Reuben 12,000, from the tribe of Gad 12,000, We notice that Dan and Ephraim tribe is omitted. Dan means that God judges and they should not judge. Ephraim means multiply and here there is a certain number. Judah means confession or praise God. Ruben does the Son of sight. Gad means a hop.

6 of the tribe of Asher 12,000, tribe of Naphtali 12,000, tribe of Manasseh 12,000, Asher means blessed. Naftali means a switch or fought with. Mannesa mean forgetfulness

7 of the tribe of Simeon 12,000, of the tribe of Levi 12,000, of the tribe of Issachar 12,000, Simeon means resident and obedient. Levi does bind together or cling to. Issachar means reward or given as a reward.

8 of Zebulun 12,000, tribe of Joseph 12,000, and the tribe of Benjamin 12,000 with a seal. Zebulun means a home or residential location. Josef does co-regent or amendment. Benjamin does the right-hand son or a son begotten in old age. Turns we do this together, we get: Those who profess and praise God. Who looks on the Son and of blessed hop that violate forgetfulness (or past). Hear and obey the Word. Clusters to the reward of shelter and a home. Sons at God's right hand is raised in old age. It fits perfectly with their mission and mission. Matt. 24. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then shall the end come. This should not be confused with the church important mission to preach about Jesus and Calvary. 1. Cor. 1. 18 For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

14. 14. 1. In my vision I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him the 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. We read about Mount Zion several places in God's word. From biblical commentary Hebrews. 12. 22 No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and ten thousands of angels, to a solemn assembly, We have talked about in the letter that Jesus prays for all believers every day. The heavenly sanctuary is founded on Mount Zion in heaven. Efes. 2. 6 In Christ Jesus he raised us up from death with him and seated us with him in heaven. Where the heavenly sanctuary is one way Jesus and the 144,000 mentioned in Chap. 7. They have names and the Lamb of God the Father's name written on his forehead that speaks of the Antichrist but does not belong to the Father and the Lamb.

2 From the sky I heard a sound like the roar of mighty waters and the roar of loud thunder. And the sound was like when harp players playing on their harps. Heaven has longed for song of ransomed souls that makes this mention every time someone saved go to heaven with such intensity. Brusa was like a fosefall in Norway + much more!

3 Front throne and the living creatures and the elders sing a new song, a song that no one could teach without the 144, 000, those who are redeemed from the earth. That others could learn it must be understood from the context. Right now the 144 000 in the center which is last arrived the sky. They were saved by the great tribulation to a special assignment and further, they were supernaturally protected. Now they are caught up and away to the sky just as the church has been there a few years earlier.

4 It is they who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. There are those who follow the Lamb wherever it goes. There are those among men who are redeemed to be a first fruits for God and the Lamb. We notice that they are the first fruits for God and the Lamb. It is a biblical principle that God always does things that Paul writes. Rom. 1. 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. This is and remains the biblical sequence, the Jew first and also to the Greek.

5 It was found no guile in their mouths, they are without blemish and without spot. The standard of these people are incredibly high. It means probably much accuracy as Evangelist said of these: it is 144 000 "Paul's is."

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