søndag 11. juni 2023

No. 1619: After 2 years since I was fired by the bus company Unibuss for playing Christian radio programs, it is necessary that what I did as a mistake, others and myself can learn from!

No. 1619:

After 2 years since I was fired by the bus company Unibuss for playing Christian radio programs, it is necessary that what I did as a mistake, others and myself can learn from!


That I lost my job for playing Christian radio programs at moderate volume.
It's crazy.
The person who was at the forefront of this was the management of Unibuss with Per Christian Bing. Besides Attorney Johannes Straume, NHO Transport (photo).
These two were at the forefront of this madness, witch hunt and evil.

I now intend to put this matter behind me, but it is also important for me to convey some of what remains!
I did what was right in most respects, except for giving in so that Unibuss would avoid legal action.
It was Unibuss 100% who did not want legal proceedings, not me!
I wanted a court case 100%, but Unibuss insisted on court proceedings beforehand.
This was of course a big, big mistake and misstep on my part.
Give in to the bullies and abusers. Put in hindsight!

The union and no one else minimally explained to me what was important.
Not even this with job protection, which is very strong in Norway.
If you have a job, it is very difficult to fire you.
At least if the only thing they have on you is that you've played Christian radio shows.
Therefore, searching for a new job, where I have been boycotted due to this conflict with Unibuss.
Really difficult.
Now I have moved on in life, fortunately.
Where I first worked for Ullern Buss here in Oslo for 1 year.
Since then I have been working as a teen driver in Schaus Buss in Vestby.
So everything falls into place.
My experience is that the most important thing is not to give in to foolishness and evil people.
But stand up against them, and rather fight the battle.

The problem with not bringing up the fight is that it leaves an impression on far too many people. This was my fault, I'm a troublemaker and nauseating.
The truth was and is exactly the opposite.
It was exclusively the management and Per Christian Bing who caused trouble and problems for nothing. Unibus's answer to Vladimir Putin.

Final comment:

2 Cor. 6. 2 For he says: 'In due time I heard you. On the day of salvation I helped you.’ Look! — now is the perfect time! See! — now is the day of salvation!' ISA 49,8

It says in the proverb:
"Strike while the iron is hot"
By that is meant (idiomatically) taking care to do what you have to while the conditions are good.
This is exactly what I did not do to the vile and Christian-hating management of Unibuss here in Oslo.

I am of the conviction that God is only good and does good.

Wasn't smart, didn't do the right thing when Unibuss fired me for playing on Christian radio programs. That I dropped the trial and entered into a very bad court settlement.
God has a plan A, it doesn't work. Then there is plan B. And for me, as I see it. Then I should have gone to court for unfair dismissal. I did not do that. Now there is plan B. It is also just as good. I am very happy with my new job. And feel great in every way.
Here there is no stress and much better regulation than in Oslo.
After all, I think I have come out of this very, very well.

The scriptures say that God turns all things for the best, and he is in full control.
Room. 8. 28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.
Psalm 119. 90 From generation to generation your faithfulness endures; you founded the earth, and it stood there. 91 To carry out your judgments they stand there even today; for all things are thy servants.