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Nr. 60: David Wilkerson died tragically, it was God's punishment or the Lord took him home?

Nr. 60:

David Wilkerson died tragically, it was God's punishment or the Lord took him home?


I know one thing, that David Wilkerson had three (3) large holes in their theology.

1) He accepted the remarriage of believers without "legal" reason.

2) He calls the Holy Spirit in the utmost degree occultism!

3) His defense of Israel and Jews was improper!

David Wilkerson died tragically, it was God's punishment or the Lord took him home?
Was his full-day numbers?
David Wilkerson died tragically! God's word says in Hebrews. 13.7 that we should learn and heed how that goes before us died. Was there anything that God would tell us here? Have heard through the years that those who condemned Jesus only doctrine said of Branham who died in the same way that Wilkerson that this was God's punishment! Is not it the same for everyone? I am not God, fortunately for it. But Wilkerson had unhealthy theology that I know of!

From my commentaries Hebrews 13 7 Remember your leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you. Think back to how they lived and died, and take the example of their faith!
This is written to the church in Jerusalem that had many truly great spiritual leaders. Some had also died or were no longer present in Jerusalem. Take lessons from them and live accordingly.

17, obey their leaders and correct you for them! For they watch over your souls, and shall immediately make an accounting. Make sure they can do it with joy, without sighing. Otherwise, it is not beneficial for you.
God has set Shepherds of God's church. We will show them respect and they do deserve to be good role models and examples. They will one day add up accounts for our lives when we will get back what we spent our lives as lovers.
2. Cor. 5. 10 For we must all appear before the tribunal of Christ, that each one may receive again what he has done in his life in the body, whether good or evil.

This from my commentaries. We must carefully heed the end and their death. I have been taught to see with ringakt of Branham who died tragically as Wilkerson. How did Branham? Død18. December 1965, Branham and his family (all except his daughter Rebekah) was William returned to Jeffersonville, Indiana from Tucson, Arizona for the Christmas holidays. About three miles east of Friona, Texas (about 70 miles south-west of Amarillo on U.S. Highway 60), just after nightfall, a car that runs west of the eastbound lane struck a Branham's car head-on. [46] The driver of the car was intoxicated and died at the scene, as did the other passenger in the front seat. Branham lived for 6 days after the accident, but died on Dec. 24, 1965 at 4:49 at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo (translated Googel tool from English).

David Wilkerson also learned and practiced heresy as far as I know about it. He prayed to the Holy Spirit and recognized the Holy Spirit as a God beside the Father and the Son that is heresy.
He agreed to re-marry, even when it was obvious that it was a shame. God's word teaches that the guilty party can not remarry, then it is adultery. Luke 16 18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

Should one follow the argument of those who condemn and say that Branham died due he was disobedient, what about Wilkerson, who died in the same manner under the same tragic circumstances?

Remember when the religious movement came, it was a really busy with this, and Pastor January Hanvold says that he will live until he is 120 years. Something I think he's never going to do when he is a false prophet and living in adultery.

To get back to what God's word teaches, I think it is only the Lord who searches the kidneys and hearts. What shall we say then? For me, at least in human worship and human admiration very dangerous, it is 100% unbiblical. We must be allowed to put a critical spotlight on all of God's men and women, we do not worship saints and the blessed announcement that the Catholic church do?

Wilkerson tragic and swift death as a leader, should reflect and make us think that human admiration is and remains wrong. Wilkerson was also his lack of theology and where he obviously wrong.

1. Cor. 10. 12 Therefore if you think you are standing, watch out lest he fall.

note of their death and output scripture says. Branham died because he disobeyed? Then we follow the line of thought and not admire some people more than Jesus and God's word.

Does not the whole answer here, but that Wilkerson had things that did not measure up. I know, it was so make serious for God do this? God had warned him personally? It is such questions that are important to set up and have to accept that we are dealing with a God is a consuming fire!

Kathryn Kuhlman died because she was disobedient, went down to the pope as a false prophet and received his blessing. Jimmy Swaggart got it from God that she would die, it was not without reason. Here on her death: In July 1975 she was diagnosed with heart problems she had a relapse in November, while she lived in Los Angeles. As a result, she had open heart surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she died in February 1976, when she was 69 years old. An all too early death of a healing evangelist.

Is this God's punishment? I do not know, but it is to have clean flour in the bag and the closer we are living God, the more he demands of us!

Therefore, it is always about to do to see what God's word says. And do not stick to people who teach contrary to God's word. If it will go well, it is only God's word and Jesus' teaching that we should admire and trust 100%!
We can never trust people, but solely on the word of God and Christ. Then we see that the Lord will fulfill His promises to us. That he will take us home and take us home in a dignified manner.

I am convinced that Wilkerson is in paradise now, but he will get full pay? It should not, we speculate, but that this great man the admiration we now see. It gets a little too much for me, he was also a man of some unhealthy theology. It is the truth whether we like it or not!

Loved Wilkerson Jews?

He prayed to the Holy Spirit and it is occultism. I do not know, but that God took him away before he had completed 80 years seems inconceivable to me.

I do not think David Wilkerson committed suicide, but on one or more ways, he was unfortunately not 100% dedicated and was NOK for the Lord, why did this tragedy, but that Brother Wilkerson was gloriously saved over the river, I'm pretty sure. Let his memory and life inspire us all to follow Christ as Brother David did, though he unfortunately failed in a few areas at the end of his glorious life and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ!


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  1. Yes it was weird how he died. I recall him being "senior pastor" at the church. No such a thing in the Bible. Only elders.

    I have not digged into his teachings that much but I think it is always a problem if someone is put on a pedestal. I do not know if that was the case with him.

  2. Well to me, Any man that's filled with the holy-ghost rarely dies of a natural death especially when that man condemns sin openely.. Such men die as soldiers because they are on the frontline. Branham and Wilkerson have something similar and they were both righteous man. However, Branham had more revelation than compared to Wilkerson, its like Comparing Paul with Peter.

    To me Wilkerson as a man might have made mistakes, but he was a righteous man comparing him to the day he lived him especially that Filthy new york city. He was Lot living in Sodom. Alot of people criticize Branham's teaching but Have personally studied them, and unless you have the holyghost you can't understand spiritual thing. That man was on point, and without doubt he was the messenger to the Laodocean church.

    Now when Branham died, his followers without spiritual revelations made his son pastor, and What I know the Ministry was for Brother Branham not a family and many saints die with their ministry for it is written - Blessed are they that die in christ Jesus for their works follow them.. A man goes with his ministry and presents it to God.. No one else is supposed to carry on a man's ministry.

    And I think David Wilkerson knew the same he too stood with his own ministry and served God according to the measure of Spirit that was in him. THe problem is in this day is men trying to carry on another man's ministry they end up building denominations.

    David's sermons are good and according to the measure of revelation he had recieved tho Branham's sermons are more deeper he was a prophet. And gifts operate according to the measure of faith but both of them were of one.

    If a man listen to Branham's sermon he should be edified and learn something and go do it but many are overwhelmed by the mighty annointing which was on this much so much they instead of preaching God preach Branham. He was indeed the Elijah cuz in the bible John the Baptist was assumed to be christ but he had to be taken away that men dont worship him but the man was a saint.

    David too was a saint that God raised to condemn Sodom, he lived exactly like Lot in Sodom his soul vexed with the sins in Newyork. I hope you see this.

    Thanks Brother for the Article. But don't be discouraged many annointed saints didn't die a natural death, especially those with a greater measure of faith.. Paul was beheaded, Peter crucified, Mathew beaten to death, would you see it was purnishment for their teachings? NO God permits it.. Infact if you stand with truth and be sincere to God you will rarely die a natural death.

    Please right to me.. We need to talk more. I love thiss.