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Nr. 37: Masturbation is a sin?

Nr. 37:

Masturbation is a sin?


The way I see it, it's fornication. It is something that a Spirit-filled believers should avoid, but does a so one should not dig all the way down. One has not done the ultimate sin.

We read in God's word about fornication multiple sites belonging to the old man.

From my commentaries Colossians Dispenser Letter 3 3 You're dead, and their life is hidden with Christ in God.

We died with Jesus and not live longer even. We are hidden with Christ in God. It means that God expects us all the time as his own when we pass us. We do this too often but we are as gloriously saved when we "get" it that when we "fail". Our lives are always in Christ, he is always perfect so we are always perfect before God even if we occasionally stumbles. But there is no desire to defeat but the condition for victory is not in us but in Christ.

4 But when Christ, our life is revealed, then shall ye also revealed in glory with him.

Christ is our life, not all things around him. In a marriage is home, house, car and all the other things around the frame. But it is the one married to that is significant. It is possible to manage with both more and less of the outer frame but not the actual person. When it had not been a marriage and a relationship anymore. So it is with us and Jesus. It is he who is our life.

One day we shall be revealed in with him and partake of all that He has for us. We will get to experience when we revealed the new Jerusalem with him.

5 So when the earthly in you die: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desires and pengejag, which is nothing more than idolatry.

The law required and did nothing. Christ and grace, says the solution, we have to die from it. A dead man does not require anything of? Sin can not demand anything of us either, we are dead, therefore we must also observe us like that. What we are dead in from Paul mentions some of the constituents on the verse. Not very cheerful thing for a believer to keep doing.

6 There is such thing as doing God's wrath affects the disobedient.

It is spiritual as natural laws. We believe that we can determine the amount of sin we may have at any time. But it will rumble of us sooner or later. Anyone who says otherwise has little or no experience in this area or that he speaks not true. 1. Genesis 4.7b. Do you have well in mind, you can look up. But you are not good at anger, sin lieth at the door. It will have power over you, but you must master it. "

7 To those also heard you the time you lived in these sins.

Sin is the old man to hand. He does not need to improve or embellish themselves for living in sin. It is natural for a ugjenfødt people to live and play in this world. As the fish thrive in the ocean and the bird in the air love the sinner to sin. How were we too once.


The main deficiencies in masturbation, namely, "the other". The Bible always puts sex into a relationship with love and loyal relationship. That is why we have "equipment". Masturbation is playing without happiness.

Secondly, we will by no means mature and the mature are also emotional life harmonious and well!

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