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Nr. 66: Are Israel and the Jews a chosen people still?

Nr. 66:

Are Israel and the Jews a chosen people still?


How long is God's promise of fixed and to Israel? Scripture answers:
Jeremiah 31 35 Thus says the Lord,
who gives the sun for light by day
and arranged so
the moon and the stars for light by night,
who stirs up the sea as the waves roar,
- The Lord of hosts is his name:
36 Do I allow these schemes to give way,
declares the Lord,
is also the house of Israel forever
cease to be my people.
37 Thus says the Lord:
If heaven above can be measured
and the foundations down there to explore,
I will also reject
the whole house of Israel
because of everything they have done, saith the Lord.
God's word will never depart from Israel, before the heavens and earth pass away. Then God's promise to Israel no longer be around, because that is all fulfilled in Christ to the fullest.

We read in Rom. 9-11 that we Gentiles were part of salvation, but when the fulness of the Gentiles has come in, the Lord will again have compassion on Israel.

Israel was God's people in Old Testament times. But far from everyone would agree that Israel is God's people in New Testament times. Most will NOK say that the Jews of today is to understand on an equal footing with other nations and the State of Israel on an equal footing with other states. Israel's unique position is wiped away completely.

The general understanding of the Jews as a people, is NOK colored by the Middle East conflict. Influential circles both here with us in the Western world, is highly critical of Israel. Many have been left with a negative attitude - not just the state of Israel - but also to the Jews as a people. How negative this attitude is, we had demonstrated in Jostein Gaarder's article in Aftenposten in August 2006. It states:
"We do not believe in the notion of God's chosen people. .. To act as God's chosen people is not only stupid and arrogant, but a crime against humanity. We call it racism. "

To claim that Jews are God's chosen people, is therefore a crime against humanity, yes, it is downright racism. Unfortunately, subsequent poll that this understanding of Israel had great support of the Norwegian people.

2. But not just secular people ask themselves negatively to the Jews, the Christians are strongly influenced by the spirit. Clearly feeling the Christians it is imperative to be politically correct. Few are willing to stand on biblical standpoint - in this case as in so many other issues. Whoever Israel in defense with reference to the Bible, is put in the doghouse, and there is of course no one wants to stand.

It is not NOK that people's general attitude towards the Jews is marked by anti-Semitism. Worse is that the Christian church has beliefs that are in the same direction. I am thinking especially of the so-called replacement theology, which says that the church has replaced the Jewish people. The promises and the calling as Israel did in the old covenant times, is now transferred to the church. The church is the new God's people.

As a practical consequence of this view, the church has persecuted Jews over the centuries. There is a large and ugly chapter in church history. In our time is the church's anti-Jewish attitude especially apparent in the Middle East conflict. I think when the succession of bishops and church leaders who in turn has visited Israel - not to express his sympathy with the Jews, but Jews' enemies. Last couple out in this respect was Baasland and Byfuglien that branded Israel as an apartheid state. Nothing less.

In parallel with replacement theology, we also have a different theological phenomenon called the historical-critical methods of research. This is a collective term for a wide variety of research techniques, collectively have the consequence that the Old Testament is desavuert. It is less appreciated in light of the New Testament. The promises given to Israel in the Old Testament, can no longer be understood according to their historical content. In light of the New Testament are the words of images, signs and symbols of something else. They must be understood according to its spiritual significance, it is said, whatever it may be.

In sum, this means that Israel as a historical phenomenon isolated to the Old Testament. The people and the country has no function in God's revelation in the history of New Testament times. Israel is in a salvation historical side track, said the theologians.

The salient point in today's theology is the understanding of the Old Testament. For us this is important. For it is here - in the Old Testament - that we find the promises to Israel. If we crossed the Old Testament, we have set the bar of the promises to Israel.

But no one needs to be in doubt. The Bible must of course be read and understood by its wording. This applies to both the Old and New Testaments. The entire Bible is God's word. And then the testimony is clear: Israel is the people of God from everlasting to everlasting. Israel's unique position as God's people will never be shaken. Even in eternity, in the new heaven and new earth will keep Israel's special position.

3. Israel described in the Bible as God's servant. As Christians we are all servants of God, but Israel is the only one to have this designation as a people. Israel is in a unique way God's tool, and will remain there through the whole history of salvation.

We should notice that there is an inseparable bond between Jesus Christ and His people. They are in a way linked in a common destiny in which both parties' actions are interdependent. They have parallel tasks in God's plan of salvation - not the same tasks - but tasks that require one another for the purpose of God for salvation to be realized.

It is a common feature that is striking. In the same way that Jesus was both guilty and innocent at the same time, so is Israel the same. Jesus was guilty because he carried all men's sake, and for that he was forsaken by God and always down to the grave, that is hell. He was lost in your and my place. But while he was the Lamb of God who knew no sin. Therefore, he was raised from the grave to every man's justification.

The same duality is repeated with Israel - even it is both guilty and innocent. Israel was guilty of crucifying their Messiah. It was the Jews' disbelief as outwardly brought Jesus on the cross. However, this was an act that the Bible predicts. As early as 1000 years before this happens, writes David in Psalm 22 about a suffering savior who is crucified by his people. It was a mission that the Lord's counsel had put on it, and that the people had no chance to evade. In that sense, the Jews were innocent.

In the following we shall consider these factors in turn:
- First, the selection and the promises of the Old Testament, and then how Paul sees these according to the Romans.
- So we will focus on the Passion story in which to understand the extent of the Jewish people's participation.
- Finally, we will look at the importance of hardening the Jews had for the mission, and the impact of Jewish conversion will have on the nations.

4. The selection of Israel as God's people is done by the Lord calls three people: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - patriarchs. They have three promises: They get a promise of land, a promise that they will be a great nation - as numerous as the stars in the sky and the third gets the blessing. The blessing involves a promise that the Lord will preserve them as a people forever. We read about this in the 1st Genesis Chapter 12 and beyond.

Israel's election rests on these three promises: the promise land, ætteløftet and blessing. What is special about these promises is that they are grace promises. This means that it is unconditional promises from the Lord's side. It required no consideration. It is not something Israel should do or be, for the Lord to stand by its promises. This is in contrast to the law of Moses which the Lord requires something in return for his blessing. But Abraham, the covenant is a unilateral commitment. The Lord has no obligation other than themselves.

This is important to understand and important to maintain. For we know that Israel was disobedient through large parts of the Old Covenant period.
Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind as my intimate friend, blind as the servant?
You've seen a lot, but you do not take care of it.
How to complain The Lord of Israel in Isaiah Chapter 42

The prophets warned the people once again and said that God would punish people for their wickedness. But Israel said: We will be like the Gentiles, that people around the country! We want to grow wood and stone.

It is important to retain here is that Israel's disobedience does not affect the people's selection. The Lord knew that these people were unfaithful, it was a transgressor from the womb, as it is in Isaiah (48.8). But then it says that the Lord will clean it and try it in the furnace of affliction.

Israel could feel the Lord's wrath when the Northern Kingdom was lost under the Assyrians and the southern kingdom was lost under the Babylonians. But the word of God says:
"In a small moment have I forsaken you, but with great mercies will I gather thee." "My anger flowed over, ... but with everlasting mercy, compassion, I over thee." Isa. 54.7-8

Lord punishes his people and he can hide his face, but he does not leave Israel. The Lord let his anger get free room, but he does not reject.
Lord's covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are stuck forever, for a thousand generations, we read 1 Chronicles 16 And here mentioned countries raised specifically. Canaan has given Israel the inheritance. There will never be a time where Canaan ceases to be the land of Israel.

The Lord refers to the natural laws of creation in order to emphasize how safe Israel's election is.
"If these laws are no longer in force before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me every day."

Just as surely as the ocean waves crash against the shore, as surely as night followed by day, as safe is also Israel's election. So long as the world endures, it will never come any time when Israel's election ceases. This is the message of Jeremiah (kap.31).

5. Romans fully confirm that the promises to the patriarchs remains unchanged. Not that we need some confirmation of the New Testament to believe what is written in the old, as many claim. But it is useful to establish that Paul understands the Old Testament according to its wording. He makes no spiritualization of promises. The completion of the saving does not imply that we have reached a new and higher revelation step, which promises to Israel out of date. On the contrary. Israel's disobedience does not change the people's continued selection.

After the Jews had rejected their Messiah, it was of course an obvious idea that God rejected Israel in return. Especially among the Gentile Christians came to this expression. You have murdered the righteous, said Justin Martyr. God hates you, said Chrysostomos. That Israel would be abandoned by God, formed the prelude to the so-called replacement theology that we mentioned earlier.

It is like the apostle Paul must have understood that this development in the church would come. He uses all three chapters of Romans to warn the Gentile against complacency, and to justify the Jews continued special status as God's chosen people.

Paul begins Romans 11 chapter by asking the question: "If then God rejected his people?" He asks the question only to dismiss it. "Far from that," God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. "They are entitled NOK become hardened, but they are not rejected. A remnant is left, it is the seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal. On this rest the Lord will build his continued selection on.

God can not reject a people whom he foreknew, says Paul. That he has acknowledged that people from all eternity, and therefore can not reject it. How, we may ask?
Yes, Paul says:
"They are the Israelites. To them belong the sonship, the glory and the covenants and laws and worship and the promises. "

Paul points out the gifts and callings that these people have received under the Abrahamic Pact. Although the people have gone astray, is not it true that "God regrets his gifts and his call" (Rom.11.29). They are beloved for the fathers' sake.

That they are beloved for the fathers' sake, it means that God can not go back on something that he has promised. Therefore, Israel is still to be understood as God's chosen people.

If it were true that Israel's position in New Testament times had changed, that God's relationship was no longer the same as before, we must be allowed to assume that the New Testament had been aware of it. But the opposite is true. After his resurrection Jesus blame Emmaus walkers that they are so slow to believe all that is in Scripture - that the Old Testament. He came not to abolish the law and the prophets - that the Old Testament - but to fulfill. The Old Testament is, in other words do not come in any other position after the saving is complete. Consequently, no promises to Israel shaken. The selection is fixed in New Testament times. It is the New Testament's own testimony.

6. Jewish role in Jesus' Passion

We said initially that Israel is in the slot as the Lord's counsel had drawn up. They rejected their Messiah, because they had it. It was something that was predestined. Not everyone likes the word predestined, theologians prefer to speak of God's foreknowledge. Well, this is a discussion that we must leave behind.

When Paul in Romans explains what has happened, he says that "God gave them a spirit of slumber, eyes that see not, ears that hear ..." God gave them! This is typically something that was decided in the counsel of God. It was a gudvillet determination that the Jews were to harden them.
It is this hardness that brings Jesus on the cross.

In 2 Corinthians chapter 3 he writes, that their minds were hardened because there is a veil over their hearts when they read the old covenant. That there is a veil over their hearts, meaning they have an understanding of the Old Testament, that does not make them receptive to Jesus' saving action. That this is the case, is also clear from the conflict calls Jesus had with the Pharisees.

But Paul is not alone in seeing the Jewish people go in pre-submitted works. The Apostle Peter writes about his countrymen that they "stumbled on his disbelief to word - until they set." (1 Pet.2.8). It turns Peter first established that it was the Jews' disbelief, which meant that they rejected their Messiah. But then he adds the violent words that "it is also set." In other Bible translations it says that this was their "destiny". Thus, it was supposed to do what they did.

The same idea is repeated in Peter's Pentecost Speech major. Here it says that Jesus "was delivered by God's determinate counsel and foreknowledge." (Gjern.2.23) It was just NOK Jews who killed him, Peter says, but what happened was determined in the counsels of God.

What does it Jesus himself?
In Gethsemane mason Peter ear of the high priest's servant. He gets a reprimand of Jesus, do not you think that I could ask my Father send me more than twelve legions of angels? And then comes this: "But how would the scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen? ... But all this was done for the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled. "(Mt.26.54f.)

What is happening now in Gethsemane and on Calvary, is a fulfillment of prophecy. For there - in the scriptures - is his passion and death foretold. This means that if the Jews had persecuted him and crucified him, the prophecies would not have been met. And was not the prophecies have been fulfilled, would the Old Testament have lost their credibility. The Jews' role was, in other words necessary.

7. What is it then that is prophesied in the Old Testament?
It can be helpful with a quick refresher.

We have already mentioned Psalm 22, the hymn that begins with the words: "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" That was the hymn Jesus prayed on the cross. The psalm describes the Messiah as a suffering crucifixion. And it's pretty amazing when we know that the crucifixion was not a known method of execution at this time. But besides his suffering on the cross, says the psalm also something about them that are about: "They stare, they look at me with malice." There is even something about what these people say. They shake their head and mocks him and says:
Set your path in the hand of the Lord! Let him rescue him! He will deliver him, since he delights in him. "

The Gospels state that it was exactly what happened on Wednesday Jesus died. The Pharisees and the scribes stood by the cross and mocking Jesus. They did with words from Psalm 37.5, just as predicted.

The highlight of the Passion story is thus described in detail 1000 years before it happens. It tells us something about that in God's advice, from the dawn of time, was a plan to bring about human salvation. God's son had to be sacrificed, and God had to have someone who could contribute to this. Who was more to it than just his own people?

Crucifixion is also mentioned several other places in the Bible. Zechariah writes that "they should look up to me as they have pierced." The Jews should look up to him whom they have crucified. It will only happen on the day they turn. But the interesting thing is that the Messiah they are waiting for, is referred to as the one they have pierced.

In 4th Genesis we find the story of Moses hanging up a bronze serpent on a pole. Anyone who is bitten and looks at it to live. Jesus uses this as an image of his own suffering and death. "To be the Son of Man be lifted up that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life." It happens in conversation with Nicodemus (Joh.3.1-21).

Crucifixion was not a work accident. There was no impulsive act or accident, that brought Jesus to the cross. Jesus suffer according to the Scriptures. By his suffering and death, meets his prophecies in the Old Testament. He bringeth about the salvation of men. Besides, he also arrived.

8. We must also mention that besides the discussion of the crucifixion, the Old Testament speaks also of a suffering Messiah. That the Messiah would suffer, was among the things the Jews could not understand. Even among the disciples set this far before. Peter took the Jesus aside to persuade him to facilitate, when Jesus tried to explain to his disciples that he must go up to Jerusalem, there to suffer and die.

The suffering Messiah, we find best described by Isaiah in the songs of God's suffering servant, Chapters 49 to 53
"I gave my back to those who beat and my cheeks to those who caught me in the beard. My face I did not hide from shame and spitting. "(Jes.50.6)
"So bad tilredt was that he did not look like a man." (Isaiah 50.6 and 52.14)

Chapter 53 speaks of "a man of sorrows," one that was abandoned and despised by people.
"Yet it pleased the LORD to crush him ... When tribulation or trial, he was carried away ..."

Jesus was not welcomed by his people. On the contrary, they taunt and persecute him. But so are the words that the Lord was pleased to crush him. It was not something that the Jews were doing. For a determination was made in God's advice, and Isaiah expresses this 700 years before it happens.

Not everyone has gotten with the introduction to Chapter 53, which begins:
"Who believed the message we heard? And who was the Lord's arm revealed? ..
We saw him, but he did not have a look so we could have our pleasure in him.
... And we esteemed him not. "
Here it is in black and white that when the Messiah comes, he will be counted for nothing. He will be rejected by their own, just as John says: "He came unto his own, and his own received him not." NOK once the impression is confirmed, there is something that is predetermined. Here are the Jews given a role whether they like it or not.

Both Jesus' suffering as the Jewish contribution is thus detailed prophesied in the Old Testament. There are two roles that are somehow woven into each other and which are necessary for salvation will be completed. A Messianic Jewish believers put it once as follows:
"It was, unfortunately, our job is to play the villain in the drama of Calvary." I think this is a very proper biblical understanding.

9. It is not Jews, but man's sin that drives Jesus on the cross

Something happens to the people of God as the Jews do not control and which they do not understand. God is reckoning with the Devil's power. Now the prince of this world is shed, Jesus says about his own work. Now was the hour is come, then the power that the Devil was the human race through the fall, was crushed.

We read about the fall in the 1st Genesis 3 chapter. It says the Lord God to the serpent:
"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her seed. He will crush your head and you shall bruise his heel. "

The woman's seed, it is the Messiah. He represents mankind, and that person should he break the serpent's head. It is a prophecy about the fall in the Garden of Eden one day be overcome. It happens on the cross. When it is finished. But victory has its price, of the hose to "bruise his heel". Even here - in the Bible's first gospel - is notified that there is victory through suffering.

The story of the fall shows us that it is not the Jews disobedience that brings Jesus on the cross, but man's sin. The Adam and Eve's disobedience, the sin and guilt, that makes this sacrifice necessary. On the historical level, at the external level, the cross was erected on Golgotha ​​in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem. But in the spiritual sense, it was built back in the Garden of Eden.

On the surface it is the Jews' cry of "crucify" bringing Jesus on the cross. But on the inner level, it is Jesus' battle against the devil's power prevails. Jesus must be the Adam and Eve were not, and it's just that the devil is trying to prevent. For this match is the Jews only spectators. Or to put it more correctly - they are not even aware that this fight takes place.

10. The Jews' case has been a wealth of world

Salvation work going on in the Jewish people and we can say with the Jewish people's involuntary participation. No one had asked them if they would be God's people, much less whether they would contribute to the accomplishment of God's saving actions. We can say that this is the innocent side of the Jews.

But the Jewish people's participation has also another side. Their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, meant that the Gospel was spread to all nations. It is the Jews' disbelief that the reason that the gospel will be spread among all peoples of the world. Paul writes that "by their fall salvation has come to the Gentiles .." "their case has been a wealth of the world."

The world has been reconciled to God by the Jews have rejected the gospel. It is as if Paul has been given a glimpse into the highest purpose. He sees the finger of God in what happens and he sees God's plan of salvation with the world.

But Paul says, the Jews' hardness is only a temporary condition. For when the "fullness of the Gentiles has come in" all Israel will be saved. There comes a time when the word return to Israel. Then they will again be grafted into their own olive tree, and the deck above the Jews' hearts will be removed. But until that happens, then the gospel, mission, run its course.

We are thus witnessing a divine strategy in which the Jewish rejection of the gospel, salvation historical significance. Paul writes that it is our fault that the Jews were enemies of the gospel. Thus, it seems to be a prerequisite for the gospel again that Jews initially reject it. For Jews, then this must be a strange experience. For they are the spectators of the world believe "their" religion. But so it must therefore be.

God has a plan that his words will reach all the world's people and this plan seems to assume the Jews' hardness. This tells us something about the Jews' continued role in God's salvation plan. Jews suffer for our sake.

11. It could be a stakeholder to ask the question: What if the Jews had believed Jesus as the Messiah? What about the mission?

If we could imagine that the Jews as people had thought Jesus as the Messiah from the beginning, so the gospel would have been a part of the Jewish religion. The Gentiles - that is, non-Jews - who wanted to believe in Jesus, may in practice be converted to the Jewish religion. They had to Absorb the Jewish people together and commit the Mosaic Law and circumcision.
That this is not just a hypothetical possibility but a reality, is clear from Galatians. Here, Paul deal with the so-called judaister - that is, Jews who had come to faith in Jesus as the Messiah. They reasoned, fully in line with their Jewish heritage, when they advocated that the Gentile Christians had to assume the law of Moses with all that it contained the rules and regulations.

Paul breaks radically with judaistenes promised research. He sets the law of Moses, deeds and circumcision aside and proclaim salvation solely on the basis of faith. The Jewish edicts of the law of Moses was therefore no obstacle to hedningemisjonen.

We must be allowed to believe that the Lord has ordained that every people and every nation should be allowed to accept the gospel in their own terms. Each nation has its history, its culture and its tradition. The Gospel must be accommodated in this that people should get a property relation to that. This must be the gospel should get through.

It seems to have a divine mind that the gospel should be spread on their own terms. The word alone is real powerful, regardless of national origin. But to achieve this, the Jews had to be put out of action. There may be a cover over their hearts, as Paul says. So instead of blaming the Jews, we should rather dwell on what our salvation has cost this nation.

12. The Jews will be a light to the world
One of the great preachers of our time - Øivind Andersen - could say that the greatest thing that Israel should do, still belong to the future. The Lord has chosen a people to also use it in the time ahead. But there is much hidden. The Lord has given us to look into all things. But something is revealed. Israel will be a light to the world the day they turn. It will follow a great blessing to Israel's repentance.

The curse of Israel will gradually give way. We read about this in Ezekiel chapter 37 of the dry bones. These bones are the house of Israel. First, they gather into and become one body - that is, a nation. Then comes the spiritual in them, so they are living. This means that Israel is a Christian nation, just as Paul puts it. Dit is we do not come today, but we are probably not far away.

When that happens, Israel will provide day to be at an end. Isaiah writes (ch. 60-62):
"You will get double in return for their shame, and those who suffered dishonor, should rejoice over his lot
Everyone who sees them will know that they are a seed that the Lord has blessed.
Sons of those who have bothered you, shall come and bow down to you. All those who despised you shall bow down at your feet. .. "

Among the nations of the earth shall be a complete reassessment of Israel. From being despised, they shall now be hailed. Jerusalem must be a worship of the earth, not a heavy stone that now. Israel will get a position as the world's spiritual center.

What happens to Israel is also a testimony to all peoples of the earth. He uses His people to reveal themselves to the world. Israel's repentance is a vekkerrop and a testimony of the living God.

13. We will summarize.
The Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a grace covenant. The Lord has no obligation other than themselves. It sought not after some consideration from the Israeli side. Why can not Israel's disobedience upset the pact.
God has not rejected his people, says Paul. It may NOK hardened, but they are not rejected. The promises to the fathers remain in force. God does not regret his gifts and his calling.
The Jews rejected their Messiah because they had it. They stumbled in disbelief at the word, says Peter, and it was also set. We respected him for nothing, says Isaiah. The Jews went to the track that provided the laid ready for them.
Cross raised in a spiritual sense, not on Calvary but in the Garden of Eden. It was the Jews' lot to be a mediator in the settlement between God and Satan at the Fall would utsones.
Jews harden themselves against the gospel, but their fall will be for the salvation of the Gentiles. But when the fullness of the Gentiles has come in, all Israel will be saved. The Jews' conversion is a vekkerrop for all the world's people.
The Lord uses Israel in his salvation plan, first in Old Testament times, so to implement the reconciliation and then to call people to repentance and salvation as long as the world endures. Israel is God's special instrument from everlasting to everlasting.

God promised Abraham a large and contiguous territory in the Middle East with Israel as the center. This promise is not abolished or extended to the new earth. It's going to happen just like it says in the Tanach.

This is in keeping with what Oscar Skar Aune wrote in his booklet: Endetid: How to understand the biblical end-time prophecy? There, he introduces a principle which he called for "Kristustransfomasjonen". It is that the Old Testament promises to Israel is through Jesus' atonement transformed into a different meaning than what they originally had. This is completely wrong. It is clear that Oscar Aune Skar hold on a mad theology of Israel.

If you lose the land promise to Israel, it weakens also the following covenants that Israel has received from God:

a) David Pact. In this covenant God promised that there would never lack a man who would sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem, and that the Messiah would come and have this feature. The geographical basis for this promise is the land of Israel.

b) Charter of a new priesthood. This covenant will have as its geographical base is the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

I do not know what theological education, the people have, which has prepared this policy statement, but I expect that many of them are theologians. One can not entrust such an important work of theologians, for they are steeped in "replacement theology". Although there are few theologians, that has the correct view of these addresses the relation, the theologians and theology not credible on these issues. They have set themselves up as those who have not know these things, because they interpret God's word in the wrong way. Much of the Christian people are aware of this, but they will not speak out, but they bow to what is wrong.

When the DIN has the vision, then it loses credibility also in Israel and among Jews. In Israel, many are looking forward to the Messiah will come to the land that God promised Abraham.

The JEWISH ASPECT has fallen out of the church and in many Christian church's view of Israel and God's promises to the Jews.

When Paul saw God's dealings with us Gentiles and Israel he breaks out in Rome. 11. 28 Because of the gospel, they become enemies of God, that ye may obtain salvation. But because of the selection are the beloved of God - for the fathers sake. 29 For God does not regret his gifts and his selection. 30 You were once disobedient to God, but now you have received mercy, because the others were disobedient. 31 In the same way they have now been disobedient, but the kindness you have received, will cause that they now receive mercy. 32 God put all the disobedience in order to have mercy on all.
33 Oh, the depth of the riches
and wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgments,
and how unfathomable His ways!
34 Who knew the Lord's mind,
or who was his counselor?
35 Who gave him something first,
so he should get consideration?
36 From Him and through Him and to Him are all things.
Him be glory forever! Amen.

Israel was God's "enemies" because of us heathens. When the pagan and heathen fullness of time has elapsed, then the gospel go back to Israel. Depth of wisdom and knowledge of God is breaking out Paul on this occasion!

God is not equal to all individuals. He calls people into his kingdom in many different ways, leading them to Christ in the strangest ways and detours. God is not equal with all nations.

God's special about the Jews, both when he turns and when doctors: Nobody has been convicted and disciplined as them. And no one will be saved as them. No people were at his first coming brought the case to them. And no people should be at his second coming will be resurrected as them. Their selection is confirmed, both when the Lord brings down to Sheol, and when he brings up from there.

We read that the Antichrist whole world to war against Jews and against Jerusalem. Such unity and agreement among all the nations and people have been unknown before. But the opposition and hatred against Christ and His people gather and unite once again what really are old enemies. Today chairs the Jews in their defense, and spends 40% of its resources to be on guard.
The day this great army from all corners of the world comes, 40% not be NOK. Even 100% would have been NOK. Nothing can save them. Israel's army will be to-destroyed and the land taken.

They got their land, just to have a place where they could be safe. Now it's included! They built up one of the world's most effective armies just to live in peace within their own borders. Now the army crushed. It was precisely that they had put their trust! It was their hope, their castle, their comfort, their refuge. Now it is no longer any army. The back is broken. The gates open. The enemy is everywhere. All hope to be there, for there is nothing left. Just an open chasm.

Dan 7.21 tells the unvarnished truth that the Antichrist will overcome them. But what seems to be the end, is not the end! It is the beginning! The Antichrist's victory over God's people last only "until the Ancient of Days came," v 22! The Lord himself will come down and get his people to the rescue just as it is humanly not anything left to be reckoned with, or comfort to! Item 14.2 says: For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle. The city will be captured, the houses plundered and the women ravished. Half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

Then, then his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives!

The passage continues as follows: For the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as he has struggled on the day of battle. On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which lies east of Jerusalem in the east. Item 14.3-4.

When all hope is gone, they are in need of repentance and pain cry to the Lord. And he shall come to his people. Powerful. Visible. A specific intervention. "As he has fought before." Old Simon was physically see Jesus, and it was released a new witness to have seen the Lord's salvation. Thomas called the doubter. It is not right. A doubt want to believe, but can not. Thomas would not believe what he says bluntly. He was an infidel, and is rebuked by Jesus. Yet the unbelieving Jew Tomas additional teaching and special treatment. He saw sårmerkene to the risen, and also with him, it led to a new diplomas laid down in both the heart and mouth: My Lord and my God.

Paul was saved by getting to meet and see Jesus. The hard, unrepentant Jew who would not and could not believe, was pushed down on his knees and down to earth where outside Damascus. Everything changed after that meeting and the revelation. Some of this will then happen with the Jewish people. The new is not that Jesus physically revealed to anyone, and that this leads to salvation.

What is new is that it is now happening to an entire people!

What is new is the physical reach and scope! What we read in Romans 11.26? Well this: How will all of Israel, that all people be saved. And that's exactly what Jesus foretold when he stated that Jerusalem should again see him, Behold, your house is left unto you desolate! For I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see Me until you say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord! Food from 23.38 to 39.

At the time he said this, he came on a colt. Now he will come on a white horse, Revelation 19.11-14. Now they will again see him, and therefore hyllingsropet from palm Sunday again sound! The period of hardening and spiritual blindness will now be over, and the gospel will no longer be hidden from your eyes! For when the tire is removed so they can see! And they just look up to him, and beam with joy! All of Jerusalem, daughter of Zion, all the people. An entire people in a day and at the same time, Isaiah 66.8!

The revival will be as extraordinary, and they saved so many individuals, it can be said rightly that it is all the people. As all the people, with few exceptions, today's hardened, the whole nation be saved. And we read again the two wonderful verses:
But the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, I will pour out grace and prayer, Spirit, and then they look up to me as they have pierced. ... On that day there shall be an open source for the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from sin and impurity. Item 12.10, 13.1.

It is an event the world has never seen before:

It is again Christmas night. The Messiah is also now appeared, physically, in flesh and blood on our soil.
It is left palm Sunday. For Christ also comes now from the Mount of Olives into the Old City as King, and daughter of Zion, His people, to see him, receive him and worship him as Son of David. This time they will cry "Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!" It remains Maundy Thursday. The Messiah will clean out all leaven, and all ungodliness, and all uncleanness from Jacob, then Israel's temple and house again the skirt and clean, and he will again hold the meal with their loved ones in the intimate tables and brother together.

It is again on Good Friday. For Calvary nail marks in Jesus is so clear and so prominent, that he this day short, called "the man whom they have pierced." And the old inscription from the cross to be whispered from mouth to mouth, it vibrates in the air and start singing and tone of the heart: this is Yeshua of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

It is again on Easter Sunday. For He is coming, is the risen and glorious, full of power and powerful.
Therefore, the Romans and the world the kingdom soldiers this time throwing themselves down in fear and powerlessness to the resurrection and the risen mighty powers.

It remains Pentecost. For He will again shed his Spirit upon his people, the sons and daughters of young and old, and gjenfødelsesunderet to happen in many, many thousands of hearts.

It is indeed a holiday.

A fusion of all the holidays and all occasions, all gathered in one day. In one eye-glance scooped all the blessings from above God's people, the new creation and rebirth. And the old prophecy of the Lamb, about the suffering Messiah, from Isaiah 53 will begin to sparkle for the Jews.

In the introduction to this chapter, it says in the Bible I was a boy received from his mother and father: "The Prophet lets the future of Israel, who have turned to Christ, confessing that it formerly in disbelief have despised and rejected him for his call custom promotional and deep humiliation's sake, 1-3, but now has come the conviction that he has suffered for his own, but for his iniquity, and to its salvation, 4-6. "

Who believed the message we heard? We saw him, but he did not have a look so we could have our pleasure in him. Surely our sicknesses he has taken on, and our sorrows he carried. But we esteemed him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities. The penalty was on him, that we should have peace, and by his wounds we are healed. But who thought of his time when he was cut off from the living land, it was for my people's iniquity plague hit him? From Isaiah 53 It sounds a tone of sadness in these verses: Who thought in his time that was how it all hung together? And we read in Item 12 on the state of Jerusalem after the battle, we see a strange sight: A grand army on the outside. And the people crying on the inside. Who really won this war? When the Lord intervenes, there is one and only one which is great.

The Jews will cry.

They must weep as the woman in Simon's house. She was crying - in grief and remorse over their sin, and of the many playing years. She was crying - the trembling gratitude to him, despite her infidelity was full of grace and truth. And this daughter of Abraham did kneel down with him who knows everything and does not condemn. For him who, without excuse, something leaving everything. And she cried and cried. And Jesus let her cry, cry it out, all the evil that had gathered in her soul, like a hard, black mass, a long, long time. How will the children of Abraham, Israel, weep on that day. They will cry - the bottomless grief of his infidelity, his sins and the many, many playing years. They will cry - the trembling gratitude to him who came and took pity on them, albeit in the last watch of the night. Hosea portrays this so very beautiful:

"Then the children of Israel return and seek the Lord their God and David their king. Trembling they will seek the Lord and His gifts in the last days. "At 3.5.

David, their king! Now he had come back! He is united with his people, he has given his country and his kingdom. Now everyone can get started on the cleanup and reconstruction after the ravages. The Bible says the Lord of the Sabbath completed his work, a Genesis 2.2.)
It is now standing in line. And above all: the great effort to save the world, be a complete and carried forward to a good and full finish.

To confirm what is written about Israel's borders as mentioned these limits the first time in 1.Mos.15.18, for there it says: the day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt the great river, the river Euphrates. (Euphrates) And we know this river Euphrates is at Iraq. As he mentions in v.19-21 some people and their land was enclosed in the covenant. It mentions the Lord Hittites who are today's Turks. They lived at Hebron, but later fled to the Turkish areas So as Israel is actually going from Egypt border, the whole of today's Palestine including Gaza to Turkey, Lebanon, and part of Syria and into Iraq's border, the river Euphrates. Also note that it is also about ammo races. This is actually Jordan today. Here, in fact God has a covenant to the Jews that Israel will be as big a dag.Israel owned this great country once, but lost it by land volatility. Today, Israel has begun to take their country that God has given them. Piece by piece, he will give them back what they own. Norway and other nations of the world has no such covenant with God. It is only Jews who have. Had not God watched this covenant, Israel had been destroyed long ago. Israel as a people have no power and strength in themselves to keep the other nations away, but by God's strength and help guard him over his people.


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