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Nr. 45: Jesus only doctrine is heresy!

Nr. 45:

Jesus only doctrine is heresy!

Matt. 17. 8 But when they looked up, they saw no one but Jesus alone.

I have no firsthand knowledge of Jesus alone that I have to Trinity. Trinity doctrine, I have heard about my whole life. At first I was Lutheran until I was 16 years, so I was saved and was included in the Free Friends until I was 20 years old and since I have been Pentecostal short. Pinsevennenene believe in the Trinity, but there are those who reject the Trinity as I do, but they still think differently than I and we in Smyrna Oslo believe and teach.

The way I understand Jesus only doctrine

They believe that there is one God who constantly operate in different functions. Once he is God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, the Spirit, he is Jesus again, he is ultimately only God the Father. Of course this is unbiblical and a flattening of the doctrine of God and the Godhead. It is as forkert and unbiblical as the Trinity.

But they take and the right of a point, it is that they baptize in the name of Jesus Christ, which is just right. Baptism is related to Jesus and our association with him in the symbolic and biblical action.

But reading a carefully what other teachers, it is actually the Catholic Church is not so extreme and unbiblical as Protestants are, when they learn that there is a triad of God which was from eternity and to eternity, which is demons learn when it comes in its origins from ancient Egypt and Greece. Catholics also see the Holy Spirit as a love relationship between God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ, which is just right.

Abel's blood speaks

When I study this subject, so I understand more and more that both teachers Trinity and Jesus only stuck in a quicksand of false, unscriptural, and in many ways demonic understanding of God and the Godhead.

A reading example nothing in God's word that is either incorrectly translated or is an illustrative expression, and does everything to a pattern that will fit. For example it says that Abel's blood speaks in Hebrews 12 This speaking, one must then understand illustrative, blood can not speak! We also read carefully Jesus' teaching is that another advocate, or as it says in the basic text, another speaker or one who speaks instead of me. Jesus is now physically in heaven, but he communicates himself to us by his Spirit. Making the Spirit to a person, is so grammatically incorrect and unbiblical and surrete it is possible to be! Likewise, it is also wrong to worship the Spirit of God, for it is God who deserve all worship and honor and the Son Jesus Christ to be exalted and glorified.

What does Jesus only teachers?

As said, they are as I understand it disdained among the Trinity, as they by and large are very arrogant and self-righteous at the point.

Unfortunately think most Christians in this demonic doctrine that there is a triad God from eternity to eternity that is misleading and inaccurate. While Jesus only think that there is one God who operates as a triad, and as Spirit, and as Father and sometimes as Son, as this is the titles of the one true God!

What does God's word and the first Christians?

God's word teaches that it is only and only God the Father who is before anyone else, the first he brought forth and born out of himself was the Son Jesus Christ in his preeksistens, then the angels, etc. The Holy Spirit is not a person, but some of God the Father himself. So David prayed in Psalm 51 do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Whose Spirit? God's Spirit. After Pentecost, all the people given the opportunity to partake of the Spirit through faith in Jesus. Jesus is above all, our Savior and Lord, why should he when the time comes, give it all back to the Father - that is the only true God.

What "creed" was the first Christian?

It was very simple and clear as they did not believe in a triad God who was either a triad God or operated as a triad that Jesus only movement believes and teaches. God is one, not two or three or four. In one God, no one is like the Father, as he is the origin of everything. But he's in tomorrow morning, let one get out of himself that he is self-similar, it was the Son Jesus Christ. Is Jesus God why? Yes, but by virtue of who he is gone out from the fact that he has shown us who the Father is. Can he equated with God the Father? No, no, not even the Son.

1. Cor. 8. 4b. "That there is no God but one. 5 For there is also the so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth - for which there are many gods and many lords - 6, it is but for us only one God, the Father, by whom everything is, and we to him, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom everything is, and we by him. "

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