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Nr. 39: Emmanuel Minos - An imposter?

Nr. 39:

Emmanuel Minos - An imposter?

This is taken from the Audio Mission and much of what else I have written the debate is lost when I have been shut out of all Christian debates I've been on when I hold up all of God's word and all truths. Be it the newspaper next day, Our Country, Cross Win (now Division) or the other! Talk about a Christian democracy, it is ruled by undemocratic and controlling people, sad but true!

Commented by Evangelist: Ove Ludvigsen January.

Emmanuel Minos was asked on the Vision of the couple Hallman Norway from Sweden on: It is proper and legal for a minister to be divorced and married again.
Comment: Should be no problem with giving a clear answer to the question!

To this he replied that it would not he answer when it was too difficult to answer.

Comment: It is difficult to bring themselves to believe that the question is too difficult to answer, the Bible has a clear voice, what divorce and remarriage is!

In my view, it requires really only a yes or no and no is the biblical answer.

Comment: You have to agree with Jan Kaare Christensen, the Bible does not give consent in gjengifting after a divorce. Emmanuel Minos should have given a clear answer to this question, a little more full-bodied and rich, content-giving. Comments in brackets: (Does that Emmanuel Minos said: One man for one woman - or was it the opposite? One woman for one man.) Whatever it is, of course, so the marriage to work, no more either one or the other way .

Is not Emmanuel Minos then with and legalize sin, and he is not fit to be a preacher when he was not able to respond to such an elementary important topic

Comment: What is the reason, why not Emmanuel Minos said either a "YES" or "NO?" Is not easy to answer, therefore it can be sometimes difficult to take a definite position on the matter. Therefore, it is also difficult to determine whether he is fit to be a preacher or not, but he should at least have given a clear answer. "YES!" Or "NO! "Will be too far to go, if one says that he is not fit to be a preacher, he is, after all, the brightest of the Pentecostal movement's surviving ministers at this time.

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