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Nr. 30: United States - the world's second most important country!

United States - the world's second most important country!

From Wikipedia: United States, officially United States (English United States of America) is a country in North America. The country is a federal republic comprising 50 states, Federal District District of Columbia (which also is the capital and is better known as Washington, DC) and a number of smaller territories. The 48 states that make up the continental U.S. borders to Canada in the north and Mexico to the south.

USA has a land area of ​​9,826,630 square kilometers. It makes the U.S. the world's third largest country, after Canada and Russia, and about the size of China. U.S. has around 300 million inhabitants, making the country the world's third most populous, only surpassed by China and India.

The Federation consisted originally of thirteen colonies seceded from Britain in 1776. In the course of the 1800s expanded the United States sharply towards the west, while the country welcomed large amounts of immigrants from all over Europe. The immigrants - who since 1900 have come from all over the world - have made American society demographically heterogeneous, and the country consists of many different ethnic and religious groups.

After the Second World War, the United States one of the world's two superpowers, while American movies, music and other culture had great influence on the world. After the Cold War around 1990, the U.S. has been far the world's leading economic and military power. The country is home to many of the world's most famous universities and research institutions, and is a world leader in high technology.

As the Federal Republic's political power in the United States divided between the federal government in Washington and the states. At the federal level, power is divided between the president (since 2009 Barack Obama), a Congress with two chambers and the Supreme Court. A similar structure is followed to a large extent in most states, a politically elected governor, a state convention and a state Supreme Court. The two large, dominant parties in the United States called the Republicans and Democrats.
Religion is an important part of daily life in the United States, and the community are not as secular as Western Europe. Six out of ten Americans believe that faith is a very important part of life.

Religious affiliation is measured not by the United States Census Bureau, and the figures for religious affiliation is therefore somewhat uncertain. CIA World Factbook estimates the number of believers in the United States to 90%. Most religious Christians, where the various Protestant groups constitute 52% of the population. Then comes Catholics by 24%. USA also has 2% Mormons, 1% Jewish and 1% Muslims. Traditional Native American religion is relatively low throughout the denomination, but has some support.

Creationism is very common in Christian communities in the United States. About 50 percent of the population believe that the world was created a few thousand years ago, while only 11 percent of the population in Norway do not think that in the animal kingdom has been evolution. There is a sharp distinction between church and state in the United States, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Still used Christian symbolism a lot, among other factors, the United States as "one nation under God" in Pledge of Allegiance. Moreover, the country's bank notes national motto "In God We Trust" rush.
Religion is also an important part of American politics, and candidates' faith is often a key issue in election campaigns. All Presidents of the country's history have come from a Protestant background, with the exception of John F. Kennedy who was Catholic. Supporters of the Republican party usually has a more pronounced association with Christian conservative groups than supporters of the Democratic Party (end of quote).

This was the bit about America, but why is America so important and second only to Israel is the world's major countries, why? Should mention the 5 reasons for that.

1) Their support for Israel.

2) That the home to so many Jews who live there freely and safely.

3) Their religious freedom.

4) The opportunities for human development, think and be free.

5) That there are so many good, strong and biblical churches and revivals coming from America through the centuries.

This is one of many things, but I will stop at 1 point is very important and it is point week. 1.

1) Their support for Israel. Eg time after time in the UN, they have stood up to Israel and through both the government and "rich" Jews in Israel is Israel a significant part of their support if they are doing better and better, even in spite of all their challenges and the many new immigrants to take care of each year.

From Wikipedia: The relationship between Israel and the United States has evolved from an initial U.S. policy of sympathy and support for the establishment of a Jewish state in 1948 (the U.S. was the first country which recognized the establishment of the state) to an unusual friendship that links Israel with the United States trying to balance competing interests in the Middle East region. United States has been regarded as Israel's most powerful and most supportive allies for almost 40 years and hosts the annual salute to Israel parade in New York. U.S. is Israel's largest trading partner, accounting for 22.4% of Israel's 43.19 billion dollars in imports, and 42.1% nbsp;% of Israel's 40.14 billion dollars in exports each year (2005). United States also supplies Israel with 2.4 billion USD in military assistance annually, equivalent to 24.5:% of Israel's annual military spending (2005) Israel's 19th largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid (end of quote).

As we understand it, the ties between Israel and the U.S. very strong and important. Unchanged one understands this, one does not understand why the U.S. is attacked and slandered by so many. Of course there is much to say about this and there are several approaches, but it is something that despite all the binds us in the western world in particular together in spite of all of that is wrong, and dropout, it is the:

Jewish-Christian heritage:

From Wikipedia: Jewish-Christian (in British English, Judeo-Christian) is used in the U.S. since the 1940s to refer to standards of ethics are common with Judaism and Christianity. The term is also used in a historical sense to refer to the relationship between the precursor to Christianity and Judaism (end of quote).

Now I'll stop here, but the ties between Israel and the U.S. are of inestimable importance and we should not only pray for Israel, but also the United States when they are Israel's main supporter and protector, for now!

Related link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judeo-Christian

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