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Nr. 64: Counsel of God to salvation!

Nr. 64:

Counsel of God to salvation!

It is a subject of God's word, which has preoccupied me from my youth. It is to live it as Paul speaking to the elders of the church in Ephesus. In Acts 20.27:
"I held nothing back, but preached to you the whole counsel of God to salvation".

Becoming and being a strong Christian, is to have a richer understanding of God's word, as many have today. Having a proper understanding of themselves, others and God, is to come into God's perfect will for their lives and service to God.

Now, after I have grown older, it's really only one person that I admire. It is God himself.

Therefore to obtain the riches that he has revealed to us in his word, wonderful.

Learning self and others to know is also good. That someone would remove the 10 Commandments as part of God's word is confusing things. By understanding, teaching himself to know, is speaking about a thing for me. I have sinful inclinations, selfish plans and human aspirations, which will take me away from God and his word. More than ever, so I experience, I need God, his spirit and the salvation he has provided for me through the mind's beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

I've always been a common Christian in my understanding, although I've seen others that are not. Take the song selection that we Christians sing at meetings, often, so keeping the different churches to a type of song. But after experiencing many Christians from different ones congregations and churches, there is one thing that is for me; variation.

Could vary the song selection, but the important thing is, and remains, that we sing from the heart, a great enrichment. From being able to sing the liturgy almost like a find in the nooks where one experiences solemnity, to the free song As Maranata congregation, with sildigregn and the free way Aage Samuelsen was on. I think that much of the song that is in modern churches, is very monotonous, but if one has the ability to bring out the best songs, it can also be good. Especially some of the praise Koran as a song of 70-80 century. But here in this article that I want to take up, is to "preach the whole counsel of God to salvation" as Paul put such emphasis on.
What is it to preach the whole counsel of God to salvation? It is to preach and practice the truths found in God's word, especially in the New Testament.

In 2 Timothy. 2.15 states: "Try always to be able to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not have anything to be ashamed of, one that correctly distributing the word of truth".
Being able to correctly distribute the word of truth, is very important.
What does it mean? Just as a serving dish with an appropriate portion of each ingredient, so one should share God's word. Little feet, little meat, some vegetables, some sauce and suitably spicy as a perfect dinner. How should one serve God.

That the people of God, the understanding of the spiritual truths and riches are essential.

Today, as God's people suffer from deficiency diseases. Therefore, it is best, right and necessary that a preaching the whole counsel of God to salvation. Do not turn off or add something.

The basic text, it says, "as you rettdelende word." To understand it our way. When cooking a dish food, so it is important to stick to the recipe. Having looked and saw a lot of the different stock parts that I have already mentioned. This will create a savory food. In the same way it is with those who preach God's word. It is necessary to teach all the truths of God's word. And that makes it the right way to the edification of the church. The exhortation, consolation and guidance.
Repentance, purification and redemption in Jesus blood alone. Sanctification, Christ's return. Israel's central place in the prophetic word. Warning against false spiritual direction. False doctrine of the Trinity and the Millennium. Eternal damnation and eternal glory. Here are just some of the spiritual truths that are necessary to proclaim and to be preached and taught and about. Should the church be the truth and support the foundation and church members will be able to put all the good work.


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