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No. 1584: There is no discrepancy between me and lawyer Brynjar Meling, which in my opinion has been used by Oslo tingrett and Borgarting lagret, to make it look nice, even if they have taken a fool!

No. 1584:
There is no discrepancy between me and lawyer Brynjar Meling, which in my opinion has been used by Oslo tingrett and Borgarting lagret, to make it look nice, even if they have taken a fool!
Picture of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in France for which this case is being tested.
Since, in my view, this case has not been dealt with in Norwegian justice system in a worthwhile and good way, since the whole judgment against me and the heavenly blog is the way I see it a big big dad!

  1. Brynjar Meling is a conscientious man, therefore I am convinced that his fronting that it is wrong lovanv ending that is used against me.
That's something he thinks is legally correct, not to "win" forward. Meal is the way I see it, a man with great integrity and "love" jus. In other words, he is not lightweight, so it's sad to see how he has been treated my mind. He has been treated almost like a fool, it is abuse of power against another man and towards me and my family.
  1. He has f to tt full st ø support of many, including media law judge Jon Wessel-Aas.
  1. A dvokat Brynjar Meling who in my opinion have been used by the Oslo District Court and Court of Court of Appeal to make it look nice, although they have kept us for fun.
As I said, it is fairly sought as they hold on. What I have been convicted of has been used by the court for a minimum of minutes. But hours on everything else. And they have not asked me about anything in the judgment that I almost have a personal vendetta against Torp as far from the truth as it is possible to come.
Torp I have never impressed, just because he says he is a pastor and apostle, and lives just the way it suits him. Only thing I've had interest with Torp, it's his double standard or double, nothing else!
I have proved never to seek him or make personal contact with him in any way.
The whole assertion against me is ridiculous, fabricated and lying!
  1. After the session the Court of Appeal, cutting ø nth Brynjar Meling that we were f carr ied behind "the light" and wrote a too crass appeal letter to Norwegian H ø Supreme.
This is his inscription, and now he wrote that what I'm convicted of has not been dealt with in court. His "tunnel vision" of focusing on law enforcement was now gone, and other moments he emphasized. This he wrote:
Facts of the case
The District Court has made the district court's description of fact to its own by citing the three most important sections in the District Court's reproduction of the fact on pages 3 and 4 of the Court of Appeal's judgment. As far as it goes, this description must therefore be taken into account, str.prl. § 306, second paragraph.
Case handling error, provocation and retribution 
As stated at the bottom of page 4 and at the top of page 5 of the judgment of the Court of Appeal, the defendant stated in his defense that his oppositions had to be subjected to punishment or to be judged mildly from the principle of provocation and retribution.
In spite of this statement, the Court of Appeal has, in any case, ignored the extent to which abusive and alleged opposition by the accused's verbal assault has been or what characteristics of the convicted person had to withstand in return for his verbal assault against Pastor Torp.
As meaningful assessment of possible impunity or reduced punishment due to provocation and rhetoric in relation to reciprocal verbal attacks presupposes both a quantitative and qualitative comparison of the arguments put forward from both sides, it is stated that the decision of the Court of Appeal is insufficient.
The Court of First Instance has - see first full section on page 8 of the judgment - in the present context limited to finding that Torp's counterattack against Christensen has helped escalate and prolong the conflict between convicted and insulted. This is insufficient in order to eliminate the meaning of the "balance of payments", either for the sake of guilt or punishment.
The above-mentioned inadequacy of the Court of First Instance's premises is further related to Strl. (1902) § 250 is not mentioned at all in the court's premises, which in itself is also an additional inadequacy given the questions relating to the law of the court of law, see below.
Litigation, legitimate resentment
From the majority of the characteristics through which the convicted person has expressed the conduct of insults, it appears that Christensen has been moral - or moralizing if you want - upset over certain aspects of pastor Torp's way of life and behavior, things that purely objectively appear to be in contrary to the words of the Bible.
Although literal and unconventional use of moral bans in religious allegedly sacred texts is no longer a common phenomenon in Norwegian social reality, especially when it is not a criminal offense in the secular sense, and even to attack others in such a way public opinion is eventually even more unusual than simply to hold condemnations on religious grounds, one must ask it about it - within the narrow circles where fundamentalist attitudes to such issues are still widespread and considered fully legitimate - may be the basis for considering Pastor Torp's conduct as a basis for "justified harms", cf. strl. (1902) Section 56, No. 1, point b)? 
Can Christensen be considered to have acted in justified anger, given that the special theological con text is both convicted and insulted?
The fact that the Court of Appeal in its premises does not discuss the issue at all, is alleged to mean that the ruling grounds in the judgment are insufficient. This even though strl. (1901) Section 56, No. 1, point b), was not explicitly invoked by the defense: The Court of Appeal is ex officio abiding by the law enforcement.
  1. Øystein Hermansen, Malin Str ø mberg Amble and all other judges holding really Brynjar Meling and me for a fool. Then I can not say that it was Meling's mistake that we lost. They left Meling mess for several hours, totally dribbling in what he says. What I say is blaming all the judicial authorities in.
Lets some unpublished statements from Jan Aage Torp, who I am in charge of, saying that the court must ignore this as it is undocumented and the claims are completely beyond. This puts Hermansen into account for the verdict, no one can blame Brynjar Meling. He can not because he is being fooled by Øystein Hermansen and everyone else.
  1. It is lawyer Brynjar Meling to take care of the appeal and, if necessary, continue negotiations with the Strasbourg Human Rights Court.
This tells me that Meling has a great deal of involvement in the matter, and he has gone all the way and continues. Although in my opinion he was fooled by the court here in Norway. They have simply drowned in what he has argued, even though he has great support, and lay on a lie-line. This is the court in Norway, or is it Congo or North Korea? That's how it feels like that! 
Final Comment: 
As said, one can not blame a man for whom the court has held "breath."
When he is done, they completely ignore what he brings, as they have "right to do." But it's fraudulent, and no one's way to go.
At least they could have asked both me and Brynjar Meling why I have discussed Torp as much as we have done.
That's because I've received a 30,000 hatred sign against me over the last 4 years.
And an approx. 300 blog posts addressed to me and the heavenly one that I have responded to. That it has become "big" amounts if not close to that Torp writes. First and foremost aimed at me and my family, much worse than what Torp has received. In other words, it also makes the verdict against me a super judicial sentence. The pure father and it is a disgrace in Norwegian legal history as a judgment that is so totally wrong and wrong it is possible to stay in all ways!
This is not Brynjar Meling's fault, but Jan Aage Torp, Oslo police and the courts!

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No. 1583: The judgment against me is like a guf from the past where the state controlled everything and the citizens were disqualified when I clearly pointed out that Torp's statements are beyond and wrong!

No. 1583:
The judgment against me is like a guf from the past where the state controlled everything and the citizens were disqualified when I clearly pointed out that Torp's statements are beyond and wrong!

Picture of a little innocent kid.
 That's how I feel like never being punished. What are they doing in court? Both in the district court and the court of law? They overlook what I say, and do not even try to get the truth out of me. 

But runs his own lie run with the judges in the lead. What is it that causes someone to behave like this? Yes, I have not done anything criminal or punishable, but in Norway I consider the courts in Norway to be killer and criminal!
This is from what I've posted on Youtube where I took up the negotiations and I clearly say that the sentence is based on lies and completely beyond and they must be removed from the verdict in Oslo District Court, since none of the numbers like Torp Senior with is documented.
Anyway, they do it, in other words, the judgment against me and the Heavenly Blog is a lie and based on only one thing, which has not been the subject of discussions in court. Neither in Borgarting law or in Oslo district court.
Øystein Hermansen says:
Christensen you have the opportunity to come up with an end mark, do you have anything to add?
I answer freely:
First of all, the number that Jan Aage Torp says and the verdict against me is based on you completely beyond that, it's a blank lie!
Because this was just something that Torp just said the air as (pure imagination) in court without it being documented.
This was not discussed at all!
So the number and wife of Torp are not mentioned in the terms that the court assumes.
For number two, I think that Attorney Brynjar Meling also points out that the morale of a politician or other public person I would never have mentioned.
But this is a pastor or priest who also has special rights.
Being a preacher is a very special calling and profession where morality and ethics are alpha and omega!
Everything falls and stands out that life and learning go hand in hand.
It concerns a pastor, priest, or proclaims that life and learning go hand in hand.
The verdict of the district court shall not be emphasized at all as it is liable and fabricated. (it is based on Torp's fantasy number that was not documented at all).
Should a staff member be in a committed position, then life and learning are crucial!
The church and the church have their own clause that goes on the priest and the pastor's morale. Everything is linked to this for the person to hold and hold a promised position. This has not emphasized the right at all as the background and essence of this conflict.
Øystein Hermansen says:
Then we will take the matter up to judgment!
This is stated in the judgment as essential:
Judgment pursuant to section 390a of the Penal Code can not be done if it constitutes an inalienable intervention in the freedom of expression, cf. the Constitution, Article 100 and the ECHR Article 10. In the opinion of the Court of Appeal, the protection of freedom of expression is prohibited from section 390a in this case. Christensen has been suffering from unnecessary and unreasonable harassment, and he seems to have been driven by a personal pursuit motive. As such, Christensen is not protected by freedom of speech, although individual statements in the blog posts alone would not be punishable. It is the overall holistic assessment that is essential.
(quote ending).
When I say this is beyond and not documented.
Then it's regular lie the whole thing against me and the heavenly blog is based on.
Where is legal certainty?
It is not present when I have stated that this is also the basis for the conviction not discussed in court!
In other words, I have said that what I am convicted of is not documented, discussed and it is completely beyond the numbers that Torp assumes.
In other words, when Borgarting Court of Appeal disregards this as I have pointed out and does not mention it in the judgment. Then the case against me and the heavenly blog will be a justice word and a father!
Final Comment:
Judge Øystein Hermansen can not say that I exceed a limit that is not protected by freedom of belief and expression as everything is based on the fact that I have written a lot about Jan Aage Torp.When I disputed this number in court for open mic (it is out on Youtube in late post ). 
As well as pointing out this has not been discussed in court.
In other words, they judge me for an adventure story from Jan Aage Torp who does not hold goals that are lying and constructed.
And, most importantly. It has not been discussed in court.
In other words, legal certainty is equal to zero when this can happen in Norway!
When I say that, as Oslo tingrett, the judgment is based on numbers that are beyond and that this has not been discussed with the number. This builds the whole judgment on how to stop such a lie and horrible end result that I will be judged? This is worse than North Korea and the Congo, who, after all, tries to get accused in the face of being "confessed" by the person.
Here they look away from everything and believe in lies set by Jan Aage Torp!
All I have written is far beyond the freedom of belief and expression. Not punishable, but they judge me to have repeated the same too many times. This is also applied, as I have gotten 300 articles directed towards me and about 30,000 messages across the web in different ways that I've responded to in the last 4 to 5 years. Therefore, the large amounts, and this I am judged for.

This is the time of justice in Norway - certainly the whole world !?

The overall overall assessment that has made me judged has in this Youtube snake from the court that I discovered revealed that the whole sentence against me and the Heavenly Blog is a plot!
Is this a court worthy? Never, it's a big, big shame and really puts all our legal certainty to the point that lies and hate will win!
This is of course a small matter compared to much else. But when this can happen, it puts the whole legal security at risk with a judgment that is so wrong and badly treated!
That this is not highlighted by Norwegian newspapers and the media, even though they are illuminated. Reminds of a chambermaid and one protects each other from the old Soviet Union.Something that both and I should and should stand up for the truth!
Almost time may be you who are exposed to a justice word and a judgment that has not been discussed in court. This is both sad and serious!
I have never come with a threat, but I have got a lot of trouble, this is not the case at all.
Even though I have reviewed this and document falsification and more!

No. 1582: Is there a correlation between Donald Trump's broken promises to Israel to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and the flood that hit Houston, Texas?

No. 1582:
Is there a correlation between Donald Trump's broken promises to Israel to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and the flood that hit Houston, Texas?

Picture from the massive water masses coming in across the United States, which may be a result of what President Donald Trump promises and does not face Israel?

Psalm 22. 26 From you, my prize goes out in a great assembly; I will keep my promises for fear of him.
Matt. 5. 33 Again, you have heard that it has been said to the elders, "You shall not swear false oaths, but you shall keep yourselves to the Lord.
Deuteronomy 23 23 What your lips have spoken, keep and do, because you voluntarily and with your own mouth have given to the Lord your God your promise.
Job 1. 1. In the country of Us there was a man named Job; He was an immaculate and righteous man who feared God and wept from evil. 2 He had seven sons and three daughters, 3 and he had seven thousand sheep and three thousand camels and five hundred oxen and five hundred donkeys, and had a great number of servants; He was more powerful than all the children of the East. 4 His sons used to keep a feast on each day in each house, and they sent messengers to their three sisters and invited them to eat and drink with them. 5 And as soon as a round of these prayers came to pass, Job sent for them and sanctified them; He rose early in the morning and offered burnt offerings, one for each of them; for Job said, Maybe my sons have sinned and say goodbye to God in their hearts. Thus, Job always did.
We see here how important it was for Job that his children did not keep what they promised to invade the living God and say goodbye to God.
It is precisely this really President Donald Trump has made promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel and the center of everything - Jerusalem!
It is not a miracle this with Jerusalem, it is where Jesus as the coming Prince, the reign, the King of Kings and the Lord of the Lord will sit to rule and rule the whole world during the coming 1000's!
Isaiah 2. And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain where the house of the LORD stands shall be established on the top of the mountains, and high above all the high places, and all nations shall flow to it. / 3 And many peoples will go and say, Come, let's go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of Jacob, to teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths! For from Zion shall the law be poured out, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall judge the people of many nations, and they shall smite their swords into the chop, and their spears into the vine-knives; One nation shall no longer lift the sword against another, and they shall learn no more war.
To give God and things that are with God to make promises - breaking them will have consequences. This teaches the scripture, is this what we see now in the United States?
President Donald Trump has now made a very promise for Israel's benefit, which should have been a matter of course. This he has completely proven failed to do and follow up. Is that what we now see consequences of? That God tells you through what has happened in Texas, not least in the finance and oil headquarters of the US Houston?
Leviticus 30 3 When a man makes a promise to the Lord or swears an oath with which he commits himself to one thing or another, he shall not break his word; All he has said he shall do.
This is exactly what President Donald Trump has done when he promised to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv which is also the financial capital of Israel. To Israel's Real and Eternal Capital Jerusalem.
Notice the wording of this verse: "When a man makes a promise to the Lord or swears an oath with which he commits himself to one thing or another, he shall not break his word; All he has said he shall do. "
Everything he has said is going to be done!
Joshua 23 16 When you break the covenant of the Lord your God, which he has made with you, and gives you to cultivate other gods and worship them, the wrath of the Lord will rise against you, and you will soon be cut off from the good land he has has given you.
Notice if we break a covenant with the Lord, that will have major consequences. That's not to say one thing one day and something completely different the next day!
Trump signed this summer a new postponement of Congress's 1995 decision that the US Israeli embassy should not be moved to Jerusalem. Is this what we now see the consequences of what is happening in Texas?
Final Comment:
Is not God dead and abolished? Or does he live and rule and judge?
The answer is not given in one, two, and three. But it is strange what is happening in the United States, which is Israel's best and closest ally. Being positive and holding words and promises to Israel, everything goes well!
But if they break their promises, do not stand up and with Israel, such things like this will happen. It's like a pattern, think it's not coincidences.
Either way, it's really unnecessary and badly done by President Donald Trump to promise something to Israel and then go back to it. God has attached his words and so promises to this people that Donald Trump should and knows absolutely sure better ?! 
President Donald Trump has done this to become president and to speak to Jews and Christians who fully agree that it is natural and right that the embassy is located in Jerusalem.
Unfortunately, one can not promise such things, and believe that it is uncontrolled in the spiritual world that governs our material world.
This is of such importance and character that breaking promises in this way is like breaking a covenant - with God!
It is obvious from Heavenly and Devilish interest that this case is developing. I'm sure one thing, Trump had not promised to move the embassy, ​​so I'm sure the scale of this disaster had not been close to what we see today!
Never promise anything on God's behalf or against God, which you do not intend to keep and live.
Obviously, this has obviously been the case here, and we think we see the result of this in this great flood! Keep what you promise, or it's best not to promise, or take things as it happens! And do as good as a can. Here, Trump has promised something, also opposed it by signing this summer!

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No. 1581: The judgment against me and the celestial blog is far more important to be aware of and to oppose, than the judgment against Therese Johaug, who, after all, is merely a wreath that turns away!

No. 1581:
The judgment against me and the celestial blog is far more important to be aware of and to oppose, than the judgment against Therese Johaug, who, after all, is merely a wreath that turns away!

Picture of me and my wife.
 We are two who really have to endure this persecution of the police and the prosecution power staged by fool Apostel Jan Aage Torp.
But we have had a good conscience from day one and now, as we know that the whole thing against us is upset, fabricated and prosecuted by Christians.
Then the real truth is the opposite of what has been made. We have had to withstand at least 300 articles written against us on different online forums. Surely than 20-30,000 hatmail against us.Countless personal mailer, document fakes.
Lyving and swearing that I have 2 bonus children and I agree with both the one and the other. That our son is ......... ..
Yes, I could only have continued. The whole thing is a disgrace for Norwegian police and the Norwegian judiciary who have been tricked and distorted!

1 Cor. 9. 23 But I do all things for the sake of the sake, that I may share it. 24 Do not you know that those who run on the runway, they all run well, but only one gets the prize? Run like this so that you can win it! 25 Whosoever is in the battle of battle is afflicted in all, to have a perishable wreath, but we are an indestructible one. 26 I do not run like uncertainty; I do not cripple like a stumbling-man;27 But I subdue my body, and keep it in bondage, lest I preach to others, even shall be found unworthy.
Do not tell me the verdict against the ski star Therese Johaug, who has got a mile of gap and a cover that we have not seen of any sports star after being doping-hit. Then here in Norway.
But what she is fighting for is, after all, what the scriptures say: "Do not you know that those who run on the runway, to get a corruptible wreath?"
For her, she fights for a perishable wreath, so her struggle is far less important than I'm fighting for.
I fight for: "but we are an indestructible one. I do not run like uncertainty; I do not feel like someone who strikes me. "
Therefore, the struggle as I fight is that one should freely proclaim what God's word says about the Christian marriage. That is part of salvation!
The verdict, however, creates fear - which is Satan's foremost weapon!
Matt. 28. 10 Then Jesus said unto them, Fear not! Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; There they will see me.
That's exactly what's so bad about this judgment against me and the heavenly blog. It is that it creates fear, fear of being punished to sustain the word of God and the things that have been convinced of!
This is Satan's renunciation against us believers, he attacks us through fear!
Therefore, we can also be confident that this is not a match between me and Jan Aage Torp. But Torp through her horizons has managed to bring the police and the prosecution force with them in their reigns and fools to create fear!
In theory, we have speech freedom, but in practice, this has almost been lost because some expressions are met with threats of reprisals if you say that or that.
So because of threats, many Norwegians do not dare to say what they mean because the burden has become too big if something is said "wrong".
There is a lot of hatred out there, and this is the case if you say something that the hope does not agree. Saying something that some do not like are the threats there right away, and this is an effective barrier to freedom of speech.
Final Comment:
What we are doing may seem so small and useful. But it is the world's most important affairs, as this is the only one that has eternal value and will last forever - a saved soul!
1 Cor. 1. 18 For the word of the cross is a foolishness for those who perish, but for us that are saved, it is the power of God; 19 For it is written, I will destroy the wise wisdom, and the understanding of the understanding I will do to nothing. 20 Where is a wizard, where is a scribe, where is a reviewer in this world? has not God made the wisdom of the world to folly? 21 For because the world did not know God in the wisdom of God, it was God's will, by the folly of preaching, to save those who believe, 22 because both Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucifixion, for Jews an offense and for the Gentiles a folly 24 But for those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, we proclaim Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 25 For the folly of God is wiser than man, and the weakness of God is stronger than man. 26 Notice your calling, brethren, that many did not show after the flesh was called, not many mighty, not many high-born; 27 But what is bad in the world, God chose to shame the wise and the weak in the world, God chose to shame strong, 28 and what is low in the world, and what is wrong, God chose himself, nothing to do for nothing, 29 that no flesh should rejoice in God. 30 But of him you are in Christ Jesus, who has become wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification and redemption. 31 For, as it is written, He who prays, praises in the Lord!
These judges that I have had are well-educated, but do not understand the most elementary that is important for the truth to come forth. It is that one must be asked for one thing.
Or as one says it, be confronted with one thing.
The fact is that I have never been asked or confronted with any of the things they have judged me in court. Nor my lawyer, we face a judgment in North Korea or Congo, not really worth the paper it's written on!
Such judgments and similar things mean that it creates fear! This is without doubt Satan's foremost weapon, then we know who is behind the fight against me and the heavenly blog. To the deepest point, it is Satan that both Jan Aage Torp and others have obviously made use of.
When you read these judgments from Oslo District Court and Borgarting Law, it oozes lies and hatred against me and Christianity. They judge me for something they have not confronted me with.
Everyone who drives the truth and working with people quickly learns that neither Rome was built in one day nor the truth comes forth right away.
They addressed me for one thing we discussed this in Oslo District Court. So in the court of law, the law of use was discussed, nothing else. Then they judged me again for something that has not been debated.
This is so bad that the sentence is not worth the paper it's written on. The scripture says, "I will destroy the wisdom of wisdom, and the understanding of the understanding I will do to nothing.Where is a wizard, where is a scribe, where is a reviewer in this world? Has not God made the wisdom of the world to folly? "
What is the solution, even for obvious judges who can not work? The scripture is ready:
Word. 1. 7 fearing the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Wisdom and discipline despised by fools.
Even me, who is a simple worker and a leisure publisher, has far more meaning than those judges with many years of education and titles, telling them to go to the old Bible book and find peace with God. For the scripture clearly states that many years at school and titles it is not wisdom finds its place. But in that man and woman who fear God!
The scripture says, "What is bad in the world, God chose to shame on the wise, and what is weak in the world, God chose to shame strong, 28 and that which is low in the world, and what is wrong, the chosen God is what is nothing, to do nothing for anything, 29 for no flesh shall rejoice in God. "
Even I, who are not educated, understand the most elementary that one should know the truth. Then, ask someone to confront him. Not only once, but more preferably. The whole judgment against me is based on the fact that this is completely proven to be left out, which only shows that these judges were not fit for their job. Should you know the truth, one must start asking and confronting.Secondly, you may want to ask again a few times to get a more complete answer and to hear the counterparty what it says. This is completely, completely proven out of date in the case against me and the heavenly blog!
The verdict today is not worth the paper it is written on, it's a judgment in Congo or Saudi Arabia, it has not taken place right. That's why we also want to take this judgment to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court. Because if possible find justice there and make me and the heavenly blog acquitted!
Why do I and the heavenly blog get attacked like this? What I've written and spoken are "peanuts" against what Torp himself wrote and his disciples?
What else is written daily online is also "peanuts" in relation.
Obviously there is something behind that. And I have not received a fair and fair trial sometime.
It is that everything that deals with God and his words, to marry again as a believer is in the word of God's sin. Such voices say what God says in his own word, it must be tricked, boycotted and erased!
Therefore dear Believers Jesus friends, join in prayer and support my lawyer Brynjar Meling in his ancestor and in all other ways!
Would also recommend you to listen to Brynjar Meling's speech as I've posted on Youtube. There he is prosecuting and pursuing law enforcement for several hours, and the judges participate in this "game". Then they judge me and the heavenly blog for something that has not been debated. It was spent several hours on law enforcement and zero minutes of confrontation with why Torp wrote so much. They judge me of this, speak of the words of justice today! The whole thing is nasty as it is nothing but a judgment that causes fear to say what God's Word says! But it will never lead!