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Nr. 17: Will there be a revival out of the terrorist tragedy in Oslo?

Question 17:

Do you think Norway is a better nation after the tragedy that took place at regjerinsbygget in Oslo and at APU camp Utøya Buskerud Friday 22 \ July 2011?


It is by such negative, destructive and terrible actions that shows what we are made of!

Thinking of all that I have been involved in the Pentecostal \ carismatic circles of spiritual warfare against Satan. Promises and prophesier of great revivals, which always has been replaced on the new promises of even greater revival when the previous one did not. Think about how much God's people always use it as not rooted in God's word and in the real world? There is actually nothing but delusion and deception from Initially the end. But then God must intervene on its way.

When we see the utalelesene which came in the wake of this, it is indeed our Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg clearer than most preachers and bishops are. Just listen to here what he says: "It is pure evil. I have not seen anything like it before. In this case, there will be pictures from war situations. It is important to stand up against it, to not let us repress it. We are a country is to fight evil. " Who is behind the evil, the Satan.

This is spoken by a man who says openly and frankly that he did not believe either in God or Jesus. But he believes allikvel of Satan, and it must surely believe in God? At least here he declares himself completely correct, this is pure evil. When someone says that he is fundamentally a Christian or just a Christian and do such acts, it is so far from true cap it is possible to get. This is a crime done by a person who is not influenced by God, but Satan. Satan says the intentions and working methods he has. So he leaves that he is not present but it is he and only he who basically are behind such crimes and acts sick.

Joh. e. 10 10a The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg - who is an atheist - is absolutely right, this is pure evil, and I add from Satan's evil origins.

Will this lead to something good and revival?

We can here see that there are two polar opposites in existence, whether we want it or not. Who is God? He is so much, but he has above all shown us who he is in the Son Jesus Christ. It is here that our hovedforkus to be, a witness of Jesus, and pray to our heavenly Father through the Son Jesus Christ. Do not prophesy about the great revivals, engage in spiritual warfare, and much else that is nothing other than to distort the gospel.

What did God do? When the Son Jesus Christ!
There are in progress and all the possibilities is the church of God at all times, have hovedforkuset the Son Jesus Christ. Just listen to here how central he is.

1. Cor. 1. 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who has been us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption, 31 so that, as it is written, He that glories, he can boast in the Lord.

It's great to be "a man in Christ." And it is certain that either we are in Christ or even outside of Christ. Outside of Christ is a "stranger to the covenants of promise, without God and without hope in the world." Outside of Christ rule the darkness in all its majesty.

But those who are in Christ are "put into God's beloved Son's kingdom." No one is there, can boast of something, it all is, as our text says, "of Him." Of Him it is that we are preserved today. In 2 Cor. 1:21 we read: "But the one that binds us together with you firmly to Christ and who anointed us is God."

We came in connection with God's blessed power at that time we became new creatures, and the power still works. But often it is so great that God has done, will be small for us, and many small things will be the mighty mountain.

The clearer our position in Christ is for us, the more we give ourselves to Him, not as payment for what he has done, but as a grateful offering, a sacrifice of peace offerings.

Are we in Christ, then we are in the Alttilstrekkelige. Then you can vote with David: "I have nothing good out of you." And with Asaph, "When I have you, I do not want anything on earth." Jesus is the alttilstrekkelige, which for us has been the wisdom of God for righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. For those outside of Christ, this is a folly and a stumbling-block, an absurdity, nonsense, and they draw a smile from it. But for us he is God's power and wisdom of God.

I can not mention anything that you have not invested in this one. We have not yet experienced it all. It would be the same as claiming that one could empty the sea with the help of a bucket. But I am a member of his body, I have equal access to all that is his, as one of my bodily members have access to and participate in the bloodstream that fills the body, or that branch of the juice flowing in the tree trunk. It does not matter whether the branch is larger or smaller - it can take as long as nothing breaks life connection.

He became a curse and sin for us, but he was also raised because of our righteousness, and now we meet him as God's power and wisdom of God. All of wisdom and knowledge hidden treasures are present in him. And when Jesus becomes for us what God has made him, as is the custom on the practical life. But there is no wisdom from God to us, if we are in Christ.

Take away the Jesus of the Scriptures, so one can only turn back the book and burn it up. It can be very good in it, but is not Jesus there, what should I do with it? Then I just deceive myself and others. But when I find Jesus there, when it is busy. When there is no book that can be compared with it. Everything else is books, but this is boke n. Take him away from the Saints' gatherings and I do not set my foot there. This is the source of Jesus power and wisdom, not there, and it is the one I need. Missing us Jesus, then everything will be fraud, leather and form, without power, wisdom and fullness of God. When there is nothing for my starving, poor soul. Take Jesus from home and it is empty. Take the Jesus of the individual, delete him from your life and you are lost, without a ray of light, either in time or in eternity.

We must know ourselves as God knows us, that they which are moved away from him, as sinners. The first thing a sinner need is justice from God, for without it one can not pass to him. The home-made justice is like a contaminated clothes. It breeds arrogance, but Jesus Christ "has become our righteousness from God." It gives us a safe position, because we have nothing to fear in God. The fear disappears from the heart when I see that I am justified. All that prevented me from God, is gone. Jesus took our place and we got him. One who believes is just as righteous before God that Jesus has always been and always is. God raised him in order to provide evidence that all was in order. And it is clear that when he's wearing us justice robe, he is happy with it. What should he do with the NOK is in itself? Take away what he imagined to have, so they get used to that found in Jesus.

If one is not done to himself, not God's Spirit to come to. If the Spirit within is done to himself, it would just wake up the human arrogance. God is interested in us died so that we have nothing to boast of. It happens only in the path of faith. The just by faith shall live. It is the way to the Spirit's fullness in our lives. This is not a lesson one learns by heart. E n must not move away from this for when moving a away from the ground. Jesus is the reason. On this basis, I have confidence.

He has also become our sanctification before God. For also needed. It encompasses our journey from the time we were justified, until we are glorified at home. Between these two points is sanctification. I get victory over my old system, old sin habits. Provided they caught me, now I have victory over them. It is quite a natural thing because Jesus is formed in us, that we just formed the sacred character of his image.

When one begins the sanctification of life, is a happy human way first. We have often been taught it this way: Now you are saved, live now so that God receives glory from you. Yes, God will NOK us to live so that he can honor of us, but when produced in this way, it becomes a legal and home-made justice that is not good enough before God. It's for example. not to think, 'Now things went wrong yesterday, I have to pull myself together and sure to be wary of myself. " Such fail again. Instead of paying attention to yourself, you need to heed Jesus.

The right way to watch is to be busy with the Lord. But in Christ you can be what God wants, it must be an end to their own justice in connection with sanctification. What message for a weary soul, who wants to be holy but often fall short: The same person who won us our righteousness, is also our sanctification. He was our sanctification, while he was our justification - on the cross. By His sacrifice, we are dedicated, once and for all. Nothing else comes into heaven than it is worked through Jesus. Where are we in fact be conformed to Jesus. When Jesus sees the Father of us all. Anything that reminds the sjeliske man is gone, then, return is just the memories of God and His Son.

It is feasible that we down here can grow up into him who is the head. We are not cast in one form. Therefore, it is sad to meet believers who give the appearance of being adult immediately. One has never heard that people are born adults. All we are born as a baby. It is disheartening when one meets them. What have they to boast about? What have you that you have not got? And if you therefore have received it, why roses you saw it, as if you had not received it? There were some who said of an old preacher when it concerned his temporal welfare: "You live just on gifts." The old was not an answer: "Maybe you live in anything else you? You are the only gifts in a slightly different than I am. "

Anse no other for the gauges. Ask Stephen where he says of the High Council: "Do you know that your face is shining? "No," he replies. "I see the Son of Man standing at God's right hand." He was busy with the Lord, not to himself. He lived with his inner being in heaven. This is the body hut I live in, but my real personality living in heaven, in him who has wisdom from God. He has not ordered my salvation so that it will be shared in the glory when we get home. Was he not alone in the work, we would not get to the singing: Salvation to our God, - then it would have been: Salvation belongs to God and me. No, praise be to God, He is my own sanctification.

It also says that he has us to redemption. We await the redemption of our body. I'm redeemed when Jesus comes again. But now I get a taste of it. It is namely so that we get nothing in eternity that we all here have a beginning or a taste of. The re-born people living in Jesus the Spirit's leadership, has a daily taste of how it will be in heaven. Our social circle is in heaven. What the physical is concerned, we are here, but we have treasure in earthen vessel.

When we see that Jesus has become our alttilstrekkelighet from God, it takes away several of doubt questions with us. I doubt any more on my children's cabinet. If he were to reject me when I am in Jesus, when he had to reject his own son, for Christ and the believers are one. It also resolves doubts about my existence. It is not easy to be happy when one feels that one's salvation in his hand like a glass ball, something you constantly have to be afraid of losing. When he can in the evening when one is tired, fear that the next morning was one to have lost it all. It's better to have it as a religious scholar I heard about. There were some who wanted to investigate how the nature of his happiness, and hid in the room of his. After a while he came home, undressed and went to bed. He was very tired. When he had gone to bed, he looked up and heard him say: Yes, everything is as before between you and me: He was saved from building on its own. It also addresses the question of how one can live to the glory of God. A is not indifferent to their lives, but one is drawn into God. A brother in Stavanger, said at an apartment, "I have thumbs me away and into God, so I can not find out. I went to the head of God's grace and bankruptcy on all my own. " It was his way of expressing himself, and his whole life testified that it was true. This solved the problem of whether one will be when Jesus comes. By grace, he is my redemption. No one does more damage than the Pharisee who will live sanctification life just to be there when Jesus comes. Remember that all is of grace. Otherwise, would not have confidence to expect the Lord. He is alttilstrekkelig children crowd, for that to happen as it is written: "He who glories, he can boast in the Lord."

God knew how deep the drop was and that if the restoration came with ever so little of our own, we would come to praise ourselves. But now God has arranged it so that not so much as a pin stew of self-righteousness which can stand up. It is banned forever. Imputed to you, therefore, no native plants, such as recognized not in grace. I close the door to self-praise, I exclude myself immediately from God's grace.

I dare to say that the most sanctified is the most humble. He is best saved from sinful criticism of others, but he hates to see that others do not follow God's word.

Psalm 119 136 My eyes float away in water currents over those who do not keep your law.

He is concerned only with the Lord - and yearn for more and more to be filled entirely by him. He longs to be someone to help. And God has not given us anything, he has given us everything in Christ Jesus. One can not add or subtract anything from no one destroys it all.

Psalm 119. 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path.

This is the "solution" for all: Christ!

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