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Nr. 115: The Norwegian Pentecostal Movement is part of the great harlot mentioned in John. Obvious. 17-18!

Nr. 115:

The Norwegian Pentecostal Movement is part of the great harlot mentioned in John. Obvious. 17-18!

From my commentaries Revelation 18.1. Then I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great power, and the earth was illuminated by the splendor around him.

Yet again it was an angel came down and lit the earth. It needed it the truth when it was dark and the dark hours as the Council. Jesus says of this time. Joh. e. 9 4b. There comes a night when no man can work.

2 And he cried with a very voice, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has been a haunt of evil spirits, a hangout for all kinds of evil spirits, even a refuge for all sorts of unclean and detestable bird.

Through the ages it has skjøgekristendom and harlot religion has been a place of evil spirits. How now, and so then. It is a refuge and hiding place of darkness. Jesus had the challenge and the challenge is also his congregation at any time. Markus 1 21 They came to Capernaum, and when it was the Sabbath, he went into the synagogue and taught the people. 22 They were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with authority and not as the scribes.
23 Now there was in their synagogue a man who was possessed by an unclean spirit. He began to cry: 24 "What you have to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? If you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God! "25 But Jesus rebuked the spirit and said:" Be quiet and come out of him! "26 And the unclean spirit shook the man, screamed and rushed out of him . 27 All were amazed and asked one another: "What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him. "28 And his fame spread soon all over Galilee.

3 For all nations have drunk of her fornication wine, a wine of wrath, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and merchants around the world have become rich by her lavish well-being. "

In all false religion, also the Christians have carnal people and secular state more to say than Jesus' true friends and those who are born again and live in the light of his life. The world has never or will never know the truth of Christianity, for them this is life in and with God unknown. But to make profit on religion, it is the master of. They are merchants who can bargain and turn to God's word here and there and add a little here and there. All of it has to fit in and not offend. Isaiah 5 8 Woe to those who add house to house and add field to field, until no more are back again, so you can sit alone in the country!
9 From the Lord of hosts, sounds in my ears: Surely many houses shall be desolate and large, fine houses stand empty. 22 Woe to those who are heroes - to drink wine, and valiant men - to mix liquor, 23 as against bribery acquit the guilty and not let the innocent get her right!

4 From the sky I heard now a different voice: Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and not affected by her distress.

The call and the command to the church and the faithful are aware of the Lord. Do not mix in with the worldly Christianity, another religion or anything else which is not God's word can be tolerated. There is sin in the church that the Lord can not endure. And any other religion that he founded and been good for is an abomination in his eyes and ears. Are you in this so you also get to experience her pain and doom.

5 For her sins reach up to heaven, and God has remembered all the wrongs she has done.

For God nothing is hidden, for him, all naked and bare. Unrepented sin and the sin that you have not repented from waiting for his verdict. God does not wink at sin. But it is settled and has repented from it, is forgiven and forgotten by God. But here was one in tandem with sin and had no other plans or wishes. The willingness to change and repentance was gone.

6 Give her back like for like, yeah, give her back double for what she has done, and drink up to twice her cup she filled.

Through its liberal attitudes to be adaptable, she had managed to tricked many, not few. But now she would get double for their sins and the cooperation of darkness would be her end, in the end (end of quote)!

The Catholic church

I have been taught from my background from free friends \ Pentecostal movement that the Catholic church is Babylon - the great harlot. Something like one in no way can be depreciated, but I will expand it to also include several Christian denominations and movements of a them. Babylon means confusion and lack of Bible-believing creation and true revelation creates confusion.

The Norwegian Pentecostal Movement is here today

2. Tim. 4. 1. For God and Jesus Christ's face, who shall judge the living and the dead, I require you, as long as he comes and establishes His kingdom: 2 Preach the Word, be ready in season and out of season, reprove, speak clearly, speak comfort! Do not give up when you learn them! 3 For the time will come when people can no longer endure sound doctrine, but as they see fit, they take themselves teachers, for they will have that itch in your ear. 4 They will turn their ears from the truth and stick to myths.

Catholics and Pentecostals have some common heresies as the Trinity, the doctrine of an immortal soul and an eternal burning hell that everything stems from the ancient Babylonians and other pagan religions. But the Catholics have a much better learning than what most Protestants and Pentecostals have when it comes to Christian ethics as remarriage and most things are allowed in the Pentecostal movement of both a low and high shoes today.

To be brief mention six (6) sides of the Pentecostal movement in Norway showing that they are on the verge of apostasy and has become part of skjøgekristendommen as God's word speaks of:

1) Evangeliesenteret.

2) Women's oldest and Pastors.

3) Cooperation with others and catholic attitude.

4) attitudes towards those who go the way of God and is God's word.

5) Sunday Christianity and that they have become a denomination.

6) Has never gone on since TB Barratt and the early Pentecostals.

1) Evangelisenterets people it is both sad and lovely with. Wonderful it is that God accepts them and they get the chance to start over again, even after the drug problems and other things of a great sin registry for many. But then the new life measured up against the word of God, here falls on the business as it has become today through total in several areas, not least that it has become a ynglings place for remarriage over the boards and their cooperation with the false prophet in January Hanvold is also reprehensible. No one says from either Emanuel Minos, David Ostby, Lise Karlsen and or any other of the so-called Pentecostal leaders. How much of the rebellion and deception will be before even sleeping leaders to wake up? I can not believe one can see through your fingers when so many in which marries and is different not just one or two times, but even more, even as Christian leaders, etc.

2) Look for this topic:

It is completely against the word of God to have female elders and pastors. God's word clearly says many places the opposite, and a woman can prophesy and preach if she is covered. But not as the oldest and Pastors office, she can not hold.

1. Kor. 11. 5a But a woman dishonors her head when she prays or prophesies without a veil.

3) Pentecostals were once disdained by other believers, and they stood for something, which met with opposition, contempt and made sure they were held without a passing of the "good" company. What happened along the way? One has gone from being a movement to become a denomination. Soon all Christians as gray, boring and sleep their spiritual sleep, that never ever going to wake up from its Sleeping Beauty sleep that although the majority of Norwegian Pentecostals are entered in. And one would find to point this out, then a Pharisee, judgmental and live under the law, etc. The danger is of a movement is either to be a sect or denomination, or both!

4) When the Pentecostal movement had 100 year anniversary in Oslo spectrum was empty Catholics on the podium and Emanuel Minos and others are so busy getting to visit his charismatic friends that committed NOK most of their time. They point out that spoke this crooked and destructive development is dark men and they will be tried silent in death. The boycott line towards other faiths is Christianity's most common weapons, not to meet together to discuss and talk about God's word and learn. The Pentecostals once were themselves boycotted, it is forgotten, now it's "new" to be excluded that goes the way of God, history repeats itself forever.

Matt. 23. 13 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees! Ye hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven before men. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

5) I have been saved for 30 years before there were meetings, business and came together almost every day. Today it is barely NOK Sunday and the State Church as a going out from and formed an independent congregation is a self been fairly similar. Joint meetings with the Prime church has not created the Spirit's unity but all have been exactly the same as a whole, but the Spirit's unity is something else entirely.

6) TB Barratt said on his deathbed: "there are more countries to adopt". His motto was Until urkristendommen but since his death and passed away in 1940, the Pentecostal movement in Norway stood at a standstill in most parts. How tragic it is to see stagnation and despondency, it is destructive. One has not gone ahead with God and gained some new aspects of God's word, on the contrary. One has become comfortable with the situation and institualisert everything and one has acquired in the faith. Much of what has been lost on the road and the possibility one had not been used. Why? For several reasons. It is not the most spiritual competent people who sit in the earliest for the most part, but those are the expert on the diplomatic level and knows how to get around. TB Barratt was an apostle, the apostles God has raised up later and has been sent to the Pentecostal Movement in Norway has never come forward for several reasons. Whether because of lack of support, lack of confidence or they have been held down so long that pass the works at other places and they have been seen as a uromoment and not as a blessing and a necessity for God's work must go forward !

These are some moves and revealing why I can say that the Pentecostal movement in Norway is part of the great harlot in John. Obvious. 17-18. Furthermore, any number of reasons that go together with the other.

2. Kor. 11. 2 For I have a burning concern for you, God's own care. I have betrothed you to Christ, and only with him, to bring you to him as a pure virgin. 3 But I fear that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your minds will be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 4 For you tolerate it very well when someone comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or if you receive a different spirit than the one you received, or another gospel than that ye have received.

A whore is concerned with the same as real people, but she does not believe this is where the Pentecostal movement has failed and is like a spiritual whore today. One is not faith against the revelation God has given and entrusted to one. One is not faith against God, words which the Lord has given us that we should show allegiance which is our main mission and ministry.

Psalm 119 4 You have given your orders that they should be strictly observed.
1. Kor. 4. 1. So will you look at us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 2 Now it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.

Luke 12:42-48 And the Lord said, Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his lord shall set over his household to give them their food in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant whom the master finds the process of doing this when he comes. 44 Verily I say unto you, He will set him over all his own! 45 But if that servant says in his heart, My lord tarry to come! - And he continues to beat the servants and maids, and to eat and drink and fill up, 46 then this servant's master will come a day when he did not expect it and in an hour that he does not know. And he shall cut him asunder, and make him part with the unbelievers. 47 The servant who knew his lord's will, and no results were or did, in his will, shall receive many kinds. 48 But he that knew it and did what deserved kind, he will have fewer strokes. Whoever much is given, of him shall be much required. And those who have been entrusted much, of him shall the more demands.


In the words we read today we see that Jesus says that his disciples should be managers in the period of Jesus is absent from the soil. Managers are people who will take care of something that belongs to others. In biblical times it was common for more affluent families had a manager or an economist, as they say because the text. The manager had full authority over his master's affairs, and could use them for his own benefit if he wanted it. But he was fully responsible to his master and had to be prepared to give account on request. If the nominee was found to be unfaithful, he was often kicked in the day.

In Norway we have three levels of administration, state, county and municipality. Similarly, I think we can talk about three "administrative" in the church of God.


1 Cor 4.1 So, as any look at us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

The apostles were stewards of the mysteries of God. It means that God has chosen to use them as tools to make known their thoughts and advice for us. Paul says for example that his nominee's mission was:

NBK Colossians 1:25 For I have become a servant by virtue of the management task God has given me for you, to complete the word of God.

The Bible had not been complete if it lacked Paul's letters. Then there was much we did not know, for example, of justification and reconciliation.

The next level is

The elders and pastors

DNB Tit 1:7 For the overseer is God's nominee, and it must not be a concern for him. He must not be headstrong, short-tempered, drunkard, violent, or looking for shameful gain.

It seems that the elder and overseer are used for the same people. The oldest or the officers had the responsibility to lead the church and make it all ways. Although there are some popular fact of our time, so the fact remains that the apostles founded churches, only men who had this task.
But Scripture also teaches that all believers are stewards of God's varied grace.
We see this in DNB 1 Pet 4:10 Make each other, each with the gift he has received, as good stewards of God's varied grace.

And this stewardship is given to both women and men and I think that plenty of opportunities to be stewards of God's varied grace. Some have a special gift for conveying comfort from the Lord in difficult situations. There is a grace. Others may have a gift to encourage and give hope to the discouraged. There is also a grace. Because none of us are equal, it is good to know that God's grace is manifold. It is adapted or tailored to our needs.

Management assignment

We can provide management assignment a broad and a more special meaning. In a broad sense, all people managers. When we were created, we were commissioned to fill the earth and put it under us. This is part of God's creation order. It could be a lot to say about this, especially in our time when we are about to destroy the earth and the living conditions of the by greed and ignorance. Yet I choose to concentrate on the management task that belongs to God's salvation right, and which is given to all believers. What is this management assignment on? I will mention four points that I believe at least part of the management task. These four points belong closely together, and I suppose partly overlap.

1. Preaching the Gospel

An important part of the management task is to make the gospel known to those who have not heard it or do not know it. The gospel is the good news that everyone can get a new life in Jesus, that everyone can have a living hope for the future, that Jesus has made up for and paid our debts. I think that what the world more than any other need is to hear the gospel and see it demonstrated on the helpless and lost sinners.

For the apostle was to preach the gospel perhaps the most important thing he did, and he burned most of. For he says:

NBK 1 Corinthians 9:16-17 For though I preach the gospel, so there is nothing to boast of. It is a necessity that is on me, woe is me if I preach not the gospel! Am I doing this voluntarily, then I pay. But I do nødtvunget, then it is a stewardship entrusted to me.

But this applies not only to the Apostle. God has put within us the message of atonement and every one of us who know Jesus are His messengers or ambassadors to the world.

NBK 2 Corinthians 5:19 God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, so he imputes them their trespasses and put in the word of the atonement. 20 So are we messengers of Christ's place, as if God Himself exhorts us by. We pray in Christ's place: Did you reconcile with God!

2. Be shepherds

But to administer the gospel is more than just preach it so that people will be converted and come to faith in Jesus. When someone comes to faith in Jesus, then is it that when babies are born. They need care and nourishment. And here are the shepherds come into play. What is pastoral duties on? I think we can get a good understanding of it by looking at

NBK Ezekiel 34:4-5 The weak have ye not strengthened, the sick you have not healed. It is broken, you have not connected, the strayed you have not brought back, and the lost you have not visited.

Hydens work is to strengthen the weak, doctor the sick, bind the broken, bring back the strayed, and seek the lost. Where this occurs, the believers grow and become strong.

Jesus had genuine pastoral care for their children. He did just that. Jesus strengthened the weak faith, he healed the sick, he joined and took care of them as the life had gone to pieces, he brought back what was driven away and seek the lost. It is this gospel is all about. But Jesus want this to continue. Therefore, the apostles and their successors a particular mission of Jesus. We see it in Jesus' last conversation with Peter, when Jesus asks if Peter loves him.

DNB Jn 9:16 p.m. Again, for the second time he said: "Simon, son of John, do you love me?" "Yes, Lord, you know I love you," replied Peter. Jesus says: "Be shepherd of my sheep!"

And later admonishes Peter even the elders to continue the work he had done.

DNB 1 Peter 5:2 Be shepherds of the flock of God which ye have with you! Supervise it, not by coercion but by free will, so God will. Do not do it for gain, but with a willing mind.

Shepherd offense of the whole church's mission, but I think that someone who has a special gift for this. And although it may surprise some, I believe that pastoral grace, the gift is especially many women who have. It shows itself particularly in the personal touch and care for other believers, and especially for those who are new on the road or who need close monitoring.

3. Give the faithful food
A third important task for the manager is to provide food to the herd. Based on today's parable, it almost seems like this is the main task of the manager. Each will have its food to the proper time.

Luke 12.42 And the Lord said, Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his lord shall set over his household to give them their food in due season?

This task was given to Peter when he was asked a third time if he had Jesus loved.

NBK John 9:17 p.m. And he said unto him, Lord, you know everything, you know I love you. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep!

In this area fails a lot of our time. In America, and also with us, it has become common with so-called fast food. Hamburgers and microbølgeovnmat takes over for the traditional and nutritious diet. The result is often malnutrition. I heard the other day that some Americans went to court against these fast food chains because their lives had been ruined by this food. Something similar happens also with the spiritual food. There are few who can bear to really study and immerse themselves in God's word and take care of this food. And much of the preaching is not just characterized by a deeper introduction to the word of God. Hear our prayers on the radio for example, then it is often said things that have very little to do with Christianity. It will be strong in the faith of Jesus must learn the proper nutrition. Lord says the same words to us, as he once said to his servant Elijah.

For my own part, I have found that it is not NOK just to listen to others. What really gives me the food is even digging in the Word. Many times I feel myself in the discouraged prophet Elijah fleeing from Jezebel. He let himself down by a gyvelbusk in the desert and wished him death. But as it says in 1 Kings 19:7 NBK angel of the LORD came again the second time and touched him, saying, Arise and eat; Otherwise way too long for you. Without proper nutrition is way too long. Stand up and a.

4. Preserving the doctrine pure

The fourth management task I wanted to emphasize is to preserve the doctrine pure. The apostle exhorts Timothy to take care of the fair tax.

NBK 2 Tim 1:14 Take care of the fair tax has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us!

And the Lord's half-brother, Jude, exhorts the faithful to fight for the faith once for all been delivered to the saints.

NBK Jud 1:3 Ye dear! While I was eagerly busy to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you to exhort you to contend for the faith once for all been delivered to the saints.

This is something that fits badly into how many of us think today. For it is not uncommon to hear the confessors who say that it is not so much with the doctrine, for it is life it depends on. It is true that learning without life does not lead to anything good. But it is equally true that there can never be any life without the right to learn. We see this as clearly

LEV 2 John 1:9 If you do not live according to Christ's teachings, you will come away from God. You will have fellowship with God, whether you are obedient to the teachings of Christ. Then you will have fellowship with both the Father and the Son.
Whoever wants to have fellowship with God must be obedient to Christ's teachings. The same can be seen in NBK 1 Timothy 4:16 Take heed to yourself and the teaching! Stay at this. For when it does, you will save both yourself and them that hear thee.

To be saved, it is necessary to jurisprudence. The opposite of jurisprudence, is heresy. It is, according to the Bible dangerous, yes so dangerous that it leads to destruction.

NBK 2 Peter 2:1 But there were also the false prophets among the people. Thus shall it be among you false teachers, such as questions into heresy that leads to destruction. They deny the Lord that bought them, and cross themselves a sudden destruction.

Is there anything that characterizes many churches in our time it is heresy and a lack of willingness to confront this. I think that's why so many churches are experiencing stagnation and decline. To adapt to what is acceptable for the world is a dead line for a Christian church. Experience from around the world shows that it is the churches that adhere to the biblical message in its entirety that is growing and attracting new people. But it does not happen without a fight as Judah said. Battle for the faith delivered to the saints.

The God manager who has genuine concern for Jesus will have to take the fight out of the pure doctrine. It is part of fidelity to Jesus. Thus, we are over on the next point which I have called for


Luke 12, 42 And the Lord said, Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his lord shall set over his household to give them their food in due season?


The most important condition for a manager is to be faithful in the task is set to.

DNB 1 Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.

The manager takes care of something that belongs to another, and he faithfully if he does what the master asks him to do. It happens from time to time it is discovered unfaithful servants in banks or companies. Such people get kicked in the day, and they rarely get renewed confidence. So it is in God's kingdom. A manager should pass on what the Lord has asked him to say. I think it is poignant to read the apostle's testimony when he says

NBK 2 Corinthians 2:17 For we are not, like many others, such as falsify God's word to make it. But in purity, yeah, that of God, we speak of God in Christ.

It may be much to gain by falsifying the word of God. I felt strong when I was a parish priest. Then I found out that to preach the truth from God's words were far from the best way to become popular in the village. There was much to gain by falsifying the word of God among people.


The other thing that is important for anyone who wants to be a good manager is wisdom or insight. Jesus is the best example of this. In dealing with people, he was a master at finding the key to the hearts of men and meet them where they were. When I think back on my life, I see that it has lacked a lot of wisdom in dealing with other people. For example, it is a sign of wisdom and prudence that we listen to what others have to say, and that we do not provide ready and easy answers.

Over the years, I believe that we Christians have shown a lot of foolishness in the game with those outside the faith. Perhaps we have been over eager to witness to them, or we have been too little overexcited. Many times we do not exploit the opportunities we have to build friendly relations with non-believers. We need to think about what the apostle means when he says:
DNB Col. 4:5 See sense in dealing with those who stand outside, and buy at the right time.

And then we come to the last point, namely government's accounting

There is one main idea in God's word that there will come a day when we shall be accountable for our lives and our management all people on this earth. This emerges the more of what we read from the Gospel of Luke. The server's master come again and will keep an account of him. Then the Lord to deal with the bad server pretty tough you have to just be able to say for it is that he shall cut him asunder, and give him a portion with the unbelievers end. The faithful and wise steward, however, will be promoted.
The same idea is found in many places in the word of God. In fact, I was surprised how many places in the Bible it says that there will come a day when we must give account for our lives. NBK 2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear for the court of Christ, that each one may receive what has happened in his body, after what he did, whether good or evil. NBK Room 2:12 p.m. Therefore let every one of us doing God accounts for themselves. When I read these and similar verses, I was gripped by the fear of God. For how shall I be left for the holy God with my life? I know I've got a lot, but what have I done with it?

You have all failed, not least the Pentecostal movement, which was entrusted with more than others but have managed it worse than anyone could expect and believe, tragedy!

Luke 16 10 He that is faithful in little is faithful also in much, and whoever is dishonest in little is also dishonest in much.

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Nr. 114: Oslo need revival! Intercession!

Nr. 114:

Oslo need revival!

Oslo need revival and Smyrna Oslo is a church for the city of Oslo, I am convinced. But above all need the city of Oslo our prayers and people who care and have compassion, sympathy and will stand up for others.


It was a book that I read in youth who have made incredible impression on me and who have followed me throughout life. It is the book: Alfred Lorenzen: Intercession purpose and power Filadelfiaforl. Given out in 1982. that was 79 pages.
There, the book discusses how important it is that we go in and goes to prayer for others than ourselves, we have many examples of this in writing what changes it creates, glory be to God and the Lamb who redeemed us from the world and to themselves !

This we need now to Oslo after what has happened in the past the time where we have the bombing, from Behring at the Government building and Utøya, present that have been killed just here in Oslo by five (5) persons the last month. here in town.

Examples of prayers from the scriptures

Want to take three (3) Examples of prayers from the scriptures. Where others pray for others and the situation resolves itself and creates change. This is selfless and in the same way Jesus prayed on the cross for anger killers that God would forgive them for they know not what they did and Stephen the first Christian martyr did the same to those who killed him as we read in Acts 7.

1.) 1. Genesis 18 16 Now the men broke up and went toward Sodom. Abraham went with, he would follow them on the road. 17 I thought the Lord, "Shall I hide from Abraham what I want to do? 18 Abraham will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. 19 I have chosen him for him to instruct his sons and descendants to keep the way of the Lord and do what is right and proper, so the Lord can let Abraham what he has promised him. "20 So the Lord said," Truly, it sounds high cry of Sodom and Gomorrah, their sins are exceedingly large. 21 Now I will go down and see if they have carried out so bad as it sounds after the complaint of those who have reached up to me, and they do not have it, I know. "
22 men turned and went toward Sodom. But the Lord was still standing with Abraham. 23 Abraham approached him and said, "Do you really tear away the righteous with the wicked? 24 If there are fifty righteous within the city? Do you want to rip them off then? Will you not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous that are there? 25 It is not your show to do that, let righteous with the wicked, so it is the just the same as the wicked. No, it's not your show! He is the whole face of the judge, should not he do what is right? "26 Then the Lord said:" If I find fifty righteous people in Sodom, I will spare all the place for their sake. "
27 Abraham was again answered and said, "Behold, I have ventured to speak to the Lord, though I am but dust and ashes. 28 What if the missing five of the fifty righteous? Will you destroy the whole city because of five? "He replied:" No, I find forty-five, I will not destroy it. "29 Abraham continued to speak to him," If there are forty? "He said. He said: "For the sake of forty I will not do it." 30 He said: "Lord, please do not be angry if I speak! What if there are thirty there? "He replied:" I will not do it if I find thirty. "31 Abraham said," Behold, I have ventured to speak to the Lord. What if there are twenty there? "He replied:" For the tjues sake I will not destroy the city. "32 He said:" Lord, please do not be angry if I speak one more time! What if there are only ten? "He replied:" For the sake I will not destroy it. "33 When the Lord had finished speaking with Abraham, he went away, and Abraham went home.

2.) 2. Genesis 17 8 Since the Amalekites came to Rephidim and joined battle with the Israelites. 9 Moses said to Joshua, "Choose you out crew, go out and fight against Amalek! Tomorrow I will set myself on top of the hill with God's rod in his hand. "10 Joshua did as Moses said, and took up the fight against Amalek. Meanwhile Moses, Aaron and Hur to the top of the heap. 11 Then went the way that so long as Moses held his hand in the air, the Israelites had the upper hand. But as soon as he let his hand fall, Amalek was the strongest. 12 Then Moses began to tire in their hands. Then they found a stone and put it right for him, it put him on, and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on each side. So his hands were steady until the sun went down. 13 So Joshua over the Amalekites and their army with the sword.
14 As the Lord said to Moses, "Write this in a book, so you will not forget it, and repeat it for Joshua! For I will destroy the memory of Amalek from the earth. "15 When Moses built an altar and called it" The Lord is my Banner. " 16 He said: "A hand is extended from the Lord's throne. He will fight against the Amalekites from generation to generation. "

3) Acts 12. 1. At that time King Herod some of the congregation grasp and went hard up against them. 2 James, the brother of John, was executed with the sword. 3 When Herod saw that the Jews did this, he went further and also arrested Peter. It was the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 4 After he was taken, he was imprisoned, where four duty shifts of four men each were assigned to keep watch over him. After Easter, Herod would then lead him before the people. 5 Peter was sitting in jail, and meanwhile asked the congregation fervently to God for him. 6 The night before Herod was to bring him forward, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers. He was bound with two chains, and prison was guarded by sentries who stood outside the door. 7 With one stood an angel of the Lord there, and a light shone in the room. He woke Peter with a nudge in the ribs and said, "Hurry up, get up!" Fell shackles of his hands, 8, and the angel said to him: "Put on your belt and sandals yours." When he was done, said Angel: "Throw the cloak about you and follow me." 9 And he followed him out. He did not understand that the angel and what happened was something real, but thought it was a sight. 10 They passed the first and second guards and came to the iron gate that leads out of town. It opened by itself, they went out and went down the first street. There the angel disappeared suddenly for him. 11 Peter came to himself again and said, "Now I understand that the Lord really sent his angel to rescue me from Herod's hand and save me from the Jewish people now are waiting for." 12 When this had become clear to Peter, he went to the house where Mary lived, the mother of John whose surname was Mark. Many people were gathered there to pray. 13 He knocked on the front door, and a servant girl called Rode, came to close up. 14 When she recognized Peter's voice, she forgot the only pleasure to open the door, but ran in and told that Peter was standing outside. 15 "You are from the senses," they said to her. But when she insisted, they said: "It must be his angel." 16 Meanwhile, Peter continued knocking. When they opened and saw him, they were beside themselves with wonder. 17 He motioned with his hand that they should be quiet, and told how the Lord had brought him out of prison. Then he said: "Let Jacob and his brothers know this." Then he left and went to another place.

1) When Abraham had it good, had not his nephew Lot well. He had the choice to become a resident there.

1. Genesis 13 10. Then Lot out of the country, and he saw that the entire Jordan plain unto Zoar everywhere was rich in water, as the Lord's garden, the land of Egypt - it was before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

It did seem appealing out of the human eye, but pity and pride were the people in the area affected by and they chose sin broad way, which called upon the Lord's verdict.
When God would judge them was Lot about to experience this conviction when he was one of the residents there. What did his uncle Abraham when he was told of the coming doom and destruction? He went in the negotiation and intercession for him, although he did not deserve it and should have lived to the Lord that God could have had even spoken to him.

Psalm 25 14 The Lord commune with those who fear him, in covenant with him, they counsel.

Lot did not counsel but Abraham did when God had intimacy with him. Abraham went into a prayer service for the Lot and any other righteous people there and be successful even if the verdict came. We read that God started with if there were fifty righteous there, so if the verdict does not come, but Abraham fik number down to 10, but it was only 3 just where that got the escape conviction. Intercession is not for oneself first and foremost, but for others. Prayer for others is many times healthier and by praying for others, God's blessing to come back to us. Investing in others is really investing in their own welfare. Job prayed for ever friends, and was himself cured, wonderful, wonderful and great!

Job 42 10 When Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord turned his fortunes. He gave him twice as much as he had before.

2) Here we see how prayer allows God's power and victory. When Moses asked Israel had the upper hand, but when his hand fell (was tired) was Amalek prevailed. But in verses 12-13 it says so well: "But Moses hands were heavy, they took a stone and put under him, and he sat on it. And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on each side. Then held his hands up steady until the sun went down. And Joshua smote Amalek and his people with the sword. "Knit together prayer is wonderful and invincible. A turn one thousand and two ten thousand, the plus is not community and pray for and with each other. And pray for the lose the world that need Jesus so precarious, even here in Norway and Oslo.

3) Here we see a little into the tremendous opportunities we have in common prayer. "All the two of you on earth agree to ask whether they should get out of my father in heaven" Matt.18, 19 Do you see prayer victory?
It was this church did when Peter was thrown into prison. Ap.gj.12, 3ff and in verse 5: "In the meantime, Peter was kept in prison. But there was heartfelt prayer to God for him by the church. "And God sent his angel, and brought Peter out of prison. Victory in prayer!
There are so many people who are thrown into disobedience and sin's prison now! But prayer in Jesus' name of the church, where two of you decide to ask, where is the victory! The prisoners are led out of prison and set free by the gospel of Jesus.

"If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." Joh.8, 36 The victorious prayer is persistent prayer. It does not give up! "Be persistent in prayer, as you watch it with thanks to God." Kol.4, 2


Prayer for others, both alone and with others is of vital importance that God's purposes will be implemented. Prayer for others it is "normal" Christian life, then we are here on earth for people to experience Jesus and the gospel.
This is really a form of Gets Mana game, but for other than myself.
It was a prayer of victory! It was here that Jesus said "YES" to go the way of suffering and be made sin for us. On the cross was the victory executed and realized. It is finished!
Gets Manes says prayer is this: "Spoon is not my will but yours." The whole family's salvation rests in this. Was Jesus heard? Yes, God did. Jesus took the sin, suffering, God's wrath lime and emptied it. The lime is empty, not a drop left. He was obedient to the death, even death on a cross.
As fruit from Gets Manes and cross victory ranks Jesus you salvation and grace cup. "I will lift the cup of salvation," the Psalmist testifies about in Psalm 116.12-14. Here you can drink the water of life to salvation, renewal and eternal life.
Jesus had his Gethsemane, you and I have our Gethsemane. The struggle is my will and God's will. "Spoon is not my will but yours." "Thy will be done as in heaven, so on earth." God is the very best that can happen to me. It's good, pleasing and perfect will. Rom.12, 2 God always gives us the best, not second best. Therefore, we can be safe and happy when God is with us.
But the match is it; prayer battle. But here you get pray with Jesus, fight with him, and prevail with him. Victory will be when God's will is done! When the victorious spirit of the flesh, Christ overcomes you and you will prevail with Him.
All of you in prayer. "Whoever wins, he will I grant to sit with me on my throne, as I overcame, and sat down with my Father on his throne." Joh.åp.3, 21

Pray this prayer together with me, Father, in Jesus' name, send revival, raise up believers in Norway and in Oslo, which will be for you, clean your church from sin and gjengiftede people who destroy the church, God show you great and stand! Cleanse me and fill me, do the same with the others and let people get grace in spite of their sin, and low morale, have mercy and give us revival and repentance.

Psalm 103 1. By David. My soul, praise the Lord! Yes, all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2 My soul, praise the Lord, forget not all His benefits!
3 He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. 4 He will save your life from the pit and crowns you with kindness and mercy. 5 He fills your life with that which is good, and makes you young again as ørnen.6 Lord intervenes and Savior, let all the oppressed get their rights. 7 He announced his ways to Moses, his deeds for the people of Israel. 8 Merciful and gracious is the Lord, slow to anger and abounding in miskunn.9 He accuses not always and not forever angry. 10 He does not with us after our sins, and pays us not according to our iniquities. 11 As high as heaven is above earth, so great is His mercy toward them that fear him. 12 So far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. 13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him. 14 For he knows how we are made, he remembers that we are dust. 15 man days are like grass, man is as the flower of the field. 16 When the wind passes by, it's gone, where it stood on, you know no more of it. 17 From eternity to eternity Lord have mercy on those who fear him. His justice when the grandchildren 18 when the fathers keep his covenant and remember His commandments, that they live by them. 19 The Lord hath prepared his throne in heaven, he reigns as king over all. 20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, you are strong heroes, who does what he says, as soon as you hear his voice. 21 Bless the LORD, all his hosts, you his servants, who does what he wants! 22 Bless the LORD, all his creations, in all places where he reigns. My soul, praise the Lord!

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Nr. 113: Spiritual gifts are God's gifts to the church!

Nr. 113:

Spiritual gifts are God's gifts to the church!

1. Thes. 5. 19 Extinguish not the Spirit, 20 do not despise prophecy, 21 but test everything and hold fast to the good, 22 keep yourselves away from evil of all kinds.
1. Kor. 14. 39 Ye shall therefore be careful to prophesy, my brothers, and not stop speaking in tongues. 40 But everything should be decent and orderly!

There are three (3) case groupings that I feel there is a now very often fall in. Where all three are equally harmful and takes away the gifts given to the church and the individual's edification, guidance and blessing as a believer. They are necessary!

1. Kor. 14. 4 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies builds up the church.
26 What then, brethren? When you come together, one has a psalm, another has to learn, one has revelation, a tongue, has a different interpretation. But let all serve to build up.

The three (3) fallgrøftene:

1) An addict gifts and makes his own menneskeånd come in and dominate and can also lead to manipulation.

2) There are only a few "exclusive" with gifts of service in the church, all others are kept from expressing itself.

3) Spiritual gifts are not allowed to use or disclose loved used. The church is asleep when a spiritual sleep.

These are three aspects that make that one needs both healthy teaching on this and the love that they are used.

1) Throughout the charismatic movement has been much abuse of spiritual gifts, and they have never dealt with this. All charismatic branches in more or less the scope, and still abusing gifts. Therefore, stay far away from any charismatic church and movement, they are within its this word here that they constantly want to learn the truth but never to the knowledge of the truth when they are filled up as much of himself to God and his spirit.

2) When the abuse has been so great, it allows a certain place just a few to use the gifts, it is also bad. And very often they get to use the gifts as much if not more astray as the whole congregation. Spiritual gifts are given to the whole church and all have the chance of a healthy church to be involved during the service, the women also only they are covered.

3) As a third group that has become very widespread, that they do not have gifts in place at all. They are like a burned out light, away and not in use. Sad but unfortunately true even in many Pentecostal churches and other non-conformist congregations that once had them in the function of great blessing and encouragement for the individual and the church, this is sad!

Gift, (from Greek) charisma, which directly translated means "gift received by grace." Therefore, it is not always the one who has spiritual gifts "deserve" it, it is a gift given by God through grace. But when a man lives a holy life and manages the gift right and good, it's a great blessing and edification. It is also a growth when an ever moving forward with God and learn to use the gifts more and more right and good when a walk in the Spirit and in communion with God and other religious brothers and sisters.

Paul encourages us to allow gifts to use, even if sometimes committed violations and it is abuse. Of course, we do not cultivate it and also talk to inform and teach about the use / misuse of the gifts, but we will not do it in such a way that they are not used and the love to use. Here is an example of a reprimand given by the Apostle Paul:

1. Kor. 14. 5 I wish you all spoke in tongues, but I'd rather have you prophesy. For he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks in tongues, if he does not indicate what he says, so the church can be built up.
13 Therefore, the one who speaks in tongues, praying to be able to interpret what he says.

It teaches the Apostle about the gifts, that if others do not indicate the message, then a request interpretation itself, and if not the interpretation itself, what shall I do?

1. Kor. 14. 28 If there is no one to interpret, the speaking in tongues keep silent in church together. He can speak for themselves and for God.

But he also urges that the gifts will be used:

1. Kor. 14. 26 What then, brethren? When you come together, one has a psalm, another has to learn, one has revelation, a tongue, has a different interpretation. But let all serve to build up. 27 If anyone speaks in tongues, there shall be no more than two or at most three each time. They will speak one at a time, and there shall be one indication.

This for me is very convenient and good teaching that Paul makes. Let everyone be able to use the gifts, but it should have meaning and value. If not then keep it to yourself and practice it at home until you or your congregation is mature NOK to use the gift \ gifts.

There are also offices that we read about in Ephesians. 4. 11 It is he who gave his gifts: He put some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers.

There, one can expect that also the supernatural and spiritual gifts work in conjunction with those who preach the word of God. The supernatural and the divine element is of great importance so that God can penalize both the message and the service, so it was the first Christians, and so shall it be today.

Markus 16 20 But they went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.

God confirmed the first Christians their message, and he does today as well.

This is from my commentaries from Hebrews 2 3 How shall we escape if we do not care about the salvation that is so much bigger? It was first preached by the Lord and since confirmed to us by those who heard him.

This letter is addressed to the church in Jerusalem. Reference points on how great and wonderful that God did through Jesus and the early Christians that we have in the four Gospels and the Acts. The church here was not really come out of this business of Jesus and the apostles.

4 Also God has given it his testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles and by giving the Holy Spirit's gifts after his will.

This is mentioned here that was not foreign to them. The fact that God himself had confirmed the message with the accompanying signs and handed out by his Spirit among them. They were people with firsthand knowledge. But now they were about to depart from this.

God confirmed the message and the service and the way God showed that he was with them and they promoted his cause and his message, not his own.

Always ask for God's guidance and sanction to what you do

2. Kor. 12. 12 An Apostle of characters I have done among you with great patience: signs, wonders and miracles.

God will always put their stamp on the things of him and confirm it. Therefore, the use of the gifts that we find mentioned several places in the word of God of great importance, not least the spiritual gifts that are most strongly expressed in 1 Kor. 12 and also partly in Rome. 12 not so strong. Both places show us that God is with him \ her to go with him and in the service and process imposed deeds which he has laid out that we should walk and walk in.

Eph. 2. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared in advance ready for us to go into them.

Now I could have continued here, but this is first and foremost a call and request that the individual should use the \ the gift that God has for each individual. No one has all the gifts in use, but all together can have all the gifts in use. It seems that it was among the first Christians, that all nine gifts of the Spirit described as the spiritual gifts were in the business of the church, not just a church but the vast majority. So rich was the church life among the congregation that was founded out of the Roman Empire and elsewhere among the early Christians, this was the primitive community standard that should be and must be ours.

1. Kor. 1. 7 Now you have a gift, while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal himself.

So it was in one of the first Christians and all churches, especially in the church at Corinth, in spite of their somewhat standard for morality and Christian ethics. But it is when the fruits and gifts of the Spirit is working and go hand in hand that it is a great blessing, and they work the way God wants. Please note that as Paul says, that they lacked any gift. This should and will be also our standard and that we all reach for, that all spiritual gifts at work in the local church for blessing and edification.

Here are some ideas taken from the net where the gifts and fruit where two sides of same coin:

We need two wings to get the job done, the fruit of the Spirit, Jesus 'supernatural character and gifts of the Spirit, Jesus' supernatural ministry.
Corinthians tried to fly with one wing, and crashed all the time. Paul wrote to them: "Now you have a gift while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ shall be revealed" (1 Cor 1.7). This gave them a great potential for the service. But they proved to be rather inefficient because the fruit is not balanced gifts. They were split into quarreling factions. The debris of broken relationships, the carnage from wicked relations disasters from the division was clear to see. We often think of the word "secularism" or "carnality" as a reference to a kind of sexual compromise. Paul calls the saints in Corinth for worldly because they did not know how to get along: "When the ruler of envy and strife among you, are ye not controlled by flesh and blood, and goes out the manner of men?" (1 Cor 3.3). The defendants each other even, and defiled the body of Christ openly for those who have not participated in the family. And Communion worship services looked more like drunken festivals than love feasts.

When I was a pastor in San Pedro, I invited a young man to teach liberation. He did a good job, and I save still on the notes from there, but one of the oldest brothers, who were more insightful than I, said afterwards: "He's going to mess up things for himself if he did not learn of subordination:" And Bud was actually right! Mark ended up separating from his wife, leave town, go out of service, and he created a lot of problems in the aftermath. He had not given NOK time that the character could again charisma. He flew with only one wing - and he crash-landed!
Paul made it clear in the famous love chapter that speaking in tongues without love was just noise, the prophecy that unlocks the mysteries or faith can move mountains was not without concern for others, the sacrifice that stretches all the way to martyrdom, will prove fruit solved if it is not grounded in love. He concluded that the features that are not related to relationships, gives a bad name for the function.
Should we say that someone does: "What we really want is the fruit?" Great, but the plane still can not take off. One wing can not get up in the air. Love alone does not move mountains, demonic oppression, or skin cancer or gnawing depression. We will not only create noise with manifestations without motivation. But we should not be content with the right motivation, without any manifestations. So Paul writes: "In every single Spirit gives to recognize that it serves the good" (1 Cor 12.7). Spirit manifests itself when the fruit develops in our lives, would not it be called the "fruit of the Spirit." But the Spirit's power, the sovereign Lord, are just visible when we share a simple prediction with great accuracy or solve a difficult problem with divine wisdom, or speak in a language we have never learned.
Bible-believing evangelical Christians who honor God and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, but tolerate or ignore the Spirit's gifts may think that it is better for them than carnal charismatics who have not learned to get along with each other. But Paul makes it clear that in order to facilitate needs two wings. He puts them through together in a verse: "Pursue love, seek spiritual gifts with enthusiasm, especially that to prophesy" (1 Corinthians 14:1). It sounds absolutely do not like about Paul choose fruit instead of gifts. In fact, he devotes two entire chapters to examine the issue of spiritual gifts that they had asked him in a letter. Paul did not respond to abuse of leave to use, but with proper use. And it meant to use the gifts from a humble and compassionate heart, a heart of concern for others and a heart that oversaw the insults rather than take them amiss.
What happens if you fly with only fruit-wing? Part of the New Testament is ignored. The force is demonstrated in Acts is unavailable to you. You want to help people, but you lack the power. And you give people a distorted picture of the Christian life. They do not see Jesus in all his glory.
What happens if you fly with just a gift-wing? Heaven expect thy works like nothing. Relations will be dropped in favor of "getting the job done." You remain an immature child. You vote for what does not remain. And you show more interest than the resurrection of the cross.
What fruit grows on your tree? Which fruit is missing and needs to be developed? If God wants to believe the economy to grow on your tree, he will give you tests where you will be challenged to trust that he will give you money. If you need it to grow in peace in your tree, he will give you the storms that shows you that you lack peace, so that you cry out to him.
What gifts do you want specifically? It might give you a clue about God's sovereign appointment. Wish them with all your heart, pray often for them. Show good stewardship of the gifts he gives you, and effect while out of a love scene. Do not try to fly with one wing.
The fruit lasts longer than the gifts. We will not need a prophecy in the sky, but we will still see love's eternal nature. We are not going to pray for healing on the other side, but we're going to sing with exuberant joy. In the meantime, we need their gifts. Paul said to his friends in Corinth: "Now you have a gift while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal himself." We need King's supernatural ministry until the King comes back. It is His work we do and we need his power, not only his love. We need both wings to fly!

Nr. 112: It hurts for a man to meet God at times!

Nr. 112:

It hurts for a man to meet God at times!

Isaiah 6 1. In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a high and mighty throne, and the train of his robe filled the temple. 2 seraphim stood around him. Each had six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they remained vague. 3 They shouted to each other:
"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Sabaoth.
The whole earth is full of His glory. "
4 bolts shook the threshold when the cry rang out, and the house was filled with smoke. 5 Then I said:
"Woe is me! It's out with me.
For I am a man of unclean lips,
I live among a people of unclean lips,
and my eyes have seen the King,
Lord of Hosts. "
6 Then flew one of the seraphs up to me. In his hand he held a live coal which he had taken with tongs from the altar. 7 With it he touched my mouth and said:
"Look, this has touched your lips.
Your guilt is taken away your sin is purged. "
8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord:
"Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"
I said, 'Look, here I am. Send me! "9 And he said:
"Go and tell this people:
You will hear and hear but not understand;
look and see, but do not understand!
10 Make the heart of this people dull,
do your ears hearing, Kline's eyes,
so it can not see with your eyes
and hear with their ears,
understand with their heart
and turn and be healed! "

Isaiah was a prophet who lived and worked under several kings of approx. 2,700 years ago. Here was the King Uzziah first year as Monarch in Israel, he experienced God at close quarters that he felt unworthy, call and lost. He was a prophet who had served with great results yet when God revealed himself in his majesty, glory and fullness, he was himself a great sinner in need of grace. He was like John entered in front of the throne of God in a vision: "In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a high and mighty throne, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Seraphim stood around him. Each of them had six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they remained vague. They shouted to one another: 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Sabaoth. The whole earth is full of His glory.' Bolt shook the threshold when the cry rang out, and the house was filled with smoke "(Isaiah 6.1 to 4). The most remarkable thing Isaiah experience is that one of the seraphs come up to him, touching him and talking to him (v. 6.7). We do not know how many seraphim were standing around the throne, but they have been very impressive, and the whole scene was awesome. As previously mentioned, the term seraphim are not used elsewhere than in Isaiah 6,2.6. and here in John. Obvious. It is perhaps not quite correct to say that worship is one of the angels most important tasks for the word task contains an element of duty and are often the reason a slightly negative tone. It is more correct to say that the angels greatest joy and privilege is to worship God. In Revelation chapter 4 and 5, we get glimpses into the heavenly throne room where God sits on the throne of the universe:

"And I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the four living creatures and the elders - there were tens of thousands of ten thousands, thousands and thousands" (Revelation 5.11). This mighty throng worship God and the Lamb, who is Jesus Christ. In the same mansions are four beings who stand around God's throne: "Each of the four living creatures had six wings, and everywhere they had eyes, both around and under the wings. Night and day they cry without ceasing: Holy, holy, holy the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come "(Rev. 4.8).

Isaiah came up short, even if he was fair and a prophet.

Isaiah means "the Lord saves." His prophetic activity began around the year 740 BC Scientists believe that he worked as a prophet for about 50 years. He was married, his wife described as a prophetess. He was both a statesman and prophet. He lived in Judah. He had two sons, their names reinforced the message he brought. One was named: Sjearjasjub (ie a residual repent). The second cap: Maher-Sjalal, Hash-Baz (ie, quick change, quick prey).

The father of Isaiah was called Amos. (ESA 1.1) It is believed that Isaiah grew up in Jerusalem. As a prophet he had close contact with NOK royal house. The book's main part is about God's punishment for sin and God's infinite grace. There are no books in the Old Testament that the message of sin and grace, is so well presented that here.

There is a strong reading of the coming Savior and Redeemer, man of sorrows, the suffering Messiah, who goes to death under the weight of their sin. Christ's first coming, His birth, His nature and character, His suffering and death, His second coming in glory as the ruling is good described.

The prophet proclaims Immanuel (God with us). And the question is: Who is God? The answer is: God is with the rest, who repent (and Sjearjasjub stands as an expression of). What about all the others who do not repent? They will be a quick change, quick prey (and it is Maher-Sjalal, Hash-Baz as an expression of). This was first and foremost Israel in Isaiah's time, which was fulfilled when the people were abducted. However, this is something that applies to all times and all nations.

It was quoted widely from Isaiah both Jesus and the apostles. No other Old Testament book is quoted more often than the prophet Isaiah in the New Testament. Isaiah stood up in a time of economic prosperity for the kingdom of Judah, yet there was a great spiritual need. There were big changes at the political level. When Ahaz was king, was a lapsed time in Judea. The Temple service was just forms and customs, without life, and pagan customs were introduced.

There was corruption and those who ruled in Judea, made himself rich. Those who owned property did not care how the poor were. Judah was involved in a political game and Ahaz applied in such a situation the advice of Assyria. But it did Judea to a union under Assyria.

When Hezekiah became king of the country became independent again. Once again the country was a union under Assyria, this time they sought help, in Egypt. Then Sennacherib king of Assyria besieged Jerusalem. But his army was the plague and had to withdraw. After that, everything was quiet in Judea, but the people began again with his bad lifestyle.

Prophet's message

What is a prophet proclaims? He preaches the past, present and future. He does this with a prophetic glance and receive revelations from God, to put these things together.


Chapter 1-12: preachers punishment of the people of God and conviction of various Gentiles. Kapittel13-23: Judgement of the different nations.
Chapter 24-39: A section of judgment and grace.
Chapter 40 to 66: Prophecy of a future. Prophecies of salvation. Prophecies of the Messiah to come.

The prophet Isaiah experience versus our emancipated and hideous Protestant Christianity

1. Kor. 15. 32 Was it only with human hopes I fought with beasts at Ephesus, what would it be to me? If the dead are not raised, then "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." 33 Make no mistake! "Bad company ruins good morals." 34 Join now truly awake, and sin not! There are a few of you who know not God. It is a shame that I have to say it.

So said Paul to the church in Corinth that it was a shame for them that some in the congregation did not know God when they lived free in the moral area and at the same time both preached and spoke in tongues and had gifts in business in their lives. Protestant Christianity that now is beginning to develop is in many ways worse, more hideous and more deceptive than the Catholicism of a left in and with Luther.

Vision Norway

I have taken up the VN before and must do it again for the channel has no limit and magemål. I saw a while back some of the channel when I went recognize someone who comes from the same Øyna like me, Karmøy. It was the Evangelist Albert Aanensen, recently divorced, but the new woman that he supposedly now married again with. There he was profiled in the studio of his future father in law Svein Johnsen, etc.
When one is a preacher holds a a spiritual office. In an office followed the instructions, qualifications and competence. Here is the one who has failed with regard to marriage, but also the understanding that a failure, then goes quiet in the door afterwards and withdraws from his office, whether for a time. But no, it's just to go on with another lady and even more. It is a shame that some of you do not know God, Paul said, to the same, I will say here, but here it is not certain that know not God, but soon the whole of the Norwegian Christian public who do not know the consequences of sin, immorality and lack of fidelity.

God in his majesty

From Wikipedia: Majesty (høytysk majestät (middelhøytysk majestat) from Latin majesty, "greater") as of and review on a number of sovereign rulers, preferably kings and emperors (end of quote).
It is the God of the prophet Isaiah will meet, as the majesty that we all need to meet. It is that God will meet us small, miserable that makes God so great for us. Not first and foremost that we seek him, but he bends down to us erring and needy people of the glory to God, the highest.

There is something about God that we can be all too familiar and subdued him, it is also detrimental and dangerous to the spiritual life. God has no favorites and no one as he looks down upon. All we are just within its him and customs I am not well, I will also be lost no matter what I have of calling, equipping, and more.

1. Kor. 9. 26 I run, therefore, not without a goal, and I'm not like a boxer who turns in midair. 27 No, I'm fighting against myself and forcing the body to obey, lest I have preached to others, even to be rejected.

Paul was steadfast not just to others, but first and foremost to himself. He subdues his body so that he preached to others not even to perish and be deceived.

The Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity and other so-called Christianity is much on the rise in many respects truly Babylon the great harlot far ahead of the Catholic church with its loose morals, unbiblical teachings and audacity of God and other people. They are truly deceived and seduced when a never confront their own and others' sin and heresy! There are ramifications understand the Pentecostal charismatic Christianity that is completely okulte and highly deceptive. I've heard Hillsong with Brian Houston, it sounds like filling eggs, a hoarse man who goes out drinking. This is unfortunately just the tip of an iceberg of sham and seduction among pinsekarismatikerne.

God does not wink at sin

Repentance can not replace confession and opposite. Both belong together as a hub and ribs on a wheel. Make up your sin with people and it will go well with you and do not it may ultimately be that you lose your salvation and Christ's salary within its jurisdiction. It is not the impossible God requires of us, but our honesty and our integrity. That we will repent and make up for us. Are you a sign opposite Christian and re-married, you live in sin if you even confess it, it is only when one repents and lives right after writing that forgiveness does God's word. It says God's word on marriage and remarriage for us saved.

1. Kor. 7. 10 And unto the married I have this rule, not from myself but from the Lord: A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.

Everything else is against God's word and you marry a divorced come under the same sentence as him.

Luke 16 18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.


In an independent congregation of my knowledge, the leader's daughter, youth and re-married in spite of their youth. There stood the church Evangelist up who had worked with a girl who was under the age of consent and said that she had a seductive and evil spirit, but he had abused had no! What is this fraud? This is a form of hypocrisy, deception and a dangerous game, both with other people, but also with their own and others' spiritual life that is so beyond biblical Christianity it is possible to get if you ask me! Is not this usually just a double assault? First, acting as a predator against a young girl and then put a blame on this! Fy for shame. The person has also been a guest of vision Norway several times without saying more about it.

Charismatic delusion

Includes end a speech by David Wilkerson who explains some of the delusion that this represents within its Pentecostal \ Charismatic preaching of the, character, worship without repentance, remorse, repentance and obeying God's word in everything.


He calls the "Lord's Day." He writes:
"We urge you, brethren, when it comes to our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together unto him: Do not be so soon drift wit and sense: Do not be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word or
by letter as from us, and that is that the day of Christ is here.
"Let no one deceive you in any way, for a falling away first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." (2 Thess. 2:1-3).
Some theologians believe that the "Lord's Day" that Paul refers to here is the final verdict. However, I think, with most scholars that Paul speaks of Christ's second coming. And Paul states that Christ's return will not take place until two things happen:

1. A large drop will take place. Many who once knew God will fall from the truth of the gospel they once have known.
2. Antichrist, or man of sin will be "revealed."
It should be clear to anyone who loves Jesus that "apostasy" is already taking place. Many believers today, as well as Christians throughout the past few decades has grown cold in their love for God. With that in mind, I would like to focus on Paul's second point - that the day will not come until the "man of sin
is revealed. "
What exactly does Paul mean by this sentence? He says that Jesus will not come back until the Antichrist has been enthroned as ruler of the world, and we all know his identity? I do not think so.
Paul knew that Christ could return at any moment. Jesus himself said that he would come when least expected, in the twinkling of an eye.
I think we will find a key to what Paul says in his use of the word "obvious." The Greek meaning here is "uncovered." I think Paul says: "Jesus will not come until the Antichrist full plan and
agenda is revealed, and the church was aware of it. "
Antichrist plan has already been revealed in Scripture. Paul declares, "For the mystery of iniquity
already work ...." (2 Thes. 2:7). He says that a mysterious kind of sin, even now at work, will
usher in the Antichrist. Apparently, a spirit of iniquity fall over lost humanity, and grab people's hearts so hard that the man of sin will quickly rise to power. But there is another meaning of this phrase: "mystery of iniquity." It comes from a
Greek root word meaning "quiet introduction." Paul speaks of a quiet introduction to the cult of the Antichrist -
a hidden, demonic influence that he saw taking place in their own time.
Right now, this same mysterious spirit in full seductive power, preparing masses of people
to receive the man of sin. Thousands are being brainwashed every day, quietly and secretly, to be led
into his fold. And this satanic work is happening so quickly and so effectively that the man of sin be
rise to power in the not too distant future.
We do not need to see a physical manifestation of the Antichrist before Jesus will return. His satanic spirit is already evident in the thousands of brainwashed believers!
Paul Fully Explains the "Mystery of Iniquity." Paul says the mystery is simply this: Satan will deceive the masses into the depths of lawlessness! The Greek word Paul uses
of lawlessness in this section means literally without law. Therefore, the mystery of lawlessness -
which means that the masses will act without law or restraint.
But this lawlessness is not simply a revolt against the rule of man. It's not about
rebellion against civil authority or to commit robbery, rape or murder. These things arouse God
anger. But the mystery of iniquity goes much deeper. There is a direct rejection of the truth that
are in Christ - a disregard of God's holy word and commandments. It is a rebellion against the scriptural injunctions!
Spirit of lawlessness is rampant in our nation today. It is the driving force behind legislation that seeks to
banish God from our society. This is the same spirit that Satan used to deceive Eve. He said
to her, in other words: "God is easy - he will not punish you for disobedience. You can eat fruit and
indulge in lust. You do not pay for it! "
It was a deadly lie from hell. And Satan uses the same lie on Christians today to advance their
mystery of lawlessness. Day after day he convinces multitudes of believers that they can indulge
for their sins, without any penalty. It is a demonic plot to pervert the grace
gospel, and turn it into a message of licentiousness!
Tragically, many lukewarm Christians succumbed to this spirit of lawlessness. Some have already
been brought into the cult of the Antichrist. They are ripe to receive the man of sin when he shows
on the scene, performs miracles and solve problems.
You may be thinking, "I'll never be fooled into following the Antichrist." But Paul says that Antichrist will rise
to power because people will be blinded and deceived by his own sin: ".... for Satan's activities with
all lies power and signs and wonders. It happens with all unrighteousness deception among those who
lost, because they received not the love of truth, that they might be saved. "(2 Thess. 2:9-10).
Satan will deceive the masses of people by convincing them of a simple but effective lie. What will
this lie be? He will convince the world that he ovebeviste Eve: "God punishes not sin!"
Paul says that this deception will come "with all lying power .... because they received not the love of
truth, that they might be saved. "(verse 10). Then he adds:" Therefore God sends them a powerful
delusion, that they should believe a lie "(verse 11).
The Apostle says: "Those who refuse to obey or respect the word of God will fall under a powerful delusion.
First, they condone their sin. They will justify it. But soon they will actively seek
after a message of cheap grace. They will invent a grace that is far beyond what God had
the purpose. His grace never leads to license. It always leads to repentance! "
Our Nation's Right Now Under a Strong Delusion: America today is under the seductive power of
a satanic lie. But before I say anything more, please know that, that I am not speaking here as a
Democrat or Republican. What I am saying has nothing to do with politics - but everything to do with
spiritual truth. The fact is that our nation's leaders have thrown the word of God completely ignored, and shows no
respect for biblical truths. And now the Lord has allowed a delusion to come upon us!
The demonic lie blanketing America today is a false peace. The notion that we
can do whatever we please without fear of consequences. We have already crossed a line in this
deception - and now the verdict inevitable.
Paul lays out this divine verdict in Romans 1 He speaks of those who once held
to biblical truth but later tried to keep the truth in unrighteousness. In short
so they wanted the word of God and his desires at the same time. So the LORD handed them over to reprobate
thoughts. They wanted to believe a lie - so he sent a strong delusion upon them!
This is the very condition of our nation is in now. The president told the nation. "I did not commit this
sin, "but later he was discovered to have committed the same act he names.
Today, eighty percent of Americans have turned a deaf ear to both his sin and his lies, and says that
none of it matters. As prophesied, the truth has stumbled in the streets.
The Americans also play the stock market like drunken sailors - and they are making progress. In addition, a
survey that sixty-five percent of college students cheat and do not think there is something wrong with
it. People of all ages treat God's law with indifference, thinking: "What I do have to be
O.K. because I get away with it. "
Now this attitude has crept into the church. Multitudes of Christians today are looking for dirty
videos or surfing the Internet for pornography. At one time their consciences have plagued
them. But now they reason: "All our leaders get away with it. Everybody does it. Why can not
I? "They have fallen under a demonic delusion!
It is true, we hear constantly lies, cover-ups and manipulation of our nation's capital. But the
big mistake our nation is not just about the dirty mess in Washington DC No,
Satan's seductive power goes far beyond those treacheries and depravity. His big lie is a
outpouring of hell to God's people!
Paul warns: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own
lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. They shall turn away their ears from
truth, and turn to adventure. "(2 Tim. 4:3-4).
Who are these deceived masses Paul is talking about? They are deceived Christians! He wrote this letter
to the Thessalonian church - the born-again believers! He spoke to people who sat under biblical teaching
and known God's truth. Yet they had held on to their desires - and now they sought heretical
teacher who would comfort them in their sins!
I think Deceived Christians Will Be Among Those Who Pledge the Greatest Allegiance to the Antichrist! The evil has
always been "devoid" of truth - despised it, stepped on it, mocking it with contempt. I saw
An example of this recently in the New York Post, as one writer confidently declared that "Science has now
replaced faith. "
But Paul's main concern was always for those who knew the way of truth, confessing their faith in
Christ, but who flirted with sin. Paul wrote about those who tried to keep the truth in
injustice - an act that makes God angry. "Who changed the truth of God into a lie ....
Therefore God gave them over to shameful lusts. "(Romans 1:25-26).
Others who were held in slavery by their lustful pleasures, turned to false teachers to try
to find peace. They ended up accepting ".... heresy that leads to destruction .... many will come
to follow them in their nefarious ways, and for their sake to the way of truth will be blasphemed. "(2 Pet.
All Paul's message of apostasy and the Antichrist was directed against such carnal Christians. They were not intended for
idolaters of Rome, the nations of Greece, or the wild tribes in unknown locations. Paul
message was one of great importance for the church - and he wrote it that it should be read in churches,
directly to the faithful!
You see, Paul called God's people everywhere to love the truth - to find it, study it and
obey it. He wrote, in essence, "Let truth be your guide Do not turn you away from it. Ask the
Holy Spirit to give you eyes to see it, ears to hear it, and a heart to love it. Otherwise, the
you open yourself to deception - and you will end up believing a lie. Satan will be able
to bring you into the cult of Antichrist! "
I was recently witness to this kind of mistake when I saw a video from a
prosperity theology conference. At times this man hissed like a snake. Others in the meeting
crawled on the floor, howling like wild beasts, or curled up in the "holy" laughter.
At one point, a musician began singing, "Run for the money!" Song lyrics said in essence:
"If you run hard and fast NOK, you will be rich, rich, rich!" Suddenly people began to run wildly around the
building, singing, "Run to be rich!"
Please understand - these people were not ignorant people. They were all well dressed and seemed
intelligent. When I saw them I thought: "Who has bewitched them? How could
they accept such a foolish, unscriptural gospel? "
I concluded that once had most of them sitting under a true gospel and heard
sin of revealing messages. But apparently they did not want to hear it plain, simple gospel
longer - and now they had accepted a lie. They had a lust for money - a spirit of covetousness - and therefore
they ended up seeking out these preacher. He would teach them how to
serve both God and Mammon!
I am convinced that these people could listen to a powerful sermon that revealed their entire
false belief system - and yet they would not hear a word of it. They had been given over to a powerful
delusion - and they believed in the devil's lies! Paul called such deluded Christians ".... depraved in their
minds, reprobate concerning the faith. "(2 Tim. 3:8). They knew the truth, but they despised it!
I believe that the Antichrist will emerge as the greatest prosperity preacher ever. He wants to
known to be a religious personality, one that promises health and wealth. And those who are brainwashed
right now by false teachers will end up being his strongest supporters. They will accept him as
a true man of God.
If you do not believe this, just recall the scriptures. The Bible says that in the days just before Jesus' return
Satan will bring such an overwhelming flood of seduction, he will try to deceive even the elect, if
it was possible. It will not affect how long a Christian has walked with Jesus, he will stand
facing temptations he never had in his life. Even the strongest believers will be tempted to doubt God's
faithfulness and mistrust his holy word.
The Believer in the Greatest Danger of Being Seduced is the One Who Gladly hear the Word of God - But Not
Will Obey It! Paul writes to the Galatians: "Ye did run well! Who hindered you from being obedient to
the truth? "(Galatians 5:7)". .... Who has bewitched you? You who have received Jesus Christ painted on the eyes
as crucified "(Galatians 3:1). The apostle asked his flock:" What has happened to you? You did it
so so good. But now you have been brainwashed! "
Throughout scripture, God gives us a clear picture of how important it is for us to obey his word. We
see one example in the life of King Saul. God gave Saul clear, specific commands through the prophet
Samuel. He instructed Saul: "Now go and smite Amalek. Utterly destroy all that he has. Save him
but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, both camel and donkey. "
(1 Sam. 15:3).
Saul obeyed this commandment from the Lord? Scripture tells us: "Saul smote the Amalekites and .... Agag, Amalek
king, he took prisoner alive .... Saul and the people spared Agag and the best of the sheep and cattle and
fatlings, - all that was good, and would not beat them with a curse ...." (verses 7-9).
God had given his word to Saul in crystal clear terms. But after Saul went into battle, he obeyed
Lord only in part. Rather than destroying everything and everyone, he spared King Agag - and he even kept
with some of the spoils.
Samuel was grief-stricken because of this. He told Saul: "And the Lord sent you on, and said:
Go and beat the sinners the Amalekites, and utterly destroy and fight against them until thou have consumed them!
Why do you not obeyed the LORD, but didst fly upon the spoil and did what was evil in the
Lord "(verses 18-19).
At this point, scripture gives us a hard and terse words: "Then the LORD said to Samuel, saying,
as follows: I regret that I have made Saul king, for he has turned away from me and have not done it
I commanded him ...." (verses 10-11).
Does this describe your life? Has God told you in no uncertain terms to deal with certain
lustful habits in your life - but you keep clinging to it, and refuses to deal with it?
Right now, the Spirit speak to you with a gentle, seductive voice that says: "Your desire is between
us and disrupt the community between us. I can no longer bless you as you continue in it. Chair
that my spirit will help you. Add it now my children. "But soon, God can speak to you in anger and
say: "If you do not put away your desire, I will reveal it - and it will ruin your life!"
God rejected Saul because of his disobedience. Samuel told Saul, "Rebellion is not better
than the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has
rejected you, so you should not be king. "(verse 23).
It was then that God's Spirit left Saul. King's half-hearted obedience had opened him up to Satan
influence. Soon, an evil spirit troubled Saul - and he ended up seeking advice from a witch!
Maybe you wonder when you read the account of Saul's life: "But Saul did his best. And he did
it's not too bad. Why was God so hard on him? Why did not he forgive Saul? "
God tells us through this passage that he means what he says! He said: "I show you what I
think of your disobedience to me. I want all your heart, all your love - not just a
halfhearted obedience! "
Now, if the Lord's message to Saul had been foggy and unclear, so we could well have said that he
should be given an allowance for Saul. But his direction to Saul was so clear that there was no doubt
what he commanded. Likewise today, we have no doubt about what God has spoken to us. We know his
bid, because he has revealed to us through His Word and by His Spirit in our hearts.
You might reply: "But what God did to Saul happened under the Old Covenant, under the law. We
live in the grace period now. The Lord will certainly not be so hard on us when we are disobedient as he was
against Saul. "
Here is God's word on the matter under the New Covenant, a covenant of grace:
"For he will render to every man according to his deeds. To those who by patient continuance in well doing seek
glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. But them that are contentious and
disobedient to the truth, but obey unrighteousness - on them shall be wrath and anger.
Tribulation and anguish upon every soul of man who does evil, the Jew first, and then
"But glory and honor and peace to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first and also the Greek. For
God is no respecter of persons "(Romans 2:6-11).
Let me lay out for you the difference between Saul in the Old Testament and all believers in the
New Covenant: When a person truly has a desire to obey God's commandments - when the person loves and
respect the word of God - as the Holy Spirit will supply him with all the power and ability he needs to
fulfill these commandments. This is the blessed provision of the New Covenant.
Saul did not have this kind of holy desire. But every believer who truly loves the Lord and his
Word is able to mortify all lusts, and to overcome sin's dominion by the Holy Spirit as
is in him.
Paul gives this strong word of warning to the believers: "But you, man, that judgest them which
do such things, and do the same - do you think you will escape God's justice? "(Romans 2:3). He says:
"Are you testifying that you are a Christian, and ask everyone to follow God's laws - yet you are living in adultery?"
"Or despise you the riches of his goodness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God
kindness leads you toward repentance? "(verse 4). Paul adds:" God has been gracious to you all
this time, and have treated you with kindness and love. Do not you understand that all his goodness,
mercy and grace are meant to lead you to repentance? "
What is the purpose of This Message? I want to say this to you above all else: the Antichrist
going to come on the scene as the greatest prosperity preacher in the whole story. And the devil
already picking halfhearted believers to be included in his entourage. Soon there will be no more
restraint in our society, and Christians will be more vulnerable than ever to demonic
This is exactly what happened to many German Christians in Hitler's days. When Hitler came to power,
with a charismatic personality and promises of the good life, so he was even accepted by the lukewarm
Lutherans and Pentecostals. And later, when he began to work his evil in society, they turned
in the other direction and rejected the truth of God's word.
Of course, some powerful voices of the gospel that stood up in these churches. But a
shocking number of believers ended up following Hitler and even praised him, shouting:
"Heil (or" Hail! ") Hitler!" They bought the lie - and God put them under a strong delusion!
I ask you: Do you sit under strong preaching that lovingly exposes your sin? If this is so,
allow that word to convict you? Or do you go right back to the desire not to make the
If you reject the warnings and the fact that the Holy Spirit holding you back - if you refuse to obey
God time after time, without any heart-grief - when you are about to be recruited to the cult of Antichrist.
Devil incorporate yourself quietly in his mystery of lawlessness. And when the promising, miracle-working
Antichrist is coming, so you will be dragged along by his lies and given over to a delusion!
Hear what Paul says about the believers who compromise, which refuses to love and obey God's holy word:
"That they should be judged, all those who have not believed the truth but had pleasure in
injustice. "(2 Thess. 2:12). Woe to those who knew the truth about their desires, but who do not believe
God will judge them!
Here are the ominous results of not believing and acting on God's truth:
1. The heart becomes hardened by sin's deceitfulness.
2. Satan works on the hardened heart for it to justify himself, so that it becomes
free from all fear of punishment.
3. When God sees that there is no possibility that this heart will receive and obey the truth, so
surrender his person to the satanic deception.
4. The believers are blinded by the lie that there is no punishment for sin and no
Judgement Day, and that they can get away with lustful pleasure.
5. The believer falls prey to doctrines of demons, and believe that evil is good and good evil.
6. Finally, he'll run as far away from Christ and the truth that he is blind to who the Antichrist is
- And he ends up to worship and serve Him as God.
7. On Judgement Day God will say to such a person, "Depart from me, you evildoers!"
Dear, it need not be so for some of us. God has a covenant promise to remove any
delusion from us and give us victory over sin through the power of Christ's cross. All he asks is that we
declares war against sin and says, "I will not make peace with this habit. I refuse to abide
by it. Deliver me, Father, by your Spirit! "When he hears this prayer, he will send such Holy Spirit
power and glory of heaven, the devil will not have a chance!
Pray now that God implants a strong reverence for his word to you. Ask him to help you be
disciplined in reading scripture. And ask the Spirit to help you take to heart what you read - to believe that God means what he says!

Nr. 111: Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.

Nr. 111:
Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.

Psalm 119 67. Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.

God is working on two goals or areas with us as human beings and believers.

1) That we should be saved and the eternal city, to be saved for eternity.

2) The second is to be conformed to the Son of God image to anyone who has a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. This is progress and success when it happens.

But for this to happen we need as humans to first be humbled very often, be set aside a time or lose your footing. We are far too clever and proud of ourselves, very often the will of God and the Lord's work will be done in our lives. What does humility? That means the message (which is quiet and shy by nature, relatively small, simple, sober) and submissive (overly reverent).

It tells us that God will not only lead us up, but down to people, because that's the way he has shaped and formed. It is not only very many examples of this in writing, but it's really just examples of this in scripture that God allows and leads us into situations, trials, and in things where we fall short, be humble and inadequate in own power. But this is the way of the Lord and God. Not because we should remain there and be concerned with everything that went wrong, where we are not stretched or our shortcomings, but because we should be conformed to the Son of God and keeps us only to the Lord and his word as the Psalmist says: "Now I'm me your word "!

Today, we can stop some of the people we meet in the Bible, yes, almost all of them. All we will see that they were not brought only on the red carpet, even if they believed in God. But down in the valley and the thorns and thistles.

Want to mention Joseph, Joshua, Job, Daniel and the apostle John, who were humiliated and then "exalted" as the real exaltation is when we get home we get that has been faithful receive the Lord and His word.

1) Joseph

1. Genesis 37 2 This is the story of Jacob.
When Joseph was seventeen years old, guess his flock with his brothers. Young as he was, he followed with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, his father's wives. All the evil he heard about them, he went to his father. 3 Israel was more fond of Joseph than all the other sons, because he had been given him in his old age. He made a robe with long sleeves for him. 4 But when his brothers saw that his father was more of him than of all the other sons, they hated him and could not say a kind word to him.
5 Once Joseph had a dream, as he told his brothers, and when they began to hate him even more. 6 He said to them: "Now you shall hear what I have dreamed! 7 I thought we were out on the field and tied the grain bands. With a raised my corn band up and remained standing, while the sheaves their stood around and bowed down to mine. "8 Then said the brothers to him," You will perhaps be our king and rule over us? "And they hated him yet more for his dreams and his stories. 9 Then he had another dream, which he told to his brothers. "Now I had another dream," he said. "The sun and moon and eleven stars bowed down to me." 10 When he told his father and brothers, his father scolded him and said, "What is it now that you have dreamed? To be fair I and thy mother and thy brethren come and bow down to earth for you? "11 brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept it in his memory.

In many ways, Joseph, an unknown 17 year old who did what he did in good faith. This was obviously a dream from God, and it made a powerful impression on Joseph himself. But he could and should have kept it for himself when the dream resulted in the fact that his brothers were jealous of him, it was not really worth telling them to them. His brothers betrayed him and sold him to some traders who in turn sold him in Egypt, where he first landed in prison, since he was raised and was the second to the Pharaoh. It was through the great humiliation Joseph experienced both to their brothers and when he came to Egypt, which laid the foundation for Joseph's character and personal development. We notice that Joseph never looked back in life and had the attention directed against all the humiliation and the humiliation he went through. But he always looked upward and forward, and God used him to become the world's savior and rescuer when famine spread throughout the Middle East, Hallelujah!

2) Joshua

4. Genesis 14 36 When the men which Moses sent to spy out the land, turned back, they put all the people up against him by giving discouraging messages about the country. 37 The men who had been involved in this, died of plague after the Lord's will. 38 The only people who were alive of those who went off to scout out the land, was Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh.

Joshua and 11 other spedere to explore the land - the land of Canaan - that they would later adopt, the land that God had given them. But there was NOK very prøvsom for Joshua and Caleb had a different spirit than the other. It is very difficult to associate with people with a different spirit than the one itself, but this is where the Lord shapes and forms us after their own image. The world and the name of Christians will never understand and want to understand a man of God, they will create more trouble and problems that they often realize. They have a spiritual darkness over them, but it is when opposites meet each other that one can see the caliber of a self is constructed and laid off. When all the pats on the shoulder and just reap praise to you, then can anyone be happy to smile, but not at all bytes received and are being challenged on what faith and stand for. So also with Joshua, his path test and he and Caleb that they only had to enter the promised land of the generation that went out of Egypt. Joshua himself was even the leader after Moses, speaking about the reward to be true against the Lord and His word!

3) Job

James 5 10 My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord, for example, they were patient when they had to suffer pain. 11 There are those who persevere, we praise the blessed. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen how the Lord took it to him in the end. For the Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

We know the story of Job. But not all the details, he was really put to the test and the way to show what was in itself, both to themselves, their fellow man and God. He was rich but had no children that was as pious as him if they were saved. They were tried and resulted in verse imaging output, all died. But the trials did not end up here, when Satan was testing him once, when he himself was hit by the disease.

Job 2 4 And Satan answered, "Skin for skin! A man gives the happy everything he owns for his life. 5 But just reaching her hand out and touch his bone and flesh, you shall surely see that he mocks you to your face. "6 The LORD said to Satan:" He is in your power. Save only his life! "
7 So Satan went forth from the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from head to heel. 8 Job took a potsherd and scraped himself with which he set out on the waste heap.

This was a trial and test on top of the other tests and trials, they are often the most difficult and worst, those who come after all other trials and tests. Then when to get in and digested what you have been through so there is not a rally but a letdown. Job composed the trials and tests and he got everything back just double up, Hallelujah, Amen!

4) Daniel

Daniel 1 2 The Lord gave Jehoiakim king of Judah into his hand, and also part of the holy vessels of God's house. Nebuchadnezzar took the vessels to the land of Shinar, to the house of his gods, and put them in the treasury there.
3 The king said to Aspen, the supreme court of her husband, that he should take some of the Israelites, both of the royal family and the nobles, 4 young boys who were without blemish, and beautiful to look at, skilled in all manner of wisdom, knowledge-rich and lærenemme, fit to serve in the king's palace. Them he would teach the Chaldean writing and language. 5 The king decided that the day was to eat the same fine food as he drinks the same kind of wine. For three years they should be trained, and by the time they were to serve the king. 6 Among them was Judah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. 7 The chief official gave them new names. Daniel he called Belteshazzar, Hananiah Shadrach, Meshach, Mishael and Azariah Abed-nego.
8 Daniel set out that he would not defile himself this way with food and wine from the king. He asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way. 9 God made it so that the chief eunuch was benevolence and kindness of Daniel. 10 But he said to Daniel: "I am afraid that my lord the king, who has decided what to eat and drink, will find that you do not look as healthy as the other boys of their age, and that the king for their sake to draw me accountable. "11 Daniel then said to the overseer as the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah: 12" Please test your servants for ten days! Give us vegetables to eat and water to drink! 13 Then you notice how we look, we and the boys who eat the food from the king. Do as your servants for what you then get to see! "14 He did what they wanted, and tried them for ten days. 15 When the ten days had passed, it turned out that they looked better and was in better condition than those boys who had eaten food from the king. 16 So the overseer them drop the fine food and wine and gave them vegetables.
17 God gave these four boys knowledge and skill in all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel saw in all sorts of visions and dreams.
18 When that time the king had determined, was to end, and they should be brought before him, led the chief official presented them to Nebuchadnezzar. 19 The king talked with them, and there were none among the young boys who could compete with Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. And they got the service of the king. 20 Whenever the king asked them for advice in matters of wisdom and understanding, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in the kingdom. 21 Daniel was there until King Cyrus' reign.

We had studied the whole book of Daniel and his whole life, it is an unusual whole-hearted and strong man we meet here, one that served God throughout his life from childhood, youth, manhood and old age. Daniel met the challenges it is possible both to meet throughout life. It was like 60 years old he was thrown to the lions, and as a teenager he was taken to Babylon. Job says something supposedly true.

Job. 7. 1. Norwegian (1930)
Is not human life on earth a war, and his days as a hired day?
Swedish (1917)
A violation mans life living ju människan on earth, och her days aro such as dagakarlens days.
Danish (1917 / 1931)
Has man on earth ej Krigerkaar? As a Daglejers his Dagh.

We as believers who will and desire to serve the Lord, not the least we were saved from a young age. Our whole life here on this earth is a war. Think of me that was saved when I was 16 and if I be 85 years if the Lord wants. It then becomes a continuous Christian service of 70 years approx. nothing short war there? My youngest daughter has been in the army for 1 1 \ 2 years and am now in command school. How are our lives as believers. We started as meaningful and can proceed as corporal, on which as a sergeant, lieutenant, lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier, major general, lieutenant general and general. This was a short ladder in the military but it is so also in God's kingdom, where one goes ahead after each as a show fidelity and ability. They both belong to and are two sides of the same to and be able to serve the Lord.

1. Kor. 4. 2 Now it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.

2. Tim. 2. 2 What you have heard me many witnesses, you should surrender to reliable people who are able to teach others.

5) The Apostle John

Joh. e. 21 20 Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following. It was he who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and asked, "Lord, who is it who will betray you?" 21 So when Peter saw him, he said to Jesus: "Lord, what will then happen to him? "22 Jesus answered," If I will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? Follow me! "23 The word later came out among the brethren:" The disciple should not die. "But Jesus had not said that he would not die, but he said:" If I will that he remain until I come, what concerns that you? "24 It is this disciple who testifies of these things and who wrote this, and we know that his testimony is true.

From The Apostle John (died circumference. Year 100) was one of the twelve chosen disciples of Jesus.

John and his brother James were sons of Zebedee and Salome, the latter was sister to the Virgin Mary. They worked as fishermen in Galilee together with Andrew and Peter, when Jesus called them to seg.Johannes said to be the disciple whom Jesus loved. [1] Together with Peter and James followed him Jesus to the mountain when he met Moses and Elijah and the same circle of disciples followed Jesus to pray with him in Gethsemane. [2]
After the first Pentecost, were John, James and Peter leaders of the Jewish Christian authorities in Jerusalem. John was later exiled to the island of Patmos. Here he is following the tradition have to write down John's revelation. The last years of his life he lived in Ephesus in Vesleasisa. Following tradition, he wrote in the Gospel of Jesus.
John will be the only one of the apostles who are not a martyr, but had a natural death. Evangelist John, the host symbolized by an eagle as he opens his gospel with a ørneflukt. There appear also often that John is that of evangelists who has an overview, and that is not concerned with details.

The apostle was called when he was safe last n 17 \ 18 and died when he was about. 100, his war service here on earth was then over 80 years.

This is from my commentaries from John the gospel to come:

35 The next day John was there again with two of his disciples.

John was not afraid that some of his disciples to be with Jesus, he showed that he was the precursor to him was to come. There is something unselfish of John that is attractive.

36 When he saw Jesus walking by and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God."

Now he mentions that Jesus is the Lamb of God again, without including that he carries the sin of the world as in v. 29 Jesus' sacrifice was different from all the sacrifice in the Old Testament and the Old Covenant had to be repeated many times. Jesus' sacrifice was perfect and once he gave himself was NOK.

37 The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.

One is of course John himself. The second is Andreas the first to be called an Apostle, and he is therefore in Greek known as protokletos, "it was called first." He met Jesus in the tenth hour, two hours before sunset (John 1.39). Andreas recognized immediately Jesus as the Messiah (Jn 1.41), and he ran off and brought his brother Simon, whom Jesus later gave surnamed Peter. Thus, Andreas is also the first Christian missionary. The brothers were the first disciples, and they left everything to follow him (Luke 5.11, Matthew 4.19 to 20; Mark 1.17 to 18). For these fishermen, Jesus said that they would go out and preach the gospel, he would make them fishers of men (gr: ἁλιείς ἀνθρώπων, halieis anthropon).
The apostles Andrew and Peter are mentioned several times in the Gospels and the Apostle lists mentioned he was always among the first four (along with Peter, James and John). He is present at some important occasions as one of the disciples who were most attached to Jesus (Mark 13.3; John 6.8; 12:22). The Gospels show how he sits humbly at the Master's feet and asking questions on behalf of the other. He mentioned in particular for his contribution when Jesus fed five thousand (John 6.1 to 9), when he wondered how they would provide food for the crowd, and in an episode of Greeks who wanted to meet Jesus (John 12.20 - 22). Although he stays in the background, it's Jesus people to meet, not himself. Acts mentioned him only once (1.13).

38 Jesus turned and saw that they followed him, and he said: "What do you want?" They said, "Rabbi, where do you live?" Rabbi means teacher.

It's like they were already prepared to be Jesus' followers. They recognized Jesus as Rabbi at once, there is little to recognize Jesus as a great teacher, but also something far more than that.

39 "Come and see," said Jesus. They went with him and saw how he lived, and they stayed with him that day. It was about the tenth hour.

Jesus did not have a great need to promote himself, he was pleased that they listened to what he said. He let the words and teachings's always crucial.

40 Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, was one of the two who heard John speak, and who had followed Jesus.

Have already described Andrew, Peter's brother well. But there were two brothers, couples should have as much to do with Christianity, is more a strength a weakness. Strong and loving families are more a strength a weakness for the gospel.

41 He struck the first now his brother Simon and said to him: "We have found the Messiah." Messiah means the anointed one.

Jesus is the Messiah, the anointed. Kristis became flesh and blood like us. The front of heaven was human, one of us and was no longer one of them. It was not an intellectual exchange, first and foremost, but that Jesus no longer was a spiritual person, but was a man. A body made you for me it is written.

42 Then he brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon son of John. You shall be called Cephas. "Cephas is the same as Peter.

Jesus was indeed a prophet. The fact that Peter was to be the foremost of the disciples, I think none of the others could be imagined, but Jesus so long. I think there is something more here. It was Peter who always kept the most important speeches and the most important things that were said by the disciples. Think about it!

43 The following day Jesus wanted to go to Galilee. When he found Philip and said to him: "Follow me!"

Here again we see Jesus hunted disciples. They were from Galilee, a large set. Galilee, Samaria and Judah was Israel at the time of Jesus, where Galilee was seen as the most "primitive" and unschooled. But it was there from Isaiah himself came and he brought his disciples. This also allows Paul's get some in. 1 Kor. 1. 26 Brothers, think of who you are, you called: not many wise, humanly, and not a lot of power or of a distinguished family. 27 But it is going to be foolish in the world, God chose to do the show to shame. It is considered weak in the world, God chose to make it strong to shame. 28 That which is low in the world, that which is despised, it is nothing, that God chose to destroy it is something, 29 that no flesh should boast before God.

44 Now Philip was from Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter were from.

Philip was from the neighboring town of Capernaum that Peter now lived in and ran with fishing. Peter was a "handy" man who had at least confident school of disciples. But it was he who stood forth as the leader of the disciples. God sees the heart and get the most out of anyone who would put his life on his altar.

45 Philip found Nathanael and said to him: "We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets wrote about: It is Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."

This was not small, think that God's son and who all have written about, even Moses has come. Jesus was the person who everyone had written about and that the entire Old Testament and all the writers point out the contrary. Even Moses said the following. A prophet from your midst, of thy brethren, like unto me will the Lord your God raise up for you. On him shall ye hear - 5M 18:15.

46 "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" Said Nathanael. Philip replied: "Come and see!"

Nazareth was a small insignificant village that lay in the mountains behind the sea also Tiberias on the west side closer to the Mediterranean Sea. Nazareth was a small village. Reference section of the NT05 says that it probably lived from 120 to 150 people here. Fartein Valen Sendstad estimates that there lived about 200-400 people here, that some large families (Palestine at the time of Jesus, p. 202). The village lay 6-7 km from the capital Tsippori, where it is guessed that Joseph (and thus probably also Jesus while growing up) worked as a construction worker. It is shown that Nazareth had a Jewish population, in that archaeologists have documented evidence of four key indicators of Jewish settlement (reinsingsbad, Steinke, Jewish burial practices and the lack of traces of the pig). Nazareth was seen as a "file" village, where one was not highly educated or trained at all!

47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming and said, "Behold an Israelite indeed, a man without guile."

Being an Israelite without guile speaks about being sincere and truthful. Jesus by the Spirit of knowledge as this, and spite against this on Nathanael. Nathanael, or Bartholomew, was one of Jesus' twelve disciples in the New Testament in the Bible, and is often identified with Philip's companion Nathanael (John 1:45-51). He is hardly described in the Bible, only four names lists, and the main person in the apocryphal Gospel of Bartholomew. According to legend, converted Bartholomew king of Armenia. But when it was discovered by the king's pagan brother, he Bartholomew being flayed alive and then beheaded.

48 "How do you know me?" Said Nathanael. Jesus replied: "I saw you before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree."

Jesus had an impact in the spirit like no other and an accuracy like no other. He had the Spirit without measure, and could see things prophetically both past, present and future!

49 Then said Nathanael: "Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the king of Israel."

Jesus was not just a Rabbi, a teacher. But the Son of God, with all that it implies. The fact that Jesus was the Son of God made him to be in a unique position. It implies that he had his qualities and his envoy.

50 "Do you believe because I said I saw you under the fig tree?" Said Jesus. "You shall see greater things than this."

Nathanael became convinced of Jesus. But he would see greater things. What are the major things? It is that he should go in the Master's footsteps and do the same thing as him. It is always God's will for us, that we shall be like him and do the same works EVEN!

51 Then he said: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye shall see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man."
"Then he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. The angels of God ascending and descending on it. And behold, the Lord stood above it and said:
"I am the Lord, your father Abraham and the God of Isaac, God. The country where you are, I will give you and your descendants. Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth. You should spread to the west and east, to the north and south. And in you and in your seed shall all the kindreds and peoples be blessed-net. See, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this country. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have told you. "
When Jacob awoke from his sleep and said: "Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it."
Then he was afraid and said, "Where fear instill this places! This can not be anything other than God's house, and here is the gate of heaven. "(Gen. 1. 28, 12-17).
This was known for Nathanael, he had an experience like Jacob. The fact that here was God and he showed it. We can not put ourselves above God, he is seeking, attracting and set off for us. Not vice versa as we guardianship to believe and think. There is nothing in us that is drawn against him, but he pulled against us with an everlasting love. Rooms. 5. 10 When we were still God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through His Son's death. Now that we are reconciled, how much more shall we be saved by his life. This is what is the gospel, that we are loved by God himself as his enemies (end of quote)!

John was one of the two disciples who had been with John the Baptist who later became Jesus. What was the "secret" to the apostle John, that he passed all of the Spirit School and was the foremost and as a day sure to sit closest to Jesus in his kingdom?

Matt. 20. 20 Later, the mother of Zebedee's sons to him with her sons, kneeling down and wanted to ask him about anything. 21 "What do you want?" He asked. She replied: "Say that these my two sons may sit by your side in your kingdom, the one on the right and the other on the left side." 22 But Jesus said, "You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup I shall drink? '"We can," they replied. 23 Jesus said, "My cup you shall drink, but who should sit at my right or left is not mine to decide. There, they must sit as my Father has given to it. "

What was the "secret"? We read in the introduction here in v. 20: "the disciple whom Jesus loved." Do you feel loved by Jesus? So did the Apostle John, and became the greatest of all and will be sure almost all of Jesus in the coming Kingdom of God, or 1000 years of kingdom, great! Go around now for yourself and know these words: "you are loved by Jesus." You are "loved by God." Become a worshiper of God and thank Jesus for all he has continued to you and that He loves you anyway.

It is perhaps not quite correct to say that worship is one of the angels most important tasks for the word task contains an element of duty and are often the reason a slightly negative tone. It is more correct to say that the angels greatest joy and privilege is to worship God. In Revelation chapter 4 and 5, we get glimpses into the heavenly throne room where God sits on the throne of the universe:

"And I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the four living creatures and the elders - there were tens of thousands of ten thousands, thousands and thousands" (Revelation 5.11). This mighty throng worship God and the Lamb, who is Jesus Christ. In the same mansions are four beings who stand around God's throne: "Each of the four living creatures had six wings, and everywhere they had eyes, both around and under the wings. Night and day they cry without ceasing: Holy, holy, holy the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come "(Rev. 4.8).

Main pursuit in heaven is to worship Jesus and God the Father, it is, and should have been our most important task as believers here on earth, because we are loved! The Apostle John both showed and felt that he was loved, do you? I do it and God has no favorites and no one has precedence with him or he is looking down on someone, all are equally loved whether one is white, black, yellow or red. Jesus died equally for all and in heaven there will be no room for hatred or racism, as all are equally and gloriously saved and there will of all nations and ethnic groups complement and enrich each other filled out, hallelujah!

Psalm 150 1. Hallelujah!
Praise God in his sanctuary,
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
2 Praise him for his mighty deeds;
praise him for his surpassing greatness!
3 Praise him the resounding horn,
praise him with harp and lyre!
4 Praise him with the kettledrum and dance,
praise him with stringed instrument and flute!
5 Praise him with cymbals toning,
praise him with sounding cymbals!
6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

When we are humiliated, which is God's will, so we praise the Lord like never before and more than the humiliation that would result in an exaltation and recovery afterwards! As long as we have been humbled by the Lord.

2. Kor. 7. 10 For when the grief is so God willing, it leads to repentance and salvation and leaves no regret. But the world's sorrow leads to death.

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