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Nr. 113: Spiritual gifts are God's gifts to the church!

Nr. 113:

Spiritual gifts are God's gifts to the church!

1. Thes. 5. 19 Extinguish not the Spirit, 20 do not despise prophecy, 21 but test everything and hold fast to the good, 22 keep yourselves away from evil of all kinds.
1. Kor. 14. 39 Ye shall therefore be careful to prophesy, my brothers, and not stop speaking in tongues. 40 But everything should be decent and orderly!

There are three (3) case groupings that I feel there is a now very often fall in. Where all three are equally harmful and takes away the gifts given to the church and the individual's edification, guidance and blessing as a believer. They are necessary!

1. Kor. 14. 4 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies builds up the church.
26 What then, brethren? When you come together, one has a psalm, another has to learn, one has revelation, a tongue, has a different interpretation. But let all serve to build up.

The three (3) fallgrøftene:

1) An addict gifts and makes his own menneskeånd come in and dominate and can also lead to manipulation.

2) There are only a few "exclusive" with gifts of service in the church, all others are kept from expressing itself.

3) Spiritual gifts are not allowed to use or disclose loved used. The church is asleep when a spiritual sleep.

These are three aspects that make that one needs both healthy teaching on this and the love that they are used.

1) Throughout the charismatic movement has been much abuse of spiritual gifts, and they have never dealt with this. All charismatic branches in more or less the scope, and still abusing gifts. Therefore, stay far away from any charismatic church and movement, they are within its this word here that they constantly want to learn the truth but never to the knowledge of the truth when they are filled up as much of himself to God and his spirit.

2) When the abuse has been so great, it allows a certain place just a few to use the gifts, it is also bad. And very often they get to use the gifts as much if not more astray as the whole congregation. Spiritual gifts are given to the whole church and all have the chance of a healthy church to be involved during the service, the women also only they are covered.

3) As a third group that has become very widespread, that they do not have gifts in place at all. They are like a burned out light, away and not in use. Sad but unfortunately true even in many Pentecostal churches and other non-conformist congregations that once had them in the function of great blessing and encouragement for the individual and the church, this is sad!

Gift, (from Greek) charisma, which directly translated means "gift received by grace." Therefore, it is not always the one who has spiritual gifts "deserve" it, it is a gift given by God through grace. But when a man lives a holy life and manages the gift right and good, it's a great blessing and edification. It is also a growth when an ever moving forward with God and learn to use the gifts more and more right and good when a walk in the Spirit and in communion with God and other religious brothers and sisters.

Paul encourages us to allow gifts to use, even if sometimes committed violations and it is abuse. Of course, we do not cultivate it and also talk to inform and teach about the use / misuse of the gifts, but we will not do it in such a way that they are not used and the love to use. Here is an example of a reprimand given by the Apostle Paul:

1. Kor. 14. 5 I wish you all spoke in tongues, but I'd rather have you prophesy. For he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks in tongues, if he does not indicate what he says, so the church can be built up.
13 Therefore, the one who speaks in tongues, praying to be able to interpret what he says.

It teaches the Apostle about the gifts, that if others do not indicate the message, then a request interpretation itself, and if not the interpretation itself, what shall I do?

1. Kor. 14. 28 If there is no one to interpret, the speaking in tongues keep silent in church together. He can speak for themselves and for God.

But he also urges that the gifts will be used:

1. Kor. 14. 26 What then, brethren? When you come together, one has a psalm, another has to learn, one has revelation, a tongue, has a different interpretation. But let all serve to build up. 27 If anyone speaks in tongues, there shall be no more than two or at most three each time. They will speak one at a time, and there shall be one indication.

This for me is very convenient and good teaching that Paul makes. Let everyone be able to use the gifts, but it should have meaning and value. If not then keep it to yourself and practice it at home until you or your congregation is mature NOK to use the gift \ gifts.

There are also offices that we read about in Ephesians. 4. 11 It is he who gave his gifts: He put some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers.

There, one can expect that also the supernatural and spiritual gifts work in conjunction with those who preach the word of God. The supernatural and the divine element is of great importance so that God can penalize both the message and the service, so it was the first Christians, and so shall it be today.

Markus 16 20 But they went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.

God confirmed the first Christians their message, and he does today as well.

This is from my commentaries from Hebrews 2 3 How shall we escape if we do not care about the salvation that is so much bigger? It was first preached by the Lord and since confirmed to us by those who heard him.

This letter is addressed to the church in Jerusalem. Reference points on how great and wonderful that God did through Jesus and the early Christians that we have in the four Gospels and the Acts. The church here was not really come out of this business of Jesus and the apostles.

4 Also God has given it his testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles and by giving the Holy Spirit's gifts after his will.

This is mentioned here that was not foreign to them. The fact that God himself had confirmed the message with the accompanying signs and handed out by his Spirit among them. They were people with firsthand knowledge. But now they were about to depart from this.

God confirmed the message and the service and the way God showed that he was with them and they promoted his cause and his message, not his own.

Always ask for God's guidance and sanction to what you do

2. Kor. 12. 12 An Apostle of characters I have done among you with great patience: signs, wonders and miracles.

God will always put their stamp on the things of him and confirm it. Therefore, the use of the gifts that we find mentioned several places in the word of God of great importance, not least the spiritual gifts that are most strongly expressed in 1 Kor. 12 and also partly in Rome. 12 not so strong. Both places show us that God is with him \ her to go with him and in the service and process imposed deeds which he has laid out that we should walk and walk in.

Eph. 2. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared in advance ready for us to go into them.

Now I could have continued here, but this is first and foremost a call and request that the individual should use the \ the gift that God has for each individual. No one has all the gifts in use, but all together can have all the gifts in use. It seems that it was among the first Christians, that all nine gifts of the Spirit described as the spiritual gifts were in the business of the church, not just a church but the vast majority. So rich was the church life among the congregation that was founded out of the Roman Empire and elsewhere among the early Christians, this was the primitive community standard that should be and must be ours.

1. Kor. 1. 7 Now you have a gift, while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal himself.

So it was in one of the first Christians and all churches, especially in the church at Corinth, in spite of their somewhat standard for morality and Christian ethics. But it is when the fruits and gifts of the Spirit is working and go hand in hand that it is a great blessing, and they work the way God wants. Please note that as Paul says, that they lacked any gift. This should and will be also our standard and that we all reach for, that all spiritual gifts at work in the local church for blessing and edification.

Here are some ideas taken from the net where the gifts and fruit where two sides of same coin:

We need two wings to get the job done, the fruit of the Spirit, Jesus 'supernatural character and gifts of the Spirit, Jesus' supernatural ministry.
Corinthians tried to fly with one wing, and crashed all the time. Paul wrote to them: "Now you have a gift while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ shall be revealed" (1 Cor 1.7). This gave them a great potential for the service. But they proved to be rather inefficient because the fruit is not balanced gifts. They were split into quarreling factions. The debris of broken relationships, the carnage from wicked relations disasters from the division was clear to see. We often think of the word "secularism" or "carnality" as a reference to a kind of sexual compromise. Paul calls the saints in Corinth for worldly because they did not know how to get along: "When the ruler of envy and strife among you, are ye not controlled by flesh and blood, and goes out the manner of men?" (1 Cor 3.3). The defendants each other even, and defiled the body of Christ openly for those who have not participated in the family. And Communion worship services looked more like drunken festivals than love feasts.

When I was a pastor in San Pedro, I invited a young man to teach liberation. He did a good job, and I save still on the notes from there, but one of the oldest brothers, who were more insightful than I, said afterwards: "He's going to mess up things for himself if he did not learn of subordination:" And Bud was actually right! Mark ended up separating from his wife, leave town, go out of service, and he created a lot of problems in the aftermath. He had not given NOK time that the character could again charisma. He flew with only one wing - and he crash-landed!
Paul made it clear in the famous love chapter that speaking in tongues without love was just noise, the prophecy that unlocks the mysteries or faith can move mountains was not without concern for others, the sacrifice that stretches all the way to martyrdom, will prove fruit solved if it is not grounded in love. He concluded that the features that are not related to relationships, gives a bad name for the function.
Should we say that someone does: "What we really want is the fruit?" Great, but the plane still can not take off. One wing can not get up in the air. Love alone does not move mountains, demonic oppression, or skin cancer or gnawing depression. We will not only create noise with manifestations without motivation. But we should not be content with the right motivation, without any manifestations. So Paul writes: "In every single Spirit gives to recognize that it serves the good" (1 Cor 12.7). Spirit manifests itself when the fruit develops in our lives, would not it be called the "fruit of the Spirit." But the Spirit's power, the sovereign Lord, are just visible when we share a simple prediction with great accuracy or solve a difficult problem with divine wisdom, or speak in a language we have never learned.
Bible-believing evangelical Christians who honor God and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, but tolerate or ignore the Spirit's gifts may think that it is better for them than carnal charismatics who have not learned to get along with each other. But Paul makes it clear that in order to facilitate needs two wings. He puts them through together in a verse: "Pursue love, seek spiritual gifts with enthusiasm, especially that to prophesy" (1 Corinthians 14:1). It sounds absolutely do not like about Paul choose fruit instead of gifts. In fact, he devotes two entire chapters to examine the issue of spiritual gifts that they had asked him in a letter. Paul did not respond to abuse of leave to use, but with proper use. And it meant to use the gifts from a humble and compassionate heart, a heart of concern for others and a heart that oversaw the insults rather than take them amiss.
What happens if you fly with only fruit-wing? Part of the New Testament is ignored. The force is demonstrated in Acts is unavailable to you. You want to help people, but you lack the power. And you give people a distorted picture of the Christian life. They do not see Jesus in all his glory.
What happens if you fly with just a gift-wing? Heaven expect thy works like nothing. Relations will be dropped in favor of "getting the job done." You remain an immature child. You vote for what does not remain. And you show more interest than the resurrection of the cross.
What fruit grows on your tree? Which fruit is missing and needs to be developed? If God wants to believe the economy to grow on your tree, he will give you tests where you will be challenged to trust that he will give you money. If you need it to grow in peace in your tree, he will give you the storms that shows you that you lack peace, so that you cry out to him.
What gifts do you want specifically? It might give you a clue about God's sovereign appointment. Wish them with all your heart, pray often for them. Show good stewardship of the gifts he gives you, and effect while out of a love scene. Do not try to fly with one wing.
The fruit lasts longer than the gifts. We will not need a prophecy in the sky, but we will still see love's eternal nature. We are not going to pray for healing on the other side, but we're going to sing with exuberant joy. In the meantime, we need their gifts. Paul said to his friends in Corinth: "Now you have a gift while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal himself." We need King's supernatural ministry until the King comes back. It is His work we do and we need his power, not only his love. We need both wings to fly!

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