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Nr. 68: The money solve society is anti-Christian!

Nr. 68:

The money solve society is anti-Christian!

From Broadcasting Corporation News: Finance Association wants the state to impose fees for withdrawing money from banks and ATMs to get rid of cash for good.
It cost the economy 3.5 billion to have cash as payment in 2009, according to figures from the Bank. 2 / 3 of the cost is the banks and their subcontractors pay.
Finance Sector Union will now have an end to the banks subsidize the cash usage. In the report, a cash-free Norway within ten years, writes The Finance Sector Union that the withdrawal of 1,000 million soon would cost 50 dollars if you were to pay the real cost themselves.
- Customers should pay for the banks' services actually cost. Many believe that it does not cost anything to use cash, but it's not right, says Jorunn Berland in the Finance Sector Union.
Now, she called for the authorities to introduce a government fee that everyone must pay to withdraw cash at banks and ATMs.
Finance Sector Union has long had a goal for Norway to become a society where cash is no longer legal tender, and believes that a state fee on cash withdrawals can be a stepping stone to get rid of cash for good.
Finance Association organizes 39,000 members in the financial industry.
Union Leader Jorunn Berland, the Finance Sector Union believes that the costs of maintaining cash as legal tender in Norway is far too large.
- The fact that we have the cash, it is the criminals who have the most need. The more cash that is, the greater the risk of robbery, said Berland.
Union leader says to NRK that the example bus drivers would rather not have to have physical money in the bus because of fear of robbery.
- The cash-free society is possible to achieve over time, but this is not something that can be done overnight, she says.
- Should add a fee of 5 percent
Computer Science Professor Kai A. Olsen at Molde University College, in cooperation with the Finance Sector Union wrote the report "a cash-free Norway within ten years". NRK said Olsen that it is not free to withdraw money in the bank.
The real cost of taking out a thousand-piece is between 50 - 100. The cost is probably short the customers who pay in practice, says Olsen.
Olsen believes that it is associated with excessive risk of having cash in the community, and believes that the best is that the government introduce a fee for effectively choking the use of cash.
- If you withdraw money in the bank or the ATM, it should be a fee of let say 5 percent, equivalent to 50 dollars for a thousand-piece, says Olsen.
The professor believes that no cash would be the extent of undeclared work has been dramatically reduced, and that there will be more cumbersome to be criminal (end of quote).

As a young Bible school student in 1982 as I read through the bl. a Revelation and many other parts of God's word and had a clear understanding of how the future would be. This is less than 30 years ago and now this is about to happen. Bl. I got a look in from God's word that the TV `one would be like a picture that was hung on the wall and that money should not be used as payment. Why? Because God's word says so.

Now this seems harmless to many, but it is not, then it is Satan with his demons are behind the money solve the community and that will not be able to use cash and checks, and other ways to pay, just short. It will again be taken away when you want the laser to operate or shoot into the body either on the right arm or forehead a chip. But it will start with that money will be abolished and then, a data center in control of everything we do in all areas of our lives. And who will then will take over this system? The Bible provides answers, it is the Antichrist who will take advantage of this, and will not be able to buy or sell without a chip operated inside the body. All this we are about to enter and Norway are in a forward drive here with wanting to abolish cash. This is a total overrun is not alien to God's word. We read about two such stories in the book of Daniel in chapters 3 and 6
We shall briefly go through these accounts so that we should be aware that this is a satanic cabal that is that even old retirees must have a card to be able to function in society. All this is coming, and much of it is good. But the weakness and the alarming is that one can not and will not be given the opportunity to be different and that this could spend money and pay with cash or check or in a different way that is not linked to the way that one is determined.

Daniel 3: The chapter describes how Nebuchadnezzar built a statue like the one he saw in his dream and ordered everyone to bow to it. The Jews refused (3.8), and therefore were Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego cast into the fiery furnace (3.20). Their trust in God was rewarded when they got away without even smelled burning (3.27). The surprise the king promoted them in his kingdom (3.28 to 30).

Daniel 6: The chapter reflects how Daniel is famous and popular under the new board. So convincing were his qualifications that Darius planned to make him ruler over the whole country (6.3). His opponents set a trap, which resulted in that he was thrown to the lions. But God delivered him and his enemies were eaten by lions (6.24). This meant that Darius sent out an announcement to all the people that they should "have respect for Daniel's God, and tremble for him" (6.27). The chapter concludes with the statement that "since Daniel went well both as Darius and Cyrus, kings of Persia" (6.29), and these are the last words written about his life.

In this part of the book is Daniel portrayed as a man who managed to serve in a government position through two kingdoms of the world and under a variety of pagan kings. His faithfulness to God meant that he had God's protection in Babylon and under Darius. He constantly gave the word of God to these executives. This demonstrated that they were still subject to the almighty God, even if they were the most powerful men on earth. They ruled only because he allowed it. Through Daniel's testimony, we have handed over a letter from both Nebuchadnezzar and Darius, who shows us that the exalted Lord.

We read about the totalitarian government, that we are on the way in. The Christian newspapers do not write about this only shows that they sleep their religious sleep and do not know what is going on and that the Antichrist is about to make their preparations for their upcoming this world in order to mislead people and to manage and control them. Are you aware that Norway is a leader in this negative development. What one thinks is progress, can many times be a long walk and it is to open up to what the Bible said will happen, especially in Revelation.

Totalitarianism from Wikipedia: totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state does not recognize any limits to their authority and attempts to regulate all aspects of public and private life where it is possible. Totalitarianism is characterized usually by a concurrence of authoritarian rule (in which ordinary citizens have little influence over policy) and ideology (a comprehensive set of values ​​promoted by the government to control most, if not all, of public and private life). Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain political power through universal propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a party that is often dominated by personalities, government control over the economy, regulation and restriction on freedom of speech, mass surveillance and extensive use of state terrorism (end of quote).

It is much more than a political control, it is Islam that separates religion, politics or anything of life. Everything is put under a government to function and live. That many do not see the danger and how Islam is alien from our western culture and behavior is NOK that Satan is making people more and more blind. Not to say that everything is negative with Islam and all Moslems, but Satan will in the end times bring out the totalitarian rule of the Antichrist on the top and the way it should and must happen, is because no one can buy or sell without having been marked on the right hand or forehead. Now we are entering this in Norway, and the Christians were dumb as oysters and do not see what time we live in.
Time is the last of the very last days and Jesus will bring those who are waiting for him and love his revelation. Do you love His revelation and live near him every day, hour and time is the best guarantee that you will get even when Jesus is coming!

Includes finally a small excerpt from Lydmisjonen: The time is approaching faster, stronger and more anti-Christian than ever before before, it's like the Bible says. Lord shall be the last time in the emergency fulfill the prophetic word on earth. Scientific verification now shows that the Antichrist is in the works, and that Jesus is coming soon, but let it be made clear. Antichrist will not take up in his evil majesty, until after the rapture of the saved - saved the church!
By Evangelist: Ove Ludvigsen January.
- While this issue is printed on, refer also to post: "antichrist prominent on the world stage." In that post has absolutely incredible happened, what the human mind can grasp in.
- Where the experts say / computer science, powerful people on the work, they are in, and has developed to date is consistent with what biblical prophecy says about the state of affairs. Most likely, these expert / science mighty people, completely or partially unaware that what they are doing is the perfect prophecy come true.
These wise heads say something so clear after spending more than 10 million in research only to find out where the best place on the body is, to insert the "bio-chip." And they have come to this, virtually human and amazing results, they found only two satisfactory and efficient places: O the first place is "HEAD" Second place is "RIGHT HAND".
- This is without any doubt a clear and made clear identification of the Bible's prophetic message, the fulfillment of our time. And what does the Bible say about these things? We will get answers here and now!
Revelation 13: 16 - 17 He (the Antichrist) make all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, and doing so no one can buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the beast name or number of his name.
- Now it must be, or at least be ready for even some people that this is not fiction and solve human hallucinations, but the biblical reality that is now really done in this final countdown era, in connection with the church's rapture and the antichrist appearance - revelation, the latter of which will be a total worldwide catastrophic tragedy ever. Where people, according to the Bible come to chew their tongues in agony because of what is going to go over the earth realm.
- Experts / computer science, powerful people, prophesies just the same as biblical prophecy. About the planned bio-chip to be placed under the skin on the right hand and the forehead of humanity. These experts / computer science, powerful people in the area, no other appropriate placement for this label, than where the Bible has foretold it.
- And this antichrist mark should be placed on, operated on the right hand and forehead, to all people who fall under this system. There are no exceptions! In other words, as the antichrist domination and the marking system, newborns, and all ages up, will have to take this mark. Otherwise, they will be excluded from any potential business partners, and normal ways to feed themselves.
- The devil incarnate in the person of the Antichrist, will come to implement this system as soon as the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ on earth is pulled away. But should not rule out that one can not see the beginning of the antichrist mark physically going to be put on any, of future humans. But the great anti-Christian wave is already looking forward with leaps and bounds over the world in the future apostates and perverted society.
- Who can stand up now and say - this is not true? No! In this case, there must be one or more non-right spiritually savvy, and possessed of this countdown future antichristian tsunami rolling across the earth's inhabitants at this time.
The prophet Amos 3: 8 The lion roars! Who should not then fear? Lord God speaks! Who should not then prophesy?
- Exactly! Who is there who respect a roaring lion? It is reprehensible to say, no one has it, then that is exactly what you have, respect and fear of a roaring lion, it is inherent in man, there is a warning bell that there is danger ahead. Save themselves, who can save themselves!
- But what else? Who shall not fear, that is, who should not have respect for God's voice? Who should not prophesy, that is, who is it who dares fail to prophesy that the Lord will be present? The Righteous, one who has respect for God, the person or does not hold back the prophetic message that the Lord puts in their hearts, and mouth for communication to people and nations, tongues, and nations, even nations of all kinds all over the earth.
- Who not to prophesy when the Lord puts things in the works, by and through its majestic and invincible power, and authority speak. It is warning and admonition to the nations. There is salvation and healing, spiritually and physically, the whole person. The time is now to listen to the voice of the Lord! The time is now - has already been a long time, to take the Lord's words seriously!
- Do not come to say that the Bible is unreliable and false, its message is up to standard, it confirms in fact, the experts / computer science mighty people! Indeed, in prophetic terms, whether they realize it or not. It is time for people to seek the Lord - it's too late for the church is taken from the earth - for it is the Antichrist in place to facilitate and karismatiskere, even stronger than ever before, in manifest djeveliserings and anti-Christian style - he will then fully become the world's people, Lord and God! Fly! Fly! For wherever life's sake!

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