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Nr. 88: The Norwegian Christians do not go the way of God!

Nr. 88:

The Norwegian Christians do not go the way of God!

As an introduction, so feel free to read my bible commentary from Judah letter:

Includes two verses from my commentaries from Judas letter:
3 My dear! I have had a deep desire to write to you about the salvation we have together. But now I felt compelled to send you some admonishing words to fight for the faith once for all delivered unto the saints.
Here he would write encouraging and refreshing words in the first revival time. But he must do exactly the opposite of what he wants, make admonishing words to fight for the faith which they had received. Those who have studied God's word says that 70% of the Bible, admonishing, of repentance, warning, and with similar messages. Over 2 \ 3 of the Bible speaks negatively to humans. Not what we want, but what we need to reach heaven one day!

4 For it has crept into certain people among you, wicked people who according to the Scriptures long ago are destined to doom. They distort our God's grace so they can live a dissolute life, and deny our only Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

It has stolen the people who are not what they purport to be. They are wolves in sheep's clothing said Jesus. Paul says something similar to the church in Ephesus in Acts 20. 29 For I know that when I pulled away, the ravenous wolves will enter among you, and they will not spare the flock. 30 Even among their own to raise up men who go with the false doctrine to get ripped disciples with him.
It is spiritual as natural laws. Therefore, there are no shortcuts to go, it is that we sing a song, it's just cross the road that leads (end of quote).

I know that there is a forced necessity to warn almost all the Norwegian Christian world that they are not in the way of the Lord, neither in life and learn!

This will, of course, misunderstood and I will work with exultant and arrogant to many that I say that the entire Norwegian Christianity do not go to the Lord's way. However, a stop, read, ponder and carefully examine what I'm going to compare it with the word of God, then it will dawn on everyone that it is not my own opinions and thoughts I perform, but the word of God and the revelations which is in accordance with God's word.

Should briefly mention 10 different pages and sections of the Norwegian Christianity reveals, shows and discusses the Norwegian Christianity is further away from God than you were during the Dark Ages, when one takes into account that the light of the gospel and the opportunities that the basis of day to be enlightened is larger and more glorious than it ever has been. Jesus said it himself and we find also many other places how the future should be, the time before his return.

1) Lutheranism.

Do not be omdrive of strange teachings, it is in an old Norwegian Bible translation of Ephesians. 4. There is much I could have taken hold of, but will content myself with 3 things that show that the Luther verdict is received out of date long ago.

a.) Barnedåpslæren.

This teaches the Lutherans: "It is drawn with the sign of the cross, to show that it belongs to him. Dåpslyset is lit to indicate that the child receives the Holy Spirit as a gift, and will belong to Jesus, who is the light ".
This is directly from Satan, and a bluff. All children belong to the kingdom of God and need no spraying water on the head for being a child of God, it is blasphemy and paganism with infant baptism and be baptized in the Triune God's name does not match the word of God. The entire barnedåpspraksisen is unbiblical action from A to Z.

b) The actual arrangements.

There are a total of unbiblical the scheme one has in the Norwegian Church and elsewhere in the Lutheran camp, we find virtually none of the schemes in the New Testament. Therefore it is wrong to be affiliated with this denomination.

c.) The homosexuals have enormous power, which is the worst.

A fatal "compromise" about homosexuality in the Norwegian Church
It is tragic, and it is difficult to call it a compromise, the Church Council in the Norwegian Church recently recommended harvest Synod to allow cohabiting gays to get jobs in the church. In a very clear leader in the printer is Our Country on this matter:
Attitudes about homosexuality have long been the hardest issue in the Norwegian Church and the Norwegian Christian life. Those who refused have been on the wane. Now, the Church Council with 11 votes against 4 recommended Synod to leave the decisions from 1995 and 1997 that gays in cohabiting partnerships can not be ordained positions in the church. When everything is set for an institutionalization of the two views.
It is a remarkably rapid and significant change of attitude that has taken place. Previously, the majority of church councils and synod led the field a strong theological argument that unions gays can not be ordained positions. When the Church Council is now making a significant change of attitude, we can not see that it is from a theological argument. There we miss. Rather, the decision comes as a result of the general attitude change in society.
Church Council Chairman Nils-Tore Andersen obscure and beautiful painting the situation when he says that this is not a compromise decision, but a collective decision. He says the decision does not state that the church has two views, but that there are two views in the church.
But ... it is doubtful whether the church collectively can say yes to gays unions in one diocese and no in another. ... And one need not be a great prophet to say that it is unlikely that the church will have new no-bishops when Odd Bondevik, Ole D Hagesæther, Olav Skjevesland, Ernst Baasland and Ole Christian Kvarme is gone.
Many in the church's ranks are now disappointed. It is not certain that it will give the visible effect. ... Followed Church Council resolutions by the General Synod in November, it will create a new movement in the direction that the Christian people at the grassroots quietly withdraw from the Church of Norway churches and engage in other places.
The serious Christian can still remain in the Norwegian church I do not understand at all.

2) Papal Church.

The Catholic church, I want to mention, not because it currently has as much direct impact here in Norway. But much of the heresy that today proclaimed stems from the Catholic church of what the of the peculiarities and avarter of true Christian faith has brought forth. To name a sham teacher has made, I can name several. But purely moral standing high above the Protestants in the most part, it will the Catholic church have and that they have a milder and of course more biblical trinity doctrine than what most Protestants have.

It teaches that God is triune which is idolatry, the doctrine of an eternally persistent burning hell is totally unscriptural as the word of God teaches that there is corruption which is the second death. Otherwise, the unbiblical baptisms, church hierarchy with the pope at the top, indulgences, purgatory, Mary worship. Salvation by works and penance (pay and salvation itself) + much more, look elsewhere more here:
Will also state that the Catholic church is an occult church that Mormons are when they pray to dead people, be they saints, Mary and others.

3) Adventist community.

Adventists are a super-extreme sect that thinks of itself really that DE has replaced the Jewish THE place in every way, except for ceremonial law, they have a special light that they can remove from the ACT. The entire ADVETTBEVEGELSEN is a typical sect but that today they dig more and more into the Christian landscape without having changed the minds occult theology which look to keep the Sabbath, food regulations, the law m. that the Word of God emphatically in many places both in GT and NT is given to Israel and the Jews. We as Gentile Christians should only hold a small part of the law teaches God's word.

Acts 15. 19 Therefore, I believe that we should not make it hard for them by the Gentiles who converted himself to God, 20 but write to them that they should refrain from rob filthiness and from fornication and from things strangled and from blood.

But it is strange to read about the first Adventists in many ways learned absolutely right about the Godhead, but unfortunately it has Adventists gone back on this and stick to the occult Catholic doctrine of the Trinity!

4) Faith Movement.

This is an assumption of the charismatic movement with "own" theology. When TB came as it was in the whole boycotted and left out of most Christians, but today they are included in the "heat" even if it is and remains an offspring of true and evangelical Christianity. Read more here:

5) Pentecostal Movement.

PB scale is large, content rich and is becoming a sad personal care, like a Greek drama. What is the main reason for that? They stopped along the way, starting is not completed. What began as wonderful, good and wonderful was eventually stopped for several reasons. But the haughtiness of their own standpoint of believing that one has something more than others when God has infinitely more to give. Then it is very stupid and spiritual pride to a halt in their spiritual development just because one is foremost? PB reminds me a lot about the race between the hare and the turtle where the turtle won because the hare was too easy on the task.

6) Vision Norway.

The Vision Norway has become acceptable to most Christians, are silenced, scary and to be appalled. There is probably no one that lives more or less right? Most of the "stable" to Hanvold including himself is divorced and re married + all the heresy and the manipulation of money begging where they say that a wound into the kingdom of God to give to the occult and demon themed channel Hanvold.
What started Vision Norway? Hanvold as a shrewd tactician went to Ludvig Karlsen, who had a terrible and a total of unbiblical views on divorce and remarriage, and he was on the team and he used that boost to get the channel its up and running. In other words, it was Satan who was behind the Vision Norway. Outside of that, he Adventists with the team and brought funds into from them, talk about being a sneaky manipulative fox, and unfortunately, gullible Christians in Norway who sleeps his sleeping beauty sleep and not spiritual sober and alert, bet on, the tragic but true!

7) Svein Magne Pedersen, Tom Roger Edvardsen et al

There is much and much to write and say about them, take a link from Searchlight that is well worth reading reveals that these are payments to pray for others in Jesus' name. Larger than the arrogance to be a long search for:

8) Maranta movement.

This could have been included as a video recording of the Pentecostal movement and the freedom of movement in Norway. Was itself a victim of Satan, in that they do not even walked with God. When a miss so basic and important things that Bible teaching and the life and teachings case go hand in hand, it is doomed to fail, a doing, even if the revival is from God.

9) New Pentecostal / charismatic groups.

It has recently come various charismatic churches and groups that have captured the younger generation. But what is it? It is a form of charismatic enjoy meetings where fun and fellowship are important, but Bible study, initiation, and everything else really comes in 2nd number. A driver with a promise that this is something very big, but is one of their meetings that I have been so it reminds more of a Mission Covenant Church one that is too good to be true. I will place them in the spiritual landscape as part of the Mission Covenant Church, where nothing should support but everything will come together, this is and remains the way to stop the unit, not the way of God that Jesus prayed in John. e 17

10) Oase movement and rest.

We were down in the summer Oase reunion in Skien, a few years ago, where a prophesied so bad that I can not believe more reacted there and then. It was that of Sharon Valley in the 80s with their false prophecies from false prophets. See more here:
I know I have been tough and hard, but the spiritual condition in Norway and in general throughout the Western world is so silenced and dark, it's like the Dark Ages has come upon us again with all it brought with it the spiritual darkness and that God's people were starved of God's word.

I have not taken Brunstad Christian Church (formerly Smith's friends), Nardus, Methodist, Frelsarmeen, Baptists, free friends and others when I can not find the stand for something significant other than those already mentioned, stagnation, decline and despondency on the spiritual plane,

My goal, and Smyrna Oslo's goal is that the church should back or forward to Urkristendommen, nothing else. As in every way, in life, learning, structure, cohesion and everything else! See more here: in-Ephesus
For me it is the church here in Norway at such a low spiritual level, the purely human set is all hopeless! When we do just one thing, put our hope and a little to God, and he is alone.

Psalm 62 2 Only in the hope to God my soul is quiet: from him comes my salvation. 3 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress, I shall not be moved much. 4 How long will all rush off to a man, break him down like a wall that either, a fence which is shed for? 5 They take counsel only to cast him down from his majesty, they delight in lies: with their mouth they bless, but in their hearts they curse. Sela. 6 Only in the hope of God be still, my soul! for from him comes my hope. 7 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress, I will not be shaken. 8 In God is my salvation and my honor, my strong rock, my refuge is in God. 9 Put your trust in him at all times, the people! Pour out your hearts before him! God is our refuge. Sela. 10 Only emptiness are the children of men, just lie is the man's sons in the balance exceeds the in the air, they are meaningless all together. 11 Do not rely on violence, and set no vain hopes of stolen goods! As wealth grows, so do not act on it! 12 Once God has spoken, yea twice have I heard it, that power belongs to God. 13 And you, O Lord, belongs steadfast love to, because you pay each according to his deeds.
When my hope is related to him, I do not fear, for from him comes my salvation it says on.
I've had the pleasure of taking to me these words, especially in hard times with a lot of adversity. Then there is always so much else to put my hope, but God knows about my sore and I can trust that he will me the best. Thus, I have found rest in this passage. It is clear that David wrote this psalm has much to struggle with, but he writes that the Lord is his rock and his fortress, so he will not be shaken. Towards the end of the hymn we get two good advice, chair of God, and pour out their hearts to him. It is something we can all take to us.
For my own part, it is terribly tiring to have to bear all the burdens themselves, instead of putting it over with God. This applies to both the good and bad. There are no restrictions or anything he does not want to hear. Pour out your hearts are there, which means to clear the \ get rid of. Add it to him who has asked us to call him Father, as a child often comes to the mother or father when something is on. Think that He who has all power want to hear from you. God is listening ear anytime, anywhere, about anything. So I hope you who read this, take advantage of this opportunity.

"Expect your savior so do you right, give him your burdens so you can easily walk."

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