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Nr. 72: Norway - stands in front of reckoning!

Nr. 72:

Norway - stands in front of reckoning!

From Wikipedia: The Kingdom of Norway (nynorsk: Kingdom of Norway) is a Nordic, European countries and an independent state west of the Scandinavian peninsula. The country is long and narrow, and the coastline stretching along the North Atlantic ocean as the Skagerrak, North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea, where Norway's famous fjords. Total covers the relatively sparsely populated country of 385,000 square kilometers with nearly five million inhabitants. The policy board is a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. Norway, an EEA country and participate in the Schengen and Dublin cooperation, but are outside the EU.
The Norwegian Church weapon based on the brand of arch-bishops in the 1500s, and has a clover leaf cross and two Olav Axes. Since the Reformation in 1536 the Lutheran Christianity was the dominant religion in Norway. Until the dissenters was adopted in 1845 it was illegal for Norwegians to withdraw from the Church and non-Christian faiths were not allowed to organize until 1891. Today's society has become more and more secularized, and a majority consider themselves not as religious. Protestantism has nonetheless had a strong influence on Norwegian culture and society, and many of its values ​​and traditions live on, even among non-religious in secularized form. Still, most Norwegians member of the Church which plays an important role as master of ceremonies as baptism, confirmation, weddings and funerals. There are also many other Christian denominations and, lately, also other religions, particularly Islam, has gained a foothold in Norway, mainly through immigration.

Approximately 79.2% of the population are members of the Evangelical-Lutheran state church (1 January 2003: 3,900,062 members, 85.7% of the population). Other Christian denominations make up approximately 4.5%: The Evangelical Lutheran Free Church, the Catholic Church (44,153 members), Pentecostal churches (46,944 members), Methodist and others.

Among non-Christian religions, Islam is strongly represented in Norway, with approx. 1.5%: Islamic religious community has 75,761 members. Other religions have barely 1%. NHA has approx. 1.3% attendance (69,652 members). At 1 January 2003 is around 5% of the inhabitants are not members of any religion or any ethical organization that receives government funding (end of quote).

There are approx. 5 million people in Norway, where half live in and around the capital and the rest are scattered around the country with the highest population density along the coast.

Taken from VG: Norway is NOK once on top in the annual UN ranking of countries where it is best to live.
The ranking of the 182 countries on the list are made by the UN Development Programme, based on criteria such as life expectancy, writing and reading skills, education and gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Several times in the past, Norway has enthroned at the top of the award.
This year is Australia, Iceland, Canada and Ireland just below the first place. At the other end of the list are Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Niger, all of which are among the ten countries with the lowest human development index.
The rating is based on figures from 2007, in other words, before the financial crisis caused problems for many countries around the world (end of quote).

There is no doubt that we live in a very good country, certainly the best in many areas. Yet there is much that goes down and that is far from good!

I will briefly mention 15 points and then elaborate on them:

1) State religion in Norway is Lutheran who is as much wrong teaching that biblical teachings. It is a blend of Catholic doctrine and biblical teaching.

2) Social peaks in Norway are generally not people of faith.

3) All or almost all part of the free press in Norway, the left wing.

4) The non-socialist parties oppose each other so much that it's socialist government that is tragic for a healthy and democratic development.

5) At least 1 by 10 runs on disability that could have been at work.

6) There is almost no leading and really large churches that set the standard, and prevail.

7) Very much of the press and politics are not friendly towards Israel.

8) Social Stops are in far too little to account for their actions.

9) Christianity is weaker and weaker in Norway.

10) It is more and more pressure on the individual citizen.

11) Freedom of expression in the major organs are under great pressure where the common man in the street have less and less to say.

12) Norway is a pioneer in introducing many things, among others. a the money solve the community and they are considered to be Europe's most antisemitic countries among the Jews.

13) Norway as a nation have never given the Jews redress for its sometimes poor treatment of Jews.

14) There is blood guilt of Norway p.g.a. Oslo Agreement.

15) Evangelism and mission is decreasing.

Explanation of the points:

1) of Lutheranism became the state religion was Catholicism that dominated reason. That a particular belief takes precedence over another is not good in the long run. Prior to Catholicism came, Norway was a mixing of free faith, paganism and Judaism to some extent as they had Saturday as the holiday. The first free church arrived in Norway in the early 1800s under the strong resistance by Gustav Adolph Lammers (born 26 May 1802 in Copenhagen, died on 2 May 1878 in Skien) was a Norwegian priest who started the country's first such agreement term, ie the first church that officially broke with the Norwegian Church. The Norwegian Missionary Association expects Lammers as its founder.
The free independent churches and the fact that everyone can believe and believe what they believe, which among other things. a United States is built on, is what all true Christians should prefer to defend. The history of the Catholic Church should have been daunting when one mixes politics and religion, then there will be an intolerant and uniformity that is not good.

2) The leaders in Norway are too afraid to be different and stand for what is true but may also be unpopular.

3) Even Aftenposten and VG is not in the true sense of the word differently than the other papers. It is a form of democratic deficit as everything is that everyone is equal.

4) That the socialist parties have managed to freshen up so we do not have a bourgeois rule, we can thank a lot Kjell Magne Bondevik of who dislike FRP such an extent that it is important to keep FRP out than AP and SV out of government offices, when hate is to prevail, as is unfortunately so.

5) There is a great misfortune for both self and society that there are so many who do not work and that we also import labor.

6) Norway is a locomotive in many areas, especially with such large companies such as Hydro and Statoil. But in the spiritual field, there is no really go ahead and show direction.

7) Before Utøya tragedy demonstrated the socialist youth and Jonas Gahr Store against Israel and the Palestinians. The fact that so many of Norway's anti-Semitic in their recommendations and will its attitude disclaim divine protection from evil. Israel is God's eye is in Zechariah, etc.
These are born Jews as he has said this about. Jesus says in Matt.25 that what you have done to one of my brethren, have you done to me. This is his fleshly brethren based on context. Gentiles will be judged in a special way if they try to divide Israel's land and give it to anyone other than Jews, it says in Joel. God himself has said in his word that the Arabs, Jews, half-brothers, on the basis of Ishmael shall dwell his brothers, where Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and there are more than NOK land to them. Money is plenty of, as the West and the other Arab states hand out billions of dollars. Arafat's wife, living well on this money. The whole middle east conflict is a play staged by Satan to destroy God's peculiar people and eliminate Israel from the map that the Arabs have in their minds. But so it is, everything that is born of God hates the evil. Not because of what they do or not do, but because. what they ARE.

8) Ordinary people and everyone else will always be held accountable for their actions. While the society will stop going off, unfortunately. It is a form of democratic deficit that there are so many of the peaks that are never brought to justice but gets either a sizeable severance package instead.

9) de-Christianization has come a long way. They are cultural Christians in Norway is no longer the state church and those who are born and live in the grace of salvation, there are fewer and fewer. And even among evangelical Christians in Norway is to study God's word has become alien and prayer and dedication a thing of the past!

10) Both parents MUST be in the job. A MUST very often too many to carry on and work. The time to seek God and devote Sunday to meeting day will not make too many when the obligations are too large for many. It is a fat government and people of the state to wear more than what is necessary, it is not a good thing.

11) Take such debate in the newspapers. You mean a something out of the A4 sheet that most moves within its, then a seen as a coming from another planet. And to get something into the newspapers is just harder and harder for the common man in the street who believes anything without past "normal". The leading and journalists are so close together that when one has read what you think you know than what they all stand for and believe. They are as if they come from a conveyor belt. Should one find something new and useful so find one either online or in old books, magazines, etc., not what today's journalists and other community stops the opinion of the whole.

12) Norway wants everyone to start using the card that will later be replaced by a chip on the body. We want it to be given the opportunity for others to be different.

13) Norway denied Jews to live and settle here after the Norwegian constitution was adopted before Henrik Wergeland was this reversed. When Hitler wanted the Norwegian Jews sent to Germany, there was little or no resistance against it from the Norwegian authorities. Norway as a nation have not been raised for the Jews as one would desire and hope.

14) Oslo agreement was that Israel should give land to Arafat and the Arabs land in exchange for peace but had bombs and suicide bombers instead. It is strange that there are several Norwegian foreign ministers who have died early as Knut Frydenlund (he took among other things, called for dialogue with the PLO as early as in 1974) and Johan Jorgen Holst (got to stand the terrible and dangerous Oslo Agreement) as one has gone against Israel. Holst's wife Marianne Heiberg also died prematurely of a heart attack. If sincerely hope that this is not happening with our current Secretary of State who dislike Israel strongly too.

15) I have always heard that Norway is blessed because our missionary zeal. Now when misjonsivreren is decreasing so we should believe that the blessing is also decreasing. We request that does not happen and that the missionary zeal is increasing.

I have deliberately left our relationships with Muslims and Islam. Islam is a Stone Age religion that will never be the really big challenge for Norway, which has been a Christian country for 1,000 years. The de-Christianization of the inside which is the big danger. The fact that people become less religious is a rather large problem, but that the church ceases to be truth and support the foundation is the most alarming and problematic. It is the internal decay of the Christian church life as it is falling away the Bible writes about before the Antichrist will rise up. Islam and the Moslems with their Sharia laws, women's oppression, totalitarian rule and its Jewish and Christian hatred I do not see that any real problem as it is a religion that is too primitive and outdated that it can truly abound here in the western world. But of course, we must also beware not to take too kindly to that either!

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