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Nr. 71: Emanuel Minos had gone from being a God preaches to a cowardly man who no longer dare to proclaim to stand for God's holy, infallible word and the biblical teachings.

Nr. 71:

Emanuel Minos had gone from being a God preaches to a cowardly man who no longer dare to proclaim to stand for God's holy, infallible word and the biblical teachings.

Ord. 16. All the ways of man are clean in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits.

Is it necessary to slander and clear Minos again will surely many ask? Yes, unfortunately it because the man never learns, it looks as though he is now 85 and has a prominent position and enjoys considerable trust among the broad strata of the Christian people of Norway and all over the North!

Matt. 18. 15 But if your brother sins against you, then go and rebuke him in private! he hears of you, then you have won your brother; 16 but he will not listen, then take yet one or two with you, that every word may be established by two or three witnesses words. 17 But he is not on them, tell it to the church! but he hears not the church, let him be to thee as a heathen and a tax collector.

I have rebuked Minos for this person 5 years ago in Evangelisalen in Oslo during a retirement meeting at which the good old preachers were present, Hans Black Dahl, David Ostby, Morgan Kornmo and Emanuel Minos. Where I had the opportunity to talk with Minos alone a short time, but he would not listen. That is why I am also out of this with no shame and you should not have to talk to the individual who moves in the public domain. But here I have done it without success! I have written personal letters to Aril Edvardsen and many others, without receiving a response back. I have now completely stopped to talk to others to facilitate moving in the public domain, it is largely a waste of time and they will not hear before are taken to the road. But of course, one should tread carefully and be led by God's Word and the Spirit of God here as in all other areas of life!

Who is this Minos? Here, from Wikipedia: Emanuel Minos (born June 11, 1925 in the then Belgian Congo, the current Democratic Republic of Congo) is a Norwegian theologian and preacher affiliated with the Norwegian Pentecostal movement.
His father was Greek, his mother, of Egyptian origin. As a child he was adopted by the Norwegian missionary family Gunnerius Tollefsen, and he came to Norway, as one of the first adopted child, from a country outside the region. Minos had his frelesopplevelse early as four years old and began preaching at the age of five. When he was six years he had read the entire Bible.
Minos participated in the Second World War resistance movement, and later studied in England and the United States, where he has a theological doctorate.
Minos is married and has children and grandchildren. All his life he has been an active preacher, especially in the Pentecostal movement, where he still works as a respected preacher. He works especially in Norway and Sweden (end of quote).

Now one should be a little careful with Minos when he is King Saul, by days, once anointed, and when it looked to be a speech about the man who has once known the living God, maybe it's not as bad as one might think or that he's been round a good idea of ​​Satan? I think that it is the latter that applies here!

Minos has done so much good and for many years preached the word of God well and clearly, even if he is not a typical Pentecostal preacher. He has little of the gifts at work in his life and points out the Spirit's impact small, but rather the Atonement and the prophetic words he has spoken clearly and well.

He enjoys considerable trust and reputation, but today he has become a gateway for all sorts of humbug and seduced charismatics preachers and directions. Should briefly mention a few.

1) When the seduced and defiled January Aage Torp, who is now remarried and living a life that is completely against God's word while prophesying even today and are doing so that is the nausea. Who prophesied over Torp when he started the Oslo Church here in Oslo? It was Minos, and what he prophesied that? Yes, that Torp would be a mega church ala Kensington Temple in London. This was, I believe in 2001 that Minos prophesied that Torp was to build an international church in Oslo, which will have the same effect and power of Kensington Temple in London. This has not happened and Minos has as far as I know never made any disclaimer, tragic!

2) When the unclean and the demon-possessed January Hanvold doing, who make up time after time on his screen? The right, it's Emanuel Minos, there may be more sickening and seductive? No, Hanvold living in blatant sin of many marriages and relationships behind her and has a terrible and unbiblical faith movement theology. He is and remains a satanic seducer as Minos gladly set up as fighters with tragic and frightening!

3) Minos visited the religious movement stronghold in Sweden with the ultra-extreme and the false prophet Ulf Ekman and by giving him clear signals that he endorse all the teachings and everything else that Ekman stand for and preach, disturbing and seductive!

4) Minos was "friend" even with the false prophet Aril Edvardsen before he died along with other late Pentecostal leaders such as Morgan Kornmo and Toralf Gilbrandt. I can not believe it is possible to lay down to be deceived in his old age, or have never really been for the self has preached and taught? One must ask themselves more than once about this, to believe what the individual can do on their "old" days.

Where are these going? Well, when Minos endorses kreti and pleti the seduced charismatic movement, when he goes really good for everything they stand for and preach and teach! Where will this end? Here is the script ready, I mean. In a "super-church" as an encounter in Revelation 17 and 18 (see also my commentaries) referred to as Babylon the great whore, which represent all the fallen, deceptive and deceived churches, denominations and congregations. Be you sure, where Minos fit in perfectly with their "new" appearance and sneaky behavior that lull, seduces and deceives more and more!

Luke 18 8a However, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on earth?

I think it is very timely and right to set up that question when even a good preacher that Minos today ended up being our time Balaam who wonder of God's people again into idolatry and spiritual whoredoms that leads straight into Satan's lap and under God's judgments with their lives, churches and everything else!

We also see the elusive and konfliktsky Minos, something that characterizes a very weak and poor character. Here's an example from when he was on the Vision Norway:

Emmanuel Minos was asked on the Vision of the couple Hallman Norway from Sweden on: It is proper and legal for a minister to be divorced and married again.
To this he replied that it would not he answer when it was too difficult to answer.
Hall Mann couple was soon gone from the screen after they had made these "inappropriate" questions regarding divorce and remarriage among preachers today abound of the world and this country we are in no way later, unfortunately.
In my view, it requires really only a yes or no and no is the biblical answer. Is not Emmanuel Minos then with and legalize sin, and he is not fit to be a preacher when he was not able to respond to such an elementary and important topic? Not least in this age of moral resolution of all quarters, this highly topical question that people are discussing, and talks about.

What has happened to Minos, Gilbrandt, Kornmo and other experienced Pentecostal preachers is really disheartening. They stood for a message when one was physically strong and when one is old and is a reduced back to a standing order. What the reasons for this is, I do not know. The memories of the priest Eli, who was blind in his old days and let their sons commit adultery in the temple, extramarital relationships, they were bound by monetary greed, they were wine drinkers and ate the victim belonged to the Lord.
It is sad when a relationship is not capable or will be responsible for the message and teachings for life, then it would be much better to take your pension with them to Spain or anywhere, and lived a pensjonistliv and kept quiet! But there's something about the limelight as many people are fascinated and drawn against. It also made the false prophets of old days that Balaam, Hananiah, Jannes and Jambres. It is the doctrine that Jannes and Jambres Minos, Charismatics and all seduced and false prophets stand for. They do not speak directly against Jesus and God's word, but they legitimize sin, and everything else in the name of "Jesus". Minos is without a doubt been a false prophet by biblical definition, and I can never understand anything except that he and those who follow his path on the road against a destruction.
Minos is a wolf in sheep's clothing when he will no longer guarding the sheep from wolves but do not have wolves in sheep where they take him and grab game, with Minos and other elderly permission and approval Norvald Yri, Lise Karlsen, David Ostby, Arvid Bentsen and more. It's sad, but nevertheless a fact that what was once wrong is now become law, and that which before was dark become light. There are the false prophets which Minos proceeds in Balaam Beor son's road manager, both they and all others to destruction, depravity, and the second death, which is all that it implies!

Wake up Minos, and all others before it's too late, by legitimate and open up the false prophets, charismatics, and others who walk in darkness Hanvold and Co.. are the ways of death and not the path of life for all implicated and involved.

Minos is a link and a bridge between the gulf and you with their weakness and the going good and then make many false prophets in the past, he is our time Balaam son of Beor no doubt as he is today! But we can hope for a conversion and a self-knowledge even if it looks dark, let us all pray about it. If it is possible for God to have mercy for him and he will find repentance and new grace from God.

1. Cor. 6.a 9 Or know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived!

I do not believe in the Protestant Christianity, where one can sin to grace, and do not need daily and regular repentance, it is a dangerous way, as Minos represents and stands for!

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