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Nr. 80: Yasser Arafat the world's biggest liar!

Nr. 80:

Yasser Arafat the world's biggest liar!

The Norwegian UN envoy to the Middle East Terje Roed-Larsen met often Yasser Arafat during the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations before and after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.
His assessment of the Palestinian president was unflattering. On one occasion he described the president as "a notorious liar." It is a bit of a certificate to get when you're Prize winner.
But he could also talk realistic and true, and when he did so for tactical reasons, preferably in Arabic. Sensitive information about the political strategy to eg. not come out to Western reporters, and then Arabic suited to resort to writing and speech. His Arabic dialect, however, revealed that he had originated in Cairo, Egypt. Nor did he was a real Palestinian, only one of many immigrants from the neighboring Arab countries in the period after ca. 1880.
It was a boring miss as an honest and forthright statement on one occasion appeared in the media. Arafat said: "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is just a way for us to continue our struggle against the Israeli state, Israel. It will help to create unity and cohesion in the Arab world. The fact is that today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. It is only for political and tactical reasons that today we are talking about a Palestinian people. National Arab interests require that we outwardly shows strong belief in the existence of such a limited Palestinian people as a counterpart to Zionism. "

There as here seeped out is not surprising news for people who live in Israel or in the pale fantastic autonomous areas. All 193 UN member states think I know the truth about the so-called "Palestinian people", but for all Arabs in the power position would be dangerous to repeat publicly the slot to Yasser Arafat. For Western politicians may mean diplomatic problems with the Arab oil states, if they focus too heavily on this painful fact that there really are no Palestinian people. (By common criteria such as.: Former head state, currency, borders, treaties, political leaders, historical personalities, archaeological, etc.) "The Palestinian people" is Arafat's invention and first appeared in the 1960s, so this absence of tracks are easily understandable.

Yet it seems to be a majority in the UN General Assembly for the establishment of a Palestinian state for "the Palestinian people in Palestine" - if such a proposal comes up in the UN General Assembly this autumn.

Terje Roed Larsen's party colleague in the UN on its behalf will probably go in for this proposal, even though it is not negotiated any agreement between the parties such assumption was / is. Some people in this country will be in that situation feel peasant caught and not proud to be Norwegian.
To discriminate against Israel by failing to comply with the agreement is otherwise not the first time in UN history, which the lack of respect for Security Council res. 242 of 1967 clearly shows: Israel's occupation of the West Bank is legal for regular international legal thought until a negotiated peace agreement.
"Palestine" and "Palestinians" are fictional concept that is designed to turn the world's sympathy away from little Israel - David - who was attacked by the most neighboring Arab countries on behalf of the Arab great nation, with 22 nations that stretch Morocco on the Atlantic empty Iraq Goliath.

The Arabs found that it was easier to win world sympathy based on hoax if it scrapped people. How was the poor hostages in the PA areas gradually instilled in us that David and now "big" Israel as Goliath.

"The Annapolis conference in 2007 - Bush, Olmert, Abbas - President Bush talked about his vision of a two-state resolution and described it as" two states for two peoples ".

Who could oppose such a fabulous idea? But - we're talking really ... two ... people?

One of these people - the Jewish - has a distinct identity. An identity they have retained despite all the years in exile with hjemstavn in Israel.

But, what about these other people? Is it really a people without a homeland? Let's hear what the Arab leaders themselves think about this topic:

The 31.03.77 said the Palestinian leader of the Syria-controlled as-Sa'iqa faction of the PLO, Zuheir Mohsen, following the Dutch newspaper Trouw:

"The Palestinian people does not exist. Formation of a Palestinian state is only a tool in our ongoing battle against the State of Israel and our Arab unity. In reality it is today so there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.

Only for political and tactical reasons, we are talking today about the existence of a Palestinian people. This since Arab national interests demand that we take to ourselves the existence of a particular Palestinian people as opposed to Zionism.

This is for tactical reasons, because Jordan, a sovereign state with defined borders, can not claim to Haifa and Jaffa, while - as a Palestinian, I can certainly lay claim to Haifa, Jaffa, Beersheva and Jerusalem. Imdleritd-the day we regain our right to Palestine, we will immediately re-unite Palestine with Jordan. "

Three years earlier - in 1974 - said it is now the focus later president of Syria, Hafez al-Assad, the following: "It would be advantageous for us to mention to the responsible Israeli authorities that we consider to Palestine not only as an indivisible piece of the Arab nation, but also as a part of southern Syria. "

In 1987 he repeated this at a conference in Amman: "A state called" Palestine "never existed. King Hussein, Jordan replied," Bring None of the national Palestine serves as a rebuttal against the Israeli claim that Palestine is Jewish. "

In September 1993, repeated al-Assad following to an Egyptian newspaper: "When I talk about Palestine, I see it as part of Syria."

In 1970, said Arafat: "The question of borders does not interest. From an Arab point of view we do not talk about borders. Palestine is nothing more than a drop in a vast ocean. OUR NATION IS an Arab nation stretching from the Atlantic to the Red Sea - AND LONGER THAN THAT. "

The stateless leader spoke thus about an Arab area larger than Europe.

And that there was NOK, it was Arafat and careless slip of the tongue in conversation with the Italian journalist Orianna Falacci the PLO fighting against Israel "in the name of Pan-Arabism." Arafat added: "What you call Trans-Jordan is no different than Palestine."

However, there is nothing that can compare with that statement one of the PLO's founding, Ahmad Shukeiri, came when he, as early as 1956 from the UN rostrum as the ambassador of the Arab League said: "Such a formation that Palestine does not exist. These geographic areas are not different than the southern part of the greater Syria. "

The irony is complete when the same Shukeiri in 1964 being named the first head of the PLO - to liberate a country which he said never existed - and which even then would logically involve not had any hjemstavn people as such.

It is clear that for the PLO is not about a struggle for a plundered and oppressed people, but about a battle that is recorded on behalf of 22 Arab states. PLO is not to be regarded as anything a front organization for the collective nations larger than Europe.

Arabs are .... Arabs ... says these leaders regardless of frontiers. They are not separate people. Their primary identity is that they are all Arabs and the invention of Palestine is an obvious hoax - an instrument - in the ongoing battle against the State of Israel on behalf of the Arab unity.

Take this first PLO leader, for example. - He was born in Lebanon of a Turkish mother, was a lawyer in Jordan, was Syria's ambassador to the UN and the Arab League's ambassador to the same place - in other words a multinational man.
Up to 6-Day War was an unmasked message that flowed not from the Arab radio stations: "Throw the Jews into the sea. The men of the sea and the women to us." The world listened, but were long shut up. Eventually came the criticism and sympathy for Israel was a problem. A new strategy had to be obtained. The need became even greater after the loss of 6-day war. Israel emerged as a military stekest. There was a need for a different strategy, therefore, the Palestinian bluff.
The Arabs found that it was easier to win sympathy in the West for this fantasy bluff on the wreck of the people than for warfare on behalf of the 22 Arab states against little Israel. Thus the fiction of a Palestinian people invented. What until then had been the world's view - that Israel was regarded as "David" and the 22 Arab nations, "Goliath" was gradually changed to the world perceived Israel as "Goliath" and the Arab hostages in the PA areas, "David ". Bluffs reaching their audience.
The implementation of this bluff is historically unique. No other bluffs have been so blinded help. More and more people are taking to the bluff as full or partial truth. And - an acceptance of this part of the bluff will cause it is and the danger that a continuation of the bluff will lead to success ... "

Arafat ran a cynical double game is no doubt. He had no message of peace to come by when he spoke to their "own" in Arabic:
He was speaking with two tongues, and was a notorious liar as Larsen says:
Arafat lied all the time, said Roed-Larsen to the U.S. Atlantic Monthly.

To defend Arafat makes me not think anyone can think of doing. He said no to peace at Camp David and started a bloody intifada that not only killed countless Israelis, but also led to enormous suffering for the Palestinians.

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