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No. 1627: The Evil Haman built a gallows for Mordecai in which he himself was hanged. The planning and building agency here in Oslo is trying to break me and my wife in the same way, how will God deal with these evil people?

No. 1627:

The Evil Haman built a gallows for Mordecai in which he himself was hanged. The planning and building agency here in Oslo is trying to break me and my wife in the same way, how will God deal with these evil people?

Ester 5. 12 And Haman said: Nor did queen Esther let anyone but me come with the king to the banquet she had prepared, and I am also invited by her together with the king for tomorrow.
13 But all this is not enough for me all the while I see Mordecai the Jew sitting in the king's gate.
14 Then his wife Seres and all his friends said to him: Let them prepare a gallows; fifty cubits of hay, and tomorrow ask the king that Mordecai must be hanged in it; then you can happily go with the king to the banquet! This advice pleased Haman, and he had the gallows repaired.

Why the great hatred of Mordecai on Haman's part?

It was that he would not bow to Mordecai. Who had an ego of another world.
In other words, it was really for nothing.


This is how it is with us too. We have upgraded our property, for this we shall be punished in the harshest possible way.

To skip part of the story.
What resulted from this folly and hatred of Haman?
It resulted in his own downfall and death.
The gallows that he had made for Mordecai. It was for him.
The scriptures say, dig a grave for others. Then you fall into it yourself.

Solomon's Proverbs 26,27: "He who digs a grave will fall into it, he who rolls a stone will overcome it."
Book of Psalms 57.7: "They spread a net for my feet, they pressed me down." They dug a pit for me, but they themselves fell into the pit.”
Ecclesiastes 10:8: "He who digs a grave may himself fall into it; whoever tears down a border fence may be bitten by a snake.”

We read about what happened to Haman. He ended up in the gallows he had made for Mordecai!

Esther 7. 1 Then the king and Haman came to the banquet at Queen Esther's. Est 5,8 Est 6,14
2 While they were sitting drinking wine, the king also said this second day to Esther: What is your prayer, Queen Esther? It must be confessed to you. And what is your wish? If it were less than half the kingdom, it must be fulfilled. Es 5,6
3 Then Queen Esther answered: If I have found favor in your eyes, king, and if it pleases the king, then let my life be given to me at my request, and the life of my people according to my wish!
4 For we are sold, both I and my people, to be destroyed, killed and exterminated; if it were only to be slaves and slave women we were sold, then I would have time, but now our enemy is not able to make up for the king's loss.
5 Then King Ahasuerus said to Queen Esther: Who is he, and where is he that has dared to do so?
6 Esther replied: An adversary and enemy, this evil Haman there! Then Haman was horrified at the sight of the king and queen.
7 The king got up in anger, left the banquet and went out into the palace garden; but Haman stayed back to beg Queen Esther for his life; for he perceived that the king had determined his misfortune.
8 When the king returned from the palace garden to the house where the banquet had been held, Haman lay bent over the bench on which Esther was sitting; then said the king: Dare he even practice violence against the queen here in my own house? No sooner had these words left the king's mouth than they covered Haman's face.
9 Harbona, one of the king's courtiers, said: Look, at Haman's house there already stands a gallows, fifty cubits of hay, which he himself had arranged for Mordecai, he whose words were once of such great benefit to the king. Then the king said: Hang him in it! Est 2,22 Est 5,14
10 Then they hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai, and the king's anger subsided.

The Planning and Building Agency is trying to punish me and my wife Berit in the worst possible way.
Just as Haman made a gallows for Mordecai.
Have we received fines of almost NOK 300,000. and the case is ongoing.


Final comment:

Crazy. 6. 6 He who is taught the word must share his benefits with him who teaches.
7 But do not be deceived, for God is not mocked. What a man sows, that shall he also reap.
8 Whoever sows the things of the flesh will reap the corruption of the flesh. But he who sows the things of the spirit shall in the spirit reap eternal life.
9 Do not grow weary of doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not give up.

This is the new testament.
God allows people to be repaid for what they do.
God is a consuming fire.
God says that as you sow, you will reap. As happened to Haman.
This will also happen to the hateful and lying people within public Norway.
I don't know how, but it never pays to go around hating, lying and trying to break other people!
Love, forgiveness and indulgence. It is what leads forward.
With the same measure one measures up for other people.
Will it be measured opp to you.

Luke 6. 37 “Judge not, lest ye yourselves be judged. Do not condemn, so that you yourselves will not be condemned. Forgive, that you yourselves may be forgiven.
38 Give, and it shall be given unto you — an overflowing measure, pressed together and well shaken until it overflows, shall be given in your lap. Because with the measure you measure yourself for others, it will be measured back for you.”

Will stop here, but there is a great darkness over these people!

Who live this way. That is for sure!


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No 1626: The evil Haman and the Bailiff are obviously governed by the same spirit and disposition!

No 1626:

The evil Haman and the Bailiff are obviously governed by the same spirit and disposition!

The case against us is vandalism. Not that they themselves do it - the congregations.
But we will do it, never in our lives.

All charges against us are a narrative and demonic, as they are based solely on lies and they do not remember!
These are people who are directly ruled by dishonesty, lies and love to create strife. These are intriguers, love to divide and rule!
The demons obviously trigger them!


Book of Esther 3. 7 In the first month, that is the month of Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, lots were cast, that is, lots, in the sight of Haman for every single day and every single month until the twelfth month, that is the month adar.
8 And Haman said to King Ahasuerus: Here is a people who live scattered and by themselves among the other peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom, and their laws are different from all other peoples; they do not obey the king's laws, and it is not for the king to leave them alone.
9 If it seems good to the king, let a writ be drawn up that they shall be exterminated; and I shall then be able to provide the officials with ten thousand talents of silver to put into the king's treasury.
10 Then the king took the signet ring from his hand and gave it to Haman the Agagite, the son of Hammedata, the enemy of the Jews,
11 and said to him: The silver shall be yours, and with the people you may do as you see fit.
12 The king's scribes were then called together on the thirteenth day of the first month, and a letter was drawn up just as Haman commanded, both to the king's governors and to the governors of each province and to the princes of each people - to each province in its writing and to every people in its tongue. In King Ahasuerus' name the letters were drawn up, and they were sealed with the king's signet ring.
13 Then letters were quickly sent to all the king's provinces that all Jews were to be destroyed, killed and exterminated, both young and old, small children and women, all in one day, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, that is the month of Adar, and their goods were to be given over to plunder.
14 In order that the command should be known in every province, a copy of the letter was announced to all the peoples, so that they could keep themselves ready for the mentioned day.
15 At the king's command, the emissaries set off in haste as soon as the command was completed at the fortress of Susan. Then the king and Haman sat down to drink, but the city of Susan was horrified.

The bailiff writes:


"The car must be handed in "voluntarily" to the Tax Collector, otherwise it will be collected on 13.12.23 by the Tax Collector's staff.
The property will be collected on 13 December 2023.
The date that Satan and the demons have set is pretty obvious.

Satan obviously likes the 13th of the month extra well to plunder and punish!!!!!

"Then letters were immediately sent to all the king's provinces that all Jews should be destroyed, killed and exterminated, both young and old, small children and women, all in one day, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, that is the month of Adar, and their goods were to be given over to plunder.”

Mordecai's great "misdeed" was the same as mine. We would not bend to what was "accepted" as right.

We have a wall that we were guided by PBE how to build.
Where PBE claims we have a steep plot. Which they claim is toad flat. Therefore it is illegal, must be demolished. If not, then there are fines and other things they come up with out of malice, lies and fabricated "truths!"

Book of Esther 3. 1 Some time after, King Ahasuerus exalted Haman the Agagite, son of Hammedata, and gave him rank and seat over all the princes who were with him.
2 And all the king's servants who were in the king's gate fell on their knees and prostrated themselves before Haman, for so the king had commanded about him; but Mordecai did not kneel down and prostrate himself before him.
3 Then the king's servants who were in the king's gate said to Mordecai: Why do you transgress the king's command?
4 And when they had said this to him day after day, and he would not listen to them, they reported it to Haman to see if the reason Mordecai gave would be accepted: for he had told them that he was a Jew .
5 When Haman saw that Mordecai did not kneel or prostrate himself before him, he was filled with anger.
6 But it seemed to him far too little to lay hands only on Mordecai; for he had learned to what people Mordecai belonged; therefore he sought to have all the Jews exterminated throughout Ahasuerus' kingdom, because they were Mordecai's people.

Note that the date that Satan and the demons agree on.
It is the 13th of the month. Here we see that it is the same Satan and the demons that worked imot Mordecai and the children of Israel.
Which works and manages our case.
Satan and the demons will demonstrate that they are behind the persecution and harassment of me and my wife Berit.

Look, Haman was so enraged that he wouldn't even just take Mordecai.
But we read:
"But it seemed to him far too little to lay hands only on Mordecai; for he had learned to what people Mordecai belonged; therefore he sought to exterminate all the Jews who were in all the kingdom of Ahasuerus, because they were the people of Mordecai."

What are the authorities doing against us?
They are trying to break us by depriving us of our car, house, property and everything they can do of damage because WE HAVE UPGRADED OUR PROPERTY.
Greater madness than what the authorities are up to in this case.
Will be looking for a long time!

1.) We were guided how to build the wall by the planning and building authority through our case manager at the time. Kaja Aubert Lange who said that as long as we built a wall under 2 metres. On top of the old wall, we didn't have to search. When we didn't get higher than the neighbors. With a fence of 1 meter on top. As we have done!
2.) The fall on our property is not what PBE claims it is. It makes PBE some liars and abusers who are not telling the truth. All decisions are based on the fact that PBE claims that our sloped plot is flat, toad flat. It is precipitous and has a drop that makes PBE some liars, which they are.
3.) Others get dispensations and approvals that we can only dream about. Up to 60 times what we need. PBE claims they build under roofs, terraces etc. If you look closer at the seams, everything is a lie and only part of the truth. They have built under roofs, but only a minimal part of what has been built.

Final comment:

Satan and demons are now triggering the bailiff to want to take my wife's car on the 13th of this month.
Yes, you read that right. It is obvious that our case is a battle of the spirit.
Good versus evil.
Darkness against light.

From Wikipedia on Purim

The day before Purim is a fast day called Ta'anit Ester, Esther's fast, which commemorates the three days Esther fasted before she went in to the king.
The Purim holiday in Israel

The Purim celebration is above all a day of celebration for children in the Jewish tradition. The children dress up in carnival costumes, usually to represent heroes and villains from the biblical story of how Esther saved her Jewish people from the royal advisor Haman's plans to exterminate the Jews.
On Purim, everyone is obliged to hear the reading of the Book of Esther. It is a tradition to stamp your feet, shout, swing ratchets or make other noise every time the name Haman is mentioned. This is to "wipe out" Haman's name.

Wrote this article here a while ago.
Attaching it at the end.


No. 1621:

It is exactly the same evil Devil Spirit that works in planning and the building agency here in Oslo that worked in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler against the Jews! And the majority sit and watch, or participate in it by tacitly accepting it!

https://www.sokelys.com/selv-nazistene-og-adolf-hitler-var-ikke-sa-bad-som-det-offentlige-er-mot-os-er-vi-overvist-om-for- this-is-nothing-other-than-a-public-assault/

Nazism and Adolf Hitler's regime in Germany promoted the belief in the superiority of the white race and the goal of a "pure" Europe in which unwanted groups such as Jews, Gypsies and others they saw as deviants.
This is also the case with PBE and the authorities here in Oslo, Norway.
They believe that they can do whatever they want with us. When we have upgraded our property the authorities make up a robbery story that it is illegal.
Oppose this, that we believe that what they are doing is an assault.
Must be punished in the most brutal way possible.
Then with being deprived of control over one's own house and home.


Ecclesiastes 1. 9. What has been is what will be, and what has happened is what will happen, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Hindsight is the world's worst wisdom - it is acting NOW TOMORROW WRONG THAT CREATES CHANGE!

Me and my wife have been once in Yad Vashem - World Holocaust Remembrance Center.
That feeling of being there is overwhelming. Therefore, it is a place that I have not wanted to visit again even though we have been to Jerusalem, Israel afterwards.
So senseless what happened. What was the reason for this annihilation?
In short, the Aryan race was to be preserved pure.
The Jews did not belong to it, and were thus to be exterminated.
This is of course very simplified, but still in short. What happened when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power in Germany and started World War 2.

Now, of course, the scope, size and brutality cannot be compared to what we are exposed to by the authorities here in Norway.
But there are many similarities – strikingly many similarities!

What have we done wrong? Tried to upgrade our property. Where we have got rid of storm water and other unwanted things. And create a property that is better for outdoor living and get a greener lawn.

What have we done wrong then, and will be punished by having our house forcibly sold.

It is that the planning and building authority claims that we have a flat plot of land. Therefore, we are not allowed to have a wall higher than 0.5 metres.
We claim that our plot is not flat, therefore we can have a wall like ours.
According to PBE's own regulations, our wall is legal, why do we have to tear it down????? I ask in this article:

Then it's not just that, we were guided by PBE how to build the wall.
Take this and the fact that our wall is set up on a plot of land that is steep.
Then we are miles away from having a legal wall.

What are the similarities between us and what the Jews experienced during the Second World War?

Several, not least that we are being persecuted for conditions that are completely beyond and meaningless!
It is clear that there are also other factors to consider as to why the Jews were persecuted and killed. But that it was built on conditions as mentioned is, in short.

We are also now being tried first to be ruined. Something that they have not succeeded in so far.

Now they are trying to forcefully sell the house! But what happens then?

What they are doing is totally baseless and evil. Just like what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews!

But unfortunately, now and then the majority are silent and allow this to happen!

It is the demons and Satan who work through Hitler and the Nazis.
But it is the same Satan, and the same demons that work through the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo.
The State Trustee, the Collection Agency, the Bailiff, the Civil Ombudsman, Oslo District Court, Borgarting Court of Appeal and Norway's Supreme Court.
Only in a more veiled, elegant, refined, sophisticated and friendly way than through Hitler and the Nazis.
But the result is the same, break, ruin and destroy those who are to be taken.

Why are the majorities silent and allowing this injustice to happen?

My wife Berit and I are probably the two most law-abiding and calm people living in Oslo City. Don't own a gun - something we never did.
Have worked and paid taxes and are and have always been law-abiding citizens.
Throughout life, from youth to today as well-grown adults.
But now we will be deprived of the house and try to get broke. For what?
For record only graded our own property and will not demolish what we have been ordered to do.
Since the decisions and judgments against us are only fabrications and lies!

How is it possible that neither the press nor others will speak our case? Everyone is silent on our behalf!

Everything feels surreal. But that in fact almost no one - only a few - will speak our case against this serious abuse. It is just as crazy to me that so many did not want and wanted to defend the Jews before they were deported and gassed to death. Knowledge in our case is greater than it was during the war. But for those who wanted to know, the knowledge is always available.
Clearly, it is the same Satan who is behind what is happening to us.
Why does no one react - almost?
Is it the case that evil is tolerated and accepted?
Here one turns evil into good. Good to bad. Truth to lies. And lies to truth.
Darkness to light, and light to darkness!

Final comment:

We know that many did not stand up for the Jews during World War II.
They really did after the war.
Anyone with a bit of knowledge and common sense knows that what the authorities are trying to do against us - a single married couple. Is completely pointless, rigid and just evil.
There are so few who do anything for US NOW, IT IS REALLY THE SAME THAT HAPPENED TO THE JEWS.

We don't need any help and sympathy when the case is over.
Later it is too late, as it was for 6 Million Jews who never received the help and protection they needed during the Second World War!



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No. 1625: Meeting with the planning and building agency Oslo, and the authorities is like experiencing a sewer that spills out and forward!

No. 1625:

Meeting with the planning and building agency Oslo, and the authorities is like experiencing a sewer that spills out and forward!

Matt. 5. 20 For I say that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Jesus pointed out that the "elite" and those who thought they were something.
Were worse off than those who did not make it to life.
Has worked against drug addicts and others.
They mostly admit their own wrongdoing when they are exposed.
What does the public administration do?
They defend each other and allow a narrative to be "the truth".
We have a fall on our property which means that PBE decisions are invalid according to their own legislation.
Mafia is acting like the authorities, which I believe more and more that they are too.

What is sewage? Contaminated water!


This is how we have experienced planning and the building agency here in Oslo.
Unfortunately, they are defended by so many others. Such as the State Trustee, the Revenue Agency, the Bailiff, the Civil Ombudsman, Oslo District Court, Borgarting Court of Appeal, Norway's Supreme Court, Oslo City Council, the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo and all agencies involved.
They are all part of this great sewer. Infect everything! It stinks, is disgusting and disgusting. Especially for clean water, and those that are clean and honest!

When the authorities behave worse than professional criminals, and no one reacts, it has gone very far! Such as the planning and building authority here in Oslo! A large sewer. The whole agency stinks!

Meeting with the planning and building agency Oslo, and the authorities is like experiencing a sewer that spills out and forward!

Meeting with PBE and the public sector is like meeting a sewer.
One tries to keep oneself clean, to be honest and true.
Here you don't just meet a person who lies and doesn't remember.
But it is like a mafia, where they protect and protect others.
If you get sewage, you yourself become infected.
Here we have been dragged into muck, darkness and misery just because we followed the guidance given by Kaja Aubert Lange who guided us how to build our wall.
Since then when we have tried to correct this by applying again!
Do they continue to lie, that we who have a plot of land that is steep.
Where they claim and lie that it is flat as a pancake!

Others have received dispensation and approval which is completely beyond!

The discrimination against us is so big and ugly.
The entire public apparatus is like a big sewer. If you make contact with these, then the misery spills over and emerges where lies, intrigues and discrimination are so great and ugly.
One experiences the whole thing as a sewer that stinks and is ugly and disgusting!

These others that one meets. Is it agencies, courts or whoever it is.
Then there is the same smelly and terrible sewage.
We pointed out e.g. to the courts that the Bailiff had acted incorrectly towards me.
By trying to withdraw money from me before they had included my expenses. Only my income.
What do they do then?
They stick with each other. It is the same smelly sewer if it is the State Administrator, the Revenue Agency, the Bailiff, the Civil Ombudsman, the Oslo District Court, the Borgarting Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Norway, Oslo City Council, the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo and all bodies involved.
They all stand together against us, who do not lie or are manipulative.
The public and the authorities do this all the way through in this case.

The offenses by PBE appear systematic, and to PBE's and always the authority's advantage! Never objective and fair.
These people are a sewer in their behavior and demeanor!

And all to our detriment and behind.
They lie and deceive morning, noon and night.
We have tried from day 1 to speak the truth, and succeeded in doing so.
This has provoked the authorities into such a frenzy.
They don't know how to be the most negative and difficult as "reward" for being opposite to the huge cesspool that the government pretends to be!
If you defy the authorities, you will be met with a sewer like no other!

This is not okay!

Final comment:

Is one himself pure, and becomes like us. Had to deal with this filth and sewage.
It is not easy.
These people are like an open sewer. Which will penetrate you.
Completely like a sewer. Wherever it goes, it infects the clean water.
Unfortunately, this is the case with the State Administrator, the Collection Agency, the Bailiff, the Civil Ombudsman, the Oslo District Court, the Borgarting Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Norway, Oslo City Council, the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo and all bodies involved in the case against us. Like an open, disgusting and rotten sewer!

Dirty water. Dirty people, that's what this sewer is!